Christmas Dinner Panic


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(I don't own the characters Carmen Sandiego, Chase Devineaux, Archie Pelago, Bolt Upright, Ivy, Zack, Armando Arguella, Tatiana, Josha, Marco, Gro, Cruiser, Stretch the Crime Dog, Regis, Barrow, Sir Nigel Fenwick of Scotland Yard, Vic the Slick, Patty Larceny, Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas whatsoever)

Chapter One

Camden Borough, London, England, United Kingdom

Jade Ezell/Narrator: 'Twas the week and a half before Christmas and all throughout London not a creature was stirring around the borough of Camden, not even a mouse well make that one cat and two kittens entering into some posh house there.

* Sam, Jade's cat along with his kitten sister, Socks and Maylee Young's black kitten, Kuro enter by the pet ? from the back ?*


Jade/Narrator: A stocking was hung by the chimney well make that a chimney free electric fireplace instead.
Lee Jordan: Jade, what are you starring at?
Jade: What else, Lee what Carmen Sandiego's hideout looks like thanks to those furry trio of crimefighting felines.
Spencer Ross: And I made two more mini cameras for Socks and Kuro to investigated the rest of the house.
Maylee: I'm glad Kuro is trained to be a crimefighting kitten like Sam and his sister Socks.
Chase Devineaux: We had no idea why Carmen's gang are doing and being pursue by Scotland Yard.
Stewart Sterling: That's all what we wanted to know.
Ivy: And the others are back at Headquarters getting ready for the surprise waiting for Carmen.

Inside Carmen's posh hideout

(Cats don't talk but their own mind does)

Socks' mind: I wonder where the litterbox is I need to go.
Sam's mind: Again, sis?
Kuro's mind: C'mon Socks, Sam our owners want to find out what that Lady Red is up to this Christmas.
Socks' mind: Lady Red?!?!
Sam's mind: Kuro meant Carmen Sandiego, sis.
Socks' mind: Ah, I get it tell me more...*Sam hears someone coming in.*
Sam's mind: Socks, Kuro hide. *Socks jumped inside the stocking while Kuro squeeze into a couch and Sam goes underneath Carmen's ?and coming out of the garage is Carmen.*

Carmen: Hello is someone there? Hmm...figures better hit the ?s before bedtime *as she heads for her bedroom.*

Socks' mind: Sam, Kuro it's Carmen I mean Lady Red.

Sam's mind: Figure she didn't start her Christmas shopping.
Kuro's mind: *as he came out from the couch* She's a thief and boy I'm going to cross her path...*Kuro tries heads for Carmen's bedroom but the ? is close and probably locked by Carmen.* That's just purr-fect!

Sam's mind: *as he and Socks hears someone coming from the front ?* Socks, Kuro hide again!

(end of Chapter One)


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Chapter Two

Camden Borough, London, England, United Kingdom

Carmen's hideout

*Opening the front ?by using a ? are Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas they catch their own breath.*
Moe: That was close, Lars!
Lars: Hey Moe, close the door you're going to let the heat out.
Moe: Well excuse me, Lars *as he is about to close the ?Patty Larceny caught it.* Ah, Patty, I didn't see you there.
Patty: * catching her own breath* Who else would've been...The Ghost of Christmas Present?!?! *as she slams the front ?in front of Vic the Slick's face.
Vic: Ow! Pats!
Patty: Oh dear, Vic *as she opens the front ?and there was Vic*
Vic: Ow! My ?!
Patty: Did it hurt?
Vic: No, Doll Face next time look before someone comes in what if it's Carmen.
Lars: Yeah, I wonder where she is. *step on Kuro's tail Kuro screeched and Lars screamed* Moe, black ?!
Moe: :eek: *Socks pop out of the stocking and jumped unto him after he fell to the floor near the chimney free electric fireplace* There's another furball!
Vic: Oh goodnight let's take...*screamed when Sam jumped unto him* Watch it you big troublemaker! Get off of me!
Patty: Vic the ? don't! *Too late Vic knock the ? down with Sam.*


Lee: Jade, Maylee word of advice never let a ? do some snooping job!
Maylee: They got freak out that's all.
Chase: I hope they're alright.
Jade: Yeah let's hope so!

Back inside

Lars: *trying to scram Kuro decide to use turn up the volume with a knob on the stereo system.* Get away from me you bad lucky charm! *push the play button onto the ? player that contains a ??*

Instrumental Music: Deck the Halls From Mannheim Steamroller (I don't own either the song: Deck the Halls or the instrumental musical group: Mannheim Steamroller whatsoever)

Team ACME: Ouch! *removing their own headphones.
Archie: What the blazing is that sound?
Stewart: I have no idea.
Jade: I do that's the instrumental version of Deck the Halls by Mannheim Steamroller.
Chase: *looking through Spencer's ?* There's a reason why? *Jade and Maylee ? and ? for the trio of felines saving their own 'nine lives' when Moe grab a ? get rid of Sam, Socks and Kuro unfortunately the ?s are scared.

Inside Carmen's hideout

Carmen: *voice only* What is going on there? *Vic, Patty, Moe and Lars gasped as Lars turn off the stereo system.*
Vic and Patty: :eek:
Moe and Lars: The boss! *As Carmen came out in her bathrobe (she wearing her nightgown underneath) and her hair wrap in a towel.*
Carmen: *gasped as she saw the ?* Oh no my ?! Alright, what happened?
Vic: We can all explained, boss!
Moe: We just came back and there are well...*gulped* ?s in the ?*
Lars: Yeah someone must have install a pet ?. *Sam, Socks and Kuro ran inside Carmen's bedroom.*
Carmen: Where are they?
Vic: I've figure the music scared them off.
Carmen: I don't see them however...*yelled* FIX MY ?!!!!
Vic, Moe and Lars: Yes, Boss!
Patty: Right away, Aunt Carmen! *Carmen heads back to her bedroom, close and lock the ?

Carmen's Bedroom
Carmen: ?s?!?! *Kuro meowed at Carmen*
Carmen's mind: ?! A black ?! *And she gasped sees Sam and Socks she went to her walk-in closet, close the closet ?.*
Carmen: *quietly* Oh Jade Ezell I should've known!

(end of Chapter Two)


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Chapter Three

Carmen's Hideout, Camden Borough, London, England, United Kingdom

*After Vic, Patty, Moe and Lars fix up Carmen's ? Carmen came out in her favorite attire (according to the avatar)*

Vic: You're okay, Boss Lady? *Carmen shook her head 'yes and then coming out of her bedroom are Sam, Socks and Kuro.*
Lars: ? black ?!
Carmen: Oh calm down, Lars I've figure Jade brought them to snoop around...before you find out where Jade is I like to know what are you all doing here?
Moe: Well nothing, nothing at all!
Lars: What are we all doing here? Well uh, nothing *Carmen ? and he and Moe ? and ?*
Moe: Honestly it is nothing, boss! *Carmen still ?*
Patty: *gulped* Boys, I don't think Aunt Carmen doesn't buy that.
Vic: Oh alright boss lady the truth is we try to make a Christmas dinner for you and the rest of us.
*Carmen ? and ?* We're serious we didn't want you to be starving to death on Christmas.

Carmen: And how could you afford a Christmas dinner by what's going around London?
Patty: *? and ?* Well each of us have to split up to find everything around London.
Lars: It all startled well...after Vic won three hundred and seventy five ?s by scratching instant win cards.*
Vic: *?* I've found eighteen ?s worth of those after some kid tries to purchase them he was trying to get them for his daddy's sake.*
Carmen: *? and ?* Vic!
Vic: I'm honest but the store manager kick him out and then the store manager just place them untouched somehow I manage to grab them and scratch those myself and surely enough I've won.
Carmen: Vic! You know better than to pull off a win from those instant winning lottery scratching cards by grabbing them without someone notice you.


Lee: *?* What?!?!
Jade: Unbelievable a kid try to purchase eighteen ?s worth of instant win scratching tickets.
Archie: Good grief!
Chase: I don't understand all this.
Jade: Well I'm not surprised at all.
Chase: Jordan, you and Commander Monaghan find the corner shop that has one with the scratching tickets and see if the store manager can recognize Fumagalli understand?
Ivy: Right, Chase!
Lee: On it!
Chase: And find out about that kid and why he try to purchase them.
Lee: Absolutely, Chase! *as he and Ivy used their own bracelet and transform into their own instant battle suit (Lee-Deep Black and Ivy-Teal) activate the nanotech jet pack backpack and fly off.* (Corner Shop is British term meaning 'Convenience Store')

*Reuben, Lee's beagle whined*
Jade: Calm down, Reuben your owner will be right back I promise. *a shadow figure starred at Carmen and her gang...*Chase's cellphone*

Chase: *on the cellphone* Chase Devineaux...What did you find, Detective Chance...really...Camden Borough...okay! *hang up his cellphone* Jade, get your padphone ready.
Jade: Got it, Chase! *she press the transfer button and Arthur Chance and his German Shepherd ?, Romanov appear.* Arthur, what's going on?
Arthur: Apparently Romanov found a small beanie around Westminster.
Spencer: Westminster, I bet one of Carmen's gang members worn and drop it by accident.

Jade: I don't think so none of Carmen's gang members never worn that small...where did you find that, Arthur?
Arthur: Like I said a red telephone box. *Romanov growled* What's with you, boy?
Stewart: I've got a strange feeling someone is close to Carmen's hideout.
Chase: Stewart call headquarters let's hope Carmen like some Christmas presents we're giving her.
Stewart: You got it! *as he use his cellphone to contact ACME London headquarters.

At a corner shop around Soho

Corner Shop Manager (male): *to Lee and Ivy* How do you do can I help you two?
Lee: *as he and Ivy shows their own ACME ID Card* Actually you can help us.
Corner Shop Manager (male): About what?
Ivy: *show the store manager a picture of Vic the Slick* We were hoping you seen this guy.
Corner Shop Manager (male): *as the corner shop worker (female) came* No I've never saw him!
Corner Shop Worker (female): *gasped as she saw the picture* I've seen him.
Ivy: You saw him?

Corner Shop Worker (female): Yes somehow he won three hundred and seventy-five ?s from four different scratching cards.
Ivy: When did this happened?
Corner Shop Worker: After my manager threw a eight year old lad out of the store after trying to purchasing eighteen ?s worth.
Lee: I've figure he was trying to purchase those for his father.

Corner Shop Worker (female): Come to think of, my manager came back and saw your suspect got the money after coming back in.
Corner Shop Manager (male): Yeah and I have to fired my lazy working lad after giving that man in a bad suit the money when I was about to put those scratching cards back.

?: What now?!?!
Corner Shop Manager (male): Oh good evening Sir Nigel Fenwick!
Lee and Ivy: Sir Nigel Fenwick!
Corner Shop Worker (female): We were just talking about to these two people from ACME about the man who won three hundred and seventy five ?s from scratching cards.
Sir Nigel Fenwick: ACME agents.
Lee: That's us what's going on?
Sir Nigel Fenwick: Well we've got trouble in three areas around London and its boroughs for crying out loud we need your help at once. *Lee and Ivy o_O*

(end of Chapter Three)
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Chapter Four

ACME Headquarters, London, England, UK

Zack: * on his ?* Okay sis, see you later. *Hang up his ? as an ACME Academy Student named Olivia Hall came.*
Olivia: Ah, Zack! Who was that on your phone?
Zack: Olivia, it's my sister Ivy.
Olivia: Oh what did she say? Forgot to pick up a last minute Christmas ??
Zack: Not exactly Ivy told me that her and Lee are at Scotland Yard.
Olivia: Scotland Yard?!?!
Zack: You know about Scotland Yard?
Olivia: Are you kidding, Zack? My father is a computer lab expert there and a good friend to Sir Nigel Fenwick...what else did Ivy say?
Zack: Something about...yikes! I better contact Chase at once.
Olivia: *smelling something fishy* Yikes I just remember I got to help my mum with Christmas dinner.
Zack: Olivia I thought you and your parents are vegetarians.
Olivia: We still are, Zack we can't have any ? or ? and we're allergic to ?, ?s,? and every single variety of nuts even ?. *as she leaves*

Camden Borough

Chase: *on his cellphone* Thanks Detective Monaghan!...*hangs up his Jade and Spencer* Find anything so far?
Jade: Nothing so far.
Spencer: Except Carmen isn't impressed and the ?s are still starring at her and her gang.
Chase: We have to find out why all the trouble for a Christmas dinner.

Inside Carmen's hideout

Carmen: *to Vic* What did you do with the money?
Vic: After I won the money and when Patty, Moe and Lars shows up at Hyde Park.

*Vic's Flashback begins at Hyde Park*

Moe: Wow you won that amount of money over four different instant winning scratching cards?
Lars: Are you one lucky son of a gun, Vic!
Vic: Oh thanks you guys!
Patty: So what are you going to used the money for?
Vic: Sweetheart we're to make a Christmas dinner for the boss.
Lars: Are you sure, Vic some restaurants can open on Christmas Day?
Vic: One problem, Lars the boss lady didn't make any reservations there so I've figure she wouldn't do that because of Scotland Yard might catch her on Christmas Day!
Moe: Yikes that's not good!
Vic: So I'll split the money with you all...spend at least one hundred and twenty five ?s we'll meet up at boss lady's hideout around the borough of Camden.

Patty: But where can find the best Christmas dinner around?
Vic: There are three stores, Pats in three different areas around London so Pats, go to Bloomsbury district in the West End. *as he give Patty one hundred and twenty five ?s.*
Patty: Why Bloomsbury?
Vic: I want you to find some ?s, ?s, ?es, Brussel sprouts and parsnips at Waitrose at the Brunswick Centre on Handle Street.
Patty: Why can I give her a gift instead?
Vic: It's important, Pats we need the side dishes oh especially the bus and subway fare as well.
Patty: *?* Fine I'll go! *as she leaves for Bloomsbury*

Vic: * as he give Moe one hundred and twenty five ?s* Moe, you and Lars go to the borough of Lambeth on Waterloo Road.
Moe: Why there?
Vic: Go to Sainsbury's get us some Christmas crackers and I don't mean the food I mean like a ? kind without the ? that is and don't forget the bottle of mulled wine, cranberry sauce and some gravy for the ?.
Lars: And where are you going with the rest of that money?
Vic: I'm heading for Tesco in Westminster near Trafalgar Square at Charing Cross to get the ?, the Christmas Pudding and Mince Pies where else.

Moe: Okay, Vic!
Lars: We'll meet you at Camden before the boss does.
Moe: See ya, Vic! *as Moe and Lars head for Lambeth borough and Vic heads for Westminster.

*Vic's Flashback ends*

Carmen: So each of you split the money and went shopping for a Christmas dinner.
Vic/Patty/Moe/Lars: Sure did! *Carmen slap her forehead the ?s were ?*

Sam's mind: Well that's not surprising!
Socks' mind: Same here big brother!

Moe: You wanna hear more stories, boss?
Carmen: Oh Moe before you all I do tell me I need a drink!
Vic: Us too!
Patty: I'll fix some hot cocoa.
Lars: I'll rather have a hot toddy.
Moe: Make it two.
Vic: I'll fix up a nice hot buttered rum.
Carmen: I'll just get a red Riesling.


Jade: So that's what's going on? *Romanov growled*
Arthur: Romanov what's wrong?
Jade: *as Romanov growled* I think Romanov notice the scent of a small beanie you've found around Westminster.
Arthur: What do you mean, Jade?
Jade: Remember what Vic said about Westminster?
Arthur: So?
Jade: So it makes sense I think that small beanie belong to a kid...I say Romanov realize the kid is close to Carmen's hideout. *Reuben sniff the small beanie and so did Stretch*

Archie: Miss Ezell I believe something tells me Detective Jordan and Commander Monaghan are talking to eyewitnesses who saw the kid or any of the four crooks with the money they split for a Christmas Dinner.

Stewart: This one weird Christmas case we'll never forget.
Chase: I agree with you, Stewart!

(end of Chapter Four...oh by the way about those stores and locations...I don't own those stores and locations whatsoever)
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Chapter Five

Scotland Yard, London, England, UK

Interrogation Room

Fired Corner Shop Employer (male): I have nothing to do with the money I gave to your suspect, Detectives I swore.
Fenwick: Don't you lied to ACME, lad tell us the truth.
Fired Corner Shop Employer (male): I am in fact I try to explain the owner but he fired me.
Ivy: Tell us what really happened?
Fired Corner Shop Employer (male): Okay I'll tell what really happened it was after a eight year old lad try to spend eighteen ?s on the scratching cards. *his flashback began* After the manager saw who was purchasing those scratching cards the young lad told him it was for his father...the manager told me he'll be back as in putting back those scratching cards where they belong after throwing the lad out of the store that's where your suspect came inside.

Lee: *voice only* As in Vic the Slick!
Fired Corner Shop Employer (male): *voice only* That's right and then he grab them and started scratching them*in the flashback* Hey those scratching cards are not purchased!
Vic: *in the flashback as he scratch the cards* So what nobody's using them...:D I won! ??.
Fired Corner Shop Employer (male): *in the flashback as a punk teenage boy shows up* You didn't purchase those.
Punk Teenage Boy: *in the flashback as he hold a ? Really, mate how much does he own?
Fired Corner Shop Employer (male): Eighteen ?s *as the punk teenage boy puts down a twenty ? bill on the counter.*
Punk Teenage Boy: *in the flashback* Keep the change, mate!
Vic: *in the flashback to the punk teenage boy* Thanks for the help, pal! *to the fired corner shop employer* As for you! Give me the moolah! *?*

*Flashback fades*

Fired Corner Shop Employer (male): And I swore if that punk would've show up I would've call the police to arrest that creep.
Ivy: You should've call them earlier.
Fired Corner Shop Employer (male): I was about to but that punk shot the ☎ with his ? and afterwards my boss fired me so I came here to file a report of what happened.
Fenwick: I'll send an artist for you to give description of the suspect who help Fumagalli and I'll make sure to alert the others to watch out for.
Fired Corner Shop Employer (male): Thank you so much, Inspector Fenwick and thanks to you ACME agents I hope you find him.

Lee: We already have found him and his friends.
Fired Corner Shop Employer (male): Really?
Ivy: We did we have to find out why he did when he was about to explain to his boss, Carmen Sandiego.

Camden Borough

Carmen's Hideout

Carmen: Just tell me what happened next?
Vic: Well boss each of us can tell you what really happened?
Lars: *to Patty* Ladies first.
Patty: Who are you refer to, Lars me or...
Moe: *interrupted* It's you, Patty!

Patty: Okay it all happen in the West End in the Bloomsbury District I went the Brunswick Centre on Handle District...*her flashback begins* I was thinking of buying a brand new hat for you, Aunt Carmen but I remember Vic told me to get the ?s and the vegetables he told me to get at Waitrose.

Bloomsbury district, West End


*Patty headed for the produce and then Regis and his partner, Barrow came to do some Christmas Shopping for a very last minute.*

Barrow: I don't know about this store are you sure?
Regis: Of course I'm...what in blazing, Barrow look whose shopping?
Barrow: It can't be...*an eight year old blond hair gray eyed lad shows up*
Eight year old lad: It is...*pointed his finger at Patty* That blondie crook is heading for the British Museum to steal the Elgin Marbles out of the Graeco-Roman Collection.

Regis: That's Patty Larceny! *Patty gasped when is about to get the Brussels Sprouts*
Patty: :eek: *screamed as she ran to the back of the store when Regis and Barrow goes after her the lad is ?.*

*Patty's Flashback fades*

Patty: And I ran fast and hide a few places so no one can find me until it was safe.
Lars: Except leaving some glitter behind.
Patty: Don't think so, Lars I'm out of glitter anyway...*giving Vic the one hundred and twenty-five ?s back*
Vic: *to Patty* What's wrong with you?
Patty: You should get the veggies yourself. *Vic ?*
Carmen: Patty, dear at least you got away from ACME and why would an eight year old boy tell Regis and Barrow you were going to the British Museum to steal the Elgin Marbles?

Patty: *on Spencer's ?* Maybe it has to do with the money Vic won.
Jade: So that's it I hope Ivy and Lee got some good information.
Chase: Sure did, Jade! Vic didn't win the money after all.
Jade: And something to do with a little boy and a teenage punk helping Vic out.
Spencer: So far nobody got hurt during that incident.
Archie: At least an eyewitness stated what happened at the corner shop.
Stewart: For now, Chase! Jade, Chase and I are going back to Headquarters I wonder what's taking so long with the surprise.

Jade: *as she uses her padphone to transfer Chase and Stewart to ACME Headquarters by C-5* There you go, gentlemen!
Chase: Thanks, Jade! *as he and Stewart goes through the C-5.*

(end of Chapter Five)
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Chapter Six

ACME Headquarters, London, England, UK

*As the C-5 appears so did Chase and Stewart.*

?: *voice only* You back against the wall.
Zack: *voice only* You don't understand who you're dealing with.
?: *voice only* Shut up! *Chase and Stewart gasped as they headed for the Recreational Room* Tell me where my little brother is?
Tatiana: *voice only* We don't know he's not here!
?: *voice only* Don't lie to me, love tell where...Ow! Why you? *Screaming and something fell down on the floor...Cruiser open the ?and saw Chase and Stewart.
Cruiser: Hey Devinaire you've miss out all the fun here. *Chase and Stewart entered the Recreational Room and saw a punk teenage boy ? on a falling ?.*

Stewart: Ho! Ho! Whoa! What in the world is going on here?
Bolt Upright: We're all just about to leave for Camden Borough when this punk show up with a ?.
Zack: But then Cruiser clothesline him and the ? fell down onto him.
Chase: *as he grab the punk teenage boy from the floor* Really?!?! Alright who are you?
Punk Teenage Boy: Glenn, Glenn Reece!
Stewart: Tell us why you came to ACME London?
Glenn: Looking for my little brother, Dylan he wander off from the shelter.
Chase: What does your brother look like?
Glenn: Dylan is eight years old, blonde hair, grey eyes and wears a small beanie. *Chase and Stewart ?*

Camden Borough

Carmen's hideout

Carmen: Alright who wants to tell me what happened next?
Moe: We do!
Lars: It happened around Waterloo...*as Moe and Lars' flashback begins*

Heading for Sainsbury's, Waterloo District, Lambeth Borough

Moe: *voice only* Yeah Lars was thinking of stopping for a drink at a pub.
Lars: *voice only* But Moe warns me.
Moe: *in the flashback* Lars, remember Vic is counting on us to get those Christmas Crackers and a bottle of Mulled Wine for those mince pies.
Lars: *in the flashback* Oh right!
Moe: *voice only* And then we bump into a ?. *in the flashback* Oh gosh we didn't mean it we're sorry.
Man: It's alright I'm trying to find a job anywhere after losing everything no thanks to my uncle for nothing. *as the ? leaves Moe and Lars enter Sainsbury's *

Inside Sainsbury's

Lars: *to a female employer* Excuse me, ma'am where can we find some Christmas Crackers?
Female Employer: You looking at them in front of you.
Lars: *when he sees the Christmas Crackers* Oh nice! Wow! They have a red one ?.
Moe: *while he's at the condiment section* Oh great no ?gravy! Oh well at least ? gravy will do!
Eight year old lad: *to a security officer pointing at Lars* He and his mate are going to take over The Secret Intelligence Service for Carmen Sandiego. (Secret Intelligence Service alias Mi6 I don't own the organization whatsoever)
Lars: What? No way, kid! You're mistaken and *screamed as he slip on a ? peel and bump unto Moe by accident dropping the can of ? gravy unto someone else's ?.
Moe: *to Lars* You idiot what cha do that for?
Lars: It ain't my fault the kid is accusing us!
Moe: What?!?!
Eight year old lad: There they are...*Moe and Lars screamed and ran to the back of the store...The Security Officer is going after them...Eight year old lad ?*

*Moe and Lars' flashback ends*

Moe: If Lars wouldn't bump unto me we gotten the stuff alright.
Lars: Moe, if that kid would have told that security officer about Mi6 and slip on a :banana:peel none of this would have happen.

Moe: *as he gave Vic back one hundred and twenty five ?s* Buy your own Christmas Crackers!
Vic: Oooo! Boys not you two.
Lars: Forget it, Vic we would've stop at a pub in the first place.
Patty: * ?* Yeah Vic I should have bought a Christmas ? for Aunt Carmen
Vic: *?* Aw, c'mon! You three don't know what happened to me and believe me I mess up more than the rest of you.


Jade: *on her padphone* Unbelievable now it makes all senses...Thanks, Chase we'll see you later. *as she hung her padphone* Now what happened?
Spencer: Well Vic is about to tell his story to Carmen.

Back at Carmen's hideout

Vic: Boss lady it goes like this...It happened at Tesco at Westminster near Trafalgar Square I was about to find the whole frozen ? and let it thaw out before roast that big bird.

*Vic's Flashback*

Tesco, Westminster

Vic: *voice only* Hoping to find a good frozen whole ? when all the sudden an eight year old kid shows up and said.
Eight year old lad: What are you doing here?

Vic: What else find a good ?, Christmas Pudding and mini Mince Pies...oh I bet your family has Christmas dinner prepare too.
Eight year old lad: No, we're poor and my daddy is looking for a job and mum is doing the same too.
Vic: Why you do me a favor and go home!

Eight year old lad: We don't have a home in fact we're homeless and we need the money for Christmas dinner and eighteen ?s isn't enough. *Vic's jaw drop down.* And I've figure I would buy some scratching cards for daddy to win some money for food and ?s and then I've found out that you stole it and someone help get the cash prize for you.

Vic: Hey kid, do you me a favor get yourself a job when you become a grow-up ?!
*Eight year old lad starts to ? and start to ?...Vic ? when a male employer came.*

Male Employer: * to the eight year old lad* Aw lad what's wrong?
Eight year old lad: That man in a plaid jacket is so mean.
Male Employer: What did he do?
Eight year old lad: He won't help me get Christmas dinner.
Male Employer: Why?
Eight year old lad: He's going to robbed the Queen's Gallery at the Buckingham Palace.

Vic: o_O! That's a lie!
Eight year old lad: It's true you are!
Male Employer: Sir...Oh great Vic-the-Slick! *Vic gasped, screamed and ran off to the back of the store the male employer uses his walkie-talkie to the Security Room* Alert Vic-the-Slick is here he's consider unarmed and dangerous.*

In the back of the store

Vic's mind: *while he catches his own breath* I can't that kid said I'm robbing the Queen's Gallery that doesn't I better get outer here before it too late!

Security Officer (male): *to his partner* There he is! *Vic screamed and ran out from the back of the his partner* Call Scotland Yard and hurry!

(end of Chapter Six)
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Chapter Seven

Carmen's Hideout, Camden Borough, London, England, UK

*Vic's flashback ends*

Patty: So what we have to escape before Scotland Yard caught us?
Vic: That's not all I try to hide somewhere around Westminster but no I've figure to hide in Islington Borough at the back of the meat market unfortunately bad luck is happening to me again. *Vic's flashback begins again.*

A meat market, Islington Borough
Butcher: * Voice only* I'm going gets some fresh air I'll be back! *as he came out and gasped when he saw Vic* Blimey!
Vic: ? *when he saw the Butcher's cleaver on the Butcher's hand and ran inside*
Butcher: Hey come back here! Boys get him!
Vic: Uh oh! *Surrounded by employers starring at him* :eek:?! *as he ran fast again and he crash into the poultry section and ran from the back of the meat market...unfortunately he ran he didn't realize he got a big whole fresh ? on his head got knock from the lamppost on Essex Road and then a ?‍? came with a ? after taking off his helmet

Motorcyclist : Goodnight! How did this happened? *Vic looks at the mirror from the ? and ?* Hold still I'll get that out.* And the motorcyclist by removing that big whole fresh ? off of Vic's head and throws it unto the front window of a townhouse.* You're okay, mate?
Vic: Yeah thanks *as the motorcyclist put back his helmet I'm about to go Camden borough.
Motorcyclist: Wait a minute I'm heading Camden Town hop in! *as Vic hop unto the Motorcyclist's ?*
Vic: Thanks a lot!
Motorcyclist: Hang on tight. *as he starts up his ? and speed off to Camden.*

*Vic's flashback end.*

Lars: ? Vic you didn't notice a ? on head! ?
Moe: Now I know exactly how Mr. Bean feels when he loses his chance at a good Christmas dinner...*head slap Lars* (I don't own the character 'Mr. Bean' whatsoever)
Lars: What it's funny, Moe
Moe: Not to Vic it isn't

*Kuro ?*
Socks' Mind: What's so funny, Kuro?
Kuro's Mind: It's Vic's story *? and Sam ? and growled at Kuro* What?
Sam's Mind: Never mind!

Carmen: After all you been through all the trouble you try to make a Christmas dinner and you all blew it up because of a kid telling all of you a lie about a heist.
Lars: That's right and I say * a window glass broke there was a small ? and Carmen and her gang ?*
Sam's mind: Run for our nine lives!
Kuro's mind: I'm with you...Run! *Sam, Socks and Kuro head outside by using the pet ? when all of the sudden the small ? bursts with smoke and Carmen and her gang cough when they headed outside.*

Eight year old lad: *? so loud* How do you like my ?, Carmen Sandiego?
Patty/Vic/Moe/Lars: ? That's the kid!
Carmen: Well, well so you're the kid who ruin my gang's plans for Christmas dinner.

Eight year old lad: And they deserve it especially you and I'll make sure Scotland Yard will catch you before Christmas Day.
Carmen: Well you should've been...*Romanov, Reuben and Stretch growled and the eight year old lad ? and ran to a ? to hide away from the ?s as Team ACME shows up along with Sir Nigel Fenwick and Glenn show up.* Inspector Fenwick I presume.
Fenwick: Carmen Sandiego, I believe your friend Vincent Fumagalli cheated the National Lottery.
*Patty, Moe and Lars are ? at Vic who just ?*
Glenn: *gasped when he saw the eight year old lad on the ?* Dylan!

(end of Chapter Seven I'm almost done with this one)


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Chapter Eight

A Homeless Shelter, London, England, UK

A ? and a ?‍♀ came out of the shelter and saw Sir Nigel Fenwick and Jade of Team ACME...

Man: What's going on here?
Fenwick: Are you parents of Glenn and Dylan Reece?
Woman: We are, what happened to our boys?
Jade: Well everything will be all explain at Camden Borough.

Three minutes later thanks to Jade's Padphone
Mr. Reece: Glenn, Dylan how could cause a lot of trouble after all your mother and I are trying to find a job for us.
Mrs. Reece: You boys are grounded as for tonight...Dylan, I warn you not to wander off from the shelter.
Mr. Reece: And Glenn I'm surprised at you helping that guy in a bad suit.

Glenn: I want to buy those scratching cards myself to win money to buy Christmas ?s for us but I wish I would've stop him it was too late I have to help him for his boss' sake.
Mr. Reece: But that's not the way we wanted you boys to do.

Dylan: We overheard that some mean guy wanted to close the homeless shelter and he force all of us out so he can turn into some new car park...I wanted to get the money too for you, mummy and you too, daddy but eighteen ?s isn't enough I try spending Christmas dinner for one but I couldn't*?*
Mrs. Reece: *as she hugged Dylan* Oh Dylan! (Car Park is British term for Parking Garage)

Vic: Oh, here, Inspector *to Sir Nigel Fenwick as he give up three hundred and seventy-five ?s* Make sure those commissioners at the National Lottery can have that unclaimed prize for their sake as for me I might as well spend Christmas in jail and I'm sorry I ruined Christmas *Vic ?*

Carmen: You didn't ruined Christmas, Vic you don't understand the true meaning of Christmas.
Vic: I thought it'll be food and ?s.
Chase: That's not true, Fumagalli!
Archie: Mr. Devineaux's right! Christmas is the time of giving I've figure your boss never has the time for Christmas Shopping and get you and the others something.

Carmen: It's true Mr. Pelago because I never did on second thought I couldn't start Christmas shopping because of the law.
Jade: You're right, Carmen but ACME is not through with you yet.
Carmen: What're you mean, Jade?
Jade: Well we've got a surprise for you on Christmas.
Carmen/Vic/Patty/Moe/Lars: Huh?!?!

(end of Chapter Eight coming up the epilogue)


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Carmen's Hideout, Camden Borough, England, UK

Chase (dress up as ?): Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas, Carmen and your gang!

Carmen: I'm happy you ACME agents show up and you too, 'Santa' *as she ? Chase in his 'Santa' disguise.*
Chase: Carmen, why? *Jade points her finger at the mistletoe for 'Santa's' Holly Jolly sake* Oh why thanks! Okay everybody brings in the ?s.

Armando Arguella: *as he came* Feliz Navidad! I hope you'll like a bottle of ? cider from Argentina! *place on the counter and leaves*
Bolt Upright: *as he and Zack came* Merry Christmas, Miss Sandiego!
Zack: I hope you all like eggnog. *Bolt place a carton of eggnog in the refrigerator*
Moe: Oh yeah!
Lars: Absolutely! *as Bolt and Zack leaves and then Amber Rojo and Josha came*
Amber: Feliz Navidad, Senorita Sandiego!
Josha: I hope you can keep a thick version of hot chocolate from Peru piping hot. *place the hot chocolate on the counter on a pot holder near the stove.*
Patty: Ooo...Thank you! *as Amber and Josha leaves...Jade shows up along with Sam and Socks*

Jade: Merry Christmas Carmen I hope your gang likes lumpia from the Philippines. *Sam and Socks meowed at Carmen as Jade place the plate of lumpia on the counter.*
Carmen: Ah, thanks, Jade and thank you, Sam and Socks!
Patty: And here Socks, Merry Christmas! *as place a pink glittered gift bow on Socks' head.*
Jade: Aw, that's look cute on you, Socks! *as she, Sam and Socks leaves and Socks ?*
Sam's mind: It sure does look cute on you, sis!
Socks' mind: Oh brother!

Marco: Buon Natale, Carmen!
Ivy: I hope your gang might like calamari from Italy. *place the calamari on the counter.*
Marco: Hope you're like it.

Carmen: Grazie and Ciao! *as Marco and Ivy leaves...Lee came along with Will and his twelve year old nephew, Kacey.* Lee Jordan! Will and this must be your nephew, Kacey.
Kacey: Merry Christmas, Carmen!
Lee: I hope you enjoy ' Shrimp on the Barbie' from down under. *place the grilled shrimp skewers on the counter as well.*
Kacey: Unlike America Australia celebrates Christmas in the summer.
Carmen: Which is true, Kacey! And thank you, boys! *Lee, Will and Kacey leaves...Tatiana, Spencer and Gro shows up!
Gro: Hi, Carmen! Tatiana, Spencer and I made some saffron buns from Sweden.
Patty: They look delicious! *Tatiana place the saffron buns on the counter.*
Spencer: Hope you enjoy them, Carmen!
Carmen: Thanks, Detectives! *Hilda Braun shows up along with Arthur.*
Hilda: Froliche Weinachten, Carmen I brought in a Christmas Goose with gravy and braised red cabbage from Germany.
Arthur: And some Pierogi from Poland.
Vic: It's much better than a ? *Hilda place the goose on the dining room table and Arthur Chance place the Pierogi on the dining room table and Hilda and Arthur leaves and finally Maylee and her black ? shows up.*

Maylee: And finally from Chase and Stewart they bought you and your gang a Sachertorte from Austria it would've been fortune cookies but it's much better than a Christmas pudding.

Carmen: Thank you, ACME agents *as Maylee place the Sachertorte with cake cover and stand on the counter and she close the ?.* Vic I hope next Christmas don't ever shop for Christmas dinner like this Christmas again.
Vic: *?* Yes, boss lady! *as he joins up with the rest of the gang for a good Christmas dinner.*

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The End!
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