Marvel Improv: Let's get sick!


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UPDATE: Feb 1, 2015
Thanks for playin' folks! The symptoms are over.

UPDATE: Jan 23 - 25 2015
Heroes, time to start feeling better. Lessen your symptoms and start acting like your normal selves.

Everyone is infected. This is the FIRST ROUND of symptoms.

Nick Fury said:
It seems we have a situation. The bad news is all of you have tested positive for a virus called EMOTEBIA, and I can't let you guys out of this place.

The good news is, the members of this diverse group should be strong enough to survive. The antibodies you create would also be beneficial to saving all manner of people: Humans, Mutants, Asgardians, Aliens and... Groot.
@Zack Monaghan - @Deadpool, @Lee Jordan - @Loki, @Chase Devineaux - @Thor, @Ivy Monaghan - @Black Widow, @Eugene Grovington - @Venom, @Sophie Conrad - @Lady Sif, @Joe Kerr - @Iron Man, @Deric Storm - @Capt. Steven Rogers, @Kid Kidman - @Groot, @Nevon Blair - @Spider-Man , @Julie Justice - @Ororo Munroe

(1)Make a post and publish it.

(2) Then roll a dice by clicking 'Throw Dice' at the bottom right side under your post (next to +Quote and Reply)

A menu will pop up. Type in:
Throwing a dice for: Symptom
Faces (max 99): 12

(4) The number you get will be your symptom and your character must act this out.

Example: Deadpool gets #4 (Falling in love with a random player of your choice) He will now follow Tony Stark around and try to give him random gifts and show him gestures of affection.


1. Extreme mood swings

2. Falling in love with a random player of your choice

3. Despising a random player of your choice

4. A sudden fear of germs and dirt

5. Becoming a kleptomaniac

6. Symptoms of pregnancy (if you are male) or oversupply of testosterone (if female)

7. Becoming childish

8. Mentally turning back to a teenager

9. Mentally turning into an elderly person

10. Loosing all your character's powers and gaining the powers of a different character that is present (your choice)

11. Unable to speak and only use actions (unless your character can not speak, then you are able to speak.)

12. Becoming narcoleptic (suddenly falls asleep during normal tasks)

You can re-roll if you want, but only if someone above you already has that symptom. To do this, delete your post and roll again. Do so with caution, as you can't re-roll after.


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So I got #1... extreme mood swings. Like anyone would notice.

*maniacal laughter* ... *cries* ... *laughs*
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Storm, Windrider, Ororo Komo Munroe, Goddess of the (Serengetti) Plains, Weather Witch
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Ororo looks around and and sees that everyone is acting strangely. Is she next?
Known Aliases
Storm, Windrider, Ororo Komo Munroe, Goddess of the (Serengetti) Plains, Weather Witch
Color #
Ororo has seemed to handle her mood wings fairly well. But she can't help thinking something else will happen. She would like to get to know her new friend Deadpool better.

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