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Chapter Twelve Ghost Ahoy! Part Five

San Francisco,CA,USA

"Thanks,Chief!" said Jade as she and her cat,Sam leaves at the Chief's house "Hope you'll be back at the desk soon."

Her padphone rang...Jade pick up her padphone and answered "Hello!"
"Jade,it's Arthur I need you right back at headquarters!" said Arthur on the phone.
"On my way,Arthur!"

ACME Headquarters

After Jade enter Arthur shows up and said "Jade,we've found from the building surveillance the little boy lived we've just found who took him." Jade looks at the picture and saw who is it.
"Shipoff and Scannon!" said Jade "First mates of I.I. Captain no doubt."
"That's not all I've found out...these two kids are living with their father's uncle who ends up in a nursing home just a few weeks after the parents dropped them off there to head for the Galapagos Islands." said Arthur.

"Terrific,has anyone notify the parents about their kids are living alone there?" Jade asked
"Doubt it nobody did after the S.S. Siren disappeared but no contacts." Arthur answered "In fact they're not from here."
"Let me guess,Boston?"
"Virginia Beach,Virginia."

"Anything else so far?" said Jade as Arthur gives her the evidence bag. "A postcard that has a bust of Admiral Byrd...wait a minute Byrd...isn't he the one who...Oh fudge! I've get better the warrant at once. Arthur,if you find Spencer or Casper tell one of them I'm going to the southernmost continent around and bundle up for their sake...move your tail,Sam let's go!" Arthur is shocked as Jade and Sam left headquarters.

'This case is going to be cold as ice." Arthur's mind said 'Jade better not freeze there.' His cellphone rang and picks up "Chance!...Commander,where are you? Chesapeake Bay what on earth...Oh fudge! Listen,Commander round all the henchmen and head for Antarctica...

"Golly,Antarctica?!?!" said Casper,quietly as he and Wendy shows up.
"Figure the clue I show to Jade...Yeah she just left a moment ago,Commander!" said Arthur "I've figure she knows where I.I. Captain is...I'll get going!" Arthur hangs up his cellphone.

"Arthur,we can't find..."
"Casper,no need to know and beside we're going to Antarctica." said Arthur "I'll get Spencer."

ACME Headquarters,Reykjavik,Iceland

"Antarctica?!?!" said Zack while talking to his sister on his cellphone "Has Jade gone crazy?!?!...I.I. Captain,she better be careful with this pirate,sis. Because he'll make her walk the plank to Davy Jones' locker."

"Ay caramba!" said Josha,quietly after he heard everything and left.

Antarctica...That where's the S.S. Siren ends up.

"Aarrr!" I.I. Captain said to the henchman "No Blackbeard's booty anywhere beside North Carolina?"

The henchman nodded 'no.'
"Why not?" the henchman gave him the report "No!!! Defeat by the likes of ACME...That does it make sure me Jolly Roger will arrive I'll make sure thee crew and passengers will be aboard on me Jolly Roger and sink thee ship into a icy below."
"Bwak,bwak!" a parrot said as he came to I.I. Captain
"Blonde beard me pet what's ye return of all thee sudden?" said I.I. Captain as Shipoff and Scannon brought in Timmy.

"Let me go ye mean seadogs!" said Timmy as I.I. Captain's first mates drags him to two henchmen.

Meanwhile below the S.S. Siren

"I hope we find your parents because you two better explain to them why are you here?" Stewart said to Kellie and Harold.
"Just tell the truth to them,understand?" Chase said
"Aye,aye,seadog!" said Kellie
"Yes,sir!" said Harold
"I said let me go!"

"Captain,it's ye seapup on board." Harold said to Kellie as Timmy gets dragged by two henchman "I say we follow him and where they placing him."
"Me matey we'll get caught."

"Not with us,seadogs ye won't." said Stewart as Timmy is about to be dragged into a stateroom...Chase and Stewart knock them down from behind.
"Ye seapup what are ye doing here?" said Kellie.

"What am I doing here,what are ye doing here?" said Timmy as a fishing net cast over him,Kellie,Harold,Chase and Stewart.
"Aarrr! Thought ye seapups and seadogs can escape from I.I. Captain's wraith?" Scannon asked
"Well ye not get away this time." said Shipoff.
What in thee Blackbeard's name is going on me mateys?" I.I. Captain asked all of the sudden Blonde beard yelled "BWAK!!! CAT!!!" yup Sam is chasing Blonde beard "Blonde beard?!?!"
"Is going to having his feathers ruffled in a hurry." said Jade appeared in her medium blue instant battlesuit.

"It's Jade!" said Timmy
"Jade,what're you doing here?"Chase asked
"Just finding thee ship of the S.S. Siren thanks to a small clue and Chase,I've got the warrant with me."
said Jade "Back's up on the way as well."
"Ye wench,ye never stop me." I.I. Captain said. "Get her!"
The henchmen are after Jade but luckily for her...Jade was right back up did arrive...Ivy in her teal instant battlesuit along with Cole (dark gray),Jason (Olive Green),Tyson (Navy Blue) and Spencer (Forest Green).
"Spencer!" said Harold as Arthur remove the fishing net while Inspector Li,Tobi, Miguel and Hong Mei Hua finds the crew and passengers on board the S.S. Siren.
"Aarrr!" said I.I. Captain until he hears a foghorn. "Yo ho ho! Thee Jolly Roger has arrived."
"Captain!" a man's voice said
"Who are ye?"
"It is me Admiral Al Nino."
"Admiral Nino,ye leader of the seven seas I thought ye gone down to Davy Jones' locker...me coming a board."

"No,Captain,I'm coming aboard on the Siren." the man's voice said "Come thee now!"
"Oh Admiral I have..." Before I.I. Captain is about to finish his sentence he saw someone else instead of his old admiral it was Archie Pelago. "Ye not the admiral."
"That's right,Captain!" said Archie "Your Admiral remains in Davy Jones' locker for the rest of his own life...I've figure you sail his boat away along with this." As he shows I.I. Captain the stolen priceless tanzanite.
"Ye Admiral's treasure...get me back that gem!"

"Miss Ezell...catch!" said Archie throws the tanzanite to Jade. "Now we end this,Captain!"

Archie using the watch Chief Weller gave him earlier and his bistre instant battlesuit is like a plainclothes style with a steampunk touch.

"Aarrr!" I.I. Captain using his cutlass (a pirate's sword) while Archie uses his high-tech version of a cane...battle begins..."Don't ye stand there get that wench and thee gem." he commanded as Shipoff and Scannon are about to grab Jade...Lee Jordan (in his deep black instant battlesuit and a face mask) shows up to save her and the gem by knocking both Shipoff and Scannon down...Zack and Josha came and handcuffed the captain's mateys while the remaining henchmen screamed especially Blonde beard saying "BWAK!!!! THEE GHOST AND THEE WITCH!"

The parrot's right Casper shows up and Wendy used her magic tied the henchmen with the rope...while Archie defeats I.I. Captain using cane fencing or Canne de Combat.

Three days later

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA
Archie Pelago's office

"Finally one case has been and the other also solved." said Archie as Jade scratch Sam's ears.
"And thanks to the museum in Nairobi,Kenya the priceless tanzanite is finally display there after all these years." said Jade
"And those kids?"
"Although Kellie and Timmy told the truth to their parents and same with Harold still those two of the three are grounded and for now on the only game they're going to play is responsibility."

"Mr. Jordan is really upset over Josha waking him up from his bed in Iceland."
"At least he's getting over the cold."

Spencer Ross' Apartment
" Hey you two can't leave me again we promise mom and dad." said Timmy
"Oh little brother we're grabbing some grub from the vending machine downstairs." said Kellie
"We won't be long,Timmy!" said Harold as he opens the door he and Kellie saw the ghostly trio he and Kellie screamed "GHOSTS!!!"
Casper and Wendy laughs when Kellie and Harold are upset and close the door.

End of Chapter Twelve and that's the end of these ghost stories for now that is.
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