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(I decided to classify this as Fan Fiction (even though everything we do here is fan fiction). As you may know, if you look at Julie Justice's Profile Information on here, it says that Julie is from the ACME offices in New York and San Francisco. As a few of you may know, when I talk about talk about Julie's ACME office in New York, I am referring to the various "Carmen Sandiego" fan pages on Facebook; which is a concurrent alternate universe, where Julie Justice and the other Detective characters mentioned were created. I have permission from my friends to post this story which mentions their characters.

This story is based on the episode of "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" called "The Blarney Burglary" where Carmen sends Vic to steal the Blarney Stone. I spent about a week transcribing the episode word-for word; the only changes are the title of the story; and the inclusion of my Detective friends. This story was written a year ago; before Julie arrived back at ACME Headquarters in San Francisco; but due to some problems I had with my account when I first got here (which Chase and Ivy promptly helped me resolve) I decided not to post it then. I hope you like it.)

Mon. March 17, 2014

Agent Julie Justice is sleeping in her wrought-iron campaign-style daybed in her office at ACME Headquarters in New York. Her small alarm clock on her bedside table goes off at 5:00 a.m. Det. Justice doesn't usually get up this early, but she wants to go to the 7:00 a.m. Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral. She quickly gets up and uses the bathroom. When she returns, she goes over to her Kueing K-130 Brewing System, and makes some Eight O'Clock Medium Roast Original Coffee, with some Liquid Coffee Mate Irish Creme.

After she has her coffee, she returns to the bathroom, and takes a shower. She puts on her women's tee dress in Bali green, white velour ballerina slippers, and a small silver Celtic cross with an emerald pendant on an adjustable black suede cord, green silk rose ring with silver filigree, and her white wide brim hat. She puts on her five time-zone world map dial ACME ladies wristwatch. She picks up her cross-body leather purse, and checks her wallet; which always has her ACME ID, a little money, a small pad and pen, her ACME phone credit cards and her business cards.

Agent Justice leaves her office and goes to the Cafeteria; because of the early hour, very few people are there. One of the Cooks sees her, and says,"Good morning, Agent Justice. Here is the boxty (small Irish style potato pancakes, sometimes served in a small paper box) that you requested." Agent Justice says,"Thank you very much" and enjoys her breakfast.

After breakfast, Agent Justice gets into her unmarked ACME police multi-vehicle designed by Det. Brian Barricade. Because doesn't have far to go, she keeps the vehicle in "car" mode an inputs the coordinates of St. Patrick's Cathedral in the GPS. Agent Justice arrives at the Cathedral just in time for Mass. She sits in one of the pews. It is still beautiful inside, despite the renovations that are under way.

After Mass is over at 8:00 a.m. Agent Justice goes to Mulligan's Irish Pub at 267 Madison Avenue.She goes inside and goes up to the bar. She says,"I'd like to order your Traditional Corned Beef an D Cabbage. I know it seems early to order an entree, but I work unusual hours (she shows the woman her ACME ID) and I might not get a chance to have it later, and I hear your corned beef is the best in the city." The woman looks at her ACME ID and says,"Oh, that's no problem. And because you're a law enforcement officer, there's no charge. And just so you know, we are open until 2 a.m. every night. Agent Justice says,"That's good to know" and puts her ACME ID back in the purse.

The woman returns a few minutes later with her food, and a cup of black coffee, which is also free. Agent Justice enjoys her food. She has barely finished eating when her ACME phone rings. The Chief of the ACME New York office, Chief Ferrera, has sent her an important text message. Its says: "Blarney is a tiny village outside of Cork city. It has a reputation much bigger than it's size. That's because it's home to the Blarney Stone. Legend says that if you kiss the stone, you'll be able to charm people with your words. In other words, you'll be full of "blarney." The superstition started because Queen Elizabeth I of England was trying to Cormac MacDermot McCarthy to surrender the place. For years, he strung her along with flattering words and soft speech. Fed up with his excuses, the Queen said,"What? !! More blarney!!" People have been bending over backward to kiss the stone ever since. Or the have, until today."

Agent Justice says,"Well, no time for dessert today. Vic the Slick has just stolen the Blarney Stone from Ireland."

The woman behind the bar says, Oh, well, you have to get it back!!"

Agent Justice says,"Ohhhh, don't worry, we will. I feel lucky today." ;)

The woman behind the bar says,"Well, I'll save some dessert for you, in case you can come by later. Would you like a piece of apple pie?"

Agent Justice says,"That sounds good. I'll try to come by later." Agent Justice reaches into her purse, and takes out a business card that has the phone number of the New York ACME office on it, as well as the phone number for ACME Headquarters in San Francisco, as well as ACME's website. Agent Justice phone rings again. It is Det. Hugo Highway, calling to tell her what happened. She says,"Yes, I just got the message from The Chief. Yes, I know, they're 5 hours ahead of us. Tell our Detective friends I'll be there as soon as I can." Agent Justice left the pub and got in her ACME multi-vehicle. She switched to "jet" mode, and went to The Scene of the Crime.

Question 1
Vic went to a city in the UK where there's been a lot of conflict. To the Catholic minority, it's Derry. But to the Protestant majority. The Protestants are Loyalists, who want ton remain part of the UK. But many Catholics want to break away, and join their neighbor to the south. But troubles aren't the only things there. There are lovely cities, beautiful green countryside, and ancient, solemn castles.

Question 2
Vic was spotted on a group of islands southeast of Cape Hatteris, with pink sand, made up of coral shells, ground up by the wind and waves, trying to buy a huge rock!!

Phone Tap
Vic says,"Carmen, I don't know about the Blarney Stone. It hasn't changed the way I talk at all."
Carmen says,"That's because you're full of blarney already Vic. Listen. Go head for the rocky cliffs of the Monterey Peninsula. This area used to supply sand for all the golf courses across the country."
Vic says,"Oh, I love golf."
Carmen says,"You'll be near the town where celebrities come every rear to golf in the Pro-Am Tournament. Bing Crosby founded the tourney in 1936."
Vic says,"Oh, I love Bing Crosby!! Vic *sings* "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas."

Question 3
Vic just hid the Blarney Stone in the Charles River. He's in a city that's home to thousands of Irish-Americans. And they've seen their share of blarney. In the 1920's Mayor James Curley sweet-talked his way into office, even though he was indicted for fraud. He spent the first 5 months of his term in jail. Where is Vic?"

The Chase
"We have received word that Vic has left Boston, so now its time to pick up The Chase."
Vic hot-footed it to the capitol of New Hampshire. Name it.
He rolled the stone to Vermont. What river did he cross.
He slipped across Vermont's southern border. Name the state.
He hid out in a ship in Mystic Seaport, USA. What state is he in now?

Map of South America
"Here's a list of places where we think Vic maybe headed." The Detectives all head to South America.

Question 4
"Vic was seen in this capitol on South America's west coast, on Bernardo O'Higgins Avenue. O'Higgins was the son of an Irish immigrant who led this county's fight for independence against the Spanish and became this country's first leader, and worked very hard to improve things for the people. Now you can improve things by catching Vic."

Agent Justice and her fellow Detectives, Hugo Highway, Det. Dags, Det. Brian Barricade, and Vic's favorite ACME Detective, Becky Strongfoot, working together easily catch Vic the Slick and get the Blarney Stone back.
Vic says,"Ohhhh, Det. Strongfoot, I'm glad to see you here." ;)
Det. Highway says,"Now, Vic, you know you shouldn't flirt with the female Detectives."
Det. Strongfoot says,"That's OK, Det. Highway. I couldn't resist chasing Vic. I knew it would be fun."
Det. Highway easily handcuff Vic while he is *distracted* talking to Det. Strongfoot, and *reads Vic his rights.*
Det. Barricade *searches* Vic, and *grabs his briefcase* and says,"I'll take that."
As Det. Highway *leads Vic to his multi-vehicle* Vic *sees Agent Justice* and notices the way she's dressed. Vic says,"Ohhhh, Agent Justice, I've never seen you look so pretty before. Maybe I like the wrong ACME Detective. Maybe you don't have to arrest me, huh? I'm a nice guy."
Det. Highway says,"First, Det. Strongfoot, now Agent Justice. Don't you ever quit? !! Get moving, Vic!!"
Agent Justice says,"It's OK, Det. Highway. Thanks for the compliment, Vic. But we all know what you did. We have to take you to jail. And you know you can't charm me into letting you go. Most of my ancestors are Irish. So I know all about "blarney." I have some in my blood." ;)

Agent Justice gets back into her multi-vehicle. When she gets back to New York, she switches back to "car" mode. She head back to Mulligan's Irish Pub on Madison Avenue, to get her piece of pie. Even though it's very late, the pub is very busy. She is barely in the door when she hears a woman behind the bar say,"There's that ACME agent that was in here before!! She got the crook who stole the Blarney Stone!!"
(There were some happy *cheers* throughout the pub.)
"Yes, I caught Vic the Slick and brought the Blarney Stone back, with the help of my fellow Detectives. And now, I'm here to bring some dessert back for everyone."
The woman behind the bar said,"Sure thing. What would you like?"
Agent Justice says,"Give me one piece of apple, and 4 pieces of your chocolate cake, and 4 black coffees."
After a few minutes, a man comes back with her order.
Agent Justice says,"Thank you so much. I'm sure these will be great." Even though everyone at the pub insists that she doesn't have to pay, she *reaches into her purse* and purse, and puts some money on the bar and picks up her food.

Agent Justice goes back out to her multi-vehicle, which is still in "car" mode, and puts the food on the seat next to her. She goes back to the jail at ACME Headquarters, where all her Detective friends are taking turns watching Vic.

She says loudly,"Hey, who wants some chocolate cake? !!"
To which everyone says,"Me!!"
Agent Justice passes out the cake and coffees, and gets her piece of pie."
The Detectives all say,"Thank you for the the pie."
Det. Justice says,"Don't thank me. Thank the people at Mulligan's Irish Pub. They gave us this for free, because they are happy that we caught Vic, and because we are law-enforcement."

Agent Justice and her Detective friends all enjoy their desserts. And Agent Justice feels very lucky, indeed. :)


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1.Northern Ireland
2.The Outer Banks of North Carolina
Phone Tap: Pebble Beach,California
Chase Round: a.Concord,b.Connecticut River,c. Massachusetts and d. Connecticut
I see the episode when I was ten years old and Julie good work do yourself a favor do more of your story by watching the game show hosted by Greg Lee.:)
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Hello Jade.

Thanks for your comment. Yes, as you can see if you you read my disclaimer-type statement at the beginning of the the story, I actually watched that ep of WitWiCS? over and over for at least a week and copied all the dialogue word-for-word, only changing it a bit to put my friends and I in the story. It took a long time to write and finish, but maybe I"ll do another story like that someday. Thanks again. :)


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Listening to it and last night reacquainting myself with the original show ( not the episode this was based from ) thanks to the YouTube point out. I have to say nice creative re-write. The air basis of a game show felt lost almost. This felt like a quick mystery. ?
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Thanks for the review @systemcat.

I almost had to change my idea to Vic stealing all the potatoes in Idaho (which I think he also did in ep of the WitWiCS? game show I think) because I had such a hard time finding that particular ep (lol) . Generally, I always liked both the gameshows and the WoEiCS? cartoon; and the reason that I liked it is because I had always been good at subjects like history and geography and I liked that there these really fun gameshows that focused on those things. But I was about 21 when those shows were on, so I was always looking for a way to really "play along" besides just answering the questions aloud as I watched. suppose I could have related that to Saint Patrick's Day, too, if I had really wanted to, because of the historic importance of potatoes in Ireland. But, since I had my friends and I had already put ourselves in the story, I thought it would be fun to do it here.

The biggest problem was getting it posted on here BEFORE or ON Saint Patrick's Day, since I suck at typing. Lol. (If you notice, some of my older stories are either about a holiday or a very specific event in Julie's life, like the one Lucy mentioned "Happy Birthday, Agent Justice" and I think I also wrote one called "Run For the Roses" where Julie sees Carmen at the Kentucky Derby and literally tries to catch her before the race starts. Lol.

Anyway, I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for your comment. ?


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Welcome ?.

Writing in time for a holiday, that's a pressure task. I only tried to do that once with B-Side Tracks, meant to be before Christmas and instead it was finished in January. You managed it, that's good luck .. sorry I couldn't resist. ?

I couldn't tell you weren't good at typing. Do you mean in speed or having to look at the keyboard as you type? Don't worry in either case, not being a good typer, that label falls on me too.

Also if there are any other stories you've done you'd be interested in having me go over & review, I'd be glad to. Just say names and I'll look them up.

When WitWiCS? was airing I think I was in that right demographic age group, PBS was hoping at. I remember watching it after school and while I don't remember this. I have a bet my brother and I as we watched, likely placed our own bets with the questions on what were the right answers. In seeing it for the first time in many years I'm having it hit me again why I found it so amusing in my early-mid teens. Is it bad as an adult now I still see the comical antics funny while still getting conformation to real knowledge? One thing I know I didn't do way back was wonder when the tapings happened. Oh, the retro air of what was then the moment.

WoEiCS? I think I was aware of back then but I think sort of brushed it aside at the time. I only took an interest in watching it many years later when wanting to *brainstorm further ideas| for what has now become my longest running creative effort. *That was back in '16 and now I see incorporating CS as fitting to the AU.

I honestly was not aware of the second game show until I started into the fandom research to give me writing ideas.
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Hello @systemcat.

Here are the titles of some of the things I've written on here, in case you want to look them up:

Stories in My Journal

Eat & Run--This was my first story on here. Julie leaves the ACME office in NYC, to come back to ACME HQ in SF. (When searched for story by title, it said, "not enough words, too general," so I had to say, "new york ACME office, Julie Justice" to find it).

Run For the Roses--Julie sees Carmen at the Kentucky Derby. (Strangely, I got the same error/results message, but at the same time found the story with no problem.)
(You will notice, these very early entries were written in the "first person" ("I"). There is no rule against this, of course; but as I became more comfortable on here, I switched to the "third person" ("Julie" she/her) that most of us use for role-play on here).

A Special Day For Justice. (This is the one Lucy mentioned; Julie has an adventure on her birthday.)

Stories in The Studio (I was able to find these myself, with no problems.)

An Unexpected Friend (co-write with Invader. Invader was one of my first friends on here; but it was not a "co-write" in the usual sense; it was not a "shared" document that we both worked on, and one of us posted it. She wrote part, then I wrote a part, til it was finished).

Happy Birthday, Jade.

A Gift For Lucy

A Christmas Story, Parts 1 and 2 (another holiday story, obviously).
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A Special Day is the first one that came up in search results after I put "new york ACME office, Julie Justice" into the box. So that's what I'll be starting with, thanks. ?

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