A Totally Weird Caper


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Chapter Eight,part two...continue

Bolt Upright's apartment,around the Russian Hill district,San Francisco,CA,USA

While Bolt's computer is loading up thanks to a wi-fi pack Arthur brought in...

Bolt: Let's see what's inside the box of clues? *he opened the box and saw varies of stuff.* A large envelope?!?!
Arthur: May I? *Bolt give the large envelope to Arthur...he opens the large envelope and saw something inside brought it out of the envelope.* A USB stick and a piece of blank paper?!?! This could be important.
Jade: *lift up a file folder.* Hello! I've found a profile of Jenna Rossity.
Bolt: Who's she?

Jade: Avalon's secretary.
Arthur: Oh Jade, I told you not to interview the secretary.
Jade: I didn't,Arthur I just talk to Juan,Avalon's security guard just right before he left for Argentina with Rex and Dynamite.
Arthur: How?
Jade: I interview him in Spanish he told me that Jenna told him that Avalon is in a small town of East Tennessee to have a meeting with the owner of a boating company.
Arthur/Bolt: *in unison* Boating company?!?!

Jade: Yeah,my mother works there but not as a secretary...Anyway I talked to the owner of the boating company...the truth is Avalon wasn't meeting the owner at all.
Arthur: Figure Jenna lied to Juan!
Jade: That's not all! The owner gave me this...*as she shows Arthur and Bolt a small picture of a familiar person.*

Bolt: That's Bruce Lee, Kung Fu Master and Movie Star.
Jade: Yeah and he's the one who played the Green Hornet's sidekick,Kato.
Arthur: But why Bruce Lee?
Jade: Don't know,Arthur! My guess could be a location of a Villain's hideout or where Chase might end up.
Arthur: *as he shows Jade the blank paper.* And this piece of paper?
Jade: Someone must have written a message in invisible ink?
Bolt: This case needs more clues and more time to think before solving.
Jade: Exactly,Bolt! Right now let's dig more from the box of clues.

(Blogger's note: I don't own the Green Hornet and of course there some more clues to come.)

Back at Sunset Beach,North of Waimea,Oahu's North Shore,Hawaii,USA

Lee walked out of the changing room right after he returned the surfboard to the rental booth,wash the sand off of him at a beach shower and change his dark blue board shorts to his black swim shorts,rub some suntan lotion all over himself,put on his pair of black flip-flops and slip on a royal blue Hawaiian inspired resort shirt.

There he saw Samantha reading a local tourist magazine while lounging at poolside at the hotel called Turtle Bay Resort (Real place don't own it whatsoever).

Lee: Hey there,Samantha!
Samantha ('Sam'): *gasped as she saw Lee and scowled* Lee,you're blocking the sun.
Lee: Sorry! *he move to the other side.*
Samantha ('Sam'): What'd you want?
Lee: Look Samantha about Taipei.
Samantha ('Sam'): Forget it,Lee! I'm not interested in you.
Lee: You don't know about me,Samantha,c'mon give me a chance.
Samantha ('Sam'): No way,Lee!

On the other side at poolside are Tatiana in her sea blue one piece swimsuit over a lavender wraparound dress,Maylee in her Mandarin orange two piece swimsuit (halterneck top and swim skorts (combination of skirt and shorts) and Jessie in her lime green racerback one piece swimsuit.

Jessie: (using her binoculars) Whoa! Since when did Lee Jordan show up?
Tatiana: Oh borscht! What's he's doing here?
Maylee: (using her binoculars) Looking for love in all the wrong places?!?!
Jessie: (puts down her binoculars) What'd you mean,Maylee?
Maylee: (puts down her binoculars) That red-haired girl he's meeting with... she resembles to Ivy.
Jessie: Except that red-haired girl's hair is long.
Tatiana: Girls do you think we should focus on a 'shaken' case?
Jessie/Maylee: (in unison) Sorry,Tatiana!

Lee: Samantha,if you're not busy around this afternoon would you like to go out for a plate lunch with me?

?: Well,well if isn't Sam! *Samantha and Lee turns around and sees Mandy in a pretty pink one piece swimsuit and Trent in a blue/white striped swim trunks holding her beach bag,beach umbrella and a lounge chair.

Maylee: Oh Chop Suey!
Jessie: Good Grief! Is that the girl who pull your eyewitness out of the interview room?
Maylee: Yep! That's Miss Crazy Queen!
Jessie: And look at this,your eyewitness is carrying her things that is so wrong?

Samantha ('Sam'): Mandy,what brings you here to Hawaii?
Lee: And who is this guy?
Mandy: As if...Eek! Trent, that crook is here!
Trent: What?!?!
Lee: Excuse me,who is she referring to?
Mandy: *point her finger to Lee.* You,you no good hacker!
*Lee imagines Chase's grand piano being smash into pieces.*

Lee: *to Trent whispered* Your girlfriend's insane?!?!
Trent: *to Lee whispered* She's not my girlfriend,I'm just her intern.
*Lee imagines Mandy's face has an evil grin that scares the kids away.*

Mandy: Face it,Sam! You're new boyfriend is a criminal.
Samantha ('Sam'): Lee Jordan is not my new boyfriend and he's not a criminal.
Mandy: He is to everyone's worst nightmare!
Samantha ('Sam'): You're crazy,Mandy!
Mandy: Am not!
Samantha ('Sam'): Are too!
Mandy: Am not!
Samantha ('Sam'): Are too!

Until something shakes from the ground people screamed and ran...

Tatiana: Let's go,girls!
Maylee/Jessie: (in unison) Right! (as they and Tatiana ran to the other side to take cover)
Mandy: Eek! *to Trent* Let's get outer here! (as she and Trent ran off)
Samantha's mind: At least Lee left due to Mandy's lies! (as she ran somewhere else)

(end of Chapter Eight part two...continue)
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Chapter Eight part three...conclusion

Sunset Beach,north of Waimea,Oahu's North Shore,Hawaii,USA

*A dig tunnel vehicle appears at the beach...open the hatch door is a one-eyed henchman with whooping cough.*

Maylee: *as she,Tatiana and Jessie recognize the henchman.* Doctor Depth!
Jessie: What's he's doing here?
Tatiana: Beats me let's find out.*as she uses her eavesdrop communicator.*

*conversation begins*
Doctor Depth: *to his driver* I don't want to leave a stone unturned...That Professor Bellum I'll *coughed* search for her...while the other henchmen are on their way here to continue the search you wait for them understood?
*The driver shooked his head 'yes!' As Doctor Depth leaves for the search*
*end conversation*

Jessie: Professor Bellum! Why Carmen's mainbrain?
Maylee: Don't know,Jessie! But...
Tatiana: *interrupted* Duct! *and the three girls did because Doctor Depth searches high and low for Professor Bellum.* Time to bust the move!
Maylee/Jessie: *in unison* Right!

Doctor Depth: What in the world...?!?! Egad! *A tow truck just towed the dig tunnel vehicle away* But how?
Lee: *voice only* You're busted for illegal parking so your vehicle is towed.
Doctor Depth: Said who?
Tatiana: *voice only* Said ACME,that's who! *Doctor Depth turns around and saw Tatiana along with Maylee and Jessie in their own battlesuit (Maylee's hot pink and Jessie's golden yellow).

Doctor Depth: Fiddlesticks! You ACME agents why don't you give yourselves a rest?
Tatiana: We won't rest til' justice is served.
Jessie: And that means you,Doc!
Doctor Depth: Oh really! *coughed as the five henchmen appears...to his five henchmen* Get them!
*The five henchmen goes after the three ACME girls.* Take care of them while I've got a date with destiny.
Lee: *voice only* Well your date's been cancelled!
Doctor Depth: What?!?! What do you...*he starts coughing when a 'sandstorm' comes in *

Maylee knock down two henchmen with her Kung Fu moves...Tatiana use her self defense moves against one henchman while Jessie use her soccer slide tackle move on two henchmen.

Jessie: Round up *as she activates her nano tech lasso onto the five henchmen.*
Doctor Depth: *coughing* Hey stop it! *Maylee saw someone using a hairdryer from behind and then stop when the police arrive.* Whoever buried me in the sand will *coughed* be sorry.
Jessie: What ya...
Maylee: *interrupted* Jessie,cops are here!
Jessie: Relief!

Thirty minutes later at the poolside of Turtle Bay resort...

The police handcuffed Doctor Depth,the dig vehicle tunnel driver and the five henchmen as Mandy shows up...along with Trent while Lee sits at the lounge chair.

Mandy: Wait,don't go,officer! (as she points the finger to Lee who is sitting in the lounge chair) You forgot about him he's hack around the Pentagon tampering with the test that the high school seniors take.
Officer (male): Sorry,miss no can do not unless there's proof of evidence! Aloha! *as the officer left to join up with the other police officers.*

Mandy: *gets her face 'red' like a sunburn.* Come on Trent,let's go! *dragged Trent away.*

Samantha shows up as Lee gets himself up from the lounge chair...

Lee: Samantha,look about that lunch plate?
Samantha ('Sam'): Forget it,Lee not interested!
Lee: How about dinner?
Samantha ('Sam'): No,Lee I'm going to leave with my mother! *Lee grabs Samantha.*
Lee: Not even a kiss to remember?
Samantha ('Sam'): *as she pushes Lee with her hands* Aloha,Lee Jordan!

*Lee screamed as he fell down to the swimming pool.*

*Maylee and Jessie laughed after what happened as Lee got out of the swimming pool*
Tatiana: Lee Jordan,what're you doing here? You know you're not supposes to help us like what happened in Taipei?
Lee: Tatiana,I can explain...*He screamed again as he fell down to the swimming pool again after Tatiana pushes Lee with her hands.*
Tatiana: Well next time don't help out anymore. *as she,Maylee and Jessie leaves while Maylee and Jessie laughing again and again Lee got out of the swimming pool and sits on the lounge chair feeling bad for himself.*

Bolt Upright's apartment,around the Russian Hill district,San Francisco,CA,USA

Jade: I tried calling Archie at his place not a word from him.
Bolt: And I tried to call Suhara at Chief Weller's place as well.
Jade: I hope he finds the Chief alright at home!
Bolt: Nope! Suhara's not there?
Jade: What? Why? What just happened?
Bolt: according to Mrs.Weller Suhara never came...and she said her husband didn't come home last night.
Jade: Oh fudge,that would explain the telephone has been disconnected! *as Arthur came out of the kitchen* Found something?
Arthur: Indeed and you're right,Jade this blank paper is written in invisible ink.
Bolt: What does it say?
Arthur: It's just a password I can look up when I get back to my apartment.
Jade: And there's no more clues let's all find out about Jenna Rossity.

(end of Chapter Eight,part three...conclusion)
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Chapter Nine,part one


Hotel Smokey (a fictional place)

Room number#8

Patty spill the stuff out of the old lady's purse after coming into the hotel.

Patty's mind: Darn! Nothing valuable!

?: Patty! *Patty turns around and sees the gray-haired/green eyed lady*
Patty: Eek!...Mrs. Lewis! I mean 'Grandma'!
Mrs. Lewis: Were you looking for something fancy?
Patty: Kinda?!?!
Mrs. Lewis: Well put them back at once!
Patty: Yes,'Grandma!' *as Mrs. Lewis leaves Patty put back her things in her purse*

Patty's mind: Well at least now,I put back the...*as Patty hears the bus stop and looks at the window there is a bus stop coming out of the bus is Patty's 'Auntie' (remember Chapter six,part two...conclusion)

Patty's mind: I wonder...*Patty uses 'Grandma's' 'hearing aid' and some weird 'bifocal sunglasses'* I hope 'Grandma' doesn't mind if I borrow these for a while.

*Patty's turns on the 'hearing aid' and those 'bifocal sunglasses' there on screen was her 'Auntie' entering in the floral shop called Happy Daisy's (another fictional place)*

*conservation begins*

? (male): Hello,you must be new.
? (female): Indeed! *as she hands in a piece of paper to the floral shop owner.* 'Lydia Rosen' (no relations to the non-canon character 'Barbara Rosen' in which I don't own that character whatsoever.)
? (male): I'm Mark,owner of Happy Daisy's *looks at the paper* Wow! I didn't know you attended Sorbonne.
'Lydia': Major in Botany...my parents are botanists. (Sorbonne remember that from CS: TofK I don't own the game whatsoever)
Mark: So where are you from?
'Lydia': I was born somewhere in Pittsburgh but grew up in Boston. (Do those cities remind us of the opening of the show WITWICS?: WQED Pittsburgh and WGBH Boston in which I don't own those stations whatsoever)

Mark: Really? *a blond haired green eyed woman came in the floral shop* Coleen,what're you doin' here?
Coleen: What's it look like,Mark? And who is she?
Mark: Lydia this is my girlfriend,Coleen!
'Lydia': Nice to meet you!
Coleen: Hmph!
Mark: Lydia is a Sorbonne graduate.
Coleen: Yeah,if you like that sort of a woman.
Mark: Hey,I'm not fallin' for her okay? You're the only girl for me.
Coleen: Oh yeah,we'll see about that! *as she leaves*

'Lydia': Mark!
Mark: It's okay,Lydia! Coleen's so stubborn! The fact is you've got the job so when do you like to start?
'Lydia': Right now will be good!
Mark: Good enough with me!

*end conservation when Mrs. Lewis came back*
Mrs. Lewis: Patty!
Patty: Yikes! Oh 'Grandma' I didn't mean to borrow these!
Mrs. Lewis: You use my ultra sensitive hearing communicator and my telescopic optic 2000 glasses for what purpose?
Patty: *as she returns the 'hearing aid' and the 'bifocal sunglasses' to Mrs. Lewis* My 'Auntie'!

Mrs.Lewis: And I thought it was boys!...Cheer up I'm going shopping and come back to fix dinner I hope you don't mind for British.
Patty: *sarcastically* Sounds nice!
Mrs. Lewis: And why don't you draw yourself a bath,dear? Don't you run off to that shop and cause a lot of trouble there you understand? *Patty grinned* And don't you cross your fingers behind you back.

Patty's mind: Darn! Figure she notice what I was about to do!
Patty: Yes,'Grandma'! *as Mrs. Lewis leaves Patty alone to get ready to do some grocery shopping.*
Patty's mind: Okay,Patty keep calm and stay out of trouble! *as Patty closes the door*

(end of chapter nine,part one)
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Chapter Nine,part two...continues

Back in San Francisco,CA,USA

Bolt's apartment around the Russian Hill District

Jade,Arthur and Bolt look at the profile of Jenna Rossity together

Jade: Look at her description...I remember Cruiser info me that Carmen has pale skin,light hair and blue eyes he's not kidding!

Arthur: I've got this weird feeling that Jenna is pretending to be Carmen Sandiego.

Bolt: Except for one difference?

Jade: Of course the trench coat and the fedora are black instead of red.

Bolt: What's the connection between Jenna and Carmen?

Jade: Nothing except they're both orphans at the Golden Gate Girls Schools...years apart.

Arthur: So what happened to her?
Jade: Jenna end up in a permanent home but unfortunately she didn't finish her education.
Bolt: Why?
Jade: The ones who adopted her wind up in jail for embezzlement and possession of stolen goods and the last school she attended decide to let her go not only for that her grades are in facts D minuses and F minuses.
Bolt: Figures she didn't do her homework or study for a big test.
Arthur: That's one underachiever!
Jade: And never takes a GED test and never gets a diploma.

Arthur: *after looking for more information about Jenna.* Huh?!?! Another envelope?
Bolt: May I? *Arthur gives Bolt the envelope...Then Bolt opens the envelope and saw pictures of Jenna Rossity.* Good night,take a look at these.
Arthur: That's Jenna! Is she a model?
Jade: Looks like! What the? A business card from a modeling agency?
*Bolt looks at the business card's name.*
Bolt: Fabrique Model Agency?!?!
Jade: Does the last name sound familiar to you,Bolt?
Bolt: Of course Polly Esther Fabrique,Carmen's henchwoman who is an expert in fashion designing and modeling...I busted her for fraud seventeen years ago.(I don't own that character whatsoever)

Arthur: You sure about this?
Bolt: At I least I brought in the warrant to search her premises...How come I've never seen Jenna's pictures til' now?
Jade: Perhaps it has to do with these pictures for different endorsements and believe me no company wouldn't put her pictures in an magazine ad.

Arthur: *looks at the first picture* Jenna overlooking the Eiffel Tower in black and white wearing a little black dress.
Bolt: Perfume endorsement.
Arthur: *looks at the second picture* Jenna on the beach in Jamaica wearing a one piece pink swimsuit.
Bolt: Without a doubt that's for a suntan lotion endorsement.
Jade: That's not all looks at these pictures...Dressing as a housewife serving soup,a waitress serving coffee,a college student enjoying a TV dinner and an aerobics instructor holding a bottle of vitamins.

Bolt: In other words she's no model. *until Jade's padphone beeps Jade grabs her padphone*

Jade: We're in luck,boys! We've got a clue from an unknown eyewitness.

Arthur: *as he saw what's on screen* A volleyball with a hand print and a smiley face.
Bolt: Wait a minute! I've seen that before! It came from the movie 'Cast Away'(I don't own that movie whatsoever)
Arthur: It could be a stolen movie prop from a museum in Hollywood.
Jade: Hollywood?!?! Arthur,hello maybe this clue will leads us either to where Chase ends up or a villain's hideout.
Bolt: Oh terrific more clues and stump again.
Jade: I just remember Hollywood is neighborhood in Los Angeles...That's where Zack,Josha and Spencer are heading for the Griffith Observatory with the HELP project.

Bolt: Jade,you better head home...Arthur,take her things with you.
Arthur: I will.
Jade: See you later,Bolt and a good night! *as she leaves with her padphone and Arthur grab Jade's backpack and take it to his car.*

(end of Chapter nine,part two...continues)
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Chapter nine,part three...continues

Meanwhile in New York City,NY,USA

Upper Manhattan,Morningside Heights

Columbia University

Alexandra ('Alex'): *as she and her mother,Carmen goes to the university* Mommy, that university doesn't have the subject I'm studying at Mali-U.

Carmen (Alexandra's mother): That's why,we're here ,sweetie to find out if they have one okay?

Alexandra ('Alex'): Okay!

?: *as a bluish/black haired/purple eyed and olive skinned girl came.* Alex!
Alexandra ('Alex'): Britney,what are you doing here?
Britney: Trying to applied here and doing it online without leaving the dorm.
Carmen (Alexandra's mother): That's nice Britney, where can we find the registrar's office so that way Alex can do that online as well?
Britney: Just doing online that's all I did anyway, I'm just waiting for the answer.

Carmen(Alexandra's mother): I was wondering if you have any brothers to meet to my daughter?
Alexandra ('Alex'): Mom!
Britney: Sorry ma'am I'm an only child!

All of the sudden college students screaming and running from the library and two campus officers got throw out of nowhere and close the front door

Alexandra ('Alex'): Come on,Britney! Let's head for the back door!
Britney: Right!
Carmen (Alexandra's mother): Be careful! Mommy's gonna talk to these gentlemen!
Alexandra ('Alex'): Okay,just don't ask them to be my boyfriend. *as she and Britney heads for the back door*

Inside the Library

Otto 'Gnash' Readmore uses a rolling ladder to find something?!?!

Gnash: Blast! Nothing interesting! I better check out the references section.

Alexandra ('Alex'): *voice only* Hold it right there! *Gnash looks down and saw Alexandra and Britney in their own cat suit (Alexandra in yellow and Britney in azure)

Gnash: Who are you ladies?
Britney: We're spies from WOOHP!
Gnash: WOOHP never heard of you unless you girls are dumb as ACME!
Alexandra('Alex'): We're not dumb but you are!
Britney: And news flash your library card is already expired!
Gnash: I really must be going now! *as he jump from the rolling ladder and knock every single bookcase down like a domino with all the books spilling down
Alexandra ('Alex') and Britney: *in unison* *screaming*
Britney: *as she uses her gadget a screwdriver pen?* Come on,Alex!

45 seconds later...

Carmen(Alexandra's mother) and the two campus police officers shows up.

Carmen (Alexandra's mother): Alex,oh Alex are you...*as she saw an air vent cover open already* Nevermind!

Because Alexandra and Britney uses their own jet pack backpack and pursuing Gnash while he using his hover cycle the girls are getting closer to catch Gnash but he uses a smokescreen button to get away...

Alexandra ('Alex'): Great he got away.
Britney: Not quite,Alex! I spit my gum on his shoe.
Alexandra ('Alex'): Ew!
Britney: Don't worry,Alex! I just don't like that liver flavored one WOOHP gave me. *as she shows Alexandra her compowder*
Alexandra ('Alex'): Oh right! Come on!

Harlem Neighborhood

Alexandra ('Alex'): Britney,the suspect is inside this theater.
Britney: That's no ordinary theater that's the famous Apollo Theater. (I don't own that theater whatsoever)
Alexandra ('Alex'): Let's go in!

Inside the Apollo Theater

Alexandra and Britney enter inside to look for Gnash...
Alexandra ('Alex'): Uh,Britney!

Britney: *shocked and saw a white napkin.* Ugh! That creep must have scrape the gum off!
Alexandra: But I thought that gum wouldn't come off!
?: Think again,girls! * the girls gasped as two men shows up one with an afro hair holding a small razor the other bald and holding a bottle of nail polish remover with acetone.* Our friend Gnash just left the building! We Double Trouble will take care of you!*

Britney: You and what army? *Double Trouble snapped their own fingers and she and Alexandra freak out when five henchmen shows up.*

(end of chapter nine,part three...continues)
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Chapter nine,part four...continues

The Apollo Theater,Harlem district,New York City,NY,USA

Alexandra ('Alex'): Oh great! Now what are we going to do,Britney?
Britney: I don't know...I hope a miracle will come.
*The five henchmen are about to grab the girls.*

Cole: *voice only* Hold it!
Double Trouble: What the...*as Cole,Jason and Tyson appeared.*
Jason: Hey boys,this is a landmark in the Big Apple you know.
Double Trouble: ACME! You don't know when to quit...*to the five henchmen* Get'em!

Tyson: Hey girls! Wanna help?
Britney: Yeah!
Alexandra ('Alex'): Why not!
Tyson: Yo boys! Why don't we all just take the fight outside!

*As he,Cole and Jason along with Alexandra and Britney toss each henchman one at a time out of the theater...Jason lasso the five henchmen with a super strong fiber rope he pick up earlier.*

*The Police arrives along with Ivy and Carmen (Alexandra's mother) coming out of from a taxi cab!?!?!*

Carmen (Alexandra's mother): Oh Alex,there you are!
Alexandra ('Alex'): Mom!
Britney: Yikes! *as she and Alexandra return to their own attire via their own compowder*
*Ivy comes out of the police car as Jason goes back to the theater to look for Double Trouble*

Ivy: Boys are you alright?
Cole: We sure are,Ivy! *Jason came out of the theater*
Jason: Bad news,Commander! Double Trouble escape!
Ivy: Oh great! Now what?

Carmen (Alexandra's mother): You street hustler!
Tyson: Me? I'm no street hustler!
Carmen (Alexandra's mother): Are you sure? *Tyson shows Carmen his ACME badge* Oh wow! An ACME agent! Alex,you made a cute catch.
Alexandra ('Alex'): Mom!
Carmen (Alexandra's mother): By the way my name is Carmen and...
Tyson: *interrupted* Whoa! Whoa! Carmen as in...
Alexandra ('Alex'): *interrupted* Sandiego! Yeah right! My mom isn't who you think,macho man!

Tyson: Oh sorry I didn't know my bad,miss!
Alexandra ('Alex'): Alex! Not unless you like to call me Alexandra like I told that Lee Jordan guy in Taipei.
Tyson: Did you say Lee Jordan?
Alexandra ('Alex'): Yeah,you tough guy!
Tyson: Yo,Alex! Call me,Tyson,okay?
Alexandra: *as the police officer put the five henchmen to the van and drive away* Okay!
Carmen (Alexandra's mother): Listen ACME! How could I repay you all for finding her and her friend?

Ivy: Well...
Tyson: *interrupted* Tell you what,ma'am! We're heading for my mother's house for dinner.
Ivy: Tyson!
Tyson: Sorry,Commander I just call her earlier she doesn't mind for company.
Ivy: Lead the way!
Tyson: Yes,Commander! *and he did*

Back in Bolt's Apartment,around the Russian Hill District,San Francisco,CA,USA

After returning from the grocery store and put his items in the refrigerator,freezer and the pantry closet...

Bolt saw not only the computer is finish uploading...but he has a e-mail message.

Bolt: *gasped as he saw who send the e-mail message* It can't be! *it became pitch black* Hey who turn off the lights? I just pay the electric bill...*then got knock down from behind and dragged him away.*

Meanwhile in Milan,Italy

The Covernzi Mansion's dining room...

Both Contessa and Malcolm Avalon are enjoying Osso Buco (Veal Shank braised in wine and herbs flavored with gremolada (chopped garlic and grated lemon rind) with risotto (golden rice flavored with saffron,butter and grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese) on the side.

Both raise their own wine glass filled with Italian dry red wine and drink a bit.

Avalon: *as he and the Contessa put their own wine glass down to the table* It's been a long time since I enjoy veal.
Contessa: I'm surprise you're not thinking of heading out to a five star restaurant.
Avalon: I never go to restaurants unless it's business not pleasure...*he saw a picture of Contessa and someone familiar* Adrianna,Is this who I think it is?

Contessa: We're just close friends why?
Avalon: Tell me Adrianna before I call the police where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

'Carmen': *voice only* Right here! *Contessa gasped*
Contessa: Bella! *as she gasped again as she saw some woman dressed as Carmen.*
Avalon: *recognize the woman* Jenna,what are you doing here and why are you dressed as Carmen Sandiego?
Contessa: Jenna?!?!
Jenna: As if you don't know! *as she snapped her fingers two henchmen* Get them both!

(end of Chapter nine,part four...continues)
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Chapter Nine,part five...conclusion

(Blogger's note: Sorry to make this chapter longer than I wrote on pen and paper I just have to break this chapter into parts)

The Covernzi Mansion,Milan,Italy

*Contessa screamed as one henchman is about to grab her when the young man uses a push broom to knock him down to the floor.*

Young man: *to the Contessa as he grab her* Come on! *he and the Contessa go to the back of the kitchen.
Jenna: *to the henchmen getting up from the floor* Don't let'em escape! *the henchman goes after the Contessa and the young man...unfortunately he can't find them in the kitchen.*

Avalon: What is the meaning of this,Jenna?
Jenna: Revenge!
Avalon: Revenge?
Jenna: Won't tell you why?

Thanks to the young man he and the Contessa uses the secret passageway to the secret exit from the back of the mansion.

Contessa: *to the young man* We have to get back and get Avalon!
Young man: Too late,madame! Look!
*Contessa saw two henchmen grab Avalon and follow Jenna to the van as her limousine arrives.*

Jeeves: * to the Contessa after rolling down the window* Madame,get in! *The young man open the door for her and enter inside the limousine the young man closes the door and then he opened the mini garage door for his motorcycle (a 2015 Ducati Scrambler) grab his helmet,leather jacket and gloves...and closes the mini garage door...to the young man* Get some help and hurry!

Young man: On it,Jeeves! *as he starts speeding away in his motorcycle and goes left while Jeeves drives his limousine and goes right.*

Inside in the limousine...

Contessa: Jeeves,where are we going?
Jeeves: We have to hide in Mumbai by plane.
Contessa: Explain?
Jeeves: Mr. Fumagalli, he,Mr. Skeeter and Mr. Vegas are there hiding until further notice.
Contessa: That woman is not Carmen,right?
Jeeves: As I suspected she's an impostor!
Contessa's mind: Oh Carmen,where in the world are you?

Back in Knoxville,TN,USA...Happy Daisy's

'Lydia' still cleaning up before closing up for the day in the back room.

*someone enter the floral shop*

Mark: *voice only* Coleen,what's wrong? Me and Lydia are about to close up.
Coleen: *voice only* I went online to Sorbonne...there's nothing about this 'Lydia' girl graduating there.
Mark: *voice only* You mean...*yelled* LYDIA!!!! *as he headed for the back room and notice his office door open.* Lydia! *enter his office* Lydia,where...*notice that Lydia's resume is shredded* Nevermind!
Coleen: *voice only* What happened?
Mark: I was about to fired her! I've figure she knew that and left!
Coleen: *voice only* You should've call the police,Mark!
Mark: Why?
Coleen: *voice only* What if 'Lydia' is Carmen Sandiego in disguise?
Mark: *as he look from the window and he saw Carmen Sandiego jump from rooftop to rooftop* Coleen,I'm calling the police right now!

Carmen heads for the ladder and jumps down all of the sudden she can hear the siren from a police car she decide to hide away from being busted.

Jade's house

Jade's bedroom

Jade looks at the recent thefts ACME failed to stop...(the items are real...remember this story is fictional)

1. The Minuteman I missile guidance computer stolen from the American Computer and Robotics Museum in Bozeman,Montana ACME thought it was the Glacier National Park...according to the ones who runs the museum saying janitors from some cleaning company cleans up the place they're done and gone with the stolen item.

2. The Silicon Ingot stolen from the Intel Museum in Santa Clara,California ACME thought it was the amusement park called California's Great America...Same M.O. (M.O. stands up for modus operandi...in Latin it means mode of operating as in the way the crook commits a crime.)

*Jade's Padphone rings and Jade picks it up.*

Jade: *quietly* Hello!
Josha: *on the phone* Jade,it's me,Josha!
Jade: *quietly* Josha,are you in L.A.?
Josha: *on the phone* I'm in London!
Jade: *quietly* London?!?! Are you crazy?
Josha: *on the phone* Sorry,I have to call you here!
Jade: *quietly* Why haven't you tell Zack and Spencer that you're going to London?
Josha: *on the phone* I already did...they go on without me so I went to ACME Headquarters in London.
Jade: *quietly* Care to explain?
Josha: *on the phone* Well Regis and Barrow (mention in WOEICS?: Just Like Old Times) and Scotland Yard's Sir Nigel Fenwick (mention in WOEICS?: A Higher Calling) are upset they thought Carmen was after the London Eye.

Jade: *quietly* The London Eye?!?! That's a Ferris Wheel I bet it was the wrong stolen item it's something else in London.
Josha: *on the phone* As you predicted you're right it's the original forty foot telescope mirror from the Science Museum.
Jade: *quietly* Just like the last two...same M.O. no doubt!
Josha: *on the phone* And right before the other stolen items which turns out that someone switch the real ones for fake ones for thieves to steal.
Jade: *quietly* So we all thought the stolen items were taken.

Josha:*on the phone* All but one item wasn't switch.
Jade: *quietly* So whose idea was to switch the real ones for the fake ones and which stolen item is really taken for real?
Josha: *on the phone* It was Interpol agent Stewart Sterling and the real stolen item is...*screamed and hung up*
Jade: *quietly* Josha,Josha!...*she hung up her padphone* Terrific!

(end of Chapter nine,part five...conclusion)
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Chapter Ten,part one

Unknown area

The unknown male enter the laboratory where two scientists (one a male cyborg and two a French woman) are working on something?!?!

Unknown Male: *to the two scientists* Belljar (the male cyborg),LeZaarde (a French woman),I hope it's ready soon.

Doctor Belljar: As soon as we put the next piece of the project.
Doctor Madame Ima LeZaarde: Believe us! The last piece will be ready to be taken.
Unknown Male: Excellent! We've got three we need one more.
Belljar: Of course the HELP project!
LeZaarde: Reaction and Cryption are waiting for your orders in L.A.
Unknown Male: Brilliant! *a henchman appears*

Henchman: Miss Jenna returns but we only have Avalon not the Contessa.
Unknown Male: Avalon will do put him with the others *henchman leaves* ACME won't bought VILE ever again! As for this WOOHP team same fate as ACME's...Sooner or later people of the world would listen to my demands or else...And as for Lee Jordan.

Belljar: His fate will be a painful one.
LeZaarde: In other words he's history!
Unknown Male: Precisely! *as he laughs out loud in an evil way leaves the laboratory while Belljar and LeZaarde grin in an evil way as well as they get back to work.*

Horton Grand Hotel in downtown San Diego,CA,USA (I don't own the hotel whatsoever)

Room # 296 (the numbers of WITWICS? game show episodes all but one has air on PBS from 1991 to 1995 you know I don't own that show whatsoever)

*the sun rises Lee Jordan is sleeping in the bed wearing only a t-shirt and sleeping shorts on...oh yeah his hair mess up after tossing and turning while trying to sleep (talk about a bed head) until he woke up and saw an iguana on his bed.*

Lee: *as he got out of the bed* AUGHH! *catching his own breath as someone knocking on the door*

Female voice: Housekeeping!
Lee: Oh thank goodness! *he opens the door for the housekeeper to come in*
Housekeeper: Need some pillows?
Lee: Uh no! Just tell the manager to call Animal Control.
*Housekeeper gasped as she saw the iguana and leaves along with the cleaning supply cart.*

Lee: I need a shower! *as he enter the bathroom by opening and closing the door*

Meanwhile in L.A.

Griffith Observatory...

Jade dress up in a white cap sleeve blouse,Capri style khaki pants,brown suede ballet flats and a lightweight red cardigan while on her padphone with Cruiser.

Jade: *quietly* Bolt's gone,what happened to him?
Cruiser: *on phone* Dunno! That all I know from his landlord is that someone cut off the power.
Jade: *quietly* Why,Cruiser?
Cruiser: *on phone* Like I said Dunno! Look I gotta go to the zoo.
Jade: *quietly* The zoo?!?!
Cruiser: *on phone* Yeah,because the zookeeper called from my house.
Jade: *quietly* About what?
Cruiser: *on phone* A falcon is really not an attraction in an aviary exhibit.
Jade: *quietly* Falcon?!?! That's Phoenix,Chase's bird!
Cruiser: *on phone* I called the zoo about that ticket stub earlier it turns out to be some order stub from some wildlife rescue control...that place doesn't exist around the city by the bay.

Jade: *quietly* Without a doubt,Cruiser that's VILE's doing...*as she saw Zack* Better go,Cruiser keep me posted.
Cruiser: *on phone* No problem,Geeky Girl!
*Jade hang up her padphone and put it in her black mini backpack.*

Zack: Jade!
Jade: Thank goodness,Zack you show up where's Spencer?
Zack: Getting ready to activate the HELP project.
Jade: Let's make sure nothing happens alright?
Zack: *as a school bus show up* You got it! *As he heads back to the observatory*

There coming out of the school bus are some middle school kids with a female science teacher and of course,Clover with a thirteen year old blond haired/green eyed boy.

Clover: *to the thirteen year old boy* Are you ready to see some stars,Norman?
Norman: As long as it's not movie stars you admire so much!

Female Science teacher: Okay,class gather around...I'm glad you all are here well except we don't have enough chaperones...*to Jade as she walked to find a way in the observatory* Excuse me,miss?
Jade: Yes?
Female Science teacher: Would you like to be a chaperone for the kids?
Jade: Of course I will!
Female Science teacher: And your name?
Jade: Jade Ezell,I'm a Volunteer for Education and Appreciation in Learning or V.E.A.L. for short.
Female Science teacher: Never heard of it.
Jade: Trust me it's a new volunteer service to help kids to get ready for the future in learning while in a field trip. (It is a fictional organization Jade made it up).
Female Science teacher: Very well! I'll pick up the tickets stay here kids!
Kids: Okay! *as the female Science teacher leaves to get the tickets inside*

(end of Chapter ten,part one)
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(Chapter Ten,part two...conclusion)

outside of the Griffith Observatory,Los Angeles,CA,USA

Clover: *to Jade* Hi there,Jade nice to meet you I'm Clover and this is my cousin,Norman.
Jade: Nice to meet you both!
Clover: I'm also in VEAL as well how long have you been volunteering kids in field trips?
Jade: Since I graduate from a special college for people with special needs just like me...I mostly help out the most inside and outside of the U.S.
Clover: By the way do you have a brother?
Jade: Yes and no,I don't want to give you his phone number.
Clover: Why not?
Jade: It's none of your personal business,Clover that's why not! *Clover frowned*

*Until something beeps*

Clover: Jade,would you mind...
Jade: *interrupted* Of course,Clover! *as she opens her black mini backpack*
Norman: Clover... *to Jade* Hey what's in this bag? * Jade takes out a pocket size astronomy dictionary* Cool!
Jade: Just something you might need for your astronomy test.
Norman: Nah! I rather use the internet and look up for something for my own sake.
Jade: Even with homework involve? *Norman gulped*

Communicated with Compowder

Clover: *on screen with a black haired/green eyed guy about Clover's age* About to go in with the class,Blaine!
Blaine: Good! We're about to be ready to launch the HELP project along with some geeks from this ACME place.
Clover: ACME? Blaine,what if one of those geeks is the one agent we're looking for?
Dean: *as he appears on screen* Let's not find out okay,Clover? *as the female science teacher came with the tickets.*
Clover: Okay,Dean! Better go in right now!

*end communication as she comes back for Norman while Jade puts away her pocket size astronomy dictionary*

Meanwhile on the other side of L.A.

Mr.Moody's Coffee Shop (a fictional place)

Arthur enters the coffee shop...he hears a woman mumbling

Arthur: Uh excuse me,miss...
?: Misses to you!
Arthur: Is this seat taken?
?: Not at all. *Arthur sits down* What ya want?
Arthur: Were you mumbling about something?
?: Something?!?! No It's about my daughter.
Arthur: Daughter?!?!
?: You gotta problem with that?
Arthur: No,no problem,explain why?
?: Who are you?
Arthur: Arthur Chance,ACME Detective!
?: Phoebe,I'm upset about my daughter,Mandy!
Arthur: What happened?

Phoebe: Well what happened was in Malibu University about someone tampering with the final exam and that's not all I've found out...
Arthur: What'd you mean?
Phoebe: When I was at my high school reunion the former class president of 1975 turn vice principal of Beverly High inform me about Mandy's grades...she lied to me her grades are very low...I try to contact her at Malibu University.

Arthur: And what happened?
Phoebe: The Phone lines has been cut off.
Arthur: Have you tried going online?
Phoebe: No, I don't even have a computer...I write a letter to them they didn't write me back!

Arthur: Tell you what,Phoebe,I've got a laptop in my car I can used the Wi-Fi here.
Phoebe: Good idea,go do that! *Arthur got up and head back outside.*

(end of Chapter Ten,part two...conclusion)
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Chapter Eleven,part one

Back in Knoxville,TN,USA

While running,jumping and using her grappling hooks as she could Carmen Sandiego went into a nice neighborhood just outside of downtown...

*Carmen catches her own breath*

Inside one house

While an eight year old boy is enjoying his favorite cereal,his father who is a police officer (wearing a black police uniform) and his mother pours coffee for herself...

Eight year old boy: *as he saw Carmen at the backyard* Mommy,Daddy! It's Carmen Sandiego!
Mother: That can't be *she gasped when she saw Carmen as well* honey!
Police officer: *as he saw Carmen too* What the...*he stood up and open the back door* Freeze!
*Carmen gasped as she saw the police officer*
Police Officer: Carmen Sandiego, you're under arrest for trespassing!
*Carmen screamed and ran off.*
Police Officer: Why you! *as he goes after Carmen.*

Eight year old boy: *as he and his mother came out seeing the police officer pursuing Carmen.* *cheered* Go,Daddy,go!

Carmen kept running although she's tired she can't stop now until she saw a motorcycle with the keys in the ignition while the biker is talking to his girlfriend on the front porch...

Biker: What the...*as Carmen took the motorcycle and speeds off* Hey that's my Harley! (the biker refers his Harley...a Harley Davidson motorcycle by the way I don't own that company whatsoever)

Biker's girlfriend: *as the police officer came* Officer,Carmen Sandiego just stole my boyfriend's bike.

The Police Officer is upset as he's about to catch Carmen but too late she escape very fast.

Police Officer: *as he stops raise and shake his fist on Carmen* I'll get you Carmen Sandiego, if it's the last thing I do!

The neighbors were surprised to see what happened today the police officer decided to get back home and warn his unit right away.

Griffith Observatory,Los Angeles,CA,USA

Clover,Jade and the middle school kids including Norman enjoying the field trip...

1. In the W.M. Keck Foundation Central Rotunda they saw a Foucault Pendulum and Murals created by Hugo Ballin.

2. In the Ahmanson Hall of the Sky exhibit looking at the sun through the spectrohelioscope.

3. In the Wilder Hall of the Eye exhibit ...

Female Science Teacher: This exhibit features a shocking surprise thank to the Tesla Coil.
Clover: *to Jade* Tesla Coil?!?!?
Jade: This coil is named after Nikola Tesla a Croatian born American electrical engineer.

*Clover screamed*
Jade: *shocked* Yikes!
*Middle school kids laughing at Clover*
Clover: What's so funny? *she grab her pocket mirror and shocked to see her hair look like a frizzy girl rock group member.*

Male Staff Member: *as he came* Sorry about that it's been overreacting lately.
Jade: Overreacting?!?!
Male Staff Member: I mean someone must have juice up the voltage on this coil.
Clover: I wonder why?

Two female staff members shows up...

Female Staff Member#1: Sorry everyone we've got some technical difficulties.
Female Staff Member#2: Yeah we're just checking around and see what's going on...we'll be back.
*as the two female staff members walk away*

Clover: *quietly to Jade* Those two staffs look weird!
Jade: *quietly to Clover* Weird is right,Clover I know who those ladies are.
Clover: *quietly to Jade* Technicians?!?!
Jade: *quietly to Clover* Don't think so! *a blast came out of nowhere*
Female Science Teacher: What's that noise?
Male Staff Member: Oh no everybody out! *Middle school kids and the Female Science Teacher left*

Jade: Let's find out what's those ladies are up to.
Clover: Uh where's Norman?
Jade: Uh oh did you cousin sneak out on us when we're about to head for the planetarium?
*someone screamed*
Clover: We better find out right now!
Jade: Let's split!

Jade and Clover split up to search for either Norman or the two female staff members...Clover uses her compowder transform her attire outfit into her red catsuit...While Jade enters the ladies' restroom use her medium blue bracelet transform her attire outfit into her medium blue battle suit.

At the left side of the observatory there two female staff members grab the H.E.L.P. project from the Zeiss twelve inch refracting telescope (I don't own that telescope whatsoever)...

Two henchmen holds Dean (in his dark blue catsuit) and Blaine (in his Black catsuit)...
Dean: You two ladies will never get away with this!
Female Staff Member#1: We already have! *as she and Female Staff Member#2 reveal themselves as Dee Cryption and Jane Reaction.*
Jane Reaction: We've got what we came here for!
Dee Cryption: Let's drop them off to Niagara Falls!

Zack: *voice only* Niagara Falls!
Dee and Jane turn around and saw Zack and Spencer (in his forest green battle suit).
Jane Reaction: Oh no,it's ACME!
Zack: Slowly we turned,step by step,inch by inch...
Spencer: *interrupted* Nevermind the rest of the skit,Zack Let's bust those ladies!
(The Niagara Falls skit I don't made that skit it's from the Three Stooges short: Gents without Cents and no I don't own the Three Stooges whatsoever.)

Jane Reaction: *as she snapped her fingers to the three remaining henchmen* Get those ACME nerds! *one henchman grab Zack*

Spencer try to stop the other two henchmen with his nano lasso but they grab him anyway.
Dee Cryption: Nice try,ACME!
Jane Reaction: Yeah but we got the upper crust.

Norman: *voice only* Oh yeah! *As he came and jumped unto Jane Reaction.*
Jane Reaction: Hey get off of me,kid! *Dee Cryption grab Norman*
Norman: Hey put me down!

(end of chapter eleven,part one)
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Chapter Eleven,part two...conclusion

Griffith Observatory,Los Angeles,CA,USA...

Dee Cryption still holding Norman...*as the five henchmen dragged Zack,Spencer,Dean and Blaine away.*
Jane Reaction: *as she used her hover cart to lift the H.E.L.P. Project and contact by communicated watch.* We've got what we came here for...deal with others inside and watch out for anyone.

At the Wilder Hall of the Eye exhibit...

One henchman is about to grab the male staff member when Clover kick at the back with her expandable cable bungee belt.

Clover: *to the male staff member* Get outer here! *the male staff member did.*

At the W.M. Keck Foundation central rotunda

Henchman: *to the female Science teacher* Why don't you and the kids just shut up before I...*screamed when Jade kick him on the back by using her coordinating zipline*

Jade: You better leave now,ma'am! Take the kids with you call the police...*Henchman screamed while holding onto the Foucault Pendulum still swinging and the kids laughed out loud*

Jade saw a moving van move in from the back...Jade ran for the back...Clover came...

Clover: Whoa,what just happened?
Female Science Teacher: We're about to leave the head of the observatory is calling the police.
Clover: Where's Norman?
Female Science Teacher: He's not with us!
Clover: *as she ran out from the front door* Norman! Norman! Huh?!?! *screamed as a moving van shows and she jumped.* *gasped* Oh no! Norman! Dean! Blaine! *as she uses her jet pack backpack to follow the moving van and so does Jade with her nano tech version of the jet pack backpack.*

Inside the Moving Van...

Henchman on the Wheel: *saw Jade and Clover on the rear mirror* Ladies! We've got company!
Dee Cryption: Fly us outer here!
Norman: No way,mister! *tries to cover the henchman on the wheel's eyes Jane Reaction grab him*
Jane Reaction: Naughty! Naughty! That's not nice,kid!
The henchman on the wheel press the button to turn a moving van into a hovercraft...

Jade: Oh no you don't!

Inside the hovercraft...

Dee Cryption: Let's drop the kid off,Jane!
Jane Reaction: Good idea!
Norman: You pullover now,mister! *too late Jane Reaction just uses a mini boombox speaker which Norman screamed and fell as Jade catches Norman in time.*

Clover: Norman! Jade!
Jade: *interrupted as she gave Norman to Clover* No time to explain,Clover take him to the hospital I'll take the evidence.
Clover: Alright thanks! *as she flies away with Norman!*
Jade's mind: V.I.L.E. isn't gonna get away with this! *as she uses a nano tech version of the evidence bag.*

Meanwhile in San Diego,CA,USA

Lee walks around to find a spot for a trolley ride...

Lee's mind: I don't understand Chase told me to stay out of trouble and I did!

*a city trolley shows up lots of people including kids got in however there's no more room for Lee and the trolley leaves.*

Lee's mind: And look what happens Inspector Li warned not to help others while I was in Taipei same thing with Tatiana in Hawaii I hope it doesn't happen here...again!

All of the sudden another trolley came and yup! Lee screamed as he got WOOHPed again.

Inside the trolley...

Lee notice no one's around except for a briefcase...he opens the briefcase hoping to find something valuable to used unfortunately it's just a laptop computer in disguise...

?: *on screen* I'm glad you hop in for a ride!
Lee: Who are you?
?: *on screen* No time for introduction,Detective your career is on the line...I have to check you out from the Horton Grand Hotel to check you in another.
Lee: Are you serious?
?:* on screen* Course I'm serious ACME's reputation will be no more.
Lee: Hey Chase can handle this...
?: *on screen* I'm afraid he's missing some say he was...well.
Lee: *gasped* Oh no! What should I do?
?: *on screen* Nothing,just stay there and by the way you've got a date.
Lee: A date?!?!
?: *on screen* With this one *as the mystery person shows Lee a picture of someone familiar.*
Lee: No,why her? What's your connection to...
?: *on screen* Don't mention this to her...You'll meet your date at King Pagoda Bistro...May I recommended the Kung Pao Calamari?
Lee: Sounds delicious I better get ready for...
?:*on screen* Tomorrow night! We reserve a special table for you and your date.
Lee: Thanks for the arrangements!
?: *on screen* Don't mention it! In the meantime enjoy your stay! *as the trolley opens the doors for Lee.*

The trolley opened up Lee is surprised to see he's not in San Diego anymore...

(end of Chapter Eleven,part two...conclusion)
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Chapter Twelve,part one

The Westin Bonaventure Hotel and Suites,Downtown Los Angeles,CA,USA

(I don't own the hotel whatsoever)

Lee enter the hotel

Lee: *whistled* Amazing!
Male Front Desk clerk: Ah,Mr. Jordan we're been expected you!
Lee: Well you see I...
Male Front Desk clerk: *interrupted* It's been taking care of...*as he snapped his fingers* Front Desk!

A male bellhop came...
Lee: You don't understand I've forgot my...
Male Bellhop: *interrupted* Follow me! *as Lee follow the male bellhop by going to the yellow diamond elevator door enter the elevator...start and stop at the 15th floor.*

Male Bellhop: *as he used a key card* Here we are...Suite 115 (number of episodes of WITICS? on PBS I don't own that show whatsoever)!

The male bellhop opens the door Lee saw the suite and his luggage (suitcase with a garment bag inside and a travel tote which has a small toiletry bag inside with his toothbrush,toothpaste,his suntan lotion: each are travel size and his hairbrush/comb combination) is there as well.
Lee: Whoa! No way! *as he opens the curtains and saw a view of downtown L.A. looking at the cabin full of snacks and drinks...he enter the bedroom* HA! I feel like a movie star! *he return to the main room and gives the male bellhop $2.00 for tip.*

Male Bellhop: Thanks for the tip,Mr. Jordan! *as he gave Lee a key card to his suite and close the door.*

*Lee laughed out loud cheerfully as he turns on the TV and sighed*

Meanwhile inside a limousine?

*a car phone ring Mandy pick up the phone.*

Mandy: Yes!
Trent: *on the phone* Uh Detective Stanley on line one.
Mandy: Put him through,Trent!
Trent: *on the phone* Yes,Mandy!
Mandy: Ah Detective Stanley!
'Detective Stanley': *on the phone* Have you located the suspect we're looking for?
Mandy: You bet your badge I did!
'Detective Stanley': *on the phone* Good work,Miss Mandy! You'll be rewarded as we apprehend the suspect tomorrow night.
Mandy: Oh thank you so much!
'Detective Stanley': *on the phone* With pleasure,Miss Mandy!

Unknown Area

As 'Detective Stanley' hang up he smiled for himself...he turns out to be the unknown man.

Unknown Man: *as Jenna Rossity came* She found him,Jenna!
Jenna: Excellent! I hope you're ready for the demands.
Unknown Man: As soon as we get ready pretty soon* as he hold the picture of a villain.* we will freed the real leader of VILE right,doctor? *chuckled in evil as Jenna smiled wickedly.*

Outside a hospital in L.A.

Jade (return in her outing attire) sitting on the bench with her padphone talking to Arthur.

Arthur: *on the phone* So the HELP project has been taken?
Jade: *quietly* Not only the project but Zack and Spencer as well.
Arthur: *on the phone* Oh terrific! This case is getting cold as ice!
Jade: *quietly* So what ya got so far,Arthur?
Arthur: *on the phone* I've got something about Malibu University!
Jade: *quietly* And?
Arthur: *on the phone* None so far...except it's closed because of someone tampered the administrator's computer system.
Jade: *quietly* Like it happen at the Pentagon someone tampered with the computer system to mess up the SATs chances for high school seniors to go to college like Harvard or Yale.
Arthur: *on the phone* Jade,I'm heading back to San Francisco why don't you talk to someone about Malibu University.
Jade: *quietly as Clover (back in her attire) and her mother,Stella came out* I will thanks! *as she hung up her padphone and put it back in her black mini backpack.* Clover and you must be her mother.

Stella: Yes I'm Stella and I'm an ear surgeon would you explain why my nephew's ears got almost busted today?
Jade: Well,Stella I've found the problem. *as she shows her and Clover a picture.*
Clover: A mini boombox speaker?!?!
Jade: Wrong! This device is called the boombox boomer it can hurt someone's ears within thirty seconds.
Stella: Would Norman be deaf for good?
Jade: Of course not his hearing will be normal within a few weeks. *Stella sighed of relief*
Clover: Yeah! But who made that?
Jade: I thought you never ask,Clover! *as she shows a picture of Jane Reaction.* This is Jane Reaction!
Clover: Whoa! Talk about a bad hair day!
Stella: Who is this Jane Reaction woman?
Jade: Before she works for Carmen Sandiego she was a respectful scientist until she has a personal meltdown of course.
Stella: Ooo...if you find this Reaction woman I'll make her pay for this.
Jade: I will,Stella but let ACME handle her and yes she will.
Clover: Well me and Mom better head home it's getting late. *as she and Stella leaves Jade took out a piece of paper that has Clover's phone number on it...she nodded her head but then again she put the piece of paper in her black mini backpack.

After returning home Clover helps her mother put away with the groceries her cellphone rings...

Clover: *as she pick up her cellphone rings* Hello!
Jade: *on the phone* Clover I've figure you put a piece of paper in my pants pocket.
Clover: I wanna give my phone number to your brother.
Jade: *on the phone* Like I said its none of your personal business,Clover!
Clover: What do you want to talk to me about?
Jade: *on the phone* Are you alone?
Clover: For now! Why?
Jade: *on the phone* We need to talk privately...Fast!
Clover: *as she enter the pantry closet.* Alright,Jade! What'd you want?
Jade: *on the phone* Did you attended Malibu University?
Clover: Yeah,me,Alex and Sam did but I can't talk to you all the details try and talk to me in person the next time we meet.
Jade: *on the phone* Deal,Clover see you next time.
*Clover hung up her cellphone and got out of the pantry closet that's her mother shows.*
Stella: Clover,who was that on the phone?
Clover: No one on the house phone just my cellphone someone trying to offer me a set of new encyclopedias but I turn them down I'll just go upstairs and charge my cellphone in my room. *as she heads upstairs to her room.*
Stella: Hmm...!

Meanwhile somewhere in the Pacific Ocean...

Abandoned VILE hideout

Stewart: It seems Upright didn't get our message of where we are,Chase.
Chase: Have you try anyone?
Stewart: Not around Interpol but still trying to sending the same message to another.
Chase: *grunts* Goodnight,Stewart! *as he goes to the bunk bedroom while Stewart nodded his head.*

(end of Chapter Twelve,part one)
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