The Plumber and The Hedgehog


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Chapter Six

New Dorp, Staten Island, NY, USA

Tails: *as he came out of the hanger* Sonic, Lee, What...Oh no?!?! Not another girl! *As he uses his two tails to fly a little bit* Sonic, Lee, who is she?
Sonic: Oh Tails, there you are, this is Jade, she's...
Lee: *interrupted* Just my friend, Tails, she's not really my girlfriend.
Tails: Phew! That's a relief!

Mario: *As he and Luigi came out of the laboratory* Hey, Jade, what's going...Mamma Mia!
Luigi: No way, it can't be!
Mario: It is.
Sonic: Mario!
Mario: Sonic! *As he and Luigi came to Sonic and Tails as Jade and Lee were surprised*
Lee: I see you two each other.
Luigi: It's true, right, Tails?
Tails: Exactly!

Jade: Oh Lee, this is Mario and his brother, Luigi, boys, this is Lee Jordan!
Luigi: How do you do?
Lee: Bene Grazie Mille.
Mario/Luigi: *confused and raise their own eyebrows* Huh?!?!
Jade: Lee said Fine, thank you very much in Italian.
Mario/Luigi: Ah!
Mario: Lee, we can speak English too, you know.
Lee: *laughed a little* I didn't know sorry, boys, I thought that accent tells me to speak Italian.

Gadd: * in a panic mood as he came out* Miss Jade, what's going on here?
Jade: It's okay, Professor Gadd!
Gadd: Huh?!?!
Mario: Oh, Lee, Sonic, Tails, this is Professor Gadd.
Tails: Oh hi, nice to meet you, Professor.
Gadd: Uh, yes, oh, Miss Jade, the Chief wants to talk to you at once.
Jade: I'm coming!
Lee: Now hold on, Jade, I need to tell him.
Jade: About what, Lee. The Chief's in bed.
Lee: *confused* Huh?!?!

Inside Gadd's Laboratory (Thirty minutes later)

Chief: *on screen* Miss Jade's telling the truth, Detective Jordan.
Lee: Wait a minute, if you're in bed then who fired me?
Jade: Someone who impersonate the Chief did, I don't know who it is, Lee, but we must go on.
Mario: Go on?
Toadsworth: Exactly, Lads, and with Sonic's help, we can stop Bowser and who else, Sonic?
Sonic: Eggman also known as Doctor Ivo Robotnik.
Jade: Got a recent photo of him.
Tails: I do! *As he shows Jade and Lee a picture of Robotnik*
Lee: So that's what he looks like.

Jade: And I say, Lee, he and Bowser are more likely to team up with a member of Carmen's gang.
Tails: Carmen?!?!
Lee: This is what she looks like without her disguise! *As he shows Mario, Luigi, Sonic and Tails the picture of Carmen Sandiego*
Mario/Luigi: Ah!
Luigi: So that's her!
Sonic: I met her near Chico, California.
Jade: My guess she's looking for Chase no doubt.
Lee: Exactly, Jade, I didn't get an information from her.

Chief: *on screen* I was afraid of that, *clears his throat* Anyway, we some disturbance around the borough of Brooklyn.
Jade: Location?
Chief: *on screen* There's two actually one around Coney Island and the other in Flatbush.
Mario: Mamma Mia, Flatbush is our old home.
Jade: Then we better split up, Lee, you, Sonic and Tails, head for Coney Island, me and the Mario Brothers check out Flatbush.

Chief: *on screen* Good luck, you two and be careful!
Toadsworth: *on screen* And I hope you guys find the princess.
Mario: We will, Toadsworth.

(End of Chapter Six)


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Chapter Seven, part one

Brooklyn, NY, USA


*The C-5 appears and so did Jade, Mario and Luigi*
Jade: So, this is where you guys were born and grow up here, right?
Luigi: Oh yes, Jade, me and Mario has memories before everything changes.
Mario: Ah, home sweet...leaping lasagna!
Luigi: What's wrong, Mario?
Mario: Luigi, look.
Luigi: *as he and Mario saw a familiar building now closed* Oh no! The Brooklyn Plumbers Academy is all boarded up.
Jade: Is that you two educated?
Mario: It sure is.
Luigi: But now the board of education decided to shut this school down.
Jade: Let me guess not enough classes, huh?
Luigi: Worse it's been condemned and evicted by the state of New York.
Jade: And it's about to be developed into a new parking lot garage soon.
Luigi: Oh Mario! *sobbed*
Mario: Oh, calm down, Luigi, I hope nothing happens to our old home.
Jade: Perhaps your home is converted into a hotel or another Italian restaurant.

Mario: Maybe, let's a-go, Luigi! *As he, Jade and Luigi ran to another building but is boarded up for no reason* Well, this is where our home used to be.
Luigi: But we can't see what's inside.
Jade: *after she removed her glasses and put on her Nanotech glasses* But I can with these glasses *She saw some anthropomorphic turtle like creatures [Koopa Troopas] and some brown mushroom like creatures [Goombas] all sleeping and there was a fair-skinned golden blonde haired/ blue-eyed woman dress like a princess gagging and trying to escape but no avail* There is someone inside struggling to get freed.

Luigi: *As Jade removed her Nanotech glasses and put back her glasses* Who is it, Jade?
Jade: Some woman in a princess costume.
Mario: A woman in a princess costume?!?! *Jade gave Mario her padphone*
Jade: I'll find out, I'm going in there!
Mario: In there alone?
Luigi: You're kidding, right, Jade?
Jade: Relax, boys, if I don't come out with the captive then you two will come and help us.
Mario/Luigi: Huh?!?! *Jade uses her medium blue bracelet and transforms her outfit into her medium blue instant battle suit*

Jade: Stealth Mode! * Jade became invisible and enter inside*
Luigi: Oh no, Jade!
* When Mario ponders on what Jade said about a woman in a princess costume, Jade's padphone ringed, Mario answered*
Mario: Hello!
Gadd: *on screen* Mario, where's Miss Jade?
Luigi: In that building she saw some woman in a princess costume.
Mario: *shocked and figure who Jade realize who she found* Hold on, Luigi, she must have found Peach!
Gadd: Ugh! Princess Peach, Bowser must have his troops holding her hostage it seems Miss Jade could be next. But not to worry, boys you're in luck, I've got just a thing to transfer get ready!

*Mario and Luigi were shocked and surprised*

Meanwhile in the building

*Jade in stealth mode spotted Princess Peach still tied and gagged while passing the Koopa Troopas and Goombas*

Jade: Shh! *Quietly as she ungagged Peach* I'm getting you outer here!
Peach: *quietly* I hope you're not really a ghost.
Jade: *quietly* No, I'm not, uh...
Peach: *quietly as Jade untied the ropes* Peach Toadstool, Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom!
Jade: Huh?!?!
*Until the sunshine ray comes thanks to a Koopa Troopa opening the blinds causing Jade to be visible*
Jade: Oh, terrific so much for stealth mode!
Koopa Troopa: Oops! My bad, huh, wake up! *Jade and Peach gasped as Koopa Troopas and Goombas woke up and saw Jade and Peach being freed* Well, well, looks like we got ourselves a visitor.

Peach: *to Jade* At least you tried to save me, oh if only if Mario is here. *Then suddenly Mario [in a yellow cat suit with faded orange tabby stripes] and Luigi [in a green faded spotted cat suit] show up after crashing in the building*

Mario: Meow!
Goomba: It can't be!
Koopa Troopa: It is, let's get rid of them first.
Mario: Jade, here! *As he throws Jade's padphone back to her*
Jade: Thanks, Mario! *While Mario and Luigi start fighting like cats* Professor Gadd, thanks to bring a gift to them.
Gadd: Figure they need it, oh, Princess Peach, here you go! *He transfers a Super Bell to Peach and transform into a pink cat like costume*

Peach: Save some for me! *As she pounces unto a Goomba*
Gadd: Miss Jade, I'm glad you're alright!
Jade: *after she saw a Koopa Troopa escaping* Well not for long, Professor! We'll talk later! *As she hangs up her padphone and goes after the Koopa Troopa* Oh no you don't! *Koopa Troopa screamed*

(End of Chapter Seven, part one)
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Chapter Seven, part two

Inside ACME Academy in Brooklyn

Ivy Monaghan: *to her brother, Zack* I just don't understand, Zack.
Zack: What? We're just got here The Chief want us to become instructors for new trainees what could go wrong? *Ivy opened the door and she and Zack saw two mushroom like people [one a guy and a girl clad in pink and has pigtails] tied up and gagged together in a kiddie chair* Okay I heard of musical chairs, but this is ridiculous.
Lemmy Hip: *voice only* No it's not!
Iggy Hop: *voice only* It's ring around the toadies!
*Zack and Ivy gasped after they turn around and saw two little turtles holding packets of ketchup and mustard and then Scratch saw the detectives*

Scratch: Well, well looks like we have more 'guests' here.
Ivy: Hey, this is the ACME Academy not a nursery school for delinquents just like yourselves.
*Zack is about to contact the Chief, but Lemmy and Iggy squirt ketchup and mustard at him*
Ivy: Zack! *Scratch grabs Ivy*
Scratch: Don't even bother, sister!
Knuckles the Echidna: *voice only* Oh yeah!
Scratch: *As he turns around and saw Knuckles as a red antimorphic echidna with spiked gloves and shoes with metal plates* Uh-oh, Knuckles!
Grounder: *voice only* Help, Scratch, Amy's after me!

*Knuckles is about to knock off Scratch, but Lemmy and Iggy squirt some tempura paints at him as Grounder shows up*
Grounder: Let's get outer here!
Scratch: Right! *As he grabs Ivy*
Ivy: Zack! Oh Zack! Help!
Iggy: Don't bother that creep, sister!
Lemmy: Yeah, you're coming along for a ride. *He and Iggy laughed as Scratch and Grounder takes Ivy away*
Zack: No, Ivy! *Realizing he has to free two mushroom like people*

*Suddenly a pink antimorphic female hedgehog in a red and white dress, matching colored boots, white gloves, red headband and gold bracelets shows up with a large hammer*

Amy Rose: *to Knuckles* Are you alright?
Knuckles: What's it looks like, Amy, of course I'm not alright look what those turtles did?
Toad: *After Zack ungagged and untied him and Toadette* They're not turtles.
Toadette: They're Koopalings!
Zack: Koopalings?!?!
Toadette: Yeah, they worked under Bowser.
Zack: Bowser?!?!
Toad: The King of the Koopas!
Zack: Oh, great they left and took my sister along with those weirdos.

Knuckles: Those weirdos work for Eggman.
Zack: Eggman?!?!
Amy: Also known as Doctor Robotnik.
Zack: Never heard of him, oh by the way the name's Zack!
Knuckles: I'm Knuckles, and this is Amy Rose!
Zack: *to Toad and Toadette* And you two?
Toad: I'm Toad, I'm an attendant to Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom and this is Toadette.
Toadette: Hi!
Zack: We got to get my sister back.
Knuckles: *in angry voice* First things first get rid of this paint.
Zack: Oh yeah, I realized I need to clean up too.

Meanwhile in the unknown hideout

Bowser: *voice only and yelled* WHAT?!?!
Belljar: *while on the phone* Uh, Frank, keep up the good work and make sure ACME is done for? *As he hangs up the phone and left to see what's wrong with Bowser*

The Control Room

Bowser: *as Bowser Jr. shows up* I can't stand those plumbers!
Bowser Jr.: Almost as much as Robotnik can't stand Sonic the Hedgehog, right, dad?
Bowser: *as Dr. Belljar shows up* Precisely, son!
Belljar: I hate to interrupt your father-son chat but what's going on here?
Bowser: Take a look at this! *Belljar saw a footage and is shocked*
Belljar: When did this happen?
Bowser: Just now, Ludwig von Kooky install a mini security camera at the place where those dumb plumbers used to live.
Bowser Jr.: They got the Princess back.
Bowser: Belljar, can you recognize this one? *As he points Belljar to Jade in the footage*

Belljar: That amateur detective, I recognize that girl.
Bowser Jr.: She's the one who helped the plumbers save the Princess.
Bowser: Can you and your friends deal with that girl?
Belljar: Leave her to us! She's the one who helps ACME a lot when we try something behind our boss' back. *As he leaves and head back to the telephone, he scoffed and start dial the phone number...On the phone* Operator, give me 'The Chief', please...Poster, we have a problem!

(End of Chapter Seven, part two)


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Chapter Eight, part one

(I'm kind-a realize my pen and paper got me a writer's block however, my mind didn't time to continue)

Back in San Francisco, CA, USA

Chief Weller's house

In his bedroom while recovering Suhara Nakamura came to visit.

Suhara: How are you doing, old friend?
Chief: I'm fine but I have to remember not to come back to work.
Suhara: Well, I'm about to fix some Sencha (type of green tea) would you like a cup?
Chief: Of course, Suhara, I would like a cup you know. *Suddenly Toadsworth, Azul and Opal just fell out of the Chief's closet*
Azul: Uh-oh!
Suhara: Kon'nichiwa! (Hello in Japanese) *Azul and Opal screamed*
Toadsworth: *As he sees Suhara as well* Oh dear, we're terribly...*gulped* sorry!
Chief: Oh, by Jove, I'm so sorry, Suhara I was...
Suhara: I understand you're hiding them from being seen in public.
Chief: That's not it, Suhara! I can explain everything! *Suhara saw the computerized Hobonichi Techno Notebook*
Suhara: It seems we're even, old friend.
Chief: Huh?!?!
Suhara: I've figured ACME Japan's tech realizes what's going on around Chiba City.
Chief: You mean?!?!
Suhara: That's right and without a doubt this isn't one of Carmen's schemes. *As he shows the Chief the footage from three weeks ago*

*Azul and Opal screamed when they saw who was on the footage*
Chief: And my guess is that they after something important.
Suhara: Very rarely, old friend.

Meanwhile at Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY, USA

*Lee parked his car around Surf Avenue near Luna Park and grab his binoculars*
Tails: *while inside Lee's car showing Sonic the same gadget Gadd made* That scientist really help us, Sonic he made me another of his gadget to use.
Sonic: True, Tails that power scanner can help us too, who would think Mario has a mad scientist on his side.
Lee: Do you mind, boys?
Sonic/Tails: Sorry! *According to Lee's binoculars there's a bunch of college students around the boardwalk but they go to Luna Park but not having fun there*

Lee: This is weird.
Henry: *voice only* You're telling me! *Lee puts his binoculars down and saw a 50-year-old man running a hot dog stand*
Lee: *as he came* Well, well, 'Hot Dog' Henry, it's been a while.
Henry: Lee Jordan, what's up?
Lee: Nothing much and you?
Henry: Not so good, for twenty years and business still really slow.
Lee: Ouch! Well, since you're a good informant *take out his five-dollar bill out of his wallet* I hope you got some info on what's going on the Boardwalk?

Tails: *As he gets out of the car* Cool, one chili dog, please!
Sonic: *cover Tails' mouth after he got out of the car as well* Shh! Tails!
Henry: Hey, who's there? *Gasped as he saw Sonic and Tails*
Lee: Shh! *Quietly* Don't worry they're with me!
Henry: If you say so!
Sonic: Sorry, my little buddy got carried away for a chili dog.

Henry: Hate to break it up, I don't have any chili because my father told me that chili gives everyone a heart attack. *Sonic and Tails are shocked and upset*

Lee: *clears his throat* Henry!
Henry: Oh yeah about what's going on the boardwalk. The reason those college students from different colleges and universities came and went *while snapped his fingers* in just five seconds.
Lee: 🤨 Five seconds?!?!
Henry: Yeah, each student enters their own drawing for some contest and leaves.
Lee: What contest?
Henry: Don't know, but since you're in Brooklyn, may I suggest you go skedaddle to Prospect Park near Flatbush.
Lee: Why?
Henry: Rig Antony and Jacqueline Hyde are heading there by subway and that's not all ACME Academy here has been vandalized by some weird turtles and robots and I believe they dragged Commander Monaghan with them to meet those two along with some bald-headed jerk with a Pince-nez glasses.

Lee: Thanks for the info, Henry!
Henry: *after he refuse to take Lee's five-dollar bill* Lee, you know the information is on the house, no purchase necessary. *Lee puts his five-dollar bill back in his wallet*
Sonic: Next time bring on the chili. *As he, Lee and Tails head back to the car*
Lee: *quietly while entering the car* Tails, texted Jade and tell her to head for Prospect Park.
Tails: *grabs Lee's cellphone and quietly* Gotcha! *While Lee drives*

Henry: Ah, that's what everybody said...*mumbles himself and leaves with his hot dog cart*

(End of Chapter Eight, part one)


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Chapter Eight, part two

Prospect Park near Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Jade: *after reading a text from Tails* I'm glad we made it; everyone this is where we have to investigate!
Luigi: I'll say!
Peach: *sighed* I feel great being freed and making another friend like you, Jade.
Jade: Thank you, your highness.
Ivy: *voice only and yelled* HELP!
Jade: That's Ivy!
Mario: This way! *As he, Jade, Luigi and Peach head for the source and there were people running away from Jacqueline Hyde's energy orbs*

Jade: Well, well, disturbing the peace huh, Jacqueline Hyde? *Jacqueline changes back to her good girl self- while Rig Antony saw Jade along with the Mario Brothers and Princess Peach for the first time*
Jacqueline: *in a good mode* Oh, I just want the park for my new friends.
Rig: Yeah, but it needs a lot of fun rides don't you think?
Jade: I like the park just the way it is, Rig.
Rig: Really, you, Miss Smart Aleck amateur!

Lemmy Hip and Iggy Hop: *voice only* Surprise! *Scratch escorting Ivy, Grounder followed along with Lemmy Hip and Iggy Hop*
Luigi: Oh no its those Koopaling Twins!
Ludwig Von Kooky: *voice only* You're got that right, Luigi! *Luigi turns around and saw him and Roy the Bully coming along with Dr. Robotnik*
Roy the Bully: Thanks for bring the princess here, we need her for the latest advertising. *laughed*
Robotnik: Yes, hand over beauty so she can be the mascot with the beast.
Mario: We're not handing over the Princess to Bowser.
Robotnik: Oh well I guess this one [Ivy] will do *to Ivy* What to do you say my dear?
Ivy: I say, forget it! *As she throws Scratch to Robotnik*
Grounder: No fair, sweetheart! Uh oh! *As Ivy throws Grounder unto one of the trees*

Roy: You're going to regret this.
Ludwig: Exactly! *As he uses a net catcher to capture Princess Peach, she screamed*
Mario: Princess! *As he, Jade and Luigi try to stop Roy, Ludwig, Hip and Hop when they dragged Peach away, but Robotnik stops them with his ladybug like robots [alias Moto-Bugs], while grabbing Ivy as hostage*
*Lee's car parked just in time*
Tails: Oh no, Sonic, Lee, look! *Jade and the Mario brothers are in trouble*
Lee: Not good, let's go! *After removing the seatbelts and getting out of the car*
Sonic: Tails, use that device!
Tails: Got it, Sonic! *Tails use the device and scanned a flower and became a Fire Flower then Tails flies with his two tails as fast as he can* *to Peach while she was dragged by Roy and Ludwig along with Hip and Hop* Here you go! Take this! *As he flies back to help Sonic and Lee*
Peach: Thank you! *As she uses the Fire Flower and hello, she all fired up and breaks free from the net and Roy and Ludwig gasped, Hip and Hop screamed and ran when Peach throws a fireball at them*

Roy: This is not good.
Hip/Hop: She's on fire!
Ludwig: C'mon, boys, I've got another invention at back.
Roy: Lead the way! *As he, Hip, Hop and Ludwig ran while Peach heads back to save Mario, Luigi and Jade*

Rig: You can't run from VILE's new allies, Detective.
Jacqueline: *in an evil mode* Yeah, you're finished anyway.
Sonic: *as he speeds in time* Don't be too sure! *And knocks down every Moto-Bug around*
Robotnik: That hedgehog I'll get him for...*screamed so loud he releases Ivy and Lee saves her when he jumps in the pond because someone gave him a hot foot on the ground*

Lee: You're alright, Ivy?
Ivy: Yeah, and don't except me to kissed you.
Lee: That's not what I wanted for you to do. *As he puts her down carefully* I'm just excepting to help a hedgehog in need.
Jacqueline: *in evil mode* Oh yeah, Lee Jordan!
Lee: *as he and Ivy are surprised by Jacqueline with an energy orb* I spoke too soon.
*Jacqueline throws her energy orb at Lee and Ivy, but they ducted before the orb knocks down the tree were Scratch, and Grounder are (in fact Scratch is trying to get Grounder off the tree) but they fell down into the pond with the tree*

Rig: Well, well, so this is the infamous Sonic the Hedgehog, Robotnik's talking about.
Robotnik: *as he gets out of the pond* That blue bomber, I hate that hedgehog and I hate having a hot foot around.
Sonic: I didn't bring the fire for you.
Peach: *as she waves her hand* Yoo-hoo!
Mario: Peach-a!
Jade: She's okay!
Tails: *As he shows up as well* Thanks to yours truly!
Luigi: She's all fired up! *All of the sudden lasers coming out of nowhere...Peach ran to the Mario brothers and Jade as her fire power wears off after a laser blast*
Robotnik: A-ha! I knew they brought in the Super Buzz Bombers. *Ludwig holding a remote control laughing along with Roy, Hip and Hop who they return but brought back up*

Sonic: Oh great! *As a swarm of wasp like robots shows up*
Robotnik: *laughed* You're finished, Sonic the Hedgehog!

Knuckles: *voice only* Oh yeah, eat scrap, Eggman! * As he knocks every Super Buzz Bombers down to the pond*
Sonic: Knuckles!
Tails: Alright! *As Zack shows up along with Toad and Toadette*
Zack: Ivy! Huh?!?! Jade, Lee!
Jade/Ivy/Lee: Zack!
Toad/Toadette: Princess, Mario, Luigi!
Ivy: Thank goodness, you show little bro!
Ludwig: It's not over yet! Hip, Hop!
Hip/Hop: Right, Ludwig! *Someone points at Hip's shoulder as he about to use his magic wand*

Hip: Hey stop pointing at me.
Hop: I didn't point at you.
Hip: Hey, if you don't point at me then.
Roy: Ow!
Hip/Hop: Roy!
Ludwig: Now what? *He gasped when he saw Amy with her large hammer*
Amy: Surprise you vandals! *As Hip and Hop screamed as Amy just used her hammer and smashed on the remote control that Ludwig von Kooky is using after making him drop it while sliding down*
Ludwig: No!

Rig: We better retreat!
Robotnik: You all won this round
Jacqueline: *in an evil mode* Until we meet again! *Throws an energy orb to escape*

Sonic: Nice save Amy or we'll be roasted.
Amy: My pleasure, Sonic! And this is Zack!
Zack: Oh hi, whoa, would someone tell us what's going on here?
Jade: I'll explain back to New Dorp.

(End of Chapter Eight, part two, this story isn't over yet)
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Chapter Nine

Meanwhile in Nice, France

*Vic-the-Slick enters Contessa's vacation house*

Jeeves (Contessa's butler): Oh, thank goodness you're here, Mr. Fumagalli, Mr. Skeeter and Mr. Vegas already left for London.
Vic: I know, the boss lady wanted all of us to hide out there and why is her luggage not here.
Contessa: *as she came with a champagne flute on her hand* That bat is trying on my latest wardrobe from the latest one I bought all the way from Milan.
Vic: Even the shoes and jewelry.
Contessa: Yes!
Vic: I'll deal with her. *As he headed upstairs to Contessa's bedroom and there was Rouge the Bat looking at a latest dress from Armani* (I don't own Armani whatsoever)
Rouge: Nothing makes me feel stylish in my taste.

Vic: *voice only* That's because you're just causing a delay for Contessa's flight, Rouge.
Rouge: *As she turns around and saw Vic* That's because I just to try on something new. I rather have fashion coming all the way from Paris or rather Tokyo, don't you think?
Vic: Well to other girls, yes, but Contessa prefers Milan.
Rouge: Really? Unlike you these threads are so uncomfortable for you and seriously they're outdated.
Vic: Well, I really want to find my favorite threads and even plaid.
Rouge: Well plaid is so stupid for a man like you, face it, pal, when was the last time you checked your closet it's probably, maybe I can help you dress better to impress a girl like Patty or maybe your boss lady.
Vic: From you, no way!

Rouge: *As Patty Larceny shows up to Contessa's bedroom and seeing Rouge getting close to Vic, but he refused by using his hand to stay away from Rogue* Come on, you could look like a real gentleman in no time.
Patty: *clears her throat* Don't we girls know that part, Rouge? Hands off!
Vic: Hehe! *To Rouge* You heard Pats, scram!
Rouge: Au Revoir! *As she puts on her sunglasses* Don't wait up for me!
Vic: I'm not planning on that! *As Rogue flies through the window while Patty is angry at Vic*

Patty: Well...*pulls Vic by his jacket* Do you want to tell me why Rouge almost wrapped her arms around you?
Vic: Oh, probably looking a good place to find a needle in a haystack.
Patty: Oh, I'm so glad Aunt Carmen didn't see you with your pants down? *As she leaves*
Vic: Well, I, Patty...*Looks at the mirror*
Vic's mind: That Rouge, trying to make a fool out of Vic-the-Slick, I was warned not to be a ladies' man. *As Jeeves shows in Contessa's bedroom*
Jeeves: Is everything alright?
Vic: Yeah, Jeeves! *As he downstairs* Patty, wait up! *Jeeves shrugs*
Jeeves: Hope there's no wrinkles! *As he starts packing Contessa's wardrobe*

Meanwhile in New Dorp, Staten Island, NY, USA

Sonic: *after sniffing his nose along with Tails, Lee, Zack, Knuckles and Toad* Something's smells good!
Mario: You're just in time for lunch. the girls are finished making it.
Luigi: We'll join you guys!
Zack: Brilliant!

*In the kitchen at the hangar as Jade, Ivy, Peach, Amy and Toadette finished cooking and cleaning up the mess*

Amy: Are you sure you're doing it right, Jade?
Jade: Of course, I did, now I have to taste it. *As she grabs a chili dog and bite it*
Peach: Well, how was it?
Jade: *after swallow a bite* Not bad to make something good comes out of it.
Ivy: I don't know about the boys they may not like...*Sonic speeds in*
Sonic: Chili dogs! *Lee, Zack, Knuckles and Toad shows up as well*
Zack: Yup, it's chili dog alright!
Jade: Not just any chili dog, but chili dog a la Sonic.
Zack: Chili a la Sonic?!?!
Sonic: It's good, Zack! Trust me! *As Amy place of chili dog a la Sonic on the counter*

Amy: After chowing down on that I'll make a sundae supreme for dessert just for you, Sonic.
Sonic: *awkward* Oh nice! *As he eats his chili dog, but he's not surprised* Yuck! Are you sure this is chili dog a la Sonic?
Jade: Of course, except I made some alternatives in that recipe, I put plant-based ground beef instead of the real ground beef, I've got the vegetables [onions, peppers and mushrooms], tomatoes, the spices [chili powder, cumin and oregano] and kidney beans right, the barbecue sauce however is no sugar added and the bun is keto friendly, you know I'm health conscious and the hot dog and the cheese well, it's vegan, instead of the real thing.

*Sonic spits out the chili dog and into the trash can*

Sonic: *as Mario and Luigi came to the kitchen* That's the worst chili dog I ever try.
Mario: I hear you, Sonic, she even made a lasagna, and I didn't even like it.
Luigi: But I did!
Jade: *As Amy tries the chili dog Jade made* Maybe I can make one with ground turkey and turkey hot dogs' next time.
Lee: Oh, Jade, you've done enough damage to ruined everyone's appetite.
Ivy: Jade was trying to make alternatives to the real thing we like.
Zack: But you can't win a man's heart through his stomach with food.
Sonic: Come on, let's go find a diner that serves chili dogs.
Mario: Or a spaghetti and meatballs.
Gadd: *As he shows up* Or try either fish and chips or even afternoon tea.
Zack: What do you mean?
Gadd: It means there's trouble around London.
Jade: Let's save the trouble and time before tea. *As Team ACME along with Team Mario and Team Sonic gets ready to leave London by C-5 via Jade's padphone as Gadd takes a chili dog with him*

(End of Chapter Nine/ note to Tenchi: if you want recipe to Chili Dog a la Sonic or the Sundae Supreme go to Sonic News Network at I don't any of it [the recipes and the website] whatsoever)

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