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Julie was uncharacteristically quiet as the others talked. But this time she was not afraid or nervous. She was very intent. She took out a small pad of paper and a pen, and her ACME phone out her pockets. Luckily, she found the information she wanted fairly easily. She worked for a few minutes, until she heard @Agent Z say,
"Don't forget your jackets," Zack said "If it gets too dark when we arrive we're going to have a hard time finding the dudes."
Julie stood up, and put the pen and small pad of paper, and her ACME phone back in her pockets. She ran to catch up to the others and get in the SUV. As she got in, she said,"I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to be rude. But when Ivy asked us if anyone else knew Spanish, I thought that maybe I could try to form my own sentence. I think I'm close to being able to say,"We are ACME Detectives. We are looking for the thieves who stole the Kokeshi dolls." Which I think is is "Nosotros ser ACME Detectives. Nosotros ser mirando por el ladro'nes quie'n estola el Kokehi muneco." But I'm not sure if that's correct."

Even though she wasn't hungry or thirsty just yet, Julie thought it was a good idea to get some snacks and drinks, so when they got to the store, Julie got a few granola bars that looked like they would fit in her pockets. And because she didn't know how long they would be gone, she picked up 2 bottles of an energy drink...only what she thought she could easily take with her...and Julie was ready to go. :)
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The dusty carriageway of the Interstate-10 stretched out before them and the trio of SUVs sped along eastward at a steady rate. Jason West drove the first, Ivy Monaghan laying claim on the wheel of the second; and Chase Devineaux, the third. Everyone else piled in after. There had been shrewd deductions from both the Instructors and Junior Detectives and Sophie Conrad took note of it all. They were all eager to reclaim the missing Kokeshi dolls.

Seated in the passenger-side of the last SUV following the convoy, she rummaged through her pack to retrieve the ACME communicator that had been rather unceremoniously buried beneath a package of food. She had very much enjoyed the Sonoran-style hot dogs offered at El Güero Canelo. She had enjoyed it so much, she had had another packed for the road.

Now, she scrolled through the communicator for a particular contact that Chase had quietly mentioned earlier, while in the restaurant. It had occurred to Sophie that assistance beyond the resources the team possessed at hand might be needed before this day was over. Partway towards El Paso, she decided that it was time to prod a sleeping giant…

Miles away, coordinates appeared on a monochrome graphic display, followed by two simple lines:

Narwhal to Polar Bear,
Ready the Albatross.

Jason West

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Being in the lead, Jason felt a little more comfortable. He knew that between @Nace Bilby and himself, they should be able to handle any unforeseen issues that might arise once they found and confronted the suspects.

Jason was quite content at setting the cruise control at 85 MPH on the interstate. Jason figured it would be a good speed to make up for lost time but also not fast enough to attract unwanted attention. He hoped that everyone else would feel safe enough to keep his pace.

About halfway to El Paso, Jason leaned over towards @Nace Bilby and quietly said, "Do you have a pistol with you in case things get a little sideways?"
Nace fixed Jason with a wry grin, "Two as a matter of fact, my Browning Hi Power and a Makarov in an ankle holster."

The South African was always the type to be prepared. Just because he was currently working in civilian law enforcement as an instructor and not a field agent it didn't mean he would slack off.

He noticed Zack and Julie Justice in the back seat of the SUV as they headed for El Paso before looking back out the front window. Knowing that if he had to fight to protect his charges, then so be it...


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Ivy was driving the second SUV, following close behind @Jason West and @Nace Bilby. The cars were moving fast, but with the roads clear it was an easy drive. Scenic as well, with the sun bleached Mojave blurring by. She glanced back to the third SUV with @Chase Devineaux at the wheel and @Sophie Conrad sitting shotgun to make sure they were still in formation.

There was a crackle on the radio, incoming from local police. Only miles away from where the detectives were now an altercation was taking place at a gas station. Shots fired. Available units were being called in, and with ACME's status as private law enforcement they were well within legal rights to answer. The team was still halfway to El Paso, they could waste precious time though the possibility that this was linked to their case was also high.

"We're the closest units, should we take it?" Ivy asked over the in-car communicator.

A brief discussion took place amongst the instructors. In the end, it was agreed that they could not simply drive by.

As the three cars approached the scene, yelling could be heard from within the gas station convince store. The exterior lights looked like that had been shot out or broken. There were abandoned cars, several with their doors left open, someone who was lying still and prone on the ground near a gas pump. To her passing eye one of the vehicles looked like it fit the description of the suspects they were after, but without a clear view of the license plates it was difficult to be sure.

It seemed ACME still had the advantage of surprise, but keeping it may prove difficult.
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While on the drive to El Paso, Julie tried to use her time in the SUV productively. First, she reviewed some interesting information on the history of El Paso; and she couldn't help but glance at the scenery as she did so, as if trying to use her over-active imagination to picture the early Spanish settlements and all the battles that had taken place there.

Afterwards, if anyone had been paying attention, they would have seen...and heard...Julie quietly mumbling to herself, trying to teach herself some Basic Spanish Phrases For Law Enforcement. She had meant to learn it much sooner, of course, but she was still new at ACME, and there was so many things to learn...both interesting information on the history of ACME and VILE..and Jason's Technology Class...among other other things..that she had just never made herself sit down and do it. But now
that she was it didn't seem to hard.

In fact, Julie was quite enjoying herself when Ivy's voice came over the in-car communicator, "We're the closest units, should we take it?"

After a brief discussion amongst the instructors, and in the end, they agreed they could not simply just drive by.

Julie leaned forward a little and said,"Looking at the footage from the cameras at the restaurant on my phone, we were not able to get a license plate number. I am just short enough that maybe I can get it without anyone seeing me." She put away her phone.

And no sooner had she said that, then the SUV pulled up at the gas station, and Julie got her chance to get out, and crouching low to the ground, so that she wouldn't be seen, and confirmed that this was the van they were looking for...and she got the license plate number, too. :)


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This was unexpected.

The third SUV swerved sharply, breaking apart from the convoy formation and slipping deftly into a smaller lane that led towards the back of the gas station.

The agreement for the stop having been made, Chase Devineaux took a moment to consider the strengths and weaknesses of his team. The instructors should lead, but with a trained medical personnel on hand, it would be best interest to get her to any potentially injured as quickly as possible.

Already visually assessing the premises, Sophie Conrad turned to Chase. The glimpse of a man lying facedown on the cement gripped her.

There’s someone--” She made a vague gesture towards the unmoving figure and unbuckled her seatbelt.

The first SUV had already parked. Picking up her communicator, the instructor reached for the door handle. Yet, a hand on her arm stopped her.

Hold on,” Chase nodded to Sophie and then opened his communicator to relay their location to the rest of the team, “We’re in position at the back. Suspects not visible, one… victim on the ground, no movement. Let’s go in quiet.

Turning back to the doctor, he switched the communicator to silent-mode, “We’ll wait for confirmation from that side. Wear your ballistics vest, let’s try to get you inside ASAP.”

I’ve got them,” a voice piped up as Lee Jordan leaned forward from the backseat.

Drawing a lengthy breath, Sophie nodded her gratitude as she took hold of the upper body armor.

Wear yours,” she glanced gravely at both men.
Nace, having heard the call about stopping and checking out a suspicious vehicle, had already donned his body armor. He asked for Zack or Julie to open a long black case that contained his modified Saiga .308 rifle with telescopic sights.

Once he had it, he grabbed the spare magazines and loaded one into the rifle and chambered a round.

After the vehicle stopped he ran to an adjacent building and up several flights of stairs till he was on the roof. Extending the bipod on the sniper rifle Nace scanned the area ahead of him, getting on the radio, "Alright, anyone who is examining the area I am in position to provide you sniper cover."

He mentally swore to himself that if anyone tried anything even remotely hostile to his mates he'd have a 7.62mm intervention to deal with.
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Jason West

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After throwing the SUV in park, Jason donned his plate carrier and secured it. He also silenced his communicator and slowly drew his Glock 20 from it's holster. Jason looked around and spotted @Nace Bilby in his overwatch position and then slowly crept to the doorway of the convenience store.

"I'm at the front door. Are we making front and rear entry at the same time?" Jason softly said into his communicator.
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Julie was glad to help Nace by opening the case to his Saiga.308 Rifle. It was a small thing, but it showed that he had confidence in her. And Julie didn't feel nervous or afraid in these new long as she had something to do...

Julie had done fairly well at range, accuracy-wise, for someone who had never fired a gun before. She would have liked to have a bit more time to practice today, but it really hadn't been possible. And even though some people would tell you differently, it really doesn't matter how long it takes you or to become a "good shot" as long as you do. Many people may seem to be near-expert at the range, but then have problems in the field...a vice versa. But you only have to be right once. And considering everything that happening right now, she thought thought that maybe she should have a weapon. She ran over to Jason, to ask if he had the Glock that she had liked at range, the one with the trigger group charge, that made it slightly heavier. Not that she wanted to have to use it, of course. But she wanted to know that she could defend herself... her fellow Junior Detectives.. or anyone else that she had to. But Jason was a little preoccupied at the moment, and Julie didn't want to attract any unwanted attention to herself, Jason
or anyone else under the circumstances...

But until then, she was happy to stay with Nace...close enough to help, if she was needed...but safe, for now...anyway... :)
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Nace had heard @Julie Justice coming up the stairs to his sniping position long before he had seen her.

"Right, are you armed as well?" Nace asked the junior detective.

He indicated the pair of binoculars to the left of his sniper rifle, "Take these and watch the areas where I'm not looking. Let me know if you see any blokes approaching either the good doctor or @Jason West. Especially if they've got weapons or are acting threatening."

Mentally Nace thought. If they are acting threatening I'll ensure they can't carry it out.

The sniper rifle was currently on safe, but it would be a matter of disengaging the safety catch and then firing. He was less than a few hundred feet from the convenience store, and on an elevated position. He could make any of the shots he had to make from this distance. His teammates depended on his ability to do so. He would not fail them.


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The gas station was not a large stop, with four pumps and a modest two-storey building attached. The exterior walls of the building were a freshly-painted white, and black metal grills protected dusty windows. From a distance, a small group of people in varying dress and distress huddled together to watch. Sophie Conrad wished she could compel them further away.

Yet, it was not the unfortunate victims or bystanders who captured her attention as she exhaled: “Oh, no.”

The actions of Jason West and Nace Bilby notwithstanding, Julie Justice had exited the first SUV to eventually join Nace up on his higher perch.

Turning to Chase Devineaux, the fledgling doctor found him performing a similar assessment of the situation, his eyebrows knitted and his grip still firm around his communicator. She made a motion to ask, but he spoke first.

Jason. Nace.”

The address broadcast through the device was crisp.

“I’m seeing some movement. Can you confirm from your positions any visuals?”

There was a pause, but before any response registered, the back-door swung open and three figures strode out with semi-automatic weapons in hand. Movement from the front lot must have decided their course of action. The foremost figure turned to aim his rifle at the SUV parked nearby. He was speaking--shouting--but Sophie could not make out what he meant.

Reflexes jolted and Chase instinctually grabbed ahold of the wheel, dropping his communicator into the centre console. Almost simultaneously, he hit the gear and stepped on the pedal. The vehicle lurched into reverse. Opaque clouds of dust filled the air as rubber tyres hit unpaved road to grate against jagged gravel. Gears changed, but the trio of gunman moved onto the road and the SUV stopped just as two men took up positions on the asphalt while one approached the driver’s side with his gun drawn. Breathlessly, Sophie darted a glance at Chase.

Lee,” the name was sharp from behind gritted teeth, and a look conveyed the urgency of obedience, “get down onto the floor and don’t move. Cover your head.”

While her attention was on the cadet, Chase reached out to touch her arm a second time.

“Slowly move your seat back and duck under the dashboard,” his words were quiet, succinct. Somehow, she recognised the darkening in his grey stare.

With nothing more than a determined narrowing of her eyes, Sophie nodded once. She complied without ado, her hands slipping under the glove compartment to detach a Glock 19 and disengage its safety lever, even as she curled her legs beneath her.

All that happened after was a blur of motion and adept physicality as Chase pushed open his door, slamming it into the approaching gunman. From her lowered position, Sophie twisted to aim the barrel of the Glock at the assailant--and pulled the slide.

The Lead Instructor switched places with his masked opponent. He ducked an attack, and slipped. For a moment, the concealed redhead inhaled a keen breath as he disappeared from her view. Then, she saw his hand connect with the wrist of their antagonist.

The vehicle’s heavy door acted as shield and weapon as Chase recovered. Swiftly and without recourse, he wedged his adversary’s gun-wielding arm between vehicle and door until the weapon was released. As soon as it fell away, Sophie slipped onto the driver’s seat to sweep it aside. From the corner of her vision field, she saw a quick movement… and the once-gunman fell to the ground, unconscious.

Seizing the communicator from the centre console, she opened a channel--but paused for a breath before speaking, looking at Chase to ensure that he was all right: “We have one hostile down. There are two more running eastward on 2nd Street.”

Without releasing the communicator, she snapped the safety lever of the Glock in hand back into position.

“I repeat,” calmer, this time, slower, “there are two suspects running eastward on 2nd Street. They are armed.”

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