Jade's 'Ghost' Stories 2: Encounter the Mystery


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Chapter Eleven: Memory Taken, part two.

Spotswood College, Spotswood, New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand (I don't own this school whatsoever along with the facts of an incident and about the Māori culture and mythology tale of the three baskets of knowledge, I don't own those either and of course I didn't give the name of the place that school once have partnered with years ago)

*Fred parked the Mystery Machine carefully*

Fred: Jade, are you sure this is the place?
Jade: This is where this year's International Junior Academic Olympiad is at? *After taking off her seatbelt, she slides there was a security officer*

(Forgot to mention that the International Junior Academic Olympiad is fictional and no, it's not based on the International Science Olympiads or any other intellectual competitions)

Security Officer (Female): Going somewhere?
Scrappy-Doo: Yeah, to the place where the academic Olympiad, let us by. *Security Officer grabs Scrappy* Hey, let me go, lady!
Jade: Scrappy, where are your manners? *To security officer* You have to forgive us, but I'm with ACME first for all.

Security Officer: I don't believe you! *Jade shows the security officer her digital ID badge* Another one, oh great, you're the fifth one this week.
Jade: These people are with me.
Arona: *voice only* Let them by, please!
Security Officer: *after she turns around and saw not only Arona, but Lee, Will and Will's nephew, Kacey* Oh, it's you!
Arona: They're here for the investigation of the missing judge for the International Junior Academic Olympiad.
Security Officer: And you can't find that missing judge.
Lee: He's no ordinary judge, ma'am, he's the head judge!
Security Officer: *to Lee* I don't believe you!
Casper: *voice only* You got to believe him!

Security Officer: *as Casper appears as she turns around* I don't care...*screamed* A ghost! Fine, you all can pass and keep these dogs away from the grass. *All of the sudden Samantha, Clover and Alex came down with their own parachute, Samantha and Clover fell to the grass and Alex, well her parachute got stuck on the tree branch...yelled to the WOOHP Girls* AND THAT INCLUDES YOU GIRLS!!!
Clover: *scoffs* Rude much!
Lee: *as he came to the WOOHP Girls* Glad you made it, girls! *Grabs Samantha by the hand as Clover stands up and cleans off the dirt out of her pants*
Alex: *still stuck on the tree branch* Yeah and I can't get down from here.
Kacey: Allow us.
Will: *As he and Kacey get Alex down from the tree* You should be careful that security officer is really strict.

Inside Spotswood College (these judges are fictional however, some of the titles are real, but not the characters that is)

Anton Cossack: We're very glad to see you all, I am Anton Cossack.
Samantha: Anton Cossack, the six-time World Junior Chess Champion from Russia.
Anton: Da! That is correct.
Lee: It's true, Samantha, Tatiana told me about him; he's now a chess instructor for the after-school program in Moscow.
Velma: That's amazing!

Will: Well, not as amazing as Stephanie Bridges.
Kacey: She's a four-time World School Debating Individual Champion from Australia.
Clover: Stephanie Bridges, I heard of you, you'll the one who beat Arnold Jackson from Beverly Hills High, did you? (I don't own the character, Arnold Jackson whatsoever)
Stephanie: Of course, he couldn't outwit me, he couldn't last the speech long not even for thirty seconds. *She and Clover laughed*
Clover: I've figured he got a stage fright.
Stephanie: Nope! He fainted right away. *Laughed*
Samantha: So, what did you do now, Stephanie?
Stephanie: I'm now a lobbyist in Sydney.

Jade: *to Arona* Arona, are any of them the head judge?
Arona: No, Jade, they're this year's latest judges like Carson Keyes here, a ten-time World Scrabble Junior Champion and he's now an English Teacher he arranges this year's event.
Jade: And the others?
Arona: Rebecca Lin, a 2012 gold medalist of the European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad from USA.
Jade: Female equivalent of the International Mathematical Olympiad.
Arona: Exactly, now she resides in San Francisco's Chinatown as a homeschooled math teacher there.

Daphne: Whoa! Who's that guy?
Arona: That's Jerome Chong, a 2009 gold medalist of the International Young Physicists' Tournament from France, residing in Paris as a physics teacher at the French National Centre for Scientific Research.
Fred: And those two?
Lee: That's Rajay Singh, a 1991 National Spelling Bee finalist, now reside in Dallas, Texas as a homeschooled English teacher and Megan Kasaya, a 1991 National Geographic Bee finalist, now resides in Los Angeles as a homeschooled Geography teacher.

Velma: I heard what happened to those two...Rajay and Megan were both accuse of cheating in those events.
Rajay: *to Velma* You got that right.
Megan: And I would've won the title if someone told me to give up, but I didn't give up and lost.
Velma: Don't worry, it's have been solved already.

Shaggy: *As he and Scooby looks at the refreshment table* Look at that buffet! Let's dig in!
Scooby-Doo: Me too!
Tommy Heath: *voice only* Whoa, lads! Save some for the guests.
Shaggy: *As he and Scooby turns and saw Tommy and Song Chang Mi* Like who are you, guys?
Tommy: Name's Tommy Heath, a six-time World Quiz gold medalist from London, mates and Song Chang Mi, but call her 'Rose' that's what it means in Korean.
Casper: *invisible mode* Of course, that's a beautiful name.

Song: That's right and Tommy forgot to mention that I'm a four-time WorldSkills gold medalist from Seoul, South Korea in the category of Creative Arts and Fashion, subcategory, Fashion Technology.
Clover: Wow! That's mean you're a fashion designer, right?
Song: Not professional, I do design clothes for Rock Stars and K-pops, right now, I'm still designing the latest concert outfit for the Hex Girls.
Shaggy: Like wow, the Hex Girls, we heard of them.
Scooby-Doo: Yeah, they're our friends.
Casper: *in invisible mode* Hope you all don't mind looking around here for clues.
Lee: Just remains invisible and don't scare anyone, okay?
Casper: *in invisible mode* Right! *And flows around to search for clues in the school*

Jade: Now Arona, who's missing?
Arona: *shows Jade the picture of a man* This is Jarrod Paige, a former U.S. Secretary of the Department of Education.
Jade: So, he's the missing judge!

Lester Crawley: *disguise as Jarrod Paige* Not anymore!

Jerome: Monsieur Paige, what happened to you?
Lester: *disguise as Jarrod Paige* I was in Auckland, when all of the sudden, a monster is after me and then I have no choice but to plunge down at the base of Paritutu Rock and I survive no thanks to the monster who is trying to take my memory away.
Shaggy: A monster that takes a memory away.
Fred: *to Lester, disguise as Jarrod Paige* What kind of monster that could steal anyone's memory?
Lester: *disguise as Jarrod Paige* I don't know, but this monster was created by an evil spirit from nowhere to take your memories, unless you give up your memories into the three baskets of knowledge before it's too late.
Carson: But what about...
Lester: *disguise as Jarrod Paige* Cancelled the event, I don't want any of the children to fall into their own fate. *He leaves, but Jade notice something purple from exiting the school*
Jade: *uses a cotton swab on the doorknob...to Samantha, Clover and Alex* Girls, better tell the school to borrow their laboratory.
Clover: *As she brought in a test tube* No need for that, Jade. *Jade figures Jerry gave the WOOHP Girls some special gadget to help*

ACME Safehouse, New Plymouth, New Zealand (nighttime)

Clover: Do you believe what that judge said about that monster?
Velma: That's nonsense, Clover and giving up our memories into the three baskets of knowledge, ridiculous.
Jade: Casper went on ahead in the next area around New Plymouth since he didn't find anything at Spotswood like we did.
Fred: He's one friendly ghost to aid out.

Lee: *to Tyson on screen on his laptop computer* How's Auckland so far?
Tyson: *on screen* Brilliant we all stopped those blackmailers fooling those tourists it's a carved pounamu.
Lee: Thanks, Tyson, keep up the good work! *Lee turns off the laptop computer*
Shaggy: Pour what?
Velma: Not Pour, Shaggy, pounamu.
Shaggy: Like what's that?

Fred: It's a green stone, Shaggy, found in the South Island of New Zealand.
Daphne: It's not like emeralds, right, Fred?
Fred: Exactly, Daphne, it's like a nephrite stone.
Daphne: Nephrite?
Fred: A jade stone, Daphne.
Daphne: *to Jade* No offend, Jade!

Jade: Not at all, Daphne, the pounamu plays an important role in the Māori culture and speaking of Māori culture, I've found something about the three baskets of knowledge from the Māori mythology, a story about Tane, the Māori deity of forests and birds who brings in the three baskets of knowledge from above there's nothing about giving up anyone's memories for a sacrifice.

Samantha: It seems that head judge is lying about that part.
Jade: And the other part is about plunging down on the base of Paritutu Rock to save himself from a monster that take his memory is also a lied.
Alex: What do you mean, Jade?
Jade: That place is too dangerous...I've found out that two seventeen-year-old Spotswood College male students and an instructor from an outdoor education centre were swept away out to sea while doing rock climbing as part of a camping activity.

Clover: *saw the article from years ago* Whoa! That was painful.
Jade: And deadly, the school [Spotswood College] have never held any school camp activities with that outdoor education centre ever again after what happened. *Jade's padphone rings and she pick up fast* Hello!
Arona: *voice only* Jade, come to the Beach Motel in Fitzroy
Jade: Hang on, Arona, we're on our way.
Lee: What now, Jade?
Jade: Arona called we need to go to Fitzroy.
Fred: Just two minutes from here.
Lee: Let's go!

[End of Chapter Eleven]
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Chapter Twelve: Memory Taken, part three. (Even though today is Halloween still I got to continue with this story before my next one soon, so everybody be patient)

Beach Motel, Fitzroy, New Zealand

*Both the Mystery Machine and Lee's car [read Lee's new car in the story 'The Plumber and the Hedgehog] arrive and parked along with Arona's SUV and they were guests scared*

Kacey: Calm down everyone it's just a coincidence.
Guest (Male): A coincidence?!?! There's a ghost in that SUV.
Kacey: Don't worry, he's just friendly and cautious.

Samantha: *after everyone got out of each of the vehicles* Wow! I can't believe you've got yourself a new car after all.
Lee: Thanks to Chase Devineaux, unfortunately, he didn't like it, so he gives it to me instead.
Samantha: That's nice!

Jade: Kacey, what's going on here?
Kacey: Oh, Jade, Casper has been sprayed by someone with a Ghost Begone spray, he's inside the SUV.
*As he opened the back door of Arona's SUV*
Jade: Casper, what happened?
Casper: *in a bad condition* Talk to Will and Arona.

Arona: *As she and Will shows up with a man* Glad you show up, guys, the manager of this motel saw a man enter in the motel and then an old man came out of the room with some canister contains a purple slime.
The WOOHP Girls: Purple Slime?!?!
Shaggy: Sounds mighty suspicious.
Scooby-Doo: Yeah!
Jade: The same slime back in Spotswood College.
Will: Exactly, and the old man left in the same rental blue sedan all the way from Wellington.

Jade: That's about four hours from New Plymouth.
Velma: Was it Jarrod Paige?
Will: Not quite, Velma! *To the manager of Beach Motel* Show them the footage, please! *As the manager shows Team ACME [Jade, Lee, Arona, Will and Kacey], Mystery Inc. and the WOOHP Girls with his I-Pad*

Manager of Beach Motel: This is taken this morning, there was a man signed in on the guestbook, tall red/gray-hair, blue eyes.
Lee: *showing the manager, a picture of Jarrod Paige* You mean like this guy!
Manager: Exactly, except this guy has blue eyes and then tonight without checking out, a gray-haired old man shows up and left in the same car.

Lee: What?!?! That's odd!
Jade: Can I see your guestbook, sir?
Manager: Inside the office!
Jade: *as she goes in the manager's office* Thanks! *As she saw the guestbook and notice the guest's name on the guestbook and took a picture of the guest's name and send it over to ACME Headquarters in San Francisco, CA, USA and saw something on the manager's desk*

Manager: I didn't get the complete clear of the old man somehow the security camera has been shut off when I was cleaning up one of the rooms.

Jade: *to the manager* Excuse me, sir, is there a restaurant around here it looks like I've found a take-out menu.
Manager: Just two Indian restaurants around New Plymouth, why?
Jade: *shows the manager a take-out menu with her pair of disposable rubber gloves* Found this in your office.
Manager: I was cleaning up the room and there I saw that one, but it's not from here, but from New York and there's a paper clip attached to it as well.
Shaggy: *as Jade look into the take-out menu and saw something* Maybe it's his credit card.
Jade: Don't so, Shaggy!
Will: Then what is it?

Jade: A business card from the Mayo Clinic.
Fred: The Mayo Clinic?!?!
Shaggy: Like Mayonnaise?!?!
Velma: No Shaggy, it's an academic medical center, focusing on integrate healthcare, education and research in Rochester, Minnesota in USA.
Daphne: What's a business card attached to a take-out menu?
Velma: Except the take-out menu is a five-star restaurant from New York.
Clover: Five-star restaurant would never copy a take-out menu.
Alex: Mostly restaurant chains does, Clover. *Clover shook her head as agree*

Samantha: Do you remember anything else you know?
Manager: All I remember this morning is that he [Jarrod] was heading to Wellington to meet up with the judges at the Kiwi Wellington.
Clover: Kiwi Wellington, part of the Kiwi Hotel chain around New Zealand.
Manager: Definitely, if you all excuse me, I'd better go back to my office. *And he did*

Arona: What did you find out about the signature?
Jade: Strange, Arona, perhaps you, Will and Kacey can go and search at one of the rental places around Wellington for the signature as well.
Arona: Sounds like a great idea, Jade. *Jade's padphone beeped and Jade picks it up and saw the message*
Jade: Hey, gang! Check this article Archie send in.
Lee: *as the rest of Team ACME, Mystery Inc. and the WOOHP Girls were shocked* Everyone, it seems this mystery is about to be solved.
Fred: That's my line, Detective Jordan.
Lee: Sorry!
Scrappy-Doo: So, the real one is in hospital and Casper, we'll get the one who did this to you too.
Casper: Thanks, Scrappy-Doo, you're a pal!
Jade: Rest up, Casper we're going to Wellington.

The Kiwi Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand (A fictional hotel)

*As the C-5 appears and so does Arona's SUV, Lee's car and the Mystery Machine, Tyson along with Cole and Jason shows up after each one got out of each vehicle*

Tyson: Yo! Detective Jordan! We found the blue sedan at the hotel's parking garage.
Lee: Excellent work, boys! Anything else?
Jason: Yeah, we found out that the driver left his car key on purpose.
Cole: That's according to the hotel security guard; police are on the way.
Arona: Good work, have you found the rental place's license plate?
Cole: Just the license plate attached to it and the sedan is registered to Jarrod Paige.
Jade: Then we have a problem, boys!
Tyson, Cole and Jason: *raising their own eyebrows* Huh?!?!

Jade: The Jarrod Paige, we met isn't who we think.
Fred: We think someone is pretending to be him.
Alex: And he's got a canister of purple slime with him.
Jade: My guess the imposter is going after the remaining of the judges for the International Junior Academic Olympiad and the slime probably be the memory taken monster for no reason.
Shaggy: Let me guess we all have to split up!
Fred: Right, Shaggy!
Shaggy: *he and Scooby gulped* I was afraid he might say that.

[End of Chapter Twelve: Sorry it is a little long]
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Chapter Thirteen: Memory Taken, part four.

The Kiwi Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand: Top Floor *The WOOHP Girls in their own cat suit (Samantha in green, Clover in red and Alex in yellow*

Jerry: *on screen on Sam's Compowder* Thanks to you girls and Jade, we've found out that the slime is in the same substance as before.
Samantha: Yeah, the same time that blob took my memory.
Clover: And Mandy just came along after that art incident back at Bev High.
Alex: Well, that's that! *As a door automatically opens and the WOOHP Girls just screamed and entered the room and there was Lester Crowley*

Lester: Well, well, if it isn't the girls who busted me years ago.
Samantha: We know what you're up to.
Alex: And we can capture you all over again.
Lester: Not this time! Once I taken the judges' memories of their past experiences, I'm going to make theirs mine unless, the world will help find a cure of memory loss.
Clover: Are you kidding? That's not going to happen.
Lester: *As he brings out a briefcase and send the timer for three minutes after he uses special ties onto the girls* I leave you girls alone with my creations, you all won't remember any of this. *Puts on the Jarrod Paige rubber mask and laughs as he leaves*

Meanwhile...on the second floor

Shaggy: *along with Scooby, Scrappy and Jade* Freddy said to watch for the monster and warn the judges before it's too late.

Jade: Don't we all know that Shaggy!
Rebecca: *voice only* I understand no one stood up for you.
Scrappy-Doo: *quietly* Listen?!?!
Rebecca: *As Jade listens in her talking on her cellphone via disposable hearing earphone* You tell who? A college student about what?!?! Oh, what you're going through in your life before you got fired and got scared over some monster?!?! I'm glad you said that college student the truth about yourself.
Shaggy: Who is she...?
Jade: *quietly* Shh! Guys, look! *After she points her finger at a shadowy figure place a canister on the floor near Rebecca and then suddenly the canister opens by itself and there was the same monster Jade recognized back in Berkeley*
Rebecca: I'd better get to my room...I'll...*The memory taken monster roared at Rebecca and she screamed*

Shaggy: Yikes! It's the memory-taken monster!
Jade: Guys save Rebecca, I'll got this!
Scooby-Doo: Jade!
Jade: Going advance! *Turns her outfit into her advanced instant battle suit to Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy* Now!

*The memory-taken monster is about to get Rebecca's memory when Jade stops it with her force-field reflector while Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy saved Rebecca*
Scrappy: *grabs the canister* Jade, catch! *And Jade did and put that monster back into the canister*
Jade: Smart thinking, Scrappy!
Shaggy: *to Rebecca* Are you okay?
Rebecca: Yes, thank you all so much!
Shaggy: Who were you taking to?
Rebecca: Henry Tao, he's supposed to be my future husband by my parents arranged the marriage, however Henry's parents were killed in a car crash when Henry was three years old, I was a baby at that time.
Jade: I understand how hard it is for you and Henry.
Rebecca: Worse, everyone wanted me and my parents to stay away from him because he's dumbed even through, he's smart in math, astronomy and astrophysics, everybody puts him down completely, no one except myself appreciates him.

On the third floor

Fred: *along with Velma, Daphne and Cole* We're glad we have to warn Carson.
Daphne: Speaking of Carson, look there he is. *Carson is about to go downstairs until he saw a canister*
Cole: Oh no, the canister! *To Carson* Don't open it! *Carson is shocked to see the monster coming out of the canister and Cole turns his outfit into his dark gray instant battle suit and saves him while using his force-field reflector, while Fred grabs the canister to put the monster back inside*
Carson: Whew! You all save my life, thank you so much!
Fred: Listen, Carson, your memory is in danger, thanks to the one created this monster.
Velma: *Sees a person with a trench coat and hat* There he goes!
Cole: *As he, Fred, Velma and Daphne chase the mystery person* After him!

On the fourth floor

Tyson: *holding two canisters in his Navy-blue instant battle suit* Glad we got the rest of these things out of the way.
Jason: *holding two more canisters in his olive-green instant battle suit* I hope the girls find the preparator or else.

Lee: *holding the last canister in his advanced instant battle suit* Speaking of the girls, where are they?

Jason: Probably the top floor!
Lee and Tyson: Oh fudge!
Tyson: *as he follows Lee by running* Jason!
Jason: Right behind you, guys! *And yes, he, Lee and Tyson did head for the top floor*

Top Floor

Tyson: *as Lee uses his x-ray vision goggles to each room* Where are they?
Lee: *as Jason finds a housekeeper's key card on the floor* Over there!
Jason: *as he, Lee and Tyson came to room no. 505* I got this! *And surprise they found the WOOHP Girls tied up and are about to lose their own memory when Lee, Jason and Tyson use their own force field reflector to save them*

Meanwhile at the Lobby (An hour later)

Stephanie: Why are we all gather here? We didn't do anything wrong!
Anton: After that thing tries to get me what else should I do head for the lobby like Detective Jordan said.
*Other judges weren't impressed and Mystery, Inc., Team ACME (Jade, Lee, Cole, Jason, Tyson, Arona, Will and Kacey) and the WOOHP girls shows with the mystery person in restrains*

Velma: Ladies and gentlemen, we got proof in canisters. *Tyson brought the nine canisters on a baggage cart*
Tyson: These monsters were trying to take each of your memories away.
Fred: All thanks to this man! *Removes the hat*
The nine judges: Jarrod Paige!
Jade: Wrong, this isn't who you think, everybody! Samantha!
Samantha: Here's the real culprit! *Removes the rubber mask* Lester Crawley! *The nine judges were all shocked*

Song: Who is he?
Clover: He's a wannabe scientist who wanted to be smarter than anyone else.
Jade: Even child prodigies past and present.
Fred: Right, Jade! Mr. Crawley wanted to find the smartest people around.
Alex: That's right after he escape from WOOHP Island.
Samantha: So, he decided to disguise himself as Jarrod Paige, the head judge of the International Junior Academic Olympiad.
Jade: *shows the nine judges a list and showing the nine judges of the article of the read head judge* By making the real head judge lose his memory and end up in a coma and looks the names turns out it's you guys with brilliant achievements as children and teenagers.

Shaggy: Yeah, like he knew he can get to you guys by created this memory taken monster he did years ago.

Daphne: And when he found where you guys are heading for the event and decided to fool all of us with his lies.
Clover: Such as plunging down at the base of Paritutu Rock and sacrificing your own memories in the three baskets of knowledge.
Jade: However, the manager at Beach Motel notices him without the mask when he left.

Rebecca: And what about Jarrod's car?
Will: Oh that, we found out from Arthur Chance that he saw Mr. Crawley steals Jarrod's license plate off of his real car in Virginia.
Kacey: And use the license plate after removing the rental car's license plate at a rental place at the Wellington Airport.

Arona: However, we've also found out that he uses Jarrod's credit card by pretending to be Jarrod the card didn't go through anyway.
Jade: Figure, Jarrod's credit card is secure.
Lee: *As the WOOHP agents and Jerry came* That's a lot of flaws, Lester!
Lester: *The two WOOHP agents grabs him and taken him away* And I would have gotten away with it too if you all mending fools haven't show up along with these girls!
Jerry: Well, Mr. Crawley, you're going back to WOOHP Island for the rest of your natural life.

*Lee and the WOOHP Girls' flashback faded*

Amy: *on screen* Wow! That's amazing! What happened after that?
Clover: Everything's back to normal.
Daphne: You sure know how not to miss a stitch, Clover!
Alex: Or examine Scrappy as a volunteer pet.
Samantha: But the best part was Henry is indeed the son of an astrophysicist from Hong Kong transfer to L.A. and Professor Hoshino's long-lost nephew.
Clover and Alex: What?!?!
Lee: Uh, it's true, girls! *As someone opens the door* Jade! *And she's not alone...Cole, Jason and Tyson show up as well* Boys, are we glad to see you too.

Jade: I'm glad you all are alright.
Tyson: Yo! Listen up, when we escape from harm, we saw three saw men grabbing someone.
Audrey: Oh my gosh could be Todd!
Jason: We're not sure, Audrey, we didn't get closer enough to see who was capture.
Audrey: Hope you all can find my sister, brother-in-law and my little brother too. *As she leaves* Please find Todd, too.
Jerry: We will, Audrey!

Lee: Jade, we better not give up!
Jade: And we better, Lee, come on, everybody! *Her padphone beeped* Oh my gosh, it's from Maylee she's been locked in Loni's old room and forgot to bring her lockpick kit.
Lee: Jade, go find her, Ritchie and Goh in Loni's old room, me and the others continued the search and solve this weird mystery.
Jade: Got it, Lee!

[End of Chapter Thirteen]
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Chapter Fourteen: Slip Through

*When Jade was about to head for Loni's old bedroom, there she stopped and saw the same old man and three female college students got out of the maid's room*
Jade: *to the old man and the three female college students* What are you all doing there?
Old Man: We're trying to look for anyone.
College Student#1: Yeah, that little ghost really helps us get in.
Jade: I wonder why? *One of the female college students whispers on Jade's ear* Alright, I'll better go!
Old Man: Good luck! *As Jade leaves for Loni's old bedroom*
Maylee: *voice only inside Loni's old bedroom* Someone, Jade, Cole, Lee, anyone.
Jade: Maylee, Ritchie, Goh, you guys alright?
Goh: *voice only* We're alright, Jade!
Jessie: So am I!
Josha: Same here, Jade!
Ritchie: *voice only* Our friends, Loni and Felipe are in the closet while our friends' own Pokémon are in here too.
Goh's Grookey: *translated from its language voice only* Help us!
'Sparky': Pika! (Means Help!)
Jade: *brought her picklock kit and grab a picklock that would open the bedroom door* I'm on it. *Her padphone ringed and she picks up and on screen was Princess Peach* Peach, what's up? I'm about to picklock the next door.

Peach: *on screen* Sorry, Jade, I've found out that one of the guests contact the police about what happened here tonight by using a cellphone.
Maylee: *voice only* Jade, slip your padphone under the door to me while you try pick locking the door.
Jade: Alright, Maylee! *To Peach on screen* Peach, I'm sliding my padphone to Maylee!
Peach: *on screen* Good idea, because Toad, Toadette, Yoshi and Cathie want to hear another story.
Ritchie: *voice only* And slip us another picklock for the closet.
Jade: Got it, Ritchie!

Loni's old bedroom

*After Jade slips her padphone and then one picklock for the closet*

Maylee: Thanks, Jade!
Ritchie: Guys, we've got a picklock to get you guys outer here.
May: *voice only in the closet* Hurray!
Max: *voice only* It's about time!
Bonnie: *voice only* Great, I thought my big brother would like Misty around.
Clemont: *voice only* Bonnie!
Armando: *grab the picklock* I've got this! *And uses it and voila, Loni and Felipe got out along with Misty, Brock, May, Max, Dawn, Piplup, Serena, Clemont and Bonnie*

Serena: We all felt so stuffing in here!
Dawn: Me too!
Dawn's Piplup: Piplup! (Meaning Me three!)
Dedenne: Dedenne! (Meaning Me four!)
Tatiana: *to Jade from the other side of the bedroom* We've got the others out of the closet.
Jade: *voice only* Were there any clues?
Josha: None, Jade! Except for a wedding photo album.
Loni: Oh my, our grandparents' photo album of their wedding.
Felipe: And there's some marbles in the drawer.
Brock: Marbles?!?! Those are our own Pokémon in their own Pokeballs.
Felipe: Oh, I'm sorry, Brock!

Peach: *on screen* While Jade is busy picking the door, Toad, Toadette, Yoshi and Cathie want to know about a story.
Yoshi: *on screen* Not a scary story!
Maylee: Well, I know a story and thanks to the newspaper I pick the one that has to deal with some jewel thief.

[End of Chapter Fourteen: next story coming up...even though Halloween's over still I have to continue as usual]


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Chapter Fifteen: Framed, part one (I don't own the characters Brodie and his Pokémon, Golbat, and Ditto, Regis, Barrow and Sir Nigel Fenwick whatsoever)

*Maylee's flashback begins*

ACME Headquarters, San Francisco, CA, USA

Maylee: *voice only* It started when Chase Devineaux suddenly came over with a weird look?!?!

In the Hallway

*As she and Jessie came back from the Academy when they saw 'Chase' in punk clothes?!?!*
Maylee/Jessie: *raising their own eyebrows* Huh?!?!
Jessie: *to Brody disguise as Chase Devineaux* Director Devineaux, what happened to you?
Brody: *disguise as Chase Devineaux* Oh me, I'm fine, I forgot my comb I accidentally left it in my office, bye!!! *As he headed for Chase's office*

Jessie: A comb, isn't that weird, Maylee?
Maylee: *as Jade and Lee come out of the Director of Intelligence's office* Yeah, as if, he forgot.
Jade: *to Maylee and Jessie* Forgot what?
Maylee: Well, the dress code well Director Devineaux thought he forgot about something like a comb!
Jade: Hmm.
Lee: That's odd, I thought he left for the latest assignment in Berlin, I'd better go talk to him. *He knocks on Chase's door* Chase, it's me, Lee Jordan, I hope you didn't forget something before you left. *Until he hears Chase screaming* Chase! *As Arthur came out of his office*

Arthur: What's going on, Detective Jordan?
Lee: Chase, he's in trouble!
Stewart: *stick himself from his office* Uh guys, what happened?
Lee: Chase is back in his office!
Stewart: Detective, everyone in my office now!

The Director of Intelligence's office (five minutes later)

TV Reporter (Female): *on screen* ACME's Director of Operations, Chase Devineaux has been arrested for theft at the Natural History Museum in Berlin. *Jade, Maylee, and Jessie gasped while Stewart and Arthur are shocked and Lee's face has turned red when his anger shows* An ancient keystone was discovered just north of Berlin, it could be link to Mega Evolution Pokémon.

Maylee: That's bad news!
Arthur: Great! That means someone frame him for the crime.
Jade: Chase isn't the only one being framed.
Stewart: Oh, I get it, Carmen Sandiego was framed for stealing a Blazikenite.
Jade: Moe and Lars inform me about that she would never take something from someone in Paris.

Lee: And Professor Oak was arrested for stealing a Lucarionite away from Ash Ketchum's place according to Ash's mother, Delia.
Jade: This is going to be one strange case. *Jade's padphone ringed and she picks it up* Hello! Hey Velma, How's London? What? Well, Velma, guess what I'm joining you and the others around along with some help with ACME Japan's own Chief Jenny, because we're dealing with someone framing people thinking they steal something small for nothing.

Lee: I'd better check on Chase's office.
Arthur: It's lock, Lee!
Maylee: Unless...Eek! It's been picklock! *As she and Jessie ran out of The Director of Intelligence's office.
Stewart: Girls!
Arthur: Better get them!
Lee: Right! *As he and Arthur head for Chase's office to grab Maylee and Jessie out of there*
Jade: *on her padphone* Velma, I'll come by as fast as I can. *And hangs up*

Jessie: *voice only* Oh my gosh! Chase's gone and there's a note.
Jade: *As she enters Chase's office* What happened?
Maylee: Knew someone pick the lock!
Lee: And what a mess it is? *Stewart came in and saw part of Chase's office got rip off*
Jade: Anything stolen?
Jessie: No, just a letter. *As she gave the letter to Stewart*
Jade: This is strange.
Arthur: What do you mean, Jade?
Jade: I mean both Maylee and Jessie saw the phony Chase a while ago; however, the real Chase ends up capture in Berlin.
Lee: One strange thing comes to another.
Stewart: It seems that the girls [Maylee and Jessie] thought it was Chase, but it's not him.
Jade: An imposter!

Stewart: Precisely, Jade! And this letter said, *as he reads the letter* I capture another who tries to get to me, but I will fool the next. Signed The Phantom of Sumatra.
Jade: Then Maylee, Jessie, forgot to mention to you too earlier that you both are going to accompany me to London, and we'll start from there to solve this weird mystery.
Maylee/Jessie: Yay!!!

[End of Chapter Fifteen]
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Chapter Sixteen: Framed, part two.

Bloomsbury Area, London, England, UK

University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies' Brunei Gallery

*After Jade, Maylee and Jessie to London via C-5 there stood Mystery, Inc. and Scotland Yard's Inspector Sir Nigel Fenwick*

Velma: *to Sir Nigel Fenwick* What do you mean you can't let us pass?
Nigel: I'm just waiting...*As Jade, Maylee and Jessie show up* Ah, Miss Jade! Chief Jenny is waiting for the three of you, I'm telling Miss Dinkley, her friends and two dogs are not allowed inside.
Jade: *showing Sir Nigel Fenwick her digital I.D.* Not without me they won't.
Nigel: Fine, I'll make it as an exception from you, Miss Jade. *To Mystery, Inc* Follow us, please!

Inside Brunei Gallery

Chief Jenny: *with her Pokémon, Growlithe sniffing out for clues* Jade, Maylee, Jessie and them.
Jade: They're Mystery, Inc. and they're allies to ACME.
Chief Jenny: I'm glad we some extra help.
Fred: As always, Miss...
Chief Jenny: Jenny, Chief of ACME Japan and this is Growlithe. *Growlithe barked at Mystery, Inc.*
Scrappy-Doo: Nice to meet you, Growlithe, I'm Scrappy-Doo and this is my uncle, Scooby-Doo.
Scooby-Doo: *to Growlithe* How do you do? *Growlithe barked* Yikes!
Daphne: Oh, Scooby, that dog is saying hello to you too.
Chief Jenny: First of all, he's no ordinary dog, he's a Pokémon!

Mystery Inc.: A Pokémon?!?!
Shaggy: You mean those cute little monsters from Japan?
Scrappy-Doo: The very same, I already met a Pikachu with a Pokémon Trainer.
Jade: I bet it's Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu, right?
Scrappy-Doo: Not exactly, Jade! His Pikachu is called 'Sparky'.
Jade: That's Ritchie's Pikachu!
Scrappy-Doo: You said it, Jade and boy, did he [Sparky] spark me up.

Nigel: *clears his throat* Can we get on with this?
Chief Jenny: Of course, right this way!

Inside the next room

*There was Regis and Barrow from ACME London office*

Chief Jenny: *to Regis* Find any clues, so far.
Regis: Nothing except for the calling card.
Jessie: Calling card?
Maylee: Hello, remember Clues 101 class.
Jessie: Oh yeah, a particular object sometimes left behind by a crook after leaving the scene of the crime, often as a way of taunting police or claiming responsibility.
Maylee: Precisely!
Jessie: Reminds me of the Home Alone villain named Marv doing that from leaving the sink turn on after robbing houses in a Chicago suburb to snatching stuff from people in New York City with his sticky hands, only Harry hated when his partner does that. (I don't own the Home Alone movie series or the characters, Marv or Harry whatsoever)

Jade: *to Maylee and Jessie* Girls, shall we continue the investigation of the case?
Maylee/Jessie: Right, Jade!
Jade: *to Sir Nigel Fenwick* Now what was stolen?
Nigel: *shows Jade a picture of a black colored gemstone* This gemstone is a 250-carat precious black fire opal from Ethiopia's Wollo Province from a young man who is a descent of the last emperor of Ethiopia for the latest seminar exhibit of Ethiopia's Gem before heading back to the vault in Ethiopia's capital of Addis Ababa. (This gem is fictional and the person who is a descent of the last emperor of Ethiopia is not based on the real descent of the last emperor of Ethiopia)

Daphne: And about that calling card. *Barrow gives Daphne the calling card* Whoa, Freddy, check this out.
Fred: That's a Rafflesia flower only grown in the rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo in Indonesia.
Jade: *as she snaps her fingers* Of course, the largest flower in the world and one of the three national flowers of Indonesia.
Shaggy: Like does it smell good.
Velma: It's very unpleasant smell of a flower like that one.
Scooby/Scrappy/Maylee/Jessie: P. U.
Daphne: I wouldn't want that [Rafflesia] in my family's private garden.
Fred: You said it, Daphne, it's also known as the stinking corpse flower.

Chief Jenny: I doubt the crook doesn't live in Sumatra or Borneo.
Jade: You're right, Chief Jenny, I remember Sumatra rhymes with opera, however, I can't even find out anything with the Phantom of Sumatra in folklore, myths and legends of Indonesia.
Nigel: It seems the crook might strike again, one of constables saw a largest blue bat and uses haze to create a fog to distract security of the campus.
Chief Jenny: Sounds like a Golbat, Inspector.
Nigel: Well, I'm very glad, I pick the right team after all.
Chief Jenny: Inspector, we've better get back to headquarters and find that missing gem and the Phantom of Sumatra.
Nigel: Be careful, all of you.

ACME Headquarters, Central London, London, England, UK

Fred: *to Jade* So far, The Phantom of Sumatra disguises as Carmen Sandiego, Chase Devineaux and Professor Oak?!?!
Jade: Causing those three to be in the slammers for a crime they didn't commit.
Chief Jenny: Of course, the Blazikenite in Paris, Lucarionite from Ash Ketchum's house and the keystone in Berlin.
Velma: What do those things have in common?
Ritchie: *voice only* I think the Phantom of Sumatra is interested in Mega Evolution.

Jade: *after her, Maylee, Jessie, Mystery, Inc. and Chief Jenny turns around and sees Ritchie and his Pikachu, Sparky* Of course, both the Blazikenite and the Lucarionite are both Mega Evolution for Blaziken and Lucario.
'Sparky': *translated* You're right, Jade!
Scrappy-Doo: Hi ya, Sparky!
'Sparky': Pikachu!
Maylee: And our guess that the phantom can disguise as anyone he or she pretending to be.

Chief Jenny: *gasped* Of course, there's a crook that's never been caught after what happened around the Kyushu region, a former member of Team Magma is a master of a thousand disguises.
Ritchie: And my guess the phantom is after the Mega Evolution stones.

(Does the Kyushu region sound familiar to Pokémon: Ruby and Sapphire/Alpha Ruby and Omega Sapphire: Hello, Hoenn is based on the Kyushu region of Japan by the way, I don't own the game core series [Pokémon] or the facts whatsoever)

Jade: And also, my guess could be that the only Pokémon to transform into any Pokémon it wants.
Maylee/Jessie: A Ditto!
Chief Jenny: Of course, Brodie, the man of a thousand faces; he and his Pokémon, Ditto can disguise, my cousin from Nagasaki warns me about them.

Shaggy: Like is he responsible for this crime.
Velma: We can't jump to conclusion, Shaggy.
Jade: Velma's right, Shaggy, we have to capture the Phantom of Sumatra and recovered the stolen items.
Fred: Right, Jade!
Chief Jenny: I'd better inform Arguella, Erzin and Josha from the Academy about this and I brought some back up to pair up, Jade, tell Regis and Barrow, I need them to aid out on the case.
Jade: You got it, Jenny!

[End of Chapter Sixteen]
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Chapter Seventeen: Framed, part three.

ACME Headquarters, Central London, London, England, UK

Conference Room

Armando: *as he, Tatiana and Josha came and saw Jade, Maylee, Jessie, Regis, Barrow, Mystery, Inc., Chief Jenny, Ritchie and his Pikachu, 'Sparky' along with Goh and his Pokémon, Grookey* Chief Jenny, what a surprise to see you and is that who do we think it is.
Chief Jenny: Indeed, Armando, this is Mystery, Inc., they're allies to ACME.
Fred: *to Armando* Hola! Soy Fred Jones!

Armando: *raising his eyebrows* Excuse me?!?!
Daphne: Oh, we're sorry, uh, Freddy was speaking Spanish to you.
Armando: *to Fred* I can speak English, you know.
Velma: But he's kind-a rusty in different languages all the time.

Josha: And I remember Shaggy and Scooby-Doo when I end up in Hawai'i for no reason.
Shaggy: You don't even remember us, you were hypnotized by that witch, Medeva and Count Hypno and became the Witch Doctor.
Josha: Oh, yes, how could I forget that, well what's past is past, I guess. (Remember: The Jinx is On)

Armando: And by the way, I'm Armando Arguella from ACME Buenos Aires.
Tatiana: And I'm Tatiana Erzin from ACME Moscow.
Velma: I'm Velma Dinkley, this is Fred Jones and Daphne Blake.
Scrappy-Doo: And I'm Scrappy-Doo!
Armando: *to Scrappy-Doo* We're heard of you and making good progress at the obedience school for dogs.

Chief Jenny: I'm glad you all are here for this.
Armando: That's right, Chief Jenny and we also have somebody too with a Pokémon on his shoulder.
Tatiana: This Pokémon trainer [Goh] is the only eyewitness who saw a Golbat during the robbery at the Brunei Gallery.

Goh: Hi, my name is Goh, and this is my Pokémon, Grookey!
Grookey: *translated* Hi!
Ritchie: Hi, I'm Ritchie and this is my Pikachu, 'Sparky'
'Sparky': *to Goh and Grookey* Pika!
Jade: Hello, Goh, my name is Jade, and these are field rookies, Maylee and Jessie.
Goh: Nice to meet you all!

Chief Jenny: And I have permission from Tracey to bring Ash's Pokémon to you all guys for Professor Oak's innocence.
Shaggy: Like what do these monsters look like? *Ash's Oshawott sprays water gun onto Shaggy's face* Hey, what gives!

Jade: Oshawott!
Ash's Oshawott: *translated* Jade!
Chief Jenny: Oshawott is pair up with you again, Jade!
Jade: *to Ash's Oshawott* Ready to solve the case of the Phantom of Sumatra?
Ash's Oshawott: *translated* Hooray! I'm ready!

Ash's Bulbasaur: *to Armando* Bulbasaur!
Armando: Hola, Bulbasaur! *As Ash's Bulbasaur came to Armando*
Chief Jenny: Figure, Bulbasaur loves to pair up with you again, Arguella!

Ash's Torkoal: *to Maylee* Torkoal!
Maylee: Torkoal, good to see you, friend! *Ash's Torkoal is so happy to see Maylee again*
Jessie: That's a Torkoal?!?!
Maylee: Sure is, Jessie!
Chief Jenny: And that's why, Maylee, you're going to be pair up with Torkoal and of course each agent will pair up with Ash's other Pokémon, follow me!

*As Team ACME, Mystery, Inc., Ritchie, 'Sparky', Goh and Grookey follow Chief Jenny to the recreational room where there's Casper befriended one of Ash's Pokémon*

Casper: *to Ash's Gengar* You're very nice, Gengar!
Shaggy: *he and Scooby gulped* That's a weird ghost!
Scrappy-Doo: Oh, don't worry it's just Gengar!
Casper: He maybe a Pokémon, but he's friendly.

Ash's Gengar: Gengar!
Jade: Gengar is a ghost/poison type and the final form of Gastly.
Goh: That's right and there's more come out you all!
*And then they were four more of Ash's Pokémon*

Jade: Whoa! These Pokémon are amazing!
Goh: And they belong to Ash, this is Dragonite.
Jade: A dragon/flying type and the final form of Dratini and wow! I didn't know Ash got a Lucario.
Goh: It's true, Jade!

Chief Jenny: And these Pokémon were just caught recently by Ash. *As she shows Team ACME and Mystery, Inc. a white duck with a shield and a long leek like sword and some weird fish like dragon*
This is Sirfetch'd; the Wild Duck Pokémon evolve from a Farfetch'd right here in London and this is Dracovish, the Fossil Pokémon found somewhere around England by combining a fossilized fish and a fossilized drake.

(As in Galarian Farfetch'd after all Galar is a region based on Great Britain or UK, I don't own the facts about each Pokémon [Galarian Farfetch'd and Dracovish] or the Galar region whatsoever)

Jessie: This is surprising! *As Ash's Dracovish came to her* Gee-whiz! I've figured this one is pairing up with me.
Chief Jenny: That's who you'll stuck with, Lyons, while Tatiana will be paired with Lucario, Regis, Barrow, you two will pair up with Sirfetch'd and Dragonite.
Regis/Barrow: *after Regis meets Sirfetch'd and Barrow meets Dragonite* Thank you, Chief Jenny!
Chief Jenny: And that means Josha will be with Gengar.
Josha: Oh bueno!
Casper: Don't worry, Josha, Gengar is really friendly and can help you.

Scrappy-Doo: Hey what about us! Don't we get a Pokémon?
Jade: No, Scrappy, however, we got to split up, look for clues, find the opal and stop the Phantom of Sumatra.
Fred: Sounds like a plan.
Chief Jenny: And Mystery, Inc. will split and pair up with an ACME agent. Now search around Inner London and good luck!

[End of Chapter Seventeen]
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Chapter Eighteen: Framed, part four (Sorry, I have a hard time finishing the third story of this mystery story after trying to research what happened next however the ending is kind-a short actually)

Outside of ACME Headquarters, Central London, London, England, UK

Fred: Alright, we'd better...*Until a loud scared everyone off and saw someone on a big pterodactyl like creature*
Shaggy: *points his finger to the Phantom of Sumatra in the sky* No time, Fred, Look!
Scooby-Doo: Yikes!
Shaggy: *yelled* GANGWAY!!! *All duct when that big pterodactyl like creature soars down hoping to get someone*
Daphne: That's one huge pterodactyl.
Ritchie: That's not a pterodactyl!
Goh: Yeah, that's an Aerodactyl, the fossil Pokémon!
Fred: Duct! *Everyone did duct as Aerodactyl flies down again*

Scrappy-Doo: No Pokémon scares my uncle Scooby and gets away with it.
Jade: Exactly! Oshawott, help Scrappy and use Aqua Jet to boost him up.
Ash's Oshawott: Osha! (Right!)
Scrappy-Doo: Let's do it, Oshawott, Ta dadada ta daaa! Puppy Power! *Thanks to Oshawott's Aqua Jet, Scrappy is about to splat the Phantom of Sumatra* Now I gotcha!
Phantom: Whirlwind! *Aerodactyl uses Whirlwind and both Scrappy and Oshawott were about to fall down*
Jade: *as she got Ash's Oshawott* I got you, Oshawott!
Scooby-Doo: Scrappy! *Scrappy got save by falling onto his uncle's back*
Scrappy-Doo: Thanks, Uncle Scooby!
Scooby-Doo: Don't mention it!

Fred: Duct! *Aerodactyl is coming down on the ground*
Phantom: Transform! *As Aerodactyl transforms into a Lucario*
Daphne: Did you see that?
Fred: I did, I never seen that before.
Velma: Wait a minute, that's it! This is not a real Pokémon.
Ritchie: Velma's right! *Using his Rotom Phone*
Dex: *voice only* Ditto, the Transform Pokémon, a normal type, Ditto has ability to transform into a copy of a Pokémon.
Jade: Of course, that Ditto can become any Pokémon and copy it moves. Let's take them down!

Phantom: You can't stop us!
Jade: Oh yes, we can, now!
Phantom: Force Palm! *'Lucario' uses force palm*
Maylee: *to Ash's Torkoal* Torkoal, Iron Defense! *Ash's Torkoal did*
Jessie: *to Ash's Dracovish* Dracovish, Ice Fang! *Ash's Dracovish did onto 'Lucario' and surprise it is Ditto*
Goh: Grookey, Wood Hammer!
Phantom: *to Ditto* Transform and use Flamethrower! *Ditto turns into Charizard and uses flamethrower unto Grookey's Wood Hammer*

Tatiana: *Ash's Lucario* Lucario, Aura Sphere!
Phantom: Transform and use Whirlwind! *Ditto turns into Aerodactyl and yes blows Lucario's Aura Sphere away* Transform and use Aerial Ace unto Lucario! *Ditto again turns into Pidgeot and yes knocks down Ash's Lucario* Blow them away with Gust Attack! *Tatiana, Regis and Barrow screamed along with Sirfetch'd and Dragonite got knock down*

Maylee: Torkoal, overheat!
Phantom: Transform and use Hydro Pump! *Ditto turns into Blastoise and wash out the overheat along with Maylee, Torkoal, Jessie and Dracovish*
Jade: No! Oshawott, stop Ditto with Hydro Pump! *Oshawott sprays Ditto with Hydro Pump*
Ritchie: Sparky, Thunderbolt! *Sparky zaps Ditto with thunderbolt*
Phantom: No, Ditto, hurry and transform!
Josha: Gengar, stop Ditto with Psychic! * Ash's Gengar did*
Armando: Now Bulbasaur get the Phantom with Vine Whip! *And Ash's Bulbasaur did, making the phantom drop a sack and wrap the phantom as New Scotland Yard shows up and Chief Jenny came out of Headquarters*

Nigel: Don't you realize shouldn't start...by Jove, you got the Phantom of Sumatra!
Constable: *As he and the other constables saw the items* Sir, there's the opal, two Mega Evolution stones [Blazikenite and Lucarionite] and the keystone from Berlin!
Nigel: Well, done, ACME, we'll take this one to custody.
Chief Jenny: What happened?
Fred: We're about to start searching for the Phantom, but he spotted us first.

Jade: He doesn't need introduction, Chief Jenny! Because you warn us about Brodie! *Fred unmasked the Phantom* As Carmen Sandiego, *Fred removes the Carmen mask* as Chase Devineaux, *Fred removes the Chase mask* as Professor Oak...*Fred removes the Professor Oak mask*
Nigel: *shocked to sees who the Phantom was about to become* Good night, me! *And Fred removes the Inspector Mask and shows the real Brodie: a purple-haired, brown-eyed crook*

Velma: He's the one who framed these three people.
Goh: Yeah, I bet Ash knows him.
Jade: I bet he already did in the Kyushu Island area years during when he was working for Team Magna and gone solo after both that team and Team Aqua being dissolved afterwords.
Velma: Figure, he did study and learning about other people.
Shaggy: And listening on their voices to practice and start pretending to be anyone.
Fred: Right, start disguising as each person and the real person is framed for the crime.

Jade: Which Chief Jenny's relative inform her about him as the Man of the Thousand Faces.
Maylee: And since Ditto can transform into any Pokémon and it knows about their moves.
Jessie: Just like Ritchie said the phantom was interested in Mega Evolution, Brodie wants to use these Mega Evolution stones after Ditto transforms.
Ritchie: But we stop him just in time with these Pokémon.
Casper: I say, he'll never try mega evolving now and probably never.

Chief Jenny: Well, well, it's about time we got you now, Phantom Brodie, you won't get away this time.
Broadie: You may take back the items, but you'll never catch me ever! Golbat, use Haze! *Use his Poke Ball and summons Golbat and Golbat uses haze to make Broadie, Ditto and itself escape*

Nigel: Blast it!
Chief Jenny: No!
Jade: Fudge, double fudge!
Scooby-Doo: Fudge?!?!
Velma: Just an expression, Scooby!
Daphne: This is the first time a villain escapes from going behind bars.
Fred: You said it, Daphne!

Maylee: *voice only* We have recovered the items and of course, Carmen, Chase and Professor Oak's charges were dropped.

[End of Chapter Eighteen]
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Chapter Nineteen: Locked once more.

The Dining Hall *After Jade freed Maylee, Jessie, Team Pokémon (Ritchie, 'Sparky', Brock, Misty, her Psyduck, May, Max, Dawn, her Piplup, Serena, Clemont, his Chespin, Bonnie, Clemont's Dedenne, Goh and his Grookey), Loni and Felipe Salvador they return downstairs while Armando, Tatiana and Josha searching around for anyone or anything*

Jade: I'm glad we're all okay!
Shaggy: Looks like we found everybody!
Velma: Not everybody, Shaggy!
Daphne: We're still looking for Fred and the Hex Girls!
Lee: Yeah, Shaggy, we're not done, we still need more clues, find more people and solve the mystery of the Phantom Revengers.
Shaggy: I was afraid he might say that.
Scooby-Doo: *shake his head 'yes!'* Uh-huh!

Count Zap: But some of us can't join you due to injury. *Mr. Match with an ice-cold eye gel mask on, that Maddy got out of the freezer [beside it's his for his own health reasons] snores so loud...yelled* WAKE UP, MATCH!!!
Maddy: It's no good, Count Zap, that weird medicine really knocked him down.
Count Zap: Oh great, this is the worst Halloween ever. Looks like Rip Van Winkle [Mr. Match] here would be asleep onto the next century.

Mr. Wily: *voice only* I don't think so, Count Zap! *Everyone gasped and saw Wily with a bottle of green colored smelling salt* You all should thank Commander Monaghan and this Possible girl for finding me, I've figure this comes in handy, Maddy! *Maddy lifted Mr. Match's head up while Wily squats down after opening a bottle of green colored smelling salt and surprise Mr. Match woke up after his nose sniff out, coughed and catch his breath*

Mr. Match: *as he takes off his ice-cold eye gel mask* Thank you, Mr. Wily!
Lan: Mr. Match, who did this to you and the others?
Mr. Match: Three lads are going after this Evan guy after locking up three of their cousins.
Jade: Evan Ritter.
Daphne: But why Evan?
Mr. Match: Something about a fortune of belonging to an old lady who was an heiress to a publishing company her family used to own.
Jerry: Oh my!
Jade: It seems this verbal clue Mr. Match gave us should help with the case.
Lee: Of course, so far, the clues Jade found have something part of this case but wasn't part of the other cases we solved.

Meanwhile upstairs...

Casper: *after phasing out to unlock the door to Ivy and Kim Possible* Here you go, ladies!
Kim: Thanks, Casper for the door.
Casper: Of course, Kim, after all everyone helps out to save your hometown's reputation. *As he leaves in invisible mode*
Ivy: What does Casper mean by your hometown's reputation?
Kim: I bet the case has to deal with what happened in Middleton.
Ivy: Oh, right, we all remember that case? *Someone knocking on the closet door*

Ron: *voice only* Help, KP, anybody!
Zack: *voice only* Ivy, Josha, Tatiana, Armando!
Kim: That's Ron!
Ivy: Zack!
Zack: *voice only* Ivy!
Ivy: Where are you, little bro?
Zack: *voice only* In this closet, sis!
Ivy: Better kick the door down.

Colin: *voice only* Don't damage the door!
Fred: *voice only* It's better to pick the lock.
Ivy: Can you pick a lock, Kim?
Kim: If only I brought my Club Banana shopper's card. *Checking her pockets and scoffs* I left it at home.
Ivy: *Gives Kim one of her picklocks* Use mine, Kim!
Kim: Thanks, Ivy! *As Kim starts pick the lock, Ivy looks at the dresser drawer, she spotted a picture of a little boy and an old lady, notice a blue ribbon for a photo contest and back of the name of the winner and then Kim freed Ron, Zack, Fred and Colin out of the closet*

Ron: Oh, KP, thank goodness!
Kim: Ron is my family with you! *Wade gagged and tied up*
Fred: Thanks to Rufus, he bits his teeth to freed us he about to freed Wade.
Rufus: Uh-huh!
Ron: No, Kim, your parents are not here, and neither are your brothers.
Rufus: *shake his head, 'yes!' True, true!
Kim: Oh, great they probably at the next room.
Ivy: *As Kim untied and ungagged Wade* Then let's go there next!

The main bedroom

Ivy: *to Colin after she, Zack, Kim, Ron, Wade and Fred* I've found something interesting that old bedroom.
Colin: *Zack checked the dresser drawer* That was my room, Ivy, and the picture you found, yeah, I won first place for a childhood photo contest back in high school.
Ron: So, who was the old lady and the little boy?
Colin: The little boy was me and the old lady was my grandmother.
Zack: *seeing a piece of paper with someone's name on it* Victoria Ann Ritter!
Colin: *As Kim picklock the closet again* My grandmother was an heiress to a publishing company before was either merge with other publishing company or defunction, that's one thing we didn't know and neither did mom or dad.

Ron: *grab something of the dresser drawer* Whoa! What's a laptop doing here?
Zack: Beats me, all we can find out together. *Kim opens the door and enters the closet while someone shuts the main bedroom door* What the?!?!
Fred: *try opening the door* The door is locked.
Kim: *in the closet voice only* What?!?!
Ron: KP?!?!
Kim: *in the closet voice only* Ron, Wade, help me untied my family here.
Wade: You got it, Kim! *As he and Ron enters the closet*

The Main Closet

Kim: *as she untied and unblinded her father* Is everyone alright?
Ann: *after Wade unblinded her, while Ron untied her* Not exactly, Kim!
James: *As Wade untied Jim and Tim* Those three men shows up they capture us and putting us here.
Jim: We both got unconscious with some weird sleep medicine.
Tim: For almost an hour.
Kim: I was looking all over for you in the search except we found an old man with a glass eye.
Ivy: Who turns out to be Mr. Wily.

Zack: *Found something on the laptop* Take a look at this I've found.
Ron: *As he, Kim, Wade and the Possible family got out of the closet* Don't tell that's...
James: I hope it's not what I think it is.
Zack: It's a newspaper clipping about a plane crash that happened almost fourteen years ago.
Colin: Oh, my father was among one of the passengers.
Kim: How did you know, Colin?

Colin: My father was a regional supply manager for a famous restaurant chain before it was defunct.
Ron: Was it Bueno Nacho?
Colin: No, it's Granny Kosher, a delicatessen for ones on the Kosher diet.
Ann: We never heard of it in Middleton.
Colin: Unfortunately, my father never came to Middleton, he and the Granny Kosher company were about to be part of a great company, unfortunately, the plane crash in the San Francisco Bay Area, he and the others didn't survive. (Granny Kosher is a fictional restaurant chain company)
Ron: Would have been an exclusive brand to Smarty Mart, if it's the great company Granny Kosher be part of. (I don't own the fictional places based on Disney's Kim Possible [Bueno Nacho and Smarty Mart] whatsoever)
Colin: No, my father never told us the name of the great company and it's not Smarty Mart.

*Until the screeching noise came from the laptop computer there appeared was the third Phantom Revenger everyone screamed and covered their own ears (except Rufus puts on his small headphone) *

Phantom Revenger#3: It was the curse's fault for that plane crash.
Colin: That's not true, nobody's knows how the plane crash down, when I was in high school, while my sisters end up in college.
Phantom Revenger#3: It is the curse, like it happened to Marvin! He would have been a successful stockbroker on Wall Street, instead he ends up on wheels in Manhattan. (Marvin swerving around the taxicab on an icy cold night at a parking lot garage, he screamed, and the screen turns white and return to normal)

Zack: What was that all about the curse?
Colin: Don't know, Zack! But has to do with...Todd!
Fred: I wonder why?
Colin: I don't want to talk about it.

*Until Kim's Communication watch beeped*
Kim: What's the stitch?
Luigi: *on screen* Hi, Kim!
Kim: Uh, Luigi, we're all locked.
Luigi: *on screen* What?!?! Jade, did you hear that?
Jade: *voice only* I heard it, Luigi!
Daphne: *voice only* Is Freddy there?
Fred: Sure am, Daphne!
Knuckles: *on screen* Jade and Lee are on the way to get guys out.
Luigi: *on screen* In the meantime, tell us a story.
Ivy: Well, since you put it that away, Luigi, we know a case from Middleton. it all starts in Paris, France.

[End of Chapter Nineteen]
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Chapter Twenty: Flounder's Play, part one. (I don't own the following characters: From the Carmen Sandiego universe: Fast Eddie B., Justin Case, Ken Hartley Reed, Touriste Classe and Clay Tandoori and from the Kim Possible universe: Steve Barkin, Monique, Felix Renton, Zita Flores, Martin Smarty, Mr. and Mrs. Stoppable [Ron's parents] and Gill Moss whatsoever)

Paris, France (This is one quick case after another just like in the Scooby-Doo movie: Scooby-Doo and the Legend of the Vampire with the theme song to the show since 1969: By the way I don't own the movie, the show or its theme song whatsoever)

*Bats flying at the night for another migration, while Scooby-Doo and Shaggy just running scared from the Sewer Museum no thanks to a human/fish hybrid creature spitting out slime*

(Scooby-Dooby-Doo, where are you?
We got some work to do now)

*Cole whistles for Shaggy and Scooby and they follow him while the human/fish hybrid creature follows them, and the creature stop at a dead end*

(Scooby-Dooby-Doo, where are you?)

Ron [in his blue action outfit]: Surprise!
Gill Moss: Stoppable! *Ron uses his blue monkey power to knock the creature down* (We need some help from you now)

(Come on, Scooby-Doo, I see you, pretending you got a sliver)

*While Zack, Velma and Ivan go after Touriste Classe [disguise as a fisherman] stealing Whistler's Mother from Musee d'Orsay, but Classe jumped to the boat*

Velma: He got away!
Scrappy-Doo: *from the tree* Puppy Power! *He jumped unto Classe to stop him on the boat...which turns out it is a police boat*

(You're not fooling me, 'cause I can see, the way you shake and shiver.)

*While Kim, Monique, Daphne, Jade and her cats, Sam and Socks go after the ghost of a dressmaker being rejected by Marie Antoinette before the French Revolution begin with Coco Banana's portfolio, thanks to Sam and Socks pouncing at the ghost making her drop the portfolio Kim grabs the portfolio in time while Jade uses the restraining ties onto the ghost and Daphne unmasked the ghost* (I don't own the character Coco Banana)

(You know we got a mystery to solve, so Scooby-Doo, be ready for your act. Don't hold back! And Scooby-Doo, if you come through, you're going to have your Scooby Snack! That's a fact!)

Meanwhile at the Air and Space Museum on the edge of Paris-Le Bourget Airport

*Clay Tandoori [disguise as a security officer] stealing the latest project for the European Space Agency and about to get away, however, Lee's beagle dog, Reuben, growled and goes after Clay, he screamed thinking he would hide but he was wrong thanks to a stoat and Rufus jumped unto his back*

Lee: Good work, you guys!
Fred: Luring him into our trap!
Lee: You heard him, Reuben, Scout, Rufus, get out of the way! *And both Reuben, Scout and Rufus did and Clay step onto the taped 'X'*
Ivy: *to Jim [in his green action outfit] and Tim [in his red action outfit] * Now, boys! *And Jim and Tim pressed the button, and an escape-proof high-tech cage captures Clay*

(Scooby-Dooby-Doo, here are you. You're ready and you're willing, if we can count on you, Scooby-Doo, I know we'll catch that villain)

ACME Headquarters, Paris, France

Dominique Beaumont: Thanks to all of your help, Paris will sleep once more.
Jim: It's what we do, ma'am.
Tim: And of course, for the world, too.
Dominique: My father will make sure the project will return to the European Space Agency safely. (I don't own the European Space Agency whatsoever)
Ivy: While Clay Tandoori will end up behind the bars.
Zack: With Touriste Classe, of course. *Lee laughed with a grinned, of course*
Scrappy-Doo: By stealing Whistler's Mother, glad it isn't real.
Velma: Yeah, Scrappy, the real painting is back in the vault for security purposes.

Ivan: What about the portfolio?
Daphne: Recover!
Monique: Thanks to Jade, Daphne and Kim, I've got my job back in Middleton.
Kim: Hollie Point wants revenge against Coco Banana for stealing her 'glory' back in the 80's.
Jade: Actually, no fashion buyer would ever buy her collections ever.

Yvette: And what about the sewer museum monster.
Ron: Turns out to be Gil Moss aka Gill and no, I didn't unmask him, he's been mutated after he escape from Middleton.
Shaggy: Mutated?!?!
Scooby-Doo: Mutated?!?!
Ron: It's a very long story, you two.
Cole: *to Dominique and Yvette* Don't worry, girls, Gill's under treatment by a French genetic scientist and under custody until he returns under Middleton's genetic expert, Dr. Lurkin and under custody as well.

Lee: And believe us, they won't bought anyone again.
Ron: Boo-yah! Let's hope Smarty Mart opens worldwide after Mr. Smarty gets France's approval.
Jade: Whoa, Ron, your boss was helping a hypermarket be part of the Smarty Mart family.
*Intercom beeped*
Receptionist: *translated from French voice only* Miss Beaumont, there's a Mr. Smarty at the front desk looking for a Ron Stoppable.
Dominique: *translated from French pressed the intercom* Send Mr. Smarty in, please.
Receptionist: *voice only* Merci! (French: Thank you!)

Ron: You're in luck, everyone!
Kim: Ron, not everyone is a Smarty Mart shopper.
Jade: Kim Possible, Smarty Mart is a good place for groceries with low prices. *Someone knocked Dominique's office and Yvette opens the door*
Ron: *to Martin Smarty* Mr. Smarty, good to see you how did it go?
Smarty: We're not going to have a new member of the Smarty Mart family in France. *Ron is sad and disappointed at the same time* But I'm surprised to see you, Ron, coming back to work after that incident of the recall crisis at the pet department.
Ron: You said it, boss.
Smarty: I hope everyone comes to a Smarty Mart in your neighborhood and speaking of Middleton, how would like to go back in my private jet.
Ron: Sure, we accept it.
Yvette: And I'm very glad, because there's trouble around Middleton.

Jade: How trouble is Middleton? *Dominique shows Team ACME (Jade, Ivy, Zack, Lee, Cole and Ivan), Mystery, Inc. and Team Possible (Kim, Ron, Jim and Tim) along with Rufus and the ACME Animal Action Team (Sam, Socks, Reuben and Scout) about Middleton's Founder's Day Incident begins at dark thanks to her laptop computer*

Kim: Oh, so not the drama!

[End of Chapter Twenty]
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Chapter Twenty-One: Jade meets the Phantom Revengers

*While heading for the master bedroom, suddenly Jade screamed after a trap door automatically*
Lee: Jade, this isn't...Jade, Jade! Terrific, I better go on without her.

*Jade screamed as she was slide down to the basement and yes, there's a bunch of bags of flour on the floor*
Jade: Saved by the flour! *Sneezed after being covered in flour all of the sudden there was Todd gagged and tied up* Todd! Oh fudge, The Chief of ACME Midwest, Bolt! *As she came to them* Gentlemen, are you alright? *While she ungagged Bolt she didn't realizes the purple glows came*
Bolt: Behind you!
Jade: Huh!?!?! *As she turns around and saw the three Phantom Revengers*

Phantom Revenger#1: Well, well, if isn't the one who encourage someone to have a party on the same day as the holiday.
Jade: You won't get away with this!
Phantom Revenger #2: We've already won!
Phanton Revenger #3: And we've got lucky with these gothic beauties. *The third phantom revenger uncovered the sheet and there was the Hex Girls gagged and tied*
Jade: What have you done to them?

Phantom Revenger#1: They'll be the brides for us, and we'll be rich.
Jade: You three won't get your hands on the fortune you'll never find it and you'll never get this house. *Until she was gagged and tied by some gift-wrapped tying machine*
Phantom Revenger#1: Let's go, take the curse [Todd] and the brides with us.
Phantom Revenger#2: As soon as we find the fortune, we get rid of the curse and marry to our own brides.
Phantom Revenger#1: I'm glad, you'll be my wife, Sally McKnight!
Phantom Revenger#2: And so, do each of you girls [Luna and Dusk]! *He and the other two phantoms take Todd and the Hex Girls away by magic*

*Until the Chief of ACME Midwest release himself and came to Jade*

Arthur [Disguise as the Chief of ACME Midwest]: I'm glad you're here, Jade! *As he ungagged her*
Jade: Chief Mitchell?!?! *Arthur whispers to Jade's ear after he unmask part of the disguise...quietly* Okay, I won't say anything until the mystery is solved. *Arthur untied Jade carefully*
Arthur: *after putting back his mask back on his face...quietly as Jade gets up thanks to him* I'll freed Bolt, reunited with the others.
Jade: *quietly* You got it, 'Chief Mitchell'! *As she spotted the stairs after opening the door and leaves*

Master Bedroom

Luigi: *on screen/Kim's communication watch* Uh oh! This sounds bad isn't it.
Ivy: Not quite, Luigi!
Zack: But we did get to Middleton at once.

[End of Twenty-One]


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Chapter Twenty-Two: Flounder's Play, part two.

Middleton, CO, USA (It is mentioned in A Possible Reaction about the city)

*After landing Mr. Smarty's private jet plane and the ACME cargo jet lands at Middleton Airport*

Kim and Ron's Neighborhood *After dropping Monique to her apartment*

Wade: *as he saw both the Mystery Machine and Ivy's SUV parked* Hey, you guys!
Kim: *as she, Ron, Jim and Tim got out of the Mystery Machine* Wade, what's the stitch?
Wade: Wow! Is that the Mystery Machine?
Fred: It sure is, uh...
Wade: I'm Wade, just a computer genius.
Fred: I'm Fred Jones, this is Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, Scooby-Doo.
Scrappy-Doo: And his nephew, Scrappy-Doo!

Ivan: *as he and the rest of Team ACME got out of Ivy's SUV* I'm Ivan Idea! I've figure you already know, Zack, Ivy, Lee Jordan, Cole Gannon and Miss Jade.
Jade: Along the ACME Animal Action Team: Sam and Reuben, this is Sam's little 'sister', Socks!
Lee: And my stoat, Scout!
Wade: A stoat, where did get him?
Lee: It was my birthday present from Arona from ACME New Zealand and Scout's a girl.
Wade: Oh, sorry! *Ron's cellphone ringed*

Ron: Hold on a sec, Wade! *Ron answers his cellphone* Hello!
Mrs. Stoppable: *on screen* Ron, I'm glad you're here!
Ron: Mom, what are you and Dad doing?
Mr. Stoppable: *on screen* Still stuck on a business trip, son.
Mrs. Stoppable: *on screen* I'm glad you're here, Ron, we have to fire the last house sitter and I was wondering if you could house sit.

Ron: Of course, mom, I'll house sit because I'm going to be home and go to work as the same time.
Mrs. Stoppable: *on screen* Oh thank goodness, even though your sister is still in Japan.
Mr. Stoppable: *on screen* Would you mind clean up the garage for our sake the last house sitter didn't like we ask him to?
Mrs. Stoppable: *on screen* He forgot to do that before he left.
Ron: A he?
Mr. Stoppable: *on screen* He never told us his name, that's all and you know the rules of the house.
Ron: Right, dad! I'll see you and mom later.
Mrs. Stoppable: *on screen* Thank you for your help! *As Ron's cellphone hangs up as James and Ann came out of the house*

Ann: I'm glad you all came home safe and sound.
Jim: Sure did, Mom!
Tim: Took care of the one who stolen the project out of the European Space Agency.
James: I'm glad you did, boys!
Ann: Kim, I'm glad you and Ron are home.
Kim: Home for what?
James: You know the Middleton High School reunion.
Kim: Whoa, that's coming up!

Wade: It is, Kim!
Velma: But there's also something going on here.
Ann: Indeed!
James: Someone's wreaking havoc around Middleton.
Jade: What kind of havoc are you two talking about?
Ann: Well, something about the Founder's Day coming up and someone by the name of Jonathan Bragan claims that his ancestor was accused of stealing the uproar of the famous Middleton War and being a spy for the other side. (Fictional historical war)
Jade: Reminds me of the turning point for the American Revolution when Benedict Arnold betrayed the American colonists by stealing the plans to surrender West Point to the British Forces. (I don't own this historical fact whatsoever)

Fred: Wait a minute who told you this.
James: It's Steven Barkin while me and my wife went to the housewares section at Smarty Mart and out of nowhere some weird thief starts destroying the ceramics there.
Ann: Even around the art and crafts section.
Zack: An old saying, you break it, you buy it.
Lee: Talk about a major damage to the items.
Ivan: Describe the thief, please.
Ann: Not much going on, that thief was fast.

Ivy: Well, it looks like this town has got themselves a case.
Jade: Right, Ivy and we all going to solve this mystery in Middleton.
Cole: By the way, can we stay at your place, Kim?
James: There's not enough room for everyone.
Kim: We agree with Dad, maybe you can stay at Ron's place.
Ron: Oh no, Kim, I have to house sit for my parents, no parties, no guests unless it's a family member and I hate to break it to the dogs, the cats and the stoat, no pet dander allowed.

Shaggy: Like why is that?
Ron: Well, my dad is allergic to fur.
Lee: Well, excuse us, perhaps we can stay with Wade.
Wade: No way, you guys, the only place you all can stay is the Middleton Motor Lodge.
Jade: Middleton Motor Lodge?!?!

Ron: Oh yeah, Jade, Lee, Mystery, Inc. they have valet parking, but no pets allowed.
Daphne: If only there's another hotel that is pet friendly.
Ann: Sorry, Daphne, but that's the only hotel here.
Cole: That's just terrific! *Jade's padphone beeps, she answers and sees a message*
Jade: We're in luck, you guys we're getting a room reserved there.
Zack/Cole/Ivan/Shaggy: *as they raised their own eyebrows* Huh?!?!
Velma/Daphne: What?!?!
Lee: You got to be kidding, Jade.
Jade: We got a 'go ahead' from our Director of Intelligence.
Ivy: You mean...
Jade: Yes, Ivy, he reserved a 'special room' for us.

Middleton Motor Lodge

Fred: *voice only* We like a room, please!

Inside the Motor Lodge

Front Desk Clerk (male): You all know the rules, no pets allowed.
Jade: *as she shows her digital ID to the front desk clerk* That can be arranged!

Front Desk Clerk: *gasped* Oh, who sent you? *Jade whispers the front desk clerk gulped* Of course! *As he pressed the button from under his desk and there was an ACME safehouse disguise as a guesthouse coming from the underground outside and gives each ACME agent [Jade, Ivy, Zack, Lee, Ivan and Cole] an electronic keycard* Enjoy your stay!

Lee: Thank you for the accommodations for us. *As he with the rest of Team ACME and Mystery, Inc heads for the 'guesthouse'*

Front Desk Clerk: *using a secret phone for ACME Informants* Yes, Director Sterling, I'm giving the 'guests' under your name...no charge! *Hangs afterwords with a sigh of relief, of course* What a turnout.

*While everyone is asleep in Middleton something fast zooming through from Upperton*

Casper: *after seeing the mysterious figure* Golly, that one is surely fast I'll better follow it and sees where it's going. *And he did*

[End of Twenty-Two]
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