A Totally Weird Caper


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Chapter Twelve,part two...continues

The Next Day...

Jade's house

*Jade finished up her last load laundry.*

*the telephone rings Jade walk fast and pick up the phone*

Jade: Hello! Hey,what's going on?...What?!?! No way! Really? *as a doorbell rang* Gotta go,bye! *as she hung up the phone she look at the peephole she gasped and she open the door.* Josha?!?!

Josha: Jade,thank goodness you're here,ACME's in...
Jade: I know how did you get here?
Josha: It's a long story can we talk in private?
Jade: As soon as I fold up my bath towels we'll go some place private.

A neighborhood outside of Jade's town...

As the C-5 appears so did Jade and Josha
Josha: *quietly* Why did you pick this place?
Jade: *quietly* This neighborhood is quiet...Here we are!
Josha: *quietly* Your mother's house?!?!
Jade: *quietly* Of course,Josha she's not home we'd better...
Josha: *interrupted and quietly* Jade,does your mother ride a motorcycle?
Jade: *quietly* She hates motorcycles wanna know why?
Josha: *quietly* No,I don't wanna know.

Male neighbor: *as he came out and yelled* HEY YOU!
*Jade and Josha gasped when they saw a male neighbor on the porch.*

Male neighbor: Are you two about to enter there?
Jade: Yes,sir because it's my mother's house!
Male neighbor: Oh yeah,you're her daughter,right?
Jade: Of course,sir! I have a copy key to her house.
Male neighbor: I was about to call your mother at work.
Jade: You should've call the police first.
Male neighbor: I did that already because I saw Carmen Sandiego entering your mother's house I call'em but they didn't believe me.

Josha: Would you explain?
Male neighbor: My friends saw her stealing one motorcycle after another they called the police but she slip out of Knoxville.
Josha: *as he slap his head* Oh bueno!
Jade: How did she get in?
Male neighbor: she open the window from the back.

*Jade and Josha gasped as they saw the window open.*
Jade: Thanks for telling us,sir!
Josha: We'll take care of this! *Jade uses her copy key to her mother's house she opens the door.*

Inside Jade's mother's house...

Jade: *quietly* Josha,you check the window I'll see if Carmen's in my mother's bedroom.
Josha: You've got it,Jade!

*Josha enters the room with the window opened and he gasped*
Josha: Oh bueno! Her mother's not gonna like this.

*Jade walk quietly saw a red fedora and a red coat on the clothes rack,gray ankle boots on the floor and then she hears the dryer turn off as Jade open the dryer door.*

Jade: *quietly* What the...*she saw a Payne's gray catsuit in the dryer*

And then someone screamed from inside her mother's bedroom and yes her cat,Sam ran out of the bedroom and head for the other room where Josha is...

Josha: *voice only* Ay caramba! Sam,get off of my back!

And then Carmen shows up in a light blue long sleeping shirt with the words:'I ❤🐱s'
Carmen: *gasped* Jade, what are you doing here?
Jade: I was about to say the same question,'sis.'!
Josha: *as he got out of the room along with Sam.* Jade,are you...Carmen?!?!
Carmen: *grunts as she grabs her catsuit out of the dryer.* If you two don't mind I'm getting dressed! *as she goes back to the bedroom and slams the door.*

*Jade shrugged while Josha slap his head again.*

Josha: *quietly* Now what?
Jade: *quietly* I don't know,Josha its better if Carmen doesn't want to hear our conservation.
Josha: *quietly* That's what I'm afraid of and Jade this is a bad place to talk here.
Jade: *quietly* You're right Josha! We should've gone to the library instead.

(end of Chapter Twelve,part two...continues)
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Chapter Twelve,part three...conclusion

Meanwhile in Knoxville,TN,USA

Hotel Smokey Room no.8

As Mrs. Lewis finished preparing the Yorkshire pudding for the roast beef dinner...

*someone knocking on the door Patty look through the peephole and she opens the door...it was Jerry*

Jerry: *as he shows Patty a picture of Mrs. Lewis* Excuse me,have you seen this woman?

Mrs. Lewis: * as she came* Patty who...Jerry!
Jerry: Mum! *as he enter the room and accidentally knock down Patty to the floor.* Oh mother are you alright? *Mrs. Lewis head slap Jerry lightly.* Ow,Mother?!?!
Mrs. Lewis: That is impolite coming in without introducing to your 'cousin'.
Jerry: Cousin?!?!?!
Patty: *as she got up from the floor* Cousin?!?!
Mrs. Lewis: Patty,this is Jerry!
Jerry: Oh sorry,cousin Patty I didn't mean to push you.
Patty: Well you should be sorry,Jerry because that's not gentleman like.
* something beeps*

Patty: What was that?
Jerry: If you excuse me I'll be in the bathroom.
Mrs. Lewis: Good because dinner will be serve so wash up please.
Jerry: Yes,mother! *as he enter the bathroom he about take out something.* Huh?!?! Where did my wallet go?

Oh fudge! Patty must have grab Jerry's Comwallet from his coat pocket...she opens the wallet to see something interesting to use...

Clover: *on screen* Jerry! Hey who are you?
Patty: Who are you,Miss Blondie? Hey,Grandma *sings* Jerry's got a girlfriend!
Jerry: *as he got of the bathroom* I do not,cousin Patty give me back my wallet this instant.
Patty: No way! Nuh-uh! You being so impolite! *blowing a raspberry at Jerry's face*
Mrs. Lewis: Patty,watch your manners!
Jerry: Come on, Patty please?
Clover: *on screen* You better do as he said!
Patty: *as she gave Jerry back his Comwallet.* Whatever!
Jerry: Thank you! *as he heads back to the bathroom*

Inside the bathroom

Jerry: Sorry about that Clover I hope there's good news!
Clover: *on screen* Bad news,Jer! The HELP has been stolen along with Blaine and Dean.
Jerry: Oh dear this is a disaster! Anything else,Clover?
Clover: *on screen* Jerry,what can you tell me about Jade?
Jerry: Why you ask?
Clover: *on screen* Is she the ACME agent we're looking for?
Jerry: Apparently,she's not an ACME agent she just helps them solve other cases that deals with anything to do with V.I.L.E.
Clover: * on screen* I wonder why,Jerry?
Jerry: I don't know,Clover all I know is she helps them she's after all a free agent and an amateur detective.
Clover: *on screen* Great,we're back to square one!
Patty: *voice only as she knocks on the door* Jerry,dinner's ready!
Jerry: I must go,Clover! *as he hung up his Comwallet.*

Beverly Hills,CA,USA

Inside Clover's house

Clover: Thanks a lot,Jerry! *as she puts down her Compowder on her nightstand* Could this mission get any worse? *something beeps as she picks up her Compowder*

Alexandra ('Alex'): *on screen* Clover,it's me,Alex!
Clover: Alex,what's going on in the Big Apple?
Alexandra ('Alex'): *on screen* Me and Britney run into trouble by some creeps call themselves 'Double Trouble' but we got help by some ACME agents who are with us.
Clover: Are any of those ACME agents you met is the one we've been looking for?
Alexandra ('Alex'): I don't have time to answer that question,Clover we're on our way to London and I mean no way to pick up fish and chips for Jerry's sake...Clover whatever you do make sure Sam's date doesn't end up badly.
Clover: Really she's going on a date?
Alexandra ('Alex'): *on screen* Exactly! Better go,Clover! *as screen is off from Clover's Compowder.*

Clover's mind: I better make sure nothing happens to Sam's date.

(end of Chapter Twelve,part three...conclusion)
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Chapter Thirteen,part one

Los Angeles,CA,USA

*Samantha dressed in a blue/rose print halterneck dress with a green band the waist,pearl studs on her ears,wearing a pair of green wedge sandals,holding her green purse and her hairstyle is a french twist walking to King Pagoda Bistro.*

Samantha ('Sam'): *sighed and quietly* I hope my 'date' doesn't show up! *as she saw a man in a black suit standing around so she came to the man.* Excuse me,are you waiting for your date?

?: I sure am ! *and the man turns around and saw Samantha the man turned out to be Lee Jordan in his black suit with a with a blue dress shirt,along with his Maui bead choker,black socks and black dress shoes.*

Samantha ('Sam'): *not surprised* Oh hello,Lee!
Lee: Samantha,you look beautiful!
Samantha ('Sam'): *smirked* And you're so handsome!
Lee: Sure am! *as he opens the door* Shall we? *Samantha nodded her head as she enter the restaurant and he goes in as well.*

Clover (in her red catsuit) landed on a building thanks to her jet pack backpack she took out her infrared X-ray binoculars in those binoculars she saw Lee and Samantha inside the restaurant.

Clover: Wow! Lee's such a gentleman I wish I have one like him...I hope,looking good,Sam! *Clover puts down her binoculars.* Huh?!?! A limousine?!?! *uses her binoculars again and gasped* Oh no,Mandy!...She better not mess up Sam's date with Lee Jordan.

San Francisco,CA,USA

Arthur Chance's apartment around the Russian Hill district

After charging up his desktop computer Arthur got himself an e-mail?!?!

*The C-5 appeared and so did Jade,Josha and Carmen.*

Arthur: I was worried about...Well,well if it isn't Carmen Sandiego at last we meet for the first time and probably the last time.

Carmen: Detective Chance,what brings you here all the way from D.C.?
Arthur: I'll ask the questions,Carmen.
Jade: Arthur,where are your matters?

Arthur: Sorry,Jade I was about to... * as a computer screen goes black.* Hey what's going on?
Josha: Jade,can you trace the source?
Jade: No can do,Josha! I can't find the source on my padphone.
*Arthur tries using his computer mouse but no use.*

Carmen: Oh great he did it again!

Jade/Josha/Arthur: What?!?!

Los Angeles,CA,USA

Inside King Pagoda Bistro...

While waiters and waitresses help serve the customers' orders grab the dishes after the customers paid for their own meal and leaving a tip to either the waiter or the waitress...

Lee and Samantha are chit-chatting get to know their own selves.

Samantha ('Sam'): ...So I'm a student at Malibu University studying journalism,while Clover studies fashion designing and Alex studies veterinary.

Lee: And did you three succeed?
Samantha ('Sam'): *sighed* We've got expelled for something we didn't do no thanks to Mandy's accusation. What about you?
Lee: Me? There's not much to talk about...*Samantha ponders* Okay! So I'm just *sighed*a mail clerk at a law firm office in San Francisco.
Samantha ('Sam'): How long did you work there?
Lee: Seven and a half years?!?! Why? Do you have another question to ask me?

Samantha ('Sam'): Well yeah do you have any brothers or sisters?
Lee: I have two brothers!
Samantha ('Sam'): Are you the oldest or the youngest?
Lee: Neither I'm in the middle...Wait a second did Clover tell you to ask me that question?
Samantha ('Sam'): She sure did!
Lee: Well she and Alexandra can forget it there's no way I'm not convincing my brothers to go on a date with your friends.
Samantha('Sam'): Good! I'll just tell Clover and Alex there's not gonna be a triple date.
Lee: Fair enough! *the waiter came with two plates.*

Waiter: Do be careful,plates very hot!
Lee: Thank you very much! *The waiter leaves*
Samantha ('Sam'): Lee,what's this?
Lee: Kung Pao Calamari!
*as he and Samantha each take a bite from their own plate with their own chopsticks.*
Samantha ('Sam'): Whoa!
Lee: What?!?! Is it too spicy?
Samantha ('Sam'): No Lee it's good!
Lee: I don't know if you like calamari.
Samantha ('Sam'): Like it! I love calamari except I like it in a cream sauce.

Lee: Oh the next time we see each other I'll find a restaurant that served that dish.
Mandy: *voice only* Oh really there's not gonna be a next time,Mr. Fiend!
Samantha ('Sam'): *as she and Lee turn around and saw Mandy* Mandy!
Lee: What is she doing here?
Mandy: Here to break up this date for good.
Lee: You can't do this!

Mandy: *as twenty policemen shows up* Arrest him at once!
Lee: *as he notice the patch* Oh fudge,VILE!

Customers gasped while waiters and waitresses ran to the kitchen...*Clover jumps from the window ceiling customers screaming.*

Clover: Sammy! Lee!

Samantha ('Sam'): Clover!
Lee: *as a VILE henchman came from behind warns Clover* Behind you!
*Clover gives that henchman a back kick.*

Lee: *as two henchmen grab him* Let go of me!
Samantha ('Sam'): Clover...Lee!
Clover: Sammy! Lee! *as the henchman knock Clover down to the floor.*
Mandy: Wait a minute,Detective! Don't take her take him instead! We had the deal
'Detective': Sorry,Miss Mandy we don't make deals with a self-centered witch like you and your annoyed boyfriend too. *as two henchmen grab Trent from the limousine.* Take'em away!
Henchman: And what about that dumb blonde.
'Detective': Let the police take care of her! Let's go!

As the henchmen disguising as policemen grab Mandy as she and Trent were taken away in the limousine,Samantha in the moving van and Lee was drag to the 'police' car...Clover was left behind after all the customers ran off from the restaurant...

(end of Chapter Thirteen,part one)
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Great job Jade. I'm really enjoying this. <3
Lucy,are you a big fan of Totally Spies? Just wondering!


Chapter Thirteen,part two...continues

Back in San Francisco,CA,USA

Arthur Chance's apartment around the Russian Hill district

Arthur: *to Carmen* Care to explain yourself what's going on with this caper of yours?
Carmen: You all don't understand I was force to retired.
Arthur: Retired?!?! I don't fall for your lies,Carmen.
Jade: Carmen,why would you retire as the leader of your own criminal organization?
Carmen: It wasn't me it was my lawyer,Lee Galease he wanted me to retire.
Josha: Why did he do that to you?
Carmen: I've found out he flunked law school years ago.
Jade: Which one Yale or Harvard?
Carmen: I don't know he never tell me where he attended...Oh nevermind about that,Jade! The point is VILE has become violent in terror.

Arthur: Why would your lawyer say that to you?
Carmen: Because I stolen the name 'VILE' from someone else.
Jade: That's a lie!
Arthur: Your lawyer's bluffing!
Carmen: He's not! He told me that his 'nephew' works for the 'real' leader of VILE.
Josha: That's not true is it?
Carmen: I thought he was lying but he told me 'the truth'.
Arthur: I don't believe you,Carmen Sandiego!
Carmen: Unless you realize,Detective Chance you couldn't find me ever without leaving you a clue after stealing something valuable.

Jade: Of course that's your M.O.,Carmen the other one is an impostor pretending to be you.
Carmen: I knew you figure it out who is it,Jade.
Jade: Oh definitely,Carmen! *as she shows Carmen the file of Jenna Rossity out of the box of clues.* My guess is she's the one who wrote a note to Chase Devineaux luring him into a trap at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City and no one knows where he is...However there were clues somehow from out of nowhere.

All of the sudden...the computer screen is back...
Arthur: Finally, I was about too...Oh no! What's this?
Jade: Looks like somebody's using a YouTube account. *Jade uses her padphone to track down the source.* (I don't own the website YouTube whatsoever)
Josha: *to Jade* Can you located where it is?
Jade: Sorry,Josha...Access denied! *Arthur clicks on the video message.*

Someone appears on the screen...a blonde haired/gray eyed man.

Carmen: *gasped* It's him!
Josha: Bueno!
Jade: Matt Conner,should've known it was him doing this.
Arthur: I thought ACME put him away a few years ago for attempting to kidnap an ACME agent.

Matt: *on screen* People of the world and all of the world's leaders listen to me I want you to do my demands...I want all wardens to release the following prisoners.

As each picture and name on the screen appears...

Josha: Ever seen these crooks before?
Jade: Not did I known of,Josha.

Matt: *on screen* And of course this one the 'real' leader of VILE. *as the last picture appears on screen.*
Jade/Carmen: *gasped/in unison* Doctor Gunnar Maelstrom!
Matt: *on screen* And of course all of your wealth as well you all have twenty fours of each time zone or I shall destroy each city that is a world heritage site by UNESCO (United Nations Educational,Scientific and Cultural Organization) chosen by me...here's an example from a sci-fi flick.

(remember the movie 'Independence Day' The White House got blow up by aliens using a laser projectile...I don't own the movie or the organization UNESCO whatsoever.)

*Matt laughs out loud as he fainted from the screen*

Jade: *angrily* That fiend I ought...*until her padphone beeps*
Josha: *looks at Jade's padphone* Jade,we've better head for L.A. tomorrow!
Jade: What for?
Josha: Beats me!

Arthur: Josha,I want you stay at a motel where Jade lives.
Josha: Are you sure,Arthur? Do I have to go on a vacation?!?!
Jade: No Josha,you have to stay there for the night...And I know one with a free wi-fi.
Josha: But what if I'm hungry for dinner where can I find a restaurant near the hotel?
Jade: There's a Chinese restaurant next door it's all you can eat buffet.

Carmen: Great and where would I go?
Arthur: You're staying here with me I'll set up a sleeper sofa for you and order dinner.
Carmen: Don't except me to eat pizza,Chinese or catfish in the bucket?
Arthur: Not what I have in mind...Jade,you and Josha better leave now.
Jade: C'mon,Josha we better head to your apartment and pack yourself an overnight bag.
Arthur: Josha,I'll give you the information via internet.
Josha: Gracias,Arthur! *as he and Jade leaves Arthur's apartment.*

(end of Chapter Thirteen,part two...continues)
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Chapter Thirteen,part three...conclusion

In Jade's town...

At a motel...Josha finished setting up his laptop computer with a web cam...someone knocking on the door...Josha open the door it was Jade and she bought dinner for Josha.

Jade: I didn't know what you like next door.
Josha: It's alright,Jade I'm not that hungry for Chinese food anyway.
Jade: Cheer up,Josha I've got you a rotisserie chicken salad sandwich,a bottle of water and a berry yogurt parfait from the grocery store across the street. *as put Josha's dinner to the table.*
Josha: Thanks,Jade!

*Arthur appeared on screen along with Carmen.*

Arthur: *on screen* We're glad you two made it.
Jade: *after she closes the door.* What did you find out from that e-mail message,Arthur?
Arthur: *on screen* Latitude: seventeen degrees south and longitude: one hundred seventy seven degrees east.
Jade: Arthur,those are coordinates to either where Chase has ends up or Matt's hideout.

Arthur: *on screen* You're right and that's not I've found...take a look at this picture.
Jade: That's the flag of Great Britain.
Arthur: *on screen* What could that flag and the coordinates mean?
Josha: That's a good question.

Jade: *snapped her fingers* I've got it...that flag meant that one of the countries is under the British Colony centuries ago but gain its independence.
Arthur: *on screen* It's been coordinated to Fiji.
Josha: Fiji?!?!
Jade: Look again,Josha! Unless you've seen 'Cast Away'
Josha: What did you mean by that movie?
Jade: I've got a clue from an anonymous photographer earlier that has a volleyball with a hand print and a smiley face.

Carmen: *on screen* What?!?! Hold on the coordinates,the flag,'Cast Away' and the volleyball...It is in Fiji and I know I have an abandoned VILE hideout *as she zooms in to the coordinates*...There's the island.
Josha: Carmen's right,Jade the island is Monuriki.
Jade: In the group called the Mamanuca Islands...Arthur,I'm leaving you in good hands for this island adventure just don't be end up in the CBS' TV reality show,Survivor. (I don't own that show or any CBS shows like the Price is Right whatsoever)
Arthur: *on screen* I'm not planning to participate in one...Jade,you and Josha be careful in L.A. tomorrow.
Jade: Same here,Arthur.

Back in Knoxville,TN,USA
Hotel Smokey Room no.8

After finishing dinner,the telephone rings...Patty pick up the phone...
Patty: Hello!
Vic: *voice only* Hey sweetheart,did you find our boss?
Patty: Yes she was here but left in a hurry where are you calling from?
Vic: Mumbai,India.
Patty: Why there?
Vic: *voice only* Oh c'mon, doll face,me,Moe and Lars are waiting for the Contessa and...*screamed*
Patty: Vic! Vic!
Count Hypno: *voice only* Wrong Number,Miss Patty? *as the phone got hung up*

Suddenly someone break the door down it was Dara Riska and Al Loy

Al: Surprise! *as Dara jumped inside*
Mrs. Lewis: *as she and Jerry came out of the kitchen* What in the world?!?!
Jerry: Oh my!
*Patty screamed but Dara cover her mouth*
Jerry: Let her go this instant. *as two henchmen breaks the windows from above and used some tear gas.*
Mrs. Lewis: Cover your mouth,Jerry! *Jerry use his handkerchief to cover his mouth while Mrs. Lewis grab a dishcloth cover her mouth and grab a rolling pin* Hands off you break-in thieves! *as she tries to hit Al with the rolling pin however one of the two henchmen knock her down from the behind.*

Jerry: Mum! *somehow the tear gas got blow away and Jerry well screamed and got 'woohped' into the ventilation.*

Dara: Nevermind about him we got who we came for and this old lady.

Jerry wind up in the WOOHP cargo helicopter just in time to get away for now.

Meanwhile in Hong Kong...

Armando Arguella and Inspector Li walk around Victoria Harbour

Armando/Inspector Li: *as they heard a foghorn* Huh?!?!
Inspector Li: *quietly* A ferry?!?!
Armando: *quietly* Not really,Inspector *as he points his finger to the ferry* Look!
Inspector Li: *quietly* VILE!
Armando: *quietly* Let's sneak inside and see where this ferry take us.

*He and Inspector Li sneaks in quietly without any VILE henchmen suspected them on board.*

Inspector Li: *quietly* We better lay low,Armando!
Armando: Right!

And the ferry goes through a fog?!?!

(end of Chapter thirteen,part three...conclusion)
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Chapter Fourteen,part one

Somewhere in Alaska

?: *voice only* Wake up!
*Lee opened his eyes (still in his dating attire) realizing he's not in L.A. no more all of the sudden he's in the chair and his wrists tied up with plastic ties.*

Lee: *gasped as he saw someone familiar to him on screen* Matt Conner,should've known why are you on the screen and where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Matt: *on screen laughing* Carmen Sandiego?!?! Yeah right she's history!
Lee: What?!?! What ya mean by that?
Matt:* on screen* She's no longer the head of VILE.
Lee: Oh and you're the new head of VILE right?
Matt: *on screen* Wrong! The real leader will return as soon as he is release wherever he is.
Lee: He?!?! *as Matt shows Lee the picture of Dr. Gunnar Maelstrom* You're insane,there's no way he'll take over VILE because ACME will stop you!

Matt: *on screen* They're out of commission for good *laughed*
Lee: Where's Samantha?
Matt: *on screen* Oh her...She'll never loved you she's better off without you as a fallen zero instead of a fallen hero. *laughed* And there's nothing you can do about it neither would Chase Devineaux ever stop me because he's gone forever. Because no one can I'll see to that when it's over...Farewell,loser! *laughed out loud as the screen faded away.*

*Lee growled and struggled to get freed by himself.*
Lee's mind: Great if only I have a pocket knife I could cut these...*Lee hears footsteps* I've got it and better do it fast.

Thirty seconds later...

?:*female voice only* Let go of me!
?: *male voice only* Shut up,Miss Mad Scientist! Open the door!

*as the door opens two henchmen enter in with Professor Sara Bellum being held by Henchman#1 ...they notice Lee was gone?!?!*
Henchman#1: Hey,where did he go?!?! *Henchman #2 shrugged until some mysterious invisible figure just kick on the back.* Huh?!?! *fall to the ground by knocking him down that the mysterious invisible figure did,grab Sara and a chair,place the chair onto the door.*

Sara: Who are you,the Invisible Man?!?! *as the mysterious invisible figure revealed turn out to be Lee in his deep black battle suit.* Detective Jordan,how?
Lee: No time to explain,doc,let's get outer here! *as he and Sara ran outside and he barricade the door with a piece of wood.*

Sara: *as she pointed to the air ambulance helicopter* There,they stolen this copter from a hospital ten miles from here,Detective!
Helicopter pilot: Huh?!?! Why you? *as he got out and Lee starts fighting however Lee is started to get dizzy all of the sudden...Helicopter pilot just grab Lee and ripped his bracelet off.
Lee: No! My battle suit! * back to his dating attire the helicopter pilot is about to hit Lee but Sara knocks him down from behind.*

Sara: Detective,are you alright?
Lee: Yeah I...*fainted to the ground*
*Sara gasped as she grab Lee's ripped up bracelet putting in her pocket lift Lee up to the stretcher strap him in,place an oxygen mask so Lee can breathe and Sara start the copter to fly away.*

The next day...

Los Angeles Police Department,Los Angeles,CA,USA

After Jade and Josha arrive by C-5.

Male Police Officer: ...And boy I'm not surprised.
Josha: Whatever for,officer?
Male Police Officer: Well we're getting new police officers in each unit of the city of angels after graduated from the police academy around Elysian Park or Ahmanson recruit training center it takes about six months or even two years for that matter.

Jade: *as she saw the police uniforms* And how did the uniforms ending up here?
Male Police Officer: I had no idea except for this...*as he shows Jade and Josha saw the bag and gasped*
Josha: VILE!
Jade: Oh I bet the henchmen stole those uniforms and ditch them afterwards.
Josha: Except they didn't use a L.A.P.D. patch.
Jade: The question when did the henchmen disguise themselves as police officers?

Male Police Officer: Last night when there was a riot at King Pagoda Bistro.
Josha: Do you have proof at that incident?
*the male police officer got a copy of a security footage of King Pagoda Bistro on a DVD disc and play the incident Josha and Jade watch the footage.*

Josha: Ay Caramba! Lee Jordan?!?!
Jade: What's Lee doing here in L.A.?
Josha: Beats me and who's that redhead with him?
Jade: That girl looks like Ivy except the hair length is different.
Josha: Jade,look whose there!
Jade: *gasped* Mandy?!?! Clover?!?!
Josha: Who?
Jade: Clover, I met her at the Griffith Observatory when Jane Reaction and Dee Cryption stolen the HELP project and taken Zack and Spencer away and oh yeah her cousin,Norman got his eardrums busted no thanks to Reaction.

Male Police Officer: There you have it! You better go to this place. *as he gave Jade a business card with an address.* It seems an old man bailed 'his niece',Clover and left it here.
Jade: Thank you,officer!
Male Police Officer: *to Jade* Hey I hope you don't enter the police academy in your neck of the woods.
Jade: I'm not plan on going there anyway.
Male Police Officer: If ACME makes a comeback they might hire someone with special needs someday like you perhaps you'll be a great ACME agent.
Jade: I can assure you,officer! It's a work in progress! *as she and Josha leaves the police department.*

(end of Chapter Fourteen,part one)


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Chapter Fourteen,part two...conclusion

A weird W shaped building in Downtown Los Angeles right next to Wilshire Boulevard...

Jade and Josha arrive...
Josha: That's one weird building!
Jade: Weird is right,Josha! *gasped* Look at that name.
Josha: WOOHP?!?! I wonder what that means?
Jade: I don't know,Josha,we better find someone who works here and take us in.

*Someone screaming from an open door?!?!*
Jade: What the...Josha?
*Josha uses his infrared x-ray glasses and saw a woman getting scared a bunch of mice.*
*A henchman just came out in disguise as a janitor...he gasped when he saw Jade and Josha he screamed as he gets back inside.*
Jade: Josha,Let's go!
Josha: Right behind you,Jade! *as he and Jade enter the building Jade using her padphone to bring some help.* *to Jade* What're you doing?
Jade: Send in a mouse catcher. *she pressed the GPS button.*

The woman is still scared from the mice until Sam (Jade's cat) shows up to chase the mice away at WOOHP.

*The henchman still screaming when Jade and Josha are still pursuing him...And then two male WOOHP agents shows up and saw a chasing scene.*

Male WOOHP Agent#1: C'mon! *as he and the other follows Jade and Josha.*
Josha: *as he saw two male WOOHP agents running after him and Jade* Uh,Jade!
Jade: *to the two male WOOHP agents* We can explain the whole thing!
Josha: They're not listening to us!

In Jerry's office

Jerry along with Clover and Alexandra's pet pig,Oinky who is asleep on the couch...
Jerry: This mission is get colder by every minute.
Clover: More than everyday,Jer...* the door opens the henchman shows* What the...*the henchman grabs Oinky who squeals when Jade and Josha shows up.*

Henchman: Get back or I'll turn this one into bacon!
Clover: Hello,I'm a pesce-vegetarian !
Henchman: *to Clover* Shut up,Blondie! That applies same to you and 'Grandpa' as well.
Jerry: *to the henchman* I beg your pardon!
Henchman: I mean it. *as the two male WOOHP agents show up and grab Jade and Josha.*

Male WOOHP Agent#1: *to Jade and Josha* Let's go you two!
Josha: You don't understand,gentlemen!
Jade: We were just after that henchman whose holding...*something beeps male WOOHP agent#2 grab Jade's padphone.*
Male WOOHP Agent#2: *to Jade* Why is your phone beeping?
Jade: Press the button and find out!

*Male WOOHP Agent#2 did...the C-5 appears and here comes Cruiser and Lee Jordan's dog,Reuben who growled at the henchman still holding Oinky hostage the henchman ran off screaming.*

Cruiser: *to Reuben* Sick him,boy! *Reuben chases the henchman still holding Oinky when all of the sudden a bunch of mice are coming while escaping from Sam...The henchman trip over a mop bucket and Oinky fell into the laundry chute.*

*The henchman screamed as Reuben growled while Sam pounced on him because of the mice.*
Henchman: Okay,I surrender *start making a boo-hoo-hoo!*

An hour later...while Jade,Josha and Cruiser are sitting down on the couch.

Jerry: We don't understand why you three are here?
Jade: It's the henchman who disguise himself as a janitor he came in first.
Clover: Why is that?
Jade: I've figure that the henchman wants to make sure that WOOHP is out of commission just like what happened at ACME.
Jerry: Is it true?
Cruiser: Oh yeah VILE trash ACME alright...permanently!

Josha: The reason why we came is we were hoping if you two known any of these people.
Jade: We identify you,Clover along with our colleague,Lee Jordan and a girl named Mandy.
Clover: * gasped* From last night's incident at King Pagoda Bistro.
Jade: We were hoping if you or Jerry recognize this red-haired girl?
Clover: That's Sam unless you like to name her,Samantha according to Lee Jordan.

Josha: And we were wondering do you know these prisoners? *as he shows Clover and Jerry the list of names that Matt selected to be release along with Dr. Gunnar Maelstrom .*
Jerry: I believe we do.
Clover: Those are the ones who we captured and none of them are from VILE. *as the door opens Sam came to Jade*

Jade: *as she stands up and Sam jumped onto her.* Sam,I'm so proud of you!
Clover: *to Jade* Why did you name your cat that for? I hope it's not a girl.
Jade: It's a boy,Clover! I wanted to name him 'Sam-I-Am'
Jerry: Sam-I-Am?!?!
Jade: After the character from Dr.Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham but my mother doesn't like the name so she calls him Sam instead. *the door opens again and a female WOOHP agent with Oinky comes to Clover.* (I don't own Dr.Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham or the character Sam-I-Am whatsoever)

Clover: Oinky,I'm glad you didn't end up as a ham. *the door opens one more time for Reuben and all of the sudden Reuben growled at Oinky...Oinky squealed when Reuben starts to chase him.*
Cruiser: *as he gets up from his seat.* Reuben,No!
Josha: Oh Bueno! *as he got off from the couch to help Cruiser get Reuben.*
Jerry: Oh my! *as he fell down to the couch when Oinky jumped onto him.*
*Oinky ran out of Jerry's office Reuben follows him.*
Cruiser: Be right back! *as he ran out to get Reuben away from Oinky.*

Jerry: *😵* Oh dear! *as Clover and Jade lift him up and put him at his chair.*
Josha: Sorry about that Reuben really wants to chase any animal except Sam.
Jerry: Oh anything else we need to know from you. *Jade puts another piece of paper on Jerry's desk.*
Jade: This list of cities that are part of UNESCO's World Heritage recognize these cities?
Jerry: Oh no! Liverpool?!?! My birthplace where the Beatles are from.
Clover: Why those cities?
Jade: All we know is those cities will be destroyed if no one not even the World's leaders doesn't give the prisoners to be release and all of the money around the world.

Clover: You think that this Carmen Sandiego woman is involve?
Jade: No Clover it's a criminal named Matt Conner he demanding those or else...We have to stop him before it's too late but ACME can't do it alone even I can't do it alone so we were hoping we need WOOHP's help?

Jerry: Without a doubt...Let's go!
Clover: Yeah time to get VILE a taste of their own medicine.
Jade: Clover,it's never easy to stop VILE but it's a work in progress...Let's go find the others and stop Matt's reign of terror once and for all.

(end of Chapter Fourteen,part two...conclusion)

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