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So I found this 'first post' between Acton and Patty, thought it'd be interesting to compare this to the latest post (Closed - Ultramarine | Page 3 | The Elusive Carmen Sandiego) between these two characters.

Auld Lang Syne: Co-Post Patty/Roux

Patty Larceny settled into the old theater, one of its many dressing rooms had an old copper tub. It doesn't work anymore, because the drain isn't connected to anything, but it made a good place for her to sit in while she did her nails.

Patts was quietly doing mini dance moves with only her head while her giant headphones drowned out the sound of hammering and stuff. Winter holiday was great for her because she didn't have to stay in Europe and freeze.

Dr. Acton Roux had been busy. The theatre proved a difficult spot for him to consistently hide. Workmen were everywhere, but it was good to have a nearby airstrip for his plane, for there, he may still be solitary. As he walked about the old structure, he came across some henchmen working with carpentry over a winding radio. The radio announcer spoke his brand, then told of recent updates world wide. A small section narrated of ACME's speculated malfunctioned C-5 corridor, and its affects on the lives of certain ACME agents. The news summed within a few short sentences, and thus moved on to other reports.

Quickly, Acton rushed, to find a gossip capable of providing more information. He found her, in an old copper tub, lacquering her nails.

"Mademoiselle," he said but she did not respond therefore he called louder, "Mademoiselle Patricia!"

Patty's numbed ears picked up someone calling her true name, and like a mythological she devil, she glared sharply at the source. Seeing an ominous-looking plague doctor surprised her.

"Dude!" She yelled back, "Knock, will you?"

Dr. Acton Roux looked around, but there was no panel of wood that was not at risk of being so moth ridden that it could be rapped upon with results, "There is no where to knock," he reasoned, and stepped in, "I heard news on the radio, has ill befallen ACME's highest ranks?"

Patty thought silently for a moment or two, she had checked ACME news this morning, and nothing came up. Maybe she was missing something.

Sliding off the tub, she hopped with her still drying toenails to her vilePhone. Checking through the inter webs, she found articles only a few hours old about a bomb at Nob Hill, San Francisco. The longest of these articles summed it up: That the attack was centered on ACME's Director of Operations and his top floor apartment, and that ACME hadn't issued a release of any sort. Speculations abound, and Patty formed one of her own.

"Oh my God," she commented, "They killed Chase!"

Acton looked at the blond young woman with curiosity, "Who is Chase?"

With timing, the dinner bell rang, but it was several seconds before Patty moved.

"ACME's McDreamy, Chase Devineaux!" She grabbed Roux's arm, "C'mon, we have to go tell everybody!"

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Oh, a fellow parkour junkie. I think this might be fun, no matter what side you end up going with.
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Yay my big sister
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I find it suspicious that all the 'Happy Birthday Contessa' wishes are coming from ACME agents...

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