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"For Weds. April 9, 2014

11:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

I have finally accomplished the most amazing thing I have ever done as an ACME Agent. Did I solve a clever clue, left behind by Carmen? No. Did I catch a VILE thief red-handed, as they tried to steal some rare and valuable Loot and stop them? No. And did I get them to to tell me Where Carmen Is Hiding? No. Did I finally catch Elusive Carmen Sandiego, knowing that she will finally stand trial for her life-long career of crime? No. (Not today..but I will someday!!) So, what did I do that was so amazing? !! I FINISHED ALL MY PAPERWORK!! LOL!!

It seems like spring has finally sprung here in NYC. It is 56 degrees with plenty of sunshine, humidity 40% and no chance of rain at the moment. I go to the bathroom. I close the door even when I'm alone. I take off my Red Hanes Wear-Around Sleep-shirt and take a quick shower and dry my hair. I wrap a towel around myself, and go over to my closet. I go over to my closet, and pick out my St. Germain Skit (Pink, Polyester with Abstract Gold Design and my Lightly Padded Bra Top ( Neon Apricot (Pink) I slip on my White Velour Ballerina Slippers. I reach for my Tell Me About It, Stud (Light Pink Pashmina with Gold Studs, and wear the pashmina like a long, lose head-scarf. I put on my ACME Ladies 5 Time- Zone World Map Dial Wristwatch. I pick up my purse, Wilson's Leather Cross-Body Bag, off the hook in my closet door, and check to make sure my ACME I ID, cell-phone, business cards, and a little money are in my Wilson's Faux Leather Wallet. I leave my office, making sure to lock the door behind me.

Because it is such a nice day, I walk to to Maharaja's Palace, at 1350 Madison Ave, NY, New York. an Indian restaurant near my office. It's ironic that with all the time I have spent chasing Carmen and her VILE thieves all around the world, I hardly ever get to sample the ""local"" cuisine in any of the countries I go to. I either end up eating some American fast-food, some crap out of a vending-machine, or I go to sleep without eating, because I'm just too tired!!

I walk into the restaurant about 1:00 p.m. I very nice woman sees me, and greets me, as I come in the door. She says,""Hello, welcome to Maharaja's Palace. How many? One, for lunch?""
I nod, and say, ""Yes, it's just me.""
The woman asks me where I would like to sit.. and ever the alert ACME Agent, I choose a table close to the watch for trouble..or in case I have to leave in a hurry.
As I sit down, the woman asks me,""Do you live around here?""
I say,""Well..I do work here..and I spend so much time at my job, it's like I live here..I'm an ACME Agent,"" and I show her my ACME ID.
The woman hands me a menu. She says,""Ohhhh..ACME..There haven't been any crimes, have there?""
I said,""No..not that I know of. Hopefully I can just have a nice lunch here today.""
I order the Mulligatawny Soup, the Papadum (lentil crackers, served fried or roasted) and a Mango Lassi (a mango-flavored smoothie). She returns in a few minutes with my food. I'm halfway thru my soup..really enjoying my lunch when I get an important text message on my ACME cell-phone. I text back, ""I'll be there ASAP.""
The woman sees me as I stand up from the table. ""She says,""Ohhhh, do you have to leave?""
I nod, and smile, and say,""Yes..once looks like I have to eat and run."" I reach into my purse, and put some money on the table. The woman says,""Oh, you don't have to pay for that. You're law enforcement.""
I said,""Yes, I know, and I appreciate that. But your food was so good, and you were so nice, I wanted to leave a tip.""
The woman said, ""Thank you, very much. I hope you come back soon.""
I said,"" I don't know when I'll be back. I'm leaving you my business card. These are my numbers, here, and in California. Call me if you need anything, or if you hear anything you think I should know about.""
The woman says,""I will, Agent Justice. I hope you catch your criminal.""
I said, ""Ohhhh, I will. Justice catches up with everyone..eventually.""

I left the restaurant and went back to my office. I changed my clothes, and put on an ACME uniform. I grabbed a ready bag out of my closet, and picked up my purse again. I closed the door to my office, locking it behind me, and left NYC to come to ACME HQ in San Francisco, California. :) "


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Excellent start. Looking forward to more.
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Hello Ivy. Thanks for your comment. I have an idea for another one, but it is in the very early stages, and I'm not ready to put it here yet. Thank you for your encouragement. I look forward to working with my fellow Agents here at some point, too. :)

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