First contact part one


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It was done, she watched the flames dance from a distance.This timeline was intact, they just watched exhausted, their work done No more would this man hurt anyone, there had been enough suffering. However there was the chance they did escape, unless his subjects got to him first. Invader smiled, glad they had escaped in time, as another explosion ripped through the night air.Their feet were dragging, nearly making them stumble a few times. Next to them lay a black box, they had managed to pull from the laboratory in time. Pressing a few buttons it opened, releasing a great white light.

“North wind.” She coughed. “I kept my promise, you are free now.”

A figure appeared, rising form the box, clothed in a faint shimmering cloak, looking down on her concerned. They appeared as a lady, with great big wings that were a soft blue. They were fanning them, slowly sending out ripples of light.

“Go.” Invader ordered. “I don't want him to catch you again.”

“I won't be able to take you with me.” The figure spoke in a voice like silver bells.

“That does not matter.” Invader spoke, getting to her knees.

“You are tired.” The figure spoke. “How hurt are you?”

“I told you go, what happens to me happens.” She said laying down in the sand around them.

They longed to sleep, a good long sleep, they would worry more come dawn. Invaders work here was done, that is all that mattered right now. Her friend looked down upon them, kneeling down they lifted them up.

“Let me get you to a safe place at least.” They countered, shimmering in blue light.

“Very well..” Invader trailed off, leaning against them.

The figure waved their hand, opening a portal, on the other side was a sort of tower being built. They stepped though, the portal closing behind them, with a soft whisper. Once through to the other side a bolt of lightning flashed, before it could strike them, the figure made a shield of sorts. The lightning bent around them, leaving the figure unharmed, and still sleeping. Dark clouds growled overhead, and rain started to pelt down. Looking about they ,saw an alcove, walking inside, it was an excavation area, but well covered, this would do for now.

Gently they seat invader down, they shed a tear of shimmering light then opened another portal. On the other side, stood a temple of sorts.North wind took one look back at the still figure, and whispered farewell. In an instant they were gone, back to where they had come from.

“North wind don’t cry…” Invader trailed off still asleep.

The rain was pouring down in sheets, the smell of burnt metal permeated the area. Some of the rain made its way down to where invader was, softly falling on her. A silent alarm had gone off, due to the lightning strike. The drops continued to fall on her, simulating someone crying.

“Don’t be..” Invader woke with a start.

Where was this place, they could smell the rain, and hear thunder booming over head. Near them lay a crystal tear, glowing with unworldly light illuminating where they were. Cautiously she meandered over to the entrance and peeked out, some heavy duty construction vehicles lay idle nearby. A distance away stood a building, they did not recognize. Alarmed they looked below them there was no sand, they were no longer at the lab. A fog had rolled in, covering everything in a gloom of sorts, street lights shone in the distance, there was also the sound of distant waves.

Just in case they scooped up a handful of dust, that was not dampened. Upon adjusting to the light, they saw an open bag of sand. They set the dirt down, and grabbed some of that instead. At least they could temporarily blind anyone who came after them, and escape. Though if they ran where would they run to? There was also the possibility of video cameras in the area. That made them pause for a bit. They stared into the area, looking for blinking lights, and listening intently. Chances are someone had already been alerted, for now they would sit tight. At the moment they got out of the dripping rain, and stole a jacket that had been left behind. It was a bit large for them, but it would keep them somewhat warm for now.

Sitting within the entrance Invader was on high alert, and soon enough came the sound of activity. Their hunch had been correct, there was a silent alarm system. Tensing they clutched the sand in one hand, and stepped into the shadows. They had to remain out of sight, till the last possible moment. The plan was to momentarily blind them, while they were caught off guard to run. Footsteps cautiously moved to where she was, they tensed ready to throw.

--- End of Part 1 ---

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