The Princess and The Detective


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(I don't own the characters Carmen Sandiego,Chase Devineaux,Lee Jordan,Ivy,Zack, Josha,Cole Gannon,The Chief,Suhara,Archie Pelago,Bolt Upright,Clay Tandoori and Baron Wasteland whatsoever)

Please note: This story is fiction and there's no relationship to the real pretended royal family of Bavaria to the fictional ones I put in...Thank you!

(Act one begins)

San Francisco,CA,USA

ACME Headquarters

Lee Jordan catches his breath after a long jog from his apartment to Headquarters in his sweat clothes,running sneakers, and a gym bag he brought with him because his car has broke down last week after a failed pursuit to capture Carmen Sandiego by himself.

Luckily for him Cruiser who became a mechanic for ACME Headquarters thanks to Lee's request after busting Sarah Nade in Cleveland,Ohio (be sure to read Not in Cleveland at the old site) and of course the rest of old gang got a job as well to work with Cruiser (Better watch Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? episodes 39 and 40: Can you ever go home again? Parts one and two I'm serious Lee has his own gang).

Meanwhile at Jade's House...

Jade Ezell is watching the news along with her cat,Sam.

The News Announcer said "No one knows for sure why Amelia,the Princess of Bavaria disappeared...her father is the Duke of Bavaria has no comments at this time...his second wife the Countess d'Blau has something to say." (Blau is German meaning 'Blue')

"My sixteen year old stepdaughter is troubling the family and I have no choice but to arrange marriage to a baron...she rather to continue on with her education she doesn't like to get married right away but I refused to listen to her so therefore she must be found immediately." said the Countess.

' I rather see the princess get her education done than getting married at sixteen years old.' Jade's mind said.

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

After finished taking a shower and getting dressed Lee came out of the gymnasium to the hallway where Chase Devineaux,Ivy and Zack Monaghan are showing as well.

"No need for excuses,Jordan I'm glad you made it because we got a surprise for you." said Chase
"I can't wait to find out what the surprise is for me." said Lee
"You'll be surprised to know." said Ivy
"Yeah you got to love this surprise." said Zack.

Conference Room

"What?!?! You mean another field member will be joining in my team?" Lee asked
"It's true Mr. Jordan!" The Chief (Dr. Weller) answered
"I wonder who it is."
"You just have to wait." said Archie Pelago
"In the meanwhile the results of the final exam from ACME Academy will determined who's graduate after what happened with the computer glitch(read Just Storming In about that)." said Bolt Upright.
"That's wonderful thank you so much all of you." Lee said.
(end of Act one)
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I'm glad I checked to see if there was anything new on here before I went to bed tonight. Good story, Jade. I can't wait to see Act 2. :)


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(Act two begins)

San Francisco,CA,USA

While waiting for the results of the final test at ACME Academy...

Cole Gannon decide to walk around town for a while until he heard someone screaming...

'What the...better check it out!' Cole's mind said as Cole head for the scene and he saw a teenage girl in a school uniform who is being cornered by two men.

So Cole knock down the two men from behind.

The teenage girl gasped she's about to run away but Cole grab her..."Shh!" said Cole quietly "I'm not one of them I'm here to help you!"

The two men got up and the teenage girl gasped...
"Come on!" said Cole as he and the teenage girl ran.

Meanwhile back at ACME Headquarters...

"Anything from the security tape at the U.S. military base?" Josha asked Spencer Ross as Spencer encrypted the tape.

"I have Josha!" Spencer answered "It seems Carmen Sandiego hasn't shown up at all but instead a gentleman dressed as he were royalty and then all the sudden a woman appeared and I don't know who she is but I have no idea what she wants for him."


Cole and the teenage girl stopped running and hide for a while...

"Thank you so much for rescuing me uh...What is your name?"
the girl asked

"Cole Gannon and you are..."
"Amy Mayer!" the girl answered
"Well Amy what are you doing here in San Francisco?" Cole asked but Amy gasped and said "Cole it's them!" while pointing to the two men.

"Oh fudge! Come on let's get outer here!" said Cole as he and Amy ran as fast as they could.
"Why are they after you?"
"I can't tell you why while running away from them." said Amy until someone shouted "Cole,up here!"
"Sensei!" said Cole
"Get in here,now!"
"Come on,Amy!" said Cole as he and Amy head for his Sensei's apartment. (if you're wondering who is Cole's Sensei is...It's Suhara Nakamura mention at the old site in Journey of the Rising Sun part three...Sensei means teacher or mentor in Japanese just so you know)

The two men stop running until they saw a black car they gasped and ran off.

the driver turns out to be Carmen Sandiego as she looks at Cole and Amy heading some place safe and she drives away.

(end of Act two)
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(Act three begins)

Maharaja Tea Room,Haight-Ashbury,San Francisco,CA,USA

*Darjee Ling enter with a tray with two teacups.*

"Here's your citrus flavored green tea for you,Jade and here you go,Lee Jordan try this cup of Java Tea." he said after passing out the two teacups.
"Java Tea?!?!" Lee said
"It's a tea for coffee lovers." Darjee answered as Lee drinks it a bit.
"Whoa! That's strong wait til' the Director of Operations try this one that ought keep him awake instead of regular coffee."

"I wouldn't be too sure for Chase's sake!" said Jade as Lee's cellphone rang.

Lee picks up his cellphone.

"Jordan!...Cole,where are you?" he said while talking to Cole on the phone. "*whew!* Thank goodness...Listen Cole I have to return to Headquarters...I don't have my car with me remember what happened? Why don't you stay there until it's okay to get out and return to Headquarters is that clear."

Sam just came out of the kitchen...

"Sam,what's wrong?" Jade asked quietly as Darjee open the door..."Mina and Sam saw my cousin,Clay Tandoori I believe he's watching us." Darjee answered quietly

"Thank you,Darjee!" said Jade quietly as Lee hang up his cellphone.

"Lee,Clay Tandoori is here!" said Jade
"What?!?!" said Lee
"He was here but left in a hurry." said Darjee

"Who was that on the phone,Lee?" Jade asked
"Cole he's at Suhara's Apartment near Nob Hill." Lee answered

"Is there a reason why?"

"He was protecting a girl named Amy."

"Who is she?"

"I don't know,Jade but we have to return to Headquarters."


Suhara's Apartment,near Nob Hill

"So where are from Miss Mayer?" Suhara asked
"Frankenmuth,Michigan!" Amy answered "My father is a clock maker."
"What are you doing here in San Francisco?"
"Get my education done."
"Is there a reason why?"
"I don't want to get married right away my stepmother is forcing me to marry someone who I never met." Amy answered as Cole gasped

"What's wrong,Cole?" Suhara asked
"That's the same problem with the Princess of Bavaria has." said Cole.
"Hmm...*he went into his bedroom and grab something out of his dresser drawer*..."Here Cole!"

"What is this?" Cole asked
"This bracelet is suppose to have an instant battle suit." said Suhara as he presented Cole with a dark gray bracelet.

"What?!?! Why?" Cole puzzled

"I try it once but it doesn't help me to be strong so I want you to have it." said Suhara.

"Are you sure about this?"
"It'll help you more than I would." Suhara answered until the window just broke by a can and the sleeping gas knocked all three of them down...Clay Tandoori came with his game mask and grab Amy away leaving Suhara and Cole behind.

(end of Act three)
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(Act four begins)

"Cole wake up!" someone said...

Cole opened his eyes and there he saw Carmen while inside of her black car.
"Huh! Carmen,Where am I?" Cole asked
"You're here at ACME,Cole!" Carmen answered
"Where's Sensei?"
"Suhara's alright when I arrive after Clay Tandoori took the girl away."
"Amy! Why would Clay Tandoori do that?"
"Because he was helping Baron Wasteland that's why." said Carmen as Cole gasped as he saw Clay Tandoori holding Amy and saw Baron Wasteland at the same time.

"uh Carmen no need to look for them." said Cole.
Carmen gasped "Oh no he wouldn't!"
"He's going to!" said Cole as he ran from Carmen's car after he unbuckled his seat belt.

Meanwhile inside of ACME Headquarters...

the Hallway

"This isn't surprise me at all...I mean why would an aristocratic likes pollution so much?" Lee asked Jade talking about Baron Wasteland after Josha and Spencer inform him,Jade,Chase,Ivy and Zack at the conference room about who was the thief at the U.S. Military Base.

Jade gasped and said after she something outside. "Lee,you might want to answer that question to him."

"What?!?!" said Lee as he saw Baron Wasteland and he gasped
and said "Cole!"

Then all the sudden Ivy came and asked Jade and Lee "What are you two seeing?"

"Look and see." Jade answered as Ivy looks and gasped.
"Ivy better warned the others this isn't good." said Lee "Come on,Jade we have to get Cole to safety."
"Right,Lee!" said Jade as she and Lee ran.

Outside of ACME Headquarters
Baron Wasteland laughed "Once ACME is finished no one can't stop VILE." he said until Cole shows and Cole said "That'll never happen!"
"What the...oh it's you,the one who rescued my bride."
"Bride?!?!" Cole said as Clay Tandoori appeared holding Amy.

"Help me Cole!" said Amy
"Amy!" said Cole
"You mean Amelia,young man!" an old woman said
"Show yourself." said Cole as the old woman appeared and she said to Cole "Well,well it seems you can't take my stepdaughter away from her groom."

Cole growled as Carmen came

"Cole....*gasped* Baron Wasteland!" Carmen said.
"Oh Carmen here's something to destroy ACME!" said Wasteland as he reveals a big weapon machine "Behold the laser cannon! Time to blast this kid away as soon as you get outer the way,boss!"

"I won't let you destroy our competition!" said Carmen

But it was too late Wasteland just got the laser cannon activate and start to blast off to aim at her and Cole.

But they were saved thanks to Lee (in his deep black battle suit) and Jade (in her medium blue battle suit) with a tied and grab rescue/capture rope (a gadget providing for Lee...Remember WOEICS? episode 21 Boyhood's End where Lee used that not to Zack and Ivy but to Carmen as well and he pull Carmen to him) after he and Jade pull them out of the way before the blast falls to the ground.

Ivy (in her teal battle suit) and Chase (in his dark red battle suit) arrived...

"Cole,are you okay?" Ivy asked
"Sure am,thanks!" Cole answered as Ivy lift Cole up with her hands.
"Carmen,What're you doing here?" Chase asked after he lift up Carmen with his hands.
"Stopping Wasteland from getting rid of everyone at ACME." Carmen answered as Jade,Lee,Chase,Ivy and Cole gasped.

"The reason I want to get rid of ACME that I was in Beijing,China years ago and I Baron Wasteland has eavesdropping the conservation between you,Carmen and that annoyed nitwit Lee Jordan." Wasteland explained as everyone gasped "So since Carmen refused to do that after Lee commanding her so I have to figure to get rid of ACME all by myself."

"So you went to the confiscated room at the U.S. Military Base to get the top secret weapon." said Jade and she points her finger to the old woman "And I don't need to know who she is right,Countess d'Blau?"
"Of course,Wasteland,they're all just wasting time." said Countess d'Blau.

"Of course they are and here it comes another one." said Wasteland as another blast is coming...
"Now!" said Zack as he,Josha and Spencer uses the reducer beam but it didn't work.
"Oh bueno!" said Josha as he,Jade,Carmen,Chase,Lee,Ivy,Zack,Spencer and Cole screamed and everyone gets down carefully.

"Way a go little bro!" said Ivy
"Sorry sis!" said Zack

"At least you're going to be a baroness soon." Clay Tandoori said to Amy until Jade's cat,Sam jumps onto Clay "Get off of me you pesky feline."

"Good boy,Sam!" said Jade.
"Now it's my turn,Wasteland!" said Cole as he used the dark gray bracelet Suhara gave him and instantly Cole got on a dark gray battle suit.

everyone is surprised to see Cole in a battle suit and he's got a bo staff so he used to knock down the remote control from Baron Wasteland's hand,gives it to Jade to turn off the laser cannon and after Clay grabs Sam and throws him to the ground (thank goodness he land safely on his four paws)...Cole make Clay let go of Amy.

"No,no,no!!!!!!!!!" The Countess shouted as Jade arrested her.

After the police arrives and pick up Baron Wasteland,Clay Tandoori and Countess d'Blau....Amy decide to talk to Cole the truth...

"So you're not from Michigan?" Cole asked
"It's true Cole and beside my father isn't a clock maker." said Amy
"So that means you're..."
"Of course Cole,I'm Amelia,the Princess of Bavaria." Amy revealed herself to Cole.


The Princess of Bavaria returned home to see her father,the Duke of Bavaria,Carmen escape as always and Cole finally graduated from the Academy and Lee is surprised that he got Cole in his team...As for Jade,she and her cat,Sam went home as usual after the ACME Academy graduation ceremony that is.

(end of Act four)
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