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What you may do in the "Sandbox"
The sandbox is where the playground mingles and where creativity flows. Here, you may:

  • Ask questions about any or all Role Playing or Guessing Games.
  • Create an out-of-character ideas and story thread for Role Playing Games.
  • Invite friends and get to know other players before you post a game it in the RPG section.
  • Brainstorm stories and interactions.
  • Get to know people in and out of character.

Specifically for Guessing Games (GGs) and Role Playing Games (RPGs), you may start a thread here following the format "Your Game Name (OOC)" or "Your Game Name (Discussions)" if the following applies:

  • You're starting a free form Role Playing Game (RPG) or Guessing Game (GG) and you need a discussion to share ideas with other players.
  • You want to recruit players for a closed/restricted RPG.
  • You've already started an RPG and the story has become complicated
  • For any reason that you need a separate thread outside of the In Character (IC) game thread
There are no real rules to the sandbox, please be polite when posting.

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Sometimes we are so focused on the treasure we are seeking, that we fail to see the one right in front of us
Joe Kerr wrote on Patty's profile.
Is it weird that when someone said "things that glitter" my first thought was you?
At times, when we're so focused on 'who' we are, we forget 'where' we are.

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