Jade's 'Ghost' Stories 2: Encounter the Mystery


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I don't own any characters: Ivy, Zack, Lee Jordan, Bolt Upright, Armando Arguella, Tatiana, Josha, Cole Gannon, Ivan Idea, Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas whatsoever.

Guest characters (in which I don't own) are Casper the friendly ghost, Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Fred, Velma, Daphne, Scrappy-Doo and the Hex Girls [Thorn, Dusk and Luna]

Especially the guests at the Halloween party (in which I don't own as well)

1. From Mega Man NT Warrior
a. Mega Man and his net operative, Lan Hikari
b. Roll and her net operative, Maylu Sakurai
c. Guts Man and his net operative, Dex Oyama
d. Chisao, Dex's little brother
e. Glide and his net operative, Yai Ayano
f. Ice Man and his net operative, Tory Froid
g. Rush the cyber dog
h. Torch [Fire] Man and his net operative, Mr. Match
i. Elec Man and his net operative, 'Count' Jack Zap
j. Wacko [Colored] Man and his net operative, Maddy
k. Magic Man and his net operative, Yahoot
l. Mr. Albert Wily

2. From Totally Spies
a. Sam (Samantha)
b. Clover
c. Alex (short for Alexandra)
d. Gerald 'Jerry' Lewis

3. From Pokémon anime
a. Ritchie and his Pikachu, 'Sparky'
b. Goh and his Pokémon, Grookey (the chimp Pokémon, a small green monkey)
c. Misty and her Pokémon, Psyduck
d. Brock and his Pokémon, Ludicolo and Croagunk
e. May and her Pokémon, Blaziken, Glaceon, Wartortle and Beautifly
f. Max, May's little brother
g. Dawn and her Pokémon, Piplup, Buneary and Pachirisu
h. Serena and her Pokémon, Delphox (the fox Pokémon), Pancham and Sylveon
i. Clemont and his Pokémon, Chespin and Dedenne
j. Bonnie, Clemont's little sister

4. From Disney's Kim Possible
a. Kim Possible
b. Ron Stoppable, Kim's boyfriend
c. Rufus, Ron's Naked Mole Rat
d. Wade
e. James Timothy Possible, Kim's father, a rocket scientist
f. Ann Possible, Kim's mother, a brain surgeon
g. Jim and Tim Possible, Kim's twin brothers
h. Dr. Drakken
i. Shego

5. From the Super Mario Bros. Universe
a. Mario
b. Luigi
c. Peach, Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom
d. Toad
e. Toadette
f. Yoshi
g. Cathie
h. Daisy, Princess of Sarasaland

6. From the Sonic Universe
a. Sonic the Hedgehog
b. Miles 'Tails' Prowler
c. Knuckles the Echidna
d. Amy Rose

(This is not only a Halloween story but multi-crossover and I'm sorry to say that Carmen Sandiego and Chase Devineaux will not be in this story, however, they will be mentioned by their own name)


San Francisco, CA, USA

Golden Gate Park

*People screaming and running away from the park when Scrappy-Doo came*

Scrappy-Doo: Hey, what's going on here?
Resident (male): Do yourself a favor, pup and find another doggy park.
Scrappy-Doo: Why is that?
Resident (male): There's a little ghost at the park, that's why! *The male resident ran and left*
Scrappy-Doo: Little ghost, yeah, right, wait until I splatted that ghost. *As Scrappy went and heard someone crying*
Casper: *voice only* I should've known I wanted to be friendly at the park.
Scrappy-Doo: *to Casper* Hey, are you alright?
Casper: No, I just wanted to make friends with everyone at this park, but they're too scared of me because I'm a ghost.
Scrappy-Doo: A ghost?!?! Hey, you're not that scary, by the way, I'm Scrappy-Doo!
Casper: *after he sees Scrappy-Doo* Name's Casper!
Scrappy-Doo: Casper, thee, Casper the friendly ghost! Oh boy! It's an honor to meet you. C'mon, Casper, I want you to meet my uncle, Scooby-Doo and his friends.
Casper: Really, thank you, Scrappy-Doo! *As he and Scrappy-Doo left together*

Meanwhile at ACME Headquarters

Todd Classe: *to Jade Ezell* Thanks for showing me around the place, I know it's just for a while, I'll be going back to Milwaukee to see my cousins after all I promise ACME Midwest that I found the new ACME Academy there.
Jade: That's wonderful, Todd! I hope you kept that promise.
Todd: I did, and I hope I tell them later than on Halloween.
Jade: Oh, Todd, why can't you tell ACME Midwest on Halloween?
Todd: Well, I rather not to talk about it.
Jade: Is there a reason why? *Todd whispered on Jade's ears and was shocked* Now hold on a minute, I've figure there's a solution to your problem.
Todd: Oh, Jade!
Jade: Todd, trust me, it'll worked in the meantime why don't you get back to the hotel room and get packing so you can go home.
Todd: Oh yeah, my flight doesn't come until tonight. Thank you again, Jade! *As he left headquarters, Jade head for the Chief's office for a very good reason...unaware someone is watching Todd entering the cab and waited for the right moment soon*

(End of Prologue)
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Chapter One: Let the Party Begin! (I know it's too early for Halloween, however the costume some of the guests are wearing as famous people of the past or the present or any character from different universe based on books, movies, or TV I don't own them whatsoever this is the first part, the second part is coming up in the next chapter)

Glendale, Milwaukee County, WI, USA: In a big estate

Todd: *who dressed as Romeo of Romeo and Juliet to Jade * You didn't have to do this, Jade!
Jade: *voice only* Come on this is your chance and don't be nervous just tell the Chief of ACME Midwest when he arrives from Chicago.
Scrappy-Doo: *voice only* Yeah, Jade's right, and hey, this place is perfect for the new academy. *Todd sighed*
Jade: *voice only* Please, Todd, try and understand!
Casper: *as he phases through the door* Just be positive on Halloween!
Todd: How can I be positive on Halloween, Casper? I'm just not ready to face my troubles of the past.
Jade: *voice only* What's past is past, Todd, you got to face the fear in yourself don't let the past pull you back, alright? *Todd sighed*
Casper: Cheer up, Todd, at least your cousins and everyone who came to the party to celebrate not just Halloween, but you as well.
Jade: *as she appears in a costume version of Queen Elizabeth the Second of the United Kingdom* Come on, Todd! Everyone's waiting. (Don't own anything from William Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth the Second of the United Kingdom whatsoever)

Scrappy-Doo: *as he appears as a bunny rabbit with black patches* Yeah, let's go! *Someone knocking on the door*
Scooby-Doo: *voice only* Scrappy, are you ready?
Scrappy-Doo: Ready, Uncle Scooby! *As he opens the door there stood Scooby-Doo and Shaggy dressed as a two-headed one body chicken [Remember Scooby-Doo: Pirates Ahoy! I don't own the direct-to-DVD movie whatsoever]
Scooby-Doo: Aw, Scrappy! *Scrappy shocks Scooby with some vampire fangs* Scrappy!
Shaggy: Like what's wrong with Scrappy-Doo's costume?
Jade: Nothing, he's a little upset over the costume choice but, I got the solution. *As Bolt Upright appears as the eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who appears*
Casper: At least it's cute!
Bolt: Ah, Bunnicula!
Scooby-Doo and Shaggy: Bunnicula?!?!
Bolt: Relax, it's a vampire rabbit, unlike Dracula, he drinks the juice out of vegetables.
Scooby-Doo and Shaggy: Oh, okay! (I don't own Bunnicula or Doctor Who whatsoever)

Bolt: *to Fred, Daphne and Velma* Come on, everyone's waiting!
Velma: *voice only as Fred Jones dressed as Elvis Presley, the King of Rock 'n' Roll and Daphne Blake dressed as a gothic princess* I'm not coming out in this ridiculous costume.
Daphne: Come on, Velma!
Todd: How ridiculous is your costume? *Velma opens the door as she appears as an outer space alien girl* I hope no one makes fun of you, Velma!
Velma: Thanks a lot, Todd!

Daphne: Yeah, Velma, you don't want to miss out on the party.
Shaggy: Yeah, and the Hex Girls are on their way.
Velma: Oh, alright! *As she, Fred and Daphne headed downstairs*
Jade: *as she, Todd, and Bolt went downstairs* C'mon, the guests are waiting downstairs and there'll be leftovers for everybody.
Scooby-Doo and Shaggy: You got it! *All of the sudden they both fell down the stairs and there stood Ivan Idea who dressed as a zombified mad scientist waiting for them and Scrappy-Doo who slides down from the rail*

Ivan Idea: C'mon, you guys, we've got work to do.
Scrappy-Doo: You got it, Ivan! *As he, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo follow Ivan*
Ivan: By the way, Scrappy, I thought you'll be a vampire, not a bunny rabbit.
Scrappy-Doo: Well, Uncle Scooby wants me to be a bunny rabbit, but thanks to Jade, she solves my costume problem.
Ivan: What? Becoming a bunny rabbit with a fang of vampire bat?!?!
Shaggy: Like, Ivan, have you ever heard of Bunnicula?
Ivan: No, why?
Scooby-Doo: Talk to Bolt Upright!

Casper: *as he floats down* This is going to be a good Halloween after all.

*Unaware three shadowy figures stood outside of the big mansion and figure they should for the run time...speaking of outside, everyone is having fun with Halloween version of Carnival games including a classic game called bobbling for apples using a large plastic cauldron*

Ann Possible (along with Princess Peach and Amy Rose each dress up as a witch except Amy dressed in a Gothic Lolita style in the bobbling for apples booth): *to one of the kids trying to grab an apple with their own hands* Nuh! No cheating!
Amy: Just use your teeth now.
Peach: Uh oh, kids, here comes a black cat coming your way!
Maylee Young: *yup she's dressed up a black cat...to the kids* Meow! *Kids screamed and just like that the kids start using their own teeth*

Wade: *dressed up as a police officer* Good work, Maylee!
Maylee: Cheaters can't get away with this kitty.
Wade: Why a black cat instead of a poodle dog?
Maylee: Ever heard of a black cat crossing your path?
Wade: That's superstition!
Maylee: Everybody wouldn't adopt a black cat on Halloween.
Wade: I hear you, let's get back to work, we're all watching you. (About the things Maylee and Wade about a black cat, I don't own that information whatsoever)

At the Trick or Treating Station

Drakken: *to the kids* Hey, kids, one candy at a time.
Shego: *to the kids* No quarreling alright, we've got plenty alright? *As Mr. Albert Wily shows up*
Wily: What's going on here?
Drakken: These kids are always quarreling over candy.
Audrey Ritter: *dressed up as a tooth fairy* And they made end up having cavities pretty soon.
Drakken: Oh, what do you know about cavities?
Audrey: I'm a dentist, that's why! *As she leaves the station and 'Count' Jack Zap who dressed up as a weird vampire came to Mr. Wily*
Count Zap: The fans are still waiting for the 'main event' we're trying get every guest to enjoy themselves before the show begins.
Drakken: Oh boy, you look ridiculous to be Count Dracula.
Count Zap: You mean 'Count Zap-Cula' I'm a vampire who drains the electricity out of your place. *Shego brings her green glowing energy with a frown at Count Zap* On second thought, I have to zap outer here! *He ran and Shego's green glowing energy faded*

Wily: Now, now, Miss Shego it's Halloween, the lady-in-red warns us no quarreling with each other, understand? You all are part of the friends of VILE.
Shego: Oh, understood, Mr. Wily!
Wily: Come on, let's help the children out.

Back at one of the carnival game stations

Ron Stoppable: *As he and Rufus dressed up as mummies to the tweens participating in the Ghost Sack Race* Is everyone ready?
Kim Possible: *dressed as Cleopatra* And remember no cheating or the zombies will catch you.

*Yup, they some 'zombies' starring at the tween racers even a pair of zombified mad bull dogs*

Ron Stoppable: Are you marks, get set...
Rufus: GO!!!! *The Ghost Sack Race goes very well, while every game has gone excellent...one of the three shadowy figures looking at the party in the distance*

(End of Chapter One: The ones who dressed up as 'zombies' are as follows: Cole Gannon [zombified auto mechanic], Jason Argonaut [zombified soccer player], Jessie Lyon [zombified cheerleader], Tyson Jackson [zombified football quarterback] and Jim and Tim Possible [a pair of zombified mad bull dogs], there's plenty more coming up including more costumes)
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Chapter Two: Meeting with the jitters

The Dining Hall *while others continue playing on the outside [such as ghoulish ring toss, pin the spider on the web, Halloween style bean bag toss, pumpkin tic-tac-toe and Halloween design cornhole] inside the dining hall is converted into a food station buffet already set up a few days ago while Yoshi dressed as a dragon and Cathie dressed as a skeleton holding the signs out [one for outside and the other for the Food], while Toad and Toadette who are dressing as ghosts [white for Toad and pink for Toadette] holding each a Jack O' Lantern for the haunted hallway for the guests to enter*

Zack: *dressed as a skeleton* Get your spooky pizza, kids.
Mario: *dressed as a vampire with a Jack O' Lantern on his head* We bake'em!
Luigi: *dressed as a werewolf after he took the mini-Halloween party pizzas [each shaped like a mummy, a Jack O' Lantern, a ghost and a spider] out of the pizza oven and Daisy [dressed in a Jack O' Lantern like ballgown] serves these mini pizzas on a plate* You eat them! *Kids were so excited taking a piece of pizza while Jade and Bolt came*

Zack: *quietly* This is a great idea, Jade.
Jade: *quietly* Yeah, Zack everyone's involve for an important reason.
Zack: *quietly* For Todd's sake...Hey! *Armando Arguella laughed from behind he turns around and saw him dressing up as Zorro [by the way the sword is made of plastic and tied with a white chalk and no I don't own Zorro whatsoever] * Very funny, Armando, very funny!
Armando: Calm down, I'm just making sure no one who helps out cannot eat before the guests does.
Zack: I hope you do the same thing on Shaggy and Scooby.
Armando: Don't worry, Zack, everything's under control.

Tatiana: *dressed as 'Baba Yaga' serving homemade treats such as caramel apples, chocolate chip cookies with Halloween sprinkles, roasted pumpkin seeds, popcorn balls, cobweb brownie bites and 'mummy berries' [white chocolate dipped strawberries] to the kids* Here are your treats, no tricks!
(No, I don't own Baba Yaga whatsoever)

Ivy: *as she came dressed as a banshee* Jade, I'm glad you thought this idea for Halloween. (No, I don't banshee either whatsoever)
Jade: Thanks, Ivy! *Quietly* I'm just doing this for Todd's self-confidence and his fear.
Ivy: Say where is he?
Jade: *looking and saw Todd looking at the window quietly and sighed* Still nervous.
Bolt: Well, Jade. when the Chief of the ACME Midwest comes Todd will tell him at once. *Bolt's cellphone rings* I better go, ladies! *As he leaves to take the phone call...At the beverages station*

Josha: *dressed as Don Quixote hands three drinks of the same thing to Samantha [dressed as Lady Macbeth from Macbeth], Clover [dressed as Juliet from Romeo and Juliet] and Alex [dressed as Titania from A Mid-Summer Night's Dream] * Here you are ladies, three 'Franken-smoothies' [green smoothie made of spinach, banana, frozen mango, frozen pineapple, frozen blueberries, water and decorated with blackberries and no I don't own Don Quixote, characters or the plays from William Shakespeare and the green smoothie ('Franken-smoothie') whatsoever]

Samantha: Thank you, Josha!
Alex: This is going to be one incredible Halloween to remember. Dressing as Viola in Cesario's clothing is great.
Clover: Uh, hello, that's Twelfth Night, you're dressing as the Faerie Queen in A Mid-Summer Night's Dream, Alex.
Alex: Oh right!

Gerald 'Jerry' Lewis: *dressed as William Shakespeare to Loni and Felipe Salvador, owner of a coffee shop business [Loni dressed as a flamenco dancer and Felipe dressed as a matador/bullfighter] * Wonderful, I might come and stop by before I leave Milwaukee, but hold the blueberries, please.

Loni: We sure will.
Felipe: I wonder why, Jerry.
Samantha: *as she and Alex came while Clover saw her 'Romeo'* You see, Jerry's allergic to blueberries (remember the Totally Spies episode: 'The Yuck Factor' I don't own that show or the episode whatsoever).
Alex: Oh and no daffodils in the spring, our friend, Clover is allergic to them. (Remember the Totally Spies episode: 'It's How You Play the Game' same thing)
Loni: Me too.
Felipe: So, Jerry, what do you do for a living?
Jerry: I run a chain of hotels, and these girls are working for me since they were in high school.
Loni: Wonderful, you must be successful.
Jerry: We are.

Clover: *to Todd from behind* Hello, Romeo! *Todd shocked turns around and saw Clover*
Todd: Oh, hi, uh...wait a minute, oh my gosh, I'm sorry, where are my matters? Uh, my name is Todd, Todd Classe.
Clover: Hi, I'm Clover! *Samantha and Alex came to Clover* And these are my friends Sam and Alex.
Samantha: Nice to meet you, Todd.
Todd: I see you met my cousin, Loni and her husband, Felipe.
Alex: Yeah, our boss is so over...*screamed as she saw someone as Slenderman* A ghost.
Todd: Oh, Detective Jordan, swell costume. (I don't own Slenderman whatsoever)
Lee: *after taking his faceless mask off* Trick or Treat, Lady Macbeth [Samantha]! *And he gave Samantha, a purple ballpoint pen*
Samantha: Oh, thank you, Lee! *Flash came from someone's camera*
Todd: *notice the photographer* Colin, you know I'm embarrassed in front of the camera.
Colin Ritter: *dressed as a zombified photographer* I'm sorry, Todd, by the way, I'm his cousin, Colin, I'm a freelance photographer anyway.

Lee: *after Ivy clears her throat* Uh, me and Commander Monaghan should get going. *As he and Ivy left the dining hall*
Jade: See you later, Ivy and Lee!
Jerry: Girls, why don't we have something to eat?
Girls [Samantha, Clover and Alex]: Whatever, let's eat!

Todd: Nice meeting you all! *To Jade* I better get some fresh air. *Sighed as he leaves*

Meanwhile in the other booths

Miles 'Tails' Prowler: *dressed as a cowboy* Get your 'finger dogs'!
Sonic the Hedgehog: *dressed as a vampire* Get'em, while they'll sizzles!
'Hot Dog' Henry: What do you guys want on your 'finger dogs'?
Kid#1: Make mine with ketchup and mustard.
Kid#2: Make mine with chili and cheese.
Knuckles: *dressed as a pumpkin* If you don't want 'finger dogs' why not 'brain burgers and 'haystack fries' from Julia's

Brie: *dressed as a zombified Julia Child after Rooster hands over two plates of 'brain burgers and haystack fries' to two teenagers* Bone Appetit! (Don't own anything from Julia Child whatsoever)

Alex: Those are good, but is there anything else?
Lan Hikari: *dressed as Robin Hood* Yeah, curry?
Jerry and the Girls [Samantha, Clover and Alex]: Curry?!?!
Maylu Sakurai: *dressed as Maid Marien* Yeah, you'll like curry, we guaranteed it, trust us. (Don't own the characters Robin Hood and Maid Marien whatsoever)
Yai Ayano: *dressed as 'Princess Strawberry' (Remember the Mega Man NT Warrior Axess episode: the Stolen Princess, I don't own the show or the episode whatsoever) May we recommended to try the Halloween Curry Specials?

Jerry and the Girls: Halloween Curry Specials?!?! *Rush the cyber dog dressed as Sherlock Holmes [I don't own anything from the character or his creator whatsoever] nodded his head 'yes'*
Chisao Oyama: *dressed as a Jack O' Lantern* That's right!
Dex Oyama: *dressed as a pig chef* Would you like to try Old Hag Stew?
Jerry: Old Hag Stew, what kind of dish is that?
Maddy: *dressed as a zombified waitress* Relax, it's green chicken curry.
Jerry: Oh, my! I'll have that.

Chisao: Girls, if you don't like Old Hag Stew, want to try Jack O' Lantern's Boo Plate Special?
Samantha: Don't you mean 'Blue Plate Special'?
Dex: No, Boo Plate Special...it's pumpkin and vegetable curry with tofu.
Alex: In that case I have the Boo Plate Special.

Yahoot: Would you girls like to try Scary Kraken in a cauldron? *Both Samantha and Clover raised their own eyebrows...he and Dex sighed*
Dex: It's calamari in a creamy spicy curry sauce with vegetables.
Samantha: Cool, I'll have that one.
Yahoot: And if you're not a big fan of squid what about my wicked ghostly fish platter.
Clover: Really?!?!
Yahoot: Yes, it's sea bream on a bed of sweet and spicy curry sauce with tomato and red onion salad on the side. (This curry is inspired from the BBC show: Royal Recipes episode: Spice in the opening where a female chef created a dish that is a version of 'Bombay Duck' Curry except she uses sea bream instead, anyway I don't own anything from the show, the episode or the recipe whatsoever)
Clover: Then I'll have that one.
Yahoot: Coming right up and if you're in Tokyo come to the Dentech area and enjoy #1 Curry.
The Girls [Samantha, Clover and Alex]: Thank you!

Clover: *to Jade who came to the table waiting for Bolt* Say, Jade, where's Todd?
Jade: He went out for some fresh air, Clover.
Clover: Oh!
Alex: Relax, Clover, he'll be back!
Tory Froid: *dressed as the Frog Prince while Clover joins up Jerry, Samantha and Alex to the next table* Don't worry, you don't want your dinner to be cold.
Clover: Thanks a lot!

*Outside Todd was feeling blue while on the bench until somebody came*

Audrey: Oh, Todd, you're missing out on all the fun.
Todd: It's not that, Audrey, this is a big mistake from the beginning.
Audrey: Oh, Todd, Jade wants you to overcome your problems from your past.
Todd: As if, Audrey! None of this would have happen, if I wasn't born on this holiday.
Audrey: Todd, you have to face your fears nothing's going to happen with us, you're not a burden nor cursing all of us, it's just someone's mean words hurting you from the past, c'mon, Todd, let's go, the show is about to begin soon.
Todd: Okay, Audrey, but first we eat, I'm starving! *As Audrey and Todd return inside the big mansion three shadowy figures still watching and waiting for the sun to set*

(End of Chapter Two: more to come...so stay tuned and waited for the next chapter)
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Chapter Three: Party's over for now! (For the costumes worn by Ritchie, Max, Clemont and Bonnie are wearing Kigurumi [Cosplay pajamas] version of the Pokémon, just so you know I don't anything whatsoever or even the lyrics of different songs too)

Meanwhile backstage (in which it was setup almost a week ago outside that is)

*While Mr. Match practices his fire dance [except there's no fire not until tonight] *

Moe Skeeter: *as he and Lars Vegas dressed as a pair of Fire Dancer's assistant* Oh, if only the boss would see this tonight.
Lars: Moe, Carmen's not here and beside she doesn't want to be seen here anyway.
Mr. Match: Hey, lads, don't forget we're doing this talent show to help out to stale some time for a rock band. *In other words, the band's crew members carefully put down the musical instruments and check the sound on the big speakers, in the meantime, Bonnie [who dressed up as a Slurpuff, the meringue Pokémon] along with Dedenne in her bag and yes, she's upset*

Clemont: *dressed as Watchog, the lookout Pokémon* Aw! What's wrong, Bonnie?
Bonnie: Big brother, I try looking for a wife for you, but those girls I met inside their dressing room were so scary.
Clemont: Bonnie, they're here to perform.
Brock: *dressed as a weird singer in a weird mariachi costume with a pair of maracas in his hands* Well, I'm performing for the ladies, and I hope one of them in the audience will help sing her favorite song with me. *Bonnie's face is so expressionless*

Ritchie: *dressed as Pikachu with Sparky [wearing Ritchie's cap], while Goh dressed as a knight in shining armor with Grookey* Oh, Brock, you want to meet a pretty girl to sing with you.
Goh: Yeah, what if they have boyfriends or already got engage?
Misty: *voice only* I could've agreed even more. *Brock turns around and saw her as a mermaid and Max as a Charmander, Brock's face has gone expressionless already*

Max: Beside the show is about to start, Brock!

(The sun is setting down and darkness came at the outdoor stage)

James Timothy Possible: *dressed as a vampire...to Kim* I'm very proud of you and the boys for participating this Halloween.
Jim: Unlike the last Halloween.
Tim: Yeah, Kim, you lied to us and to Ron over a guy's party.
Kim: *sighed* I did learn that lesson. (Remember the Kim Possible episode 'October 31st', yeah Kim Possible got attached to a strange bracelet to lie her way to her former crush [Josh Mankey] and his party right after a fight between Drakken, Shego and Duff Killigan and it cause Ron and her family in danger, don't worry I don't own the show, the episode or any of the characters whatsoever especially the strange bracelet)
Ann: Relax at least what's past is past, Kimmy.


Count Zap: *appeared on stage holding a microphone* Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you all don't mind telling you all that the Hex Girls are going perform and they told me to stale them while they'll get ready in the meantime let's have a talent show to take the Hex Girls some time to prepare...Our first one, oh no! Ladies, watch out for this one. *Count Zap leaves the stage and Brock appears along with Ludicolo with a pair of bongo drums*

Brock: Hello, everybody, my name is Brock and *sings while the audience booed at Brock* La, la, la, take a look at my smiling face, in a happy face and hey girls would one of you come up on stage and help me out to sing your favorite song because I don't another song I know. *Brock's Croagunk poison jabbed him on the back* [That part of the song is based on Takeshi's Paradise, English version from the Pokémon series in which I don't own whatsoever]

Misty: *as she and Max dragged Brock backstage and Ludicolo follows* Nice try, Romeo!
Max: Show's over!
Brock: Ow, that hurts!
Max: That's what you get for making a ridiculous song.
Brock: *without notice someone grab Bonnie by covering her mouth* I don't see a Jenny or a Joy anywhere.

Clemont: Huh!?! *Turns around* Bonnie!
Max: She was here a second ago.
Clemont: She supposed to check on May, Dawn and Serena see if they're ready to perform.
Sparky: Pika!
Goh: Then we've better find her.
Clemont: We'll stay here! *As Goh and Ritchie along with Goh's Grookey and Sparky search for Bonnie*

Back on stage

Count Zap: *still holding a microphone* Our next performers are going to tell you about...a naked mole rat?!?! *Audience is surprised as Count Zap left while shrugging and in comes Ron, Wade and Rufus*

Ron: *on the microphone* Yo, listen up, everybody, happa hallo from Ron Stoppable.
Wade: *on the microphone* And Wade coming straight outta Middleton and this is the story how Ron met Rufus and we need some backup singers from the audience. *Three college girls who dressed as Japanese pop punk girls volunteer and appeared on stage*

College Girl#1: We're exchanged college students from Tokyo University attended the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.
College Girl#2: We're heading for Walworth in the spring next year.
College Girl#3: Because we got an intern to Kikkoman! (I don't own the company, the city or the universities I mention whatsoever) *Audience cheered* (I don't the song 'the Naked Mole Rap' whether it's from the animated one or the live action one whatsoever)

Wade: That's amazing! Here we go! *Started the turntable and the drum machine*

Rufus: *clears his throats and on the microphone* Hit it!

Ron: Never heard a bark or purr. (Wade: That's right!) Because my dad is allergic to fur. (Wade: Aw, that's too bad!) So, I searched for a pet that has no fur and there it was it's neither a dog nor a cat. (Wade: That's right, it's a naked mole rat) Yeah, what is that freaky thing? (Three College Girls: It's a naked mole rat!), Come on, girls, let me hear you sing! (Three College Girls: Listen to the Naked Mole Rap)

Ron: That's the only solution for my dad's sense of constitution! (Wade: Oh yeah!) There was Rufus when I met him at Smarty Mart (Rufus: Yay-hay! *Three college girls smile with delight*) How about a good nacho for a snack? (Wade: He's got Ron and Kim's back) His story remains a mystery! (Wade: But the rest is history!) Yeah, what is that freaky thing? (Three College Girls: It's a naked mole rat!) Come on, girls, let me hear you sing! (Three College Girls: Listen to the Naked Mole Rap x3) Boo-yah!

Rufus: Muah! Buh-bye! *The audience cheered as Ron, Rufus and Wade finished while three college girls return to their own seat as Count Zap returns to the stage...while Ron, Rufus and Wade is about to reunite with Kim Possible suddenly, they were captured without no one notice they disappeared*

Count Zap: *on the microphone* Don't worry, the Hex Girls are going to perform I promise you all...now don't try this at home, unless you know how to dance with fire like our next performer, my dear friend, Mr. Match!

*Mr. Match starts doing twirling a pair of fire staffs, Moe brought in two buckets of water to get rid of the fire staffs and Lars with a pair of fireproof gloves throws a juggling torch one at a time to Mr. Match as Moe put on his pair of fireproof gloves as he [Mr. Match] finished the juggling torches*

Moe: *As he and Lars starts lighting a limbo stick with a lighter* And now, let's see how low can Mr. Match go on a fiery limbo dance without touching the stick or burning himself.

Lars: Alright, everyone, help us out and say, how low can he go? (with Moe) How low can he go? *As Mr. Match is about to do the fiery limbo when all of the sudden water came out of nowhere and sprays him, Moe and Lars stage right the audience gasped and booed*

Mr. Match: *stared at Moe and Lars* Alright, which one of you brought in a firefighter to hose us down?
Moe and Lars: Not us! Huh?!?! *They and Mr. Match were captured by a big sack and dragged them*

Serena: *quietly to Count Zap as she is dressed in a red flower Florges (the garden Pokémon) based ballgown [based on two episodes of Pokémon XY series: from the Kalos Quest episode: A Fashionable Battle the furisode version and from the XYZ series: Party Dancecapedes the ballgown, anyway I don't own these episodes whatsoever]* Psst, sir, the Hex Girls wants us to perform next they're almost ready.

Count Zap: Oh, thank you! *As he back to the front of the stage with his microphone* Calm down, everyone, relax, the Hex Girls are almost ready in the meantime here are some special performers.

May: *as she appeared in an Arabian style outfit [based on the Wallace Cup arc/ Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension episodes from Staging a Heroes' Welcome to Strategy with a Smile! don't own these episodes whatsoever] bringing out her Pokémon: Blaziken, Glaceon, Wartortle and Beautifly* Hi, my name is May!

Dawn: *as she appeared in a yellow ballgown [based on the Sinnoh Grand Festival arc/Pokémon: DP Sinnoh League Victors from Last Call...First Round! to A Grand Fight for Winning! I don't these episodes either] bringing out her Pokémon: Piplup, Buneary and Pachirisu* I'm Dawn!

Serena: *as she brings out her Pokémon: Delphox, Pancham and Sylveon* And I'm Serena!

*While the girls [May, Dawn and Serena] perform with their own Pokémon meanwhile backstage*

Brock: Clemont, any luck! *Again, without notice someone grabs Max by covering his mouth*
Clemont: No sign of Bonnie!
Brock: Huh?!?! Max, Max!
Clemont: Oh no! *Someone grabbed Clemont and covering his mouth*
Brock: What's going on here? Nobody didn't see...uh oh! Misty!
Misty: What now, Brock?
Brock: Have you seen Clemont?
Misty: No, where's Max? *She and Brock were capture in a sack and dragged them away while May, Dawn and Serena were about to finished suddenly the lights and the girls along with their own Pokémon vanished, the audience gasped and booed*

Thorn: *voice only* Excuse us, Count Zap, we're ready to perform!
Count Zap: Oh good! *As he heads to the stage with a microphone* And now, the moment you all been waiting for tonight, ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, Luna, Dusk and Thorn, I give you, The Hex Girls! *The audience cheered so loud...The Hex Girls starts performing as Count Zap left the stage* I don't understand what's going on here? *While walking from behind...voice only* Mr. Match, anybody, where did everyone...*screams*


Jade: *to Bolt quietly* I don't understand what's going on with the talent show?
Bolt: *quietly* Me neither, something's not right, Jade, I'd better warns the others. *As he leaves*
Jade: *quietly* Alright, Bolt, be careful and thanks for warning [herself, Ivy, Lee who took off his faceless mask and Maylee who took off her 'black cat' mask] us about the Chief of ACME Midwest.
(Thorn: *sings* I'm gonna cast a spell on you. You're gonna do what I want you to)
Ivy: *quietly* Yeah, especially when Zack, Josha and the others disappeared.
Lee: *quietly* Very strange!
Todd: *quietly* I knew this is a mistake from the beginning.

Thorn: *sings* Mix it up here in my little bowl, say a few words and you lose control. (With Dusk and Luna) I'm a Hex Girl and I'm gonna put a spell on you.
Dusk and Luna: *sings* I'm gonna put a spell on you.
The Hex Girls: *sings* I'm a Hex Girl and I'm gonna put a spell on you. *All of the sudden the concert stops, and the audience gasped because of the sound* [Parts of the song Hex Girl I don't own that song either]

Phantom Revenger#1: * voice only/yelled to the crowd* LEAVE THIS PLACE NOW, OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES!!! *And then there it is not one, not two, but three of the Phantom Revengers [a trio of purple ghosts] appeared and took the Hex Girls as if by magic, everyone screams and ran*

Shaggy: Zoinks! Did you hear what he said?
Scooby-Doo: Yeah, leave!
Scrappy-Doo: Wait I'll splat those three...*Scooby-Doo grabs Scrappy-Doo; however, Fred, Daphne and Velma were captured by the Phantom Revengers*
Shaggy: Oh no, they've got Fred and the girls!
Jade: No wonder...Todd, where did he go?
Ivy: We got to find him and the others.
Shaggy: Are you out of mind, you heard the ghost we must leave.
Casper: There's no way that's a real, scary ghost.
Jade: Casper, you may be onto something, and we're all going to solve this Halloween mystery before it's too late.

The Old Man: *as he appears out of nowhere* I could have a agree with you, my dear! It's because of them they're going to have a revenge against someone who is born on Halloween.
Lee: How did you know about them?
The Old Man: They are the Phantom Revengers and I'll say the girl's right you must save everyone together and solve the mystery.
Maylee: Who are the Phantom Revengers?
The Old Man: These ghosts were once a good family until their lives turned upside down because a curse is born on Halloween those who ignores the curse will be punished by them and go after the curse that cause it all. *Shaggy and Scooby-Doo gulped*
Scrappy-Doo: Curse or no curse, we're gonna splat'em big time.
The Old Man: Good luck and be careful! *As he leaves*

Ivy: We better get back to the house and get off of these costumes.
Maylee: Good idea, Ivy!
Jade: Let's go! *As she, Ivy and Maylee go back to the mansion*
Shaggy: Let's go find a nearby diner!
Scooby-Doo: Me too!
Casper: *stops Shaggy and Scooby-Doo from leaving* Oh no you don't you can't leave your friends behind.
Lee: Exactly, boys, if we don't solve this mystery, we don't eat at all.
Shaggy: Okay, we'll go, we'll do it!
Lee: That's better!
Scrappy-Doo: *as he, Lee, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo return to the mansion* C'mon, Uncle Scooby, we got no time to lose!

(End of Chapter Three)
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Chapter Four: Gathering the Search Party

At the Dining Hall

Samantha: *in her green cat suit* Everyone's disappears especially Jerry.
Clover: *in her red cat suit* I'm not surprised either, this is going to be the worst Halloween party ever.
Alex: *in her golden yellow cat suit* Tell the rest of the party who gathered here.

Yahoot: Indeed, the party's over quickly!
Drakken: Very fast! The kids left with their bags full of treats.
Maddy: We're not the only ones stopping the party.
Shego: Yeah, Maddy, those 'phantoms' just crash this party.

Ritchie: Yeah, Goh, Sparky, Grookey and I search everywhere for our friends during the talent show.
Kim: *in her purple action outfit* And then my parents, the tweebs, Ron, Wade, and Rufus, they're gone too.
Maylu: Even Dex, Yai, Chisao and Tory are gone. *Rush whined*
Lan: The question is why.

Jade: *as she appears in her advanced instant battle suit [medium blue/pure blue] along with Lee in his advanced instant battle suit [espresso/deep black], Ivy in her teal instant battle suit, Maylee in her hot pink instant battle suit, Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy who got took off their own costume off in search for the others being missing or capture by the three Phantom Revengers* That's all we want to know as well!

*Team Mario came out of their own costumes*
Mario: I'm glad you show up, Jade!
Luigi: Yeah, it's awful!
Yoshi: More awful! *Cathie crying in tears and Yoshi comfort her* There, there, Cathie, they'll be alright!
Peach: This is going to be a big search party.
Daisy: One problem, Peach, it takes all of us to solve the mystery and after gathering clues.
Toad: Yeah, and finding everybody who were captured by those mean ghosts.
Toadette: You mean the Phantom Revengers.
*Sonic and Tails shows up along with Amy and Knuckles bringing in someone familiar to Lan, Maylu, Maddy and Yahoot*
Sonic: We look around the stage for anybody and we've found...

Lan/Maylu/Maddy/Yahoot: Count Zap!
Lan: *to Count Zap* What happened?
Count Zap: I was about to talk to Mr. Match and the others about what happened at the talent show and then I fell down to the ground.
Tails: In other words, he fell when the trapdoor is already open.
Shaggy: Did you see anyone after you fell?
Count Zap: No, the only thing I can't do now is to get up.
Maddy: Why is that?
Count Zap: *in pain* My ankle!
Yahoot: My goodness!
Maddy: *As Amy and Knuckles place Count Zap on the chair while Tails place his foot on the footstool* I'll get the ice pack *As she heads for the kitchen*

(In the cyberworld)

Elec Man: I feel bad for my net operative not joining the search party.
Wacko Man: Don't worry we'll find them.
Magic Man: We have to search high and low to find them.
Mega Man: Right, Magic Man! We've got find our friends and their net operatives.

(The Dining Hall lights has been dimmed)

Phantom Revengers: *voices only* You will not solve this mystery!
Shaggy: Zoinks! It's the trio vocal of Phantom Revengers!
Scrappy-Doo: Alright, Revengers, what have you done to our friends? Huh?!?! Are you chickens?
Phantom Revengers: *voices only* We must get rid of the curse after all these years of what happened to the ones who were good family before the curse is born on this day and the ones who stop each case will be punished after what they done to get someone's revenge.
Jade: We won't give up until we gathered the clues, finding everyone and solve this mystery.

Phantom Revengers: *voices only to Jade* Don't bother trying, ACME the curse cause every family member to suffer the consequences and you as well. *Casper shows up*
Casper: You're wrong, you three are the ones are going to face the consequences you can't ruined Halloween and harm our friends.
Phantom Revengers: *voices only* That's what you all think? *Laughed so loud, four rolls of newspapers came out of nowhere as hit Drakken (Drakken: Ouch!), Lan (Lan: Hey!), Lee (Lee: Ow, gee whiz!) and Shaggy (Shaggy: Hey, what gives!) and then the lights became bright again *

Mario: Mamma Mia!
Luigi: I know paperboy throws a newspaper every morning, but this is ridiculous.
Jade: You guys alright?
Lan: Not quite, it seems we got these for free.
Maylu: No thanks to them.
Maylee: May I see one of them?
Lee: *as he gives the newspaper to Maylee* Careful not to get a papercut, Maylee! *Maylee gasped and saw something familiar*

Maylee: Hey, Jade, take a look at this paper.
Jade: Oh fudge!
Clover: What is it, Jade?
Jade: Take a look at these newspapers and the dates are on it.
Samantha: It looks like each of these cases we solved together.
Shaggy: Yeah, along with Fred and the girls.
Amy: It seems it's a revenge of what happened to the thieves that you all captured.
Jade: All but one got away.
Sonic: Therefore, we find everyone, gather the clues and reminiscing the cases you guys solve.
Mario: We like to hear how you solve the cases together. (The four newspaper headlines after each one is unrolled are as followers: Infested Invasion of Dentech Solved, New Zealand's Blob Troubles Solved, The Phantom of London is Solved, but thief escapes again, and Middleton's Founder's Day Mishap is solved)

Jade: Alright then let's search high and low for clues, anybody we know and then gather the clues to solve this mystery.

Lan: Good idea, Jade!
Ivy: Let's do that!
Maylu: Jade, can you, Ivy, Maylee and Lee be the team captain for each group of finders?
Jade: Why not? *Both Shaggy and Scooby each gulped*
Shaggy: I was afraid she might say that.
Scooby-Doo: Me too!
Casper: We've got to, and I can help open locked doors to make it easier for you guys.
Lee: Yeah, Casper is the only ghost who can do that.
Casper: I'll do that right now! *Casper goes invisible and phase away*

Yahoot: I hate to brag, but, that outfit reminds me of Carmen Sandiego, except the color, of course, Miss Jade.
Jade: Thanks for the compliment, Yahoot! Can you stay downstairs while the rest of us go upstairs?
Yahoot: Indeed, I'll set up from my van.
Drakken: I'll help you, too, Yahoot for your friend's sake.
Shego: Yeah, I'll watch out for anything serious.
Kim: For what, Shego, my family and Ron are in danger. *Maddy return from the kitchen with an ice bag on her hand*
Count Zap: Hey, hey, cut it out you two! *Maddy place an ice bag onto Count Zap's ankle* Easy, Maddy!
Maddy: A friend of VILE would never leave someone behind even in pain, we'll stay here.

Jade: These four newspapers are indeed the cases we solve but why would the Phantom Revengers want revenge on us as well?
Lee: There's bound an explanation behind all this, Jade so let's move out.
Mario: Sonic and the rest of us will stay downstairs.
Tails: *to Jade, Lee, Ivy and Maylee* Contact me, if you guys need help through my Miles Electric. (A multi-functional electronic handheld device it's like an i-Pad except with a handle and antennas added/ I don't own this device whatsoever)
Jade: Thanks, Tails, we'll do that just in case we're in trouble.
Lee: Exactly, Tails, we'll do, so let's pair up and split up.
Ivy: Kim Possible, you're with me.
Lee: I'll take the WOOHP girls.
Samantha/Clover/Alex: Cool!
Maylee: Ritchie, Sparky, Goh and Grookey you're coming with me.
Goh: Alright!
Jade: Lan, Maylu, Rush, you're with me, Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy. *Shaggy and Scooby both gulped* And each of us grab a newspaper to the ones we solved together while searching for clues and everyone.

(End of Chapter Four)
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Chapter Five: Infested Invasion, part one (in the first flashback case...I don't own the characters Proto Man and his net operative, Chaud Blaze, Number Man and his net operative, Higsby, Dr. Hikari, Famous, Kiefer and Manuela whatsoever)

Tails: *on screen at Jade's padphone* Jade, tell us about the newspaper you chose.
Jade: Well, Tails, it's about the infested invasion in the Dentech area.
Sonic: *on screen at Jade's padphone* That's amazing!
Mario: *on screen at Jade's padphone* Tell us more.
Jade: Well, it was right after I've got a message from ACME Japan that the Net Police needs my help solving this infested invasion case around the Dentech area.

*Jade's flashback begins*

Sci-Lab, Dentech area, Tokyo, Japan

Scrappy-Doo: Oh boy, I wish my uncle and his gang is coming to help us with this case.
Jade: Relax, they will come trust me as of now, you're with me and don't touch anything inside, clear?
Scrappy-Doo: One hundred percent crystal clear. *As he and Jade enters Sci-Lab*

Security Guard (male): *to Jade as she gasped* Hey, no dogs allowed ma'am!
Jade: *showing her digital ID badge to the security guard* He's with me, sir.
Security Guard: I don't care what you say, ma'am, but dogs are not allowed in this building.

Scrappy-Doo: Oh, yeah, well I'm just...*Jade grabs him by her hands*
Jade: Scrappy, do me a favor and wait outside I'll give you the details later.
Scrappy-Doo: Oh alright, Miss Jade, whatever you say, I'll go outside. *As he leaves the building*

Jade's mind: *as Jade enters the building* At least I left my cats with mom.

Outside of Sci-Lab

Scrappy-Doo: Boy, I'm really steam and huh?!?! *Scrappy sees a van* Hmm, what's a van parking across from Sci-Lab, I'd better check it out!
Casper: *voice only* I couldn't agree more, Scrappy! *As he appears* Let me help you get into the van.
Scrappy-Doo: Thanks, Casper! *As he follows Casper to the van*

Inside Sci-Lab *after Jade came, she sees Spencer Ross, Brenda N. Butters, Ivan Idea, Dr. Hikari, Famous, Lan and Chaud shows up as well*

Spencer: I'm glad you show up, because this is important not only for the Net Police, but for ACME Japan as well.
Jade: So, what's going on, Chief Kiefer?
Kiefer: I'm glad you asked me that, Famous! *Famous turns on the big screen...Jade gasped as she recognized someone*

Jade: Oh my gosh! Is that...?
Lan: *interrupted* Yeah, Jade, it's my mother, she's unconscious when I came back from school since yesterday.
Jade: What's wrong with her?
Dr. Hikari: I don't know what's wrong with my wife, all I know is that she ends up in the hospital since yesterday, doctors don't know what causes to be unconscious.

Manuela: Mrs. Hikari isn't the only one. *Famous switch to the next picture on screen*
Jade: Oh fudge! Lan, is that Miss Mari?
Lan: It is, Jade, she and the other staffs at Dentech Academy are all unconscious since this morning.
Kiefer: We don't know what causes people unconscious people saw a buzzing swarm of bees out of nowhere.
Jade: I'll better contact an ACME agent who knows about bugs and how to prevent them from being unconscious. *All of the sudden the security guard who brought in a package inside*

Security Guard: Sorry to interrupt, Dr. Hikari, Mr. Famous...*Famous clears his throat* Sorry, I mean Famous, someone drop off this package it's address to you.
Famous: This better be important. *As he opened and surprised, he saw Scrappy-Doo tied up, blindfold and gagged* What the...
Jade: *as she looks at the package* What's going...Scrappy?!?! *As she untied, unblindfold and ungagged him* I told you to wait outside for me.
Scrappy-Doo: Sorry, Miss Jade, I was investigating outside and...

Chaud: *interrupted* Uh, Miss Jade, who is that dog?
Jade: I'm sorry, everybody this is Scrappy-Doo!
Lan: Scrappy-Doo! *Laughed out loud*
Jade: Not funny, Lan! He's the nephew of the Mystery, Inc. member, Scooby-Doo.
Dr. Hikari: No way, I remember my father told me about Mystery, Inc. I didn't know Scooby-Doo has family.
Jade: He does, Dr. Hikari.

*On the computer screen there was Mega Man and Proto Man*
Proto Man: Didn't realize that.
Mega Man: Neither do I? *Casper appeared on the screen*
Casper: Oh hi, Jade! Hello there, robots!
Proto Man: Robots?!?!
Mega Man: *after seeing Casper yelled* GHOST!!!!!!! *Jumped onto Proto Man's arms being scared of Casper*
Proto Man: *to Mega Man* Get off of me, Mega Man!
Mega Man: Sorry, Proto Man! *As he jumped off of Proto Man still scared*
Jade: Casper, what're you doing on the screen? Your cute face scared Mega Man.
Casper: Oops! Sorry, Mega Man! *As he gets off the computer screen* Trying to hide from getting caught while Scrappy and I do some investigating outside.
Jade: Outside?!?!
Scrappy-Doo: We can explain. *Famous found a note inside the package*

Famous: Yes, explain this note.
Jade: *as Famous gave the note to Jade...reads the note* I'm gonna get you for what you did to me almost twenty years ago, your career should have been mine, Dr. Tadashi Hikari, not your successor, that smart-aleck son of yours, I'll make sure of that until he gives up his career until then I'm infesting Dentech.
Chaud: Smart aleck?!?! Infesting Dentech?!?!
Lan: Oh no, whoever wrote this note is going after your career, dad.
Kiefer: I agree with Agent Lan here.
Manuela: Your career's at stake, Dr. Hikari.

Ivan: Jade, that's the reason, this infesting invasion has already begun and that's why ACME Japan needs your help to solve.
Jade: Right, we better gathered some clues and solve this infesting mystery before it gets worse.
*Chaud's PET beeps*
Chaud: *gasped* What the...*shocked after he saw the message* Oh no, *to Lan, Dr. Hikari, Famous, Kiefer, Manuela and Jade* You all have to excuse me there's something wrong at Blaze Quest.
Proto Man: *on screen* I'd better go, Mega Man! Be careful!
Mega Man: *on screen* You too, Proto Man! *As Proto Man returns to Chaud's PET*
Jade: *activated the C-5 corridor after she send in the coordinates to Blaze Quest for Chaud's sake* Be careful, Chaud! Keep us posted. *To Lan* Let's move it, Lan!
Lan: Right!
Brenda: Jade, Lan, we're all counting on you.
Jade: Thanks, Brenda! Casper, Scrappy!
Scrappy-Doo: You got it, Jade!

Lan's House

*As the C-5 appears so are Jade, Lan and Scrappy outside of the house*
Jade: Lan, can you show me where your mother ends up unconscious at?
Lan: Yeah, right here! *Jade squats down near the grass*
Jade: Lan, did any of your neighbors seen what happened yesterday?
Lan: Don't think so, except for some salesman came out of nowhere.
Jade: Is the salesman selling something other than insurance?
Lan: Not exactly, Jade, that's all my mom remember for two days! *Casper opens the door from the inside*
Casper: Come on in you, guys!
Jade: Glad you came early for us to look around here.

Inside Lan's House

*After Jade uses her charger to charge her padphone, she notices something from the refrigerator door she grabs it with her disposable rubber gloves*

Jade: Odd!
Lan: *voice only* Jade, are you thirsty or something?
Jade: *as she came to Lan and shows him the magnetic business card* No, Lan, I was wondering is this the one who came here two days ago.
Lan: Sure is, according to my mother, the salesman told her that he's a lawyer from Boston and one of his clients is suing dad for damages, if you don't mind, Jade, I'll check the mail. *As he heads back outside to check the mail*
Jade: Alright, Lan! *quietly* A lawyer from Boston?!?! Hmm...*quietly* The Law Offices of Francis Ritter?!?! *Uses her padphone and search for the place and saw the name but in the different business* That's odd!

Lan: *voice only* What's this? Some new restaurant is opening here I don't get it.
Mega Man: *As Lan came back inside the house* Lan, what's wrong?
Lan: Jade, Mega Man, look at this flyer!
Jade: *reading the flyer* Opening Soon! Mr. Grinder's Subs?!?! Since when do a sub sandwich restaurant decide to hand over flyers by mail.
Scrappy-Doo: Mr. Grinder's Subs?!?! I never heard of it.
Jade: Now, Scrappy-Doo, tell me what happened outside of Sci-Lab?!?!

Scrappy-Doo: Well, me and Casper were supposed to check out a van.
Casper: However, after I opened the back door, some man showed up I disappeared while he grabs Scrappy-Doo.
Scrappy-Doo: I didn't take a look at his face for a second. *He hears something buzzing thanks to his ears* Uh oh!
Jade: *gasped* Kiefer warn us about a buzzing swarm of bees!
Maylu: *voice only* Help, Lan!
Lan: That's Maylu! Hang on! *As he headed outside*
Jade: Lan! *As she gasped when a buzzing swarm of bees coming to Lan's neighborhood* Oh no, Lan and Maylu are in trouble!
Scrappy-Doo: Do something, Jade!
Jade: Going advanced! *Jade's bracelet transforms her outfit into her advanced instant battle suit*

*Lan and Maylu screaming together as they get into Lan's house for safety, but the swarm of bees are coming for them*
Jade: Lan, Maylu, get behind me! *And Lan and Maylu did what Jade told them to do*
Lan/Maylu: Jade?!?! *As the swarm of bees are coming in, Jade stops them with her force field reflector*
Scrappy-Doo: Oh boy, you did it, Jade!

Casper: *to Lan and Maylu* Are you two alright?
Lan: We're fine!
Maylu: Whoa, a ghost!
Lan: Don't worry, Maylu, he's not that scary.
Maylu: Thank goodness!

Jade: *return back to her outfit* Tell me what happened, Maylu?
Maylu: I was heading for my dad's office after what happened this morning while on my way to Dentech Academy.
Jade: I heard what happened to Miss Mari and the other staffs there, and...
Maylu: And my mother sends me to bring my father the project he forgot to grab before the staff meeting begins and when I got there to my dad...*starts crying and puts her head on Lan's shoulder*

Jade: Oh no, let me guess, your father was unconscious after he and his co-workers were stinged by bees.
Roll: That's what happened, Jade!
Mega Man: I bet it's invading everywhere around this area.
Jade: You're right, Mega Man!
Casper: This is bad!
Scrappy-Doo: Whoever this infested invader is...wham! That invader is splat!
Jade: *As she uses her padphone to send these bees back to Sci-Lab* I'll make sure these bees are going to be analyze and find out what causes everyone to be unconscious.

(End of Chapter Five: I'm not finished with this flashback case just yet)
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Chapter Six: Lock-In! (Note: I struggle to get the first flashback story right)

Inside the big mansion, Glendale, Milwaukee County, WI, USA

(First part of Jade's flashback fades)

Tails: *on screen on Jade's padphone* Wow! You stop the bees talk about being a human bug zapper.
Jade: True, Tails, that's what...hold on, Tails!
Casper: *quietly to Jade, Shaggy, Scooby, Scrappy, Lan and Maylu* In here.
Jade: *quietly* Good work, Casper! We'll investigate here.
Casper: *quietly* Better help the others!
Jade: Thanks, Casper! *As Casper phasing down while Jade, Shaggy, Scooby, Scrappy, Lan and Maylu enter the bedroom*

Tails: *on screen after Jade sees a picture of someone familiar as a kid* Jade, find something?
Jade: Yeah, this is Todd's old bedroom.
Scrappy-Doo: And look there's one of the Phantom Revengers, time to splash this one...Ta dadada ta daaa!
Scooby-Doo: Oh no!
Scrappy-Doo: *jumped onto the bed* Puppy Power!!!
Jade: Scrappy, no!
Shaggy: *as he covers his eyes with Scooby's paws* I can't look!
Mr. Match: *voice only* Oof!
Scrappy-Doo: I got him!
Shaggy/Scooby-Doo: Scrappy!
Jade: *grabs Scrappy* Scrappy...*gasped as she notices who is on Todd's old bed with the blanket uncovered and already awake thanks to Scrappy*

Lan/Maylu: Mr. Match!
Scrappy: *as Mr. Match catches his breath after being woke up by Scrappy* I thought you were one of the Phantom Revengers.
Mr. Match: Are you kidding? *Catches his breath* I'm not, but I ought...
Scooby-Doo: Sorry for what my nephew did to you.
Mr. Match: No, no, I want just wanted to say thank you to him.
Lan: What happened?
Mr. Match: *as he gets off from Todd's old bed* All I remember was after I was captured along with Moe and Lars, they those two go and knock me down with some weird medicine.

Jade: Not like what happened in the Dentech area, right, Mr. Match?
Mr. Match: *nodded his head 'yes'* Aye, lass!
Tails: *on screen* Speaking of the Dentech area...can you tell me what happened in the infested invasion case? *Someone slams the bedroom door behind everyone*
Shaggy: What the...*as he and Scooby went to the door* The door is locked.
Jade: Oh fudge!
Phantom Revenger#1: *voice only laughing out loud* I told you never will solve this mystery...since you're here look around for a key. *Laughed out loud*

Shaggy: Let's look for one, Scooby, look under the bed.
Scooby-Doo: No way! Too dark!
Scrappy-Doo: *Jade brings out her flashlight* Miss Jade, may I borrow your flashlight?
Jade: *gives her flashlight to Scrappy* Smart idea, Scrappy, you and your uncle look under the bed together.
Scooby-Doo: Oh brother!
Shaggy: Remember Lee's warning, Scooby?
Scooby-Doo: Oh right, I forgot! *As he and Scrappy looks under Todd's old bed for a key*

Velma: *voice only* Scooby, Shaggy, is that you?
Shaggy: That's Velma, where are you?
Velma: *voice only* We're in this closet! *Shaggy came to the closet*
Shaggy: *tries to open the closet door* Oh terrific, the closet is lock too.
Dex: *voice only* Help us!
Chisao: *voice only* Please help!
Yai/Tory: *voices only* Get us outer here!
Maylu: This is awful!
Roll: I'll say, Maylu!
Guts Man: *voice only* Guts, is that you, Roll?
Mega Man: Hey, that's Guts Man!
Roll: Guts Man, where are you?
Guts Man: *voice only* Guts, in the drawer near the bedroom door.

Jade: *after she sees the dresser drawer* Of course, the dresser drawer.
Maylu: Yeah, only the top one has a keyhole.
Jade: Let's open the remaining of the dresser drawer right now. *As she and Maylu open one drawer at a time*
Jade: Hello, just found four PETs.
Lan: There's Guts Man, Glide, Ice Man and...

Mr. Match: *interrupted as he came and grabs his PET* Torch Man!
Torch Man: Mr. Match, are you alright?
Mr. Match: I'm *yawned* tired...oh no, the medicine. *Fainted to the floor*
Torch Man: Mr. Match!
Tails: *on screen* This is bad, why don't you transfer him here. *Jade hangs up her padphone*
Jade: Good idea, Mr. Match needs some air anyway. *As she places Mr. Match's PET to his pants to be safe with him and activated the C-5 to transport him to the dining hall with her padphone...to Lan as she gave him one of her picklocks* Lan, use this one to pick the closet door.
Lan: Got it, Jade! *Uses the picklock Jade gave him to freed Velma, Dex, Chisao, Yai and Tory*

Maylu: *got the three remaining PETs* I've got the rest!
Lan: I've got you guys! *As he opens the closet door and out comes Dex, Chisao, Yai and Tory*
Dex: Thanks, Lan, Maylu, Miss Jade, where's Mr. Match?
Jade: Safe, Dex, say where's Velma?

Velma: *voice only* Can't see without my glasses.
Maylu: *after she gave the three PETs back to Dex, Yai and Tory* I see them.
Velma: *voice only* Where?
Maylu: In this drawer along with the PETs. *Jade grab Velma's glasses, cleans it with her lens wipes and Jade came to the closet*
Jade: *to Velma* Next time, get yourself some titanium frames so they don't fell off from your face that easy.
Velma: *puts back her glasses* Thanks, but I can't afford them like you do.... Hey, where are we?
Jade: I don't want to judge you, but we're locked in Todd's old bedroom.
Shaggy: And we better look at the top drawer maybe the key's in there.
Jade: *as she uses a small picklock to pick the lock on top of the dresser drawer* I'll find out.

Scrappy-Doo: *As he and Scooby came out from under the bed* Bad news, Miss Jade, no key.
Scooby-Doo: *sneezes* Nothing but dust bunnies!
Velma: *to Shaggy and Jade* Any luck finding the key?
Shaggy: *after looking at the end drawer* Nope, no key!
Jade: *grabs something out of the top dresser drawer* Just a laptop computer!

Velma: Sounds like an important clue. *Jade set up the laptop computer just in time*
Shaggy: Yeah, like let's look for a locksmith to get us outer here.
Jade: There's no Wi-Fi in this house...hello, what do we got here?
Velma: *looking at the screen* It's a document file! *Velma uses the mouse less pad to click on the document file* Jinks, this is a birth certificate.
Jade: The name is Evan Ritter born on October 31, 1985...whoa, hold on that's Todd's birthdate.
Shaggy: So, like is there a connection between Todd and a guy named Evan Ritter?

Jade: Only one way to...*Something scratches from the screen while everyone screaming and covered their own ears*
Phantom Revenger#1: *voice only laughed out loud* You think could get outer here so easily...think again, in fact you all are lock here forever.
Jade: Why is that?
Phantom Revenger#1: *voice only* You found about one of the nicest family members before the curse arrives on Halloween. *Laughed out loud*
Lan: What does the phantom mean by that?
Jade: Remember what happened in the Dentech area, Lan, I remember I show you that magnetic business card I look of that place, however, there is the name Francis Ritter but he's not a lawyer, he's a used car salesman.
Phantom Revenger#1: *voice only* You figure it out, detective, yes, his dream is ruined thanks to the curse...and here's the proof! *Seeing a man losing a customer refusing to sell a used car from him... [Francis: *yelled* CURSE YOU, EVAN RITTER!!!] and then the screen returns to normal and Jade's padphone ringed Jade answered and it's Tails*

Jade: Tails, so glad you call me back!
Tails: *on screen* Where are you?
Jade: We're locked in Todd's old bedroom and no key to get us outer here.
Tails: *on screen* At least Mr. Match is okay asleep what happened to him?
Lan: Some weird medicine knocks him up.
Yai: Whoever this phantom is not going to keep me here forever.
Tory: Me too, it's not like what happened in Dentech area.
Velma: *raising her eyebrows* Dentech area?!?!
Shaggy: You didn't even remember what happened there, but we all did thanks to Miss Jade!
Scrappy-Doo: Yeah and of course we all solve that infested invasion mystery there.

Tails: I'll send someone to freed you guys in the meantime can you continue on with the story?
Jade: I'll be glad to continue with the story, just let me find a place to plug my charger for my padphone's sake.

(End of Chapter Six: Part two of the first flashback case is coming up)
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Chapter Seven: Infested Invasion, part two

In Todd's old bedroom at the big mansion

Tails: *after Jade plugging in her charger to her padphone* Alright, Jade, continue with the story.
Jade: Well, Tails, after I send in the bees back to Sci-Lab via padphone.

*Jade's flashback begins*

Dentech area, Tokyo, Japan

Spencer: *on screen on Jade's padphone while Jade, Lan, Maylu, Scrappy and Casper strolling around the area* Thanks for bringing the bees turns out they're not real bees!
Jade: Figure these bees are robots, huh?
Brenda: *on screen on Jade's padphone* That's right and we've found that their sting contains liquid sedative.
Lan/Maylu: Liquid sedative?!?!
Famous: *on screen on Jade's padphone* Just like using those for medical purposes, however, we've found out what ingredients contains in this liquid.
Jade: Such as?!?!
Famous: *on screen* Ethanol and Nitrous Oxide.

Lan: Nitrous Oxide?!?!
Mega Man: Lan, it's also known as laughing gas.
Jade: Expect this one is used for anesthetic and pain relief purposes mostly on oral surgery, right, Famous?
Famous: *on screen* True, but also used during childbirth or trauma related injuries.
Jade: My guess is someone stole the Nitrous Oxide and Ethanol to create that liquid sedative.
Famous: *on screen* However, we also found out that chamomile is added.
Jade: Of course, chamomile is one of the herbal sedative plants.

Roll: This is really serious!
Mega Man: And we all better find...
Scrappy-Doo: *pointed his paw to the van* Jade, look, there's the van I'm talking about.
Jade: Good work, Scrappy!
Casper: *as Jade grabs her nanotech goggles from her backpack* Mind if I opened the back door?
Jade: No need, Casper, I don't want to look inside, besides, the owner of the van will not give me permission to search the van for clues or any evidence.

*People screaming and running because of a swarm of mosquitos?!?! All of the sudden Mystery, Inc. [Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Fred, Velma and Daphne] splits up to run away from the group of scorpions attacking the Mystery Machine*

Scrappy-Doo: Oh no, Uncle Scooby! *As he starts following his uncle and Shaggy*
Maylu: This is not good, Lan!
Lan: Maylu, I'll follow that puppy he could get hurt. *Rush the cyber dog pops out from the cyberworld and barked*
Maylu: Watch out for mosquitos, Lan.
Lan: *as he leaves by using his in-line skating* I will!
Jade: Be careful, Lan!
Yai: *voice only and yelled* HELP ME!
Maylu: Come on, Rush! Yai needs help! *Rush barked as he and Maylu leaves*
Jade: Great, Casper, go invisible, find anybody, and tell them to get to safety.
Casper: *as he goes invisible* You got it, Jade! *And he floats away*

Wily: *voice only as Jade is about to switch her glasses* I wouldn't be checking the van just yet if I were you.
Jade: *turns around and see Mr. Wily* Wily, I hope it's not you behind all this.
Wily: Not I nor Carmen Sandiego.
Jade: I already know Carmen never would pull off an invasion like this.
Wily: It seems she never does...You see, my dear, I was thinking the same thing as of now however, it was a big mistake to do that.
Jade: How would you know, Wily?

Wily: *as his flashback begins as the younger version of himself* I used to design those infested invasion to create fear, however, I knew that would be a big mistake, so I hidden those scraps in an unknown island and then years later I [in later years] send in Mr. Match [probably in his 20s and with short hair] there to destroy those scraps, but he came back without it...*his flashback fades* I've figured the one who stole those scraps use it for world domination.

Jade: More likely going after someone else's job.
Wily: I beg your pardon.
Jade: It's true, someone wants Dr. Hikari's job at Sci-Lab by infested the Dentech area, until he gives up his career. *Until smokescreen came and Wily screamed, he and the van disappeared* Oh fudge! Wily, huh?!?! *As she sees something familiar* The same flyer as before, what if...*she snapped her fingers, searches for the name and knew it was fake all along while headed somewhere in Dentech*

(End of Chapter Seven: Wait for the conclusion soon)
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Chapter Eight: Infested Invasion, part three

*In the Ayano's limousine, Yai is scared over the swarm of mosquitos*
Glide: Calm down, Miss Yai, I swore somebody's coming to your rescue.
Yai: I hope so, Glide, my driver got stung by a mosquito. *Started to cry until someone knock on the passage door, she presses the window button down and is shocked* Maylu?!?!
Maylu: Yai, are you alright?
Yai: I am, but not my driver...*screamed as a swarm of scorpions is coming to the limousine*
Maylu: C'mon, Yai, let's get your driver out before it's too late!
Yai: Okay! *As Maylu headed for the driver's side, a sewer rat coming for her when she screams*

Meanwhile in the other part of the Dentech area...

*Lan searches for Scrappy he stopped skating and found Scrappy*
Lan: Scrappy?!?!
Scrappy-Doo: Shh! *Quietly as he shows Lan his uncle, his friend talking to a man holding a big brown bag* There's my uncle Scooby and Shaggy!

Joe Grinder: Listen boys, I got these 'potato chips' at Higsby's; he'll give you a free sample of his 'potato chips.'
Shaggy: That's great, Mr. Grinder!
Joe: And your dog, will like his 'dog biscuits'
Scooby-Doo: Dog biscuits?!?! *Sticks his tongue out* Yuck!
Shaggy: He prefers Scooby Snacks!
Joe: Oh, Higsby has some of those too. *Scooby licks his lips with his tongue*
Shaggy: Why thanks, man! *To Scooby-Doo* C'mon, Scoob, let's go! *As he and Scooby leaves for Higsby's and Joe leaves on the other way*

Scrappy: Higsby's?!?! *To Lan* Does this Higsby sell potato chips?
Lan: No way, Scrappy, he sells battle chips!
Scrappy: Let's follow my uncle and Shaggy!
Lan: Right! *As he and Scrappy goes quietly*


Higsby: *voice only from the outside* So Tory, how's Shuko?
Inside Higsby's
Tory Froid: She's fine, Higsby, but not my dad.
Higsby: Still unconiscous?
Tory: Yeah? And I can't believe you still selling those battle chips to the same person when Shuko should have bring them to Sci-Lab.
Higsby: She couldn't after she was got almost go unconscious against those bees since yesterday, she told me not to sell them, but that man did.

Shaggy: *voice only* Yoo-hoo, Mr. Higsby!
Higsby: Yes, can I help you?
Shaggy: Do you sell potato chips?
Scooby-Doo: And Scooby Snacks?
Higsby: I'm sorry, I don't sell those who told you this?
Shaggy: A guy named Joe Grinder told us.
Higsby: Oh no!
Shaggy: What do you mean?
Higsby: That Grinder guy he's just lying to the both of you, if you both are hungry go to #1 Curry.

Lan: *voice only* That's where I go to eat.
Shaggy and Scooby-Doo: *as both of them turns around and saw Lan and Scrappy* Scrappy?!?!
Scrappy-Doo: Oh, Uncle Scooby, Shaggy!
Higsby: Oh hi, Lan, anything I can do for you?
Lan: Maybe you can tell me what's going on here?
Higsby: Of course!
Tory: Me too, Lan!

Shaggy: We'll leave you guys alone, while we chow down at #1 Curry.
Scooby-Doo: I hope they got curry-flavored Scooby Snacks. *As he, Shaggy and Scrappy leaves*

[In the cyberworld]

Mega Man: *to Number Man* Your net-op was scared?
Number Man: Yeah, in front of a man, looking at that briefcase Spout Man's net-op brought in yesterday. (Spout [Aqua] Man and his net operative, Shuko, I don't own them whatsoever and yes, they don't appear in this story but is mentioned already)
Ice Man: That's cold!
Number Man: Higsby warns the man that briefcase is not for sale.
Mega Man: Lan, have found what's in that briefcase?

Lan: *voice only* I'm going too, right now.

Inside Higsby's

Higsby: *bringing in the briefcase to Lan* Here's the briefcase! *As he opens the briefcase, Lan is shocked*
Lan: Whoa! I never seen these kinds of battle chips before.
Tory: Me neither! *Until he gasped and saw a sewer rat* Yikes, a sewer rat!
Higsby: Oh no!
Lan: We've better get outer here!
Tory: C'mon, Higsby!
Higsby: But...
Tory: Let's leave! *As he grabs Higsby, while Lan grabs the briefcase, and they ran out of Higsby's*
Lan: We've got to take this briefcase to Sci-Lab! *Higsby screams as he sees more sewer rats coming their way*

In the other part of the Dentech area...

Velma: I can't see my glasses...they should be around here somewhere. *As she bumped into two men*
Bodyguard#1: Are you lost, lady?
Velma: No, I just lost my glasses!
Chaud: *as he came with Velma's glasses* You mean like these!
Velma: Yes, thank you? *As Chaud gave back her glasses and she put them back on* Huh?!?! A tween boy.
Chaud: My men saw you escaping from the swarm of mosquitos along with your friends escaping from a swarm of scorpions.
Velma: Yeah, they were attacking the Mystery Machine, but why?
Chaud: I don't think these mosquitos and scorpions are not real.
Velma: How did you know, uh...?
Chaud: Chaud Blaze, vice president of Blaze Quest games, I believe someone is infesting the Dentech area and it has to do with one of Sci-Lab's employers, unfortunately, my father was supposed to have a meeting today, but he and his staffs were stung by mosquitos.
Velma: I'm sorry about your father.
Bodyguard#2: Sir, shall we get you to Sci-Lab?
Chaud: Of course, and you [Velma], ma'am, would like to come along?
Velma: Yes, and by the way the name's Velma Dinkley!
Chaud: *As he and Velma enter the limousine* Tell me about yourself and who are your friends?
Velma: I would like to tell you about us. *The driver closes the passage side door*

Meanwhile at #1 Curry

Dex: *to Shaggy as Count Zap place a plate to him* Enjoy the curry sample platter.
Shaggy: Like thanks, man.
Chisao: *as he gave Scooby and Scrappy something special for them* Here you guys are?
Scrappy-Doo: Oh boy, Uncle Scooby, there's a Scooby Snack for you.
Scooby-Doo: And a special dish for you too, Scrappy!

In the back of #1 Curry

Count Zap: *to Mr. Match* I'm glad, Lan, isn't here this time.
Mr. Match: Not this time after what happened yesterday.
Count Zap: That's unbelievable, I hope there's no problems today. *Maddy screaming so loud*
Mr. Match: Oh no!
Count Zap: Don't tell me, Maddy, mess up her makeup again. *As he and Mr. Match came to Maddy, her face is scared in fear*
Mr. Match: *to Maddy* What's the matter with you?
Count Zap: Should have you been...
Maddy: *scared* In the pantry closet? Yes, Count Zap.
Mr. Match: But why?
Maddy: See for yourself, boys! * Mr. Match and Count Zap doesn't believe in Maddy as they opened the pantry closet door and Count Zap screams*

*Outside of #1 Curry*

Mr. Match: *voice only and yelled as Jade shows up looking for Mr. Wily* BLISTER ME BAGPIPES!!!!
Jade: Match?!?! *Fred and Daphne screaming so loud running from the swarm of mosquitos* Fred, Daphne...this isn't good, going advance! *Her bracelet transforms her outfit into her advanced instant battle suit* Fred, Daphne, behind me!
Daphne: Jade!
Fred: Good idea! *As they came and get behind Jade* Why, Jade?
Jade: Trust me, Fred! *As the swarm of mosquitos came and surprises the mosquitos are knock down thanks to her force field reflector*
Fred: That was close!
Shaggy: *voice only and yelled* ZOINKS!!! ROACHES!
Scooby-Doo: *voice only and yelled* HELP!!!
Scrappy-Doo: *voice only* Get away from my Uncle Scooby!
Daphne: That's Scrappy's voice.
Fred: And Shaggy and Scooby they're inside that restaurant.
Jade: Fred, Daphne, check inside, I'll go around the back.

Daphne: *as Jade goes around the back* Be careful, Jade! *As she and Fred enters #1 Curry and saw cockroaches infested the place*
Dex: *scared* Get away from my curry.
Shaggy: Get away from my platter.
Chisao: Help us get the pest controller.

Maddy: *voice only* Eek!!!
Daphne: Freddy!
Fred: Don't worry, Daphne, just go behind!
Daphne: *as she goes behind the restaurant* I will, Freddy!
Count Zap: *holding a pair of lightbulbs while Mr. Match uses a push broom to whack the cockroaches away* Get back, I've got my bug zapper, Mr. Match!
Mr. Match: C'mon, lassies, outside!
Daphne: *as Mr. Match grabs her and Maddy* Hey, what's your problem, pal?
Mr. Match: Trust me, you don't your hair to be fry, do you?
Daphne: No thanks!
Mr. Match: Dex, get the customers outer here!
Dex: *voice only* No problem! *Screamed so loud*

Around back of #1 Curry

*As Jade [back to her outfit] is about to search at a storage shed someone grabs her*
Yahoot: *to Jade from behind* What are you doing?
Jade: *as she is turning around* Just see what's in this storage shed?
Yahoot: *as he heard someone inside the storage shed* Oh my! *He opens the storage shed and shocked* Mr. Wily!
Jade: *as she shocks when Mr. Wily was gagged and tied up and place on the front* Oh my gosh!
Fred: *voice only* Jade!
Jade: Over here! *As Fred, Daphne, Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy shows up*
Shaggy: *As Jade and Yahoot drags Mr. Wily out of the storage shed* Jade, what are you doing here?
Jade: What else, Shaggy? Handling infested invasion case, the area has been invasion with bugs.
Yahoot: My restaurant included?

Mr. Match: *voice only* Aye, Yahoot! *As he, Dex, Chisao and Maddy came as well*
Maddy: There's lot of roaches there...*she and Mr. Match gasped when they saw their old boss...with Mr. Match in unison* Mr. Wily!
Daphne: That's really surprise me and girl [Maddy], your eyeshadow is too heavy no man would ever want you.
Maddy: *to Daphne* What do you mean?
Daphne: You need to lighten up on your make-up because your face reminds me of my great-great-great-grandaunt. *Maddy's face is in rage*

Mr. Wily: Calm down, Maddy! Where's Count Zap?
Count Zap: *voice only* Over here, Mr. Wily! *Dex, Chisao, Mr. Wily, Mr. Match, Maddy and Yahoot gasped when they saw Count Zap being smoked and dizzy at the same time from zapping the cockroaches* Took care of the problem! *He faints to the ground*
Scrappy-Doo: *As he saw something familiar on Count Zap* Hello, what do we got here?
Jade: Scrappy, be careful!
Scrappy-Doo: Jade, look, a cockroach on Count Zap. *After Jade puts on her disposable rubber gloves and brought in a shockproof tweezer from her backpack*
Jade: Scrappy, grab the evidence bag!
Scrappy-Doo: Got it, Jade!


*Almost two hours later, after Count Zap woke up and the cockroach was sent in just in time*

Lan: I'm glad you and Yai are okay, Maylu.
Maylu: Thanks to Spencer and Brenda showing up just in time.
Yai: And they save my driver and brought to the hospital.
Lan: I wonder why. *Yai started to cry*

[In the cyberworld]

Mega Man: Oh no, Glide, let me guess, Yai's father, right?
Glide: It's true, Miss Yai's father and the staffs were about to go on a business trip unfortunately a swarm of scorpions destroyed the plane and one of the bees stung him yesterday.
Proto Man: Just like Chaud's father and the staffs they were stung by a swarm of mosquitos today.

Ivan: *after looking at the cockroach on the electronic microscope* Just as we suspected unlike the bees, the mosquitos, and the sewer rats, this cockroach and the scorpions that Spencer and Brenda are found contains the same microchip that has the named 'Sci-Lab' on it.

Dr. Hikari: *as he sees the microchip and shocked to recognize already* Ah, it's one of the missing corrupted microchips, no wonder the Net Police can't find those years ago and the battle chips Lan brought in were also corrupted as well.
Manuela: This means the person who did it wants revenge against you, Dr. Hikari.

Kiefer: It seems the perpetrator has use these and in bug form.
Velma: And it could be someone who knew about Sci-Lab technology and doesn't have access to it but took it anyway.

Jade: Velma's right, it means the mystery is about to be solve.
Famous: And whoever it is punished for this crime.
Velma: Glad you agree, Mr. Famous...
Famous: It's just Famous, Velma!
Velma: Sorry, I mean Famous, you and Dr. Hikari has something to do with this invasion.
Famous: *as Dr. Hikari gasped* What?!?!
Lan: No way, dad would never done that, he wouldn't hurt mom for something awful as this infested invasion.
Manuela: Same with Famous, Velma.

Fred: But they work for Sci-Lab, we believe they're the ones corrupted the microchips.
Lan: That was a long time ago and dad would never done that.
Chaud: And Famous is an expert in net recovery.
Dr. Hikari: It's true on all counts, Fred, trust us.

Shaggy: Let's not forget Mr. Higsby!
Higsby: What?!?! No, I would never commit this crime, honest.
Fred: But you were the only one selling those corrupted battle chips.
Velma: If you stole those from Sci-Lab.
Higsby: I would never.

Daphne: I bet the old man [Mr. Wily] has something to hide.
Mr. Match/Count Zap/Maddy/Yahoot: Mr. Wily?!?!

Jade: Hold on a minute, Daphne, I'm no Chase Devineaux, but he [Mr. Wily] told me that those were scraps he created years ago but realize that mistake would harm the people in the Dentech area and then he sends in Mr. Match to destroy those scraps but couldn't find them, my guess it was stolen.
Daphne: Probably, someone who took them wanted to revenge against something or someone.
Jade: Exactly, Daphne, it was someone we all forgot to interview. *All of the sudden a glitch came from the computer system*

Mega Man: Lan, there's viruses coming in to corrupt the mainframe of the computer system.
Fred: We need to set a trap.
Jade: No time, Fred, everyone with PETs, Jack-in your Navis immediately and find the source while we look outside.
Lan: Good idea, Jade!
Spencer: Let's go, Brenda!
Brenda: I'm with you! *As Jade, Spencer, Brenda, Shaggy, Fred, Velma and Daphne go outside to find the real suspect.

Lan: Let's all jack-in, Mega Man, Power up!
Chaud: Jack-in, Proto Man, Power up!
Higsby: Jack-in, Number Man, Power up!
Maylu/Dex/Yai/Tory: Jack-In...
Maylu: Roll!
Dex: Guts Man!
Yai: Glide!
Tory: Ice Man!
Maylu/Dex/Yai/Tory: Power up!
Mr. Match/Count Zap/ Maddy/Yahoot: Jack-in...
Mr. Match: Torch Man!
Count Zap: Elec Man!
Maddy: Wacko Man!
Yahoot: Magic Man!
Mr. Match/Count Zap/Maddy/Yahoot: Power up!

[In the Cyberworld]

*The Net Navis spotted the problem there's a giant pumpkin virus guarded by bat and goblin viruses*

Mega Man: Oh man, talk about Halloween a little early.
Wacko Man: Yeah, too early!
Elec Man: Let's get'em!

*While Mega Man and the other Net Navis take care of the problem in the cyberworld...outside of Sci-Lab*

Scrappy-Doo: Jade, that's the van I'm talking about.
Jade: The same van who brought out the fake flyers.
Casper: Jade, time to teach the one who scared the people a lesson. *A swarm of bees and mosquitos shows up* Oh no!
Jade: Going advance!
Spencer: Let's do it, Brenda!
Brenda: Right! *While Spencer's and Brenda's own bracelet transform their own outfit into their own instant battle suit [Spencer in forest green and Brenda in powder blue] while Jade's bracelet transforms her outfit into her advanced instant battle suit to took care of the swarm with their own force field reflector*

Scrappy-Doo: *As he jumped into the back of the van after Casper opens the back door of the van* Ta dadada ta daaa! Puppy Power!
Joe: *voice only* Hey, crazy pup, get off of me!
Scrappy-Doo: *voice only* I got'em, Uncle Scooby!
Scooby-Doo: Scrappy!
Jade: Hold'em still, Scrappy! I'm coming in! *As she heads for the van to capture the suspect*

Within thirty minutes later...

*The Net Police arrive along with Daniel Yamaguchi from ACME Japan; apprehended Joe Grinder after Jade cuffed him with a restraining order strain on both of his wrists*

Daniel: From the beginning...a man named Joe Grinder was behind the infested invasion, but there's no proof that it's him.
Velma: But we found the evidence from inside the van.
Shaggy: and inside Sci-Lab.
Fred: Right, Scraggy, Joe wanted revenge against Lan Hikari's father after almost twenty years ago.
Daphne: He wanted the job but doesn't have the requirements.
Velma: In fact, no saw him corrupted both the microchips and the battle chips almost twenty years ago.
Yahoot: *As he brings out his laptop computer* Until now... *Shows the Net Police and Daniel a screen of the footage* this is what's left in the footage almost twenty years ago before new security cameras install here. *And voila! a DVD-ROM disc appears and Yahoot give to the Net Police for evidence*

Jade: All thanks to Yahoot's hacking expertise, of course.
Velma: He decided to corrupt them with the unwanted data that proves to be too dangerous.
Kiefer: Unbelievable!
Manuela: He was upset for some reason.
Shaggy: Like he can't create anything, so he decided to find some ideas and decided to grab the scraps of Mr. Wily from an unknown island before Mr. Match would have gotten rid of it for Mr. Wily.

Mr. Match: So, he waited for a long time to get his revenge.
Daniel: So, the question is why?
Dr. Hikari: I can answer that, it was a college internship to Sci-Lab I was among one of the top ten students at Dentech University, however Joe wasn't one of the top ten students, he cheated his way into the top ten by switching the final exams.

Joe: I studied my way to get what is mine.
Dr. Hikari: No, you didn't, you've got expelled for plagiarism and stealing the dean was furious at you, cheated your way out to graduate to take my father's position which I had taken almost twenty years ago.
Lan: Like an old saying, you reap what you sow.
Chaud: In other words, what happens in the dark, there's always a light.
Joe: And I would have gotten away with it too, if haven't been for those mending kids, these mutts, these net ops and that smart-aleck lady, you'll pay.
Count Zap: Serves you right!
Maddy: Yeah, that's what you get for messing with all of us.
Higsby: Don't you ever mess with anyone's business again.
Jade: Don't worry where he's going, he won't be bother us anymore.
Casper: You got that right!
Joe: Oh yeah, *gasped after seeing Casper* Yikes, a ghost! *As the Net Police officers take him [while he's weeping] away, bring out the evidence out of his van and brought out the rest out of Sci-Lab*

*Jade's flashback fades*

Tails: That's amazing, Jade!
Jade: Thanks, Tails! *As someone opened the door* Daisy!
Daisy: Is everyone alright?
Jade: Yeah, Daisy, we all stay calm alright, nothing to fear, right?
Daisy: Precise!
Jade: C'mon, everyone let's get back downstairs.
Lan: You got it, Jade!
Mega Man: I'm glad there's one clue that wasn't mentioned during the infested invasion case, Jade.
Jade: Exactly, Mega Man, that magnetic business card wasn't part of it, but part of a clue of this case.

[End of Chapter Eight: I know this takes longer than finished up before Halloween, don't worry I'll take my time to get the story right]
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Chapter Nine: Locked in...Again!

In the next bedroom

Lee: *along with Samantha, Clover and Alex...quietly* Let's look around, girls!
Samantha: *looking at a photo of a man with two little girls.... quietly* Lee, look at this picture!
Lee: *quietly* Whoa! This guy looks like Chase Devineaux except he's older than Chase.
Clover: *opening up one of the dresser drawer's storages...quietly* Hello, I've found something surprising.
Lee: *saw an envelope and it's already opened and looks at the name...quietly* Audrey Ritter...Fudge! This is Audrey's room!
Daphne: *voice only* Help, get us outer here!
Clover: Where are you?
Jerry: *voice only* We're in here, Clover!
Alex: Jerry?!?!
Lee: *quietly* Shh! Yeah, he and Daphne are in that closet. *Clover tries opening the closet door*
Clover: *quietly* Great, the closet's lock.
Lee: *as he brings his lockpick* Allow me, girls! *Lee picks the keyhole to the closet and surprise there was Daphne, Jerry and Audrey* Thank goodness, you guys are alright!
Audrey: Thank you so much, Detective Jordan.
Lee: What happened?
Jerry: We were capture by those phantom revengers.

Clover: *to Audrey* And we just found out this is your dresser drawer.
Audrey: That's right, Clover!
Samantha: *as she shows Audrey the opened envelope* Do you recognize this?
Audrey: Oh, that's my acceptance letter to Rutgers University. (I don't own the university whatsoever)
Daphne: Wow! I wonder why Rutgers, Audrey?
Audrey: My father is an alumnus there major in supply chain management and so did I major in general dentistry. *Someone slams the door behind her, Lee, Daphne and Team WOOHP she gasped* Oh no!
Lee: *trying to open the door* Oh terrific, the door's lock.

Phantom Revenger#2: *voice only...laughed out loud* You should have gone to an Ivy League instead of Big Ten, like one of your cousins would have. *Laughed*
Daphne: Jeepers, it's one of the Phantom Revengers!
Alex: We need to get outer here.
Phantom Revenger#2: *voice only* No you can't there's no key to make you leave look inside the dresser drawer and there's the reason why one of your cousins didn't make it to work at the Mayo Clinic.
Alex: Mayo Clinic?!?! As in mayonnaise?
Lee: As in a non-profit academic medical center, Alex.
Samantha: *found a laptop computer in the next dresser drawer* Exactly, Lee and I also found a clue.
Lee: Let's see what contains this laptop computer...*He active the laptop computer and saw a newspaper clipping* What the...That's the Crime net Gazette....Karl Ritter, Chief of ACME Midwest, died during his retirement.
Audrey: Oh my, that was thirty years ago before grandma died. *Screamed along with Lee, Daphne and Team WOOHP and covered their own ears for all the screeching from the laptop computer*

Phantom Revenger#2: *voice only* This what happen to Steven and his dream didn't go anywhere. (Steven Ritter ends up waiting table at a five-star restaurant, Steven: HOW COULD YOU, EVAN!!!!)
*And then the laptop computer screen returned to normal*
Lee: Evan?!?!
Clover: Who's Evan?!?!
Audrey: Uh, I don't want to talk about this. *Until Samantha's Compowder beeps*

Samantha: *to Amy on screen* Uh, Amy, we're trapped in this bedroom.
Amy: *on screen* Oh my gosh, I'll bring Jade to save you guys, but, first, tell me the story you chose.
Lee: *as he failed to open the door with a lockpick and came to Samantha* Well, Amy, since you put it that way, we tell you and your friends about the blob monster incident I pick, and we all remember what happened with this one and could have done without some extra help.

[End of Chapter Nine]
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Before I go to the next chapter, I've got some research to do for the next three flashback cases...Oh, I almost I have to fix the sentences right sometimes to get it right and space the lines out to make everyone read it better and one more thing I may or may not make the rest of the stories before Halloween, so be patient with me, okay? Thank you for your patience.


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Chapter Ten: Memory Taken, part one (Like I said I will continue with this story even though I said I couldn't get some of them done before Halloween and by the way no, I don't own the character Lester Crawley whatsoever)

*Lee and the WOOHP girls' flashback begins*

University of California-Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA

Samantha: *voice only* It started when I was starting to interview a young janitor who just ran out of the College of Letters and Science.

Henry Tao: Yeah, I don't want to talk about it.
Samantha: But Professor Hoshino just spotted you figuring out the equation of the latest assignment, why did you do it?
Henry: Look, I don't want any trouble alright, it causes me my job as a janitor so please leave me alone.
Samantha: I won't tell no one.
Henry: The truth is I'm labeled dumb even though I'm smart still it's not enough to be a child prodigy interested in mathematics and astrophysics.
Samantha: Dumb?!?! You're not dumb at all.
Henry: Hm! You don't know what it's like for me to be stupid all the time...I've been into fifteen foster homes since I was three and what did I get in returned...nothing, no participation in family outings, no school activities, heck, I never graduated period, is that all you ask? *As a man shows up to Henry*

Supervising Janitor: *to Henry and with an angry face* Tao, you're done here, I thought I told you to clean up the classroom what were you thinking?
Henry: Figuring out the equation on my own without anyone seeing me.
Supervising Janitor: That does it, I'm glad I'm not giving you a paycheck at all, in fact, I can't stand a dumb fool who thinks he's smart, but he's not and no one never stood up for him which is you and that's because...*yelled* YOU'RE FIRED!!!!

*All the college students running and screaming around campus seeing some weird big jellyfish like monster coming this way*
Supervising Janitor: I'm outer here, *to Henry* better return that jumpsuit at once. *And the supervising janitor ran very fast*

Henry: I hope you're happy for this...*He and Samantha screamed as the C-5 appears so does Jade and her cat, Socks*
Jade: *seeing that weird big jellyfish like monster going after Henry and Samantha* What in the world?!?! Socks, climb up to this tree, I'll take care of the problem! *Socks jumped onto the tree for safety as Jade go around the building without no seeing her* Going Advance!!! *Transform her outfit into her advanced instant battle suit*

Henry: Please, don't hurt me! *That weird monster is going after him and Samantha anyway until they were saved thanks to the force field reflector from Jade and that monster got away...Henry gasped and fainted to the floor*
Samantha: Jade?!?! Who do you think you are, Carmen Sandiego?!?!
Jade: *return back to her outfit* Not exactly, oh my gosh that janitor fainted.
Samantha: It's that monster shock him.
Jade: You get down from the tree, Socks! *And Socks did carefully and came to Jade* Don't worry, Samantha, she's my other cat! *Socks meows at Samantha*

Meanwhile in the Mystery Machine

Fred: Gang, we're almost there.
Shaggy: Oh boy I cannot wait to try the cafeteria food there.
Scooby-Doo: Me too!
Velma: Sorry, boys, we're here to see Jade and she's got a friend attended there.
Scrappy-Doo: Jade told us to meet there.
Casper: And I can't wait to meet another friend.
Daphne: Freddy, there's an ambulance blocking our way. *Fred hit the brakes and Daphne's right as the paramedics carry Henry to the stretcher and take him to the hospital*
Fred: *spotted Jade and Samantha* Jade, and you must be...

Samantha: My name is Sam and I'm a college student.
Jade: Majoring in investigating journalism.
Fred: That's amazing!
Velma: *after Shaggy slides the van door down* Jade, what just happened?
Jade: We'll explain when we go to the car wash, I was about to tell Samantha about that.
Samantha: Sorry, Jade, it's in my parents' garage.
Fred: Well, the Mystery Machine needs some cleaning anyway.
Velma: Only the outside anyway...get in you two.
Jade: *As she and Samantha enters the Mystery Machine* Thanks, you guys!

Casper: You're welcome, Jade! *Samantha just got freak out over Casper after she and Jade fasten their own seatbelt*
Jade: *to Samantha* Relax, Casper's a good ghost!
Scrappy-Doo: And a friendly one, too! *Socks meowed at Scrappy* And hello to you, too.

Thirty Minutes Later...still inside the Mystery Machine

Jade: *after checking her padphone* Turn here!
Fred: Wow! I've never seen this car wash before.
'Car Wash Employee': Sir, I cannot wash your van unless there's you're a member of the World's Auto wash and Service by the Hour club.
Jade: *to 'Car Wash employee' showing her ACME Digital ID badge* She's in here! *'Car Wash Employee' sees Samantha*
'Car Wash Employee': *raised his thumb up* Alright, it'll do! Roll up your windows and get ready for your van to get a good wash.
Fred: Thanks! *As he and Daphne rolls up the windows as the Mystery Machine* This car wash is amazing, I didn't know you've got a membership here, Samantha!
Samantha: It's a lifetime membership!
Velma: *while the Mystery Machine gets cleaned up in the automatic car wash* How did you get a membership here?
Samantha: I'd better not tell you all this.
Shaggy: Well, we understand... *As the Mystery Machine gets dry by a bunch of hand towels* Yikes! It's the Men in Black! *All but Jade and Samantha saw the Men in Black suits alright...someone knock on the window*

WOOHP Agent (male): to Mystery Inc.* Step out of the van, everyone.
Fred: Is there reason why?
WOOHP Agent: You won't remember this place! *Jade slides the van door down*
Jade: *shows the WOOHP agents her ACME digital ID Badge* Gentlemen, they're with me!
WOOHP Agent: Miss Jade! We didn't know you're in there with Agent Sam.
Mystery Inc.: What?!?!
Casper: It's true, boys!
WOOHP Agents: *shouted as Jerry came* A GHOST!
Jerry: What's going on here?
WOOHP Agent: Sir, we...

Jerry: Oh my, Mystery Inc., it's an honor to meet all of you.
Fred: Wow! Thank you, sir!
Jerry: Oh, and I see I'm meeting Casper and Jade, is that?
Jade: Yeah, this is Socks, my other cat and she's Sam's little sister.
Jerry: Miss Jade, before we get to the mission do you mind?
Jade: I don't mind...*to Socks* Socks, you better get back home at once, mom is about to fix up supper right about now. *As she uses her padphone and transfer Socks back to her mother's house via C-5*
Jerry: Ahem! I don't want any mishaps unlike the last time, Jade!
Jade: I understand, Jerry! *As she, Samantha, Casper and Mystery Inc. follow Jerry to the main office*

WOOHP main office

Jerry: I'm glad Archie send in the message to you right away.
Jade: Of course, Jerry! *Samantha saw Clover and Alex*
Alex: You're late, Sam!
Samantha: Sorry my car is in my parents' garage.
Clover: Oh, that's a good excuse and who are they?
Alex: *to Casper* And wow, that's one cute costume, little boy!
Casper: I maybe little, but I'm not human!
Clover/Alex: *gasped and screamed* A real ghost!

Jade: *to Clover and Alex* Oh, calm down, you two, Casper is the friendly ghost, and these are Mystery Inc., Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, Scooby-Doo and his nephew...
Scrappy-Doo: Scrappy-Doo!
Alex: Wow, I'm definitely needed a puppy to be check-up when I get back to Columbus, Ohio.
Scrappy-Doo: Really?!?! I love to be a check-up volunteer there.
Jade: Yeah, Scrappy, Alex studied veterinary medicine at Ohio State University's Veterinary School there, but for now, what's going on, Jerry?

Jerry: Well, I glad you ask, Miss Jade! *As he turns on the screen* This is a serious mission with ACME's corporation there's trouble in New Zealand in this year's International Junior Academic Olympiad competition.
Samantha: Hey, I remember trying out when I was nine years old.
Clover: And did you make the cut, Sam?
Samantha: Not entirely, Clover, I've never been homeschooled, that's one flaw.
Jade: Same here, Samantha!
Velma: Me too.
Jerry: Me three *clears up his throat* What am I saying? This year's event will be a disaster because they saw a monster that could wipeout the I.Q.'s out of the best judges.
Shaggy and Scooby-Doo: A monster!?!?!
Jade's mind: * Jade is surprised seeing the same monster back at the University of California, Berkeley* Of course, that's the same monster that almost got to Samantha and the janitor.
Jerry: Indeed, Miss Jade, I want you, Mystery Inc. and Casper to head for New Zealand to meet up with Detective Lee Jordan and ACME agents from Australia and New Zealand, I'll send in the girls as fast as I can.

Jade: Thanks, Jerry, Casper, fly ahead to New Zealand, we'll come as soon as we can.
Casper: Thanks, Jade! *And off he went*

*As Jade and Mystery Inc. are going back to the Mystery Machine...a WOOHP Agent stops by*
WOOHP Agent: Miss Jade, save the energy from that phone of yours, we'll transfer all of you, immediately.
Jade: *After her and Mystery Inc. enters the Mystery Machine* Thank you!
Fred: What does he mean by that?
Jade: *notice a tunnel automatically open* It means we're going to New Zealand, quickly, Fred! *Yup, as the tunnel woohped the Mystery Machine, Mystery, Inc. screamed* Told you so!

Back in the main office

Jerry: *to Samantha, Clover and Alex* Girls, the reason I send in your friends right away to New Zealand, however, you must be careful of Lester Crawley, he escaped from WOOHP Island three nights ago and the gadgets might help you girls including the Lab in a Briefcase 9000 might help you out a bit.

Samantha: Thanks, Jerry!
Jerry: Remember, corporate together.
Samantha/Clover/Alex: Duh, Jerry! *Jerry woohped the girls out of here by putting them in a roller coaster like tunnel while they screamed by pressing a button*
Jerry: *sighed as he started texting Archie on his cellphone* Sorry, Archie, I'm afraid ACME doesn't know about this villain like us.

[End of Chapter Ten]
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