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Morgan Cedesina
But, really, even during Tantric sessions, I didn't have to cycle through that many partners.
Ah, was that during your 30-day exodus to India? And I thought it was to brush up on your Tamil.

Sounds like the ball's in your court @Carmen. Do the right thing sis. Give the fans what they want.
The figurative ball never left my court.


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Boss (situational)
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Would Chase ever call himself a role model? Does he know he is one even if he doesn't want to be? Would he ever be open to a mentoring program?
I don't think much about the first two questions. If you want to follow my lead, great. Any label you want to put on it is fine.

There's already a mentorship program available to would-be commanders. You're going to have to pass a leadership initiative to get on that path. Interested?

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