Rouge and the Wolf (crossover)

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Rouge and the Wolf is a crossover fiction with Carmen Sandiego (the netflix version) and Lupin III.

The story will take place 3 years after the Carmen series ended. With VILE defeated and captured by ACME, there are still cells and organizations of thieves who still aim to steal priceless artifacts of the past. Carmen realized that she can't take these challenges with herself and ACME, that is until a new friend joins the fold. In this epic yet educational story Carmen will stand with gentleman thief Arsene Lupin III and his ragtag team. Together the newly formed duo will take on any essence of greed and protect artifacts from the past.

Note that this series is still in the works. I created this thread for questions or suggestions to any kind of capers you would like to see Carmen and Lupin in. I'm also open to OCs you would like to see in the stories, be it ACME agents or former VILE renegades.

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