Known Aliases
Dash Light
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Hi. I'm Dash Light. I'm here to become an ACME agent. You can find my profile here at dash456 | The Elusive Carmen Sandiego.

The reason I want to be an ACME agent is simple, to stop that VILE Carmen Sandiego! You and I both know what she is capable of and what her henchmen are capable of, and I'm here to put and end to that, as well as lighten up the all too serious mood around ACME. If you know me, an agent isn't complete without someone who's been awarded...

*puts on shades*

...class clown.

I also have plans to keep a journal of my time here. Thank you for understanding.
Known Aliases
The kid, laundry room ghost.
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Hello I am invader , nice to meet you I guss you could call me ACME's first residnet alien, they took me in after I unexpetedly showed up in the back alleyway.
Known Aliases
Dash Light
Color #
Nice to meet you too. We'll be getting along just fine, so when I find my place within ACME, I'll update my profile.

Status Updates

Omar wrote on Shada Steele's profile.
Oh, a fellow parkour junkie. I think this might be fun, no matter what side you end up going with.
Charlet wrote on Shada Steele's profile.
Yay my big sister
Chase wrote on Contessa's profile.
I find it suspicious that all the 'Happy Birthday Contessa' wishes are coming from ACME agents...

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    Chase Chase: @Joe Kerr, check the page, see if this is the theatre image you remembered? Stone Harbour