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(I don't own the characters Carmen Sandiego, Archie Pelago, Ann Tickwittee,Lee Jordan,Cole Gannon,Vic the Slick,Patty Larceny,Moe Skeeter,Lars Vegas,Sara Bellum,Contessa and Sarah Nade whatsoever this is a crossover)

Guest Characters

From MegaMan NT Warrior

1. MegaMan and his net operative,Lan Hikari
2. Roll and his net operative,Maylu Sakurai
3. GutsMan and his net operative,Dex Oyama
4. ProtoMan and his net operative,Chaud Blaze
5. TorchMan (alias FireMan) and his net operative,Mr.Match
6. ElecMan and his net operative,Count (Jack) Zap
7. WackoMan (alias ColorMan) and his net operative,Maddy
8. MagicMan and his net operative,Yahoot
9. Rush the cyberdog
10. Chisao,Dex's little brother
11. Keifer,Net Commissioner of the Net Police
12. Manuela,Keifer's assistant
13. Magnus Gauss,Count Zap's older brother
14. Mr. Wily

(Act one begins)

Somewhere in the outskirts of Tokyo,Japan

Sarah Nade and ten V.I.L.E. henchmen sneaking into a forest searching for something.

"Yo,Boys!" Sarah said and the men did.
"What is it?" one of the ten henchmen said and they gasped as they and Sarah saw a ruined place.
"Well,what do you boys think?" Sarah asked
"It's perfect!" one of the ten henchmen answered "For storing the equipment here!"
"Let's check it out,boys!" said Sarah
"Yeah!" the ten henchmen cheered

Inside the ruined place...

Sarah and the ten henchmen entered there..."Whoa! Check that one out!" said Sarah as she saw a portrait of an old man with a glass eye on his right side of his eye.
"Who is that old prune?" one of the ten henchmen asked
"No idea,boys!" Sarah answered "But this chessboard floor is wild and the rest it's so..."
"Spectacular!" a man's voice interrupted Sarah.
"Huh!?!?! Who's there?" said Sarah "Come on out!"
And the man did appeared wearing hat and trenchcoat covering his colorblock suit (including a pair of black shoes) and holding something.
"My,you look lovely than my secretary."
"Secretary?" said Sarah
"Oh here these pictures and profiles of the ones working here!" the man said as he gave it to Sarah "Oh and here's this!*he gave Sarah a piece of orange paper* That's where they are now."
"What do you want us to do with these people?" Sarah asked
"Anything you want just don't say a word to Carmen Sandiego." the man answered
"What do you mean by that?" Sarah asked again and the man is gone. "Gee-whiz! Come on boys! Let's go get'em and separate them."
"But what about the boss?" one of the ten henchmen asked
"Don't say nothing at all!" Sarah answered

Meanwhile at the Sandiego Manor

Carmen flipping pages of newspaper clippings of different criminal organizations other than V.I.L.E.(don't worry it's fictional)...There was an article about World Three and what happened there while she's in the study room.

'It's been years since Mr.Wily organize World Three I mean who are his gang members?' Carmen's mind said '*sighed* Oh well forget it it's all in the past.' And Carmen put back the book of newspaper clippings and leaves the study room.

Dentech City-the following day

Dex Oyama and his little brother,Chisao are heading to work at Number one they enter Dex said "Weird! the door's open! Yahoot,did open it early?Hello,Yahoot,Mr.Match,Count Zap,Maddy!"
"They're probably still asleep,Dex!" said Chisao "I'll check it out!"
As Chisao heads upstairs to wake up Yahoot and the others.
"GutsMan sees if any of navis are here." Dex said to his net navi,GutsMan
"You got it!" GutsMan said as Dex jack him in...

In the Cyberworld...

"Guts,weird! No sign of them!" said GutsMan after searching MagicMan,ElecMan,WackoMan and TorchMan high and low.

At Number one Curry...
"What no way!" said Dex as Chisao came back down stairs and said to Dex "They're not here big brother!"
"What?!?!" said Dex "Chisao,we better contact the police about this!"

Meanwhile in the ACME jet...

"This mission won't be easy around Tokyo." Archie Pelago said on appeared on the screen telling that to Jade Ezell,Ann Tickwittee,Lee Jordan,Cole Gannon,Jason Argonaut,Tyson Jackson and Spencer Ross.
"What's wrong with Tokyo,Archie?" Jade asked
"Nothing,Miss Ezell!" Archie answered "Just see Detective Yamaguchi when get to Tokyo he'll explain everything." And Archie sign out with the screen the ACME jet continues flying to Tokyo,Japan.

(end of Act one)
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(Act two begins forgot to mention earlier about the guest characters I don't own them whatsoever)

Dentech City

As Daniel drives his minivan after Jade,Ann,Lee,Cole,Jason,Tyson and Spencer arrive in Tokyo.

Daniel parked the minivan at a building's parking lot.

"Here we are the Net Police headquarters!" said Daniel.

Inside the Net Police Building...

Daniel,Jade,Ann,Lee,Cole,Jason,Tyson and Spencer walk in...
Daniel stop at the lobby and said "Wait here!" as Daniel walk the rest of the way.

"I wonder what he meant by that?" Jason asked
"Probably just look for something or someone to greet us." said Tyson "He may have a girlfriend that works here!"
"*sighed* I doubt it,Tyson!" said Lee "I mean why here?"
All of the sudden someone inside the Net Police...
"*gasped* Lan!" said Jade as she, Ann,Lee,Cole,Jason,Tyson and Spencer are surprised to see Lan Hikari coming in the building.
"Whoa! Jade,welcome to Dentech City!" said Lan
"What's brings you here?" Jade asked
"Oh I was called to come here it's a surprise assignment thanks to Mr. Famous!" Lan answered
"Lan,call him Famous alright?" said Jade
"Sorry!" said Lan
"Yo Lan,it's good to see you again,where's Chad?" Tyson asked
"You mean,Chaud,he's okay,he's here too and upset at this moment." said Lan
"I rather not tell you all this." said Lan as Dex and Chisao walk out of the office Dex is crying."Dex,what are you doing here?"

"What's it look like,Lan!" said Dex "Yahoot and the others are gone!"
"Gone? What are you talking about?" Lan asked as Maylu Sakurai came out of the office.

"Dex told the officer what happened to Yahoot and the others this morning."
Maylu answered and Jade,Lan,Ann,Lee,Cole,Jason,Tyson and Spencer gasped.
"This Yahoot guy,who is he?" Ann asked
"He's the owner of Number One Curry,Lan always enjoys his curry until I came around and make different curry dishes." Dex answered.
"Anything else about him?" Ann asked

"Uh I rather not tell you all of the rest of the story about his past." Dex answered "Anyway we better go,come on Chisao let's go home for today."
"Okay,big brother!" said Chisao "See you later!"
And Dex and Chisao leaves the Net Police headquarters.

"Maylu,what's the matter with Dex,he seems upset about this?" Jade asked
"Jade,to tell the truth the officer didn't believe in Dex's story I mean he told the officer what happened this morning." Maylu answered
"No way!" said Lan
"Way,Lan!" said Maylu "Listen I better go,Lan! I've got piano lessons to do."
"See you later,Maylu!" said Lan as Maylu leaves.
'This case is kinda weird I mean this Dex character is hiding a secret but the question what is it.' Ann's mind said as she and the others are waiting for Daniel to arrive back.

Meanwhile at a park

a man is picking up aluminum cans and place in the recycling bin there stood someone on the bench...

"*gasped* Well,well if isn't the elusive Carmen Sandiego." the man as his face appeared in front of her.
Carmen recognize the man's face and said "Mr.Wily,it's been a while!"
"You know something's up correct?" Wily asked
"Exactly,Wily that's why I came... *Carmen stands up from the bench*one of my henchwomen told me to meet a gentleman who knew you long ago." Carmen answered "He has something for me about your organization?"
"*gasped* What?!?!"
"I'm not making it up,Wily!"
"Who is this gentleman?"
"No idea!"
"You better be careful this man will ruined your life as the head of your organization beware!"
"Thanks for the warning,Wily!" said Carmen as she leaves.
'This woman is smart to take any advice from anybody.' Wily's mind 'I hope she knows what she's doing.'

(end of Act Two)
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(Act three begins)

Somewhere in Switzerland

at a fondue restaurant...

Everyone enjoying a cheese fondue especially Mr.Match,Count Zap,Maddy and Yahoot...

"I can't believe we end up here in Switzerland I thought it would be Kingland." said Count Zap as he used his fondue fork to grab a cube of French bread. (Kingland is a fictional place in MegaMan NT Warrior)
"Tell me about it." said Maddy as she used her fondue fork to grab a cube of French bread as well. "I mean we supposed to be working at Number One Curry right about now."
"I hope Dex did not start cooking just yet." said Yahoot
"Nah! I don't think so Yahoot." said Mr.Match "If I know Dex he might be still asleep*laughed a little*."

"Do you think we should tell Dex to create Cheese Curry Fondue?" Count Zap asked.
"I doubt it,Count Zap!" Yahoot answered
"Who wants that concoction,Yahoot?" Mr.Match asked
"I don't know Match,but I don't think no one would never make that even Dex might burn the cheese!" Yahoot answered
"Oh no!" Count Zap said after his bread dropped in the fondue pot. "Waiter,another round of drinks to my friends please!"
"Count Zap,don't you know not to double dipped your bread?" Maddy asked
"I wasn't double dipping,Maddy." Count Zap answered "I just want to cover my bread with lots of cheese as I have to get it out now."
"Oh brother!" said Maddy "Oh great!"
"What now,Maddy?" Mr.Match asked
"I drop the bread!" Maddy answered after what she did. "but hey thanks for picking this place out,Mr.Match *Maddy kisses Mr.Match on his cheek.* I truly appreciated."
"Ew!" said Count Zap after he saw Maddy kissing Mr.Match.
"Uh,Count Zap,it's a fondue tradition if woman drops her bread she has kiss the one next to her." said Maddy. "And like what you did when your bread drop in you have to buy everyone a drink."
"Oh,now I get it!*laughed a little*" said Count Zap.

Meanwhile at the Sandiego Manor...

Vic-the-Slick,Patty Larceny,Moe Skeeter,Lars Vegas,Contessa and Sara Bellum enter their boss' home...

"Darn that Carmen did not answered my calls!" said Vic
"I know we're all worried about her." said Sara "But let's keep looking for her."
"I hope she doesn't...Hm!" said Lars stop walking and saw something on the floor in Carmen's media room.
"Hey everybody!"
"What now,Lars?" Moe asked as Lars pick up a piece of paper.
"This is a note!"
"Yeah so what?"
"That's good,Lars!" said Patty
"What's the message?" Contessa asked

"It said: 'Dear Carmen Sandiego, Come to Dentech City at once alone...I've got an information about World Three. A friend...P.S. Don't tell no one in V.I.L.E. about this.'" Lars answered
"Who is this 'friend'?" Contessa asked
"And what is World Three?" Sara asked
"Beats us but we know where our boss is." said Vic "Let's roll the dice and go!"

Unfortunately,something's getting a glitch or two...
"Moe,Lars check outside sees if the gate is still opened." said Sara "I'll put in anti-virus detector in Carmen's computer.
"Okay!" said Moe and Lars in unison and they did but the gate is locked automatically.
"What happened?" Patty asked as she came outside.
"The gate is locked!" Lars answered
"We're trapped!" Moe said.

Mr.Match,Count Zap,Maddy and Yahoot are walking down after Mr.Match paid the meal at a fondue restaurant...They heard someone shouting "HELP!!!!"
So Mr.Match,Count Zap,Maddy and Yahoot came to scene and they saw Moe and Lars.
"Well blister me bagpipes!" said Mr.Match "It's the lads from San Francisco."
"The gang from the curry place." said Moe
"What are you doing here,gentlemen?" Yahoot asked
"No time to explain,Yahoot!" said Moe
"Yeah we're trapped!" said Lars
"Do you boys got a net terminal?" Count Zap asked and Moe pointed the finger and answered "There!"

"Close enough!" said Maddy as she,Mr.Match,Count Zap and Yahoot take out their own PET.

"Jack-in...!" Mr.Match,Count Zap,Maddy and Yahoot said in unison
"TorchMan!" said Mr.Match
"ElecMan!" said Count Zap
"WackoMan!" said Maddy
"MagicMan!" said Yahoot
"Power-up!" Mr.Match,Count Zap,Maddy and Yahoot said in unison and the net navis to the cyberworld.

The cyberworld

There TorchMan,ElecMan,WackoMan and MagicMan spotted some viruses causing the gate to closed...

"Magic Fire!" said MagicMan
"Electric Boomer!" said ElecMan
"Double Fire Tower!" said TorchMan and WackoMan in unison.

And the viruses are gone and the gate opened...

The Sandiego Manor

"Wow!" said Moe and Lars in unison.
"Anything else,boys?" Maddy asked
"Yeah there's trouble inside!" Moe answered
"In the media room we'll lead you all to it!" said Lars
"TorchMan,you and the others transfer to the next area." said Mr.Match
"Right,let's blaze!" said TorchMan
"Yeah!" said ElecMan,WackoMan and MagicMan in unison and the net navis did.

Meanwhile back in Dentech City...

Net Police Headquarters

"Everyone I like to meet Keifer,commissioner of this police force and his assistant,Manuela." Daniel introduced them to Jade,Lee,Cole,Jason,Tyson and Spencer with Lan and Chaud Blaze along with their net navis,MegaMan and ProtoMan.
"It's good to meet all of you!" said Keifer
"Thank you,sir!" said Jade "I've figure you're already know Lan Hikari,don't you?"
"Of course we have!" said Manuela
"He's one of are Net Savers." said Keifer
"It's true everyone!" said Lan "and Chaud is too a Net Saver."
"Just promise us you won't say this to anyone about us." said Chaud
"We will,Chaud!" said Jade
"It's a good thing ACME will always be to help out other law enforcement agencies around the world." said Lee.
"Now these assignments will be as followed." said Keifer

"There's trouble around Sci-Lab I'm glad show you up,Dr.Ross!" said Manuela
"Thank you,Manuela,I'll be glad to help around." said Spencer

"The researchers around Blaze Quest are missing last night...Chaud might need some assistants from Detective Jordan and his team." said Manuela
"Is it okay with you,Detective?" Chaud asked
"We don't mind we'll take the assignment." said Lee

"And last but not least...Carmen Sandiego is spotted here in Dentech City." said Manuela
"What is Carmen up to?" Jade asked
"We don't know but I'll know is you and Lan are team up to find out." Keifer answered.
"Okay with you,Lan?"
"Sure!" Lan answered

"Let's do this assignment together." said MegaMan
"Same here." said ProtoMan
"Ann,what about you?" Jade asked
"It's okay,Jade!" Ann answered "Me and Daniel something else in mind."
"Yeah,back to headquarters!" said Daniel "Contact us when you need us."

"Okay,Daniel!" said Lee "see you and Ann later." As Ann and Daniel leaves the building.

"Let's move out!" said Jade as she and Lan paired up to take the assignment along with MegaMan while Lee,Cole,Jason and Tyson paired up with Chaud along with ProtoMan.

(end of Act three)


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(Act four,part one begins...Sorry I took so long to figure out an ending for this one.)

Dentech City

Jade and Lan walking while searching for Carmen Sandiego...
Jade gasped as she saw something in the sky so she used her mini digital binoculars.
"What is it,Jade?" Lan asked
"That's Carmen's helicopter!" said Jade
"Whoa,that's one big helicopter!"
"If I know this one it almost resembles to a Chinook?"
"It's a heavy lifting helicopter,Lan used for lifting heavy stuff." said MegaMan
"I remember Carmen stole a Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center by using that helicopter." said Jade until someone came behind Lan. (Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? Episode 31 Just Like Old Times I don't own the cartoon whatsoever)

"Maylu,what are you doing here?" Lan asked after recognize who it is.
"I thought you're taking piano lessons." said Jade
"I was,Jade." said Maylu "But the piano is out of tune."
"Don't lie to us,Maylu!"
"She's not making it up it is true." said Roll
"Oh well so much for Mozart." said Jade "or was it Beethoven?"
And then popping out of nowhere was Rush the cyberdog and he barked.
"Rush,what are you doing here?" Maylu asked as Rush enter Maylu's PET and shows a picture to her,Jade and Lan.
"*gasped* Carmen!" said Jade
"Hey that's Mr.Gauss!" said Lan
"You know this guy?"
"Sure did."
"Rush,do you know where they are?" Roll asked
Rush barked as pops out of Maylu's PET and ran off.
"Come on you two follow Rush!" said Jade as she,Lan and Maylu followed Rush. "Let's hope Lee and Chaud find better luck like we did."

At Blaze Quest Games' Headquarters

Lee,Chaud,Cole,Jason and Tyson enter the building...
"That's weird!" said Cole
"What's weird,Cole?" Tyson asked
Cole answered as he point his finger on the wall "It's the security camera it suppose to be on 24/7."
"Somehow it stop moving." said Jason
"ProtoMan find out what's wrong with the security system." Chaud commanded
"I'm on it,Chaud!" said ProtoMan as Chaud jack his navi in.
"Alright,Chaud can you leads us to the Research Center?" Lee asked
"Follow me!" said Chaud as Lee,Cole,Jason and Tyson followed Chaud to the Research Center...

Blaze Quest Research Center's laboratory

"Oh fudge!" said Lee as he, Chaud,Cole,Jason and Tyson were surprised "What a mess! Where's the janitor when this mess needs to be clean up?"

"It happened last night the police have no evidence and no sign of a struggle just a break in...but my father was right the researchers are missing." Chaud said to Lee.

"And you're next,kid!" someone said
"Who's there?" Lee asked
As he turned around and saw the ten henchmen "Oh terrific! Chaud,make a run for it."
"I'm not afraid of them,Detective Jordan!" said Chaud as one of the ten henchmen is about to grab him but Chaud is smart enough to give that henchman a Judo chop.

While Lee and Tyson knock two henchmen each down with a TKOP (Total Knock-Out Punch).

Cole used his bo staff to knock down two more henchmen.
Jason is dealing with one more henchman...and knock that henchman down with a push broom he grab already.

"Come on we better get going." said Lee as he hears something.
"*gasped* ProtoMan!" said Chaud as he look at his PET and saw viruses attacking his navi in the cyberworld while running back to the main building..."Too many viruses Chaud,help!" said ProtoMan.
"Hang on ProtoMan!" said Chaud as he grab a battlechip the ten henchmen followed and one of them grab Chaud while the other nine grab Lee,Cole,Jason and Tyson.

"Nice try,kid!" one of the ten henchmen said to Chaud "Your navi is history those viruses are stronger than you think."
"No!" said Chaud
"What are you going to do with Chaud and the rest of us?" Lee asked
"You ACME nitwits are going to become lunch makers for us." one of the henchmen answered as Cole,Jason and Tyson gasped
"As for this kid we're going to tell his daddy to pay up twenty million dollars if he wants him back and an extra ten million dollars if he wants those researchers back."
"Where are they?" Lee asked
"Let me put it this way...think of Brussels Spouts *laughed*!"

Until someone said "Number One Curry,I've got your order!"
"Hey,did one of you order food?" one of the ten henchmen asked
"There's no way!" as one of the ten henchmen opened and gasped...yup! There stood ACME Japan's Judo team when they said "Surprise!"
And the Judo team knock the ten henchmen down...

"Ann,Daniel,I thought you two are heading back to Headquarters." said Lee as Ann and Daniel came.
"We were,Lee!" said Ann
"But we try to question Dex Oyama about Yahoot until Manuela called and told us they got the files about him and the others." said Daniel.
"So where's Dex?" Lee asked
"Right here,Lee!" said Dex as he and Chisao appeared.
"Hey,Dex! ProtoMan's in trouble." said Jason "You think your navi can lend him a hand?"

"Why not...Jack in GutsMan,Power up!" Dex said and GutsMan enter the cyberworld...GutsMan saw ProtoMan getting pile up by the viruses "Leave him alone...Guts Hammer!" said GutsMan and the viruses are vanished.
ProtoMan catch his breath..."ProtoMan,are you alright?" Chaud asked
"I'm okay,Chaud!" ProtoMan answered
"Recovery Chip!" said Chaud as ProtoMan quickly recovers.

"Hey,Lee is Lan with you?" Dex asked
"He's with Jade,why?" Lee said
"Just asking!" said Dex

(end of Act four,part one)


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(Act four,part two begins)

Dentech City

Jade,Lan and Maylu struggled to find Carmen and Mr.Gauss...
"Are you sure this is where you saw those two?" Jade asked Rush
Rush shook his head 'yes!' "Well you should've brought us here a little earlier we would've caught them by now." Rush whined until Jade's padphone beeps Jade picks it up..."Spencer,what's going on?"

"Jade,Famous and I spotted the source of the viruses I'll send in the coordinates to your padphone." said Spencer while on screen and he did.
"Spencer,can you alert the others while me,Lan,Maylu and Rush are going there?"
"No problem,Jade!" Spencer answered "leave it to me!" and screen is off.
Jade press the GPS button and the C-5 corridor appears...
"Whoa! That's awesome,Jade!" said Lan
"Let's get going!" said Jade
"Right!" Lan and Maylu said in unison as Rush jumps into Maylu's PET as Jade,Lan and Maylu jump into the C-5 corridor.

outside of Dentech City

the C-5 appeared and so does Jade,Lan and Maylu..."*gasped* There's Carmen!" said Jade
"And Mr.Gauss!" said Lan as he,Jade and Maylu saw Carmen escorted by Mr.Gauss entering the ruined place.
"Lan,is this ruined place a historic site?" Jade asked
"Don't think so,Jade." Lan answered "that ruined place is really the World Three Headquarters."
"World Three?!?!"
"Yeah,they cause a lot of trouble over the cyberworld led by Mr.Wily." said Lan as Jade hears something coming that way so she used her mini digital binoculars and saw Carmen's helicopter..."Lan,Maylu,duct!" said Jade as the helicopter coming down to the ground.

"Rush find out what's going on inside alright?" Roll asked and Rush did and enter the ruins of World Three there Rush saw Carmen and Mr.Gauss coming inside. "*gasped* Sarah Nade,what are you doing here and why is Mr.Wily here?" Carmen asked
"I've figure I brought him here." Sarah answered
"For what?" Carmen asked

"Easy it's about World Three,Carmen." Gauss answered "You see Mr.Wily have always wanted to take over the cyberworld but there is a twist...after what happened here he's hiding away from world domination of the net *Carmen gasped* That's right he decided to organize 'Grave'." As Mr.Wily grunted "Easy you old bag of prunes." Sarah said to Mr.Wily when all of the sudden Sarah got blinded by the sun's ray "Hey,what's gives?"
"You were saying?" said Maddy holding her compact mirror as she,Mr.Match,Count Zap and Yahoot arrive along with Vic,Patty,Moe,Lars,Sara and Contessa.

"Uh-oh!" said Sarah
"Uh-oh's right,Sarah Nade!" said Patty
"What are you all doing here?" Carmen asked to her gang.
"Came to get you outer here!" Vic answered
"Mr.Wily!" Count Zap surprised to see Mr.Wily and unhappy at Mr.Gauss."Oh hello dear brother!"
"Brother!?!?!" Vic,Moe and Lars said in unison.
"Jack,good to see you,I'm glad you made I was about to tell Carmen Sandiego about World Three." said Gauss.
"I bet my pretzels that two-tone suit creep is the one who wrote that message to the boss." said Moe
"And I bet Sarah Nade has something to do with this." said Lars

"Oh come on fellows,I was just looking for a good place to store all of VILE's equipment that's all." said Sarah
"Not by my bag from Dolce and Gabbana!" said Contessa
"Now,now everyone relax!" said Gauss "I'm glad you all are here *he snapped his fingers and fifteen henchmen appeared grabbing only Vic,Patty,Moe,Lars,Sara and Contessa*."

"Gauss,let my gang go!" said Carmen
"Don't worry it won't be long,Carmen!" said Gauss "I was about to tell Mr.Wily that there's a traitor in World Three."
"What?!?!" said Mr.Wily "Are you out of your mind,Gauss?"
"Not at all,Mr.Wily!" said Gauss "Because the traitor who didn't realize you are the head of Grave...*points his right index finger at Mr.Match* Him!"

"Mr.Match?!?! Gauss,why him?" Mr.Wily asked
"I've figure he's a hot-headed rebellious rogue he should be..."
"Rewarded!" Mr.Wily interrupted
"What?!?!" Gauss said
"Mr.Match did the right thing and not failed to stop Grave with or without anyone's help and beside World Three will not be rebuild *Mr.Match,Count Zap,Maddy and Yahoot gasped* it's history." said Mr.Wily
"I agree with Mr.Wily!" said Carmen "You four have to accepted."
"We understand,Mr.Wily!" said Yahoot.
"Sorry,brother you lose!" Count Zap said to Gauss who is getting angry and is about to punch out Mr.Wily.

"ENOUGH'S ENOUGH,GAUSS!" Jade shouted as she came in her medium blue battle suit.
Jason who is wearing a olive green battle suit knocks Gauss down and Tyson who is wearing a navy battle suit who guarded Mr.Wily and Carmen when he,Lee (in his deep black battle suit),Cole (in his dark gray battle suit) and Spencer (in his forest green battle suit) along with Ann, Daniel,Lan,Maylu,Chaud and Dex (thanks to Rush who listen in on the conversation)

"Young lady you will pay for this!" Gauss said to Jade as he grab something out of his jacket pocket a remote control "Say goodbye to the online network."
everyone gasped..."Lan,would you,Chaud,Maylu and Dex do us a favor and stop the viruses?" Jade asked "Don't worry we'll take of these troublemakers."
"You got it!" Lan answered
"You four help them out as well!" Carmen ordered Mr.Match,Count Zap,Maddy and Yahoot.
"Do as she said." Mr.Wily said
"Right!" said Mr.Match,Count Zap,Maddy and Yahoot in unison.

"Jack-in...!" Lan,Chaud,Maylu,Dex,Mr.Match,Count Zap,Maddy and Yahoot said in unison as they jack their own navis in "Power up!"
Surely enough MegaMan,ProtoMan,Roll,GutsMan,TorchMan,ElecMan,WackoMan and MagicMan destroy the viruses all together while Jade outwits Sarah Nade and Lee and the others takes care of the's an excellent victory!

(end of Act four,part two...sorry I have to make enough spaces to everyone to read better and this story is almost over trust me!)
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Number One Curry

After Mr.Gauss,Sarah Nade and twenty five henchmen were put to prison...dinner is serve!

"How do you like that chicken curry,Jade?" Dex asked while Jade taste the dish.
Jade answered after swallowed her food "It's delicious,Dex! This one healthy curry dish."
"Glad you like it,Jade!"
While Lan and Maylu shares the big curry sample platter ...Lee,Cole,Jason and Tyson enjoys a good beef curry.

"Wow! This beef curry is awesome!" said Cole
"Glad to hear it,Cole!" said Dex.
"It's too bad Chaud isn't join us!" said Jason
"Nah! He's not into curry that often except for one time." said Lee (Read the Curry Conspiracy on the last part)

"Mmm...this seafood curry is exquisite,Dex!" said Ann while she,Spencer and Daniel taste the seafood curry.
"I'm glad you all like it...oh beside according what Jade told me about her dish and she's right it's healthy I put in coconut milk instead of regular milk,sweet potatoes instead of russet potatoes and brown rice instead of white rice that's why Yahoot decided that any customer who comes to Number One Curry who would have a healthy request when ordering a dish." said Dex

"Speaking of Yahoot where is he?" Ann asked
"Up on the roof top where else." Dex answered

Up on the roof top (it is the outer surface of a building and beside the roof top is flat)

Tandoori Dinner Party is well under way while Yahoot prepares a chicken tandoori...Mr.Match prepares the fire on the brick oven.
"You know something Match...maybe you and I can get together for a while." said Vic
"Uh sounds great,Vincent!" said Mr.Match "But I can't I have to work all the time."
"Come on it'll be fun!" said Patty "Why don't you take Maddy with you...I think you two are a couple like me and Vic are."

"We're not!" said Maddy
"Oh really Maddy!" said Patty
"Oh stop it,Patty!" said Carmen as she and Mr.Wily sitting on each cushion on the lounge chair.
"What does she mean by that?" Mr.Wily while Count Zap set the table with lots of help from Moe and Lars, Contessa just looking at the moon and Sara looks at the stars with her pocket telescope.
"Here it is,Mr.Wily!" said Patty as she shows the picture to Carmen and Mr.Wily on her cellphone.

"Mr.Match,Maddy!" said Mr.Wily as Mr.Match and Maddy came getting scared. "Care to explain this?"
"Oh no!" said Mr.Match
"It was in Switzerland where all four of us went to that fondue restaurant I have to kiss Mr.Match because I dropped the bread in the fondue pot." Maddy explained.
"It's true,Mr.Wily!" said Mr.Match "It's a tradition in the fondue way!"
"Vic,Patty,I warned you two not to put two people together remember the last time?" Carmen said
"Oh right! How can we forget that?" Vic and Patty said in unison.(Remember The First Date Setup? Yup Vic and Patty along with Zack and Josha setup a date with Jade and Lee)

"Then again maybe we can each other anytime as long as we're starting a brand new friendship." said Vic
"Thank goodness we're not convincing you two,Count Zap and Yahoot joining VILE." said Patty
"Good!" said Mr.Wily "Let's keep it that way understand?"
"Yes,Mr.Wily!" said Mr.Match,Count Zap,Maddy and Yahoot in unison as the chicken tandoori starts to cook up a good dinner night.

(The end!)
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(A little surprise report from this story as been told by me and Carmen Sandiego)

Jade's house

Jade: (quietly) Hey everyone fresh from the land of the rising sun...Carmen just bugged my padphone I told her not to do that.
Carmen: (on the screen) Get use to it,Jade!
Jade: (quietly) Would you like to explain why you did that all of the sudden?

Carmen: (on the screen) To tell you and everyone about how my gang members met the former members of World Three.
Jade: (quietly) Okay who are they?
Carmen: (on the screen) Jade,dear you remember the ones who run Number One Curry.
Jade: (quietly) You mean?
Carmen: (on the screen) That's right according to them but now I'm proud of them after what they and their own navis did I've figure they learned a lesson about their past.

Jade: (quietly) That's a relief!
Carmen: (on screen) That's not all,Jade! Vic,Moe,Lars,Patty,Sara and Contessa befriended them after that virus attack around the main computer...Contessa contact her butler,Jeeves to get her private jet plane to Dentech City via Tokyo.

Jade: (quietly) They're tried to rescue you,sis!
Carmen: (on screen) Jade,again I'm not your sister!
Jade: (quietly) Big sister at heart!
Carmen: (on screen) Whatever,Jade goodnight! (as screen is off )

Jade: (quietly) Yeah goodnight,sis! Hey I'll see you all on my next adventure!;) (as Jade goes to her room and gets ready for bed)
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I've missed being on here, and reading these types of stories. That was a lot of fun. I always like to read about what people have to eat, too, as you know. ;) Keep up the good work, Jade. :)

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