A Fashionable Mission


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(I don't own the characters Lee Jordan,Zack,Tatiana,Vic the Slick,Patty Larceny and Sarah Nade whatsoever)

please note: the name of the fashion designer,fashion advisor,fashion buyer and fashion stylist are fictional nothing real

(Act one begins)

SM Mall of Asia's SMX Convention Center,Pasay,Metro Manila,Philippines

A fashion runway is already under the way...

people are surprised are seeing the models in different outfits...

among the people are Jade Ezell,Lee Jordan,Zack Monaghan,and Tatiana Erzin who are attended thanks to SM Mall for recovering their properties for the City North EDSA (read about the stolen items from there in Just Storming In.)

"Isn't it amazing that Justine Aguilar makes wonderful outfits?" Tatiana asked (dressed in a lavender two piece skirt suit,beige pink top and lilac pumps)
"They sure are." Jade answered (dressed in a dark gold top over a mustard colored cardigan,tan skirt,brown low heeled pumps,golden flower stud earrings her hair is down and yes her make up is based on her skin)

"Don't tell me you know the fashion designer,Jade?" Zack asked (dressed according to his avatar)
"I sure do." Jade answered
Lee asked "When?" (dressed in khaki colored suit with a light blue dress shirt and maroon necktie,cream socks and brown dress shoes)
"When me and Justine are pen pals I gave her my picture she gave me her picture and then she came to my school as a foreign exchange student during my senior year." Jade answered
"Anything else you know about her?" Zack asked
"Well she got interested in making fashion since her mother made clothes for her and the other kids...so she made a black dress to wear at the prom,I wore an ivory/pink rose print dress there at the prom."
"Did you became prom queen back in school?"
"No Zack!" Jade answered "Justine did..."

(The flashback begins in the year 2000)

The student cheered as Justine was crowned prom queen along with a guy,another foreign exchange student but he came from Brazil who was crowned prom king...
Jade who was eighteen years old at that time saw something up there above Justine and notice a strong string coming from there gasped and shouted "JUSTINE,LOOK UP ABOVE!"

"Huh?!?!" Justine said as she looks above and she saw a bucket about to come down onto her and she gasped and Jade ran and rescue her before something spills on to the floor.

The student gasped the principal (who is a man) came and asked Jade "What is the matter with you?"
"I was saving her from being prank." Jade answered
"What?!?!" the principal said as Jade grabs a napkin and used it to wipe part of the floor.
"Just as I thought it's molasses with chocolate syrup and red food coloring mix in." said Jade.
One of the school security staffs opened the curtain from behind..."Sir look who did it."
The principal came and saw a couple of students from below the stage "I should have know." he said as he saw a cheerleader and a jock with the strong string got broke when they pulled the bucket from above.

(The flashback faded)

"So the ones who bullied Justine do they deserve it?"

"They sure have,Zack!" Jade answered until Tatiana said "Look there she is!" As Justine Aguilar appeared who has the same age as Jade.

The people clapped and cheered for Justine.

Unaware outside from the fashion runway a certain character is not pleased at all.

(end of Act one)
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(Act two begins)

After the fashion runway is over the guard escorted Jade,Lee,Zack and Tatiana to meet Justine Aguilar who was finishing talking to a gentleman who is about to be sixty years old next year and a woman in her 40's ...

"Once again your collection will be another hit." the gentleman said whose accent is Russian.
"You show your style with another A plus." the woman said whose accent is American. "You pick the right accessories and the right shoes to your outfits."
"Thank you two I'm glad it is another success." said Justine.

As the gentleman and the woman turn around to head back to the hotel they saw Jade,Lee,Zack and Tatiana.

"Oh my!" said the gentleman
"It seems Miss Aguilar you have fans here." said the woman
Justine gasped and said as she turn around "Jade!"
"Justine!" said Jade as she came and hugged Justine.
"I'm surprised to see you,Jade!"
"Me too,Justine!"
"I see you're wearing one of her outfits." the woman said to Jade and what she dressed up.
"Of course." said Jade.
"But it's much better when it tone with a lighter colored top."
"Like white?"
"Try combine mustard with light orange or sage green."
"Great I'll tell my father about this."
"No I mean in the springtime but dark gold is wonderful in the fall hope you understand."
"Thank you so much I will." said Jade as the woman and the gentleman leave.

"I'm glad you met Kristen Lindberg,the fashion stylist and Stefan Lapin,the fashion buyer they're both worked at Lacey's Department Store all over the world and they are the ones who looked at the fashion and they choose wisely." said Justine (a fictional store version of Macy's)

"Well Justine can you make a wedding dress?" Zack asked
"Zack!" Tatiana said quietly.
"I don't make wedding dresses!" Justine answered as a gentleman in his late 40's shows up.
"Justine!" said the gentleman as Justine gasped and she turned around and saw him.
"Marco, what are you doing here?"
"I'm not happy with the collection you created it's not right."
said Marco as Jade,Lee,Zack and Tatiana gasped "Who are these people?"

"Forgive me everyone but this is Marco del Moore, a fashion advisor from Ageless Magazine."(a fictional magazine that is sort of like Vogue or Harper's Bazaar)
"And they dressed wrong!" said Marco and Jade,Lee,Zack and Tatiana gasped again.
"Hey! That wasn't nice!" said Zack
"Look at you,you brat that's not the way to wear that in your age."
Lee growled and said "Watch what you're saying in front all of us we look good no matter what you said."
"That's called an insult,you fashion hater." said Tatiana
"I don't hate fashion I just hate everybody dressed up in the wrong age." said Marco and looks at Jade and said "And as you Ugly Betty you dressed like your grandma." (I don't own the show 'Ugly Betty' whatsoever)
"What?!?!" said Jade
"I mean it!" said Marco and left.

ACME Headquarters,Manila,Philippines

The Hallway

"Ugly Betty! Grandma! This nitwit is trouble!" said Jade as she,Zack and Tatiana while waiting for Lee finishing a conference call with Chase Devineaux in San Francisco.

"Tell me about it that creep calls me a brat!" said Zack " Well, I'm not a brat!"
"I don't care what he said we look good just the way we are." said Tatiana.

somewhere in Singapore...

an unknown VILE hideout..

Sarah Nade skating around the hallway with her pair of rolling blades and using her headphone to listen to punk music.

Patty Larceny came out of her room in a pink jersey cotton maxi dress with white frilly sleeves,white hemmed skirt underneath and light pink ribbon belt on her waist and wearing a pair of light rose sandals.

"Yo,Patty!" said Sarah as she stopped skating and turn off her music "Nice dress you got there."
"Thank you,Sarah,isn't it lovely?" said Patty
"Sure does where did you get it?"
"Wow who made that dress it is Betsy Johnson?" (I don't own Betsy Johnson's fashion whatsoever)
"No it's not from Betsy Johnson!"
"True beside I'm wearing it while dance to the disco with Vic."
"So the question is who made this dress?"
"Justine Aguilar!" Patty answered "do you ever heard of her?"

"No I don't heard of that designer I think she's...*gasped* Why that infamous impostor?" Patty gasped as Sarah is coming after her...

Five minutes later...

Vic-The-Slick in his 'disco dude' look and practicing dancing to the disco until Patty came out of her room in her normal outfit and sobbed holding a shopping bag.

"Patty!" said Vic as he stopped dancing and came to her "What's the matter,doll?"

"That punk queen Sarah she ruined my dress." Patty answered in a crying voice

"How bad it is?" Vic asked and Patty shows him her dress which turn from a pretty in pink to a tattered,shredded and ragged dress.

Vic's eyes popped when he saw it and notice Sarah's rollerblading marks around the hallway..."Let's cancel our date and informed Carmen right now!" Vic said as he and Patty goes to the conference room.

(end of Act two)
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(Act three begins)

Somewhere in Manila,Philippines

The Next Day

After a VILE jet landed at the airport...Sarah Nade decided to go rollerblading around downtown Manila.

She stopped rollerblading when a man is in her way...
"Yo why don't you move it?" Sarah said and the man turns around .

"Oh I'm sorry I...wow! You look amazing!"
"I'm serious...by the way I'm Marco del Moore!" the man introduces himself to Sarah.
"Sarah Nade!"
"Well Sarah today's your lucky day!" said Marco with a nice smile.

ACME Headquarters,Manila,Philippines

Zack was looking at Ageless magazine when Tatiana shows up to him...."Find anything about Marco del Moore?" she asked.

"None you?" Zack said
"I did!" Tatiana answered "And Jade's right about that fashion advisor he is trouble."
"How trouble?" Zack asked until his cellphone rang and Zack pick and said "Hello!...What?!?!...We're on our way!" and he hung up his cellphone.

"Who was that,Zack?"
"It's Lee he wants us to meet him at Lacey's at once." Zack answered as he and Tatiana headed for Lee's location.

Somewhere in Quezon City,Philippines

Justine Aguilar's Fashion Studio....

While her helpers fixing up her latest collection for next Spring line.

"What?!?! No! Are you about this?" Justine said while talking to Stefan Lapin,the fashion buyer at Lacey's "How much damage to the store?...Oh no! Who would do this?" Until someone hang up the phone onto her. "What the...*gasped* Marco,what are you doing here and who is she?"

"Justine meet Sarah Nade,she's here to help your next line to wow the crowd." said Marco as the others who are working with Justine gasped.

Lacey's,Downtown Manila

Security Room

"Here's the surveillance from this morning." said the head security guard as he shows Lee,Zack and Tatiana along with Kristen Lindberg, the fashion stylist and then Stefan came in to the security room.

"What happened?" Kristen asked quietly
"I told Miss Aguilar what happened this morning and then all the sudden she hang up the phone I don't understand." Stefan answered quietly.

"Stop there,sir!" said Zack as the head security pauses the surveillance tape....
"What did you find in the tape?" Tatiana asked
"Take a look who it is?" Zack answered
"It's the fashion advisor and look whose with him after dropping the lighter onto Justine Aguilar's fashion collection." said Lee as Zack and Tatiana gasped and they said in unison "Sarah Nade!"

Outside of Lacey's

"We have to get back to headquarters at once." said Tatiana.
"Right and we better inform Jade about this." said Zack
"She already left for Quezon City!" said Lee
"Why?" Zack asked
"She's worry about Justine that Marco guy will criticized her next fashion collection or even worse." Lee answered
"Let's get the warrants ready for both Sarah and Marco!" said Zack as Lee's cellphone ring while Zack and Tatiana goes back to ACME Headquarters.

"Jordan!..." said Lee after he pick up his cellphone.
"Lee it's me,Jade!" Jade said while talking on her padphone
"What's going on in Quezon City,Jade?"
"It's a hostage situation at Justine's Fashion Studio."
"I'm not making this up,Lee!" said Jade" Justine and the others are in danger."
"Whose holding everyone there?"
"Marco del Moore and Sarah Nade, better get the warrants fast."
"Zack and Tatiana are already on it just stay where you are we're on our way."

Quezon City,Philippines

"Thanks,Lee!" said Jade as she hung up her padphone 'Just hang in there,Justine helps on the way.' her mind said.

(End of Act three)
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(Act four begins)

Quezon City,Philippines

Justine's Fashion Studio...

Justine screamed when Sarah step and tear up each fabric which is from cotton and polyester blend in together.

Scared and frightened Justine said to Marco "Please make her stop she ruined everything."

"Not a chance,Justine" said Marco as he sees the drawings for another collection and tears up her drawings and Justine screamed and ran as fast as she can.

All the sudden Justine fell down to the ground still feeling upset and then the truck is heading Justine's way she gasped.

But just then she was saved from being run over.

"Jade!" said Justine after she saw who saved her.
"It's okay,Justine,you're safe!" said Jade while wearing in her medium blue battle suit...as Tatiana's jeep shows up and there Tatiana,Zack and Lee shows up just in time and came to Jade and Justine.

"You two all right?" Tatiana asked
"I'm okay!" Jade answered as Lee give Jade a hand to stand up.
"I'm not my fashion studio everyone's inside." said Justine as Zack and Lee saw what's going on in there.

"These vandals are going to get it." said Zack as Jade and Tatiana lift up Justine together.

"Tatiana,take Justine with you for medical attention." said Jade.

"I will,Jade!" said Tatiana. "Come on Justine!" as Tatiana puts Justine on the back seat carefully and Tatiana drives her jeep to take Justine to the hospital.

"Since you got your battle suit on,Jade it's time to change." said Lee and after pressing the black button his deep black battle suit is on.

Justine's Fashion Studio

"You no good fashion makers no leather,no fur you call this fashion." said Sarah to the workers. "I called this trash."

Sarah knocks down the cabinet containing some fabric there.

Marco laughed out loud insanely "What do you think now,Justine?" he said "Justine?!?! *growled* Where did she go?"

"Far away from an unfashionable reason." said Jade as Marco turns around and saw her,Lee and Zack.

"Oh no not you ACME misfits!" said Sarah.

"A bunch of fashion don'ts!" said Marco. "You three don't have a taste of style!"

"You're wrong glamour boy." said Zack "You're the one who has no taste of fashion and style at all."

"That includes you,Sarah Nade!" said Lee.

Sarah growled and Marco said "You think I have no fashion and style at all...*grabbing the scissors* Yeah I do!" and he is about to get Zack but Jade save Zack.

Lee grabs Marco's wrist and said "Drop the scissors,Marco!"

and Marco did and then roundhouse kicked Lee to the ground.

"Now it's my turn!" said Sarah but Jade stop Sarah from hurting Lee by roundhouse kicked her to the ground.

"You leave him alone." said Jade as Marco is about to knock Jade down Zack cuffed Marco down with the handcuffs.

"You're under arrest,jerk!" said Zack as Jade gets Sarah up and Lee cuffed Sarah's wrists with the handcuffs right after he got up quickly as the police arrives.

A month later...

San Francisco,CA,USA

The Glamour in Asia Fashion Show week at Moscone Center (a fictional fashion show I made up)

While models are walking down the runway in Justine Aguilar's 'Evening in Manila' collection

"Boy Jade's going to miss this event." said Zack
"It sure is mysterious for Jade to miss out on everything." said Tatiana "here comes Justine!"

Lee gasped and said " And look who's with her."
Zack and Tatiana gasped when they saw Jade in 'Maria Clara' like dress and the colors is represents the national flag of the Philippines the people clapped and cheered after Justine and Jade enter the runway together.

"Wow!" said Patty while disguising as a photographer for a fashion magazine and took a picture of Jade with her own camera. "Wait til Carmen sees this she'll flipped for sure."

(end of Act four)
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