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As said elsewhere in this forum, what I write combines a few fandoms together. Mainly four of them. What I call the "Iron and Steel-verse" is a series of what now I think is over 20 different written pieces at over 800 pages. It combines:

Inspector Gadget all versions
Carmen Sandiego all versions but Netflix sort of ( I truly didn't know it was returning when I started this writing, hence lack of reference. )
Mysterious Cities of Gold
The Littles

While Inspector Gadget maybe the mainly used fandom, Mysterious Cities of Gold and Carmen Sandiego come up quite a bit on the side. So much so, you guys are aware the second plot for the current story uses regularly one of it's characters.

I'd like feedback but understand this is not the best presentation.

I'm just showing pieces here:

Page 115

Page 184

( different story )
Page 7

( different story )
Page 12

Page 52

( different story )
Page 1

Page 2

( different story )

Now it was Finn's moment of being puzzled by the woman's words, which led him to asking her. "You have clothes you keep here?"

"I - I'm not the only person here who does this. Haven't Xuan and Công, your parents ever had to work long shifts?" She queried him, hoping he wouldn't press for further details of her work when times like those long shifts happened. Life saving when on mass was messy. Doing it even with all available staff present, called for coffee, sleep minus a proper room, and garments free of blood as needed. Eda didn't think the boy dressed similarly to his brother but in shaded hued to orange, would like to hear of why she had the clothes on hand.

Finn she felt grateful didn't ask her further about the need to have clothes on hand at work. His further questions to her. One she understood and answered him in a way she hoped would not confuse him. Where she kept the clothes. "Down the hall to the intersection, cross of hall 12 still of course Area 7. Go down the stairs to the door labeled L3, go down that first hall to office E2. I normally keep that place unlocked. You'll find my belongings in the closet."

The second she understood but didn't like. Re-questioning her about his task but asking about what undergarments to pack. It was not a true question. No, it was the sort of thing she should have seen coming talking to an adolescent boy. "Don't, just don't. I'll take care of those myself!" She snapped at him, this second time in recent minutes having to try and control her voice, this time lost unlike her talk with Miss. Cratz.

As she swiftly made her way into her formal office, Finn smiled and turned away to head off for his newly given job. When turning around to do it he got faced with a man that while well into adulthood. He knew probably would have asked the medical practitioner the same second question. Zack Lamberton, a long time employee of the organization in it's information research department. Plus a former detective for ACME, a different organization that had been melded into HAPPY back in 2001. Zack had been approaching Finn unknown to him from behind with a can of soda that he offered the younger man to take.

Cracking it's tin tab upwards to break the seal on the can's lid, Finn thanked his friend for the drink. Then as he started to swig the soda, Zack asked him. "What was that about? I didn't catch what she said to you but she sure didn't look very pleased at you as she left."

"I asked her about, eh, I should have known better and now I have a job to do." Finn answered, before taking another drink.

"Is it important?" Zack asked him back, knowing that whatever the teen had been asked to do, it sadly likely wasn't of some high importance. Finn and his brother Dirk getting low end jobs burned the former ACME official. If this job the kid had just been asked to do was important, he'd drop his meeting with Finn right there and then. If it was not. Then he could chat with him for why he'd sought him out.

Finn stared at his can of soda for a moment before answering Zack, solemnly. "Doctor Venture might be leaving for San Francisco to help with their medical relief effort. She wants me to pack a bag for her."

"You are preparing her belongings for a hypothetical trip." Zack stated, shaking his head to the motion of 'no'. Then afterwards having bit his lower lib for a moment. He slapped Finn on a shoulder, nearly making the boy drop his drink in surprise as the senior agent said. "How would you like some real work?"

"That has my attention." Finn replied, indenting his fingers into the metal of the soda can in expectation of being actually useful. The chance to maybe make a real impact on what took place in HAPPY.

Mystery and adventure, that summed up lightly what Finn knew Zack had once been involved with long ago. When he was just a toddler, Zack had been out in the field going up against international criminals. He had with the aid of his sister Ivy and many helpers from around the globe, foiled heists & evil plots. A large amount of crimes he learned early into knowing Zack, were done by a single woman whom he knew worked for a time for RAGE. She had been behind handing over to Radical Aggression to Genuine Elysium, the technology they tweaked into being the G-Portal. A transportation device that he imagined a real life Stargate portal would be like. The thing made him green to the gills to travel through but it intrigued him.

The man was in his 30's and had been a fully-fledged sleuth during his teen years. Finn felt grateful for the man's attention. He understood what had motivated Zack into taking him under his wing. That while the ACME Detective Agency in a sense was no more. It didn't stop one of it's former best officials from training what he viewed as the next generation for the same type of job. That even though Finn didn't have a policeman's badge under his belt. HAPPY still in part counted as a law enforcement institution.

"Finn, what do you know about MAD? And when I say MAD I mean the Malevolent Agency of Destruction." Zack questioned and stated to Finn as they made their way to the vast cubicle laden workspace, he sat in most of the day.

"I know that they've done some pretty awful things over the years. We at HAPPY have butted heads with them more times then anyone cares to count. Also Zack, I've encountered MAD Agents before. What are you looking into something they're doing?" Finn knew as he asked the last part of what he said, that had to be. He also knew the man was of course throwing him into whatever informational investigation it was he was entailed with.

Entering the cubicle garden as Finn had sometimes heard people call it, Zack asked him. "Have you ever heard of a man named Icarus Finch?"

"No," the boy answered rather simply. Although be it Finn knew Zack had the tendency to test his knowledge. All he could think of with that name at least the first part, was a name from Greek myth even though he doubted relation.

Not entirely surprised by the ignorance the younger HAPPY Agent had towards the MAD Agent, Zack explained the man to him. "While you and your brother were dealing with RAGE on that matter of their scheme with the presidential election. Plus the murders being committed to them, and you guys bringing the man doing the homicides to justice. Icarus Finch, one of MAD's Specialized Agents. This guy deals with birds in a nasty way. Don't think he's brutal to them. I mean nasty as in he can somehow connect with them like an evil Doctor Dolittle. The guy can make them do his bidding, like steal. Finn, while you guys had your business. Inspector Heyward's more regular partner caught him and one other if you don't count animals. These guys were ripping off people's money and belongings in Metro City. After getting caught and get this, hospitalized with lock & key added, MAD busted him out."

Almost at Zack's little corner of the world beneath the world, one of his co-workers poked Finn for attention before he could speak up. Zia wanted a word with the novice agent. Finn betted about what before she started to talk to him. "If he is roping you into something please, please only involve yourself in it. Don't place me in it somehow. I still haven't forgiven him for that last little quest of information gathering you two forced, swayed me into."

Finn won his bet. She was still upset at him and the former detective for the latest what at least to her felt like a shenanigan of making her use her talents when she felt she could be doing more meaningful tasks. If she was still truly upset at him, and he knew he was less familiar to her than Zack. Wondering on how upset she was, Finn had to query her. "Are you still ready to hang me as you said the last time I was here?"

"I'd never hang you, Finn. But your friend, he I'd more consider the action." Zia responded to him.

Clearing his throat to get Finn's attention and remind Zia she was not alone with his pal. Zack then asked, "the MAD agent?"

"Talks to birds and not in jail. I remember what you just said." Finn replied, defending his memory after the distraction he was now ridding himself of, moving to the nearest wall to him of Zack's cubicle, away from Zia.

The blonde motioned with his hands anticipation to the youth with black hair, he wanted him to speak more on the subject. Betting anew for Finn, and knowing Zack, this had to now be going into studying more what they had been talking about. Finn quickly asked, "you know his whereabouts or you want to know his whereabouts?"

Getting a grip on the back of his personal chair, Zack offered it to Finn saying. "Take center junior detective?"

After accepting the offer and then thanks to wheels on the bottom of the chair's legs, Finn moved to face the computer of the man's work station. Zack helping himself to one of the chairs belonging to the table just beyond his cubicle, then added. "It's not just where he is. I have some idea of that already. It's what he is likely doing."

"He works for MAD, so yeah it probably isn't good." Finn exclaimed, before motioning towards the computer and questioning. "What is it you want me to access?"

The chair from the table not having wheels built into it's legs. Zack lifted it forward before settling it down again now nearer to his desk, to then reply. "I'll pull it up for you."

With a mouse click, the former ACME official brought up what had been a minimized window on his computer's screen. Shown on the window was a news report speculating about a recently discovered health crisis in Virginia. Finn read over the report and looked with curious picking apart detail eyes, at the one photo shown in the report. Workers moving a body covered over on a stretcher into an ambulance. Due to what the news article had said in it, Finn surmised likely that covered body was a person who had just recently died from what he'd been reading about. What he couldn't figure out was what the exact connection this had to Icarus Finch.

"What makes you think this Finch guy is connected to this awful outbreak in Staunton? Fever, loss of control over motor functions, with insanity & death taking some. That doesn't sound like the Bird Flu. Something like this sickness could be pinned towards a guy like him if I guess he commanded the infected birds to strike there. But I see no evidence birds or him have any connection to this." Finn commented to Zack, pointing a finger at the computer screen as he did so.

Trying to focus on a sight less grim than what he'd put on the computer for the boy to see. Zack's eyes cast downwards looked at the carpeting beneath him as he answered back. "I should have had a second window up to show you. Finn of all things and I," he paused fighting off a smile as he shook his head before then continuing. "I when looking into this I caught some Twitter comments on it by the locals at the site. Strange birds invaded the place right before this started up. The town's folk, some of them believe the birds are at fault for what is going on. Contact with them."

"Does anyone think there is a connection with MAD on this?" Finn asked.

"Well I do and the government which leapt on this, fast. I don't know how this turned their noggins in the blink of an eye to notice it, but be grateful. They think MAD might be connected but aren't sure how that is exactly." Zack stated, glancing up from the floor to speak directly at Finn.

"Clarify please," Finn requested.

"When HAPPY took in those MAD Agents a while back after the explosion of Mount Everfrost, some of them fell prey to the same symptoms. But what was the cause behind them getting sick wasn't really looked into since MAD nabbed back most of those agents in custody," Zack elaborated.

"What do you know about that case? What happened with MAD's headquarters? Because just after my brother and I learned about our parents dragging us into their work," Finn stopped and blushed at what he was saying. Zack had in a sense been dragged into working for HAPPY but his case had been very different. His parents weren't at fault. Him being a HAPPY Agent came as default of the merger. The man feeling sore about that matter. Finn was never sure how the man felt about what had happened. It was that understanding of it might being opening an old wound that made him stop the verbal path he was on and say, "um sorry if?"

Thicker skinned if that was the case at all, Zack brushed off what Finn was worried about. "Sorry for what? What is it?" He asked, seemingly unclear as to what had made his friend falter in what he was trying to relay to him.

After breathing a sigh of relief, Finn continued and stated. "We read up on all the Inspector's cases. Inspector Heyward or Inspector Gadget as I prefer to want to call him. Zack, that mountain was toxic."

"Now you clarify," Zack requested.

Moving away from the computer, to back the chair he was sitting in against a wall of the cubicle they were in, Finn answered. "The place was on route to hell a.k.a. some kind of dimension filled with hate. When it was sinking into that pit so to speak. It's lower levels had an atmosphere that was dangerous and unbreathable. That I'd say could have made all those MAD Agents sick"

Instead of moving his seat again, intrigued Zack took to now standing in front of his computer, positioned like he was ready to start typing. Ready, but also still wanting to hear more from Finn, he commented before pulling up on screen a window that's command program was over personnel with mission assignments listed as a sub-option of viewing to any given name. "That is something I didn't know about. You think MAD made that toxic stew gas something more?"

"I think it's a possibility they've turned their birds into carriers for it. Weaponized it," Finn guessed as he felt a pit of his own form in his stomach about the thought.

"I wonder why the inspector and his engineering buddy weren't infected with this ailment?" Zack puzzled aloud as with his attention focused on his computer, while he read over a summary of the mission Finn had been talking about.

"Maybe they just didn't get as much exposure to it as the MAD Agents? Neither of them spent much time in there and remember what you said. Not all of their agents showed signs of the sickness." The younger HAPPY Agent replied, feeling sure about the first part of what he had said even if the he'd stated it in question.

Reviewing the information reported to file, Zack did a second read of it. The inspector had only spent less than even fives minutes in the lower depths of MAD the first time he had been exposed to the toxic haze. When he had returned with his partner, and another in a sense HAPPY Agent. That being a holographic android which understandably didn't have to breathe. When those three and single MAD Agent had been exposed, that second time, that lasted just over an hour. It didn't take much to figure more exposure time would have been needed for him or his partner to get sick after those times in the lower levels of MAD's headquarters.

"We need this Finch guy here for questioning." Zack said matter of fact about what HAPPY needed to do in general.

Finn smugly replied, "I think we have two good choices here for that. Both flight capable."

"Inspector Heyward with his helicopter or the guy he works with who caught Icarus Finch, his ... I can't explain the cape tech., but great two on the same team who could catch him!" Zack exclaimed mildly laughing with delight at the agents being well capable of snagging their needed quarry. Then after catching himself, prompted Finn into giving him a high five.

"Now we just have to get Inspector Gadget and Mr. Engenis on to the case of catching this MAD Agent. Can you contact Chief Quimby for me? He doesn't tend to take me too seriously when I try and talk with him. Not sure how he's going to take the request to call those two back from San Francisco given what is happening there." Finn told Zack, and in doing so grabbed the former ACME official by surprise of some kind with the look the teen quickly noticed on his face at the tail end of his statement.

"Is something wrong?" Being relatively new to HAPPY, at least as an employee, Finn worried about messing up. Being fired was not first on forefront in mind to him on if he messed up. Reputation, history, both combined. Separating his current status in life from having grown up around HAPPY's facilities. Not having a position outside child of two established agents. Being counted as an agent now. Proving his salt so far had not come easy from his history, or mixed school records the organization had on file over him.

"When I pulled up the inspector's file a short while ago. The man's place right now. He isn't in San Francisco, he's in Sweden and I don't think Quimby will mind getting him for this assignment when he's not doing a high priority duty for HAPPY. The guy is on a semi-vacation as I see it." Zack responded with an even look that still spoke to say he was wondering about what his apprentice detective had said to him.

"Oh," was all Finn could think to say in reply until Zack grunted, which the teen knew meant the man wanted to hear more. Finding the words he needed, the novice agent continued with, "or someone suspected of being the Inspector is in San Francisco. Yeah, I forgot about Doctor Venture saying that."

After standing up and pausing in thought for a few moments, Zack then spoke up. "I think we'd know fast if this suspect Inspector Gadget is a MAD Agent or even former one. Chalopin and him don't look anything alike. You know I think this makes for yet another pressing reason to get the man back here stateside. I'll contact Quimby for you."

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The Littles isn't used much. The only time the creatures appeared was in the backstory behind Doctor Hunter, who in this universe runs an agency which gets confused by characters in thinking R.A.G.E. ( what he runs, is the same as M.A.D. . That's a slight running gag only in name. Both work differently but neither is on the right side of the law.

Also the note what RAGE started in Grand Valley before changing locations.

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