A Totally Weird Caper


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Chapter Eight,part two...continue

Bolt Upright's apartment,around the Russian Hill district,San Francisco,CA,USA

While Bolt's computer is loading up thanks to a wi-fi pack Arthur brought in...

Bolt: Let's see what's inside the box of clues? *he opened the box and saw varies of stuff.* A large envelope?!?!
Arthur: May I? *Bolt give the large envelope to Arthur...he opens the large envelope and saw something inside brought it out of the envelope.* A USB stick and a piece of blank paper?!?! This could be important.
Jade: *lift up a file folder.* Hello! I've found a profile of Jenna Rossity.
Bolt: Who's she?

Jade: Avalon's secretary.
Arthur: Oh Jade, I told you not to interview the secretary.
Jade: I didn't,Arthur I just talk to Juan,Avalon's security guard just right before he left for Argentina with Rex and Dynamite.
Arthur: How?
Jade: I interview him in Spanish he told me that Jenna told him that Avalon is in a small town of East Tennessee to have a meeting with the owner of a boating company.
Arthur/Bolt: *in unison* Boating company?!?!

Jade: Yeah,my mother works there but not as a secretary...Anyway I talked to the owner of the boating company...the truth is Avalon wasn't meeting the owner at all.
Arthur: Figure Jenna lied to Juan!
Jade: That's not all! The owner gave me this...*as she shows Arthur and Bolt a small picture of a familiar person.*

Bolt: That's Bruce Lee, Kung Fu Master and Movie Star.
Jade: Yeah and he's the one who played the Green Hornet's sidekick,Kato.
Arthur: But why Bruce Lee?
Jade: Don't know,Arthur! My guess could be a location of a Villain's hideout or where Chase might end up.
Arthur: *as he shows Jade the blank paper.* And this piece of paper?
Jade: Someone must have written a message in invisible ink?
Bolt: This case needs more clues and more time to think before solving.
Jade: Exactly,Bolt! Right now let's dig more from the box of clues.

(Blogger's note: I don't own the Green Hornet and of course there some more clues to come.)

Back at Sunset Beach,North of Waimea,Oahu's North Shore,Hawaii,USA

Lee walked out of the changing room right after he returned the surfboard to the rental booth,wash the sand off of him at a beach shower and change his dark blue board shorts to his black swim shorts,rub some suntan lotion all over himself,put on his pair of black flip-flops and slip on a royal blue Hawaiian inspired resort shirt.

There he saw Samantha reading a local tourist magazine while lounging at poolside at the hotel called Turtle Bay Resort (Real place don't own it whatsoever).

Lee: Hey there,Samantha!
Samantha ('Sam'): *gasped as she saw Lee and scowled* Lee,you're blocking the sun.
Lee: Sorry! *he move to the other side.*
Samantha ('Sam'): What'd you want?
Lee: Look Samantha about Taipei.
Samantha ('Sam'): Forget it,Lee! I'm not interested in you.
Lee: You don't know about me,Samantha,c'mon give me a chance.
Samantha ('Sam'): No way,Lee!

On the other side at poolside are Tatiana in her sea blue one piece swimsuit over a lavender wraparound dress,Maylee in her Mandarin orange two piece swimsuit (halterneck top and swim skorts (combination of skirt and shorts) and Jessie in her lime green racerback one piece swimsuit.

Jessie: (using her binoculars) Whoa! Since when did Lee Jordan show up?
Tatiana: Oh borscht! What's he's doing here?
Maylee: (using her binoculars) Looking for love in all the wrong places?!?!
Jessie: (puts down her binoculars) What'd you mean,Maylee?
Maylee: (puts down her binoculars) That red-haired girl he meeting she resembles to Ivy.
Jessie: Except that red-haired girl's hair is long.
Tatiana: Girls do you think we should focus on a 'shaken' case?
Jessie/Maylee: (in unison) Sorry,Tatiana!

Lee: Samantha,if you're not busy around this afternoon would you like to go out for a plate lunch with me?

?: Well,well if isn't Sam! *Samantha and Lee turns around and sees Mandy in a pretty pink one piece swimsuit and Trent in a blue/white striped swim trunks holding her beach bag,beach umbrella and a lounge chair.

Maylee: Oh Chop Suey!
Jessie: Good Grief! Is that the girl who pull your eyewitness out of the interview room?
Maylee: Yep! That's Miss Crazy Queen!
Jessie: And look at this,your eyewitness is carrying her things that is so wrong?

Samantha: Mandy,what brings you here to Hawaii?
Lee: And who is this guy?
Mandy: As if...Eek! Trent, that crook is here!
Trent: What?!?!
Lee: Excuse me,who is she referring to?
Mandy: *point her finger to Lee.* You,you no good hacker!
*Lee images Chase's grand piano being smash into pieces.*

Lee: *to Trent whispered* Your girlfriend's insane?!?!
Trent: *to Lee whispered* She's not my girlfriend,I'm just her intern.
*Lee images Mandy's face has an evil grin that scares the kids away.*

Mandy: Face it,Sam! You're new boyfriend is a criminal.
Samantha ('Sam'): Lee Jordan is not my new boyfriend and he's not a criminal.
Mandy: He is to everyone's worst nightmare!
Samantha ('Sam'): You're crazy,Mandy!
Mandy: Am not!
Samantha ('Sam'): Are too!
Mandy: Am not!
Samantha ('Sam'): Are too!

Until something shakes from the ground people screamed and ran...

Tatiana: Let's go,girls!
Maylee/Jessie: (in unison) Right! (as they and Tatiana ran to the other side to take cover)
Mandy: Eek! *to Trent* Let's get outer here! (as she and Trent ran off)
Samantha's mind: At least Lee left due to Mandy's lies! (as she ran somewhere else)

(end of Chapter Eight part two...continue)
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Chapter Eight part three...conclusion

Sunset Beach,north of Waimea,Oahu's North Shore,Hawaii,USA

*A dig tunnel vehicle appears at the beach...open the hatch door is a one-eyed henchman with whooping cough.*

Maylee: *as she,Tatiana and Jessie recognize the henchman.* Doctor Depth!
Jessie: What's he's doing here?
Tatiana: Beats me let's find out.*as she uses her eavesdrop communicator.*

*conversation begins*
Doctor Depth: *to his driver* I don't want to leave a stone unturned...That Professor Bellum I'll *coughed* search for her...while the other henchmen are on their way here to continue the search you wait for them understood?
*The driver shooked his head 'yes!' As Doctor Depth leaves for the search*
*end conversation*

Jessie: Professor Bellum! Why Carmen's mainbrain?
Maylee: Don't know,Jessie! But...
Tatiana: *interrupted* Duct! *and the three girls did because Doctor Depth searches high and low for Professor Bellum.* Time to bust the move!
Maylee/Jessie: *in unison* Right!

Doctor Depth: What in the world...?!?! Egad! *A tow truck just towed the dig tunnel vehicle away* But how?
Lee: *voice only* You're busted for illegal parking so your vehicle is towed.
Doctor Depth: Said who?
Tatiana: *voice only* Said ACME,that's who! *Doctor Depth turns around and saw Tatiana along with Maylee and Jessie in their own battlesuit (Maylee's hot pink and Jessie's golden yellow).

Doctor Depth: Fiddlesticks! You ACME agents why don't you give yourselves a rest?
Tatiana: We won't rest til' justice is served.
Jessie: And that means you,Doc!
Doctor Depth: Oh really! *coughed as the five henchmen appears...to his five henchmen* Get them!
*The five henchmen goes after the three ACME girls.* Take care of them while I've got a date with destiny.
Lee: *voice only* Well your date's been cancelled!
Doctor Depth: What?!?! What do you...*he starts coughing when a 'sandstorm' comes in *

Maylee knock down two henchmen with her Kung Fu moves...Tatiana use her self defense moves against one henchman while Jessie use her soccer slide tackle move on two henchmen.

Jessie: Round up *as she activates her nano tech lasso onto the five henchmen.*
Doctor Depth: *coughing* Hey stop it! *Maylee saw someone using a hairdryer from behind and then stop when the police arrive.* Whoever buried me in the sand will *coughed* be sorry.
Jessie: What ya...
Maylee: *interrupted* Jessie,cops are here!
Jessie: Relief!

Thirty minutes later at the poolside of Turtle Bay resort...

The police handcuffed Doctor Depth,the dig vehicle tunnel driver and the five henchmen as Mandy shows up...along with Trent while Lee sits at the lounge chair.

Mandy: Wait,don't go,officer! (as she points the finger to Lee who is sitting in the lounge chair) You forgot about him he's hack around the Pentagon tampering with the test that the high school seniors take.
Officer (male): Sorry,miss no can do not unless there's proof of evidence! Aloha! *as the officer left to join up with the other police officers.*

Mandy: *gets her face 'red' like a sunburn.* Come on Trent,let's go! *dragged Trent away.*

Samantha shows up as Lee gets himself up from the lounge chair...

Lee: Samantha,look about that lunch plate?
Samantha ('Sam'): Forget it,Lee not interested!
Lee: How about dinner?
Samantha ('Sam'): No,Lee I'm going to leave with my mother! *Lee grabs Samantha.*
Lee: Not even a kiss to remember?
Samantha ('Sam'): *as she pushes Lee with her hands* Aloha,Lee Jordan!

*Lee screamed as he fell down to the swimming pool.*

Bolt Upright's apartment,around the Russian Hill district,San Francisco,CA,USA

Jade: I tried calling Archie at his place not a word from him.
Bolt: And I tried to call Suhara at Chief Weller's place as well.
Jade: I hope he finds the Chief alright at home!
Bolt: Nope! Suhara's not there?
Jade: What? Why? What just happened?
Bolt: according to Mrs.Weller Suhara never came...and she said her husband didn't come home last night.
Jade: Oh fudge,that would explain the telephone has been disconnected! *as Arthur came out of the kitchen* Found something?
Arthur: Indeed and you're right,Jade this blank paper is written in invisible ink.
Bolt: What does it say?
Arthur: It's just a password I can look up when I get back to my apartment.
Jade: And there's no more clues let's all find out about Jenna Rossity.

(end of Chapter Eight,part three...conclusion)
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Chapter Nine,part one


Hotel Smokey (a fictional place)

Room number#8

Patty spill the stuff out of the old lady's purse after coming into the hotel.

Patty's mind: Darn! Nothing valuable!

?: Patty! *Patty turns around and sees the gray-haired/green eyed lady*
Patty: Eek!...Mrs. Lewis! I mean 'Grandma'!
Mrs. Lewis: Were you looking for something fancy?
Patty: Kinda?!?!
Mrs. Lewis: Well put them back at once!
Patty: Yes,'Grandma!' *as Mrs. Lewis leaves Patty put back her things in her purse*

Patty's mind: Well at least now,I put back the...*as Patty hears the bus stop and looks at the window there is a bus stop coming out of the bus is Patty's 'Auntie' (remember Chapter six,part two...conclusion)

Patty's mind: I wonder...*Patty uses 'Grandma's' 'hearing aid' and some weird 'bifocal sunglasses'* I hope 'Grandma' doesn't mind if I borrow these for a while.

*Patty's turns on the 'hearing aid' and those 'bifocal sunglasses' there on screen was her 'Auntie' entering in the floral shop called Happy Daisy's (another fictional place)*

*conservation begins*

? (male): Hello,you must be new.
? (female): Indeed! *as she hands in a piece of paper to the floral shop owner.* 'Lydia Rosen' (no relations to the non-canon character 'Barbara Rosen' in which I don't own that character whatsoever.)
? (male): I'm Mark,owner of Happy Daisy's *looks at the paper* Wow! I didn't know you attended Sorbonne.
'Lydia': Major in Botany...my parents are botanists. (Sorbonne remember that from CS: TofK)
Mark: So where are you from?
'Lydia': I was born somewhere in Pittsburgh but grew up in Boston. (Do those cities remind us of the opening of the show WITWICS?: WQED Pittsburgh and WGBH Boston in which I don't own those stations whatsoever)

Mark: Really? *a blond haired green eyed woman came in the floral shop* Coleen,what're you doin' here?
Coleen: What's it look like,Mark? And who is she?
Mark: Lydia this is my girlfriend,Coleen!
'Lydia': Nice to meet you!
Coleen: Hmph!
Mark: Lydia is a Sorbonne graduate.
Coleen: Yeah,if you like that sort of a woman.
Mark: Hey,I'm not fallin' for her okay? You're the only girl for me.
Coleen: Oh yeah,we'll see about that! *as she leaves*

'Lydia': Mark!
Mark: It's okay,Lydia! Coleen's so stubborn! The fact is you've got the job so when do you like to start?
'Lydia': Right now will be good!
Mark: Good enough with me!

*end conservation when Mrs. Lewis came back*
Mrs. Lewis: Patty!
Patty: Yikes! Oh 'Grandma' I didn't mean to borrow these!
Mrs. Lewis: You use my ultra sensitive hearing communicator and my telescopic optic 2000 glasses for what purpose?
Patty: *as she returns the 'hearing aid' and the 'bifocal sunglasses' to Mrs. Lewis* My 'Auntie'!

Mrs.Lewis: And I thought it was boys!...Cheer up I'm going shopping and come back to fix dinner I hope you don't mind for British.
Patty: *sarcastically* Sounds nice!
Mrs. Lewis: And why don't you draw yourself a bath,dear? Don't you run off to that shop and cause a lot of trouble there you understand? *Patty grinned* And don't you cross your fingers behind you back.

Patty's mind: Darn! Figure she notice what I was about to do!
Patty: Yes,'Grandma'! *as Mrs. Lewis leaves Patty alone to get ready to do some grocery shopping.*
Patty's mind: Okay,Patty keep calm and stay out of trouble! *as Patty closes the door*

(end of chapter nine,part one)
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Chapter Nine,part two...continues

Back in San Francisco,CA,USA

Bolt's apartment around the Russian Hill District

Jade,Arthur and Bolt look at the profile of Jenna Rossity together

Jade: Look at her description...I remember Cruiser info me that Carmen has pale skin,light hair and blue eyes he's not kidding!

Arthur: I've got this weird feeling that Jenna is pretending to be Carmen Sandiego.

Bolt: Except for one difference?

Jade: Of course the trench coat and the fedora are black instead of red.

Bolt: What's the connection between Jenna and Carmen?

Jade: Nothing except they're both orphans at the Golden Gate Girls Schools...years apart.

Arthur: So what happened to her?
Jade: Jenna end up in a permanent home but unfortunately she didn't finish her education.
Bolt: Why?
Jade: The ones who adopted her wind up in jail for embezzlement and possession of stolen goods and the last school she attended decide to let her go not only for that her grades are in facts D minuses and F minuses.
Bolt: Figures she didn't do her homework or study for a big test.
Arthur: That's one underachiever!
Jade: And never takes a GED test and never gets a diploma.

Arthur: *after looking for more information about Jenna.* Huh?!?! Another envelope?
Bolt: May I? *Arthur gives Bolt the envelope...Then Bolt opens the envelope and saw pictures of Jenna Rossity.* Good night,take a look at these.
Arthur: That's Jenna! Is she a model?
Jade: Looks like! What the? A business card from a modeling agency?
*Bolt looks at the business card's name.*
Bolt: Fabrique Model Agency?!?!
Jade: Does the last name sound familiar to you,Bolt?
Bolt: Of course Polly Esther Fabrique,Carmen's henchwoman who is an expert in fashion designing and modeling...I busted her for fraud seventeen years ago.(I don't own that character whatsoever)

Arthur: You sure about this?
Bolt: At I least I brought in the warrant to search her premises...How come I've never seen Jenna's pictures til' now?
Jade: Perhaps it has to do with these pictures for different endorsements and believe me no company wouldn't put her pictures in an magazine ad.

Arthur: *looks at the first picture* Jenna overlooking the Eiffel Tower in black and white wearing a little black dress.
Bolt: Perfume endorsement.
Arthur: *looks at the second picture* Jenna on the beach in Jamaica wearing a one piece pink swimsuit.
Bolt: Without a doubt that's for a suntan lotion endorsement.
Jade: That's not all looks at these pictures...Dressing as a housewife serving soup,a waitress serving coffee,a college student enjoying a TV dinner and an aerobics instructor holding a bottle of vitamins.

Bolt: In other words she's no model. *until Jade's padphone beeps Jade grabs her padphone*

Jade: We're in luck,boys! We've got a clue from an unknown eyewitness.

Arthur: *as he saw what's on screen* A volleyball with a hand print and a smiley face.
Bolt: Wait a minute! I've seen that before! It came from the movie 'Cast Away'(I don't own that movie whatsoever)
Arthur: It could be a stolen movie prop from a museum in Hollywood.
Jade: Hollywood?!?! Arthur,hello maybe this clue will leads us either to where Chase ends up or a villain's hideout.
Bolt: Oh terrific more clues and stump again.
Jade: I just remember Hollywood is neighborhood in Los Angeles...That's where Zack,Josha and Spencer are heading for the Griffith Observatory with the HELP project.

Bolt: Jade,you better head home...Arthur,take her things with you.
Arthur: I will.
Jade: See you later,Bolt and a good night! *as she leaves with her padphone and Arthur grab Jade's backpack and take it to his car.*

(end of Chapter nine,part two...continues)
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