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I don't own the characters: Carmen Sandiego, Chase Devineaux, Chief Weller, Archie Pelago, Bolt Upright, Ivy, Zack, Lee Jordan, Vic the Slick, Patty Larceny, Contessa, Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas whatsoever.

[This is a weird Christmas story...This is sort of based on Trading Places except no betting for an experiment by switching one man's life to another or The Simpsons' episode: The Principal and The Pauper except doesn't take place at a school or going back to a town where the person grew up there, making a person ignore someone's rules and the town prefers the one person over the other...I don't own the movie (Trading Places), The Animated Series or the episode (The Simpsons: The Principal and The Pauper) whatsoever]


ACME Headquarters, San Francisco, CA, USA (After Thanksgiving)

The Chief's Office

Chief Weller: *to Chase Devineaux* Is everything all set for Berlin, Director?
Chase: All set, Chief!
Chief Weller: I knew, I can count on you for this 'special assignment' there.
Chase: I wish everyone is coming!
Chief Weller: It's only for you, trust me.
Chase: Thank you, Chief! *As he gets up from the chair and return to the Director of Operations' Office where Bolt Upright is talking on the phone in Chase's chair*

The Director of Operations' Office

Bolt: *As he sees Chase and gets up from Chase's chair* Thanks for calling! *Hangs up the phone* Just trying to take some messages, but it turns out to be telemarketers.
Chase: Thanks for taking care of the calls while I was with the Chief.
Bolt: I wonder why?
Chase: I'm leaving for Berlin for some special assignment there.
Bolt: Is everyone coming with you?
Chase: Just myself, anyway, I'll be back in a few days.
Bolt: Oh yeah, you're going to be Santa Claus for ACME's annual Christmas Party, right?
Chase: For a charitable reason, Bolt! And don't let Detective Jordan be in charge of my office while I'm away.
Bolt: *no one notices a new janitor cleaning the baseboard at the hallway* As your right-handed assistant, I won't let him be in charge for a few days.
Chase: Thanks, Bolt! Why don't get some rest at home while I finished the rest of the day before I leave tomorrow for Berlin.
Bolt: *as he leaves* You got it, Chase!

*The new janitor just keep cleaning before closing time*

Meanwhile at Jade's house

*In the Den*

Jade: *on the phone* Are you sure, Mom? Mom, I'm very sorry for what's going on with the cold weather and all, not even using a heater? Well, at least, Sam and Socks are okay, I'm not doing any Christmas shopping at all, Mom, I don't have no idea what everybody wants this year and no, I don't do online shopping, Mom! That I don't know what everyone wants for Christmas Dinner some might see their own families near or far or going on a vacation to get away from the cold winter coming up...yeah, Mom, I'll be warm on Christmas...alright I'll wait for you, Mom! *As she hangs up the phone*

[End of Prologue]
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Chapter One...The Trouble Begins. (November 30th)

ACME Headquarters, Berlin, Germany [After a little jet lag Chase enter headquarters there stood a young man who is almost thirty years old standing with him is Hilda Braun]

Hilda: *to Chase* Director, we're glad you made it for this 'special assignment.'
Chase: Thank you, Hilda and you must be Dieter Schmidt, right?
Dieter: I am, Director, my aunt is going away for a few days, and surely enough can you be our Chief for a few days?
Chase: Chief?!?! For a few days?!?! *As a woman in her 50s shows up*
Martha Schmidt: Indeed, Director Devineaux, that is why I need someone to be Chief for a few days and I've figure you're perfect to do my job.
Chase: I thought this is a 'special assignment.'
Martha: It is for you, there is a rumor that you might be the next Chief of ACME and I thought it'll be Archie Pelago, he would have been more suitable for this job, oh well! *As a limousine shows up, Dieter opens the door* Good luck, Devineaux, I'm counting on you.

Chase: *as Martha enters the limousine* Thank you, Martha!
Dieter: See you in a few days, Auntie!
Martha: Thank you, Dieter and Hilda, you and my nephew show the director the ropes, no mess ups.
Hilda: Yes, Ma'am! *As Dieter closes the door, and the limousine drives away*

Inside the Headquarters

Chase: *as he, Dieter and Hilda walk in the hallway* So where is your aunt going, Dieter?
Dieter: Oh, something important, she never told me it's a vacation or a funeral, being Chief is stressful for her.
Chase: And you and Hilda?
Dieter: Well, not at work, thank goodness!
Hilda: C'mon, director, let us get you ready to be trained to be the Chief for a few days.
Chase: *with an expressionless face* I can hardly wait.

Meanwhile at ACME Headquarters, San Francisco, CA, USA

*After everyone left for home, the new janitor enters the file room and opens the archive files and searches for something important with his flashlight when all the sudden someone flip the switch at the file room*

Lee Jordan: *after the new janitor turns around and gasped* Aren't you going to take out the trash?
Janitor: Why you?!?! *Lee gasped when the new janitor decided to get him and gone white*

Because the next day (December 1st)

ACME Medical Center

*The C-5 appears and so does Jade*
Lee: *voice only* Ow! *Jade came to the hospital room and there was Lee, whose forehead is wrapped in bandage, an ice bag on his left eye, and in a hospital gown*
Jade: Lee, what happened to you?
Lee: Uh!
Security Guard: *to Jade* Miss Jade, I'm glad you're here, Detective Jordan has been attacked at the file room I was about to get ready for my last shift when I found him unconscious there last night; perhaps you can find out from there.
Jade: *to the security guard* Thank you, I'll go there right now.

*As she walks fast to the main headquarters from the medical center, she enters the file room there was Zack and Ivy Monaghan checking out the scene of the crime*

Jade: Zack, Ivy, did you find out what happened here last night?
Zack: Sure did, Jade!
Ivy: Other than what happened to the hot shot [Lee] someone opens the archive files.
Jade: Under what letter?
Zack: G.
Jade: *looks at the filing section under the letter G* Which file is missing?
Zack: Something to do with Chase Devineaux and the Grett Case.
Jade: *raising her eyebrows* The Grett Case?!?!
Ivy: You weren't here, Jade, it was almost ten years ago in Switzerland.
Jade: Does anyone have a copied of the Grett Case?
Zack: Afraid not, Jade, the Grett Case is a top-secret assignment for Chase.
Jade: So, you two don't know about this case.
Ivy: Sorry, Jade, we don't.
Jade's mind: I've got a bad feeling about this.

In the meantime, at ACME Headquarters, Berlin, Germany (an evening meeting takes place with ACME Germany's board members along with Dieter Schimdt assistance Chase for this meeting)

Meeting Room

Board member #1(male): *to Chase* We welcome you to this meeting, Devineaux, for Chief Schimdt's absences.
Chase: Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen, members of the board, I'm glad I have come to aid you guys; while Chief Schimdt's away, I would like to listen what's going on for this monthly meeting.
Board member#1: Certainly, Mr. Devineaux!

Outside of Headquarters

*A cab pulls in and a shadowy figure came out*
Fred Grett: *translated from German* Thank you! *While he enters headquarters, the Berlin Police squad car appears out of nowhere after the cab leaves*

The Meeting Room

Board member #1: This meeting is adjured, Mr. Devineaux, got anything to say?
Chase: Not at all, in fact, you all did a great job and I'll see to it that Chief Schimdt will be pleased when she returns, I'm glad to be helpful on her behalf, if any of you need anything just ask for Chase Devineaux.
Fred: You're not Chase Devineaux! *The board members gasped when a man who looks like David Tennant shows up with the Berlin Police* [I don't own anything from the actor who played both the Tenth Doctor and the Fourteenth Doctor from Doctor Who whatsoever]

Chase: What the...
Dieter: *to Fred* Who are you?
Fred: I'm the real Chase Devineaux, back off!
Board member #1: What's going on here?
Fred: *points his finger to Chase* That man stolen my identity and being an embezzler, he is hiding from his true name.
Board member #1: Would someone remove this...*gasped as the Berlin Police officers came and handcuffed Chase*

Fred: *to Chase* You think you can get away from crime, Ben Crumpsy, didn't think so. *Translated from German to the Berlin Police Officers* Take him away now! *As the Berlin Police officers dragged Chase out of ACME Headquarters and into the squad car and Dieter came out of headquarters* [Ben
Crumpsy is a pun name of Bankruptcy, I don't own that pun name whatsoever]

Dieter: *to Chase in the squad car* Please tell me, it's not true!
Police officer (male): *translated from German, pushing Dieter to the ground* Get out of our way!

*The two police officers enter the squad car and drives away with Chase inside*

Inside headquarters

Board member #1: *to Fred* What is the meaning of this?
Fred: My name is Chase Devineaux and that man is imposter by the name of Ben Crumpsy.
Board member #1: I don't understand, why?

Fred: The truth is I was switched at birth by a nurse grabbing Ben away to my parents while end up in an orphanage, Ben was born in Portiers, France and raised in America, I've found out who my parents were, my father was in the U.S. Marines and my mother is a very good housewife.

Dieter: You can't be Chase Devineaux, you could be a pauper, you know.
Fred: I see what he did in his life as me, being an ACME agent, ha! Think again, I was in ACME when he shows up success as me and his partner, well Carmen Sandiego would have retired and be my wife instead of living a life of crime. *To Dieter and gave him the card to the Berlin Police Station* If you don't believe me, then go to the police and talk to Ben and I mean it. *As Fred goes back inside ACME Germany*

Dieter's mind: *as he leaves for the parking garage to get his motorcycle* We'll see about that!

The Next Day...ACME Headquarters, Berlin, Germany (December 2nd)

*After getting out of the limousine with a frown on her face, Martha returns and there stood Dieter*
Dieter: Auntie! *Martha slaps his face* [But not so hard]
Martha: *to Dieter* In my office, now! *Dieter gulped as he follows his aunt to her office*

Chief Schmidt's Office

Martha: I heard what happened to Chase Devineaux at last night's monthly meeting and turns out to be an imposter.
Dieter: Yes, Ma'am!
Martha: And?
Dieter: Well, I just went to the police station to talk to him and see if it's true or not.
Martha: Tell me what happened at the police station?

*Dieter's flashback from last night*

'Berlin Police Station'

Interrogation Room

Dieter: *as he came and saw Chase with his hair mess up and his clothes wrinkled out...quietly* Chase, tell me your real name.
Chase: *quietly* Dieter, Chase Devineaux is my real name.
Dieter: *quietly* I don't know who this guy is, but he said he's you, but I don't believe him.
Chase: *quietly* I've got a weird feeling; I've been framed for a crime I didn't commit.
Dieter: *quietly* Of course, you didn't, unless somebody wants revenge on you from one of your cases, years ago.
Chase: *quietly* My guess, someone must have entered the main headquarters unnoticed; ACME could be in big trouble, I want to talk to your aunt, tell her what I said to you, understand? *Dieter nodded his head 'yes' until a police officer shows up and escorted Dieter out*

*Dieter's Flashback fades*

Martha: And you believe he's been framed after he left Berlin?
Dieter: No, auntie! I believe the one who said he's the real Chase Devineaux left Berlin for San Francisco and the real Chase Devineaux is in jail.
Martha: I don't believe you, Dieter!
Dieter: Auntie!
Martha: I'll talk to Chief Weller and find out myself from him.
Dieter: Auntie!
Martha: You may go now, Dieter!
Dieter: Auntie!
Martha: Go, now! *As Dieter leaves his aunt alone and ran in the hallway with a broken heart, he fears his aunt's heart might have turn cold afterwards*

Meanwhile at Jade's House

Jade: *after looking at her padphone, to Sam and Socks* No messages, you two, but still got a bad feeling something's not right.

[End of Chapter One, the next chapter will be shocking with a humor at the same time]
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Chapter Two...Not a creature is stirring, not even...a Stoat?!

ACME Headquarters, San Francisco, CA, USA (December 2nd)

The Conference Room

Chief Weller: *to Martha on screen* Are you sure about what your nephew said?
Martha: *on screen* Yes, Everard! *Until someone opened the door*
Fred: Well, your nephew's wrong, my dear; I've got proof, Chief!
*As he dropped the pictures on the table*
Chief Weller: *to Fred pretending to be Chase after he turned around* Who are you?

Fred: Me? I'm Chase Devineaux!
Chief Weller: That's prepositus! You're not him.
Fred: Actually, I am the 'real' Chase Devineaux! The man you hire was a con artist name Ben Crumpsy and he stole not only my identity, but he's an embezzler.
Martha: *on screen* Everard, you better talk to this guy and talk to me later. *As the screen was turn off with his expressionless face, Chief Weller doesn't have a choice*

The Chief's Office (ten minutes later with Bolt)

Fred: And that's why, I am the 'real' Chase Devineaux!
Chief Weller: Devineaux, do you know anything about being the Director of Operations?
Fred: Yes, Chief!
Bolt: What?!?! *To Chief* You can't be serious, he doesn't know nothing about being the Director of Operations maybe I should...
Chief Weller: Upright, please!
Bolt: Oh alright! *To the 'real' Chase* Follow me, I'll show you to your office!

The Director of Operations' Office

Fred: *to Bolt* I want you to bring in the files of all ACME agents.
Bolt: Why?
Fred: I'm going to inspect these records to be clean, otherwise if there's a criminal record in the files, I'll fired them.
Bolt: It's not up to you, it's up to the Chief.
Fred: Do as I say?
Bolt: *with an unamused face* Yes, sir! *As he leaves the office, the 'real' Chase laughed a little and use the office phone and dial the number for outside ACME and then dial in the phone number* [Little did the 'real' Chase know that he's been watched by Scout, Lee Jordan's stoat with a mini camera on her collar]

Donna Grett: *on phone* Hello!
Fred: Donna, it's your baby brother!
Donna: *on phone* Fred, how did it go?
Fred: Easy as pie!
Donna: *on phone* Great, is there anything in mind?

Fred: No, say is mom with you?
Donna: *on phone* Yes, Fred, mom ordering the henchman to get rid of the file further away from ACME by the phone.
Fred: Excellent, listen, Donna, I want you and mom, come to ACME headquarters, tell that receptionist that you two are old friends of Chase Devineaux and I'll come by and give you two the key to our new home.
Donna: *on phone* Brilliant, Fred! We'll see you later.

Fred: Thank you! *As he hangs up the office phone, Scout speeds off by jumping into the janitor's cart when Bolt return with a box full of ACME agents' files as he enters the Director of Operations' office*
Bolt: Is there anything else, sir?
Fred: That'll be all, Bolt, I shall call upon each name when I spotted something important. *As Bolt left and gulped*

Somewhere in Hamburg, Germany

*Chase woke up in the district of Altona-St. Pauli*

Chase: Oh, where am I? *He got up and hears someone screaming* What the...*As he ran to scene of two thieves, one trying to grab an old lady's purse and the other trying to harm another old lady and an eight-year-old girl while an eighteen-year-old young man protects her and the old lady*

Thief #1 (male): You better give me your money old lady!
Old Lady #1: No, you don't, young man!
Thief #2 (male): *to Old Lady #2* You better give me that little girl so we can use her for ransom.
Rupert Torte: Leave them alone.
Thief #2: Alright, kid, you ask for it! *And then Chase stops Thief #2 from hurting the young man and use his Krav Maga skills unto him [but not deadly] *
Thief #1: What?!?! *He gasped because of Chase*

Chase: Hey, you with the old lady leave her alone or I'll do the same thing as I did to your friend. *Thief #1 gasped seeing Thief #2 in a plastic trash can*
Thief #1: *as he came to Thief #2 who try to get out of the plastic trash can by himself* Let's get outer here, man!
Thief #2: I'm with you! *And the two thieves ran*

Rupert: *to Chase* Thank you so much for saving us.
Chase: You're welcome!
Rupert: I'm Rupert Torte and that's my little sister, Ann-Marie and you, sir?
Chase: Ben, Ben Crumpsy!
Old Lady #1: Thanks for saving us! We're about to take the children to the new orphanage around here *and she gave Chase 1060 Euros* [1060 Euros=$1,154.13 U.S. Dollars] Just in case you go to another country that is in the Eurozone do not exchange them unless that country is not part of the Eurozone.
Chase: Thank you, ma'am!

Old Lady #1: Let's go, Rupert!

Rupert: Yes, ma'am! *As he and Old Lady #2 grabs Ann-Marie who was cripple escort to the van*

Chase: *looking at 1060 Euros* Not enough to get me home. *As he walks around the district looking for a place to eat and notice his clothes well...after what happened last night, he has no idea what's going on how he ends up in Hamburg*

Meanwhile at Jade's house

*While Jade finished her breakfast, she heard a thump from the door*

Jade's mind: *as Jade to the front door* What was that? I hope someone isn't coming in or could be an ACME agent with something important.
*Jade opened the door and notice there was a package with no return address*

Jade's mind: *Jade picks up the package* Strange, who would leave a package like this? Hope this one doesn't contain a bomb. *Jade is cautious and decided to find out by using a pair of rubber disposable gloves and scissors from the kitchen and the den, she opens the package with the scissors and opened it carefully and Jade is relieved that package doesn't a bomb, but she saw something familiar* Oh my gosh, it can't be! *Yup it's a file containing documents of a top-secret case* Oh fudge, the Grett Case.

Meanwhile in Vienna, Austria at a studio house belonging to Hans Strudel, C.E.O. of Strudels, Inc., a baked goods company in Strasbourg, France [a fictional company]

Hans: *on the phone* I'm glad they're okay...I'll call the pilot to bring them here, so we get to know each other and celebrate Christmas together as a family and I'll make sure everything is taking care of for them when we get back to Strasbourg. *All the sudden the cellphone buzzed* I'll call you right back and Merry Christmas. *Hans hangs up the phone and pick up his cellphone and answered*

Hans: This is Strudel...Mr. Zucker, what's going on? For fifteen years I put you in charge of payroll, you've better get these employees their paychecks because if they don't get paid, they'll complaint about it again; I don't care, Mr. Zucker, just do it. *Hangs up his cellphone when he saw Carmen Sandiego from behind thanks to the reflect of a mirror*

Hans: I hope you and your 'friends' don't try to steal my secret recipes of my family's prize-winning treat, are you, Carmen Sandiego?

Carmen: *while she behind Hans* Not exactly, Hans, your employees are overworked, but no paid.
Hans: Again?!?!
Carmen: Ever since what happened to your last payroll specialist passed away, you hired Fritz Zucker.
Hans: Ah, yes, Mrs. Mabel, she's always looking at the books correctly and looking out from the stock market; but that's not why you show up unannounced.
Carmen: Beware, your company will be in big trouble, and I have nothing to do with this.
Hans: *as he turns around* Don't make me call security, Carmen! *Gasped* I'm glad she left...better call the pilot.

ACME Headquarters, Berlin, Germany

Chief Schmidt's Office *Someone knocking on her door*

Martha: Come in! *And opening her door was Hilda and a Berlin Police detective* Oh, Hilda, it's you, I thought it was my nephew and who's he?
Hilda: This detective is from the Berlin Police; he wants to talk to you.
Martha: If it's something with this imposter, I want to graduate the police force for their cooperation, last night.
Hilda: I don't think that's it, ma'am! I'll leave you two alone. *As Hilda closes the door* [Trust me there's no romantic conversation it's serious private and very important which will be revealed later in this story]

[End of Chapter Two]
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Chapter Three: Chase joining VILE?!?!

Somewhere in Hamburg, Germany (sun is setting and cold as well)

*Chase started to shiver after trying look at coats in different stores, but one store at a time is so expensive, so does the lodging and restaurants, and with 1060 Euros in his pocket still not enough until he saw a tavern called Der Verlogene Schnatz (translated from German: The Lying Snitch/ a fictional place) and decide to enter there*

Inside the Tavern

*Translated from German*

Chase: *after warming up his hands by using his breath* Hello, anyone here!
Tavern Owner (male): *as he shows up* Yes? *To Chase* Oh my goodness, you're so cold, where's your coat?
Chase: I don't have one, it's a long story.
Tavern Owner: I've figure you couldn't find a place to stay to eat and get some new clothes for yourself, right?
Chase: That's right.
Tavern Owner: Well, you come to the right place, there's a giveaway box full of clothes, I don't know if there's some in your size, very new, and is this your first time?

Chase: *as he is showing the Tavern Owner 1060 Euros* Yes!
Tavern Owner: Oh no, no! If this is your first time, food and drink are on the house and clothes are free for you too.
Chase: Thank you!
Tavern Owner: Luckily for you, my cook is fixing roasted chicken and veggies for dinner. Hope you don't mind for carrots, butternut squash and broccoli.
Chase: Yes, I'll have that for dinner and give me a good ale to go with that.

Tavern Owner: Of course, what is your name?
Chase: Ben Crumpsy! And I needed a job where can I find one?
Tavern Owner: Ah, I know a person who will give a job for you.

Young Waiter (male): *as he came* Sir, this is a phone call for you.
Tavern Owner: Thank you! *To Chase* You, why don't get dress and I bring you, your meal.
Chase: Thank you again and Merry Christmas! *As Chase starts looking for clothes for himself while the Tavern Owner goes back to the kitchen*

In the Kitchen

Tavern Owner: *as he picks the phone* Hello...we found someone who can work for our boss...Yeah, excellent, I'll send him over because he needed a job...In Munich, that's a good place to start for the newbie, of course, I'll tell him to meet you here after he's done with his supper.

*End Translation*

ACME Headquarters, San Francisco, CA, USA (Seven Days Later...December 9th)

The Director of Operations' Office

Fred: *as he chews on a ham and Swiss cheese sandwich on rye bread with chutney made of marrow [an oblong, green squash that has a firm rind and neutral flavor], mango, lime, onion, apple and hot peppers while talking on the phone* It's getting good so far.
Irma Grett: *on phone* Fred, don't talk with your mouth full. *As he grabs a cup of hot chocolate and wash down his sandwich*
Fred: Sorry, mother.
Irma: *on phone* So, who did you fired, son?
Fred: I've fired Detective Jordan, along with Commander Monaghan and Detective Monaghan.
Irma: *on phone* Why?
Fred: They've got a criminal record. *Unaware that Archie Pelago stopped while heading for his office and overhears the conversation*

Irma: *on phone* Oh brilliant! Are you still going to check who stays and who goes?
Fred: I even have to let go of this Jade Ezell girl.
Irma: *on phone* Oh, Fred, why?
Fred: She's born with borderline autism.
Irma: *on phone* Disability is not a criminal record, Fred.
Fred: I know that mom. *Archie quietly gasped and heads back to his office*

Jade's House

Jade: *on her padphone as she finished packing for a trip with Arthur Chance after he message her since yesterday* What?!?! Are you sure, Archie?
Archie: *on screen quietly* I'm sure of it and Bolt, well he's not amused of our Director of Operations.
Jade: Archie, we shouldn't judge a book by its cover and besides I've found the missing top-secret mission file on the Grett Case.
Archie: *on screen quietly* Take it with you, Miss Ezell, Detective Chance is coming to pick you and the cats up make sure you three get warm up on your way to the safehouse near Vienna, Austria.

Jade: Why, Vienna?
Archie: *on screen quietly* Well, Shirley, our receptionist set up a trip to Vienna to Detective Jordan, Detective Monaghan and Commander Monaghan after they were fired by our director.
Jade: Chase will never do that.
Archie: *on screen quietly* Well this 'Chase' certainly did. *As he shows her a picture of what 'Chase' looks like*
Jade: That's not Chase, Archie, and I believe the real Chase Devineaux is somewhere in Germany, I believe someone wants revenge against him for what happened after the Grett Case is solved.
Archie: *gasped* Indeed, Miss Ezell! *As someone knocks on his door* I'll better go, right now, it must be the Chief and definitely disappointed, I'll call you later.
Jade: Gotcha, Archie! *As she hears a car horn and hangs up her Sam and Socks in their own winter outfit as she grabs her stuff along with the cats' stuff as well* C'mon, you two, we're going to Austria for a while.

*As the cats follows Jade outside and there is Arthur Chance along with his dog, Romanov*

Romanov's mind: *as Arthur place Jade's stuff in the Sam and Socks* About time, you two furballs tag along.
Socks' mind: *as she and Sam hopped in the back seat* Where's everybody?
Romanov's mind: Reuben and Scout are in Vienna, along with their owner.
Sam's mind: Let's hope nothing goes wrong in Vienna. *After Jade puts her seat belt on, Arthur start driving to the airport*

Contessa's Winter Lodge, just fifteen minutes from Vienna, Austria

Jeeves: This is going to be a good Christmas, madame.
Contessa: Indeed, Jeeves! But where's the Christmas tree?
Carmen: *as she shows up* That's what I like to know...*And then a moving truck shows up*
Jeeves: It seems they got the Christmas tree, Miss Sandiego? Oh my! *As two henchmen struggles with the Christmas a young henchman* Help them out!
Young Henchman: Yes, Jeeves! *As he heads outside and help the two henchmen with the tree* Careful, easy!
Henchman#1: Where to put this tree?
Young Henchman: *points to an empty spot* There, gentlemen!

*Both Carmen and Contessa gasped at the Christmas tree*
Carmen: Where did you get this tree?
Henchman#2: At a Christmas shop around Bavaria
Contessa: The tree looks so Victorian.
Henchman#1: That's right, evergreen, young fir, about eight feet high and six tiers of branches.
Carmen: I hope there's no needles shedding down.
Henchman#2: No, boss, actually, it's artificial aluminum.
Carmen/Contessa: What?!?!
Jeeves: Isn't that expensive?
Henchman#1: No, thanks to the new henchman he purchases this tree for 325 Euros. [325 Euros= 354.90 U.S. Dollars]

Carmen: Where's the new henchman?
Henchman#2: We drop him off in Vienna, waiting for your next assignment.
Carmen: Good, I'm glad Vic, Patty, Moe and Lars are on their way to meet the new henchman and show him the ropes.
Henchman#1: Yes, ma'am!
Contessa: Heading out?!?!
Carmen: *as she is about to leave* Of course, Contessa, I've better inform Vic at once after the plane lands at the airport and I'll give him the message right away. *And she did leave on her high-tech snowmobile*

San Francisco, CA, USA

Lounge Dragon, Chinatown (a fictional Chinese restaurant): Fred, along with his mother [Irma], Donna and a tall bald man with a small scar between his eyebrows enjoying a brunch there.

Irma [who looks like Meryl Streep in the Devil wears Prada]: *after tasting a vegetarian version of xiaolongbao (dumplings steamed in a bamboo basket) quietly * Can't believe we're eating Cantonese, is there anything Szechuan?
Donna [who looks like Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde except her hair is dark auburn]: *quietly* Mother, Dim Sum is commonly associated with Cantonese, and I told the chef not to add any MSG [monosodium glutamate].
(I don't own anything from these two actresses or their own movie I just mention whatsoever)
Irma: *quietly* Donna!

Robbie Ree [Pun name for Robbery]: *quietly* She means it, ma'am! She wants no flavors on the food. *As he grabs a spare rib with his hand, Donna slaps his hand*
Donna: *to Robbie, quietly* Chopsticks!
Irma: *quietly* If you still want to be in this family, Robbie, remember to learn table manners.
Robbie: *quietly as he grabs his chopsticks* Sorry, ma'am!
Fred: *finished chowing down a spring roll quietly* It's been almost ten years since dad is in prison and now, that fool [Chase Devineaux] will pay the price anyway.

Irma: *quietly* Don't forget, Fred, I'm counting on you, to keep your true identity a secret and track down that dumb girl [Jade], I don't want anyone to suspect a thing. *Irma's cellphone buzzed, she stands up and picks the cellphone* If you all excuse me! I'm getting some fresh air.

Fred: *quietly as he uses his chopsticks to grab a fried tofu while Irma leaves* We're not in a rush, mother.

*Little did nobody notice someone is spying on them*

[End of Chapter Three]
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Chapter Four...Trying to get Chase back to ACME?!?!

Back in Vienna, Austria [Innere Stadt district]

Vic: *on his cellphone* Okay, boss, we meet the newbie and tell him about the assignment for you?!?! Yeah, sure, leave it to us. *As he hangs up his cellphone and there was a man with a messy henna hair and a little stubble on his face, dressed like a chimney sweeper in a trench coat*
Chase: *to Vic* Hey, you!
Vic: *pointing at himself* Me?

Chase: Yeah, you! *As Patty Larceny, Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas came to Vic*
Moe: *to Vic* Hey, is that the newbie?
Vic: Sure is, boys!
Patty: He kind-a look familiar.
Vic: *As he, Patty, Moe and Lars came to Chase* Oh, Pats, he just an unemployed...yikes!

Chase: Hi!
Moe/Lars: Chase Devineaux?!?!
Chase: *use his index finger* Shh!!! *quietly* I'm not who you think.
Moe: *quietly* But you are...
Chase: *quietly* If you want to look for him go to San Francisco if you dare.

Patty: *quietly* We don't need to go to San Francisco, anyway...why are you going to the other side, handsome.
Chase: *quietly* I'm not Chase Devineaux, my name is Ben Crumpsy.
Moe/Lars: *as they raised their own eyebrows* Huh?!?!
Chase: *quietly* I'm the newbie, tell me what to do?
Moe: *to Vic, quietly as he, Lars and Patty* We need to do something to get him back to ACME.
Chase: Hey, what should I do?
Vic: Uh, nothing, uh, Ben, why don't you well...shoplift around every Christmas Market.

Chase: *as he takes out 735 Euros out of his pocket [735 Euros=806.66 U.S. Dollars] * I've got a better idea why don't you all buy ornaments at the best Christmas market in Vienna outside the Schönbrunn Palace.
Vic: Why that place?
Chase: I don't watch TV, but one of the henchmen did stream an episode of Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations about Vienna, he shows me everything, but I don't want to try a Sacher torte.

[I don't own the show: Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, the episode about Vienna or a Sacher torte (which is a chocolate sponge cake with a thin of apricot jam between two layers and coated a dark chocolate icing and serve with an unsweetened whipped cream) whatsoever]

Patty: Why not?
Chase: Not a big fan of desserts, that's why not? *Someone screamed when Chase decided to give Vic, Patty, Moe and Lars each 245 Euros [245 Euros=268.81 U.S. Dollars] If you all excuse me, I've got to help somebody. *As he leaves*

Vic: Wait a minute, Hey!
Moe: Let him go, Vic, it's for his own good for his own deeds.
Lars: Maybe should try other Christmas Markets beside the one 'Ben' told us.
Patty: I heard there's a Christmas Market outside of City Hall and one in Karlsplatz.
Moe/Lars: Karlsplatz?!?!
Patty: Charles Square in German and that's why I'm going there. *As she leaves*
Lars: C'mon, Moe! Let's go to the one outside of City Hall. *As he and Moe leaves*
Vic: *shrugged with an expressionless face* Great, I'm going to the one outside of a palace?!?! *As he leaves*


Hans: *running with a couple of shopping bags with two thieves going after him* Help, someone help me. *End up at a wall as in dead end for him*

Thief#1 (male): *as he and Thief #2 (another male) came closer to Hans* Just hand us some money and you won't get hurt, old man!
*Until he and Thief #2 got knock down unconsciously from behind and Hans gasped as he sees Chase as he grabs a rope tying the two thieves together*
Hans: Please, don't hurt me!
Chase: I'm not going to hurt you!

Hans: *as Chase lifts him up* Oh thank you, sir, I'm Hans Strudel!
Chase: Ben Crumpsy!
Hans: Well, Mr. Crumpsy, nice to meet you and thank you!
Chase: It is nothing, really? *Hans gave Chase a piece of paper*
Hans: Just call me, I was hoping to look for new security officers at my company in Strasbourg, France, we'll talk soon.
Chase: *as Hans leaves* Thank you so much, sir!

Chase's mind: *as Chase strolling around Vienna* I hope Carmen and her gang would accept me as a henchman with a gold heart, otherwise, I'd better get a job in France. *All of the sudden he bumped unto Lee*

Lee: Hey, pal, why don't you...Chase! My gosh it's you!
Chase: Uh, don't I know you?
Lee: Chase, it's me, Lee Jordan, remember?
Chase: *as Lee got himself up* No, I'm not Chase Devineaux.
Lee: But you are, I'm glad I find you that weirdo just fired me.
Chase: Who is this weirdo?

Lee: He told me his name is Chase Devineaux, but I say he's not! I'm glad I've found you, c'mon, everyone is at ACME is worry about the Director of Operations.
Chase: Yeah, right, I've bet you're the Director of Operations.
Lee: I'm not, Chase!
Chase: Of course, you are, and my name is Ben Crumpsy! I'll see you later. *As he leaves*

Lee's mind: *as Lee walks* What is wrong with Chase? Has he been drinking or has gone weird? But all I know is I'm glad it's not a robot. *As a car came to a stop as the windows automatically came down*

Arthur: *to Lee* Detective Jordan, thank goodness, I've found you!
Lee: Arthur, what are you doing here? I'm heading for Leopoldstadt.
Arthur: Yeah, right, Detective, you're not going to have fun at the Schweizerhaus.
Lee: I am meeting Zack and Ivy there.
Arthur: Afraid they can't come get in! *As Lee opens the car door*
Lee: Where are we going?
Arthur: Safehouse, everyone's waiting for us.
Lee: *as Arthur starts driving* Good, I've got something to tell everyone at once.

[End of Chapter Four]


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Chapter Five...Dilemma from the Stakeout?!?!

ACME Safehouse, near Vienna, Austria

Jade/Ivy/Zack/Arthur/Dieter: What?!?! *As Dieter serves the hot chocolate: no sugar added version with a zero-sugar whipped cream for Jade, three regulars [without marshmallows for Ivy and himself, and with marshmallows for Zack] and a hard version for Lee*
Zack: Lee, are you sure you found Chase?

Lee: Absolutely, Zack, except his name is Ben Crumpsy, I don't know why he told me that I'm the new Director of Operations, he doesn't realize the truth.
Jade: *after taking a sipped of her hot chocolate* I agree, Lee, the only thing we have to do now is look around Vienna and find him before Christmas Day.

Arthur: *after looking at his e-mails on his laptop computer* I've got a receive word from our Director of Intelligence that the Chief, Archie and Bolt are going to Berlin to meet the Chief of ACME Germany.
Zack: Chief of ACME Germany?!?!
Dieter: As in my aunt, Zack!
Zack: What's the matter, Dieter?
Dieter: It seems, my aunt is now cold-hearted after what happened with Chase's 'special assignment'

Jade: What do you mean, Dieter?
Dieter: I mean, a man who resembles to the tenth doctor, no wait, maybe the fourteenth doctor from Doctor Who claims that he's the 'real' Chase Devineaux.
Zack: You've been watching too many reruns of Doctor Who, Dieter.
Ivy/Jade/Lee: Oh, Zack!

Jade: *shows Dieter the picture of the 'real' Chase on her padphone* You mean this one.
Dieter: That's the one!
Jade: Dieter, he's an imposter and my guess there's someone who wanted revenge against Chase and no this isn't like the Prince and the Pauper; *As she brings out the Grett case file* it's something to deal with a top-secret assignment Chase solved almost ten years ago.
Arthur: Jade, I hope you didn't read or tamper with it.
Jade: I did not, Arthur, but someone did.

Contessa's Winter Lodge, just fifteen minutes from Vienna (December 18...nine days later)

Vic: *struggle with a red paper strip* This is so boring, and these give me a lot of papercuts.
Patty: *using a needle and thread to string up some package peanuts* What are you complaining about, Vic, stringing these 'popcorns' is hard work anyway. *Voice only when Moe is pouring cranberry juice in the kitchen* Ouch!

Lars: *using a needle and thread to string up little wooden beads resemble to dried cranberries* Well, Patty, try stringing some 'cranberries' that 'Ben' found for me after me and Moe couldn't find the right ornaments for the tree at some arts and crafts store while we escape from the cops around that Christmas market outside of City Hall and already strung them. *Moe came with a cup of cranberry juice that when the 'cranberries' spill to the floor*

Moe: *to Lars and place his cup on the table* You idiot, did you forget to tie up the end of the string?
Lars: Whoops!
Moe: We haven't decorated the tree and still no star, no garlands.
Lars: We're struggling with the garlands; I wish you would have help me, Moe.

Moe: I ought...
Jeeves: *as he came* Oh my goodness, boys! Don't make a mess on the floor!
Contessa: *as she came with a shopping bag* What's going on here?
Lars: Hey, don't look at us we're just making garlands.
Vic: Yeah, and I'm not happy no thanks to the newbie.

Contessa: Newbie?!?!
Moe: His name is Ben Crumpsy!
Contessa: What did he do?
Moe: We don't know, he never told us what he did before joining up with Carmen.
Jeeves: May I suggest making a pattern of 'popcorn' and 'dried cranberries'?

Carmen: *as she enters* What in arts and crafts is going on here? You all supposed to be doing some Christmas shopping.
Vic: We can't, boss, we don't have enough money to do anything except making garlands.
Carmen: *placing her hand on her forehead and with an unamused face* Great, who's idea was this?
Moe: Ben Crumpsy!
Carmen: Where is he?

Chase: *singing voice only* Deck the halls with boughs of holly; Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la.
Moe/Lars: Upstairs! *Carmen goes upstairs and find that 'newbie'*
Chase: *singing voice only didn't notice Carmen from behind while finishing up getting dressed* 'Tis the season to be jolly; Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la. Don we now gay apparel, Fa, la, la, fa, la, la, la, la, la...Troll the ancient Yuletide carol, Fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la!!!

Carmen: *clapping her hands* Bravo, newbie! I need to talk to you!
Chase: Are you Carmen Sandiego?
Carmen: Of course, wait a minute, have we met?
Chase: Uh, no, not yet ma'am.
Carmen: That suit, where did you get it?
Chase: Vincent loaned this to me along with the shoes, Lars gave me.

Carmen: Explain?
Chase: I'm going out to dinner tonight; I was wondering if you like to come.
Carmen: Who's inviting you to dinner, hmm?
Chase: Hans Strudel.
Carmen: I heard of him and no thank you uh...
Chase: *as he turns around and sees Carmen* Ben Crumpsy!

Meanwhile downstairs while picking up the 'dried cranberries.'

Carmen: *voice only and gasped* Oh no!
Vic: Oh boy, she knows! *Gulped as a limousine shows up and Chase came downstairs fast*
Chase: Thanks for the suit, Vincent! *As he leaves* It suited me well!

Meanwhile in Vienna's Innere Stadt District

Ivy: *as she, Zack, Jade and Lee along with Sam and Socks [Jade's cats], Reuben and Scout [Lee's beagle dog and stoat] * Now, are you sure you found him here?
Lee: Without a doubt, Ivy! *As a limousine appeared, and Scout jumped on the back of the limousine but not inside* Scout! (At least the pets are warmed with their own winter wear)
Jade: *looking at her padphone* Looks like the tracking chip on Scout's collar is just getting started.

Zack: C'mon, let's see where that limousine goes. *As Team ACME [Ivy, Zack, Lee and Jade] along with Sam, Socks and Reuben] enter the minivan Ivy is using to drive*
Jade: *voice only* Ivy, don't forget the front lights, we don't want the driver to know we're following the limousine!

Hans Strudel's Vienna Apartment *After the limousine stop, Chase came out and enter the place not knowing Scout follows inside*

Hans: *as Chase came in* Ah, Ben, so glad you made it follow me! *As he and Chase enter the dining room there was two familiar people Chase recognize already* Mr. Crumpsy, I want to meet my grandnephew, Rupert Torte and my grandniece, Ann-Marie.
Rupert: We already met over Hamburg.
Hans: Really, is this true, Ben?
Chase: Yes, I did, those thieves were harming them along with two old ladies, but I deal with them already.
Hans: That's wonderful!
Chase: But how did you know these children?

Hans: They're my nephew's children; My nephew and niece-in-law died in a plane crash on their way back from London seven years ago.
Rupert: It broke our heart, we thought we never have anyone left.
Chase: *As he sits down on the chair* So, Rupert, what happened to you and your sister afterwords?
Rupert: I've drop out of high school because of low grades and I'm trying to keep up in going on aiding my little sister here.
Hans: She's been crippled ever since she was born, no knows what it is not even my nephew ever told me what's wrong with her.
Rupert: It's hard raising her, and the director of the orphanage did her best to find a family who would take her in, but no family wanted to take care of my little sister and the condition she suffer.
Chase: Poor little one, I hope there's a miracle to help save her.

In the Minivan

Zack: Saving them in Hamburg?!?!
Ivy: That's Chase for you, little bro!
Lee: *to Jade* Never let your cats do a stoat's job.
Jade: Lee, please, let's find out what happens next.

*Dinnertime...Hans' dinner is concerning a good Christmas dinner...first course: a bowl of parsnip soup and the main course: roast goose with dressing made of sage, onion and roasted chestnuts, cooked red cabbage, mashed potatoes and chunky applesauce*

Hans: Enjoying your meal so far.
Chase: *after sipping a glass of smoking bishop [a mix of mulled red wine with port] * Of course, Hans!
Rupert: Hope you'll stay for dessert.
Chase: Wish I could, Rupert, but I'm not a dessert fan.
*Ann-Marie tugged Chase's jacket a little bit*
Chase: Ann-Marie!
Rupert: Ann-Marie wants you to stay and see the plum pudding blazes and have a holly on the top before serving with hard lemon sauce.

Hans: It's one of the family's traditional Christmas desserts. *As a butler shows up and whispers to Hans' ear, Hans whispers the butler, and the butler leaves the dining room*
Chase: What's going on, Hans?
Hans: Oh, it's my payroll specialist, he's coming all the way here.
Rupert: Oh no! He's the one who makes my granduncle's employees upset over their paychecks not coming to them.
Hans: Rupert, that's not nice to tell our guest about our troubles.

Fritz Zucker: *voice only* It's already did, Mr. Strudel! *As he enters the dining room (a bald-headed man with an eyepiece with a crooked nose and wearing pinstripes) Hans* I've found out who stolen our employees over the last fifteen...*points his finger at Chase* That's him!

Hans: What?!?! Mr. Crumpsy!
Fritz: He's the embezzler and steals someone's identity! *And then out of nowhere the Vienna Police squad shows and captures Chase*

In the Minivan

Ivy: Oh no, Chase!
Jade: *as she some figure shadows coming their way* Uh, oh, Ivy, we could be capture too!
Zack: Jade, Do something? *And Jade did use her padphone and C-5 her and the rest of team ACME before being caught*

*While the Vienna Police Squad dragged Chase in the moving truck, Scout jumped inside without Chase finding out she's there*

Back at the safehouse

Dieter: *voice only* So glad, you guys got out of the stakeout.
Zack: *as he, Ivy, Lee and Jade along with Sam, Socks and Reuben warm up by the fire* Yeah, thanks to Jade.
Lee: Well almost everyone, Zack!
Jade: *as she looks her padphone* Don't worry, Lee, Scout's tracking chip is still on and on the move.

Lee: *as he saw where Scout is* Oh no!
Jade: Donaustadt, Outer East area, Lake Aspern!
Zack: Arthur's already there, Jade!
Ivy: *as she, Zack, Jade and Lee leaves along with Reuben* Let's give him a hand.
Jade: Sam, Socks, stay warm!
Zack: Let's hurry!

Donaustadt, Outer East

Lake Aspern

Arthur's mind: *as Arthur in disguise as a blind man along with Romanov saw something coming* What the?!?! A moving truck!?!?! Huh?!?! Not good! *There was Irma Grett seeing Chase out of the truck*

Irma: *to Chase* Well, well, I'm glad this is going to be the best revenge of all, for what you did to my husband, now, it's your turn, I hope you like a cold swim after a little treatment of pain. *To the henchmen as she enters the car* Now, gentlemen! *As she closes the door and drives away*

Arthur's mind: *As the two henchmen grabs Chase somewhere in the dark* Oh my gosh, Chase! *As he uses his indigo bracelet and voila, his outfit turned into an instant battle suit and goes stealth mode to follow them*

[End of Chapter Five]


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Chapter Six...Was it just a dream?!?!

Back in Vienna's Outer East, Donaustadt, Lake Aspern

*While in stealth mode Arthur still follow the two henchmen dragging Chase around into a construction site there are shadow figures and without a doubt those shadowy figures are the two henchmen beating Chase like a human punching bag without Arthur realize Scout is following him*

*The C-5 appears and did Jade, Ivy, Zack, Lee and Reuben*

*Romanov barks at Team ACME*

Jade: Romanov!

Lee: *as he, Jade, Ivy, Zack and Reuben came* Hey, Romanov, where's Scout?
Jade: *after looking at her padphone* Never mind! Let's move!
Zack: Hold on, everyone! *As he gave Ivy a box* Ivy, here's your Christmas present from me and the ACME Lab team.

Ivy: *after opened the box and there was a teal/seal brown bracelet* Cool, my own bracelet?!?!
Zack: *as Ivy put the bracelet on her wrist* Not just an ordinary bracelet, Ivy!
Jade: Of course, just like me and Lee have already.
Zack: Exactly, Jade! Now my sister can go advanced.
Ivy: Thanks, little bro! *To Jade and Lee* Ready?!?!

Jade/Lee: Ready! *With Ivy* Going advanced!

*And just like that...along with Jade's bracelet in two shades of blue (pure and medium) that turns her winter wear into an advanced battle suit resembles to Carmen Sandiego's and Lee's bracelet in espresso and deep black that turns his winter wear into his advanced battle suit based on the special battle suit ACME made years ago and now Ivy's bracelet in teal and seal brown that turns her winter wear into the same thing ACME did years ago except hers is in teal and seal brown*

Jade: *to Lee and Ivy* Let's move it!
*Reuben barked and goes along with his owner [Lee Jordan], Ivy and Jade while Jade using her padphone to track down Scout's location which led them to one of the construction sites*

Henchman#1: *voice only* I don't think no will find him!
Henchman#2: *voice only* Yeah, let's plunge him down! *All the sudden one henchman got attack by an 'invisible man' and the other henchman got attack by Scout after they accidently let Chase go*

Chase: *after what happened* Uh! What's going on? Must have been the drink. *He got himself up and walk Jade, Ivy and Lee* Excuse me!
Ivy: Sure, I...
Jade: Chase! *Reuben barked and goes after Chase*
Lee: Reuben!
Jade: I'll get him, Lee, you and Ivy, apprehended those men!
Ivy: It seems Arthur and Scout got them.
Lee: Okay, Jade, go! *As Jade goes after Reuben who follows Chase*

Zack: *as he uses his binoculars* I hope that Chase will...*as he sees someone familiar* Oh man, it can't be. *Reuben barked at Chase at Lake Aspern*

Chase: *to Reuben* Go away, you mutt! Nobody wants me around! *Reuben grab the worn-out suit jacket off of Chase with his mouth* Yeah, leave me alone, mutt, I rather drown myself! *Throws the dress shirt and tie off of himself*

Jade: Oh no! *To Chase* Chase, no! Don't do this to yourself!
Chase: *to Jade* Don't stop me, lady! My name is Ben, Ben Crumpsy, not Chase Devineaux!
Jade: Chase, stop, you don't understand...
Chase: Don't underestimate me! Oh, if you see Carmen Sandiego tell her, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Jade: No!!! *As Chase plunge into Lake Aspern even though it is cold Jade decide to save him in thermal SCUBA mode*

Zack: *as he came too late, Lee and Ivy came along with Arthur and Scout* Oh man!
Arthur: Zack, what happened?
Zack: Chase has gone berserk in front of Jade and Reuben when she...*Reuben barks*
Lee: Can't let Jade dive to save our colleague, Commander by herself!
Ivy: Let's go, Lee! *As she and Lee goes in Lake Aspern to aid Jade to save Chase in their own thermal SCUBA mode*

ACME Safehouse *Ten Hours Later after what happened at Lake Aspern, not only Chief Weller, Archie, Bolt, Hilda and Chief Schmidt arrive, they brought in a doctor from the ACME Medical Center in Berlin, Germany because there's no ACME Medical Center in Vienna*

Dieter: *as he came with a cup of hot tea to Chief Schmidt* Here's your tea, Auntie!
Chief Schmidt: *as she grabs the cup and saucer from the tray* Thank you, Dieter!
Chief Weller: *quietly* Unbelievable, everything has gone terribly wrong.
Archie: I know, sir, I hope everyone be patient until we find out the whole story.

Jade: Other than stolen a top-secret assignment out of the main headquarters, Archie, I've figured someone wants revenge against Chase and after what has happened, I'm not surprised.

Bolt: *to Jade* I'm glad, you, Commander Monaghan and Detective Jordan decided to save Director Devineaux's life.

Arthur: *as he brings his laptop computer* Yeah, and thanks to my disguise as a blind man I've found something according to the high-tech fiber optic spy glasses, ACME Lab gave me. *As he shows the rest of Team ACME: on screen of his laptop computer there was Irma Grett*
Jade: Something, Arthur? More like someone.
Chief Weller: By Jove, that woman looks familiar.
Bolt: Yeah, me too!

Zack: Since when, Bolt?
Bolt: Since I was in Chinatown I follow 'Chase' to the Lounge Dragon there was his 'friends' and another man having Dim Sum.
Lee: And Scout is volunteer to spy when I was in the medical center and after I was 'fired' by 'Chase.'

Jade: *shows a photo of Fred Grett on her padphone* Thanks to Archie, he gave me a photo of the guy claiming that he is the 'real' Chase. Dieter already recognizes him when he was in Berlin while Chase was in charge for Chief Schmidt.

Arthur: Thanks to Shirley we came to Vienna just in time in order to find our friends.
Lee: Chase told me his name is Ben Crumpsy and I don't understand why he doesn't realize the truth.
Dieter: Something about being Chase an embezzler.

Carmen: *voice only* Well, well, that's really make sense. *Team ACME (except Chase) turns around and sees Carmen*
Jade: Carmen, I bet you got something in mind and Chase wants to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, when he's about to drown himself around Lake Aspern.
Carmen: Oh my gosh, you're kidding.
Jade: Yeah, but, me, Ivy and Lee decided to save his life anyway.

Carmen: Thank goodness! *The doctor came out of the bedroom*

*Translated from German*

Doctor: *to Jade, Ivy and Lee* You three are lucky, Mr. Devineaux is unconscious because of the alcohol and the cold water from the lake, I don't know anything else whatsoever. Miss Jade, would you mind?

Jade: *to the doctor after she grabs her padphone to send the doctor back to the medical center in Berlin * Of course, Merry Christmas and thank you, Doctor! *And she activated the C-5 corridor*
Doctor: Now, make sure Devineaux gets plenty of rest and one other thing, no excitement, please. *And thanks to the C-5 corridor the doctor returns to Berlin*

*End Translation*

Jade: We better get some rest after what happened, I hope we get the rest of the story from him when he wakes up.
Carmen: And I'll bring someone tomorrow to talk to you detectives, other than myself and the gang.
Jade: Fair enough, Carmen!
Chief Weller: Carmen, we'll be busy finding out who these people and why getting a revenge against Chase.
Carmen: Revenge?!?!
Jade: It's a long story, Carmen, trust us.

(December 19th)

ACME Safehouse

*As Team ACME already woke up after Reuben and Romanov barks so loud*

Arthur: *in his pajamas and bathrobe* Romanov, stop barking for crying out loud.
Lee: *in his t-shirt and pajama pants* Reuben, keep it down, you both woke us up.
*Chase moaning in his bedroom*
Jade: *in her nightgown and bathrobe as Reuben barked* Boys, I don't think the dogs woke us up I think it's coming from Chase's room. *While the rest [Ivy, Zack, Bolt, Dieter, Hilda and Chief Schmidt in their own sleepwear] each yawn from out of their room*

Chief Weller: *in his pajamas and bathrobe clearing his throat* Miss Jade, I don't think that's not it. *As he saw a limousine pulling in and there was Carmen and Hans coming out of the limousine* Who in the world is this man?
Archie: *in his pajamas and bathrobe* Good heavens, that's Hans Strudel!
Chief Weller: Do you know this man, Pelago?
Archie: I hear of him; I heard what happened years ago to his family and his company is in trouble after fifteen years when he hired a new payroll specialist.
Chase: *voice only* Hm!

Jade: Uh-oh, guess who just woke up before Christmas.
Zack: Santa Claus, Jade?
Jade: No, Zack, Our Director of Operations!

Three minutes later...*after Carmen and Hans enter the house*

Chase's mind: *as Chase opens his eyes after a long rest* It was a dream, I dreamt the whole thing, gosh! I did it was just a bad dream, wasn't it?!?!

Chief Weller: Devineaux!
Chase: Chief Weller, oh gosh, I've had the most absurd nightmare, I was exposed as an embezzler, I lost my job and my mind...I decide to become a thief with a gold heart to teach Carmen Sandiego and her gang a lesson on being good over evil.
Zack/Ivy: *raised their own eyebrows* Huh?!?!
Chase: Or probably I get a job as a security officer at a famous baked goods in Strasbourg, France.

*Hans is confused and so did Carmen*
Archie: Oh, Devineaux, it's not a nightmare!
Chase: Yeah, right, it is and then I decided to drown myself with all the troubles pouring over me after what I'm trying to do, but now, I almost lost just because of the new Director of Operations.

Arthur/Bolt: *raised their own eyebrows* New director?!?!
Chase: Yeah, the new Director...*as he sees Lee and yelled* JORDAN!!!
Lee: Chase, no!!! *As Chase grabs Lee's neck with both of his hands to choke Lee* Chase, I was fired along with Zack and Ivy!!! It was the other Chase! The other Chase!

Chief Weller: *shocked* By Jove!
Archie: Mr. Devineaux, stop!
Bolt: Cut it out, Chase!
Chase: *still choking Lee, yelled* YOU'RE TOAST, JORDAN!!!
Lee: *choked* Help!
Carmen: Chase! *As Ivy and Zack pulling Chase off of Lee*

Lee: *gasped as Jade came to him* The other Chase is the one who became the new Director of Operations after checking our files and see if any of us have criminal records and he's after Jade next.

Jade: What? Why me next?
Archie: Oh dear, Miss Ezell, you don't have a criminal record, but you might be let go because of your disability.
Jade: I've figure, this creep is an imposter after all.
Arthur: *as he came* I couldn't agree with Jade, Chase, found out who this lady is.
Chase: Who is she?
Arthur: Her name is Irma Grett!

Carmen: Irma Grett?!?!
Jade: *as she snapped her fingers* Of course, The Grett case you solved, Chase.
Chase: What?!?! The Grett case! *Jade place the file onto Chase's bed*
Jade: Someone tampered with this top-secret case that you solved almost ten years ago.

Carmen: I was afraid, she might do something with ACME and something to do with her husband.
Chief Weller: Of course, Mr. Grett is an embezzler and a safecracker, he tries to steal gold out of Switzerland and Devineaux arrested him.
Jade: Where is Mr. Grett?

Chief Weller: Mr. Grett passed away while in prison, left behind his wife, Irma, eldest daughter, Donna, son, Frederick.
Bolt: Fred! Of course, I overheard Irma called the other Chase, Fred.
Chase: So, this guy claims he's the 'real' Chase is really an imposter after all, and I end up in jail, but woke up in Hamburg, save the kids, going to a tavern with free food, drink and clothes.
Carmen: Oh, that place in Hamburg, the tavern owner is an old friend trying to find new recruits in VILE without telling the guests when trying to find a job.

Jade: And I bet the tavern owner talk to someone.
Carmen: Over the phone, Jade, he speaks German.
Jade: *to Chase* Let me guess, you want to start something new with a new name.
Chase: Given to me by Fred, telling me I'm an embezzler and that guy I don't know who he is, but he blames me for embezzling all the employers' paycheck for fifteen years.

Hans: Fritz Zucker!
Carmen: And I believe he's the embezzler to corner the market in commodity trading for under the Grett family before and after Mr. Grett's passing.
Hans: Miss Sandiego, you mean he's the one.
Carmen: Yes, the Grett family are Con artists, Irma's daughter, Donna is a defense lawyer and a former roommate and still a best friend of my henchwoman, Nell N. Void. (I don't own the character Nell N. Void whatsoever)

Chief Weller: *showing the pictures of Chase stealing money* And the photos?
Carmen: They're fake and I believe ACME Germany has more information and no, I'm not affiliated with the Grett Family that's all. *As she leaves*

Hans: Swell, I might have known he's lying to me after all these years. ACME take care of these hooligans before it's too late! *As he leaves as well...Chase stood up*

Chase: I can't believe, a family wants revenge against me for what I did.
Jade: Chase, they won't get away and I say they have end up in San Francisco and living in your apartment already. *Chase's face has gone red as a red-hot chili pepper after what Jade said to him*
Lee: Well as soon as Chase recovers from all the troubles he has been through, we're going to get even with the Grett family.

Ivy: Oh, swell idea, hot shot!
Zack: *to Lee* But how?
Lee: I don't know, Zack, but we have to figure out a strategy together.
Jade: Right now, let's find out anything from ACME Germany and find out what happened there.

[End of Chapter Six, I'm not finished yet, so wait until the end]
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Chapter Seven...Case Closed before Christmas

ACME Safehouse (December 19th)

Chase: *to Chief Schmidt while recovering* So, let me get straight, the detective from Berlin Police told you that some henchmen stolen two police uniforms and the squad car.
Chief Schmidt: Of course, Devineaux, and the photos are fake. *Archie brought in an invoice*

Archie: We also found out that the person who pretended to be you in a fact, Irma's henchman, Robbie Ree by using a jar of instant facelift from a company being bankrupt in Hong Kong to cover his true face.
Chase: So that's it! Using her henchman to frame me for revenge, I'm going to get even with them.

Zack: *brought in a small box* Hold on, Chase! The people from ACME Lab got a special present, Merry Christmas!
Chase: *as Zack gave him the small box* That's nice of you, Detective! *As he opened the box* I don't care if it's a Rolex watch or...Huh?!?! That's just great, a bracelet!
Zack: It isn't no friendship bracelet, trust me, this might come in handy.

Chase: *as Jade, Ivy and Lee came*You mean...
Jade: You've got yourself an upgrade, Chase! *Chase looks at the bracelet in trio of colors: dark red, gold and midnight blue*
Chase: As in...
Ivy: Your advanced instant battle suit.

Lee: Just like the three of us did. *Hilda came*

Hilda: Greetings, everyone, I talked to the detective from the Vienna Police she told me that the uniforms were stolen.
Jade: Thanks, Hilda, let's make a good strategy, Chase!
Chase: Let's all figure it out together!

Strasbourg-Ville Station, Strasbourg, France (December 23rd, four days later)

*Translated from French*

Ticket Agent (female): *to Fritz holding a briefcase* Can I help you, sir?
Fritz: Ticket to Paris, please!
Ticket Agent: 86.22 Euros, please! [86.22 Euros=95.00 U.S. Dollars] *As Fritz gives the right amount to the ticket seller, and she gave him the ticket* Thank you, sir and Merry Christmas! *Fritz leaves and enter the train*

Inside the passage car...while the train is going to Paris for one hour and forty-six minutes, Fritz snoozes while dreaming to make the Grett Family millionaires without notice two 'employees' inspected every car.

Conductor (male): *while waking up Fritz* Sir, sir, wake up, sir!
Fritz: Yes?
Conductor: Ticket, please! *As Fritz gave the ticket to the conductor...he inspected the ticket* Sir, I'm afraid this ticket is a fake.
Fritz: What?!?! What is the meaning of this?
Conductor: *using a walkie-talkie* Stop the train! *And the train stops*
Fritz: What's going on here? I'm on my way to Paris and I've got to wait for the new year.
Conductor: Not to the National Police it doesn't! *After the conductor snaps his fingers and the National Police officers appears*

National Police Detective: Fritz Zucker, you're under arrest for embezzlement and fraud! *Fritz gasped and one of the officers arrested him*

*End Translation*

Chase's Apartment, San Francisco, CA, USA

Fred: *to Irma, Donna and Robbie* As soon as Mr. Zucker returns with the fortune from Paris, we'll be millionaires the beginning for the new year.
Donna: True, we won't be working for the entire life.
Irma: Donna, you have still work, you know and by the way, Fred, fix your hair!
Fred: Yes, mother! *Someone knocking on the door as he looks at the peephole* Why, it's Mr. Sterling!
Irma: Let him in, *to Donna and Robbie quietly* quickly you two, let's hide. *Fred opens the door, yes, that's Stewart Sterling after his mother, older sister and Robbie hide in the main bedroom*

Stewart: Merry Christmas, Fred!
Fred: What?!?! Excuse me, I'm Chase Devineaux, I'm the Director of Operations!
Stewart: *showing him an arrest warrant from the California Bureau of Investigation* Not to these people they don't!
Fred: What?!?!
Stewart: Where's your mother?
Fred: I don't have a mother, I just have a lot of friends, that's all. *Donna and Irma scream really loud*
Stewart: Nice try, Fred Grett, better look at the window! *And Fred and is shocked to see the SFPD surrounded the place*

Fred: *gulped* Mother!
Irma: *voice only* Let's get outer here, Fred!
Fred: Bah, Humbug, loser! *As he throws a smokescreen bomb at Stewart as he escapes along with Irma, Donna and Robbie very fast after Robbie opens the door*

*Fred, Irma, Donna and Robbie ran out of the building and Fred throws smokescreen bombs at the SFPD they thought they got the advantage to escape, however they're wrong when Robbie was being chased by Reuben and Romanov, get knock down by Lee and handcuffed by Arthur*

Donna: Ah! Robbie! *She screamed when she saw Scout, she ran*
Ivy: Hi-ya! *Giving a surprise attack to Donna and Zack handcuffed her*
Fred: Hurry, mother! Let's head for ACME and grab a vehicle.
Irma: Smart idea, Fred!

ACME Headquarters

ACME Academy Aquatic Center

*Boy, when Irma and Fred arrive, all of the sudden, Sam and Socks pounces at Fred while Irma ran off*

Jade: *as she appears while Fred uses a mechanical toy mouse to give Sam and Socks attention* Looking for me, Fred? *Fred uses his fist on Jade, but Jade makes him miss her and she back kick him and plunge him to the swimming pool*

Main Area

*Irma is about to grab a vehicle, however Chase grabs and arrested her*

Irma: No!!! *She turns around and gasped at Chase* How could you escape the prison of pain?
Chase: Let's just say, Mrs. Grett, what comes around goes around. *As SFPD arrives while Jade dragged Fred in handcuffs after getting out of the swimming pool*
Jade: Let's make sure you all can spend your holidays behind bars. *While Sam and Socks took care of the mechanical toy mouse for good [besides that toy mouse becomes trash anyway] *

(By the way Team ACME have their own instant battle suit on: Arthur in Indigo, Advanced ones for Jade [pure and medium blue], Lee [espresso and deep black], Ivy [teal and seal brown] and Chase [Dark red, gold and midnight blue]: his advanced instant battle suit is resembling to an outfit he worn while talking to up to four players in CSTQC; a beret in dark red with an 'A' in gold, top, bottom and boots in midnight blue, vest and belt in gold and a trench coat based on CSWD in dark red and gloves in midnight blue)

Epilogue (December 25th, two days later)

Hans Strudel's Apartment, Vienna, Austria

There's a Christmas Tree with the garlands, ornaments and a tin star, that's because Carmen's gang to move the tree from Contessa's winter cabin, while Contessa contacts her cooks and servants to come there for a Christmas Party in Vienna and gave them the address while Hans Strudel's pastry chefs created desserts.

Hans: Thanks to you, ACME, you've recovered the paychecks for my employees and after fifteen years they're all getting an extra bonus because of that convicted fool, I hope his pudding is boiled behind bars.

Rupert: You said it, granduncle, thanks to you, I'm going to Canada and get back to school to a GED who knows I might go to a trade school there.
Hans: Rupert, I hope you're not going to...
Rupert: No, you see, dad was trying to expand your business and I've found out from ACME your company isn't the only one the rest of the baked goods around the rest of Europe are victims and they decide they want merge with you, granduncle.

Hans: You're kidding, Rupert!
Chief Schimdt: No, Mr. Strudel, they would love to work with you and expand your company together.
Dieter: Along with their own employers.
Zack: We'll make sure to get they'll be lots of security for now on.
Ivy: And this banquet looks delicious.
Zack: Oh, yeah! We all can't wait to try Strudels' treats.

Hans: Not all of them, Zachary, just for the holidays.
Rupert: Including the latest desserts created for the health-conscious people.

*Rupert's not kidding and here's the menu for a big Christmas dinner*

Beverages: Eggnog, Non-alcoholic version of Wassail and Mulled Wine (this one has zero sugar).
Main courses: Roast Beef, Roast Turkey and Baked giant carp fillet.

Side Dishes: Yorkshire Pudding (for the roast beef), roasted veggies (carrots, parsnips and potatoes), cooked blanched cabbage, beef gravy with horseradish with a hint of red wine (for the roast beef) and garden salad with olive oil and white wine vinegarette dressing.

Desserts: Sugar-free versions of Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie and gingerbread cookies, Mincemeat Pie, Yule Log (Chocolate Cake roll filled with raspberry jam and creamy chestnut Bavarian cream don't own that dessert whatsoever) and red velvet cake.

Hans: Ah, yes! But what about Ann-Marie?
Hilda: Mr. Strudel, your grandniece has been muted and cripple since birth and I contact our doctor at the ACME Medical Center in Berlin, he told us that Ann-Marie Torte suffers Cerebral Palsy and muteness.
Hans: Is it really bad?

Hilda: No, it's not, Mr. Strudel all she needed is some treatment she's going to be transfers to Montreal while Rupert attended an adult educational program in Toronto.
Hans: Thank you, everyone and thank you for bringing a Christmas tree to you and your friends, Carmen, I hope in the future, you all should be thieves with a golden heart.

Carmen: Not sure about the rest, but some might.
Vic: You said it, boss, like our Friends of VILE did.
Jade: Some get along with the Allies to ACME.
Lee: And some may not get along, Jade.
Chase: Well, everyone, Merry Christmas to all!
Carmen: And to all a goodnight!

[End of Chapter Seven and an epilogue]
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