Let’s play the assumption game


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Meddling kid
This is just for laughs and how to see how we see each other on here

preferably ic but ooc works too
some rules and how to play
1. Nothing is serious and should be treated as such
2. No nsfw assumptions
3. You can choose to verify if assumption is correct or not
4. Have fun

@Tenchi Masaki acts like he really is smart but he doesn’t know anything since he has hippopotomonsterosesquilpadaphobia
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Tenchi Masaki

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Tenko(don't ask), Kami Jack, Guy Smart, Tenten
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The assumption is false. My intellect comes from studying extensively at home and abroad. And learning the finer points of tracking by following after ACME as they went from one case to another while the uncaring ACME Mainframe computer refused to admit me into the system. I learned from Monks and Mullahs from Tibet to Timbuktu in the sciences and combative arts. Jinja Honcho membership does come in handy as well because when things go bump in the night we get to bump back.

On that note I believe ferret rushes forward without thinking first and it can lead to dangerous situations, or occasionally misspelled words.

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