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I've seen these arrangements from the ground, it's difficult to tell what they are at eye-level. Any guesses from this group as to what the stones may be?


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The fact that they're 20-50 meters in diameter could mean dwellings of some sort. And larger kite-based structures something of religious significance.

Otherwise, they could have indicated a route. I remember when I was hiking in Chile, finding any sort of stone arrangement that indicated some other person had been on this path always made me feel better. I usually look for signs anywhere I hiked, but I was alone in Chile and it got hairy for a bit.

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The stones might have been the foundations of some old building/structure/dwelling.
The bulk of the structure might have been made of more perishable material like wood and straw and they disappeared over time, leaving only the foundation stones.
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They range from early Bronze Age to Roman period, up until the 7th century. One or more has openings and a size similar to local ruins of a Roman fort. Others are oblong, closed shapes with spokes running to the center reminiscent of prayer circuits. One article mentioned that a few circles looked like a few that were in the still untranslated Voynich manuscript.

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