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Disclaimer: This event takes place a week after Hiatus ends and is a foreshadowing of what is to come. Chase Devineaux’s dialog has been approved by Chase Devineaux.

9:00 pm. Clayton Street, San Francisco

Ivy Monaghan flipped on the lights to her apartment. Owned for little more than two months, it was a simple one-bedroom space amongst renovated townhouses. She didn't need much, but enjoyed the large windows, which (if the fog permitted) would give her a decent view of the harbor. With no time to unpack since returning from Hong Kong, a few boxes were strewn about the room, and bubble wrap still covered much of the furniture.

Dropping her jacket and scarf on the floor, she made her way across the living room, past a long dried up houseplant. The detective kicked off her shoes as she entered a galley-like kitchen and opened the refrigerator.

It held very little food, aside from a box of Chinese takeout, a jar of pickles, and packets of mustard. Feeling too lazy to heat up the leftovers, Ivy settled on a cherry creamsicle from her freezer.

She crashed into her leather couch, the most prominent piece of furniture in the room, and stretched out before the television.


“The Duchess looked delighted as she walked Lupo…”


“Rocklin California seeks to ban smoking in all areas, even in homes...”


“—a very prominent spot next to the harbor, and that’s why it was important to build something that fit into the city’s skyline…” A deep male, rather familiar voice announced.

Ivy raised an eyebrow.

It was Chase Devineaux speaking to talk show host Debra DeLune about the new ACME building. For the past few weeks, the detective agency’s PR machine had been on power drive. At the center of it all was the Director of Operations.

Ah, ACME’s resident heart-throb. Ivy thought as she took another bite of ice cream.

“And what of the notorious Carmen Sandiego?” Debra DeLune asked, “Do you see her being brought to justice in the near future?”

“Absolutely,” Devineaux replied assuredly, “No one can run forever. VILE has never been so quiet. The stakes have been raised, and they know it. At this very moment, ACME specialists like Chip Masters are hard at work researching a recent breakthrough in tracking technology. It's years ahead of current methods. We can track previous offenders anywhere in the world.”

That was odd… did he just single out Chip?

Just then, Ivy’s communicator buzzed with an anonymous message.


Don’t Let the Enemy Know

What To Protect

Nature of Mission and Objectives, CJCS Alert/Warning Orders,

Date/Time of Execution, Deployment Routes

Staging areas and Operating Locations, Reasons for

Implementing conditions, (DEFCON, FORCE PROTECTION

CONDITIONS, INFOCON), Any Capabilities and

Limitations, Strength/Disposition/Readiness/Command

Relationships of Forces of Personnel and Equipment.

Critical Information is anything that can be used by an

Adversary to impact AMC operations.​

Okay, now this is getting ridiculous.


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...impact AMC operations
Just for clarity, I simply copy-pasted a previous OPSEC warning I had received once upon a time. AMC in this case was referencing Air Mobility Command, not ACME Medical Center.

Deric Storm

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Just for clarity, I simply copy-pasted a previous OPSEC warning I had received once upon a time. AMC in this case was referencing Air Mobility Command, not ACME Medical Center.
Wouldn't it make a little more sense to designate the med center ACMED?


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Well, I believe he interview was given after construction was finished on the new ACME tower after someone pilfered the previous one
For clarity, it was before construction started on Accolade. But right, because someone took the previous one...


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My tots fav Ivy quote: "Okay, now this is getting ridiculous."

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