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Maybe I'm missing this if it's present because I can't fill out the character profile ( broken link ). But is there a section for in general talking type threads? I'd be popping into this forum more often if it were present.

Also in regards to my thread of the B Plot Line, which has expanded to include the rest of the story as I produce it. While I have a link in my sig. to the rest of the series, I was wondering if I can present the .PDF to the last large story before it? DB, explains a lot of story behind LS. It seems Loaded Stone has a couple people following the pages as they come in. ... It would help plot understanding more without me feeling the need to occasionally relay information from that novel.


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If you click your name twice at the top? It will take you to your profile where you can edit your character profile there. No link involved. We usually chitchat at the bottom of the screen chat or member's chat.


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This is what I've been seeing since entering here:

I edited my profile shortly after signup.

😶... I'm not good at IMing. Typically the other person or persons, are faster typers than I am. I was referring to a place for forum threads.

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