Deduction I Cantata Hear You...

Known Aliases
Emma, Em, Bez, or Bezzy
Color #
I'm listening to a musical composition.

  • You have 11 questions (in total, not each).
  • They must all be yes/no questions.
  • First correct answer closes the game.
  • If the game hits 11 questions with no correct answer, the game also closes." (Devineaux 2018)
Helpful hint: As stated in the title, this work is a cantata created by a European composer
Unhelpful hint: It's one of my favorite compositions

Works Cited
Devineaux, Chase. 5 Dec. 2018,

Status Updates

Omar wrote on Shada Steele's profile.
Oh, a fellow parkour junkie. I think this might be fun, no matter what side you end up going with.
Charlet wrote on Shada Steele's profile.
Yay my big sister
Chase wrote on Contessa's profile.
I find it suspicious that all the 'Happy Birthday Contessa' wishes are coming from ACME agents...

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