Revenge of Sven Galli

Tenchi Masaki

ACME Ace Detective, Inventor
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Granny: “Hey! Hey! Hey! Look this way! Prince Sven and the Sheriff they were running a fair! Invented bean taxes since they needed change to spare! The Thieves of VILE took over the land they were takin’ all the beans just to prove they can! I said hey! I said hey! I said na-na-na-na-na-na now lets go go go! The people didnt like it, taco sales were low, they had no place to buy from, not even Mexico! I said hey! I said hey! I said na-na-na-na-na-na now lets go go go! The people needed Tenchi to beat this foe and then make Prince Sven go go go! I said hey! I said hey! I said na-na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na-na now lets go go go!”

VILE Headquarters...

Sven Galli is reviewing Daily APB footage acquired by VILE Henchmen. He expects to see himself and to see ACME speak highly of his criminal doings. Unfortunately things are not as he wants them to be...

Sven scrolling through the messages was feeling more confident as he read the APB announcements of his fellow henchmen saying to himself, “I cant wait till that overrated gumshoe Tenchi get to the wonderfulness that is me!” But when he finally got to his information all he read was Tenchi saying, “... Mostly because he sucks...” Everything else Tenchi had to say was basically forgotten unread as anger grew in Sven. He yelled in his classic French accent, “...WHAT!!! That cheeky upstart will pay for this! Henchmen assemble tout sweet! Our diabolical plan will show him who “sucks”!... Its him not me!” What was plainly obvious was stated anyway by Sven who was feeling quite insecure at this point. That didn't stop him from hatching a diabolical plan to get back at Tenchi. But he felt he might have gotten in over his head as events progressed. Being out of the loop he completely missed the Siberian Adventure everyone was talking about throughout the hallways of VILE HQ. He figured it couldnt have even that big of a deal only knowing the original basics before things escalated.

But as he overheard conversations he learned more and more about how things changed big time. Though that didnt stop him from proceeding with his rushed plan to make Tenchi respect him it did make him feel even more inadequate. He felt the need to watch Patty’s encouragement video “Cheer up Mr. Thief!” As who could feel bad after watching Patty. While hearing how Led had moved into Double’s spot on potential boyfriends, Sven felt it really should be him getting that spot. He felt he was with Carmen from the beginning and those airships were so overrated. Nothing beat what Sven could do; fortune telling! Tenchi was no match for his divination abilities and he simply would tell Carmen what was going to happen before he even got started.

He proudly strode into her audience chamber with his henchmen in tow, and was granted permission to see how things would turn out against Tenchi. Sadly all the beans told him were not good but forcing himself to ignore it he decided to say the bad news in a good way so that whatever it was it wouldn’t seem so bad. He started by smiling wide while laughing and saying, “Hahaha! We will run into Tenchi Masaki! He will beat the crap out me and my men! Hahaha! He hates Double and he loves Patty! Hahahahaha! He wants to see you thrown in jail! We’re in an awful lot of trouble! Hahaha!” Carmen didn't find any of this funny and felt Sven must be really intimidated to pretend everything was under control. So she let him go ahead with his plan and wished him luck against Tenchi though she didn’t feel it would end too well for him. Carmen told Sven Patty, Paige, and herself would be out shopping so try to stay out of trouble as everyone knew he started mixing up words when he got too upset.

Meanwhile at ACME Detective Agency the gang were busy ensuring the villains of the world were being brought to justice and that the donut supply chain was uninterrupted. Tenchi was relaxing in the common room with his friends Zack, Kylie, Rock, and Doug when suddenly Delores came onscreen and in a panicked voice said, “Heads up guys! Mexico has said all their retried beans have been stolen! The world is reporting massive shortages as a result! Taco Tuesdays are in jeopardy unless we get them back! Its highly suspected that VILE thief Sven Galli is behind this string of robberies. Go get em gang!” Tenchi trying to process what he felt was a very weird theft said, “So basically were getting the beans back from Sven Galli’s team alright then lets go stop them.” Zack chimed in saying, “Yeah he’s gonna spill the beans big time nyuk nyuk!” After everyone gave Zack a look saying “Was that really necessary?” They all readied to go stop Sven Galli.

They were happy to see that Sven wasn't exactly trying to escape. He wanted Tenchi to catch up to him so he could make him pay for what he had said. He and his goons arranged a table and stacked a pile of bean cans on top of it in order to bait the detectives in with a sign reading, “We have the beans detectives! No one can stop us now Hahaha!... Especially you Tenchi!” Zack eyed Tenchi while saying, “Hmm it seems Mr. Galli has got it in for ya Tenchi. Don't let the beans down.” Tenchi of course had no intention of letting the beans go bad and planned on filling Mexico’s empty shelves with refried gold. Rock was more grounded about the situation and said, “Once we find Galli we’ll bring him to justice and make him pay for complicating my taco plans for next week.”

Suddenly the group heard a screaming young boy come running towards them. Apparently being quite fond of beans canned or not he had taken a can while Sven and his men were arranging their bean pile. They had been pursuing him and he had managed to hide but upon being discovered had come running back and towards the detectives. As he came screaming up to them he stopped and let out a loud, “AHHH!!!” Doug said, “Hey kid calm down were the good guys.” The boy was relieved to see cops and told them that bad people were chasing him. They didn't have to wait long to see Sven and his men galloping toward them on their horses. Rock asked aloud, “Why are they riding horses?” As Zack said you could ask them when they stopped.

Sven and his men came to a halt in front of a very confident Tenchi and his friends and said, “Us that boy give!” Tenchi and the gang looked at each other confused as Sven realizing he had mixed up his words sighed and said, “Give us that boy.” Tenchi asked, “And what has the boy done?” Sven answered, “He was caught stealing. He had bean near my beens... Been near my beans.” Tenchi returned, “And this is a crime?” Sven shot back, “Who are you to question moi!? What have you done to have such an honor?” Tenchi simply stated, “I was fighting with Carmen against Zalmoxis. Unfortunately my father couldn't get me into the Crook Patrol.” All the detectives and the henchmen got the joke and were laughing at Sven. Though the henchmen tried to hide it Sven was infuriated nonetheless.

Sure he realized he had missed a huge battle against an ancient evil he felt it shouldn’t matter given his history with Carmen. But it did as everyone saw the battle as a war and those who were on the front lines ACME or VILE were soldiers while those who were not were like the national guard or as Tenchi put it on VILE’s side, “Crook Patrol”. Nevertheless Sven informed Tenchi that a plan had been put into motion that not even he could stop. And he was taking command in Carmen’s absence as well though people didn’t recall Carmen giving him the authority to do that they figured it wouldn’t hurt Carmen would be gone for a few hours tops. Sven had decided to name Double the “Sheriff of Robbingham” mostly because he kept insisting in shameful ways. He figured he was the best choice to uphold Carmen’s will in her absence.

Patty couldn’t believe he was still so delusional but she had to focus on girl time with Carmen. Double was now free to enforce Sven’s “Bean tax” on the masses. Since Sven realized people had bought retried beans already they would have to turn them over by his command. This would show Tenchi how powerful he truly was. But large groups of people chose to defiantly eat their beans in protest instead and so it was up to the Sheriff of Robbingham to make sure they paid their bean dues. These actions wouldn’t go unchallenged by ACME who were determined to get the beans back but first they had to find out where Sven stashed them.

Sven was in no mood to hide however and had sent word far and wide that a banquet would be held in the Main Hall. He felt bad for missing the fight against Zalmoxis and felt he had to resort to mass bean theft to make up for it. Only to hear how Tenchi had been placed on “The Dependable Guys List” at Chez Acidophilus from various henchmen small talking. Patty and Paige were returning to HQ while Carmen was still attending to a loose end before coming back. They entered VILE HQ to see it had been turned into a Renaissance fair theme for the party. They rolled their eyes as it was clear Sven was feeling very insecure about not having been there. They dressed in royal dresses and came down to take their seats at the main table with Sven and Double.

Double was more than happy to be sitting next to Patty who wasn’t really noticing he was there. She was more concerned about how the children were taking the refried bean shortage. She had held a class on making “Baby Tacos” to try and cover for the lack of beans and while the kids enjoyed the class Patty knew not even that could make the beans last for long. Patty needed a hero one who would rob from the thieves and give to the poor. But where could she find such a man? Paige suggested Jack Archer saying, “He fights for his fellow man doing all that he can to put right what is wrong! At least thats what the song about him says anyway.” They decided a hero would appear when the time was right and would secretly support his cause; especially if he was cute.

Double however was determined to get Patty to be his forever and started off by saying aloud, “We have refried beans gathered from around the world my dear. Hola Beans, Goya Beans, and Going Steady Beans. Would you for going steady?” Patty. Surprised by Doubles thoughtfulness replied, “Why yes please.” Double responded, “I want to go steady too hahaha!” The joke was terrible, cringeworthy even but Double felt extra full of himself sitting at the head table. Like a schoolboy who got to sit next to his crush he wanted everyone to know about it. That way hopefully people would say, ”They are so right for each other.” Instead it was just sad to see things play out this way. While Paige did consider throwing Double out the window all was not lost as suddenly there was a knock at the double doors leading into the Main Hall.

The henchmen on guard duty went over to see who it was only for the door to swing open knocking them each into the walls opposite the door. As Tenchi strode into the room the guards slumped to the floor knocked out cold. He was also wearing clothes fitting the situation which he purchased at the stall near Copwood Forest area. Sven was immediately on guard but tried to hide it as Double eyed his former rival. Tenchi was carrying a bag of flour over his shoulder and when he approached the head table he slammed the flour bag onto it. Sven saw it was tortilla flour and knew where this was going as he said, “Showoff. You are so very entertaining! So you’re Tenchi Masaki.” Tenchi bowed respectfully to the would be King of Crime And then overlooking Double gazed at Patty and said, “It is an honor to see you again Patty. Rumors of your beauty have traveled far and wide. Yet I see they hardly do you justice.” Tenchi took the lady’s hand and kissed it while Patty began blushing and giggling. Paige commented, “Tenchi you are such a smoothie, teehee!”

This drove Sven and Double up the wall naturally and not being able to contain themselves any longer Sven shouted, “Queen illegal the by tacos command wild it refried make to you know don’t is!?” Tenchi and Patty staring at Sven bewildered said in unison, “What?” Sven correcting himself yelled, “I mean don’t you know it is illegal to make refried tacos by the Queen’s command!?” Tenchi wittingly replied, “Is it not also illegal to sit on the Queen’s throne and usurp her power in her absence?” Double countered, “Careful Masaki you go too far.” Tenchi said, “This is only the beginning. I have come to warn you if you do not stop ordering the people to pay these evil taxes; I shall lead the people in a revolt against you.” Sven eyeing Tenchi demanded to know, “And why would the people listen to you?” Because unlike some other “Dependable Guys” on the list: I know Carmen’s secret taco recipe.

A collective gasp echoed throughout the hall as Sven was knocked back further into his chair by the force of this revelation. Double undeterred got up and said, “Don't worry your majesty! I will take care of this overhyped gumshoe!” Double walked around the table and up to Tenchi and taking off his glove, slapped Tenchi in the face saying, “I challenge you Masaki to a duel!” Tenchi not wearing gloves looked down for one and instead saw a steel gauntlet. Not wanting to look bad in front of Patty Tenchi shrugged picked up the gauntlet and smacked Double across the face with it. As Double wailed in pain Tenchi accepted his challenge as Patty and Paige covered their mouths to hide their satisfaction.

Tenchi Masaki

ACME Ace Detective, Inventor
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Tenko(don't ask), Kami Jack, Guy Smart, Tenten
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Double not wanting to look defeated already quickly rose and said, “Finally Masaki the fight we’ve all been waiting for is here just you and me and my... guards!” Double had suddenly called for the guards to attack realizing that possibly losing in front of Patty was too much to bear. Tenchi deftly evaded them however and made them look quite the fools. But suddenly they combined forces and became almost like a armor clad wall. They slowly walked toward Tenchi preparing to execute their strongest attack. But just then Tenchi’s friends came bursting in through the door. A huge fight broke out with Sven and Double watching from under the table as their hench-guards were defeated one by one.

Tenchi blew a kiss to Patty and bowed as he and his friends exited the Main Hall and back to the outside of the Renaissance Fair. Before Patty could receive the kiss Paige opened her book and caught it saying, “You should save these for when it really counts.” Patty sighed as she was denied but figured a “blown kiss” collection had to be rare at least. Prince Sven and the Sheriff of Robbingham regrouped while Tenchi and his friends gathered in the Copwood Forest which was made of of wooden tree cutouts. Though not very convincing as trees it Did allow them to evade detection. Tenchi gave a speech rallying the people to his cause of ending the dreaded bean taxation of Prince Sven. And soon they found themselves in the company of the fair maidens Patty and Paige.

They said they were seeking to restore the days when VILE stole more than just refried beans saying, “We cannot stand for these bean transgressions any longer. Prince Sven must be stopped but the Sheriff of Robbingham is consolidating his power in his so called attempt to “Enforce Carmen’s will” will you help us good sir?.” Tenchi taking Patty’s hands in his he said, “Worry not my lady my merry band will end to e Prince Sven and Robbingham. With all of us together we can win the day!” Patty and Paige were relieved to have found such an honorable hero to help put an end to Prince Sven’s tyranny.

Then Tenchi and his merry friends sang aloud, “He’s Sven! He’s really bad! He forces evil bean taxes and that isn’t rad! But were the men who will stop him we rob from the thieves to give to the poor alright! We may look like merry men, but mix us up or else we’ll read you your rights! We’re the men! Who will stop Sven! We’ll fight through his guards and then we’ll read him his rights! Were your in a fix just call on the cops in tights! We rock!” After the song Rock commented, “Doug stealing beans is more work than I thought. Plus we gotta stash ‘em in secret places too! Sigh lets face it you gotta be a cop to steal from a thief.” While Doug didnt know how to respond to this revelation he nodded in agreement nonetheless.

Things were going well for Tenchi and Patty too as they had ended up alone together Tenchi decided to have Djinn play a song since singing outdoors didn't transmit sound too well. Tenchi sang, “The night is new and your so beautiful! Here among the fake trees beautiful lady! What should we do? Our goal is set and birds all sing of it! And to get into the thrill of it lady! Open your heart! When the lady is huggable! And the evening allows! Any wish is grantable! In the heart of us two! The moon is high! And your so glamorous! And if I seem over-amorous lady! What can I do!? The night is new and I want to read your rights to you!” Patty placing her hands on her hips said, “I would have preferred you say “I’m in love with you!” Mister!” Tenchi said, “Oh well your a thief and all so it seemed more appropriate but as you wish.” Tenchi signaling for a retake then sang, “And I’m in love with you!” Patty said, “Better.”

All of Tenchi friends and people who had rallied to his cause, or just wanted to try on the renaissance clothes all readied to go and stop Sven. Prince Sven would not be taken easily however and had issued an archery contest be held to determine the fate of the beans. Tenchi faced off against Robbinghams best archer(Laverna?) to see who could hit the bullseye in (three shots?) She was dressed in a red cloak and did not remove her hood though she did stare and wave at Tenchi quite often. Regardless the contest was on and all challengers fired their arrows when they heard the command “Fire!”. Everyone missed the bullseye except Tenchi and the girl in red

All of Tenchi friends and people who had rallied to his cause, or just wanted to try on the renaissance clothes all readied to go and stop Sven. Prince Sven would not be taken easily however and had issued an archery contest be held to determine the fate of the beans. Tenchi faced off against Robbinghams best archer(Laverna?) to see who could hit the bullseye in (three shots?) She was dressed in a red cloak and did not remove her hood though she did stare and wave at Tenchi quite often. Regardless the contest was on and all challengers fired their arrows when they heard the judge say the command “Fire!”. Everyone missed the bullseye except Tenchi and the girl in red and walked away in shame. Double couldn’t believe it now Tenchi was being cheered by the crowd as he hit the direct center of their bullseyes. At this point they could request various bean gifts and prizes.

Prince Sven’s hopes were dashed however when the girl said aloud this was for Queen Carmen’s sake not Sven’s and he was going to be in trouble when she got back from shopping. Sven was infuriated at this for how could he be in trouble when he was given authority by her in the first place? The Sheriff of Robbingham Knew a date with Patty was the likely prize for Tenchi and so refusing to allow this he yelled, Guards seize him! Patty screamed, “Stop! If you leave Tenchi be i will do the yuckiest thing I can think of. I will go out with you.” Tenchi exclaimed, “Dont do it Patty I’m not worth it!” Robbingham laughed and then said, “You’ll be mine Patty! We’ll go out every day... and sometimes right after breakfast!” Patty was going to agree to the Sheriff’s terms jaunt as Rock took aim, with a smoke arrow and fired it covering the area around Tenchi in a cloud of white smoke.

When it cleared Tenchi was gone and Patty finished her sentence saying, “I will not!” Double tired of being denied ran over and grabbed Patty and threw her over his shoulder saying, “You’ll be my girl whether you want to or not! Hahaha! To the tower men!” The Sheriff of Robbingham proceeded to steal the most valuable treasure there; Patty Larceny! He and his Henchmen ran into a tower and up to the top chamber where Patty would be forced to have a lunch date with him. Prince Sven ordered all his Henchguards to block the entrance to the castle and hope for the Sheriff’s victory against the do-gooders. The Sheriff of Robbingham locked Patty in a room where she would be held until it was date time. She told him no matter what he did she would never be his as he then told her she would thank him for being his date later.

Tenchi and Zack hopped on a catapult and realizing there were probably safer ways to get into the tower shrugged and pulled the lever launching themselves into a haystack on the other side of the wall. They got out and ran into the tower only to be confronted by the Rapping Grandma. She canceled as she said, “And now you two gumshoes its time to get black and blue! There’s nothing that you can do so accept that you can’t get through! I’m nana! Na-na-nana-nana!” Zack said, “I haven’t seen you since the gameshow granny! Go on Tenchi I’ll handle her!” Tenchi rushed forward as Zack easily apprehended the Rapping Grandma and arranged for tapioca pudding and sweater knitting. ACME always did have a way with little old ladies.

But that left Tenchi to deal with the Sheriff of Robbingham as he raced up the stairs towards Patty. Patty was busy running around the room from Robbingham as he tried to catch her and make her wear a matching “I’m with him/her” t-shirt. He said, “Once i put this on you everyone will know your my girlfriend! Hahaha!” Patty was cornered and backed away slowly as Robbingham approached t-shirt outstretched in order to put it on Patty. Just then the door burst open and Tenchi appeared. Tenchi said, “Prepare for the fight scene you crook!” Robbingham and Patty asked to which are you referring? Tenchi sighed and said, “Robbingham.” Patty replied, “Ah.” Robbingham had nowhere to run and i was now or never. He drew his sword and charged at Tenchi beginning their duel. Patty watched intently hoping Tenchi would defeat the Sheriff once and for all.

The Sheriff proved to be a skilled opponent but against Tenchi he was no match and was soundly defeated. He leapt out of a window thinking the haystack he arranged in case of an escape was still there but apparently Zack had moved it causing Robbingham to hit the ground. The day was saved as Prince Sven and Robbingham were out of time. Carmen had finally returned and she was not happy with what she saw. She walked up to Sven and said, “Because of your mass bean theft we couldn’t order the tacos we wanted when we were out shopping. I hope your childish antics made you feel better. And as for you “Sheriff” I expect you to steal objects not your fellow henchmen and make them your girlfriends. As such it falls to me to issue punishment and right the wrongs brought to the land by you two idiots. “Prince” Sven, you are to return all stolen refried beans immediately to Mexico and issue a “Bean Tax Refund” to all people unfairly taxed out of their beans.”

Sven screamed, “Noo! I need the refried beans to see the future!” Carmen happily responded, “Thats okay Sven you’ll be working at Vic’s Mexican restaurant “Fuzzy Guacamole” and should see enough refried beans during your time there.” Sven was dragged away kicking and screaming in shame as Carmen spoke once more, “You are hereby stripped of the title “Sheriff of Robbingham” and are demoted to VILE Henchmen ”Lackey” level until further notice. Am I clear?” Double nodded in agreement and slinked away escorted by VILE henchmen. Patty who had been noticeably eyeing her hero as he kept blushing looking away at anything he could pretending not to notice. Suddenly he found Patty wrapping her scarf around his neck and pulling him closer. Paige giggling said, “Uh oh you’ve been claimed Tenchi!” And as I have observed Patty’s ways for awhile now I have to tell you she’s “Marking her territory“ you should be proud.”

Tenchi was of course trying to calm the situation only for it to keep getting; friendlier as time passed. And now Carmen had returned but was busy reigning in the crooks. Tenchi thought he could silently escape the situation which he feared would center on him properly. Sure he saved the day but that didn’t mean he needed to revel in it. But just as Tenchi thought things couldn't get worse, Dazzle and Merey showed up. They wanted to know why Sven did what he did and complain that refried bean yogurt ran out at Chez Acidophilus because of his bean tax.

As they were talking about what had happened Patty joined in telling them it was Tenchi and his merry band that stopped Sven. Tenchi was sneaking toward the door when the girls realized they could just ask him about it. Carmen said, “Ahem, “Mister Hero” get back over here and explain what you did to Sven.” Tenchi explained he only said anything about Sven based on what was in his file, which wasn’t much. He figured Sven couldn’t be that important since his “Bean Readings” were his main claim to fame. Carmen decided it was time to talk about the past with Tenchi and Patty... with slides. Tenchi and Patty’s grew huge with fear as they started eyeing possible escape routes, but Dazzle and Merey locked the doors tight. They were situated in a room within a room and all ACME and VILE took seats knowing they had hours to burn while Sven was read his rights and the usual police procedure followed.

To Be Continued in the Epilogue...

Tenchi Masaki

ACME Ace Detective, Inventor
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Tenko(don't ask), Kami Jack, Guy Smart, Tenten
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Carmen said, “Now you two will learn by looking at these photos so pay attention.”

Tenchi replied, “Ugh! How about we just arrest all of you and call it a day?” Carmen responded saying, “Nice try but I own the place so as I was saying...” Patty yelled, “Noo! There has to be a better way! This is boring!” Carmen, Dazzle, and Merey were too busy preparing the nostalgia trip to notice what Tenchi and Patty were complaining about and so it began...

Tenchi shocked said, “Wow Sven you tried to steal Carmen’s purse!? You are you a bigger idiot than I thought.” Patty burst out laughing as Sven exclaimed, “Silence you worthless gumshoe! I didn't know who she was! But once i found out I joined VILE and the rest is history.” Dazzle said, “Yeah Tenchi Sven was the second guy on the ”Dependable Guys List” and it was all downhill for him from there.” The joke was not lost between the two friends and as Tenchi and Patty saw more photos they realized how close the original VILE members were. The first guy was Vic the Slick surprising no one. Tenchi said, “He’s always there when Carmen needs help. Except in Kokoboi that is.

Vic hearing that whisper said, “Can it copper! Its bad enough I gotta get my prints run while this memory lane trip is goin’ on and I assure you the other guys on the list and myself are not impressed with the “Newest addition” if ya get my drift.” Tenchi shot back, “Well if you prefer Wonder Rat-” Vic interrupted saying, “Blech! Don’t make me gag! Next photo please and hey watch the tweeds! If ya get ink on ‘em my lawyers gonna get ya badge!” Vic’s complaining aside it did make a more unique scene with various VILE henchmen being fingerprinted and interviewed to see if they were involved in Sven’s plot.

Patty exclaimed, “When Gypsy reads palms and Carmen eats tacos all is right in the world.” Tenchi jokingly said, “So Sven is a third wheel after all Gypsy‘s got him beat.” Merey said, “Definitely! All Gypsy needs is your hands not refried beans.” Sven countered them both saying, “The fortune tellers the better. Anyone can read palms but only the truly gifted can read beans.” While Tenchi wondered if Gypsy had any rare rock n roll posters in her possession the show went on.

Carmen reminiscing said, “Ah now BBD O‘ Brian could teach all of you a thing or two about advertising and selling stolen books about stealing!”All Tenchi wanted to know was if she had any leads on where Sinbad’s cave might be. Carmen told him the swashbuckling would have to wait and to pay attention to the slides not Patty.

Patty giggling said, “Tenchi i think you met your match.” Tenchi not amused nut curious said, “Wait is he a sheriff?” Carmen replied, “No he’s a drugstore cowboy” Tenchi felt this guy was weird as they came even if he did like Godzilla movies.

Tenchi said, “Okay now we scrape the bottom of the barrel. Let’s see: Sore loser? Check. Only a fifth grade reading level? Check. Refuses to put a streak in his moussed hair? Check.” Patty agreed as she felt hardly anyone would know Beethoven’s 5th backwards and think he was just making noise. Carmen told them not to judge a book by its cover and they both replied “But he can barely read whats inside the cover.” Carmen replied, “MOVING ON.”

Carmen having a sudden moment told the two, “Oh Mr. Titus Canby I remember planning the Statue of Liberty Heist quite well.” Tenchi eyes shot open as he said, “You mean the case where Zack and Ivy had to scale the statue to stop you!?” Carmen said, “If by “stop” you mean “failed to stop” then yes.” Tenchi decided that learning about Titus wasnt all that bad as did the other detectives present outside.

Patty wondered aloud, “I’m guessing Gypsy doesn’t like Mylar very much.” Carmen told her, “Only when he says you have more fun dear.” Patty said back, “Hey! Just because I do have more fun than most doesn’t mean she has to hate Mylar for pointing that out.” Vic annoyed said, “Oh yeah sweet cakes, all you did in the last THREE HOURS was get to be a pretty princess, a demoiselle in distress, participate in multiple song and dance numbers, and pretty much have all eyes on you. Did I leave anything out?” Patty thinking said, “Well yes I got to go shopping with the girls prior to all of that.” Vic yelled, “Of all the times to be innocent of a crime! I wouldn’t mind bein’ thrown in the slammer now!” Tenchi said, “Don’t call her “Sweet cakes” you lounge lizard! And be glad your not going to jail this time.”

Vic finally done with “The Usual” police procedures as he called them sat down and felt the need to inform the two to not expect to see any photos with him in them. He met Carmen before the thought to photograph occurred. Merey said, “Oh yeah cause Carmen was like what is this sleazebag trying to pawn off on me?” Dazzle gleefully said, “Hey! Its the only Double Trouble that matters!” Everyone saw and applauded the original Double Trouble; Twins Brenda and Colina Vanderbelt. Football and fast cars are the name of the game whenever they’re around And seeing them brought smiles to the VILEs present.

Dazzle smiled as she said, “This was so long ago I’m glad we made this scrapbook Buffy! We got to add to it as we pulled one heist after another!” Tenchi seeing the various sports interests realized and appreciated how VILE wasn’t stealing for the money. They could even orchestrate sports gambling if they wanted but they each genuinely chose not too. Well maybe Vic and Lars needed some convincing.

Patty upon seeing this picture said, “Oh! I loved my trip to that area it’s so pretty!” Led coming into the room said, “I’d be happy to take you on my airship this year.” Tenchi eye rolled and replied, “Oh please she goes through “Sky Sails” which operates... my airship designs last I checked.” Led said, “Oh well then i guess I can offer them some of... my designs to use as well.” Patty said, “Down boys we have slides to watch. Oh! And I want a tour of the Prima Vista Tenchi please!” Tenchi was quite happy to hear that Patty wanted to see his reason for going into designing airships and happily agreed. Though both of them were put off by her suggestion that they host a joint sky golf tournament.

Tenchi asked do Gypsy and Polly work together on fortune telling? Carmen said, “Only sometimes like here when they fortold the All Stars winning against the Drag Nets.” Vic chimed, Oysters R’ Us is overrated I tell ya! Not like my joint “Sushi Slop” fine dining guaranteed. As everyone thought to themselves, “Yeah, and a trip to the Emergency Room.” The slides kept coming.

Carmen said, “Heidi always keeps my car running. Just don’t expect much when hockey is on.” Patty asked, “Umm is that why the Chicken Mysterioso recipe is so... simplified? I guess you can’t cook and watch hockey at the same time.”

Tenchi remarked, “So basically she played poker and got a beauty treatment while on a job for you and likes to dress up like a pencil too.” Carmen said, “That is what made her decide to leave the world of Word Processing she can dress like a pencil and not be judged. That makes her a great distraction when you need one.”

Tenchi said, “Wow! Wendy knows the guitarist from Reeking Sewage!? I love that band! I wonder if she got their autographs?”Merey said, “Of course she did! They even signed her football helmet she got from the Dolphins!” Dazzle added, “Yeah but don’t take her to Vegas expecting to win big tee-hee.”

Carmen, Dazzle, and Merey all grinned and giggled as Tenchi saw a most awkward slide. Tenchi then realized why Carmen and him got along so well on their mission. Tenchi was hoping nothing would be said so of course everything was. Merey said, “Soo Tenchi what do you think of Alex?” Tenchi recovering replied, “I think he should use his talents for good.” The girls threw paper balls at Tenchi for that evasive answer and were glad Tenchi was there when it counted. Carmen however was upset that her guy was MIA and had been doing nothing but leaving excuses ever since.

The final picture made everyone hungry by default. They had been reminiscing the whole time. Even the background cops had started listening in from outside once their taking prints was done. Carmen said, “I hope this history lesson has given you two a better understanding of things.” Tenchi and Patty nodded as they Understood this abrupt flashback party was at an end. They both knew that the founding members were more than thieves they were true friends. No matter how dirty the crook, Carmen could always find the good qualities in them and recruited them to VILE.
That meant that the ACME Detectives and VILE thieves would once again go their separate ways. Until next crime that is.

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