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This should have been done months and months back. Mentioning ACME and VILE in the Wikia site for the Iron and Steel-verse. I'm sure why it slipped my mind was they are the only organizations that aren't in name, acronyms for emotions. Plus most organizations in the AU are ones I've invented ( only MAD, ACME and VILE have canon origins ).

Why it suddenly finally happened was a forced manner of it dawned on me the other day an aspect for Loaded Stone didn't have a name to it. If you follow the story, you will read what that aspect was named. It wasn't hard to invent strangely, but back to topic. What I wrote in the wikia site is mainly a lot of information unsaid publicly and only until now just sat in my note outline information over the AU. Without giving the link which displays information to every organization in the AU. Here is what was written for ACME and VILE. 😎


A - Agency


C - Classify


M - Monitor

E - Evildoers

Founded unofficially by a band of detectives in 1910, led by Jocelyn Deyriès and Patrick Gardener. This organization was not an offical business until 1948. Later when HAPPY consolidated it's associated practices together in 2001, the name fell out of use professionally. Originally based in New York City, it changed in the 70's to being based in San Francisco.

ACME was international in it's operation with professional ties to almost every nation to gain help in investigations. In different field offices would be teams led by a chief and grouping of local detectives. When a case presented it's self the chief would choose the best suited detective to the job and normally pair them with another employee or employees local or international, who would be of help to the job.

They primarily dealt with VILE but also dealt with common if however well resourceful criminals. On rare occasion Scolex Enterprises ( later MAD ) and in it's waning years, RAGE.



V - Villains

I - International

L - League


E - Evil

Founded in 1873, no true headquarters existed for it. Different divisions cover areas of land over normally multiple countries. These divisions despite distance, commonly cooperated very well together in pulling off complex heists & other crimes. The divisions had a order of rank employment similar to MAD. The top rank being a leader / general commander. Beneath him or her, grunt labor: those who carried out the jobs normally. But held in special regard, agents with talents which made them uniquely useful to a job.

ACME worked relentlessly for decades to extinguish VILE and finally succeeded in that goal during the 90's.


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