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It was a snowy day up at the Snow Basin Ski Lodge in November of 2007. A skinny 8 year old gets out of the car in snow gear. The mountain before her had many tubing down the right side but avoiding the left because of treacherous rocks. A line of mostly kids went up the mountain to the far side. There were many paths in the snow people had used.

"Ready, Lucy?" Her mom asks, shutting the driver's side door.

Before she could respond a red head ran up to Lucy with a light blue tube and they embrace.

"Rachel! I thought you couldn't make it!"

"Mom's client cancelled at the last minute. Come on. Let's get in line"

The two ran off while their moms stand by the car chatting. The two friends join another adult church member in line then chat with other friends.

It was a long line, but the wait went by quick with laughter and jokes.

It was finally Lucy's turn. She climbs on her tube and pushes off. Quickly picking up speed, the tube crosses over to the right side, but the girl was too frightened to jump so she hung on as it went over rocks. There were several minutes of rocks before the tube hit one and then she became airborne.

She hits a rock head first and blacks out. There were five minutes of people surrounding her.

"Can I get a blanket please?" The pastor asked, kneeling down and checking her pulse. A woman ran inside, grabbed one and came back to lay it over her.

She comes to several minutes later to a pounding headache and her mother calling her name along with people from church standing in a circle.

"Lucy can you hear me?" Her mom leaned over her concerned.


"What day is it? Do you remember?" her mother asked.


"Where are we?"

"The Snow Basin"

The pastor finished. "I think she'll be okay. Would you like an ice pack or an aspirin?"

"Aspirin please"

The worker brought the girl what she had asked for.

"It's a good thing you're tough like your dad and have my hard head." her mom said.

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I can see why that was scary for you--and everyone else involved. I'm so glad everything turned out OK. 🙂 ❤


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For Invader that would be the moment they realized, they could do nothing. Every power they had gone, stripped away , as well as their friends going dormant at the worst time.

I sit here, for the longest time, did I ever exist outside this place, where day and night are one. Why wont they wake up, my companions from the hours of forever. No matter how I try they will not wake, a soft pulse is all I know of them. Something is wrong, this has never happened, this is a most deep sleep for them. How long till they find me again, I cant say, whomever they are, messing with things they dont understand. An entire world, nearly was lost due to their meddling, now I have no power here. For the first time in ages, I am without hope, memory or help. I am a stranger here, lost and alone, seemingly forsaken, cut off from all I know. Was it only a dream, had I ever existed before I came here.
(Six years pass)
I had found a friend here, an artificial life form, I discovered them forgotten in an unused lab. Good they think I am dead now, safe here, I am sorry that one lady was taken away. I know not what happened to you, and I grieve deeply, I have no closure. I cant dwell on it now, I dont have time for that, I wont forget you. I just wish I had done more, or perhaps your fate was beyond my grasp. Sealed long before I knew you.

(Ten years pass)

How is this possible, the place is on fire, I can smell the smoke. I doubt it is fully my doing, but I may have had a hand in it. I wish to flee, but I promised my friend that I would free them. Everything blurs as I find them, and make my way outside. I am greeted by a night sky, storms moving in the distace threaten to close in on us. They take me far away from here, to a place I know not. Why wont you stay what do you mean you are going?" No ... wait...don't leave me here, after all we have done. Don't go you are all I have left, don't take this from me. I watch them go, shivering in the cold, I cant keep awake, too cold. I can hold on to them any more than a shadow, they slip away from me. Despite all my will, I cant hold them here. I am once again alone, forsaken, had everything been for naught? I know no more, as darkness overtakes me.

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