A Totally Weird Caper


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Chapter Twenty,part one

Unknown area...

Two VILE henchmen are patrolled left and right around when all of the sudden they saw a rowboat floating around...so they use a winch,pulley,wire rope and a grapple hook onto the rowboat and surely enough made it to shore...they notice a sheet and decide to uncovered...they saw two people (a henchman and a henchwoman) dress in black.

VILE Henchman#1: Hey wake up you two...*as the two people woke up and get up.*
VILE Henchman#2: It's just ours!
VILE Henchman#1: What ya...*gasped as recognizing a 'V' patch on both the two people* Okay! *to the 'henchman'* You prison room *to the 'henchwoman'* And you control room.
VILE Henchman#2: Any questions? *the 'henchman' and 'henchwoman' each nodded their own head 'no'* Then go!

The 'Henchman' and 'Henchwoman' enter the hideout...

'Henchwoman': *quietly* We made it!
'Henchman': *quietly* Finally! Now what?
'Henchwoman': *quietly* You'll head for the prison room and release the others I'll be at the control room getting help at once from the outside.
'Henchman': *quietly* You sure about this?
'Henchwoman': *quietly* Detective!
'Henchman': *quietly* Alright! Alright! I'll go!

*Yup it's Lee Jordan and Professor Sara Bellum in disguise alright*

Lee (while disguising as a VILE Henchman) headed for the prison room when suddenly...
Mandy: *voice only* This is so unfair...
Henchwoman: *voice only* Shut up Miss Ugly Duckling! Let's go! *as Mandy came out with a henchwoman...a henchman came out with Chief Weller,Suhara Nakamura and Malcolm Avalon and another henchman came out...

Henchman: *to Lee (disguise as a henchman)* You keep an eye on the rest of the prisoners We're taking these upstairs for...something else...Let's move! *as the two henchmen and a henchwoman took Mandy,Chief Weller,Suhara and Avalon away.*

Lee enter the prison room he sees a key on the desk however he saw a security camera...he grinned when he saw the plug that is attached to the security camera.

Meanwhile Sara is heading to the control room suddenly she bumped unto Doctor Belljar and Madame Doctor Ima LeZaarde.
Sara (disguise as a henchwoman): Sorry I bumped into you two.
LeZaarde: That is alright have a nice day.
Sara: You too. *as she skedaddle towards the control room.*

Belljar: That's odd does she look familiar to us?
LeZaarde: Maybe we have to be extra careful.
Belljar: Right! *as he and LeZaarde leaves*

Sara sighed as she enter the control room there's no one there and she saw the Prison room camera has been unplugged already.
Sara's mind: Good now is my chance!

The Prison Room

After unplugging the security camera Lee grab the key from the desk and opened the first door...

Mrs. Lewis: *gasped as she saw Lee (while in disguise as a henchman)* What do you want?
Lee: Shh! *quietly* I'm here to get everyone outer here,ma'am!
Mrs. Lewis: *quietly* Who are you young man?
Lee: *quietly* Lee Jordan! I'm an ACME detective.
Mrs. Lewis: *quietly* It isn't easy to escape is it?
Lee: *quietly* Of course not don't worry help's on the way.

Meanwhile at WOOHP Headquarters,Los Angeles,CA,USA

After coming from San Francisco by plane...

*Carmen Sandiego,Chase Devineaux, Arthur Chance,Interpol Agent Stewart Sterling,Tatiana Erzin,Maylee Young and Jessie Lyon shows up.*

Cruiser: *as he came* Devineaire,I've see you've got my message already Felix's okay! *he grinned but Chase lightly head slap him*
Chase: Cruiser,you misspeller. Where's everybody at?
Jade: *as she,her cat,Sam and the rest of Team ACME (Archie Pelago,Bolt Upright,Ivy Monaghan,Zack Monaghan,Josha,Cole Gannon,Jason Argonaut and Tyson Jackson) shows up* We're right here,Chase!

Ivy: We're so glad to see you a-okay,Chase!
Bolt: Oh thank goodness you all are here especially you,Carmen.
Carmen: *sarcastically* Likewise,Upright!
Archie: Now that we're all here we're about to solve this case.
Chase: True Archie,but if we only we knew Matt is hiding?
Jerry: *voice only* Perhaps we can be some assistance!

*Chase turn around and saw Team WOOHP (Jerry Lewis,Samantha,Clover,Alexandra,Madison,Blaine and Dean) shows up.*

Jerry: Ah, you must be Chase Devineaux,ACME's Director of Operations!
Chase: I am and you are...
Jerry: Jerry Lewis,Head of World Organization Of Human Protection or WOOHP for short...*Lee Jordan's beagle dog,Reuben barked and chasing Alexandra's pot-bellied pig,Oinky.*
Alexandra ('Alex'): Oinky!
Cruiser: Not again,Reuben! * Reuben chases Oinky around WOOHP headquarters...Oinky pressed the button that got a robotic vacuum cleaner starts to cleaning the floor...Reuben whining and goes under the desk and Sam screeched as he jumped onto Carmen Sandiego's back.*

Carmen: Ah! Ow! *Jade pressed the button to stop the robotic vacuum cleaner and Jade grab Sam off of Carmen's back* I hope your cat's claws are trimmed,Jade.
Jade's mind: Great I'm telling my mother as soon as this case is over.
*Reuben growled at Oinky...who squeals for help*
Cruiser: *to Reuben* Stop chasing that pig! *Oinky jumped unto Jade and Carmen to the floor after Sam jumped from Jade's arms*

Alexandra('Alex'): *as she grabs Oinky while Cruiser grabs Reuben* C'mon Oinky I'll put you some place safe.*and she did and no Oinky didn't end up as a strip of bacon.*

Chase: *as he came* Jade,Carmen are you two okay?
*Jade and Carmen 😵 while Sam well...😾*
Cruiser: *to Jade* Geeky girl you should've bought a ferret for Lee's sake!
Jerry: Now,now! Everyone should've we focus on finding that fiend we're all after.
Clover: As soon as Jade recovers from what happened just now. *Cole and Tyson dragged Carmen to the Lobby to rest.*

(end of Chapter Twenty,part one...sorry I took too long,everyone)


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Chapter Twenty,part two...continues

Unknown Area...Prison Room

After freeing Mrs.Lewis Lee Jordan open the next prison door...

inside one of the cells...

Armando: *as he woke when he hear something click...to Inspector Li* Wake up,Inspector Li!
Inspector Li: What?!?! *as he sees a shadow figure* A henchman!
Armando: Let's get'em,Amigo!
Lee: *quietly* Hold your bola! *as he appeared and remove his baseball cap off* it's me,Lee Jordan!
Armando/Li: *in unison* What?!?!
Mrs.Lewis: *as she appeared quietly* You heard him,gentlemen!
Lee: *to Mrs.Lewis* Did you see anyone coming?
Mrs.Lewis: Not quite,at least I've got my purse back.*as she grab a compact mirror out of her purse*
Inspector Li: *to Mrs.Lewis* Ma'am this is no time to...*Mrs.Lewis's wardrobe change into a light purple catsuit.*

Armando: *surprised* Ay,ay,ay!
Mrs.Lewis: Impressive isn't it? *Armando and Inspector Li 😓* Well...
Lee: Let's get going...*as he put his baseball cap on...he goes the next cell there inside was Contessa and Trent.*
Contessa: *gasped as she saw Lee* Detective!
Trent: Huh!?!?!
Lee: *quietly* Shh! C'mon! *as he gave the prison key to Armando and there was Vic the Slick shivered*
Armando: *quietly* I'm not here to transfer you to another cell,Vic! We're getting outer here!
*Vic the Slick sighs as he leaves the cell while Armando give Inspector Li the prison key...Inspector Li open the next cell and there was Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas.*
Li: Let's go! * as Moe and Lars got out of the cell...to Mrs. Lewis* Here the prison key,Ma'am!
Mrs.Lewis: No need! *Using her old hatpin to pick the last cell door and there was Patty Larceny*
Vic: *to Patty* Psst! Doll Face! C'mon!
Patty: I'm ready to setting the score against that creep.
Mrs.Lewis: *to Patty* Take it easy,dear!

Vic: What now?
Lee: As soon as Professor Bellum send in the message to the outside she'll give us the signal.
Patty: We got to stop him. *Mrs. Lewis uses her heat sensor infrared sunglasses to search for something to escape or whatever she can find.*
Lee: We can't do it alone. Beside we're outnumbered!
Mrs.Lewis: Of course that's why my son will come.
Moe/Lars: *in unison* Son!
Lee: Shh! *quietly* Yeah him,ACME and others.
Vic: What if they don't come soon.
Lee: They will we just have to be patience,alright!
Moe: You sure!
Lars: I don't know about this,Lee Jordan! This plan will be backfired if no one...
Lee: *to Lars* Chill Vegas! *Lars 😠😑*
Mrs.Lewis: By Jove! I've found a secret wall behind this room.
Lee: At least that's lucky for one of us to escape if Professor Bellum fails to get help.

While at the control room...

Sara Bellum finishes up the messages in Morse code mode...when two henchwomen shows up to the control room

Henchwoman#1: *to Sara disguise as a henchwoman* You leave now! *and Sara ran off*
Henchwoman#2: Thank goodness...what the?!?!
Henchwoman#1: What now? *as she and Henchwoman#2 are shocked to see the prison room camera is not on screen.* Why that...? *She press the alert button*

Meanwhile in the other room...

Matt: What is going on?
Jenna: Something tell us we have some intruders coming in our premises.
Matt: The prison room...henchman check it out at once.
Henchman: Yes,sir!

Prison Room

Armando: Oh great,it looks like Professor Bellum blew it!
Lee: Great she's now in trouble! *as he found some handcuffs and chains.* I've got an idea but one of you 'will remain here'.
Mrs. Lewis: That will be me, young man... *😉*trust me! *as she goes to the secret wall to escape.*
Inspector Li: *as Lee puts handcuffs lightly* Why that old lady?
Lee: She'll see the cavalry once they get here.
Armando: I hope you're right,Lee Jordan!
Lars: Otherwise! It's backfired!

Ten minutes later...

*the henchman came to the prison room when Lee (continuing disguising as a henchman) and the 'prisoners' (Armando,Inspector Li,Contessa,Trent,Vic,Moe and Lars) are chained in handcuffs.*
Lee: *disguising as a henchman* These prisoners are ready for 'our leader'
Henchman: Good! Let's go move it! *as he and Lee while in disguise bring in the 'prisoners' out of the prison room* Where's that old lady?
Lee: Well she's asleep I don't want to wake her up from her 'nap.'

(end of Chapter Twenty,part two...continues)


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Chapter Twenty,part three...continues

WOOHP Headquarters,Los Angeles,CA,USA

After what happened at WOOHP...Jade recover from what happened...Chase and the rest of Team ACME (Archie Pelago,Bolt Upright, Ivy, Zack, Tatiana, Josha, Cole Gannon, Maylee, Jason, Tyson, Jessie ,Spencer and Arthur Chance)are waiting for her...especially Cruiser along with Jerry and Team WOOHP as well.

Jade: Is there something I've miss while I've been 'knocked out'?

Jerry: Of course,you did we just got a word that the people of each country refuse Matt's demands.
Jade: How did you know?
Stewart: *as he came out of the lobby* I explain to them already...but still we don't know where Matt is hiding out at?

Cruiser: *as he put down Jade's backpack* Would this help?
Jade: Thank you,Cruiser!
*as Jade takes out an large envelope onto the table and the dog tag Cruiser found in Liverpool.*
Chase: Is that all you've found,Jade?
Jade: That and Carmen's necklace!
Team ACME: *in unison* Necklace?!?! *as Jade opened the box and shows Team ACME the necklace she and Cruiser found in Liverpool.*

Archie: Good night it's 'The Moon of Moldavia'!
Bolt: A ruby necklace?!?! I never saw Carmen wearing that.
Jerry: It's a probably a gift.
Jade: An important gift...*as she gave Jerry a newspaper clipping*
Jerry: Oh my!
Samantha('Sam'): It's beautiful!
Alexandra('Alex'): I'll say...
Clover: Take a look on the engraving of this writing.
Jade: Written in Romanian...And perhaps one of Carmen's last cases before becoming a thief herself.

Chase: Jade, what's inside the envelope? *he opens the envelope and he's not impressed* Seriously?!?! a picture of Bruce Lee?
Jade: That and a dog tag named 'Williams' on it.
Cruiser: That's all! Badda bing! Badda boom!
Arthur: Not quite! Contessa's butler gave us this. *place a poker chip onto the table.*
Jade: A poker chip,Arthur?!?!
Arthur: Has the name 'Roper' on it and...*Jade gasped* Did I say something wrong,Jade?
Jade: No,Arthur those names are characters in Enter the Dragon!

Cruiser: Enter the Dragon?!?! I've seen that film several times watch the moves of Bruce Lee *impersonating Bruce Lee showing some moves in the movie 'Enter the Dragon' when Gabriella,Stella and Carmen (Alexandra's mother) came.*
Gabriella: What's with this guy?
Stella: Is it just us or is he acting like Chris Farley in 'Tommy Boy'? *Cruiser 😅*
Samantha('Sam'): He's just being goofy I guess! *Cruiser😁*
Jade: Cruiser,don't ever do that again.

Cruiser: Well excuse me I'm just...*Chase lightly head slap Cruiser*
Chase: *to Cruiser* Quit fooling around.
Cruiser: Sorry,Devinaire!
Jade: *to Cruiser after she lightly head slap him* It's Devineaux!
*Cruiser 😓*

Jerry: *to each WOOHP girls' mothers* What are you ladies doing here?
Stella: We came back from Malibu University and seriously the head dean told us that after what happened they decide that the students are going back to college.
*Samantha,Clover and Alexandra cheered*
Gabriella: Online that is. *Samantha,Clover and Alexandra moaned*
Stella: Except for the ones you three are majoring in.
*Samantha,Clover and Alexandra ☹😞 and 😭*
Carmen (Alexandra's mother): It's true,girls they have to let go of those subjects.

Stella: Well at least you girls did a great job saving the world.
Gabriella: Well almost,Stella...Especially...*as they saw Carmen Sandiego coming out of the lobby.*
Carmen(Alexandra's mother): A consolation prize?!?!
Gabriella: It's Carmen Sandiego!
Stella: Get her! *Carmen Sandiego gasped as Gabriella,Stella and Carmen (Alexandra's mother) are about to grab her.*

Samantha/Clover: *in unison* Mom!
Alexandra ('Alex'): Stop! Don't do it!
Jade: *as she shield Carmen Sandiego from getting capture* Carmen Sandiego is innocent!
Gabriella/Stella/Carmen (Alexandra's mother): *in unison as they stop* What?!?!

Jerry: *to each WOOHP girls' mothers* Jade's right,ladies she has nothing to do with this.
Gabriella: Excuse me? *as Chase came*
Chase: Carmen Sandiego's method of crime is stealing priceless treasures from around the world she's no terrorist.
Gabriella/Stella/ Carmen (Alexandra's mother): *in unison* Oh sorry!
Stella: So the world is saved.
Ivy: Not quite,ma'am!
Zack: Because the cities of the world that are UNESCO Heritage sites are in danger.
Cole: And right now we don't know where Matt is hiding out.
Tyson: Especially the people in whom they captured.

Tatiana: Like Chief Weller
Maylee: Suhara,Inspector Li!
Zack: Armando!
Jessie: Even Mr. Avalon.
Jerry: My mother!
Clover: Even Mandy and Trent as usually.
Carmen: Especially my own gang who trusted me and the ones who don't.

Stella: Like Jane Reaction!
Carmen: Jane Reaction?!?! *to Stella* What did she do to you?
Stella: She busted my nephew's eardrums. *Carmen😖*
Carmen: I've warn her not to used one of her own inventions. *Carmen images her being angry at Jane Reaction using sticks of dynamite as road flares to blow up a bridge.*
Jade: Don't worry,Carmen we all will teach her and the others who trusted Matt a lesson.
Carmen: You sure?
Jade: Count on it!

(end of Chapter Twenty,part three...continues...I took too long thinking a lot of the next chapter soon right now I've got to focus on finishing Chapter Twenty as I in breaking the chapter into parts.)
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Chapter Twenty,part four...conclusion

Unknown Area...

Professor Sara Bellum ran down to look for Lee Jordan and the prisoners when all of the sudden...Doctor Belljar and Madame Doctor Ima Lezaarde shows up...*Professor Bellum screamed as these two doctors grab her.*

Main Room

Matt: *to the two henchwomen* Are you sure the woman was trying to get help from outside?
Henchwoman#1: Without a doubt,sir.
Matt: Anyway to delete that message?
Henchwoman#2: No,sir we try but it's already send we don't know where she send the message to.
Matt: By the time the message gets here to the outside it'll be too late no one will come.
*Doctor Belljar and Madame Doctor Ima Lezaarde shows along with Professor Bellum.*
Matt: Ah, Professor Sara Bellum.
Henchwoman #2: That's her.
Henchwoman#1: That's the one who we saw inside the control room.
Matt: But what about the security camera from the prison room.
Henchwoman#1: Maybe someone just unplugged from there might be someone who is with her.
Matt: Well find who it is and bring him or her back...Is that understood,ladies?
Two Henchwomen: Yes,sir! *as the two henchwomen leaves*

Matt: You think you can be a very clever professor but you should've been more insane than that old boss of yours beside she's history.
Sara: Well you'll see you'll be sorry for this.
Matt: *as he snapped his finger to the henchman* Henchman! Take her to the prison room at once I'll deal with her as soon as the world will be sorry to mess with VILE. *the henchman grab Professor Bellum away.* *to Belljar and Lezaarde* As for you two prepare the 'Destroyer' at once.
Belljar/Lezaarde: *in unison* Yes,sir. *as they head back to the laboratory.*

WOOHP Headquarters,Los Angeles,CA,USA

*Zack notices an Morse code is activate so he decide to encryption to translated.*

Fifteen Minutes later...

Jade,Carmen Sandiego,Chase Devineaux,Archie Pelago,Bolt Upright,Cruiser,the rest of team ACME (Ivy,Tatiana,Josha,Cole,Maylee,Jason,Tyson,Jessie,Spencer Ross and Arthur Chance) and team WOOHP (Jerry,Samantha,Clover,Alexandra,Madison,Blaine and Dean)

Archie: This better be good,Mr. Monaghan!
Zack: Sure does,Archie! *as Stewart Sterling,Gabriella,Stella and Carmen (Alexandra's mother) came as well.* I encrypted the Morse code and I've found the coordinates of where the sender give us.

Tatiana: Look the coordinates are latitude: twenty-two degrees north and longitude: one hundred and fourteen degrees east.
Arthur: Can you find the location?
Tatiana: There!
Josha: That's Hong Kong!
Jade: Actually it's one of the New Territories within six pointed four miles from Hong Kong...And there it is.
Spencer: Kau Yi Chau Island?!?!
Arthur: I've never know Hong Kong has islands.
Chase: These islands are in fact one of the three main regions alongside Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula.
Bolt: Makes up about 86.2% of the territory and contains half of the Population of Hong Kong they even have districts.

Jade: Like the Islands district where the island Kau Yi Chau is and of course that island is part of the background for Han's Island in the movie 'Enter the Dragon' (based on wikipedia.org in which I don't own the website and of course flimapia.com in which I don't own that site as well)
Jerry: Oh my! You know your pop culture,Jade!
Cruiser: But who sends in the message. *Zack shows everyone the message translate from the Morse code.*

Samantha ('Sam'): Whoa! There's our answer.
Clover: *to Zack* Would you mind print out the message?
Zack: The only thing I can print out is a map.
Madison: That'll work! *as Zack press the printer button to print out the map.*
Alexandra('Alex'): Now what does the message say?

Carmen: *reading the message* ACME and WOOHP, We need your help at once before it's too late! The coordinates and the map will aid you all we can't do it alone...*gasped* Sara! P.S. 'We' means me and...
Cruiser: Lee!
Tyson: Detective Jordan!?!?!
Chase:*after slapping his forehead* Jordan!
Archie: And I thought you said he'll stay out of trouble because his career is at stake,Mr. Devineaux.
Cruiser: What're we stand around here for...let's get going.
Jade: Before we do that Cruiser we'd better study the map and planning out together while heading for Hong Kong and go 'knock on Matt's door'.

Cruiser: I like the sound of that,geeky girl!

(end of Chapter Twenty,part four...conclusion...before heading for the next chapter I'll shall bring the M.O.B. (Mission Objective Briefing) in...hey I don't make that idea whatsoever)


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Before for the next chapter here's the M.O.B. (Mission Objective Briefing)

Main Objective: Stop Matt Conner and save the UNESCO Heritage cities chosen by himself.

1. Find the weapon that could destroy a city stop the weapon dissemble after deleting the source to recover the stolen items as mention...The Minuteman 1 Missile Guidance Computer,The Silicon Ingot,The Original Forty Foot Telescope Lens and the HELP (High Energy Laser Projectile) Project. (which will be inside by Spencer Ross and outside by Zack Monaghan and Josha.)

Caution: Watch out for Doctor Belljar and Madame Doctor Ima Lezaarde.

2. Look for the ones who are kidnapped...Chief Weller, Suhara Nakamura, Malcolm Avalon,Mandy,Trent,Armando Arguella,Inspector Li,Mrs. Lewis (Jerry's mother according to Jerry himself),
And for Carmen Sandiego's sake look for her gang members who trusted her: Vic The Slick,Contessa,Patty Larceny,Sara Bellum (if she's capture by Matt or any VILE members who trusted him),Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas

3. Look for Lee Jordan,he could be disguise as a VILE henchman.

4. Look for Tete de Femme stolen from Malcolm Avalon's estate in Buenos Aires,Argentina during his disappearance.

Make sure the warrants are issue for Matt Conner,along with his girlfriend,a wannabe model named Jenna Rossity along with the following beside Belljar and Lezaarde...Dara Riska,Al Loy, Snarla Swing,
Jane Reaction and Dee Cryption (already captured Doctor Depth,Double Trouble,Count Hypno and Otto 'Gnash' Readmore.)

Ideal Entries

Front: Instant Smokescreen Grenades to surprise the enemy for Jade Ezell and Team ACME (beside Spencer Ross are as follows: Chase Devineaux,Ivy Monaghan,Cole Gannon,Maylee Young,Jason Argonaut,Tyson Jackson,Jessie Lyon and Arthur Chance) backing up by Carmen Sandiego and Interpol Agent Stewart Sterling.

Back: Sam,(Jade's cat) will distract the enemy's guard dogs and aiding by Cruiser, Reuben (Lee Jordan's Beagle) and Team WOOHP (Jerry Lewis,Samantha,Clover,Alexandra,Madison,Blaine and Dean) backing up by Gabriella,Stella and Carmen (Alexandra's mother)

Stay outside to communicate are Archie Pelago,Bolt Upright and Tatiana Erzin while waiting for back up.

Same for to deactivate the weapon are Zack Monaghan and Josha.

(the next chapter is coming up soon...and of course there's an aftermath and the epilogue afterwords.)
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