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(Note: most of this post takes place OOC, referring to documents and files IRL, although the documents and files have lots to do with the TECS universe)

Hi all!

Have a bit of an unusual one for you. I've had this on the back burner for a bit, and it's mostly done except for what looks to be the longest part.
After a bit of sitting and thinking about the S.O.U.L Contract as posted on the TECS Wiki, I realized that the Contract as posted was making references to other documents without naming them. So, hitting the 'Net running, I found the documents and copied them into one file and modified them enough to work in... they ended up being Non-Disclosure Agreements (classified and unclassified), which was great. While working through them to replace various references and add some details to them, I got curious about the 'Title' and 'CFR' references, so looked them up... ended up with about a dozen files for each version of the NDA with each NDA only needing a few sections from each file. And, that's where things got tricky... I was going to pull only the required sections from each file and have them in a file alongside the NDAs, but a couple refer to the whole document.

So... I'm looking for a few good editors to go through the documents and help edit and reword stuff as needed to trim the documents as possible down to something manageable. Also, removal of references to Congress or DHS or whatever is fine (unless it would actually add to the legitimacy of the file). Try to keep formatting sensible, if not identical to the originals;
End goal: real-world reading/sounding files for use on here that can be referenced in group or solo RPs for added realism as needed/seen fit.

Files/documents (these are hosted on my Google Drive for now, files are editable... use Office or whatever):
paperwork folder
S.O.U.L Contract (compare the two for details on changes)
the NDAs as one file, can be split for ease of working with
.txt file listing the references , the documents (separated by which NDA they are used in)

Also, if we could maybe work on the ACME regulations manual, Special Operations rulebook, maybe an ACME rulebook if possible.

Any help or opinions anyone may have would be great!

(Also, I have a backup of the folder on my end, and the files in the folder auto-update on my end)
((Edit to add: And, I'm in no way trying to take anything away from @Gunnar Svensson or anyone from Auld Lang Syne... credit where credit is due))
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There's a few docs Pitya, Lucy, Eugene and I worked on that need to be added to the manual and a few docs that need to be created and added
Don't some of them need to be finished between the three of us too? *cough* :D

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