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The kid, laundry room ghost.
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Whey should VILE have all the fun. Please post your ACME conspiracies here. Non cannon counts as well, as any speculation.
There is a bullteton board in on the wall, near the water cooler on the third floor.
The ACME harbor monster.

What exactly is this so called monster no one knows for certain, and no one is talking either. Some say it only appears at night, when no one else is around, is this a super secret spy vehicle from VILE? Is this a possible training exercise for ACME ? Well all we do know is we can be certain whenever Chase is going on a fishing trip they are trying to hunt it down.


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Alice, Lou, "Strength",Luce, Rini
I walk up to the board and pin three notecards reading
Goats- ???
V.I.L.E.- What's their next glitterbomb attack?
If the moon is made of silicates, are there crystal formations, and is it made of molten glass??
Hey! Don't give VILE any ideas on the glitter bomb raid :D

Pitya Ivyr

K-9 Unit Manager and Trainer
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Ivyr, Ive, Crystal, Lira, Teals
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... Really Luce :D

hmmmm - um Lu and V .... should we place our *coughs* idea on here or should we save it for surprise reasons?


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Ivory, Victorique, V
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I turn where I had been standing with the others around the board, contemplating all the ways V.I.L.E. could cause chaos, when I hear a small voice.
what about a rose petal bomb instead?
Charlet, also known as "Little Red Riding Hood", V.I.L.E. Operative.
"...Actually not too bad an idea if you want to get dramatic," I reply

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