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Interactive fiction is a form of group-initiated writing. This means that a group of more than 1 person write parts of a story through the eyes of their own character. Although this is a team effort, you as an individual are responsible for your wording, your choices, and your character's development in the game.

Rule 1: Character Control
The most important rule to remember is that only you may control your character. You may not control a character that does not belong to you, nor may any other player control your character.
Non-Player Characters (or NPCs) may be controlled by anyone. Additionally, you may agree to let someone else write the actions of your character for you.
If you are co-writing with another narrator or were given permission to control another character, please put at the top of your post an OOC note "(Co-written with X and Y.)" or "(All characters mentioned in this post were written with permission.)", respectively.

Rule 1.1: No "Power Playing"
"Power playing" is when you write as though your character is so powerful nothing can touch him/her and all his/her attacks will hurt all opponents.
(wrong) Lee writes: Lee suddenly shoots fireballs out of his hands and hit Deric, immediately burning him up.
(right) Lee writes: Lee swings a fist at Deric, hoping to connect with his jaw. (Now Deric may respond.)

Rule 1.2: No "Meta-Gaming"
"Meta-gaming" is when you use knowledge that you know out of character and write it in as though your character knows it.
There is a hidden cache under a VILE safe house in Spain, but no one knows except Carmen. If you are not Carmen, you cannot write "I suspect there might be something hidden under VILE's Spain safe house..." You can't even hint it, it's illegal!

Rule 2: Rating
If you're starting a story or game, you must indicate its rating (G, PG, PG-13) on the first line of your first post. If you're joining a game, note the rating and stay within boundaries. However, overriding any rating is appropriateness. Your words and ideas may be read by anyone, the Internet is a free medium. Use good judgment in representing yourself.


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The TECS universe is considered a realistic setting. Magic and magical characters are discouraged, however we do take into account Alternate Realism. This is intentionally vague use of 'magic' that may be explained by science, coincidence or insanity.


With that in mind, there are a range of magic-inspired entertainment categories that are suitable:

Magicians (Entertainment)
These are the tricksters, illusionists, and slight-of-hand masters that you would find in places like Las Vegas. Done traditionally (not a front for "real magic")

Fortune Tellers / Psychics (entertainment):
These characters very well might be clairvoyant but the validity of such claims will always face scrutiny (so don't get offended when nobody believes you).
  • Do not force your visions upon others. If someone picks up on a thing you post, awesome. Just don't expect it.
  • Do not meta fish. People like to talk about their characters OOC, but this is not fodder for your abilities.

* When using your talents with/on another character make sure that you get permission from that character's writer. *

Superhumans & Non-Humans (discouraged):
On this site, superhumans are defined as characters who are more than human in the sense that they have magical abilities, super-powers, telekenesis, etc.

In an attempt to preserve creativity, the site staff have decided that, in extremely rare and limited circumstances, superhuman characters can be allowed.

Characters with such abilities must undergo an auditioning process similar to that of applying for Cannon characters and must be approved by the administration.

To apply for a non-human or magical character:

The following information must be placed in your character profile. Your character will also have to be reviewed by an administrator before being allowed to play.

(1) Provide a solid backstory
There must be a well determined and established reason for your character to be able to do what they can do. Your character cannot use magic whenever they feel like it. The reasons for this are just as important as the reasons why your character can do what they do.

(2) Provide an example of why your character would choose a conventional means of doing something over using magic.

(3) Provide an example of why your character would chose to use magic over a conventional means of doing something.

The application process is designed to evaluate your character and help determine their functionality on the site.

Please be willing to receive advice and be make changes based on the administration's responses. As commitment to the community, collective members (through democratic election) reserve the right to impose limitations and revoke the use of your abilities.


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  • If you're writing fan-fiction, you're free to use any canon character from TECS and from the general Carmen Sandiego settings.
  • The use of any original character must have permission from their respective narrators.
  • Please post them in the Studio or the Story Library.
  • Always place a disclaimer that your story is Fan Fiction.

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