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Chapter 8:

Feeling trapped happened almost instantly at seeing the VILE agent coming towards him. Starting to climb up the mound of rumble he was on high sitting with his job equipment. Looking into the hotel, Greg tried to guess exactly how far down the jump would be to the floor of the hotel's lobby if he did the act. If this were a swimming pool he was eyeing, he thought in guessing the jump was twenty feet down. Then it would be ok to do and cushioned. But this being nothing but open air followed by marble tiled floor. He wondered what bones in his feet and maybe legs would break in the attempted jump.

Grabbing in one fist, a piece of rubble larger than his hand. He took aim at the VILE agent heading towards him and stated, "come any closer to me and I'll bean you in the head with this."

Ignoring the warning, the VILE operative continued heading towards Greg. Throwing the chunk of cement mixed with rock at the warned man, the projectile hit it's target smack center on the man's forehead. The reaction was minimal, a pause in acknowledging he'd been struck before the unexpected happened. Not further pursuit of the radio reporter but a rebuke towards his team leader. "Do not wonder Contessa why myself and the rest of us haven't lept to defend you as ACME claims victory for this round! Lady that rock he just threw! Even through I have internal armored padding under my mask, that is my final straw! None of us have slept in days or eaten because of your orders!"

Carefully making his way down the rubble pile, the conked on the head VILE agent continued his rant. "You had us reserve what food we got a hold of for the auction guests! None for ourselves except of course for yourself just to taste if the food wouldn't offend the potential buyers!"

Walking passed his leader and considering spitting on her. The enraged VILE agent continued to further protest, before ripping open the front door to the hotel. "Your choice to befriend the Nazis, which given your stance on your own self proclaimed superiority doesn't shock me but at the same time sickens me! While we wait for the police to come which granted is any moment now! I’m going to treat myself to that food you've withheld from us and invite the rest of my teammates to join me for it! Prison food is god awful but at least in prison we'll get a little rest before the division boss springs us!"

Having said what had been plaguing his thoughts he discovered his way back inside hotel blocked, at least temporarily. Up front before those in a better position to provide defense. Sadie was awkwardly holding as many of the former auction prizes in her arms as she could. Followed by Cal holding the remainder of what the mystery girl couldn't. Lastly behind him, almost side by side. Patrick and Jocelyn ready to defend their company and themselves at a moment's notice if the VILE operatives they were facing decided to attack.

The secondhand victim took on a look of dread at seeing the angered VILE operative before her. Snapping at the woman before pushing her aside, the agent said. "I know things can be heard in here from just outside! I'm not a problem to you, stand aside!"

Wanting revenge & actions taken against ACME and the man in league with them. The Contessa gave another silent order, this time to the other underling who had accompanied her outside. This henchman but more accurately henchwoman had an unreadable expression on her face for having noted what was expected of her. Shrugging her shoulders, with her tried eyes hidden behind the darkened lenses of her mask slash head covering. She commented before moving into the lobby of the hotel to follow after her comrade in thought. "I'm with him. We're all with him."

A car door slammed shut in the near distance, in the parking lot to the hotel. The Contessa didn't even turn around to see who had just come. The guess to that was easy, same as hearing tumbling bits of small rubble clattering down to the earth falling off even larger pieces of debris. The source behind that sound too, was an easy guess for the VILE team leader, who no longer it seemed actually had a team to lead. In front of The Contessa, grinning now having quickly gotten over her fear of the VILE agents who'd moved pass her. Sadie, pushed aide the disillusioned lady and stepped out on to the walkway surrounding the outside of The Argent Suites Hotel.

Normally for Sadie the sight of the police filled her with a sense of dread worse than she'd felt when she had just been facing the VILE henchman who'd pushed her aside to raid the snack bar in the conference room. Although these cops she thought, the French unless before her sister had passed on, had let something slip of her. The Sûreté knew nothing of her criminal activities. Almost not at all did these people working for ACME and their reporter company.

Now back on to stable earth having carefully held his packed suitcase the whole way down. As to ensure it's internal contents weren't accidentally banged about. Greg taking in her sight but focusing his attention on to her footwear before returning his attention to her face, said. "Nice new to you shoes, you've gotten yourself. How very Dorothy Gale of you."

Catching the reference thrown at her, she mentally compared witches in the story. Before deciding which one best fit her thoughts on The Contessa. Trying not to have any sense of fear come to the surface of her demeanor. As she watched the uniformed law officers approach the hotel. Sadie said, "Dorothy took the shoes of the Wicked Witch of the East. For lack of that gal's screen time for badness. I'd more compare The Contessa to the Wicked Witch of the West. VILE has done plenty of bad things and her henchmen and women. They're her flying monkeys right now."

Wanting to laugh at the comparison knowing the mystery girl was throwing humor at him. Greg thinking back on his last true interaction with Sadie. Trying to comfort her in Cal's house, and the hit he'd received, made him hesitant to express himself further. This wasn't the right time for showing acknowledgment of a jest. This was a time of pressing much larger concerns.

Because of one of them, he chose to signal a member of the Sûreté. The one signaled, not handling the arrest of Caterina Gallo and her underling teammates, but talking to Cal instead. As the contractor handed what paintings he held over to Patrick. Greg wanted to speak with the officer in hushed tones about what mustn't be spoken of, knowing of the emotional distress it carried with the volatile young woman. Once the officer was suitably near to him. Greg whispered, "the girl holding most of the paintings. The VILE ringleader, no polite language. I'm used to holding my tongue because of work. The prissy peacock you see minus footwear. She ordered the death of the lady's sister and had her body dumped in a ditch. Could you guys start searching for it? Give the grieving sister closure?"

Sadie didn't look at all currently like she was grieving, the officer noted. Sadly he now had an answer to a mystery he'd heard spoken of in recent days and had once seen the body to. This closed the case he was sure. In soft low tone, the officer answered. "We got a report of a woman's body left off Passerelle du Grand Large and it was picked up. Taken to the morgue. No reports of foul play reached us. The body, this woman looks similar to the passed on fille. Our dead mystery is likely her sister. Could she come with us to identify the body?"

"Hold on one second, I'll ask." Greg replied, before he walked to Sadie with Patrick. As the girl loaded what was now her paintings into the back of Cal's pickup truck.

It was a hard call who among ACME's staff was in the best position to talk with the Sûreté. It's senior leaders or it's one present locally based employee, who understood better French than his bosses. Not long into the debate of overlapping talk, Patrick felt it best left in the hands of Cal and Jocelyn. Jocelyn while not from the area, had said that in the time of her youth, he'd heard her say earlier. She had known people who had lived in France prior to settling near by where she had lived before her migration. Patrick wanting to still do something once knowing he couldn't do much good. Despite the fact some of the officers knew English. Requested of Cal, he assist Louveofran in putting the paintings into the truck.

Patrick knowing the two guests of his had an unease going between them. The knowledge of that coming from remembering the punch the young woman had given the reporter not long ago. He gave Greg a look before carefully placing the paintings he'd been carrying, into the truck's flatbed on top of the ones Sadie had laid in first. Hopefully he thought, the younger man knew now anything could be a touche subject to talk to the young woman about. He knew from speaking with the reporter back in New York when the whole proposal was taking place of the trip they were now on. That regardless of what Sadie thought. Greg indeed had too, recently lost a sibling. Knowing the reporter had his attention focused on the mystery girl. He kept quiet as the other man spoke.

"An officer of the Sûreté. He wants your presence to come with him to I guess what is their police station."

As the men standing near by her, watched. It looked to them like her eyes bugged out at hearing the request. Plus the impression feel, she'd paled for a moment before defense kicked in. Snapping out her reply, Sadie attempted to keep her calm but knew she was failing at the act as she spoke. "I've done nothing. Nothing can be proved. You know these are rightfully mine."

Remembering how the young mystery woman had acted when he'd met her on Staten Island. Patrick continued his silent observing and at the same time made a private wish. He doubted it, but if the Sûreté kept criminal records of overseas international activities. Also files on the arrested and their prints, they'd be useful now. Because of the doubt this could be, he thought of what could be done instead. Maybe if he agreed to it, Cal could help springboard ACME doing such a thing. The company one day having it's global connections tied together more than it already was. Needed file information on criminals and what they'd done. He'd propose this start to Cal before he and the rest of the non-native party, headed back to the United States.

"Your sister," was all Greg could think to say in reply to Sadie. Moving away from her at making the comment, was the action he felt best to do additionally.

Blushing at her mistake and relieved she'd been wrong about her thoughts of the Sûreté requesting her presence. Knowing she had painted herself into a corner out of fear. Nodding yes, she then walked away from the pickup truck and to the gathering of law officers by the hotel. Feeling oddly relieved the mystery girl was out of his hair for a moment. Patrick leaned in against the truck, with one arm under his chin on flatbed's raised edging. As the old man started thinking forward about what had to happen next and how that might be achieved. The radio reporter spoke up again. "Has this trip been successful in your opinion. Off the record, I'm not recording this."

Not answering immediately the detective replied, not lifting himself up from the position he was in. "It feels like it but I feel like it could have been done in a better manner. We were lucky about Cranna living in this area. Benjamin, poor Ben. He got lucky and if we'd been any later rescuing him. To that case Mrs. Cranna's kitchen pantry would be fuller now but only because it couldn't be gotten to in time. We got lucky about this whole ordeal except Ms. Louveofran's sister."

Greatly concerned about that luck and the bad what ifs that surrounded it. Patrick paused before continuing to say,"what I said when you interviewed us, of if telephones were as portable as your recorder. There was too much close call to what just happened. Being able to know things in advance of coming over here. Some worry would have been avoided. Additionally some faster assistance could have come if we'd known in advance what was going on in better detail."

Joining the senior in leaning against the truck, Greg stated. "I don't think it would have been a good idea for our mystery girl to have been told about her sister's death over the phone. What you heard me speak of. That news had been delivered to me in a phone call and even though we saw what happened in person. It would have been impersonal & wrong to hear the news remotely like that. Please don't call me a hypocrite for making a statement like that. But sometimes when I deliver the news, a little of it feels like it doesn't belong on the airwaves. What is deeply personal to families like death."

Neither was sure what more could be said just then on the topic of death. Turning around to face away from what had once been a well maintained lawn with sculpted bushes and what both were sure had been pruned trees. Patrick and Greg both took in the sight of things coming to a close with the Sûreté's arrests. Their questions, and further seemingly needing to convince the mystery girl into one of their squad cars. Jocelyn and Cal were now heading in the men’s direction.

"Unless she wants to stay behind which I doubt. We'll be picking up Ms. Louveofran from the station after we've picked up Benjamin, to go back home." The female detective said when she had reached a respectfully close distance to the pair in front of her.

Thinking back on the interesting landing and what had happened just after that landing. Greg asked, "can we still use the plane we used coming here? The Axis airport. I assume we're using that to leave? There aren't any Nazis still hanging around right?"

Already making her way to the front of the pickup, towards it's passenger side door. Jocelyn replied, "It should be gassed up by now and I'm sure it's staff, who Patrick & I have known for a while. They'll be ready to accommodate us when we arrive at the airfield. Further I should think with my old people's handling of the locale area. Seeing them come for the plane when we were on the beach. I'm sure they've cleared out any remaining Nazis knocking about the place."

Unlocking the driver's side door, Cal then pulled it open and moved himself into the driver's seat. Before leaning to the farthest side of the cabin to unlock the passenger door for Jocelyn to move into the truck herself. Taking note of how well the paintings were nesting in the flatbed. Patrick too got into the truck but as he had gotten used to. It's end near the driver’s cabin. After he had unlatched the rear flap of the truck, allowing entrance. Greg following his lead into the flatbed before he locked the latches back into place, to take his spot in the truck. Choosing to lean against one of his suitcases to have his back avoid the steel shell for rest.


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Chapter 9

Benjamin after having fallen asleep on Cal and Eleonore's living room couch. During the time that had passed while events had unfolded at The Argent Suites Hotel. He hadn't been hard to awaken to be told he was going to finally be saying goodbye the country he'd first starting being in for military duly, months ago. How easily the solider was brought back to being awake and alert, ready to move on to the next thing. The party made a bet and even verbalized it to him when they were back in the truck. Lawrence confirmed what they thought when settling into the flatbed. To get in a relaxed position after eyeing his souvenir beside him in a cupped position to one of his elbows. "The army trains you. Be ready for action always."

The additional cargo to the paintings he now had with him. His souvenir, Eleonore had given the duo employed American, as a departing gift. A Jumeau doll that in her wording to him, she had told him to keep it to remind him he wasn't alone. It had never crossed his mind to ever own such a thing but now in his possession. It's fine art crafted detail sinking into his mind of the skill which had to have been put to work for making such a thing. The bestowed upon it sentiment given to it, as it became his. If anyone working for the military questioned his non-manly small companion made of porcelain. He'd give them an earful for the act.

Sadie's return to the fold had been strange to observe. The Sûreté had known she was the cause behind every vandalized vehicle they had seen in the hotel's parking lot. The information about who had done the act hadn't been volunteered out of her. Instead they knew it because Jocelyn noticing the mystery girl not coming forward with the confession, told them. Amazingly enough though not complicating her departure from their station. They let her go but only after she paid them with the only thing of true value to herself. It also happened to have been what had damaged all the cars. They forced her to turn over her knife to them, and also instead of forcing jail time on her. She was sure two notes to her played in favor of that. One being what they had made her do in going their morgue. Identifying the at first unknown body as her own sister. Two she was a foreigner very far from home. Instead of jail time, she'd been told to leave France to never return again or else she would be seeing bars lining a wall before her for a long time.

What had made her return strange to observe was her in bearing, saddened demeanor. Turned over in emotion fast when she’d come to Cal's pickup truck, looking only concerned with the appearance & status of her paintings. It had raised more than one set of eyebrows at the act. For which she replied, noticing their observation of her. "I've come all this way. I've lost so much. I don't want them damaged too."

Her comment was accepted without verbal question. Even when boarding the re-fueled plane that had been used to get the party to the country in the first place. When Cal had offered his assistance again in moving the paintings. This time politely turning down the offer. It was figured she had a right to be over cautious of the handling of the framed art.

The trip back over the ocean started differently than the first flight had. Because instead of feeling nervous about the flight, ready to do as told by the pair of seniors that had journeyed more than he ever had. This time he wanted to take a chance on his nerves, requesting he get the window seat. Sadie not beside him on the journey back, her placement accepted but all around considered unorthodox, sitting back in the cargo section of the plane as to better keep an eye on her claim. The staff of the aircraft remembering what the mystery girl had done on the trip to France when they noticed her chosen position. Removed the backup fueling drum from her sight. Also removing a jug of concentrated orange juice they were grateful she had failed to notice on the initial Journey. Greg with his more personal suitcase sitting beside him. In what would have been Sadie's seat, watched the plane ascend beyond small wisps of clouds before asking what was on his mind.

Jocelyn and Patrick listened to him, as did Lawrence. He could tell this type of staff member to ACME had never occurred to them before to have. But if it helped getting word out there who they were and what they did. It would likely bring more work to them. More people ready to enlist in service employment to them as the solider put it. Also it would if heard by the right meaning the very worst people out there. Drive more fear into VILE because of their history dealing with the organization. That they were ready for whatever the evil group threw at them.

The idea, the reporter proposed was accepted. It just wouldn't be starting up right after returning to the United States. Details needed to be worked out & formalities had to be addressed, business, financial and social on his end. When everything important got spoken of. Even where current staff brought back to The Empire State, where he'd stay while settling into his homeland again. Further still what could be handled while still away from home. With the exception of the staff not in the cockpit. Them still wanting to keep a leery eye on Sadie even though she was not in a position to further cause trouble. Everyone but the staff rested even dozing off and on while the trip progressed back to New York.

When the plane landed back at Idlewild Airport, Lawrence religiously praised god and all angels he could name off the top of his head. Then he kissed everyone of the party, even including those that kept the aircraft running smoothly. Greg departed their company with promise of following up with them the moment he knew when his recorded on trip content would be broadcast over WGBH's airwaves. Sadie departed company with the ACME staff, thanking them and taking a curtsy. Before she tightened her grip on her things & headed away to try and catch a cab.

Crowded, busy, and looking the same has it had when the pair had left the city. Patrick and Jocelyn felt proud their trip overseas had gone mostly overall well. While they watched streets, buildings and people pass by the cab they were in. What they were used to was here again in their lives and promise was coming things were about to get better. It was only a mild wonder to either of them if by now Bernard Powl was still staying in their home. Likely not but if forced to. If now two guests would be in their home. They had before the trip, debated where Chester would be sleeping in their place. Patrick's bed became the answer to that. Where would Powl be sleeping while arrangements happened to get him back to his family in Missouri? That became Jocelyn's bed. Now returning home, Chester would be leaving their place. So worry about not being able to accommodate Benjamin ceased, remembering that thought. Although that still meant at least one of them had to sleep on the couch. While their employed solider made arrangements to get to his true home.

A polite knock on the door to the grand sized apartment, sounded right before it's residents made their way into it. At hearing the sounds coming from the living room. Chester slammed down the book he'd been reading against the desk before him. Then ran to greet the company having just entered. He had doubted without seeing who'd entered at first, the people intruding on the place were unwelcome guests or potential clients for ACME to take on their cases. He was sure and had discovered he was right, that the people who had entered were his bosses. But he was surprised to see one face he didn't know.

Wanting to question later who was the roughed up looking person who appeared to be a solider. Chester attempted to sound calm delivering news that had been gnawing at his mind ever since he'd learned of it. "The mystery woman, Ms. Sadie Louveofran remember how you had me check her prints? You didn't. I hope you didn't help her abroad right?"

"We did help her. Chester, please tell me you aren't saying what I think you're saying?" Jocelyn asked, removing her lite jacket. To place it on the dual coat & hat rack, not far from the living room's entrance.

"You just aided a career criminal," Chester replied.

The End

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Well that was a very good story. The pacing was fine and I liked how you captured Contessa’s snobbish nature though I personally don't care for her as a result of that personality though its nothing personal against her. Sadie was a way better villain because of her characters versatility. I preferred Gregs character traits to Patricks (maybe because i like baseball and airplanes) but the ending was also well written as well. I would recommend this story to pass the time on a plane trip.


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Thank you so much for leaving a review! ?

Yeah, The Contessa's personality was meant to be highly dislikeable. You'll note I even had her henchmen turn on her as the result of it. Writing Sadie at times was as kick and I find it a shame with this story being period set as far back as it is. That I can't write her again not unless I think up a story close to this time. Or well by Shattered, which is the follow up to this story. She'd be an old woman by the 90's and even then I already have villains picked out for that story.

Greg messing up the baseball news report huh? I remember that wasn't a fast thing to write despite the fact it doesn't take up much of the story. It wasn't hard to think of how a casual sports fan could play with the names. What made it interesting to write was because of how I mix in real fact to fiction. I got those game stats. from the Baseball Reference site listing what went down Sept. 3rd '45.

I wasn't really aiming to do much character expansion with Jocelyn and Patrick in this. The real focus Sadie and Greg, which I'm sure you picked up on.
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Got busy with things IRL for a bit; but, as you can see, I've been trying to catch up with things on here. So I just read this now.

The end was so great.

I agree with Tenchi. I loved really disliking The Contessa in this story. And even though those of us who first became aware of Carmen Sandiego because of the WitWiCS? gameshow will always think of ACME and VILE being friendly, it makes sense with the history of ACME on this Wiki and a few other places--and it makes a better story for you, too, having VILE be really bad guys.

I liked all the characters of this story--they are all well-written and all of them play a role in moving the story along, too. People who are fans of the WitWiCS? game show also like how Greg came to be a part of ACME. The part with Greg reading the stuff with the news and baseball stats was very believable; noone would have known you were just a casual sports fan if you hadn't said so. ?

I got the feeling that, in the beginning, Sadie and her sister were like an earlier version of Double Trouble (even if they weren't supposed to be twins) and then by the end, it seemed like Sadie was supposed to be an earlier version of Carmen, herself. Is that what you were going for? Like maybe Sadie takes over control of VILE from The Contessa. Or maybe The Contessa just abandons VILE for some reason and Sadie takes it over.

I know that it's kinda hard, dealing with the passage of time, because unless you stick with that era everyone is either old--or dead. Maybe you could talk about old files in the archives at ACME--or Maybe Jocelyn and Patrick's children or grandchildren find some old journals telling about more adventures they had.

Anyway, looking forward to reading your next story. ?


Visitor From Another AU
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Thanks for liking the ending. I wasn't sure how that would be received since while The Contessa and her gang got caught. Sadie in the end got what she wanted right from under the law's nose.

Sadie and Viola actually are one shot villains from the Classic Inspector Gadget series. They appeared at near the end of the series run. The second season of the show tended to have three episode sets with different villain focuses. There was a whole bit with the mob about old mobsters after Gadget in last episodes. These episodes are also where Less Renowned came from as well. My nod to Double Trouble was direct and I can see how it might have been missed since that idea came up once.

When Keegan is talking to Greg in the radio station about listening to a radio program he calls the name Double Trouble Masher Theater. The first part of the name is my nod to the pair of villains in witwics. Masher Theater is a double thing. It's a crack towards the name Master Piece Theater. But using the part "Masher" comes from the name David J. Masher, who worked on Where in Time.

Now who is running VILE isn't ever said. I've always had it in mind this AU's VILE is in a network of divisions across the globe. The only time who runs VILE is given light is only upon it returning after having disappeared for a long time. That's jumping into modern times of the AU with that near B&W short. Carmen is stating about VILE's return & she will be leading it coming back.
Carmen is finally going to have a more noteworthy appearance in the coming story Scattered ( yes, earlier I did a typo to that name ). Also ... and this is something I think almost no one has seen. I posted up the concept drawing for Sarah Nade, who is also appearing in the same story.

When Scattered takes place things start to look a little more familiar in an AU sense. That's where things lead to down the road clearly. By then which is the early 90's, ACME's HQ has now been in San Fan for a while. Cheri is running the office back in New York as Chief there. Chester is the Chief running the San Fan office. Plus Zack & Ivy are kids very much used to hanging around their mom's work place at that west coast location. Now their parents are touched on, Rebecca has a bit of a role in the start of the story. ... ah, I should shut up before I give too much spoiler information. I've been on a break writing it for a little while since I need to create a good buffer for Loaded Stone on ComicFury. Soon I'm going to be returning to working on Scattered.

Jocelyn and Patrick's legacy after passing is ACME. I never say death dates but I've had it in mind they passed on during the 50's. Jocelyn has a touch more of what she added. When you read the very start of Loaded Stone. She helps out WHO with blueprints involving her inventive prosthetics. Since she pre-dates Inspector Gadget and Gadget-Boy. Who is credited as having helped the ideas around the AU's modern times Bio-Technology. ?

I never note about the pair having children. I think of Jocelyn and Patrick being as close as it can get to being a married couple but not actually being one. In the end to Snake Pit when Cheri is observing them in PBS. She notices Jocelyn's ring which is her wedding band. VILE killed her husband. That's what was giving her a hard time when talking during the interview scene. The whole start with those two characters & really defining the CS aspect to the AU takes origin in Smoke, Steam and Mirrors.

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