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ACME Retro

This thread is an Alternate Universe, meaning it happens in its own timeline and timeframe.

  • All characters are approximately 10 years younger than they ‘currently’ are now.
  • Technology and mode remains the same, feel free to use your cell phones and hover boards.
  • Accolade is our tower.
  • Canons are set in terms of where they are in relation to ACME/VILE but are free to improvise.
  • Original Characters...
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For reference, I'm going to write this Alternate Universe's version of Chase in the discussion, I encourage everyone to do the same.

Universe: Alternate Universe "ACME Retro"
Name: Chase Devineaux
Age: 27
Profession: ACME's Coordinating Instructor
Notes: Chase was once an ACME agent working in the 'International Crimes' Division. Today, he trains and graduates agents. He does not teach a specific class, but he is the terminus for level 1 academy students wishing to achieve agent status. Chase often coordinates with other instructors regarding graduation exams, and meets with them to gauge an agent's overall performance.
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(I'll post mine too, mates, for ref.)

Name: Lee Jordan
Age: 19
Profession: Highest Ranking ACME Junior Detective
Notes: Lee Jordan is a go-getter and a bragger, he's currently the oldest detective in the Junior Detective program and he's proud of it. (I'm keeping his personality like the cartoons, so if you've seen it, not much changes.)


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Iv', Ives
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Name: Ivy Monaghan
Age: 18
Profession: ACME Junior Detective
Notes: Ivy can best be described as a headstrong overachiever. She is quick to act, and often does so without thinking. Her temper is well known, though she holds the law in high regard and seeks to always do the right thing.

Ivy is an accomplished martial artist, and pilot in training.
Universe: Alternate Universe "ACME Retro"
Name: Zack Daniel Monaghan
Age: 14
Profession: ACME Junior Detective (Noob)
Notes: Zack has a genius IQ and photographic memory. He is also a linguist who can speak over 15 different languages. He's laid back, though not very self confident with new people.

Zack can always be seen in an oversized military jacket and his preferred mode of transport is his skateboard.
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Name: Jason West
Age: 23
Profession: Electronics Engineering and Software Instructor
Notes: Jason has just attained his Master's Degree at MIT and has created a video game that was intended as a solo project while interning in college that turned into a multi-million dollar deal with a major game producer. He is also an avid shooter.
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Euge, Earl Jr.
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Name: Eugene Grovington
Age: 25
Profession: Pilot for hire, former marine, and professional redhead antagonizer (Private Military Contractor).

Eugene currently has no ties to ACME, but as an experienced pilot and gambling buddy of Chase, has been invited to consult with ACME's junior detective program for a short while. The brain/mouth filter that comes with age has not been installed yet, meaning dry snark flows unhindered in most situations.
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Elsa, Lise
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Name: Elsa Olsson
Age: 13 going on 14
Profession: ACME Junior Detective (Newbie)

Notes: Elsa is a second generation Swedish-American on her father's side. She has a love for ancient books and epic poems. She also wants to travel but her parents' meager means doesn't help much with that. By chance, her father found the ACME JD program and encouraged her to enroll for the summer. In addition to English, Elsa speaks Swedish and Spanish, the former was natural and the later was learned.


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Universe: ACME Retro
Name: Sophie Conrad
Age: 26
Profession: Medical Student; Guest-Instructor, Survival Skills

Currently in her third-year of medical school, Sophie is visiting San Francisco for a semester at the UCSF. She has volunteered to be an instructor at ACME during this period, too.

Sophie arrived in the United States six years ago and lives on the Eastern Seaboard. She is adventurous and acutely observant, trained in the use of firearms and basic hand-to-hand combat, and enjoys the great outdoors.
Universe: ACME Retro
Name: Nace Bilby
Age: 25
Profession: Guest-Instructor, on loan from the South African National Defense Force


Nace arrived to the United States from South Africa after eight years with the South African Army. A recent innovation done in both the United Kingdom and South Africa involving members of the military, other law enforcement agencies, and intelligence types training ACME cadets and agents in those branches was noticed by HQ, and Nace was sent to San Francisco after eight months of that training program in South Africa.

Trained in both sniping and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) work, Nace's superiors not only expected him to teach the ACME cadets and Junior detectives, they also expected him to return a more well rounded soldier.
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Universe: ACME Retro
Name: Ennai
Age: 23
Profession: Guest-Instructor, CIA Consultant

Notes: A Bay Area native, born to immigrant parents, Ennai spent much of her early childhood traveling. She has completed her undergraduate degree in criminal psychology, has been a disciplined student of various martial arts since she was six, speaks six languages fluently and manages to severely abuse three others. She has been working as a CIA consultant for three years and has gone on sabbatical for the summer to teach at ACME.


The one she keeps in the closet
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Nebuchadnezzar (Neb) Ullyss (formerly Kid Kidman), Kitty, Seryy Pripyat
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Universe: ACME Retro
Name: Kid Kidman
Age: 20
Profession: vagabond in a weird situation.

Kidman is a street kid that ended up in ACME after a mysterious woman she rescued set her up there. She really has no idea what she's doing, but she has a bed and food, so whatever. ;-)

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