A Totally Weird Caper


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Chapter Twenty,part one

Unknown area...

Two VILE henchmen are patrolled left and right around when all of the sudden they saw a rowboat floating around...so they use a winch,pulley,wire rope and a grapple hook onto the rowboat and surely enough made it to shore...they notice a sheet and decide to uncovered...they saw two people (a henchman and a henchwoman) dress in black.

VILE Henchman#1: Hey wake up you two...*as the two people woke up and get up.*
VILE Henchman#2: It's just ours!
VILE Henchman#1: What ya...*gasped as recognizing a 'V' patch on both the two people* Okay! *to the 'henchman'* You prison room *to the 'henchwoman'* And you control room.
VILE Henchman#2: Any questions? *the 'henchman' and 'henchwoman' each nodded their own head 'no'* Then go!

The 'Henchman' and 'Henchwoman' enter the hideout...

'Henchwoman': *quietly* We made it!
'Henchman': *quietly* Finally! Now what?
'Henchwoman': *quietly* You'll head for the prison room and release the others I'll be at the control room getting help at once from the outside.
'Henchman': *quietly* You sure about this?
'Henchwoman': *quietly* Detective!
'Henchman': *quietly* Alright! Alright! I'll go!

*Yup it's Lee Jordan and Professor Sara Bellum in disguise alright*

Lee (while disguising as a VILE Henchman) headed for the prison room when suddenly...
Mandy: *voice only* This is so unfair...
Henchwoman: *voice only* Shut up Miss Ugly Duckling! Let's go! *as Mandy came out with a henchwoman...a henchman came out with Chief Weller,Suhara Nakamura and Malcolm Avalon and another henchman came out...

Henchman: *to Lee (disguise as a henchman)* You keep an eye on the rest of the prisoners We're taking these upstairs for...something else...Let's move! *as the two henchmen and a henchwoman took Mandy,Chief Weller,Suhara and Avalon away.*

Lee enter the prison room he sees a key on the desk however he saw a security camera...he grinned when he saw the plug that is attached to the security camera.

Meanwhile Sara is heading to the control room suddenly she bumped unto Doctor Belljar and Madame Doctor Ima LeZaarde.
Sara (disguise as a henchwoman): Sorry I bumped into you two.
LeZaarde: That is alright have a nice day.
Sara: You too. *as she skedaddle towards the control room.*

Belljar: That's odd does she look familiar to us?
LeZaarde: Maybe we have to be extra careful.
Belljar: Right! *as he and LeZaarde leaves*

Sara sighed as she enter the control room there's no one there and she saw the Prison room camera has been unplugged already.
Sara's mind: Good now is my chance!

The Prison Room

After unplugging the security camera Lee grab the key from the desk and opened the first door...

Mrs. Lewis: *gasped as she saw Lee (while in disguise as a henchman)* What do you want?
Lee: Shh! *quietly* I'm here to get everyone outer here,ma'am!
Mrs. Lewis: *quietly* Who are you young man?
Lee: *quietly* Lee Jordan! I'm an ACME detective.
Mrs. Lewis: *quietly* It isn't easy to escape is it?
Lee: *quietly* Of course not don't worry help's on the way.

Meanwhile at WOOHP Headquarters,Los Angeles,CA,USA

After coming from San Francisco by plane...

*Carmen Sandiego,Chase Devineaux, Arthur Chance,Interpol Agent Stewart Sterling,Tatiana Erzin,Maylee Young and Jessie Lyon shows up.*

Cruiser: *as he came* Devineaire,I've see you've got my message already Felix's okay! *he grinned but Chase lightly head slap him*
Chase: Cruiser,you misspeller. Where's everybody at?
Jade: *as she,her cat,Sam and the rest of Team ACME (Archie Pelago,Bolt Upright,Ivy Monaghan,Zack Monaghan,Josha,Cole Gannon,Jason Argonaut and Tyson Jackson) shows up* We're right here,Chase!

Ivy: We're so glad to see you a-okay,Chase!
Bolt: Oh thank goodness you all are here especially you,Carmen.
Carmen: *sarcastically* Likewise,Upright!
Archie: Now that we're all here we're about to solve this case.
Chase: True Archie,but if we only we knew Matt is hiding?
Jerry: *voice only* Perhaps we can be some assistance!

*Chase turn around and saw Team WOOHP (Jerry Lewis,Samantha,Clover,Alexandra,Britney,Blaine and Dean) shows up.*

Jerry: Ah, you must be Chase Devineaux,ACME's Director of Operations!
Chase: I am and you are...
Jerry: Jerry Lewis,Head of World Organization Of Human Protection or WOOHP for short...*Lee Jordan's beagle dog,Reuben barked and chasing Alexandra's pot-bellied pig,Oinky.*
Alexandra ('Alex'): Oinky!
Cruiser: Not again,Reuben! * Reuben chases Oinky around WOOHP headquarters...Oinky pressed the button that got a robotic vacuum cleaner starts to cleaning the floor...Reuben whining and goes under the desk and Sam screeched as he jumped onto Carmen Sandiego's back.*

Carmen: Ah! Ow! *Jade pressed the button to stop the robotic vacuum cleaner and Jade grab Sam off of Carmen's back* I hope your cat's claws are trimmed,Jade.
Jade's mind: Great I'm telling my mother as soon as this case is over.
*Reuben growled at Oinky...who squeals for help*
Cruiser: *to Reuben* Stop chasing that pig! *Oinky jumped unto Jade and Carmen to the floor after Sam jumped from Jade's arms*

Alexandra('Alex'): *as she grabs Oinky while Cruiser grabs Reuben* C'mon Oinky I'll put you some place safe.*and she did and no Oinky didn't end up as a strip of bacon.*

Chase: *as he came* Jade,Carmen are you two okay?
*Jade and Carmen 😵 while Sam well...😾*
Cruiser: *to Jade* Geeky girl you should've bought a ferret for Lee's sake!
Jerry: Now,now! Everyone should've we focus on finding that fiend we're all after.
Clover: As soon as Jade recovers from what happened just now. *Cole and Tyson dragged Carmen to the Lobby to rest.*

(end of Chapter Twenty,part one...sorry I took too long,everyone)
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Chapter Twenty,part two...continues

Unknown Area...Prison Room

After freeing Mrs.Lewis Lee Jordan open the next prison door...

inside one of the cells...

Armando: *as he woke when he hear something click...to Inspector Li* Wake up,Inspector Li!
Inspector Li: What?!?! *as he sees a shadow figure* A henchman!
Armando: Let's get'em,Amigo!
Lee: *quietly* Hold your bola! *as he appeared and remove his baseball cap off* it's me,Lee Jordan!
Armando/Li: *in unison* What?!?!
Mrs.Lewis: *as she appeared quietly* You heard him,gentlemen!
Lee: *to Mrs.Lewis* Did you see anyone coming?
Mrs.Lewis: Not quite,at least I've got my purse back.*as she grab a compact mirror out of her purse*
Inspector Li: *to Mrs.Lewis* Ma'am this is no time to...*Mrs.Lewis's wardrobe change into a light purple catsuit.*

Armando: *surprised* Ay,ay,ay!
Mrs.Lewis: Impressive isn't it? *Armando and Inspector Li 😓* Well...
Lee: Let's get going...*as he put his baseball cap on...he goes the next cell there inside was Contessa and Trent.*
Contessa: *gasped as she saw Lee* Detective!
Trent: Huh!?!?!
Lee: *quietly* Shh! C'mon! *as he gave the prison key to Armando and there was Vic the Slick shivered*
Armando: *quietly* I'm not here to transfer you to another cell,Vic! We're getting outer here!
*Vic the Slick sighs as he leaves the cell while Armando give Inspector Li the prison key...Inspector Li open the next cell and there was Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas.*
Li: Let's go! * as Moe and Lars got out of the cell...to Mrs. Lewis* Here the prison key,Ma'am!
Mrs.Lewis: No need! *Using her old hatpin to pick the last cell door and there was Patty Larceny*
Vic: *to Patty* Psst! Doll Face! C'mon!
Patty: I'm ready to setting the score against that creep.
Mrs.Lewis: *to Patty* Take it easy,dear!

Vic: What now?
Lee: As soon as Professor Bellum send in the message to the outside she'll give us the signal.
Patty: We got to stop him. *Mrs. Lewis uses her heat sensor infrared sunglasses to search for something to escape or whatever she can find.*
Lee: We can't do it alone. Beside we're outnumbered!
Mrs.Lewis: Of course that's why my son will come.
Moe/Lars: *in unison* Son!
Lee: Shh! *quietly* Yeah him,ACME and others.
Vic: What if they don't come soon.
Lee: They will we just have to be patience,alright!
Moe: You sure!
Lars: I don't know about this,Lee Jordan! This plan will be backfired if no one...
Lee: *to Lars* Chill Vegas! *Lars 😠😑*
Mrs.Lewis: By Jove! I've found a secret wall behind this room.
Lee: At least that's lucky for one of us to escape if Professor Bellum fails to get help.

While at the control room...

Sara Bellum finishes up the messages in Morse code mode...when two henchwomen shows up to the control room

Henchwoman#1: *to Sara disguise as a henchwoman* You leave now! *and Sara ran off*
Henchwoman#2: Thank goodness...what the?!?!
Henchwoman#1: What now? *as she and Henchwoman#2 are shocked to see the prison room camera is not on screen.* Why that...? *She press the alert button*

Meanwhile in the other room...

Matt: What is going on?
Jenna: Something tell us we have some intruders coming in our premises.
Matt: The prison room...henchman check it out at once.
Henchman: Yes,sir!

Prison Room

Armando: Oh great,it looks like Professor Bellum blew it!
Lee: Great she's now in trouble! *as he found some handcuffs and chains.* I've got an idea but one of you 'will remain here'.
Mrs. Lewis: That will be me, young man... *😉*trust me! *as she goes to the secret wall to escape.*
Inspector Li: *as Lee puts handcuffs lightly* Why that old lady?
Lee: She'll see the cavalry once they get here.
Armando: I hope you're right,Lee Jordan!
Lars: Otherwise! It's backfired!

Ten minutes later...

*the henchman came to the prison room when Lee (continuing disguising as a henchman) and the 'prisoners' (Armando,Inspector Li,Contessa,Trent,Vic,Moe and Lars) are chained in handcuffs.*
Lee: *disguising as a henchman* These prisoners are ready for 'our leader'
Henchman: Good! Let's go move it! *as he and Lee while in disguise bring in the 'prisoners' out of the prison room* Where's that old lady?
Lee: Well she's asleep I don't want to wake her up from her 'nap.'

(end of Chapter Twenty,part two...continues)


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Chapter Twenty,part three...continues

WOOHP Headquarters,Los Angeles,CA,USA

After what happened at WOOHP...Jade recover from what happened...Chase and the rest of Team ACME (Archie Pelago,Bolt Upright, Ivy, Zack, Tatiana, Josha, Cole Gannon, Maylee, Jason, Tyson, Jessie ,Spencer and Arthur Chance)are waiting for her...especially Cruiser along with Jerry and Team WOOHP as well.

Jade: Is there something I've miss while I've been 'knocked out'?

Jerry: Of course,you did we just got a word that the people of each country refuse Matt's demands.
Jade: How did you know?
Stewart: *as he came out of the lobby* I explain to them already...but still we don't know where Matt is hiding out at?

Cruiser: *as he put down Jade's backpack* Would this help?
Jade: Thank you,Cruiser!
*as Jade takes out an large envelope onto the table and the dog tag Cruiser found in Liverpool.*
Chase: Is that all you've found,Jade?
Jade: That and Carmen's necklace!
Team ACME: *in unison* Necklace?!?! *as Jade opened the box and shows Team ACME the necklace she and Cruiser found in Liverpool.*

Archie: Good night it's 'The Moon of Moldavia'!
Bolt: A ruby necklace?!?! I never saw Carmen wearing that.
Jerry: It's a probably a gift.
Jade: An important gift...*as she gave Jerry a newspaper clipping*
Jerry: Oh my!
Samantha('Sam'): It's beautiful!
Alexandra('Alex'): I'll say...
Clover: Take a look on the engraving of this writing.
Jade: Written in Romanian...And perhaps one of Carmen's last cases before becoming a thief herself.

Chase: Jade, what's inside the envelope? *he opens the envelope and he's not impressed* Seriously?!?! a picture of Bruce Lee?
Jade: That and a dog tag named 'Williams' on it.
Cruiser: That's all! Badda bing! Badda boom!
Arthur: Not quite! Contessa's butler gave us this. *place a poker chip onto the table.*
Jade: A poker chip,Arthur?!?!
Arthur: Has the name 'Roper' on it and...*Jade gasped* Did I say something wrong,Jade?
Jade: No,Arthur those names are characters in Enter the Dragon!

Cruiser: Enter the Dragon?!?! I've seen that film several times watch the moves of Bruce Lee *impersonating Bruce Lee showing some moves in the movie 'Enter the Dragon' when Gabriella,Stella and Carmen (Alexandra's mother) came.*
Gabriella: What's with this guy?
Stella: Is it just us or is he acting like Chris Farley in 'Tommy Boy'? *Cruiser 😅* (I don't own the movie 'Tommy Boy' whatsoever)
Samantha('Sam'): He's just being goofy I guess! *Cruiser😁*
Jade: Cruiser,don't ever do that again.

Cruiser: Well excuse me I'm just...*Chase lightly head slap Cruiser*
Chase: *to Cruiser* Quit fooling around.
Cruiser: Sorry,Devinaire!
Jade: *to Cruiser after she lightly head slap him* It's Devineaux!
*Cruiser 😓*

Jerry: *to each WOOHP girls' mothers* What are you ladies doing here?
Stella: We came back from Malibu University and seriously the head dean told us that after what happened they decide that the students are going back to college.
*Samantha,Clover and Alexandra cheered*
Gabriella: Online that is. *Samantha,Clover and Alexandra moaned*
Stella: Except for the ones you three are majoring in.
*Samantha,Clover and Alexandra ☹😞 and 😭*
Carmen (Alexandra's mother): It's true,girls they have to let go of those subjects.

Stella: Well at least you girls did a great job saving the world.
Gabriella: Well almost,Stella...Especially...*as they saw Carmen Sandiego coming out of the lobby.*
Carmen(Alexandra's mother): A consolation prize?!?!
Gabriella: It's Carmen Sandiego!
Stella: Get her! *Carmen Sandiego gasped as Gabriella,Stella and Carmen (Alexandra's mother) are about to grab her.*

Samantha/Clover: *in unison* Mom!
Alexandra ('Alex'): Stop! Don't do it!
Jade: *as she shield Carmen Sandiego from getting capture* Carmen Sandiego is innocent!
Gabriella/Stella/Carmen (Alexandra's mother): *in unison as they stop* What?!?!

Jerry: *to each WOOHP girls' mothers* Jade's right,ladies she has nothing to do with this.
Gabriella: Excuse me? *as Chase came*
Chase: Carmen Sandiego's method of crime is stealing priceless treasures from around the world she's no terrorist.
Gabriella/Stella/ Carmen (Alexandra's mother): *in unison* Oh sorry!
Stella: So the world is saved.
Ivy: Not quite,ma'am!
Zack: Because the cities of the world that are UNESCO Heritage sites are in danger.
Cole: And right now we don't know where Matt is hiding out.
Tyson: Especially the people in whom they captured.

Tatiana: Like Chief Weller
Maylee: Suhara,Inspector Li!
Zack: Armando!
Jessie: Even Mr. Avalon.
Jerry: My mother!
Clover: Even Mandy and Trent as usually.
Carmen: Especially my own gang who trusted me and the ones who don't.

Stella: Like Jane Reaction!
Carmen: Jane Reaction?!?! *to Stella* What did she do to you?
Stella: She busted my nephew's eardrums. *Carmen😖*
Carmen: I've warn her not to used one of her own inventions. *Carmen images her being angry at Jane Reaction using sticks of dynamite as road flares to blow up a bridge.*
Jade: Don't worry,Carmen we all will teach her and the others who trusted Matt a lesson.
Carmen: You sure?
Jade: Count on it!

(end of Chapter Twenty,part three...continues...I took too long thinking a lot of the next chapter soon right now I've got to focus on finishing Chapter Twenty as I in breaking the chapter into parts.)
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Chapter Twenty,part four...conclusion

Unknown Area...

Professor Sara Bellum ran down to look for Lee Jordan and the prisoners when all of the sudden...Doctor Belljar and Madame Doctor Ima Lezaarde shows up...*Professor Bellum screamed as these two doctors grab her.*

Main Room

Matt: *to the two henchwomen* Are you sure the woman was trying to get help from outside?
Henchwoman#1: Without a doubt,sir.
Matt: Anyway to delete that message?
Henchwoman#2: No,sir we try but it's already send we don't know where she send the message to.
Matt: By the time the message gets here to the outside it'll be too late no one will come.
*Doctor Belljar and Madame Doctor Ima Lezaarde shows along with Professor Bellum.*
Matt: Ah, Professor Sara Bellum.
Henchwoman #2: That's her.
Henchwoman#1: That's the one who we saw inside the control room.
Matt: But what about the security camera from the prison room.
Henchwoman#1: Maybe someone just unplugged from there might be someone who is with her.
Matt: Well find who it is and bring him or her back...Is that understood,ladies?
Two Henchwomen: Yes,sir! *as the two henchwomen leaves*

Matt: You think you can be a very clever professor but you should've been more insane than that old boss of yours beside she's history.
Sara: Well you'll see you'll be sorry for this.
Matt: *as he snapped his finger to the henchman* Henchman! Take her to the prison room at once I'll deal with her as soon as the world will be sorry to mess with VILE. *the henchman grab Professor Bellum away.* *to Belljar and Lezaarde* As for you two prepare the 'Destroyer' at once.
Belljar/Lezaarde: *in unison* Yes,sir. *as they head back to the laboratory.*

WOOHP Headquarters,Los Angeles,CA,USA

*Zack notices an Morse code is activate so he decide to encryption to translated.*

Fifteen Minutes later...

Jade,Carmen Sandiego,Chase Devineaux,Archie Pelago,Bolt Upright,Cruiser,the rest of team ACME (Ivy,Tatiana,Josha,Cole,Maylee,Jason,Tyson,Jessie,Spencer Ross and Arthur Chance) and team WOOHP (Jerry,Samantha,Clover,Alexandra,Britney,Blaine and Dean)

Archie: This better be good,Mr. Monaghan!
Zack: Sure does,Archie! *as Stewart Sterling,Gabriella,Stella and Carmen (Alexandra's mother) came as well.* I encrypted the Morse code and I've found the coordinates of where the sender give us.

Tatiana: Look the coordinates are latitude: twenty-two degrees north and longitude: one hundred and fourteen degrees east.
Arthur: Can you find the location?
Tatiana: There!
Josha: That's Hong Kong!
Jade: Actually it's one of the New Territories within six pointed four miles from Hong Kong...And there it is.
Spencer: Kau Yi Chau Island?!?!
Arthur: I've never know Hong Kong has islands.
Chase: These islands are in fact one of the three main regions alongside Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula.
Bolt: Makes up about 86.2% of the territory and contains half of the Population of Hong Kong they even have districts.

Jade: Like the Islands district where the island Kau Yi Chau is and of course that island is part of the background for Han's Island in the movie 'Enter the Dragon' (based on wikipedia.org in which I don't own the website and of course flimapia.com in which I don't own that site as well)
Jerry: Oh my! You know your pop culture,Jade!
Cruiser: But who sends in the message. *Zack shows everyone the message translate from the Morse code.*

Samantha ('Sam'): Whoa! There's our answer.
Clover: *to Zack* Would you mind print out the message?
Zack: The only thing I can print out is a map.
Britney: That'll work! *as Zack press the printer button to print out the map.*
Alexandra('Alex'): Now what does the message say?

Carmen: *reading the message* ACME and WOOHP, We need your help at once before it's too late! The coordinates and the map will aid you all we can't do it alone...*gasped* Sara! P.S. 'We' means me and...
Cruiser: Lee!
Tyson: Detective Jordan!?!?!
Chase:*after slapping his forehead* Jordan!
Archie: And I thought you said he'll stay out of trouble because his career is at stake,Mr. Devineaux.
Cruiser: What're we stand around here for...let's get going.
Jade: Before we do that Cruiser we'd better study the map and planning out together while heading for Hong Kong and go 'knock on Matt's door'.

Cruiser: I like the sound of that,geeky girl!

(end of Chapter Twenty,part four...conclusion...before heading for the next chapter I'll shall bring the M.O.B. (Mission Objective Briefing) in...hey I don't make that idea whatsoever)
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Before for the next chapter here's the M.O.B. (Mission Objective Briefing)

Main Objective: Stop Matt Conner and save the UNESCO Heritage cities chosen by himself.

1. Find the weapon that could destroy a city stop the weapon dissemble after deleting the source to recover the stolen items as mention...The Minuteman 1 Missile Guidance Computer,The Silicon Ingot,The Original Forty Foot Telescope Lens and the HELP (High Energy Laser Projectile) Project. (which will be inside by Spencer Ross and outside by Zack Monaghan and Josha.)

Caution: Watch out for Doctor Belljar and Madame Doctor Ima Lezaarde.

2. Look for the ones who are kidnapped...Chief Weller, Suhara Nakamura, Malcolm Avalon,Mandy,Trent,Armando Arguella,Inspector Li,Mrs. Lewis (Jerry's mother according to Jerry himself),
And for Carmen Sandiego's sake look for her gang members who trusted her: Vic The Slick,Contessa,Patty Larceny,Sara Bellum (if she's capture by Matt or any VILE members who trusted him),Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas

3. Look for Lee Jordan,he could be disguise as a VILE henchman.

4. Look for Tete de Femme stolen from Malcolm Avalon's estate in Buenos Aires,Argentina during his disappearance.

Make sure the warrants are issue for Matt Conner,along with his girlfriend,a wannabe model named Jenna Rossity along with the following beside Belljar and Lezaarde...Dara Riska,Al Loy, Snarla Swing,
Jane Reaction and Dee Cryption (already captured Doctor Depth,Double Trouble,Count Hypno and Otto 'Gnash' Readmore.)

Ideal Entries

Front: Instant Smokescreen Grenades to surprise the enemy for Jade Ezell and Team ACME (beside Spencer Ross are as follows: Chase Devineaux,Ivy Monaghan,Cole Gannon,Maylee Young,Jason Argonaut,Tyson Jackson,Jessie Lyon and Arthur Chance) backing up by Carmen Sandiego and Interpol Agent Stewart Sterling.

Back: Sam,(Jade's cat) will distract the enemy's guard dogs and aiding by Cruiser, Reuben (Lee Jordan's Beagle) and Team WOOHP (Jerry Lewis,Samantha,Clover,Alexandra,Britney,Blaine and Dean) backing up by Gabriella,Stella and Carmen (Alexandra's mother)

Stay inside ACME Headquarters (Hong Kong) are Archie Pelago,Bolt Upright and Tatiana Erzin while waiting for back up.

Stay to communicate for to deactivate the weapon are Zack Monaghan and Josha. (by WOOHP agent Dean)

(the next chapter is coming up soon...and of course there's an aftermath and the epilogue afterwords.)
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Chapter Twenty-One,part one (sorry I took too long for this one so enjoy!)

Kau Yi Chau Island,New Territories six pointed four miles from Hong Kong...

(The hideout looks like it was in the movie 'Enter the Dragon' except no martial arts tournament being held once every three years kinda thing by the way I don't own the movie again whatsoever)

Back of the hideout...

*Conservation begins*

*Team WOOHP (all but Jerry Lewis wear their own catsuit: Samantha in green,Clover in red,Alexandra in yellow,Britney in azure,Blaine in black,Dean in dark blue,Gabriella (Samantha's mother) in jade green,Stella (Clover's mother) in hot pink and Carmen (Alexandra's mother) in royal blue),Cruiser,Reuben (Lee Jordan's beagle dog) and Sam (Jade's cat) are hiding underneath a floating raft.*

Jerry: *while using his comwallet to contact Jade after a little sneak peek* Kinda foggy isn't it?
Jade: *voice only* It's just dry ice,Jerry!
Jerry: Dry ice?!?!
Jade: *voice only* It's a solid form of carbon dioxide...it can be placed in water, sublimation is accelerated,thus creating dense clouds of smoke like fog.
Jerry: Oh so that's why tourists didn't see this at night.
Jade: *voice only* Ferries closed at night all the time. Anyway we'd better get ready for operation: Yin-Yang.

Front of the hideout...

*Jade (in her medium blue battlesuit),Team ACME (all but Arthur Chance wear their own battlesuit: Chase Devineaux in dark red,Ivy Monaghan in teal,Cole Gannon in dark gray,Maylee Young in hot pink,Spencer Ross in forest green,Jason Argonaut in olive green,Tyson Jackson in navy and Jessie Lyon in golden yellow),Carmen Sandiego and Stewart Sterling are hiding underneath another floating raft.*

Cruiser: *voice only* Yin-Yang?!?! Seriously,geeky girl?
Jade: *using her padphone* It's the only operation I've call it alright?
Cruiser: *voice only* Whatever!

*Conservation ends*

Ivy: Jade,we all be too late when get there and Lee Jordan will be successful stopping Matt all by himself.
Jade: Doubt it,Ivy! Lee will be outnumbered a hundred to one.

*Each float landed*

Cole: We're here!
Jessie: So did Team WOOHP!
Jason: *using his communication watch* You ready,WOOHP?

Back of the hideout...
Clover: *using her compowder* All set!
Samantha ('Sam'): Now,Alex!
Alexandra ('Alex'): *as she puts down Sam (Jade's cat) to the ground* Okay,pussycat distract the dogs!

Sam enter into the hideout there he sees a pair of guard dogs...*guard dogs growled*

Henchman#1: Do you hear something?
Henchman#2: It's just our dogs
Henchman#1: Don't tell me they're hungry again?
Henchman#2: They just ate alright? *Sam shows up*

Yup the guard dogs ran off to chase Sam's tail by letting Sam running outside the two henchmen follows the dogs...Sam heads for the dock jumped onto one of the poles when the dogs fell into the water.

*Sam jumped onto one of the henchmen*

Henchman#1: Ow! What the...!
Henchman#2: *as he sees Sam* It's a cat!
Henchman#1: Why that pest let's get'em! *Sam ran inside the hideout unfortunately for the henchmen they got beat up and throw them into the water with the guard dogs*

*Team WOOHP got out of the floating raft after they saw what happened to the two henchmen*
Jerry: By Jove!
Mrs.Lewis: *as she shows up in her light purple catsuit* Jerry!
Jerry: Mum!
*Team WOOHP cheered seeing Mrs.Lewis.*
Cruiser: C'mon! Team WOOHP let's get inside...quick! *Cruiser,Reuben and Team WOOHP (along with Mrs.Lewis) enter the hideout*

Front of the hideout

Ivy: Okay,Team WOOHP's inside!
Jade: *as she took out her instant smokescreen grenade* Let's do this!
Tyson: *as he,Cole and Jason get their own instant smokescreen grenade* Now!

*Jade,Cole,Jason and Tyson each threw one instant smokescreen grenade into the front entrance and henchmen and henchwomen coughed one of them press the alarm button*

The Main Room
*Alarm buzz and lights blink red*

Matt: Jenna,what's going on? *Jenna saw the security camera screen*
Jenna: We've got company!
Matt: That does it! Eliminate'em at once!
*Snarla Swing and two henchmen grab Suhara Nakamura,Jane Reaction and Dee Cryption grab Chief Weller.*

Mandy: *as she's been grab by Dara Riska and Al Loy* Get your hands off of me!
Al: Shut up,witch! *as he and Dara dragged Mandy away*
Matt: Jenna!
Jenna: Avalon's ours *as she grab Avalon, make him sit on a chair...she handcuffed Avalon and blindfolded him (remember the last two episodes of WOEICS?)

Matt: *to the henchman* Make sure the rest of the hostages are done for and eliminated all the heroes once and for all!

Henchman: Yes,sir! *as he leaves*

(end of chapter twenty-one,part one again I have to break the chapter into parts.)
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Chapter Twenty-One,part two (sorry I took long because I was writing something for an aftermath)

Kau Yi Chau Island,New Territories

VILE Henchmen and Henchwomen try to barricade the door but couldn't when Jade and Team ACME barged in...

Chase and Ivy: *in unison* Charge!!!

*Jade,Team ACME,Carmen Sandiego and Stewart Sterling gets even with the VILE Henchmen and Henchwomen and put'em outside.*

Chase: Alright,everyone search everywhere!
Jade: Let's go!!! *as she and the rest of Team ACME split up and find anything or anyone*
Carmen: *to Chase and Stewart* I'm not letting Matt and Jenna get away with this and blaming on me.
Chase: *to Carmen* You and us,both!
Stewart: Let's go! *as he,Carmen and Chase searches for Matt Conner and Jenna Rossity*

The 'Swing' Room
*Snarla Swing enters in and two henchmen holding Suhara Nakamura*

Snarla: *to Suhara* It's over for you,old bean any last words before I release my pet.
Cole: *voice only* No way,Snarla!
Tyson: *voice only* Let him go! *Snarla turns around and saw Cole,Jason and Tyson appeared*
Snarla: What!?!?! ACME! It can't be!
Jason: Oh yes it's ACME in the flash!
Tyson: It's all over for you,Swing!

Snarla: *to the two henchmen* Get'em! I'll take care of the old bean here.
*Two henchmen release Suhara to handle the boys somehow Jason and Tyson kick the henchmen to the curb.*

*Snarla bring got a box containing her 'pet' Suhara gasped when he hears something hissing but Cole save Suhara by grabbing her box and throwing it through the windows...as two henchmen and the two guard dogs got out of the water saw the box out comes a juvenile Burmese python (alias Swing's pet...hello Snarla Swing is a snake person) they screamed and ran so did the dogs.*

Tyson: *as he and Jason tied-up the two henchmen* Way a go,Cole!
Snarla: *as Cole put her up against the wall and handcuffed her* This isn't over!
Cole: It's already has.
Tyson: Way a go,Cole! *with Cole and Jason high five each other* Yes!!!

Suhara: Thank you,boys for saving me! *as Cole pick Suhara up.*
Cole: It's what we do,Sensei!
Jason: Let's get outside and wait for backup to pick these three creeps!
Tyson: And make sure to find Swing's pet.
Cole: Good thinking,Tyson!

As the boys and Suhara took Snarla Swing and the two henchmen outside and thanks to Tyson's suggestion they found Swing's pet in which they scared the two henchmen and the two guard dogs...Jason spotted a minnow trap to get Swing's pet, while Tyson tame the dogs with a pair of hi-tech muzzles and Cole handcuffed the two henchmen.


*A henchman saw Lee Jordan disguising as a VILE Henchman coming from somewhere.*

Henchman: You,uh where are the rest of the prisoners?
Lee: I caught'em in the pantry room when they were trying to escape...Hey,they were hungry alright?
Henchman: Thanks, I'll take'em from here...Go to the boss he might need you.
Lee: Thanks! *as he ran off*

The Pantry Room

Henchman: Okay everyone let's...
Armando: *quietly* Now?!?!
Li: *quietly* Now! *as he and Armando covered the henchman with a large burlap sack bag as he screamed as Li and Armando holds him.*
Vic: *as he,Patty,Moe,Lars, Contessa and Trent came out from the other side of the pantry room.* *quietly* Way a go!
Armando: *quietly* We're not out of the woods just yet. *Trent found a rope and a cleaned rag*
Trent: *quietly* Shall we?

Five minutes later...

*A henchwoman and three henchmen enter the pantry room they saw the henchman tied up and his mouth is covered.*

Henchwoman: What's with you?
*All of the sudden the three henchmen were knock down from behind.*
Henchwoman: *gasped when she saw the men lying on the floor* What the...*Vic,Moe,Lars and Trent throw lots of rotten tomatoes at her as she screamed*

The Prison Room

While Professor Sara Bellum is in the cell after she was caught...three henchmen are guarding around until they hear some creaking noise...

Henchman#1: Did you hear something?
Henchman#2: No! Maybe it's just the wind!
Henchman#3: Yeah right walls don't creaked alright? *Until someone kicking from the secret door.*

*The three henchmen screamed as Gabriella,Stella and Carmen (Alexandra's mother) knock'em down while the rest of Team WOOHP,Cruiser,Sam (Jade's cat) and Reuben.*

Sara: It's about time you came!
Jerry: *as Stella unlocked the cell after grabbing the key from Henchman#3 to free Sara* We've got your message just in time.
Sara: Thank you!
Carmen (Alexandra's mother): What happened to the others?
Sara: Lee Jordan got'em out while I was sending the message in Morse code.
Mrs.Lewis: It's true,he did!
Cruiser: Whew! That's a relief!
Dean: Professor Bellum,where can we find the weapon?
Sara: There's a lab around here. *As Sam (Jade's cat) ran off to find Jade.*

Jerry: We all better split up and search.
Mrs.Lewis: Jerry,you and I will find the others and knock down some troublemakers.
Jerry: Could've said better myself,mother...Girls do the same Blaine,Dean,Britney goes with Professor Bellum find the weapon and stop it before it's too late.
Sara: We have to be careful for Belljar and LeZaarde.
Dean/Blaine/Britney: *in unison* Right
Alexandra('Alex'): Good idea,Jerry!
Cruiser: Let's go! *as he goes with Alexandra and Carmen (Alexandra's mother) while the rest of Team WOOHP split up to aid Team ACME together.*

Around the hallway...

Sam (Jade's cat) is always being curious as usual and saw a mini drinking fountain figures he's thirsty for a drink of water...until he hears footsteps approaching he hides until the coast is clear while drinking some water of course.

(end of chapter twenty-one,part two)
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Chapter twenty-one,part three

*Remaining in the same place as mention earlier*

*Dara Riska and Al Loy dragged Mandy to wherever.*

Mandy: C'mon let me go I'll give you anything you want!
Dara: Not a chance!
Mandy: Mani-Pedi?
Dara: No!
Mandy: A deep tissue massage for your...
Dara: No!
Mandy: Or maybe...
Al: You heard Dara when she said no,she means it alright? And don't asking me offers as well...so pipe down,witch!
Cruiser: *voice only* Ah! That wasn't very nice talking to the girl like that.
*Dara and Al saw him along with Reuben who is growled,Alexandra and Carmen (Alexandra's mother)*
Cruiser: Surprise! *to Reuben* Sick'em,Boy! *Reuben ran to attack unfortunately he got Mandy instead*
Alexandra ('Alex'): No Reuben wrong one...*Dara and Al are laughed until Maylee and Jessie kick them from behind*
Carmen(Alexandra's mother): Oh thank goodness you two are here!

Maylee: About time we did...*As Jessie handcuffed the crooks Reuben just messing up Mandy who is screamed*
Cruiser: Reuben! *whistled to Reuben and Reuben came to Cruiser* Boy,you need more learning about which one is a bad guy and the other is a captive person.
Mandy: *😡 at Cruiser* And I hope that mutt has rabies!
Cruiser: *to Mandy* He's already vaccine alright? *as Alexandra,Maylee and Jessie lifted Dara and Al*

Jessie: We better go!
Carmen(Alexandra's mother): And Mandy!
Maylee: Leave her.
Carmen(Alexandra's mother): Oh come on,girls!
Alexandra ('Alex'): Mom,she's not my friend.
Mandy: You've got that right you uncool annoying ugly duckling.
Carmen(Alexandra's mother):*😓* You're right,girls,let's go!...*To Mandy* I'm telling your mother on what you said about my daughter and the dog. *as she,Cruiser,Maylee,Jessie and Alexandra escort Dara and Al leaving Mandy behind*

Mandy:* As she follows them by running fast* Wait! Don't go! I didn't mean to...*screamed after tripping over a small crate,couldn't balance herself and fell into a barrel of dark liquid at the pantry room*

The 'Reaction' Room

*Jane Reaction blindfolded Chief Weller while Dee Cryption handcuffed him and the henchman is really to gonna do something to him*

Chief Weller: You'll won't win at all,ladies!
Dee: We already have!
Jane: Yeah and I'll make sure your family will see you like a bag of cracked walnuts. *laughed out loud but gasped someone kick the henchman from behind*

Dee: What the...?!?! *As Clover shows up along with her mother,Stella*
Clover: Seriously?!?! You ladies should respect the elders.
Stella: Even the kids!
Dee: Whatever!
Clover: Hello! You should listen to what we say!

Stella: *to Jane*And I'm gotta make sure you get your hair perm.
Jane: Oh no!
Ivy: *as she appeared* Oh yes she could!
Dee: Oh great what'd we do?
Jane: Let's get'em!
Dee: *to Ivy* I'll get you,detective! *Unfortunately Ivy just roundhouse kicked her to the floor*
Jane: *grabs her boombox boomer* I'll bust you all eardrums!
Clover: Oh no you don't! *she tackles Jane and her boombox boomer is broken.*
Jane: *yelled* NO!!! *As Clover lifts her up*
Stella: *picks up the henchman* Up against the wall you troublemakers. *Jane,Dee and henchman were up against the wall by Ivy,Clover and Stella*

Jane: *as Clover handcuffed her* What did I do?
Clover: Isn't obvious you busted my cousin's eardrums. *as Ivy handcuffed Dee and Stella frees Chief Weller and use the handcuffs on the henchman*
Chief Weller: *as he remove the blindfold* Thank you,ladies let's get outer here!
Ivy: Right,Chief! *as she,Clover and Stella grab Dee,Jane and the henchman and heading outside with Chief Weller*

The Pantry Room
*After getting out of the dark liquid that Mandy fell earlier*
Mandy: *sniffing at herself* Ew! What's that fishy smell? *she looks at the barrel and it said 'Nam Pla' it means 'fish sauce' in Thai.* Eww!! I'm getting outer here! *she screamed as she slip a banana peel and an opened bag of cake flour spilled on her.* Ew! *yelled* TRENT!!!

*While escorting the henchmen and the henchwoman outside Armando Arguella,Inspector Li,Trent,Vic the Slick,Patty Larceny,Contessa,Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas stopped*

Vic: Did you hear something?
Trent: Nope,just our imagination!
Patty: *to Trent* That sounds like your bossy girlfriend.
Trent: Bossy,yes! Girlfriend,no! I'm just her intern!
Moe: *😕* Intern?!?!
Lars: Like a butler? *to Contessa* No offense,Contessa!
Contessa: *to Lars* None taken! (Intern: a student or a trainee who works,sometimes without pay,at trade or occupation in order to gain more experience...I don't own that meaning whatsoever and I forgot to put this earlier in this story)

Armando: Let's get going,everybody! *as they walked on*

*Mandy got out of the pantry room covered in cake flour and fish sauce*
Mandy: *as she sees some shadows and ran to follow them* Wait for me! Come back here! *and then she tripped again this time a bucket of soapy water and yes the bucket fell onto her when she fell in another room (as least she landed on some pillows filled with something).*

(end of chapter twenty-one,part three)
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Chapter Twenty-one,part four...continues (sorry I took too long I was finish the epilogue of the story you'll read right after this part, conclusion with the aftermath of course and the description of the outfits before the epilogue begins.)

*same place as before.*

The Main Room...

Matt: *to Avalon* We've already have thanks to your contribution to VILE.
Jenna: And we thank you for it.

*Matt turns on the screen and seeing Belljar and Lezaarde getting ready for a major total destruction.*
Matt: Get ready you two.
Belljar: All set!
Lezaarde: All systems are...*the screen got snowed.*
Matt: Belljar and Lezaarde!
Jenna: *as she opens the door* We've bet...*screamed as Sam (Jade's cat) jumped unto her face* Get off of me you ugly thing! *She grabs Sam off of her face grabbing him by the back...Sam growled* You stupid cat! I ought...
Jade: *voice only and interrupted* Don't even think about it you Carmen Sandiego impersonator! *Jenna turns around as saw Jade appeared to find Sam.* Now put my cat down nice and easy! *Jenna did but not nice and easy as she lightly kicked Sam's tail and yes Sam hissed at Jenna.* That wasn't very nice!
Jenna: Why you...*as she roundhouse kicked Jade to the floor.*

Matt: Jenna...*Samantha enter the main room along with her mother,Gabriella by kicking the door* What the?!?!
Gabriella: How dare you messing up the world? And mess up everybody's day?
Matt: What?!?!
Samantha ('Sam'): Mom's right you loser! And when you mess up ACME you mess with WOOHP. *as Chase shows up along with Stewart Sterling and Carmen Sandiego from the other door.*

Chase: Matt Conner,you're under arrest!
Matt: You don't have proof,Devineaux!
Stewart: *as he shows Matt the warrant* We do now! *Jenna enter back to the room and ripped out the warrant out of Stewart's hands,Jade gasped after she came in fast with her cat,Sam.*

Carmen: *trying to freed Avalon* Hang on,Avalon! *Jenna lightly tackle Carmen from the behind*
Jenna: Nice try,Carmen Sandiego! *she grab the Tete de Femme and about to smash Carmen with it but Gabriella stops Jenna just in time and the sculpture well...Jade saved it by using a big couch cushion...Everyone is relieve well except for Matt and Jenna who is really angry at them.*

At the lab...the 'Destroyer' is ready.
Belljar: Let's get ready to say bye-bye to the world's heritage cities.
Lezaarde: Let's *Blaine and Britney kicks the door down Sara Bellum and Dean enters as well.*
Blaine: Don't even think about it.
Britney: It's all over for the both of you *Arthur and Spencer came from the other door*
Arthur: You two are under arrest!
Belljar: We'll see about that,detective *using his 'laser blast cannon' to aim Arthur but Spencer intervene save by using his shockproof reflector to bounce back to Belljar's 'laser blast cannon'* No!!!

Lezaarde: *change into her 👽 form* You'll pay for this! *Spencer stops her with the force field trapper* Let go!
*Dean uses a USB key while Sara encryption the password to ACME Headquarters in Hong Kong.*
Dean: *use his Comwatch* Now Zack!

ACME Headquarters,Hong Kong
Zack: Ready,Josha!
Josha: Let's do this now!

Thanks to the encryption password Sara gave to the detectives the 'Destroyer' is deactivated.

Everyone at headquarters cheered...
Archie: Well done!
Bolt: The cities are saved!
Archie's mind: I've got a feeling there's going to be a future for Miss Ezell at ACME after all.

Back in the main room...

Jade: It's all over you two give it up!
Matt: Not yet! *as he grabs Samantha and Jenna grabs Avalon from the chair (still handcuffed and blindfolded) while Matt pull out a 🔫* Nobody moves or these two will get it...*Lee Jordan shows up disguise as a henchman* What took you so long and where are the others?
Lee: I'm afraid you're outnumbered!
Matt: What?!?!
Lee: See for yourself *as he and Jenna saw and shocked when they saw all the henchmen,henchwomen along with the gang members and of course the 'Destroyer' is dissemble to return back as the missing stolen items thanks to ACME,WOOHP and Carmen's trusted gang members.*
Matt: Hold on a minute you said I'm outnumbered?!?!
Lee: You're got that right,Matt because...*yelled* IT'S OVER!! *using his deep black bracelet (In which Sara fix it just in time and being upgraded thanks to WOOHP agents who are gadget makers before coming here) transforms into his deep black instant battlesuit and throw his baseball cap off.*

Matt: It can't be!
Chase/Stewart: Jordan!
Carmen/Jade/Samantha ('Sam'): Lee!
Gabriella: *sighed* Thank goodness!
Lee: You're history,Matt! Let them go!
Matt: You think my gun is loaded to blast these two away...didn't think so it wasn't even loaded.
Lee: Thanks for telling us. *as he 'Judo Chop' Matt by letting go his unloaded 🔫 from his hand and Matt's right the 🔫 isn't even loaded after all.*

Jenna: C'mon,Matt I've got Avalon!
Matt: Say goodbye to your girlfriend,Lee Jordan...to the copter,Jenna! *as he and Jenna took Samantha and Avalon upstairs*
Lee: Oh no,you don't! *as he follows them*
Gabriella: Sam! *Jade gave the stolen statue to her*
Jade: Gabriella,leave now with the statue we'll get'em back and we mean it. *and Gabriella did while Jade,her cat,Sam, Carmen,Chase and Stewart goes upstairs.*

The Helicopter Pad

Matt: *to Avalon and Samantha* Let's go you two!
Lee: Oh yeah! *As he make Matt let go of Samantha.*
Jenna: Matt! *as Chase handcuffs Jenna* Let go of me! *while Stewart handcuffs Matt and Jade and Carmen frees Avalon*
Jade: *uses her coordinating zipline and using a harness for Sam's sake to slide down first then again with her,Carmen and Avalon* Hang on,Avalon don't look down! *Jade zipped down followed by Carmen and then Avalon who screamed for his own life and landed safely on the ground.*

Meanwhile...Jerry and his mother are about to leave when all the sudden Mandy was at the other room.

Mandy: Excuse me,got a light down here.
Jerry: Of course! *as he use his penlight*
Mrs. Lewis: Are you alright,dear?
Mandy: I'm just messy thank you very much I was wondering.*Jerry and his mother gasped*
Jerry: Oh dear! I suggest you come with us now.
Mandy: *as she uses something dangerous by accident* I just need...*gasped* Blasting powder,road flares...*😱* Wait for me!

*(Big mistake,Mandy) as she throws the road flare away back to the room where she was in while Jerry and his mother ran faster so did Mandy*

All of the sudden the hideout starts to explore like fireworks that should've not been blasting indoors...the copter is destroyed as Chase and Stewart grab Matt and Jenna landed safely on the ground so did Lee and Samantha...The WOOHPtanic shows up just in time along with The WOOHP cargo helicopter.

(end of Chapter Twenty-one part four...continues by the way I don't own those vehicles from Totally Spies whatsoever)
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Chapter Twenty-one part five...conclusion

Same place as before...

Every single villain enter the WOOHP cargo helicopter...one by one transporting one at a time to be pick be up by local authorities and yes fuel up once...

Jade: *while standing with her cat,Sam* We all did it,Sam! We've saved the world.
*As Archie Pelago,Bolt Upright,Zack,Josha,Tatiana Erzin came out of the WOOHPtanic along with Jeeves,Contessa's butler.*

Jeeves: Madame,are you alright?
Contessa: Yes,Jeeves,thank you!
Gabriella: *who came to Jade* Here's the statue! *as she given the Tete de Femme to Jade.
Jade: Thanks,Gabriella but this statue doesn't belong to me it's Avalon's.
Gabriella: I understand!

*Lee Jordan and Samantha is happy to see the world being saved again.*
Samantha ('Sam'): Lee,I don't know why you came?
Lee: I have to,Samantha because I...wanted to do something that I forgot to do for our date.
Samantha ('Sam'): *pondered* Really and what's that?

*Lee is about to kiss Samantha*
Mandy: *intervene and interrupted voice only* Don't even think about it,Sam!
Samantha('Sam'): *shocked as she saw Mandy looking very messy* Mandy!
Clover: Whoa! What happened to you?
Mandy: This is everybody's fault.
Alexandra('Alex'): Excuse me,Mandy!
Mandy: Everybody's gonna own me a brand new wardrobe! *everyone gasped*

Chief Weller: I beg your pardon,young lady!
Mandy: Shut up,grandpa! *everyone is shocked* That means everyone including that stupid witch name Carmen Sandiego...And that troublemaker,Lee Jordan should remained behind bars for good.
Bolt: *to Mandy* Hey miss, he's reform.
Mandy: Nuh uh! He's a liar,a jerk and a first-class loser who break girls' hearts with his big fat lies.
Maylee: *to Mandy* Look here Miss Crazy Queen!

Avalon: *yelled* THAT IS ENOUGH!
Archie: Mr. Avalon,we can all explain...*Avalon stopped Archie talking with his hand*
Avalon: I'm very glad that you came to saved everyone's lives and I thank you all for it.
Jerry: Mr. Avalon!...*Avalon stopped Jerry talking with his hand and came to Jade who has the statue.*
Avalon: I've figure save a woman like yourself not only the world,priceless treasures like mine and save lives from corruption of evil...You're smart and brave but I hope you don't end up as a thief and a coward who runs from the law like Carmen Sandiego.

Jade: I'll never be like her...*as she gave the statue back to Avalon* ever.
Avalon: Speaking of Carmen Sandiego where in the world is she? *her trusted gang members shrugged did where she is?* If you see her tell her thank you and where did that young man (Lee Jordan)go?

Samantha('Sam'): *gasped as she noticed he's gone after what Mandy tells to everyone about him* Lee?!?!
*Jade gasped and Sam meowed loudly Jade came to Sam and saw Lee Jordan's deep black bracelet...Jade pick up the bracelet right away.*
Mandy: *to Team ACME,Team WOOHP,Jade and Carmen's trusted gang members* Ha! I'm glad everyone understands because Mr. Avalon here will have you all's badge.
Avalon: *to Mandy* Excuse me,young lady!

Phoebe: *yelled* MANDY!!!!
Mandy: Mom?!?! *Phoebe came alright and grab her by the ear* Ow!
Phoebe: Let's go,young lady you're going back to Beverly High to repeat the twelfth grade all over again.
Mandy: What?!?! *to Trent* Do something!
Trent: No! We're done here!
Mandy: Why?
Trent: *yelled* BECAUSE I QUIT!!!
Mandy: You can't do to...Ow!
Phoebe: Let's go! Ew! You're going to take a bath,young lady! *as she dragged Mandy to the WOOHPtanic.*

After boarding to the WOOHPtanic Jade look everywhere to find Lee but couldn't find him nor finding Carmen Sandiego she return to her cabin where her cat,Sam snoozing around the floor. (everyone return into their normal attire after a victorious battle against Matt,Jenna and the ones who trusted him and her.)

Jade's mind: If only Bolt would explain the whole thing to Mandy...then again she won't believe him.

At the Rec room...
Clover enter and saw Trent sitting alone at the juice,shake and smoothie bar...

Clover: Hey,Trent!
Trent: Hey,Clover! Don't tell me I'm gonna be your intern because I'm not interested!
Clover: No,I just wanna say congratulations on getting rid of Mandy.
Trent: Thanks,Clover! But I don't know what to do?
Clover: Just be yourself,don't let no one ruined your life or looking for the right girl.*Trent 😓* Oh I've figure you don't have a girlfriend do you?
Trent: Actually I don't have one in fact I never did.

Clover: Why?
Trent: *sighed* My mother warns me to have a girlfriend more beautiful than she is.
Clover: Sounds like your mother is so vainly beautiful. *Trent shows a picture of his mother to Clover and she just 😞 and crestfallen.*
Trent: Anyway Clover,don't bought...And nice talking to you. *Trent leaves Clover alone still the same way.*


1. Chase Devineaux and Stewart Sterling went fishing around Bighorn River in Montana and hello so did Jerry Lewis when his and Stewart's hook got connected getting the same fish when their own rented boat capsized (at least they're alright and yes all three wear their own fishing outfit including Jerry wearing one from the Totally Spies episode 'First Brat'...of course I don't own the show or the episode whatsoever).

2. Anyway Jerry was on his way to Niagara Falls,Canada with his mother for a mother-son time...Thanks to Chase and Stewart who are on their way to New York by plane for well you'll find out later.

3. After Matt Conner, Jenna Rossity and the ones who trusted them are were all sentence behind bars in a separated maximum security prison for robbery,kidnapping and attempt reckless endangerment to the world.

4. Malcolm Avalon donated his sculpture collection including to the Tete de Femme to the Ernesto de la Carcova museum in Buenos Aires,Argentina...everything is safe for his sake including his estate and yes the portrait of his late wife (the museum I mention is real I don't own that museum whatsoever and yes this aftermath is fictional)

5. As for the girls of WOOHP they gone their own separated ways but still kept in touch and seeing each other during weekends, Spring Break,Summer,Fall Break and Winter.

a. Samantha attended University of California's graduate school of journalism in Berkeley.
b. Clover attended Pratt Institute in New York City for fashion designing.
c. And Alexandra attended Ohio State University's Veterinary School in Columbus.
(don't know about Dean,Blaine and Britney where each spy is doing and no I don't own these schools whatsoever)

6. Every single ACME agent just take a break from crime busting by cleaning up the exterior and the interior VILE made a mess.

7. Archie Pelago has become the Temporary Chief of ACME while Chief Weller is semi-retire resting,enjoying tea with Suhara Nakamura...Until further notice from Weller whether he returns or retires from ACME...Archie may or may not be the new Chief of ACME. (Hello,it's fictional alright)

8. All but Sara Bellum searches for Carmen Sandiego in China.

a. Vic and Patty went around Shanghai.
b. Moe and Lars went to Beijing (they almost got caught when they were fighting over a whole cooked Peking Duck.)
c. Contessa went on a slow boat ride at the Yangtze River

(by the way Sara remains in Thailand looking for Carmen)

9. Cruiser reunited with the other boys after recovering from what happened they decide to search for Lee throughout the whole state of California.

10. As for Jade...well she's just cleaning around the house,going outside to anywhere she wants to go and yes seeing her cat,Sam but not all the time.

(End of Chapter twenty-one,part five...conclusion and the aftermath hey the epilogue is coming up soon.)
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Before I get to the epilogue here's some descriptions of the outfits wore by the characters...

The men will be in black tie formal except for the following:

1. Bolt Upright will wear a burgundy bow tie with his tuxedo
2. Armando Arguella will wear a bolo tie with his tuxedo
3. Vic the Slick,Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas will wear vintage style tuxedo from the 1970's
4. Trent will only wear a tuxedo jacket only the rest is his original outfit from the sixth and final season of Totally Spies.
And 5. Cruiser wears only his 'vintage blue tuxedo' T-shirt,blue jeans,hi-tops and his leather jacket. (hey you'll find out why)

The ladies will wearing beautiful evening dresses...here they are...(every girl has their own makeup based on their skin color)

1. Jade Ezell will a light navy Art Deco beaded tulle gown with three quarter sleeves,crystal/silver Art Deco style bracelet with matching stud earrings,black satin closed toe low heeled pumps and a matching evening shoulder bag. Her hairstyle is like Gigi Hadid at the 2018 Met Gala except for the crystal hairclips plated in silver and Jade's hair color is the same.

2. Ivy Monaghan wears a dark teal v-neck halter dress,silver stud earrings and silver low heeled sandals with a matching clutch.

3. Tatiana Erzin wears a passion fruit colored strapless dress with crystal drop earrings,matching bracelet,black pumps and matching clutch.

4. Maylee Young wears an orchid pink mandarin collar evening dress,rose pink evening flats,matching clutch and ruby red stud earrings.

5. Jessie Lyon wears a key lime colored sleeveless sheath dress,white flats,matching clutch and pearl stud earrings.

6. Samantha wears a dress similar from the episode 'A Spy is Born,part one except her dress color is black,no evening gloves,no feather boa,necklace and earrings except it's cubic zirconia and yes her hair is down.

7. Clover wears a dress similar from the same episode except her dress color is shimmering red, no shawl,no evening gloves,necklace and earrings will be ruby colored and yes hair will be like the same episode too.

8. Alexandra wears a dress similar from the episode 'Matchmaker' except her dress color is orange yellow and no gloves,light orange sandals,matching choker and stud earrings.

9. Britney wears an aqua colored beaded halter dress,white sandals,and silver stud earrings.

10. Carmen Sandiego wears a dress like Julia Roberts at the 2001 Academy Awards except there is no train and the color is red and gold,red pumps,gold drop earrings and her hairstyle has brow grazing bangs like Rita Moreno at the 1961 Academy Awards and a sleek and chic modern ponytail like Gina Rodguriez at the 2015 Emmy Awards.

11. Patty Larceny wears a dress like Gwyneth Paltrow at the 1998 Academy Awards except her dress color is sunshine yellow,her hairstyle is like Drew Barrymore at the 2007 premiere of Music & Lyrics except she instantly spray it in raspberry pink and yes she put a lot of glitter around her hair,pink hoop earrings and a pair of pink Balenciaga slingback pumps.

12. Contessa wears a French satin gown like Grace Kelly at the 1954 Academy Awards except her dress color is white gold,her hairstyle is a sleek bun like of course Grace Kelly when she married to Prince Rainier the Third of Monaco in 1956.

& 13. Sara Bellum wears a navy blue like Hilary Swank at the 2005 Academy Awards except Sara's dress isn't backless at all,her hairstyle and eyeglasses kinda close to Marlee Matlin at the 1987 Academy Awards,silver stud earrings and black pumps.

Unfortunately Mrs.Lewis,Gabriella,Stella and Carmen (Alexandra's mother) will not appeared in epilogue.

(by the way I don't own the actresses mention already,the Met Gala,Academy Awards,Emmy Awards,the movie 'Music & Lyrics',Episodes from Totally Spies and the Royal Wedding of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier the Third of Monaco whatsoever especially the brand name 'Balenciaga')
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Epilogue (three and a half months later)

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

It is a big night for ACME as they host the Annual ACME Ball at the pavilion as guests arrive in a black tie formal wear with the invitation card to give the guard for this occasion.

*the C-5 appeared and so does Jade Ezell as she approach to the front door.*
Guard: *to Jade* Invitation,please! *Jade gave the guard the invitation card and he gasped* Oh my!...I mean thank you!
Jade: You're welcome! *as she enters inside*

The Annual ACME Ball

Bolt: *using the microphone while on stage and podium* May I have your attention please? Good evening,everyone! Welcome to the Annual ACME Ball I'm surprise to see you all and now here's your host for this evening...Archie Pelago!

*everyone clapped when Archie approached on stage and podium after Bolt move out of his way.*

Archie: * using the microphone* Thank you,Upright! Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I apologize that our chief is not here with us for those the ones who didn't notice right now we are celebrating ACME is back in business. *everyone clapped* And to celebrate the ones we are all honor here tonight. *everyone clapped* And now I turn to our Director of Operations,Mr. Chase Devineaux. *everyone clapped as Chase approached on stage and podium.*

Chase: *using the microphone* Thank you,Archie,it is an honor to those who have succeed after months of what's going on,thankfully that case is solved. *everyone clapped* And now I like to present to all of you,our Director of Intelligence ladies and gentlemen I present to you,Stewart Sterling. *everyone clapped as Stewart approached on stage.*

Stewart: *using the microphone*Thank you,Chase it is an honor and a privilege to take this promotion and accepted and of course I've chosen my right handed assistant ladies and gentlemen I presented to you,Mr.Arthur Chance *everyone clapped as Arthur approached and he and Stewart shake hands.*

Arthur: *using the microphone* Thank you,Director Sterling,it is an honor and now we turn over the microphone back to Mr. Pelago.*everyone clapped as Arthur and Stewart get off the stage Chase remain on stage.*

Archie: *using the microphone* Thank you,Mr.Chance! I'm glad we got ourselves lots of guests of honor tonight the next guests is from the Academy although they are not graduated just yet ACME has decide to have them on board as Junior Rookies...Ladies and gentlemen I give you,Miss Maylee Young and Miss Jessie Lyon! *everyone clapped as Maylee and Jessie approached on stage as Chase and Bolt hand the girls 'Junior Rookie' badges.*

Maylee: *using the microphone* Thank you,Mr. Pelago me and Jessie really know how to work together as partners.
Jessie: *using the microphone* That's right,Maylee and we thank you all for the bottom of our own hearts...now back to you,Mr. Pelago. *as Maylee and Jessie get off the stage*

Archie: *using the microphone* Thank you,ladies! And now it give us a pleasure to the main guest of honor,tonight ladies and gentlemen I present to you all Miss Jade Ezell. *everyone cheered and clapped as Jade approached on stage* Miss Ezell, we all honor to have you here at ACME are you ready for this special surprise?

Jade: *using the microphone* Yes and unfortunately I don't see the surprise.
Chase: *using the microphone* Jade,the surprise is on your padphone.

Jade: *using the microphone* Oh! *as she takes her padphone out of her purse...the message said: Revealed your surprise at the Annual ACME Ball...so she pressed the blue button and she is surprised when her surprise turns out to be a digital version of ACME ID card with her picture on it everyone cheered and clapped at Jade*

Chase: *using the microphone* Jade,we just happy to have you around although we don't have a rank for you but we needed someone like you to help us around...congratulations! *everyone cheered*
Archie: *quietly to Jade* Want to make a speech? *Jade nodded her head 'yes'...as he,Chase and Bolt get off the stage.*

Jade: *using the microphone* I wanna thank you all at ACME it is an honored and privilege to earn this and I accepted. *everyone cheered* And I also created this special club as I called Allies to ACME...A club for the ones who are not ACME agents but from any crime-fighting organizations or any freelance crime fighters to help ACME solving the toughest cases when it comes any criminal organizations other than VILE...*everyone clapped* Ladies and gentlemen,it is my pleasure to give the lifetime membership to the first receptions I give you the World Organization Of Human Protection or WOOHP for short lead by Gerald James Lewis also known as 'Jerry'.

*Everyone clapped as Team WOOHP approached as Archie give Jerry and the rest of Team WOOHP the lifetime membership card to Allies to ACME.*

Jerry: *using the microphone* Oh my! We are truly touched for this occasion we are honor tonight and thank you for inviting us and we truly appreciate. *everyone clapped and cheered*

Jade: *using the microphone* And now without...*gasped as Carmen Sandiego and her gang members (Vic-the-Slick,Patty Larceny,Contessa,Moe Skeeter,Lars Vegas and Sara Bellum) appeared so did everyone gasped.* Carmen Sandiego,what are you doing here?

Carmen: *as she approached the stage and using the microphone* Jade,We've brought someone back for ACME...*as Lee Jordan shows up as Team ACME gasped*
Samantha('Sam'): Lee?!?!
Clover: How did he...*Trent appeared* Trent?!?!
Trent: Hey,Clover can we talk outside alone?
Clover: Sure *as she and Trent heads outside*
Jade: I don't understand...

Chase: We do,Jade!
Bolt: You see,Jade we've found out Miss Sandiego was in New Zealand she spotted Mr. Jordan rescuing Mr. Fumagalli by surfing around Manu Bay in Raglan.
Archie: And that's why he's coming back.
Lee: They told the truth,Jade...And it's good to see again,Samantha!
Samantha('Sam'): You too!
Archie: We're proud to have you back,Detective Jordan!
Lee: *to Archie* Thanks,'Chief'! *Archie lightly head slap Lee*
Archie; 'Temporary Chief' to you,Detective!

Lee: Wait a minute I thought...*😠 at Cruiser whose at the refreshment table* Cruiser?!?!
*Cruiser 😅 then shrugged and then he lean over the table which collapse and all of the sudden the punch bowl just flipped out the punch and spilled unto Zack.*
Tatiana: Zack!
Josha: Bueno,not again. (remember WOEICS? episode 'Cupid Sandiego' I don't own the episode whatsoever)
Armando: Ay Caramba!
Ivy: Are you alright,little bro?
Zack: Oh man, I just got this tux dry clean

Cruiser: *laughed a little as everyone is starring at him* That's why I don't rent a tux.
Dean: Uh,Lee mind if we teach your friend a lesson here?
Lee: By all means go right ahead beside I need some fresh air,wanna come with me,Samantha?
Samantha('Sam'): Why not? *as she and Lee head outside and so did Jade and Arthur*

At least Cruiser is alright when Ivy splat him with a big sheet cake while the rest of Team ACME,Team WOOHP and Carmen's trio of boys (Vic,Moe and Lars) spill drinks at him...except Jade,Arthur,Alexandra,Tyson Jackson,Cole Gannon,Jason Argonaut,Maylee Young and Jessie Lyon went outside to look at the moon and the stars.

Clover: Nice evening,huh?
Alexandra ('Alex'): Yeah sure does right,Sam...Sammy?
Clover: Oh my gosh everybody take a look.
Jade: What is it...*:) as she saw Lee and Samantha together...and no Jade isn't jealous neither is Clover because Lee finally kiss Samantha even Carmen Sandiego is impressed when she, her gang members,Chase,Stewart,Jerry and Archie came outside.* (Hey,it's fictional at least Lee and Samantha didn't kiss too long)

And so this story ends with an excellent happy ending...Hello,the end!
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