Deduction [Solved] Everybody Look at Me 'Cause I'm Sailing on a Boat

Claire Yeon

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It has been entirely too long since we've played a game. I was recently at a beach with friends and the absolutely magnificent cargo ship Cetus Leader was heading upriver in a clear attempt to remind me of how much I adore giant boats. In honor of the occasion, I have decided to commemorate another bouyancy operated aquatic transport (or bo-at for short) in the form of a guessing game. I am thinking of a ship, and it is up to you to determine the identity of said vessel.

Rules of engagement:
  • You have an unlimited number of questions
  • They must all be yes/no questions
  • First correct answer closes the game
  • I will provide a hint every 7 questions if an answer has not been determined by that point
Free hint: It is not Cetus Leader. Ready, go.
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