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I don't own the characters who will appearing in individual 'ghost' stories which features Casper the Friendly Ghost,Spooky the Little Tuff Ghost,Wendy the Good Little Witch and The ghostly trio (Stretch,Stinkie and Fatso) (in which I don't own them whatsoever)

These stories takes place before,during and after Halloween...And also it's a crossover story.
Oh by the way these stories are not that scary but funny as well.

Chapter One: Trick or Defeat (part one)

(Don't own the characters Archie Pelago,Bolt Upright,Chase Devineaux,Lee Jordan,Cruiser,Ivy,Zack,Josha,Tatiana,Ann Tickwittee,Renee Santz,Rock Solid, Ivan Idea,Cole Gannon,Eartha Brute,Otto 'Gnash' Readmore,Medeva,Rene Storm,Top Grunge,Wonder Rat and Agnes Acme (remember Witwics? Season one) whatsoever)

Jade's house

"Trick or Treat will be never the same this year because all the Halloween candies have been stolen from chocolates to gummy worms and in-between...Nobody knows after a lightning just hit indoors and a stinky scent out of nowhere?!?!" The male news reporter said while Jade Ezell is watching on TV. "The question is...Are people decide to pass apples,box of raisins and granola bars for this year's Halloween? Kids will be upset without candy according to Dietitian expert,Dee Lite (pun name for 'Delight')."

"Oh it's true they'll be upset for candy because of this theft it's time to have a healthy trick or treat this Halloween so there's no problem with obesity,diabetes and rotten teeth it's high time for kids to accept those for now on." said Dee Lite as Jade turn off the TV.

"This Trick or Treat caper is worse than stealing candy from a baby or worse a little kid all because what that dietitian said makes kids upset I hope ACME can find out why and put an end to this caper." said Jade when all of the sudden someone just phase though the window?!?!

"Casper!" Jade recognize the ghost right away.
"Hi,Jade!" said Casper
"What are you doing here in my house?"
"Spooky just show up came and went after he hand buzzed me with his joy buzzer."
"Where is he now?"
"Going to the City by the Bay to scare people at some detective agency..."
"Oh fudge that's ACME,c'mon Casper we better stop him before it's too late." said Jade as she grab her padphone out of her room after charging it. "But first things first I like to meet my 'partner' at my mother's house I'm going to pick him up and get him dressed in a Pumpkin costume...because this Halloween they're going to have 'Me and my pet costume contest.' at ACME's annual Halloween Party."
"Golly I can't wait to meet your partner and where's your costume,Jade?" Casper asked...Jade grab her Halloween costume..."Wow! It's beautiful!" Jade's Halloween costume is a orange dress with green satin bodice,green short puff sleeves and a puff shaped skirt,orange and black striped socks,black Mary Jane flats,orange pumpkin shaped wig.

"I'm dressing up as a pumpkin too." said Jade as she place her Halloween costume in her large gym bag and grabbing her 'partner's' pumpkin costume as well. "Let's go Casper you fly I'll C-5!" said Jade as she pressed the GPS button and head for her mother's house.

End of Chapter One
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Chapter Two: Trick or Defeat,part two

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

The Hallway
Lee Jordan has enter the building after looking for a Halloween costume for himself and his beagle dog,Reuben. 'I cannot to wait to beat everyone at this year's 'Me and my pet costume contest' me and Reuben will win hands down for the first time.' Lee's mind said as he walked to see how the decoration for the annual ACME Halloween party come along.

"AHH!! A GHOST!!!" Cruiser yelled as he came to Lee "Lee,I'm glad you're here!"
"What's wrong with you?" Lee asked
"There's a ghost coming out from nowhere!"
"Cruiser,there's no way there's..." Before Lee finished his sentence Cruiser screamed out loud and ran after pointing out there's a ghost behind him. "Cruiser!"

The ghost laughed out loud as Lee turn around and saw a white ghost with a freckles,a black nose and a derby hat on.
"Oh I'm scared now!" Lee said sarcastically to the ghost "Who are you?"
"I'm Spooky!" The ghost answered
"Well Spooky,you really scared the living daylights out of my friend."
"Yeah really so do me a favor and leave right now."
"Okay I'm sorry!" Spooky apologize as he raised his arm a little bit. "Shake!"
"Apology accepted!" said Lee until he screamed because Spooky has a joy buzzer that send him flying to the cafeteria and fell unto the salad bar (yup,there's food in the salad bar mostly vegetables for a salad of course)...The lunch ladies were not surprised to see Lee before lunch starts.

Spooky laughed out loud as he flow away to the Lab...
That's where Zack Monaghan,Josha,Ivan Idea and Spencer Ross is fixing up something...Spooky just looking..."Whatcha doing boys?" Spooky asked.
"Oh we're just fixing the fog machine for this year's Halloween party we are..." Before Ivan finished his sentence he screamed after he saw Spooky and ran out of the lab.
"Ivan!" said Spencer "What is wrong with..."
"Un fantasma!" Josha interrupted (in Spanish that means 'a ghost')
"Huh?!?! Yikes,a ghost!" said Zack
"Oh fudge!" said Spencer "Run!" As he and Josha ran out of the lab.
"Hey,'ghost' why don't you just leave it's not good for a kid scaring all of us." Unfortunately Zack couldn't find a kid underneath Spooky because there's wasn't a kid underneath. "AHH!!! There really is a ghost! HELP!!!" he ran and bumped unto his sister,Ivy and Tatiana Erzin.

"Zachary Monaghan,what is going on?" Tatiana asked
"There's a ghost in the lab." Zack answered
"Oh really little bro there's no ghost around here it's just your..."
"A ghost!" Tatiana interrupted as she and Zack saw Spooky.
"Told ya so,sis!"
"Yeah right as if...!" said Ivy as she saw Spooky
"Hi ya,toots!" Spooky winked at Ivy
"I believe you!!!" said Ivy as she,Zack and Tatiana ran off screaming as Chase Devineaux opens the door from his office as his eyebrows raised in confusion.

'What's with all the screaming about?' Chase's mind asked...He shrugged and closed the door.

Inside of his office

Chase turns around and saw Spooky sitting on his chair "Hi ya!" Spooky said to Chase
"Who are you?"
"Well Spooky..." said Chase as he yelling at Spooky "GET OFF OF MY CHAIR!!!" Spooky flows off of Chase's chair.
"Sorry about that!" said Spooky as he raised his arm a little bit "Shake!"
"Alright!" Chase said after he opens his door until he yelled when Spooky use his joy buzzer the same way he did to Lee "H-HEY!!! W-WHAT T-T-THE?!?!" He screamed only this time he bumped unto Bolt Upright with a foam cup of coffee ...Stewart Sterling opens the door from his office.

"What's going on here?" He asked as Arthur Chance shows up and asked "Why is Chase on the floor?"
"As if he sees a ghost." Bolt answered after he got up and of course his coffee got spilled when Chase bumped unto him.
"He sure did!" Spooky said as Bolt,Arthur and Stewart saw him.
"A GHOST!?!?!" Bolt yelled as he ran off probably get another cup of coffee.
Spooky laughed out loud..."This isn't funny,ghost or whoever you are?" said Arthur
"Spooky!" he answered as Arthur and Stewart picks up Chase off the floor.
"Well,Spooky you better get outer here or we'll called a ghost buster on you." Arthur warns Spooky as he and Stewart takes Chase to the ACME medical center.

Meanwhile at the Academy...

All the teachers and students ran and screaming because of Spooky messing everyone's subject from Math, English, Art, Music, Geography, History and Science to Detective Training 101...Renee Santz,Ann Tickwittee and Rock Solid shows up.

"Oh terrific this is every worse as well as headquarters." Rock said
"Now what?" Renee said
"We better get some help from headquarters before it gets really worse." Ann answered.

End of Chapter Two
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Chapter Three: Trick or Defeat,part three

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

Getting out of the cafeteria and in a rage as well after what happened. (at least the lunch ladies got him off of the salad bar throw away the vegetables after Lee landed there and now the lunch ladies just starts all over again with the salad bar with another fresh load of vegetables for their sake)
Lee heads to the men's room looks and notice his hair is mess up and beet stains all over his blue jeans.

Inside the men's room

"Wait til I get my wits on that stupid ghost." said Lee as he brushes his hair with a brush/comb combo. "I ought..."
"You ought what,Lee?" Casper asked as he appears.
"I...Hi,Casper!" said Lee as he turn around and saw the friendly ghost that he met in New Orleans (remember The Ghost and The Grunge) "Casper!" He was relieve it wasn't Spooky. "What're you doing here?"
"Uh,have you seen Spooky around here?" Casper asked
"Oh yeah,Casper I saw him he...." Before he could finish his sentence his cellphone rang and pick it up right way. "Jordan speaking..."What?!?! That ghost did what at the Academy?...I'll be right there!" He hung up his cellphone. "Casper,you phase through to the Academy I'll be right behind you."

"Sure thing,Lee!" said Casper and he did.
The C-5 appears and so did Jade..."I'LL GET YOU,SPOOKY!!!" Lee yelled as he got out of the men's room.
"Lee,thank goodness you're here!" said Jade
"No time to chit-chat,Jade I'm going to the Academy!"
"What for?" Jade asked as she strolls with Lee.
"That ghost has gone too far!" Lee answered
"Without a doubt!"
"Get going,I'll warned Archie!" said Jade as she head for Archie's office.

At the Academy's gymnasium

Screams coming all the way from the weight room to the fitness room as Cole Gannon,Jason Argonaut and Tyson Jackson goes after Spooky. When Casper shows up at the basketball court to stop Spooky.

At the Basketball court...

"Whoa! Another ghost!" Jason said
"What's he doing here?" Tyson asked
"Shh!!" said Cole as he listens to the ghosts.
"Spooky, you have to stop this right now!" said Casper
"Okay,Casper!" said Spooky as he raised his arm a bit "Shake!" All of the sudden it happens again.
"Stop it,Spooky!" said Casper "Whoa!!!" as he landed to the hoop. Spooky laughed out loud.

"That's enough fun and games for you!" said Cole but Spooky flied away.
"Get him!" said Tyson as he,Cole and Jason follows Spooky...The boys gasped and stopped as they notice when Spooky is going where the boys shouldn't go.

"No! That's the..." Jason was about to finish his sentence when the voices of girls screamed and yelled "A GHOST!!!"
"Too late!" said Cole as Spooky phase out of the girls'locker room as Maylee Young and Jessie Lyon came out.
"We were just about to hit the showers!" said Jessie
"At least us girls are still in our gym clothes when he 'phase through'." said Maylee "Wait a minute is this..."
"It's not a prank, Maylee!" said Cole as she and Jessie relieve.
"You girls,just go back inside...we'll handle this!" said Jason
"Thanks,Jason!" said Jessie as she and Maylee went back to the girls locker room.

"C'mon,boys we got'em now!" said Tyson
"Where is he?" Cole and Jason asked in unison
"The Aquatic Center!"
"Let's go!"

The Aquatic Center

Cole,Jason and Tyson shows up and Spooky waits for them.
"Okay,you guys win!" said Spooky "I give up!"
"Good! I'm glad you made that quick decision,ghost!" said Cole
"I'm sorry for what I did!" said Spooky as he raise his arm a bit "Shake!"
"Good enough!" said Cole and then he screamed and plunge down to the swimming pool (in the middle between the shallow and the deep)
"Cole!" said Jason as he splashed in to save Cole.

"Why you!" said Tyson as he's about to get even with Spooky."Hey what the..."
"What happened?" Jason asked as Cole coughed out the water out of him.
"We got barricaded!" Tyson answered as Spooky laughed and flies away when all of the sudden Rock,Renee and Ann shows up at the hallway "We got him now!" said Rock

"Yikes!" said Spooky and then he saw Lee who is really in a rage coming in to the Academy ran to get him and so does Rock unfortunately Spooky goes invisible while Lee and Rock bump each other..."Ow!" Lee and Rock said while on the floor...Spooky laughed and he fainted away before Ann and Renee shows up.

Archie Pelago's Office

"And you're saying a ghost just messing everything around ACME?" Archie asked
"Without a doubt,Archie!" Jade answered as Archie opens the door to show her out.

"Miss Ezell,As I warned Upright for the last time there is no such thing as a..." he gasped when he saw Spooky and yelled "GHOST!!!" Jade gasped when she saw Spooky using a black permanent marker onto a picture of a familiar person on a wall.

Archie screamed "No!!! Not the..." He screamed again as Spooky laughed until he stop when Arthur shows up "Uh oh!"

"Spooky!?!?!" said Arthur "That does it I'll called..."
"Spooky,that's enough!" said Casper as he shows up.
"Another one?!?!" said Arthur
"Don't mind him Arthur,he's a good ghost." Jade said quietly to Arthur

"Oh no,that ghost just vandalize the picture of Agnes Acme the founder of ACME." said Archie when he saw the portrait of Agnes Acme with a mustache and a beard.

(Don't worry the portrait is safe because its protect with a glass on it and remember the game show Witwics? the drawing reminds me of when Greg Lee wishes the Chief (the late Lynne Thigpen) has a beard with that wishing popcorn in the office skit...I don't own that game show whatsoever))

"Spooky,you've gone too far this time!" said Jade

"Yeah right,whose gonna stop me?" Spooky asked
"Me! That's who!" a voice of a female's ghost said as the ghost of Agnes Acme appears and hits Spooky with her parasol.
"Ow!" said Spooky as Lee and Rock came out of the Academy alongside with Renee and Ann after she un-barricaded the door to get Cole,Jason and Tyson out of the Aquatic Center as they head for the ACME Medical Center for Lee and Rock's sake.

"Oh my...Agnes Acme!" said Archie
"You've got a problem with me?" Agnes asked
"Not at all." as Archie as he back to his office and closes the door.

The Interrogation Room (for the first time a ghost gets interrogated by another ghost)

Fifteen minutes later...

"Okay,okay I admitted I just want to scared everybody so I can join VILE as the first ghost to help this Carmen Sandiego lady steal and keep the world's greatest treasure all to herself." Spooky confessed

"Why did you scared everyone here at ACME?" Casper asked
"To make sure VILE gets their new hideout by getting rid of them by distracting them."
"Of what,Spooky?"

"Well dealing with lots of candy being burn away with some cauldron own by some witch with a help of a dietitian who wants trick or treating a better and a healthier Halloween."
"By distracting those detective wannabes that lady in a trenchcoat with an umbrella gave me a super joy buzzer it makes ten times better than before in order to make sure they are out of the crime fighting business."
"Where are the crooks?"

"Some abandoned chocolate factory in Utah called Sweet's...I think." (I don't own that company 'Sweet Candy Company' or its abandoned factory whatsoever)
"Who told you that place?"
"Well a big jaw man or maybe an Native American Indian kid with his 'aunt' muscle lady or the stinky guy...wait I remember it's a guy in a rat costume."

Outside of the Interrogation Room

"Medeva,Dee Lite!" said Jade as she and Archie listen to the interrogation. "And the other crooks describe by Spooky are identified as Rene Storm I remember something about a lightning just hit indoors it has to be her umbrella,Gnash is the one with a big jaw,Tom A. Hawk,Eartha Brute,Top Grunge." she snapped her fingers "Of course the stinky scent out of nowhere it has to be his years of bad odor."
"And Wonder Rat,we might have known,Miss Ezell!" said Archie

"I've got a feeling they want Spooky to distract ACME while they go after all the Halloween candies to make sure the dietitian to be very happy this Halloween."
"Oh dear,this is really bad."
"For us?"
"The kids,Miss Ezell!" said Archie "This could be the end of trick or treating as we know it."
"Not for long,Archie" said Jade "We better trick'em and treat'em behind bars."

"Don't forget the most important thing you need before you catch the crooks and after you find the loot." Agnes said to Jade after her ghostly self appears.
"The Warrant!"

Salt Lake City,UT,USA

The Abandoned Sweet's Chocolate Factory

Ten hours later after the last batch of candy came by Otto 'Gnash' Readmore,Wonder Rat,Eartha Brute and Tom A. Hawk accompanied by Rene Storm and Top Grunge.

Medeva starts to boil up a spell to eliminate all the Halloween candies once and for all.
"Candy is dandy but soon it'll be sandy." she rhymes in front of Dee Lite.
"Indeed,dear Medeva!" said Dee Lite "You make sure that this Carmen Sandiego woman gets me a lifetime membership of VILE as the new henchwoman and stopping all the sweets once and for all."

"That's not gonna what happened!" someone said
"Who said that?" As she and Medeva look around seeing no one around when Gnash,Wonder Rat,Eartha,Tom,Rene and Grunge.

"What is going on here?" Rene asked as a bulk of candy out of Gnash's hands.
"What?!?!" said Gnash
"Hey!" said Wonder Rat
"The Candy!?!" said Eartha as she,Medeva, Dee Lite,Gnash,Wonder Rat,Tom,Rene and Grunge saw some ACME agents show up recovering all the bulks of candy.
"Your ending of stop trick or treating is over."
"What do you mean?" Dee Lite asked as Jade revealed herself thanks to her medium blue instant battle suit now upgraded with invisible mode.

"Why that amateur detective?" said Rene "I'm going to..." she screamed after Spooky throws the super joy buzzer back to her from behind. "You little ghost!"

"You mean two little ghosts." said Casper as he appears.
"It's that little ghost!" said Grunge.
"Ghost! Ghost! I hate the most...Time to make you toast!" said Medeva as she throws a fireball at Casper but her magic just phase through. She gasped as Spooky grab a rock...
"Nice try,witch!" he said as he threw a rock at her cauldron to destroy her spell to get rid of the Halloween candies for good.
"Let's get outer here." said Tom as the cauldron starts to well explosive at least Jade escape along with the ACME and the candies safe in the van that is.

Next day

ACME Medical Center

"Is that so?" Chase asked Jade after she explained to him as he recover from what happened from yesterday.
"It sure does!" Jade answered "Let's just say I have the 'ghost' of luck."
"'Ghost' of luck!?!?!"
"Sure did."
"What happened to the crooks?"
"Got away except Dee Lite is apprehend."
"And Spooky?!?!"
"I have him clean up 'the mess' he made."

And Jade was right Spooky did clean up the portrait of Agnes Acme with a sponge of rubbing alcohol and then cold water after that with Casper and Agnes Acme keep an eye on him.

"Okay I'm done!" said Spooky
"You missed a spot!" said Casper
"Where?" Spooky asked as Agnes hit him with her parasol. "Ow!"
"Let's go you got more work to do." said Agnes.
"Oh man!" said Spooky as he's been escorted with Casper and Agnes to do more 'chores' to do.

End of Chapter Three
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Chapter Four: The Haunted House Caper,part one

I don't own the characters: Carmen Sandiego,Archie Pelago,Bolt Upright,Ivy,Zack, Armando Arguella,Tatiana,Josha,Lee Jordan, Regis,Barrow,Ann Tickwittee,Ivan Idea,Renee Santz,Rock Solid,Cole Gannon,Patty Larceny,Sarah Nade,Double Trouble and Medeva whatsoever...This is Wendy the good little witch's first appearance.

New Orleans,LA,USA

Casper the friendly ghost and Wendy the good little witch were strolling around.
"I can't wait to meet your friends at this ACME place." said Wendy
"You'll like'em once you meet'em." said Casper as they continued to stroll around New Orleans.

Outside of the Mardi Gras Museum...

"Boys,get me some light would ya?" Sarah Nade said to Double Trouble.
"No problem,Sarah!" said Double Trouble as the troublesome boys use the flashlight onto Sarah.
"Yo! The door!"
"Sorry!" as the boys shine onto the door Sarah starts pick locking with a hairpin?!?!
"Hope we can find something scary to convince our boss to have a Halloween party." Sarah said to Double Trouble.
"Yeah then we party til' midnight." said Double Trouble as Casper and Wendy listens to what they're saying after they stop strolling.

"Heh! Heh!" said Sarah as Casper shows up and said "Whatcha doing?"
"None of your business,kid can't you see..." before Sarah finished her sentence she yelled after she saw Casper "A GHOST!!!" As she dropped her hairpin.
"What ghost?" Double Trouble asked "Just a little kid!" trying to pull the sheet but they realized Sarah wasn't kidding and so the troublesome boys screamed and yelled "LET'S PARTY OUTER HERE!!!" as they and Sarah ran off just they have slipped off a banana peel because of Wendy.

"Oops,Sorry!" Wendy said "I was hungry you know."
"You little girl we ought..." before the boys finished their sentence Wendy just levitate them they screamed.

"A REAL WITCH!!!!" Sarah yelled as Wendy levitate her as well. "Hey,put us down!"
"Yeah,put us down!" said Double Trouble.
"You've got it!" said Wendy as she use her levitation spell to put Sarah and Double Trouble down to the kitchen floor of a restaurant serving up Cajun and Creole food...suddenly the troublesome boys accidentally knock a wooden spoon and surprise a pot of shrimp gumbo fell unto Sarah...a female chef shows up and asked "What're you doing..." before the lady finished the sentence after the troublesome boys lift up the pot off Sarah gasped and said "Sweetheart,call the police!" she said to her son who is a waiter.

The Boys and Sarah screamed and yelled "LET'S GET OUT OF THE BIG EASY...RUN!!!" and they did.

The next day

At the restaurant...

"And you called the police?" Lee Jordan asked
"Sure did." The waiter answered "Mama recognize the crooks already...unfortunately the crooks ran outer here before the cops show off."
"Other than a spilled of my gumbo over the girl I don't know how they got in." the female chef said to Jason Argonaut.
"Thank you for your cooperation,ma'am." said Jason as a couple of dogs barked.

"What is it,Estrella,Reuben?" a Mexican ACME detective said to his dog who is a female chihuahua (estrella is Spanish means 'Star') and Lee's beagle dog,Reuben as he uses the tweezers to pick up something...Lee and Jason came to the detective and Lee asked "Found something,Miguel?"
"Si,Senor Jordan!" Miguel said
"A hairpin?!?!" said Jason
"An alternative for a pick lock." said Lee.
"There's a strand of hair on it!" said Miguel as Jason uses the evidence bag and Miguel places the hairpin with his tweezers to drop it in there.

"We gotta go back to Headquarters so we can find out whose strand of hair is." said Jason.
"Good thinking,Jason!" said Lee "Enough time to do a last minute Halloween costume fitting for you,Reuben."
Reuben whined.

"Seriously,Lee,you thinking about winning the 'Me and My pet' costume contest at the ACME Halloween party?" Jason asked
"Oh yeah,Jason!" said Lee "Count on it."
"Don't count us out,Senor Jordan!" Miguel said while holding Estrella. "Me and Estrella will win first place right?" Estrella barked as he,Lee,Reuben and Jason leaves.

Meanwhile at ACME Headquarters

The Pavilion
"Looks pretty good,Cole." Jade Ezell said to Cole Gannon who finished the rest of the decoration.
"Thanks,Jade!" said Cole "I hope this Halloween party will better than the last one."
"Cole,we didn't have a party,last Halloween."
"Oh yeah it got cancelled because of the lacks of food and decorations."
"No thanks to Carmen Sandiego!" said Jade "As long as she doesn't come to this year's Halloween party by crashing in."

As Arthur Chance shows up "There you are you two." he said to Jade and Cole
"What's the 411,Arthur?" Jade asked
"More like a 911,Jade,Archie wants the both of you at the conference room it's important."
"More important than a Halloween party?!?!" Cole said
"Very important,Cole,let's go!" said Jade as she,Cole and Arthur leaves the pavilion to the conference room.

The Conference Room

"We've learn that Carmen Sandiego isn't doing anything on Halloween." said Archie Pelago. Along with Bolt Upright,Arthur, Yvette Beaumont,Sunan (Thai for 'good word') and Hong Mei Hua (Chinese for 'red plum flower')
"Good can I go back and finish decorating?" Cole asked
"You don't have time,Mr. Gannon this is serious."
"How serious,Archie?" Jade asked as Bolt plays the DVD of the latest case..."Yikes!?!?!"
"Yikes is right we've learn that some paranormal activity has cause our agents to disappeared." said Bolt.
"As in the Bermuda Triangle?"
"No Cole as in somewhere else in the world."
"Precisely,Miss Ezell!" said Archie "Miss Beaumont,if you please!"
"Merci,Monsieur Pelago!" said Yvette "At the Tower of London Regis and Barrow are investigating lots of ghost sounds howling around the whole city of London." Jade and Cole gasped when they saw the two of ACME's London team vanished. "And then Dominique, my sister and Nadia they disappeared at the Catacombs of Paris." Yvette started to cry. "Don't worry,Yvette I assure you your sister will be found...Count on it!" said Jade comforting Yvette.

"They're not the only ones disappeared...In Edinburgh,Scotland at the Edinburgh Castle...my partner,Ratana and Armando Arguella vanished as well." said Sunan
"And of course,Forbidden City in Beijing,China." said Hong Mei Hua "I inform Jason that his cousin,Jessie along with Tyson,Maylee,Daniel and Sakura they vanished as well."

"That's horrible!" said Cole
"Mr. Gannon,you have to meet Commander Monaghan,Detective Jordan,Mr. Argonaut,Mr. Fernandez and Miss Erzin at The Eastern State Penitentiary in The City of Brotherly Love." said Archie
"Do I have to?"
"You have to or this Halloween party is cancelled." said Jade as she coordinates the latitude: thirty four degrees north and the longitude: seventy-five degrees west on her padphone.
"Might as well get over with." said Cole as Jade pressed the GPS button and Cole goes through the C-5 corridor.

"The rest of you will head for this hotel in Colorado." said Arthur
"Hey isn't that the hotel where 'The Shining' takes place?"Jade asked. (I don't own the book or the movie version of the Shining whatsoever)
"Sure is,Jade." Arthur answered "That's where Zack,Josha,Spencer,Ann,Rock,Ivan and Renee wants the rest to go with them."
"Except for you,Miss Ezell!" Archie said
"What?!?! You want me to stay out of this case."
"Not entirely...Just in case something's wrong!" said Bolt
"Thanks,Bolt!" said Jade "And be careful everyone!" As Jade leaves the conference room.

End of Chapter Four
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Chapter Five: The Haunted House Caper,part two

Somewhere in Toronto,Ontario,Canada

Casper and Wendy are strolling making sure there's no trouble...then again too late.

Sarah and Double Trouble are back again this time they stolen some props from a prop store and put'em in a minivan.
"Casper!" Wendy said
"Let's go after them!" said Casper as he and Wendy follows them.

Inside the minivan

While Sarah is driving Double Trouble said "We've got company!"
"That's all I wanted to know trap is set." said Sarah as she keeps driving...And yes it is a trap and Wendy just got captured by a fishing net?!?!
"Wendy!" said Casper as some witch appears from nowhere as Sarah stop the minivan.
"Well done,Medeva!" Sarah said to her.
"Just caught me a witch from the ditch." Medeva said.
"Who are you?" Wendy asked
"Medeva's the name rhyming in magic is the game."
"You won't get away with this."
"Already have!" said Medeva as she give Wendy to Sarah and Double Trouble"Put this one in the closet I'll use her as my own target."
"No problem,ma'am!" said Double Trouble as Sarah drives the minivan away.

"Golly,I gonna need help!" said Casper as he flies away from Toronto to Jade's House.

Jade's House

Casper appeared and saw a carved pumpkin of himself..."Looks real nice!" he said as he phase through to Jade's bedroom where Jade is sound a sleep in her sea green nightgown while in bed. "Jade,Jade..."
Jade woke up and said "It's four thirty in the morning let me sleep."
Jade woke up again by Casper's shouted...She turn on the lights and put on her glasses "Casper,lots of people are asleep alright." Jade said quietly "So what's going on?"

"Jade,there's trouble around Toronto and my friend is capture by some witch called Medeva."
"What?!?! What happened?" Casper whispered to Jade's ear...Jade gasped as she grab her padphone and send a message to ACME Headquarters in Toronto about a theft there.

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

Archie Pelago's office

After taking a shower,getting dressed,breakfast and brushing her teeth...Jade grab her padphone and C-5 right away.

"As you know,Miss Ezell today is Halloween." he said "But it's bad news for us."
"What happened?" said Jade as Archie plays the DVD of the scenes of the crime..."More ACME agents have disappeared from the Eastern State Penitentiary to the Stanley Hotel." Archie explained to Jade.
"Just like what happened to the others were there any clues?"

"Doubt it,not a single clue except for the hairpin found in New Orleans yesterday." said Archie as the fax machine print out some message from ACME Headquarters in Toronto.

"Wait a minute we just got something from Toronto...They said someone stolen a props from a prop store for movies,TV shows and theater plays last night they already send in an ACME agent...according to the agent the stolen items are a Victorian style telephone,some Retro TV,a fake mirror,'moving books'and some rubber butcher knife and meat cleaver however the owner he gave the description of the crooks." Archie shows Jade the pictures of the crooks.

Jade gasped and said "Sarah Nade and Double Trouble...the question is why?"
"I can answer that." said Casper as he appears in front of her and Archie.
"Oh it's you,Casper!" Archie said "Go ahead!"

"Me and my friend,Wendy were in New Orleans spot those crooks outside of the Mardi Gras Museum...they were saying about convincing a Halloween party til' midnight by scary their boss and..."
"Say no more,Casper!" Jade interrupted as she uses her hand to stop Casper speaking. "Archie,you said Carmen Sandiego isn't doing anything on Halloween."

"Indeed,Miss Ezell." said Archie as the fax machine just print some flyer..."What's this? 'Hex Inn Haight-Ashbury'"
"I wonder what that place is all about?" said Jade.
"You better investigate there,Casper go with her." said Archie
"Yes,sir!" said Casper as he phase through while Jade goes to the lab to pick up her safety and survival kit.

Meanwhile in Toronto,Ontario,Canada

Patty Larceny's apartment

"Let me outer here!" someone said as Patty heard someone knocking around somewhere just then the doorbell rang and she answered the door.
"Aunt Carmen!" she said to her 'aunt' Carmen Sandiego.
"Patty,have you seen Sarah Nade or Double Trouble around here?" her 'aunt' asked
"Not did I know of."
"I hope you're not throwing a Halloween Party are you after I told..."
"No,Aunt Carmen,I'm not." Patty interrupted until knocking noises came back "Somebody get me outer here." someone said
"No I swore this isn't what it looks like."
"Upstairs!" Carmen commanded as she and Patty goes upstairs to Patty's bedroom...the ladies gasped as they saw a chair pin to Patty's closet.

"What's my vanity chair pin onto my walk-in closet." she said as she remove the chair back to her vanity table and surprise..."Oh my!"
"Thank you so much!" said Wendy.
"Who are you?" Carmen asked
"I'm Wendy,the good little witch!" Wendy introduce herself to Carmen and Patty
"How did you get here?" Patty asked as Wendy whispered to her and Carmen about how she got to Patty's apartment.

Five minutes later...Carmen in a very angry mood getting out of Patty's apartment so does Patty and Wendy after Patty closes and locks her door.
"I'm going to get even with them in San Francisco." Carmen's face is really red as her hat and coat.
"So would I,Aunt Carmen!" said Patty who is also angry with Sarah,Double Trouble and Medeva as she and Carmen enters her car.

"The answer lies in Haight-Ashbury that's what I heard when those three are at with that witch named Medeva."said Wendy as Carmen and Patty fasten their own seat belt while Wendy hop unto her flying broom. "I'll show you the way."

"Good enough!" said Carmen as she turns her car into a hover jet to fly and follow Wendy as she shows them the way through the skies.

End of Chapter Five (this story isn't over yet I'll be right back)
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Chapter Six: The Haunted House Caper,part three

San Francisco,CA,USA


'Hex Inn' (a fictional place)...as the sun is about set

Jade arrive by C-5 and Casper shows up..."About time you got here!" he said as he appears.
"Yeah,Casper!" said Jade "If we don't find out what's going on with my friends...this year's Halloween party will be cancelled, all the food,the drinks and decorations wasted and there's no 'Me and my pet' costume contest."
"Don't say that,Jade!" said Casper "We'll getting it done just in time."
"You're right,Casper!" said Jade "Let's go in!" as she try going in to the front door. "What the...The door's lock."

"I'll unlocked." said Casper as he phase through and unlock the door for Jade.
"Good job,Casper!" said Jade as she enters inside..."Ooo...Creepy! It doesn't look like a bed and breakfast to me."

"Jade,take a look at your reflection." said Casper as Jade put on her rubber gloves and she saw her reflection alright. "Does look like a mirror or what?"
"Don't think so,Casper!" said Jade "However...Mirror,mirror on the wall who is the fairest one of them all?" as Medeva's face appears in front of Jade.
(I don't own that quote whatsoever)
"Ah,I see...why isn't thee by me?" she said
"Medeva,where are my friends?"
"I'm glad you've found me the first object of the three to find me...I'll meet thee,see!" and she laughed as she vanished.

"What're we gonna do?" Casper asked
"C'mon,Casper,we've got no time to lose." Jade answered "By the way the mirror's fake it's one of the stolen props from Canada." as Jade heads to the kitchen..."Huh?!?!" she screamed as if by magic...a butcher knife and a meat cleaver comes after her thank goodness she duct.

"Jade,are you alright?" Casper asked as Jade looks at the knife and the cleaver "Careful!"
"It's okay,Casper!" said Jade "It's made of rubber."
"Must be the missing props."
"It is,Casper,c'mon!" said Jade as she and Casper headed for the living room...suddenly the TV's on as Jade sees Ivy saying "HELP US!" then Zack said "HELP!" "Zack,Ivy!" said Jade until Medeva shows up on the screen.

"You found me on TV,otherwise you would've found me in the RV." said Medeva
"Cut the rhyming,Medeva!" said Jade "Where are they?"
"Take a look,don't read a book!" said Medeva as she faints away. "Jade this TV is..." Casper is about to finished the sentence...Jade interrupted "I know it's a prop." until a door opens.

Jade and Casper enter the library..."Jade,there's bound to be a special passage somewhere." said Casper.
"Good thinking,Casper!" said Jade as she's about to grab a book to search for the secret passage until books move one at a time. Casper screamed as something separates him from Jade. "Casper!"

The phone rang (except it's a prop version of the Victorian style phone as well Medeva use magic somehow)...Jade pick up the phone "Hello!"
"I'm glad you pick up the phone and still at home?" Medeva said
"Where are you?"
"I'm glad you're on the floor...then again you're coming down from the trap door!" Yup,Jade screamed as the trap door opens and she falls down to the basement with a soft landing of course thanks to the pillows.

Medeva laughed out loud..."I'm glad you here and not there!" Suddenly,Jade hears all moaned and groaned from coming out of nowhere.
"Where are my friends,Medeva?" Jade asked
"Oh right your friends...your friends didn't turn into bees I'm turn'em into zombies!" as Jade gasped saw all her ACME friends as zombies. "I'm glad the tub is drain while they are going after your brain." the witch laughed out loud as Jade screamed out loud..."MEDEVA!!!!!!!!" Carmen yelled after she flip the switch for some lights.

"Oh boss,thank goodness you didn't get lost." said Medeva "I just got these ACME detectives made to attack Jade."
"Oh really,that's not nice." said Wendy as she snapped her fingers...something happened but Jade isn't impressed.

"Oh fudge my friends are still zombies." said Jade.
"No we're not,Jade!" said Lee as he and the rest of Team ACME remove the rubber masks as Jade is still too scared and started to cry. "Oh Jade we were all hypnotized by Medeva's spell!"
"Huh!?!" said Jade as she stopped crying.
"It's true,Jade!" said Ivy "And no thanks to Sarah Nade and Double Trouble they make us wear these zombie masks."
"They wanted us to scared Carmen for a party?!?!" said Zack as Sarah and Double Trouble shows when both Carmen and Patty frowned at them. "Ah,boss I've better disappeared!" said Medeva "But I'll see you when I reappeared." And the witch vanished when Casper shows up..."I'm okay I'll just let the girls in and I'm glad Wendy's okay just in time for the party."

"Oh no,the party we'll never make it." said Cole "It's cancelled!"
"Not for long!" said Wendy as she use her magic once more.

ACME Headquarters

Casper's right...Team ACME arrived just in time,got dressed into their own costume including the ones and their own pet who are participate in 'Me and my pet' costume contest..."Third place goes to...Yvette and D'Artagnan as a pair of bumblebees." said Arthur (dressed as Robin Hood) as Yvette and her cat ( male blue European short hair) gets an orange Jack o'Lantern trophy while everyone clapped including her sister,Dominique who dressed up as a queen bee.

"Second place goes to...Jessie and Goalie as a couple of hot dogs." said Arthur as Jessie and her dog (male smooth bodied Dachshund) gets a silver Jack o' Lantern trophy while everyone clapped including her cousin,Jason who dressed up as a hamburger.

"Now the best overall costume goes to...Jade and Sam as a pair of pumpkins." said Arthur
"Alright,Sam we did it we won!" Jade said to her cat,Sam as everyone clapped and cheered at Jade when she gets a gold Jack o'Lantern trophy and Sam gets a bag of Kitty Kibbles (a fictional cat food brand name which is Sam's favorite food for breakfast ,lunch and dinner)...Jade makes a speech.

"We want to thank you for coming to this year's Halloween if we would've come here to get this Lee Jordan or Zack would've won hands down." Everybody clapped especially Lee in which he and Reuben's costume was voted Best Scariest Costumes (as Vampires) and Zack in which he and Harvard's costume was voted Most Funniest Costumes (as 'Super Chickens').

"And now it's time to meet another member of Allies to ACME." Everyone clapped and cheered "Ladies and gentlemen it is my pleasure to have with us for the first time...Casper the friendly ghost!"

As Casper appears and said "Happy Halloween,everyone! Golly I want to thank everyone especially Jade having me as a good friend and I also I like to meet my partner,Wendy,the good little witch." Everyone clapped as Wendy appears.

"And now we party!" said Wendy as everyone cheering,enjoying the food like blackened 'bat' (chicken) wings,fully cooked 'dragon flesh' (ribs),'Little Mummies' (pigs in a blanket),deviled eggs and dark chocolate cake,the drinks like warm apple cider,Lee grab himself a 'Witch's brew' (hard apple cider with a spicy cinnamon flavor in it),while Jade enjoys a glass of orange spiced iced tea and Wendy loves a cup of Mexican hot chocolate and all the have fun time dancing...After all it is a good Halloween story and nothing to scared of.

End of Chapter Six
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This is not an epilogue...

After Halloween...

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

The Pavilion

After Halloween is over everyone pitch in to clean up the pavilion...Casper appears.

"Oh hi there,Casper here!" the friendly ghost said "Really know what happened yesterday?"

"Well here it is...Before the Halloween Party got started...Police around the world notice some dry ice and some magic dust turns out to be Medeva's magic in the areas mention earlier in the story." He look around the pavilion..."Hey you missed a spot." he said to Jason Argonaut.
"Thanks,Casper!" said Jason as he picked up a party cup and throw into the trash.

"When I was separated from Jade at the 'Hex Inn' I was back from the start somehow Carmen Sandiego,Patty and Wendy were locked out so I unlocked the door for the girls I heard Jade screaming we came to the rescue at the basement turns that this inn is just a fake one turns out to be a hidden shelter thieves use to hide from the police."

"Oh yeah if you really wanna know what the others' costumes are and how they voted ask these judges." he said as he points to Ann,Rock,Ivan and Renee.

"Well beside the overall winners (mention earlier) others are voted in costume...like Lee Jordan for example although he and his dog,Reuben didn't win the overall their costumes is voted 'Best Scariest Costumes' and Zack and his cat,Harvard's costumes is voted 'Most Funniest Costumes'.(also mention earlier)" said Ann

"While Miguel and his dog,Estrella got voted 'What a Pair' by dressing up as a wizard and a witch while Daniel and his Shiba Inu (a dog breed from Japan),Yoshi got voted 'Best Look a Like Costumes' as Ninjas." said Rock "That's not all his cousin,Sakura and her calico Japanese bobtail cat,Geisha got voted 'Most Unique Costumes' as 'Lolita style schoolgirls'."

"Hong Mei Hua and her pug,Yin-Yang got voted 'Cutest Costumes' as 'Giant Pandas',Regis and his blue British Shorthair cat,Crumpet got voted 'Most Spookiest Costumes' as goblins,Nadia and her Papillon dog,Mariposa (Spanish for 'butterfly') got voted 'Most Prettiest Costumes' as butterflies...Hello Papillon dogs are known for their butterfly-shaped ears." said Ivan

"And finally Sunan and his seal point Siamese cat,Lotus got voted 'Most Creative Costumes' as a pair of spider monkeys dressing as Shaolin monks." said Renee "So everybody wins in the end and beside there's no such thing as a sore loser."

"I heard that!" Lee said as he take out the garbage.

Casper laughed a little and said "Don't worry there's more 'ghost stories' to come...bye for now!" And he vanished.

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