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This poem is written in dedication to Valentine's Day 2014 and our favourite couple/non-couple. Enjoy!

Our yearly tradition, our annual dance
Once again begins anew
The setting has remained unchanged
The promise still ever true

On the isle of Mont St Michel
At our pre-appointed place
I await with the promised rose in hand
She alone will be its vase

She makes not a sound as she approaches
Yet I know that she is here
Her perfume grows ever more intoxicating
With every step that she draws near

She stands beside me in peaceful silence
I turn and meet her gaze
No words are spoken, no words are needed
Just a simple, meaningful embrace

The embrace now turns into a dance
There is no music, just our hearts that beat in time
Under the stars we twirl and waltz
Free from any division of law and crime

A sound sweeter than music rings through the air
- her laughter, so pure and sweet
It's a memory I treasure and hold so dear
My guilty pleasure, my forbidden treat

Our eyes convey what words cannot
Deepest emotions laid bare for the hour
Our revelry lasts through the night
For once, I wish time moved slower

The morning sun signals the end
It's time to say goodbye
Our kiss tells of our true emotions
It is our last respite before we go back to the lie

She smells the rose and says 'thank you'
Then she tosses it into the air
She's gone before it ever hits the grounds
Almost as if she was never there

The ache in my chest tells me otherwise
She stole my heart before she left
She stole my attention when she first walked in
When she kissed me, she stole my breath

No wonder she is widely hailed
As the greatest thief the world has ever known
I don't know when I'll see her again
But I know we'll always have this day to call our own

"Happy Valentine's Day, Carmen" I whisper
As I leave in bittersweet haste
I never saw the shadow that whispered back
"Happy Valentine's Day, Chase"


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Seems unlike me to read something with my name on it and not comment.

There you go. Thanks for the thought, Clown, you're funnier than I figured.

(OOC: Really, thanks.)

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