A Totally Weird Caper


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Before I go on to the next chapter...

There two lists mention in the last part of Chapter Fourteen (remember it's fictional you know)

First the prisoners wanted to be release beside Dr. Gunnar Maelstrom...(based on the characters from Totally Spies in which as everyone knows I don't own them or the episodes whatsoever)

1. Terrance Lewis,he's Jerry's evil twin brother,leader of LAMOS (League Aiming to Menace and Overthrown Spies/The Dream Teens) and was WOOHP's training administrator.(Evil Promotion Much?)

2. Myrna Beesbottom,she's Jerry's 'ex-wife' (because she put him under an evil love spell she created to take over WOOHP/Evil Valentine's Day) and ex-WOOHP agent whose an expert in Ninjutsu.

3. Helga Von Guggen, a rogue fashion designer (Episode Appearances: Wild Style and Fashion Faux Pas)

4. Boogie Gus,who was a janitor or a security guard at WOOHP who likes the 1970's (Forward to the Past) and the 1980's (I Hate The Eighties).

5. Tim Scam,who was a WOOHP weapons technician who got fired for illegal use of weaponry. (according to The New Jerry,other episode appearances: Mommies Dearest and Morphing is sooo 1987.)

(Each four villains (Nos. two,three,four and five) became members of LAMOS until in the episodes 'Evil Jerry'(Nos. two and five) and 'Like,So Totally Not Spies'(Nos. three and four) each one including Terrance are capture)

6. Violet Vanderfleet,a botanist (Episode appearance: Evil Bouquets are sooo Passe)

7. Yves Mont Blanc, a shoe designer (Episode appearance: Evil Shoe Designer)

8. Manny Wong, a manicurist (Episode appearance: Mani-Manic Much?)
(Each three villains (Nos. six,seven and eight) appeared together in Baddies on a Blimp)

9. Geraldine Husk, a spy (Episode appearances: S.P.I.,Super Agent Much?,Arnold the Great and Return of Geraldine.)

10. Jazz Hands, a speakable mime artist from France. (Episode appearances: Mime Your Own Business and the three part episodes: Jazz Hands Return (Evil Sushi Chef,Miss Spirit Fingers and Mime World))

and 11. Marco Lumiere, an outcast movie director (Episode appearances: the two-part episodes: A Spy is Born and 0067).

And Here's the list of cities that they are UNESCO World Heritage Cities chosen by Matt Conner to be destroy beside Liverpool,England,UK...Here are the other cities.

1. Timbuktu, Mali
2. Cairo,Egypt
3. Marrakesh,Morocco
4. Jerusalem,Israel
5. Kyoto,Japan
6.Tel Aviv,Israel
7. Amsterdam,Netherlands
8. Berlin, Germany
9. Brussels, Belgium
10. Budapest,Hungary
11. Dubrovnik,Croatia
12. Istanbul,Turkey
13. Moscow,Russia
14. Paris,France
15. Prague, Czech Republic
16. Rome,Italy
17. Saint Petersburg,Russia
18. Salzburg,Austria
19. Vienna,Austria
20. Brasilia,Brazil
21. Cuzco,Peru
22. Havana,Cuba
23. Lima,Peru
24. Mexico City,Mexico
25. Panama City,Panama
26. Philadelphia,PA,USA
27. Quebec City,Quebec,Canada
28. Quito,Ecuador
29. San Antonio,TX,USA
and 30. Santo Domingo,Dominican Republic

Get ready for the next chapter...soon so wait for awhile.
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The wait is over...

Chapter Fifteen,part one

Honolulu International Airport,Honolulu,Oahu,Hawaii,USA

After the plane landed at the airport runway...

Inside the airport...

*Arthur came out and so did Carmen Sandiego in a weird disguise.*

Carmen: Ack! A Socialite?!?! Detective, I felt like Vanna White meets Lady Gaga! (Carmen's disguise description is a pink dress which looks like Vanna White's while being audition to become a letter turner on Wheel of Fortune in 1982 that's right before the board change in 1997,a wig resembles Lady Gaga in the music video 'Poker Face',wearing a pair of pink sandals and a purse to match the dress. I don't own the show 'Wheel of Fortune' or the song 'Poker Face' by Lady Gaga whatsoever.)

Arthur: It's the only disguise I can think of. Now quit complaining!
Carmen: Can I at least take off this ridiculous wig?
Arthur: Certainly not,Carmen,look we'd better find the way to get to Fiji alright?
Carmen *😒😓*: Whatever!
Arthur: Look you go around and keep an eye for Miss Erzin,Miss Young and Miss Lyon while I find the right airline to take all of us to Fiji.

*As Arthur search for an airline to get to Fiji,Carmen went to the ladies' room,putting on a pair of fake contact lenses in blue,put her make up on (based on her skin tone),a pair of pearl studs on her ears and activated her voice changer and place on the back of the dress with a matching elastic belt.*

*Carmen got out of the ladies' room and walk around to search for Tatiana,Maylee and Jessie.*

*'Gentleman' whistled at Carmen.*
'Gentleman': *as he came to Carmen* Hey there,gorgeous!
Carmen: *in a young feminine voice laughed* Uh,hi!
'Gentleman': Going somewhere?!?!
Carmen: *in a young feminine voice* Just waiting for my girlfriends so we can shop around Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
'Gentleman': Really?!?! A girly time shopping spree!?!?!
Carmen: *in a young feminine voice* Why of course...They're just finishing a business seminar...They really looking forward to come home in the mainland.

'Gentleman': I hope you got a lot to shop for miss.
Carmen: *in a young feminine voice* Hollie,Hollie Reizen!
'Gentleman': Well,'Hollie' what kind of socialite are you?
Carmen: *in a young feminine voice* I'm an heiress to Business and Pleasure Travels,my family runs a travel agency chain all over North America.

(Business and Pleasure Travels is a fictional made-up travel agency I've got that idea when I look at Carmen's profiles in WIAsPICS? That she was a travel agent for Club Ned...by the way I don't own the game (WIAsPICS?: Where in America's Past is Carmen Sandiego?) whatsoever and I look it up on Moby Games' cover art in the back side of the culprit card of Carmen...in which I don't own the website as well. Just to keep a heads up open mind)

'Gentleman': Really? Who helps your family running that business?
Carmen: *in a young feminine voice as Tatiana,Maylee and Jessie came.* So many associates I can't even name one in particular.

Tatiana: *as she saw Carmen (in disguise) talking to the gentleman as she recognize a monogram 'H' gold ring on it.* Girls,'powder your noses' at once.
Maylee/Jessie: *in unison* Right!?!?! *as Maylee and Jessie enter the ladies' room.

Carmen: *in a young feminine voice laughing until one of her contact lenses fell.* Oh my contact! *as she about to pick it 'Gentleman' just stomp the lens with his foot.* You should be a shame of yourself you broke my lens.
'Gentleman': Very clever 'young lady' or should I say Carmen Sandiego.
Carmen: *in a young feminine voice* Carmen Sandiego I don't know who you're talking...*as 'Gentleman' used his left hand to rip the belt off her dress and yes he smash her voice changer.*
'Gentleman': Nice try,Carmen! *as he grab her and quietly* We should've gotten rid of you in Antarctica.

Tatiana: Stop right there Hustler!
'Hustler': Well,well if it isn't you,Tatiana Erzin.
Tatiana: Let her go,Hustler!
'Hustler': Don't move a step or Carmen Sandiego gets what she deserves!
Tatiana: Carmen!?!?! *she gasped as she recognize Carmen's hazel eye on the left eye and a fake blue contact lens on the right eye and 'Hustler'pulls Carmen's blonde wig off and travelers gasps.*

*Hustler still got Carmen hostage until a pair of mysterious figures just knock him down and save Carmen at the same time.*

*as Arthur came and saw a pair of security officers handcuffed and take 'Hustler' away.*
Arthur: Did I miss something? *as the pair of mysterious figures revealed to be Maylee and Jessie (in their own battle suit mention in chapter eight,part three,conclusion).*
Maylee: Sure did,Arthur!
Jessie: *to the travelers* Nothing to see you here,ladies and gentlemen! Showtime's over! *as the travelers were relieved and go on no matter if it's business or pleasure.*

?: psst...psst! *Carmen turns around and saw Jeeves,Contessa's butler* Miss Sandiego!
Carmen: *came to Jeeves quietly* Jeeves,what're you doing here where's Contessa? *Jeeves whispered to Carmen's ear and she gasped*
Jeeves: *quietly* It's true,Miss Sandiego!

Tatiana: Detective Chance,do you have any luck for Fiji?
Arthur: None,Miss Erzin! *gasped as Carmen talking quietly to Jeeves.* *quietly* Carmen,get back here!
Carmen: *as she came back* You're in luck,detectives,we've got ourselves a flight to Fiji!
Arthur: How,Carmen?
Carmen: I talk to Jeeves to get us to Fiji at once.

While flying to Fiji...

Inside the jet plane...

Arthur: Thanks to Jade now we know who behind this caper.
Tatiana: Who?
Arthur: Matt Conner!
Maylee: You've gotta be kidding?
*Arthur nodded his head 'no'*
Maylee: I thought he's in prison.
Arthur: Not anymore...I've found something that Matt escape thanks to his 'girlfriend' Jenna Rossity!
Jeeves: *as he came though the curtain.* Miss Sandiego is getting dressed as we speak...and here's something to help! *as he place a small flat circle on the table.* I've found it in Mumbai after Madame is taken away *as he leaves.*

Arthur: A poker chip?!?!
Tatiana: There's something written on it...Roper?!?! Does that mean Matt is hiding out in a casino?
Arthur: I doubt it,Miss Erzin! We don't know what this clue means we'll find out until everyone is found.

(end of Chapter Fifteen,part one)
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Alice, "Strength",Luce,
Great job writing Jade! :) I'm going to have to look up the series and watch it again.


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Chapter Fifteen,part two...continues

Unknown Area

While waiting for demands from each leader of each country...Matt is impressive with the device that both Doctor Belljar and Doctor Madame Ima LeZaarde connect every single stolen item they build together...Both check and double check everything to get ready to blast each city that is an UNESCO Heritage Site if the demands are not given by each leader of each country within twenty-four hours in each time zone.

Doctor Belljar: It's ready to go!
Matt: Excellent,Belljar! Remember everyone the real leader of VILE is Maelstrom.
Henchmen/Henchwomen: *in unison/shouted* LONG LIVE MAELSTROM!!!!!!

In the other room

Jenna: *as Matt returns from the lab* Every single ones from Contessa to Vic the Slick are capture.
Matt: Excellent,Jenna! I knew I can count on you. *as he about to kiss Jenna.*
Mrs. Lewis: *voice only* Get your hands off of me! *as the henchman dragged Mrs. Lewis in.*
Matt: Now what?
Henchman: This old lady is driving me nuts.
Mrs. Lewis: *to Matt* I swore my son will get you...
Matt: *interrupted* Shut up,old lady! *to the henchmen* Take her away!
Mrs. Lewis: *as the henchman dragged her out of the room* You'll be sorry for this! *as Doctor Depth came in*

Matt: Doctor Depth,where on earth is Professor Bellum?
Doctor Depth: She escape.
Matt: Escape,how?
Doctor Depth: I don't know I thought the henchmen are bringing her in from Alaska but they didn't.
Matt: Depth,you know I hate excuses for failing do us a favor go to The island of Monuriki and get rid of Chase Devineaux and that Interpol agent Sterling as well.
Doctor Depth: With pleasure! *Doctor Depth leaves*

*as the ferry docked and the henchmen gets out of the ferry...Armando Arguella and Inspector Li sneaks in quietly without any henchmen seeing them.*

Henchman: *as he heard footsteps around the harbor.* Hmm...*he looks left and right and see if there's any intruders around.* *shrugged*

Meanwhile in Liverpool,England,UK

Jade,Josha,Cruiser,Clover(in her red catsuit) and Jerry along with Sam (who is on Jade's shoulder) and Reuben.

*something beeped*
Cruiser: What was that?
Clover: I've got something in my eye! *grab her compowder*
Alexandra ('Alex'): *on screen* I hope you and Jerry are coming in close!
Clover: We are,Alex!
Jerry: Where are you,Alex?
Alexandra('Alex'): Mathew Street.
Jerry: Ah yes,where the Beatles played there.
Alexandra ('Alex'): *on screen* Eww! I didn't know beetles play there.
Clover: Jerry said the Beatles,Alex! Hello! John,Paul,Ringo and George you know our parents listens to those fab four when they were young. (Clover's right about the names of the group alright...as always I don't own the Beatles whatsoever)
Alexandra ('Alex'): *on screen* Oops! My bad!
Jerry: We're on our way,Alex stay there.
Alexandra ('Alex'): *on screen* Okay! *Screen faded*

Cruiser: Her eye,my foot!
Jade: Knock it off,Cruiser!
Josha: Just an expression!
Cruiser: Whatever!
Jade: *as she looks at her padphone* At least we're on the right track let's keep going.

Meanwhile in Alaska,USA...

Lee Jordan woke up in the hospital

Lee: Oh,where am I? Huh? *as he look at himself wearing a hospital gown by mirror.* Excuse me,nurse!*a female nurse came to him* Nurse,where did that lady professor go?
Nurse: I don't know who you're talking about.
Lee: You sure?
Nurse: Sorry! *as the female nurse left*
Lee's mind: Great,Professor Bellum left I wonder why she left...oh well! At least I'm recovering for now.

Somehow a female doctor came to him...

Female Doctor: I'm glad you didn't suffer an altitude sickness...you just gotten yourself a dizzy spell.
Lee: Terrific! Now what?
Female Doctor: *as she gave a form of release from the hospital* Sign here! *And Lee did sign his name.* Your friend is going to take you home I hope you understand.
Lee: *as he get off the hospital bed* Thanks! *as he grabs his dating attire out of the closet and heads for the bathroom to change.*

After getting dressed,Lee goes outside of the hospital...a limousine pull up.
Lee's Mind: Oh no not again just like what happened the last time. *Yup Lee got woohped again and the limousine drives away.*

(End of Chapter Fifteen,part two...continues)


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Chapter Fifteen,part three...conclusion

(Sorry for the wait but here it comes...right now!)


Mathew Street

As Jade,Josha,Cruiser,Jerry and Clover along with Sam and Reuben...They saw Alexandra (in her yellow cat suit),Cole Gannon,Jason Argonaut and Tyson Jackson...

Alexandra ('Alex'): About time you two...hey who are these...Aww! How cute a doggie and a kitty?!?! *Reuben came and kissed Alexandra with his tongue and Sam rubbed her legs while he purrs at her.*
Jerry: Alex,where's Britney?
Alexandra ('Alex'): Went up ahead!
Cole: We told her to stay here until we get some help!
Jason: She doesn't get it when she sees a shadow figure.

Jade: A shadow figure?!?! That maybe a VILE Henchman...Say where's Ivy?
Tyson: Gone too.
Clover: Probably following Britney as well.
Josha: Who's this Britney girl?
Alexandra ('Alex'): She's one of our friends...Clover,where's Sam?

Clover: Vanish without a trace after what happened on her date with Lee Jordan.
Cruiser: Lee,where is he?
Clover: Nowhere to be...*Reuben howled after he sniffed out the trail*
Cruiser: Good boy,Reuben! *he grabbed the leash* Lead the way!
Jade: Let's go,Sam! *as Sam jumped onto Jade's shoulder*
Alexandra: Sam?!?!
Clover: It's a long story!
Jerry: No time to talk about it.
*Reuben follow the trail as Cruiser,Jade,Josha,Cole,Jason,Tyson,Jerry,Clover and Alexandra follows (especially Sam)*

As Reuben stop and howled at a narrow alley...
Cruiser: Guys! Girls! Take a look!
Jade: Would've we known it's a VILE hideout...Door's crack! *as she takes out an unsharpened pencil from her backpack to open the door.* Shall we?

As each one enters the front entrance everyone notice something weird.
Tyson: Whoa! Take a look at the second entrance...Security beams.
Jason: *as he scans it with his scanner watch* Yeah and they're hyper sensitive!
Cole: *looking around the walls* Great! I don't see a front panel around here.
Alexandra('Alex'): *after she pointed her finger* Except back there!
Clover: Way a go,Alex!
Cruiser: Uh the question who's going to volunteer to pass those beams?
Clover: Allow me! *as she use her compowder to turn her red cat suit into a black cat suit complete with black cat ears headband and cat's eye goggles to watch for any movements of the beams.* The Feline Streamline Catsuit.

While on Jade's shoulder Sam's eyes move couldn't figure out where to start...Jade takes out her fingerprint powder and brush kit from her backpack.

Jade: *as she gave her fingerprint powder and brush to Clover* Here Clover,take this and make sure you dust for fingerprints on the buttons at the panel.
Clover: No problem! Here goes nothing!

Just like Samantha did when her evil ex-boyfriend trick her to get the invisible serum out of the lab somewhere in Central America (Totally Spies episode season one episode eighteen: 'Evil Boyfriend' don't own the cartoon or the episode whatsoever)...Clover has to be careful not to mess up or she'll trip the alarm get her and the others caught by VILE .

Clover's mind: *as Clover made it through the beams* Good thing those yoga lessons paid off...There's the panel. *Clover uses Jade's fingerprint powder and brush kit onto the panel there are the fingerprints on the numbers: Two,Four,Five and Nine.*
Clover: *to Jade* Any advice on finding the password?
Jade: Just find the right one,then press the enter button and if the password is correct we're in.
Clover: Okay! *as she press the button numbers: Two,Five,Nine and Four and press the enter button and voila! The beams are gone.* (Two,Five,Nine and Four reminds us of the debut date of WOEICS? Premiere on Fox Kids (date: February 5,1994) I don't own the cartoon whatsoever)

Cole: Alright,she did it!
Jason/Tyson: *in unison and 'high five' at the same time* Yes!
Alexandra ('Alex'): Way a go,Clover! *as she,Jade,Josha,Cruiser,Cole,Tyson,Jason and Jerry (along with Sam and Reuben of course) joins up with Clover.*
Jerry: Clover,how did you figure it out the password?
Clover: Just give it a guess I think! *Jerry 😓 as Clover gives Jade back her fingerprint powder and brush kit.*
Josha: C'mon,everyone! *Reuben still sniffing for anymore luck as Clover use her compowder to change back into her red cat suit.*

The next area of the hideout...*Reuben barked*
Cruiser: *quietly* Reuben,why are you....
Tyson:*interrupted* Oh great,there's two ways and we better pick which one leads to another part of the hideout.
*Reuben still barking*
Cruiser: *quietly* Reuben stop barking at the wall alright? *as he stands on the wall...somehow something's moving* *quietly* Huh? *And he and Reuben vanished...Sam meowed at Jade.*
Jade: *quietly*Shh! Sam...What the? Cruiser,Reuben! Where'd they...*again it happen to her and Sam* Whoa!
Josha: *turns around and saw Jade,Sam,Cruiser and Reuben are gone* Oh bueno! Jade,Sam,Cruiser and Reuben are gone!
Jerry: Oh dear we better split up and find them boys take the left side,the girls and I will take the right side.
Tyson: C'mon,boys! Let's do what he said! *He,Josha,Cole and Jason 😓 as they go to the left side while Jerry,Clover and Alexandra go to the right side.*

(end of Chapter Fifteen,part three...conclusion)
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Chapter Sixteen,part one

Monuriki,Mamanuca Islands,Fiji

After landing at Nadi International Airport in Nadi on Fiji's largest island,Viti Levu

Thanks to the young man using a submarine belonging to Contessa...*the submarine emerge after stopping near the island...Carmen,Arthur,Tatiana,Maylee and Jessie came out of the submarine.*

Carmen: *to the young man in the submarine* Wait here!
Young man: *voice only* Yes,Ma'am!
With Arthur,Tatiana,Maylee and Jessie following Carmen to the abandoned VILE hideout...

Carmen: We're almost there stay together.
Arthur: You've don't ask us twice! *until something starts shaking the island*
*Carmen,Arthur,Tatiana,Maylee and Jessie screamed and fell down onto the ground*
Jessie: *while the island is still shaking* Not again! *Yup! The Dig Vehicle shows up again and out comes Dr. Depth and two henchmen.

Dr. Depth: *coughed* Don't go any further!
Henchman#1: This is far as you go.
Henchman#2: Especially you,Carmen...*got knock down from behind and so did Henchman#1*
Dr.Depth: *seeing the two henchmen on the ground* Fiddlesticks! I'm outer here! *He turns around and saw Chase Devineaux and Stewart Sterling he gasped*
Chase/Stewart: *in unison* Oh no you don't! *They punched Dr.Depth together knock him down cold*

Back in Liverpool,England,UK...Still in a VILE hideout at a narrow alley.

While using a flashlight to find the way out of a secret dark passageway Jade and her cat,Sam well...

Jade: *quietly* Hello,anyone around...*Sam meowed as Jade wave her flashlight a little bit.* Sam,don't worry I hope we can find...
Cruiser: *as Jade's flashlight beams at him and Reuben* Hey,watch it,geeky girl!
Jade: Cruiser,Reuben! *Reuben kisses Sam with his tongue* Are you two alright?
Cruiser: Alright?!?! Yeah right I couldn't find a switch at all.
Jade: Neither did I...What in the world? Cruiser,there's some light coming from that one.
Cruiser: How do we go in?

Jade: *as she gave Cruiser her flashlight* Hold this! *as she puts down her backpack* Cruiser,some light,please.
Cruiser: Whatever for?
Jade: I've got something in my bag that might do the trick.*as she take out a small box* Now see if there's a knob! *Cruiser use Jade's flashlight as yes he spotted one.* Perfect! *took out a piece of metal and onto a lock.*
Cruiser: Say isn't that a set of pick locks the birthday present I gave you?
Jade: Sure does,Cruiser! *and voila! Jade pick the lock with the right pick lock size.* We're in! *Jade puts away her set of pick locks back in her backpack and she and Cruiser enter some room and Cruiser turns off Jade's flashlight and gave it back to her.*

While Sam cleans his face by using his tongue and paws to get rid of dog's scent off...Reuben starts sniffing for clues...*Reuben barked*
Cruiser: What ya find boy? *something underneath a desk and grabs it watching his head as he lift himself.* A dog tag?!?! Are you sure,Reuben? *Reuben whined while Jade found a file cabinet...notice it's lock so she takes out her small box of pick locks and pick the right size to open.*
Jade: Wow! *as she takes out a box?!?!*
Cruiser: What's inside the box,geeky girl? *Jade opens the box and inside is something beautiful...Cruiser is not impressed* What a cheap necklace!
Jade: Oh fudge,it's the ruby necklace called 'The Moon of Moldavia'...wait there's something written on the opening box...*Jade uses her padphone to scan the engraved written inscription.* Whoa! It's written in Romanian. It said: Thank you,Detective Sandiego for recovering our treasure.

Cruiser: Treasure?!?! More like cheap junk...*he saw a newspaper clipping* Hey it's a picture of a dog.
Jade: That's no dog,Cruiser! That's the Capitoline Wolf...I've got it I remember it was stolen when the people of Romania are about to give a copy of this statue to Moldova's capital Chisinau in 1990 after it was destroyed in 1940 during the Soviet occupation of Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina.

Cruiser: But when did Carmen Sandiego recover that statue?
Jade: Right before the unveiling on December 1st...I believe it was one of...*gasped* I've got it! I've figure a henchman was looking for this ruby necklace but he couldn't find it.
Cruiser: Until we came in and found it.
Jade: Carmen must have hide this necklace years ago...Figure she hides it from anyone to find it and get rid of it...We better put it back at once,Cruiser!

(Part of this saying is true the rest in this story is fictional just a give a heads up for it...No I don't own the statue whatsoever and the fictional necklace 'The Moon of Moldavia' is base on Carmen Sandiego's profile in the 1985 version of WITWICS?...I don't own the game as well)

Cruiser: No way! *He close the jewelry box and grabs it from Jade.* We've better take this cheap necklace as evidence... but how are we going to get outer here? Hmm...*as he goes stands on a wall and then the wall open.* Whoa! *he fell to the floor* oof! *the jewelry box slide underneath into another room* Oh terrific!
Jade: Way a go,Cruiser!
Cruiser: Hey I didn't mean to...What the?!?! *as he saw a newspaper while standing up and grabs the newspaper.* Let's get...*Jade came out of the room along with Sam and Reuben.*
Jade: *interrupted* Hold on,Cruiser,where did the necklace go?
Cruiser: In another room and I've found this newspaper!
Jade: A door with a front glass panel?!?! *as she grab the newspaper from Cruiser* Perfect! *as she place the newspaper on the front glass panel.*
Cruiser: Now...Smart thinking,geeky girl! *He punch the front glass panel with the newspaper without his fist getting cut from the glass.* *to Jade* Go for it! *Jade grab the door knob to unlocked the door and saw not only the jewelry box but she saw something round and purple.*

Cruiser: Oh great a compact mirror?!?! *as Jade looks at the compact mirror and saw something odd by opening it and close it fast.* Let's just take the jewelry box and go! *as she grab the jewelry box and put in her backpack first.*
Jade: I know this compact mirror,Clover has the same one...say this one must belong to one of her friends and I believe it must belong to Samantha,Lee's date. *And then put the compact mirror in her backpack as well.*

Cruiser; Didn't know he has a girlfriend.
Jade: I said date not girlfriend.
Cruiser: Whatever,geeky girl...you must be jealous!
Jade: *😡 and shouted* I'M NOT JEALOUS!!!
Cruiser: Well excuse me,geeky girl the only thing Lee doesn't like about you is...

Jade: * interrupted and still 😡* Oh nevermind,Cruiser,let's go find the others!
Cruiser: Okay! Okay! Gee Whiz! *as he shows Jade (while she calms down) the dog tag he and Reuben found earlier* The only treasure Carmen never owns is a dog tag that has a name 'Williams' on it.
Jade: Well done,Cruiser it seems you've found a clue that might lead us to the main hideout. *As Cruiser place the dog tag inside Jade's backpack.* Shall we get going?
Cruiser: Yeah for our sake! C'mon,Reuben! *as he,Reuben,Jade and Sam walked ahead while remain at the hideout unaware someone starred at them and walk the other way.*

(end of Chapter Sixteen,part one)
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Chapter Sixteen,part two...conclusion

Inside Contessa's jet plane...
After returning to Nadi and the jet plane is fuel up and ready to fly back to San Francisco.

Jeeves: *as he came out* Sorry Madame doesn't allow alcohol in the plane I hope club soda with lime will do,Mr. Devineaux.*as he gave Chase the drink he mention already.*
Chase: *sighed* Thanks a lot,Jeeves!
Jeeves: *as he gave two glasses of lemonade to Maylee and Jessie* You're welcome,sir! (Lemonade is a soft drink made of 🍋,:water:and sugar.)
Maylee/Jessie: Thank you,Jeeves!
Jeeves: Again you're welcome,ladies! *as he leaves*

Chase: I can't believe that Matt Conner did this caper for what? Taking over the world?!?!
Carmen: Not only that he'll make Maelstrom the leader of VILE because I stolen it from him.
Stewart: Unbelievable!
Chase: What now,Stewart?

Stewart: It looks like everybody in the world are counting on ACME and this organization called WOOHP.
Chase: WOOHP?!?!
Stewart: World Organization Of Human Protection.
Chase: Why can't the FBI and Interpol handle this chaotic case?
Stewart: They try no luck from them...Everybody in the world needs ACME and WOOHP's help. C'mon,Chase! You need to get back in the game or the world as we know it becomes nothing without hope.

Arthur: Stewart's right,Chase! And believe me Jade has already have a head start to gather everyone from ACME and WOOHP because she cannot doing it alone.
Tatiana: What to do you say now,Mr. Devineaux?
Chase: I say let's get back in the game!
Maylee: Do you think Jade has potential to be an ACME agent?
Chase: Miss Young,she sure does...And I think I've got even a better rank for her than just an ordinary ACME agent...but a special title will make her even better.
Carmen: I could've agree more,Chase! As long as she doesn't turn to the life of crime like I did.
Chase: Believe me,Carmen she won't. *as the jet plane keeps flying*

Back in Liverpool,England,UK

VILE hideout...while continuing to search for Jade,Cruiser,Ivy and Britney...

Alexandra ('Alex'): So you talk to Jade about what?
Clover: Joining WOOHP? And something else.
Alexandra ('Alex'): Is that true?!?!
Jerry: Indeed,Alex!

*the flashback begins at WOOHP Headquarters,Los Angeles,CA,USA before leaving for Liverpool.*

Clover: Let get this straight your brother is already taken?
Jade: I'm sorry,Clover it's true! Right now we have to save the world before it's too late.
Clover: Say Jade,would you ever want to consider joining WOOHP? *as Jerry came*
Jade: Thanks for the offer,Clover but my heart remains with ACME...However I wanted to create a club for non-ACME agents such as WOOHP called Allies to ACME.
Jerry: Allies to ACME?!?! That's a marvelous idea! *Jade smiles*

*Flashback fades*

Alexandra ('Alex'): That's surprising!
Jerry: We've better keep going,girls!
Alexandra ('Alex'): Boy this will take forever to look for everyone. *Clover tripped over a rock?!?!* Clover?!?!
Clover: *as a wall started to open while standing herself up* I just tripped over alright?!?! *Alexandra screamed when a hand is on Alexandra's shoulder.*
Jerry: Oh...*as he saw who was on Alexandra's shoulder.* Britney!
Britney: Jerry,Clover,did I scared you,Alex?
Alexandra ('Alex'): Kinda!
Jerry: Since you're here,Britney,come on let's get going. *and Britney did as she follows Jerry,Clover and Alexandra.*

Clover: Boy this hallway is get darker.
Alexandra ('Alex'): You're right,Clover where's a flashlight?
Jerry: Oh,now where did I...Oh good! *a small light is on thanks to Jerry's pen light something crunch?!?!*

Britney: What was that?
Alexandra ('Alex'): What's what,Britney?
Britney: I think I step on something.
Clover: I hope it's not a stale full of French fries?
Jerry: You mean chips in a British term and why is the hallway moving?
Alexandra ('Alex'): Ew! Bugs!
Clover: Bugs,Alex,what ya...
Jerry: *as he uses his pen light* Oh my...it's full of them...😨!
*As he and the girls screamed and ran*
Britney: Ew! Get'em off! Get'em off! *she tripped over a rock?!?! And then a trap door got her,Jerry,Alexandra and Clover sliding down as if it was a haunted house at an amusement park or a carnival to raise money for a good cause.*

In another part of the hideout...

Jade: *as she and Cruiser stop walking* Cruiser,do you hear someone screaming?
Cruiser: No why? *Jerry and the girls screaming as they sliding down as the trap door opens.*
Jade/Cruiser: *gasped* Duct! *Thank goodness Jade and Cruiser gets down just in time as Jerry and the girls fell down to the ground.*
Britney: *screamed as she stands up* Bugs! Bugs! Help me get rid...*Sam (Jade's cat) pouched at Britney* Ow! *Sam chases the bugs off of Britney* What ya know a cat catches bugs I thought cats chases mice.

Jade: *as she and Cruiser got up from the floor* That's true,my cat can chase anything small and pouching on anything no matter if it's bugs,mice or something or someone else.*
Jerry: I'm glad you two are alright. *Reuben sniffed and howled*
Cruiser: Reuben's got the scent again,let's go!
Jade: Right,Cruiser! *as she (with her cat,Sam),Cruiser,Jerry,Clover,Alexandra and Britney follows Reuben to search for the others.*

(end of chapter sixteen,part two...conclusion)
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Chapter Seventeen,part one

Ko Tarutao Island,Tarutao National Marine Park,Thailand

After returning from Mumbai,India without a sign of Vic or Contessa...Professor Sara Bellum is worry not only for them but Patty,Moe and Lars...Not any whereabouts of her boss,Carmen Sandiego.

*Sara enter her hideout with her small laboratory she gasped as she hear a small noise*

Sara: Hello! Anyone around? *gasped as she saw Lee Jordan (still in his dating outfit) coming out of a guest room* Detective! *Lee scowled at Sara* Detective,what's wrong?
Lee: Nothing's wrong except I'm outer here!
Sara: What?!?! Explain why?
Lee: I'm not explaining anything to you that's why?
Sara: There's no one here but us.
Lee: Too bad! Because I said I'm outer here!

*Sara guards the door to prevent Lee from leaving*
*Lee scowled again at Sara*
Sara: I'm won't let you,Detective!
Lee: Get outer my way,Professor!
Sara: You don't understand!
Lee: *getting angry* No you don't understand,Professor,it's over alright? VILE has already won the game and it's all my fault.

Sara: That's nonsense,it is not your fault,Detective!
Lee: Yes it is,Professor!
Sara: You're wrong it isn't true...the game is not over yet.
Lee: What ya mean?
Sara: Matt Conner cost you everything he and his girlfriend,Miss Next Top Model herself Jenna Rossity set up false leads for ACME to save the wrong items.
Lee: Who found out about this?
Sara: Your amateur detective friend.
Lee: Who,Jade? *Sara nodded her head 'yes'* I rather step a sock in it.

*Sara slapped Lee's face* (don't worry she's not slapping him hard you know)
Sara: Detective, she's may not be an ACME agent but she's getting a very good head start solving this case but she couldn't save the world alone.
Lee: What're you talking about? No one can solve this case because ACME's done for it's all my fault.
*Sara slapped Lee's face again*

Sara: Stop it,Detective! You're being negative...Listen to me,that manic wants to turn VILE as dangerous as ever that's why Carmen's lawyer figures it is time to make a change.
Lee: What's the connection between Galease and Matt?
Sara: Galease raised Matt as 'his nephew' and Matt knows Dr. Gunnar Maelstrom when his father was one of his henchmen being capture along with Maelstrom by Carmen Sandiego when she was an ACME agent.

Lee: *gasped* The Titanic case! (remember that episode (The Unsinkable Carmen Sandiego) of the Retribution trilogy on WOEICS? When Carmen stop Maelstrom from stealing Titanic back in 1985. I don't own the cartoon or any episodes whatsoever)
Sara: That's right,Detective! He lied to us about Carmen being forced to retired saying she stole the organization's name from Maelstrom.

Lee: And you search for Carmen alone?
Sara: Every single one of us did except for Vic,Moe and Lars but we didn't succeed to find her...I wish I would explain this to Chase everything but I was afraid he won't believe me.
Lee: No ACME agent will believe a class A-quack like you,Professor!

Sara: *in anger* Enough! * she slap Lee's face one last time*
*Lee's in 😡 and is about to push Sara outer of his way to leave.*
Sara: Detective,I'm telling you the truth.
Lee: *still in a 😡* I don't care!
Sara: Detective...
Lee: *Interrupted still in a 😡 and shouted* I SAID I DON'T CARE NOW MOVE OR I WILL!
Sara: No,Detective!
Lee: *still in a 😡* Alright,Professor you ask for it! *Lee is about to push Sara from the door but Sara stops him by roundhouse kick him to the floor* Ow! *Sara lifted Lee up from the floor*

Sara: Detective,you need to calm down! *And Lee did heading to the wall standing and look up at the ceiling of her hideout...Sara came to him.* Listen to me! *Lee slide down to the floor and his head down while Sara squat down* Raised your head up! *Lee did in frustration* You've gone to the path of defeat for yourself you weren't thinking straight to succeed your goal to be the best than anyone else...I am telling you the truth! *Lee still frustrated* Detective, sooner or later a fallen hero will rise once again.

Lee: *frustrated* No,Professor,you're wrong!
Sara: Why did you say that?
Lee: *frustrated* Because I'm not a fallen hero...*started to 😢* I'm a fallen zero! *and yes in frustration he did 😭 while he keeps his head down*

Sara: Detective ,you've got to think positive for yourself...Besides,I cooperative with another crime-fighting organization in order to stop Matt and his chaotic ways because they're going to be shut down like ACME did.
Unknown Male: *voice only* Professor Bellum's right,Detective Jordan. *Lee stopped crying and raise his head up and saw some 'Men in Black' shows up* Trust us,we're here to help!
Lee: Who are you?
Male WOOHP agent: We're from the World Organization Of Human Protection or WOOHP for short.
Sara: Believe me their leader isn't sitting around to see the end of the world in terror.
Lee: Leader?!?!
Male WOOHP agent: He never wanted to mention you his name but he knows you're with one of the female WOOHP agents. *Lee gasped as a flashback came back to him as mention in Chapter Eleven,part two...conclusion*

Lee: You're just too late she's gone and that Mandy girl was right I am a criminal.
Sara: *as she gave him a facial tissue to wipe his tears away* What's past is past,Detective! You're not a criminal anymore you're one of ACME's best detectives and right now the whole world is in danger.

Male WOOHP agent: What ya say,Detective? Time to get back in the game?!?!
Lee: Professor Bellum's right game's not yet and if I know Jade,she isn't going to save the world alone...Gentlemen,Professor...Let's get ready to rumble! *The Male WOOHP agents cheered*
Lee's Mind: Matt,you can't make me become a loser anyone...Because Lee Jordan is coming back to get even and yes Jade,we all going to save the world together.

(end of Chapter Seventeen,part one)
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Chapter Seventeen,part two...conclusion

Back at VILE hideout in Liverpool,England,UK

Josha,Cole Gannon,Jason Argonaut and Tyson Jackson keeps searching for Jade,Cruiser,Ivy and Britney along with Jade's cat,Sam and Reuben the beagle dog.

Josha: Jade,Sam!
Cole: Cruiser,Reuben!
Jason: Britney!
Tyson: Yo! Commander Monaghan,where are...*some shadow figure just grab Tyson by covering his mouth and drag him out.*
Cole: Tyson...* Tyson was release in seconds.*

Josha: Tyson,what...*gasped* Ivy! *Josha's right it is Ivy as she appears out of nowhere.*
Ivy: *gasped* Josha,what're you doing here?
Josha: Ivy,it's a long story!*Tyson just press a trap button and Jason screamed as he slides down to the ground.*
Tyson: Oh man!

Jason: *voice only* Cole! Tyson! Commander! Josha!
Cole: *looks down from the trap door* Jason,are you alright?
Jason:*voice only* I'm okay *gasped* Slide down here I've found something.
Ivy: Shall we?
Josha: After you,Ivy! *and Ivy did and then Josha,Cole and Tyson slides down after* Ay Caramba! It looks like an underground catacomb. *some figure just got awaken*
Ivy: I wonder why VILE didn't use this as the way to escape from us.

Zack: *voice only* Sis,is that you?
Ivy: Zack,where are you?
Zack: *voice only* Over here! *Jason saw Zack chain up to the wall.*
Jason: Oh fudge,Zack! *as Ivy,Josha,Cole and Tyson came.*
Ivy: You're okay,little bro!
Zack: Yeah,except the accommodations are very poor. *Cole uses a pick lock to free Zack.*
Jason: This isn't Holiday Inn or Motel 6,Zack! (Don't own these hotel chains whatsoever)

Josha: *to Zack* Is Spencer here?
Zack: In the other side of this hideout.
Ivy: *to Zack* What about the Chief or Chase?
Zack: Neither one of them is here.
Tyson: Terrific,now what?
Ivy: We've better find the others and fast.

Meanwhile at ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

Carmen Sandiego and Chase Devineaux are shocked when they saw the mess VILE made...as mention by Arthur Chance to them.

While Tatiana,Maylee and Jessie 😓 and 😠 at the same time.

Stewart: Unbelievable! *to Carmen* I'm glad this isn't your fault,Carmen.* to Chase* I'd better warn the others at Interpol. *as he goes outside and used his cellphone after it was charged up while in Contessa's jet plane.*

*As Maylee and Jessie goes to the hallway to search around headquarters and the Academy as well.*

Carmen: *😠* I don't like to trash the competition! I swore I'll get my lawyer's 'nephew' if it's the last thing I do!
Arthur: Take it easy,Carmen! *squawking noise* Huh?!?!
Tatiana: Is that Phoenix?

Chase: My office! *he enters his office and he sighs with relief.* Phoenix...What? A note?!?! *as he unattached the note...😠😓 after reading the note from Cruiser (In which Cruiser misspelled Phoenix's name as Felix and yes,Chase's last name.)* I better get to the mainframe and inform every single ACME agent available to return to headquarters we need a strategy to stop this fiend before...*he looks down and saw that his ethernet cable to his computer has been cut into pieces... to Arthur and Tatiana* Chance, Erzin is there any ethernet cables I can use?

Arthur: All of ethernet cables and telephone cords in each office has been cut up into pieces.
Tatiana: I send Maylee and Jessie to search for them. *Maylee and Jessie return fast*
Maylee: Bad news,Chase everything's been trash.
Jessie: *holding a brown paper bag* Especially the Academy and the ethernet cables well...*as she spills the pieces of every ethernet cable on to Chase's table while Carmen gasped in a shocked*
*Chase is in a major 😡 with his ears and 😤*
Maylee: Yikes! Jessie let's go to a computer store and pick an ethernet cable.

Arthur: Hold on,girls! We better go to my apartment instead and Chase you can used my desktop computer to contact every single ACME agent available.
Chase: *calms down* Good thinking,Chance! Let's get going!

(end of Chapter Seventeen,part two...conclusion)
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Chapter Eighteen,part one

VILE Hideout,Liverpool,England,UK

Jade (with her cat,Sam on her shoulder),Cruiser (following Reuben,Lee Jordan's beagle dog after he pick up the scent),Jerry along with Clover,Alexandra and Britney are searching for something or someone?!?!

*Reuben howled*
Clover: Now what?
Cruiser: *to Reuben* Are we on the right track,boy? *Reuben barked and like a pointer he spotted either a way out or the next area.* Wait here I'll take a peek! *as he peek a bit and he's a little shock as well*
I wouldn't go this far.
Jerry: *to Cruiser* Explain?
Cruiser: Security cameras. *Clover,Alexandra and Britney takes a peek and yes the girls turn around*
Alexandra ('Alex'): Terrific we might as well turn around and go home.
Jade: Seriously,Alex?!?! Not a chance we can't give up now.
Britney: The security cameras will spot us.
Clover: If only we could cover'em.
Jade: Cover'em hmm...*while snapping her fingers* That's it! *to her cat,Sam* Jump down,Sam! *as she takes some putty bombs out of her backpack.* I've got this!

Jade took a peek spotted a security camera she throws one putty bomb onto the security camera squatted down after turning around because she saw another security camera from behind then throws another putty bomb onto the other security camera.

Jerry: Oh my!
Clover: Way a go,Jade!
Jade: C'mon everyone! Those putty bombs won't be cover for long. *as she grab her backpack she,Cruiser,Jerry and the girls along with Sam and Reuben continued walking.*

*Reuben sniffed and howled*
Cruiser: *to Reuben* What now,boy?
Clover: Give a dog a bone?!?!
Samantha ('Sam'): *voice only* Clover,is that you?
Clover: Sam!
Alexandra('Alex'): We're coming,Sam! *as she,Clover,Jade,Cruiser,Jerry and Britney after following Reuben and she and the others gasped because not only Samantha (in her dating outfit) is here but Blaine,Dean,Spencer Ross,Archie Pelago and Bolt Upright are inside each cell fit only three 'prisoners' on the left and on the right.

Jade: *as she came to Spencer* Spencer!
Spencer: Jade,don't come close.
Jade: Why not? We're here to free you.
Samantha ('Sam'): These doors are going to shock you if you come close.
*Clover took out her 'Icy Fresh' Breath Spray*
Cruiser: A breath spray?!?! How are you going to do that? Freeze the door down?!?!
Clover: That's exactly what I'm going to do? *to Samantha,Blaine and Dean* Get back! *Clover sprayed her 'breath spray' onto the cell door and voila the door is frozen and Alexandra kicks it down.*

Jerry: Good job,Clover!
Bolt: Can you free us as well?
Clover: No problem! *unfortunately her 'breath spray' is empty* Uh Dean,got a spare one?
Dean: Don't think so,Clover!
Jade: I've got this,Clover! *as she took her instant freeze spray*
Archie: Miss Ezell...
Jade: Trust me I know what I'm doing here,Archie...*to Archie,Bolt and Spencer* Stand back! * Jade did exactly what Clover did already...Cruiser breaks the ice as he were a sledgehammer.*

Cruiser: *to Jade* Well geeky girl,shall we save the world?
Just then a red light blinks...
Jade: I think you spoke too soon,Cruiser!
Jerry: Oh my this isn't good!
Bolt: Oh terrific now what?
Clover: We better find the others and get outer here.
Samantha('Sam'): If only I have my compowder with me.
Jade:*as she shows Samantha her compowder she found earlier* You do now!
Samantha ('Sam'): *:) with delight after Jade gave Samantha her compowder* Thanks! *uses her compowder to change her dating outfit to her green catsuit* Much better! Thank you,uh...!
Jade: *to Samantha* Jade,we'll get acquainted later,c'mon!

Jade along with Archie,Bolt,Cruiser,Spencer,Jerry,Samantha,Clover,Alexandra,Britney,Blaine and Dean especially Jade's cat,Sam and Reuben who howled again...and then they bumped onto Ivy,Zack,Josha,Cole,Jason and Tyson.
Josha: Whew! Thank goodness we've spotted you just in time.
Gnash: *voice only* But not for long. *laughing out loud with Double Trouble as well after Jade turn around.*

(end of Chapter Eighteen,part one)
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Chapter Eighteen,part two...conclusion

VILE Hideout,Liverpool,England,UK

Jade along with her cat,Sam,Team ACME (Ivy,Zack,Archie,Bolt,Josha,Cole,Jason and Tyson),Cruiser,Reuben (who is growling at Gnash and Double Trouble) and Team WOOHP (Samantha,Clover,Alexandra,Britney,Blaine,Dean and Jerry) are stopped by Gnash and Double Trouble...

Gnash: You've got something we want...now!
Jerry: I don't know what they're talking about.
Archie: Neither do I.
Gnash: The necklace.
Cruiser: Necklace?!?! You mean the Hope Diamond,'The Heart of the Ocean'...
Double Trouble: The Moon of Moldavia!
Jade: Oh that necklace!
Double Trouble: Yeah that necklace give it to us.

Jade: Hate to disappointed you, gentlemen,the necklace is under ACME's custody and you're not gonna taking it.
Gnash: Why you...
Alexandra ('Alex'): *as she and Tyson notice Gnash and Double Trouble are stand on a genuine Persian rug so she and Tyson grab the rug together.* Time to throw the rug!
Tyson: *to Alexandra* Now! *as he and Alexandra flip the rug on Gnash and Double Trouble as they screamed and fell to the ground*

Ivy: C'mon,let's...
Zack: *interrupted as a bunch of henchmen and henchwomen shows up* Ivy!
Clover: Oh terrific just as we are about to get outer here!
Jade: You wanna bet on that,Clover! *Clover gasped as Count Hypno shows up*
Count Hypno: Prepared to be tired you fools. *Gnash and Double Trouble stands up and grinned*
Cruiser: *quietly after he saw the switch to the lights* Time to dim the lights *and he did*
Gnash: Hey,who turn off the lights?
Double Trouble: *to Gnash* Dimwit! They dimmed the lights! *The troublesome party boys undimmed the lights and notice Jade,her cat,Sam, Team ACME,Cruiser, Reuben the Beagle dog and Team WOOHP are gone*
Count Hypno: *to the henchmen and the henchwomen* Get'em!

Jade and the others ran to find an exit and get outer here but the henchmen and the henchwomen shows up...
Zack: Any ideas?!?!
Jade: I guess we don't have a choice.
Alexandra ('Alex'): You mean the game's over?
Jade: Wrong,Alex,so...*shouted* LET'S FIGHT!!!!!
Cole/Jason and Tyson: *unison and shouted* OH YEAH! *as Jade along with Ivy,Cole,Jason,Tyson and Spencer transform into their own battle suit in an instant.* (Jade in medium blue,Ivy in teal,Cole in dark gray,Jason in olive green,Tyson in navy and Spencer in forest green) While Dean and Blaine uses their own Comwatch to transform in their own catsuit (Dean in dark blue and Blaine in black)

Gnash,Double Trouble and Count Hypno shows up when henchmen and henchwomen screamed as Jade,Team ACME and Team WOOHP knock'em one at a time.
Jade's cat,Sam pounced on Gnash...Reuben growled at Double Trouble and Count Hypno well...
Cruiser: *as he punches Count Hypno cold.* Yeah right in a kisser. * as a squad of Special Constables comes in from the Merseyside Special Constabulary.*(I don't own the police force from the UK whatsoever...Constables means Officer in a British term just give you all a heads up...again.)

Special Constable: By Jove...ACME and WOOHP...Jolly good job! *the rest of the Special Constables cheered when Zack handcuffed Double Trouble,Josha handcuffed Count Hypno and Jade handcuffed Gnash as he started to cry like a big baby he is.*

As each police van place every single henchmen and henchwomen separately and the same with Gnash,Double Trouble and Count Hypno and drive off...

Jade: We've better gather the others before Matt Conner is about to start terrorizing the world.
Archie: Then we've better head back to headquarters at once.
Jade: Sorry,Archie ACME has been trashed already. *Archie's jaw is dropped in a shock.*
Bolt: Well goodnight! Where are we going to do without any contact?
Samantha ('Sam'): And where in the world is Lee Jordan? We certainly needs his help!
*Archie and Jerry 😓*

Archie: Uh,everyone...
Jerry: Well you see...
Ivy: Would you both telling us what's going on here?
Jerry: We'll can explain at WOOHP headquarters. *he and Archie 😬😓*

(end of Chapter eighteen,part two...conclusion)
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Chapter Nineteen,part one

Unknown Area...

As Doctor Belljar and Madame Doctor Ima LeZaarde finish up the laser cannon by installing the HELP project that Jane Reaction and Dee Cryption brought back from Los Angeles.

Snarla Swing shows up while Matt Conner awaits for something?!?!

Matt: Is there anything successful at this very moment? *Snarla shrugged* Let me guess an excuse for failure?!?!
Snarla: You've got that right,Matt. *as she gave him the report and Jenna Rossity shows up*

Matt: *😡 and shouted* WHAT?!?! UNBELIEVABLE!!!
Jenna: Matt,what's wrong? *Matt gave Jenna the report and she's not impressed*
Matt: *still in 😡* I don't understand why ACME and WOOHP have stopped the crooks?
Jenna: I thought they were history.
Matt: *still in 😡* They were until they work together...Jenna,I just wanna you know why?
Jenna: Perhaps,they have help on the way...maybe someone not from ACME or WOOHP could be somebody from Interpol,FBI,CIA,MI-6...
Matt: *still in 😡* Or it's just their own imagination now if you ladies excuse me I'm getting some 'fresh air.'

Just as Matt is about to get some 'fresh air' a henchman shows up...
Matt: *to the henchman* Now what?
Henchman: Sir,we just caught a pair of intruders already.
Matt: Bring in the intruders at once.
*And the henchman did by snapping his fingers four more henchmen shows up only two henchmen holding Armando Arguella and Inspector Li struggling to free their own selves.*

Matt: Well,well if isn't a pair of ex-ACME agents.
Armando: *to Matt* You won't get away with this,amigo.
Matt: I'm not your amigo,Gaucho man! *to the four henchmen* Take'em away! *Armando knock one henchman down to another henchman*
Li: Run,Armando,run...*Armando did that when Inspector Li was dragged away by one henchman covering his mouth*
Matt: *to the two henchmen when they got up* Don't just stand there,get him!

Armando ran outside...the two henchmen follows him but too late Armando uses his bola to capture them...*Dara Riska and Al Loy saw Armando.*
Al: Dara,release the hounds! *And Dara did a pair of Dobermans to go after Armando.*

Armando: *after seeing a pair of Dobermans chasing him* Ay caramba!

Running for his life he lay low and catch his own breath...
Armando: That was close! *all of the sudden he screamed when he fell from a trap door...Dara and Al shows up after a pair of Dobermans barked*

Jenna: *voice only on Al's Communication watch* Fear not you two it's been taking care of...return at once and get the boys for din-din!
Al: You got it!
Dara: *to the pair of Dobermans* C'mon boys dinner time!

While the two henchmen grab and dragged Armando...Matt is calm down and he grinned with an evil delight.

WOOHP Headquarters,Los Angeles,CA,USA

After returning from Liverpool,England...both Archie Pelago and Jerry Lewis gathered ,Team WOOHP (Samantha,Clover and Alexandra) and of course,Jade tagged along

Samantha ('Sam'): *After Archie and Jerry explain something surprising and the girls gasped* What?!?!

Alexandra ('Alex'): No way!
Clover: Are you sure it was Lee Jordan all this time,Jer?
Jerry: Yes Clover,it is him?
Samantha ('Sam'): *to Jerry* Why haven't you told us earlier?
Jerry: Me and Archie just afraid of uh...
Jade: Blurting out!
Archie: That's the word!
Clover: *to Jerry* But why haven't your friend explain the whole thing on us?
Archie: I couldn't explain to everyone Miss Ezell already knows.
Alexandra ('Alex'): Knowing about what,Jade?
Jade: Lee's career is on the line.
*the girls gasped*
Archie: That's right girls...Mr. Jordan is ACME's Supervising Detective under Mr. Devineaux,Director of Operations.

Jerry: At least we gave the answer already girls...*something beeped* Oh my!
Jade: My Padphone! *grabs her padphone turns on the screen and she gasped*
Archie: Miss Ezell whose...Oh my! Mr. Devineaux, you're alive!
Chase: *on screen* Of course I am Archie, Jade I'm glad I've got a hold of you where are you?
Jade: WOOHP Headquarters in L.A.
Chase: *on screen* Jade,if you don't mind.
Jade: I'll take care of this...*to Jerry* Got a big screen in mind?
Jerry: Of course,Jade...I'll take care of that right way

Archie: While you two handle that...I gather the agents at once.

(end of Chapter Nineteen,part one...Sorry I took too long writing down on pen and paper and getting the story right part two of the nineteenth chapter is coming soon.)


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Chapter Nineteen,part two...conclusion

(still at WOOHP Headquarters,Los Angeles,CA,USA)

Three Minutes Later...

*Team ACME (Ivy,Zack,Josha,Cole Gannon,Jason Argonaut and Tyson Jackson) along with Bolt Upright and Spencer Ross gasped and cheered as they saw Chase Devineaux on screen along with Interpol Agent Stewart Sterling and the other members of Team ACME (Tatiana Erzin,Maylee Young,Jessie Lyon and Arthur Chance) after Archie Pelago gathered the agents while Jerry gives back Jade's padphone to Jade.*

Chase: *on screen* Hey,hey! Hold the festivities until we stop Matt...is there any progress?
Zack: We've stop Double Trouble!
Josha: Count Hypno
Ivy: And Gnash in Liverpool with the help of WOOHP whatever stands for.
Chase: *on screen* Nevermind Commander anything else so far?

Jade: Yeah,uh Agent Sterling,Josha mention earlier that you were responsible for switching the real stolen items with fake ones except for one.
Stewart: *on screen* Well Jade you're right there's one item being stolen alright and it's not in a museum.
Jade: You mean?
Stewart: *on screen* Do you remember what happened to Malcolm Avalon?
Jade: He disappeared three months ago from his home in Buenos Aires,Argentina,Arthur told me already.
Stewart: *on screen* So did The Modigliani sculpture called Tete de Femme.
Jade: Wait a minute is that the sculpture that Carmen Sandiego try to steal years ago?
Carmen: *as she appeared on screen* Indeed it is,Jade!

Jade: Is the statue with him?
Carmen: *on screen* Not according to Contessa's butler,Jeeves he saw Avalon at her mansion outside of Milan,Italy.
Jade: Is he there now?
Carmen: *on screen* No Jade,he's been kidnapped by Matt's girlfriend named Jenna pretending to be me just right before Contessa was taken along with Vic,Moe and Lars in Mumbai,India.

Chase: *on screen* Jade,I was hoping there's enough evidences to put Matt away...The question is what's going on so far?
Ivy: Well Chase Chief Weller's gone and so did...
Chase: *on screen and interrupted* I know,Detective Chance already told me.
Arthur: *on screen* What Chase meant to say in questionable form is there any progress?
Zack: None so far.
Josha: I'm trying to contact Armando and Inspector Li no answer after they left Taipei.
Chase:*on screen* Anyone else have something? *Cole,Jason and Tyson shrugged*

Jade: I do,Chase remember ACME thought Carmen was after something else but it was a false lead?
Chase:*on screen* Yes,Jade!
Jade: I've figure it out already, thanks to each security officer in three museums in which each item was stolen right before the HELP Project was stolen in L.A. by Jane Reaction and Dee Cryption.
Chase: *on screen* What?!?!
Spencer: Jade's not kidding,Chase it's true.
Jade: I talked to the security officer at the American Computer and Robotics Museum in Bozeman,Montana that the Minuteman I Guidance Computer was stolen told me that two 'janitors' came in to cleaning up after closing...it turns out the first pair of janitors are Dara Riska and Al Loy.

Cole: *gasped* We were in Glacier National Park but Carmen wasn't there.
Jade: That's right,Cole! It happened the same thing at the Intel Museum in Santa Clara,California when the Silicon Ingot was stolen by Snarla Swing who disguise herself as a janitor as well.
Spencer: And we thought Carmen was after California's Great America an amusement park in the same city as the Intel Museum.
(California's Great America I don't own that amusement park whatsoever)
Josha: And finally we thought Carmen was after the London Eye,a Ferris wheel in London and thanks to Jade it was the original forty foot telescope lens from the Science Museum.

Chase: *on screen* So we've been tricked,huh?!?!
Arthur: *on screen* Extremely,Chase thanks the security footage at the Science Museum we've found out who took that lens *as Jade,Bolt and Team ACME are shocked*
Jade: Doctor Belljar and Madame Doctor Ima LeZaarde!
Bolt: This case is disaster!
Jade: Don't think so,Bolt! I've found the motive already.
Chase: *on screen* And what's the motive,Jade?

Jade: Matt want the people of the world to give them his demands.
Chase: *on screen* Demands?!?!
Jade: Freeing Maelstrom,some crooks that WOOHP encounter and of course money!
Chase: *on screen* That's it!
Jade: Yes Chase because if the people of the world doesn't give in Matt's demands he'll destroy each city that UNESCO Heritage Sites by using the stolen items as a weaponized laser cannon.

*Team ACME,Chase,Stewart,Bolt,Spencer and Carmen gasped and shocked at the same time.*

Carmen: *on screen* I'm glad Professor Bellum isn't behind this.
Jade: No Carmen I've got a feeling she's cooperating somehow.
Archie: She is,Miss Ezell! Jerry inform me already.
*Carmen felt a sigh of relief*
Chase: *on screen* Jade,we're all on our way to meet you and the others there.
Jade: Thanks Chase. *Chase turns off the screen*

Tyson: Yes! We're going to get even at VILE.
Jason: It isn't easy!
Tyson: Don't I know that,Jason?
Jade: C'mon we all better wait for our friends before saving the world...Nothing's gotta stop us now!

(end of Chapter Nineteen,part two...conclusion)
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