Jade's Christmas Adventure


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Chapter Twelve

After a plane stop in Sarajevo...*as Carmen's gang (Vic,Patty,Sara,Hannah,Moe,Lars,Sven and Manny),Dr. Drakken,Shego,Mr.Match,Count Zap,Maddy and Yahoot...strolled around downtown.

*Yahoot saw henchmen patrolling.*
*Shego uses her binoculars.*
Shego: Dr. Drakken,I've spotted Senior!
Drakken: And there's Heidi!
Count Zap: I wonder what they're doing?
Mr.Match: Let's find out and be quiet!
Drakken: Are you sure?
Yahoot: You heard Match...*as everyone quietly tiptoe without being scene...quietly as he saw Senior and Heidi separated* They split up!
Drakken: *quietly* Right! Why don't we split up?
Count Zap: *quietly* Good thinking! You follow that old man we'll follow her.
Vic: Good idea. *as Drakken and Shego leading Carmen's gang to city hall while Mr.Match,Count Zap,Maddy and Yahoot follow Heidi.*

ACME Safe House...Team ACME,Team Possible and Team MegaMan were shocked when Spencer shows them enough evidence to stop Senor Senior Senior and Heidi Whey.

ProtoMan: So that's it but unfortunately we don't know where the stolen items are.
Jade: My guess is that they're going to use them as traps to stop us.
Kim: So not the drama!
Lee: I agree,Kim Possible!
Chase: Same here,Jordan! *an emergency signal has been issued...Heidi Whey spotted heading for Avaz Twist Tower and Senor Senior Senior and son,Junior enter Vijecnica alias Sarajevo City Hall proceed with caution.*
Arthur: Warrants are issued just in time.

Ivy: It's time to get going!
Lan: Right! Ready MegaMan?
MegaMan: Right,Lan!
Archie: We better split up!
Chase: Team MegaMan go to Avaz Twist Tower!
Archie: And Team Possible you're going with us to city hall.
Ron: You heard the man,Kim!
Kim: So true!

Ivy: The rest of Team ACME will stay here.
Zack: Okay,sis and be careful!
Archie: Miss Ezell,put your battlesuit on and let's go!
Jade: Right!

*Jade in medium blue,Archie in bistre,Chase in dark red,Ivy in teal,Lee in deep black,Cole in dark gray,Maylee in hot pink,Jason in olive green,Spencer in forest green,Tyson in navy blue and Jessie in golden yellow.*

Avaz Twist Tower
Maylu: There's the tower.
Tory: We better save Christmas before it's too late.
Lan: Then Jack in...MegaMan,Power up!
Chaud: Jack in...ProtoMan,Power up!
Maylu/Dex/Yai and Tory: Jack in...
Maylu: Roll
Dex: Let's go GutsMan!
Yai: Glyde!
Tory: And IceMan!
Maylu/Dex/Yai and Tory: Power up!

In the cyberworld

As the navis enter the security system and saw security net navis being knock down...
Roll: What happened?
Security Net Navi: Some navi enter as one of our own and attack us.
MegaMan: Just as we thought...it's FakeMan!
ProtoMan: Let's go!

inside Avaz Twist Tower...
FakeMan: *on Heidi's PET* Heidi,MegaMan and the others are heading this way.
Heidi: Delete'em,FakeMan I don't anyone to get in Senior's way.

Inside City Hall...Team Possible and Team ACME search high and low for Senor Senior Senior all of the sudden Archie heard some screams,moan and groan.

Archie: *quietly to the rest of Team ACME and Team Possible* This way!
*everyone gasped when they saw Drakken,Shego and Carmen's gang all stuck on some gooey sticky stuff.*

Vic: Don't come close!
Hannah: You'll get stuck too!
Ron: If only we knew...
Kim: *about to use the grappling hooks* I got this!
Sara: I wouldn't used that if I were you...I try to escape but it was cut!
Kim: I'll take the chances! *uses the grappling hooks*
Ron: Kim,no! *Without warning yup,Professor Bellum's right Kim is about to fall in but Ron save Kim by using telekinesis through the mystical monkey.*
Lee: Stoppable,when did you get powers?
Ron: It's a long story! (wanna know how Ron got the mystical monkey powers better remember Disney's Kim Possible the animation not the live action.)

Jim: Great!
Tim: Now what?
Jade: Sorry to do this VILE but it's only way. *Yup she start step on Carmen's gang with Drakken and Shego carefully on their own back.*
Patty: Ouch!
Hannah: Ow!
Vic: Ow,watch the polyester!
Sven: Yeow!!!
Moe: Ow!
Lars: Ouch that hurts!
Sara: Ow!
Manny: Watch it!
Drakken: Yeouch!
Shego: Ouch!

Archie: Well done,Miss Ezell you figure it out how to pass the sticky situation.
Lee: Brilliant idea!
Vic: Oh no not again!
Ivy: Sorry Vic,but we have no choice!
Maylee: Shall we?
Jessie: Let's!
*Carmen's gang/Drakken and Shego screamed as the rest of Team ACME and Team Possible step them on like Jade did.*
Drakken: Ow! At least they all pass.
Shego: Because they reduce us as stepping stones. *Spencer uses a quick freeze pellet onto the gooey sticky stuff.*
Spencer: This will get you all out in thirty seconds.
Sara: Thank you ACME,Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Jade: Same to all of you and Carmen Sandiego as well.
Kim: And a very Merry Christmas,Drakken and Shego!
Ron: And Happy Hanukkah I mean a Happy New Year! *as Team ACME and Team Possible went on ahead.*

End of Chapter Twelve (sorry this story isn't over yet even though it's getting late I'll finish up as much as I can tomorrow.)
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Chapter Thirteen

Avaz Twist Tower,Sarajevo,Bosnia and Herzegovina

Lan: We're getting close! *Until Lan and the rest of Team MegaMan screamed when their own PET were magnetically taken.* No MegaMan!
Chaud: ProtoMan!
Maylu: Roll!
Yai: Glyde!
Dex: GutsMan,no!
Tory: IceMan!
Heidi: *voice only* Smart thinking,FakeMan! You took the PET's! I'll just jack'em in myself and you delete'em.

In the cyberworld...
FakeMan: No sweat,Heidi *as MegaMan,ProtoMan,Roll,GutsMan,Glyde and IceMan shows.*
MegaMan: FakeMan!
ProtoMan: How dare you separated us from our own net operatives.
FakeMan: *as he turns to ProtoMan.* What else to delete you all...*laughed out loud*
Roll: Oh yeah,Roll Arrow! *FakeMan dodge the attack and turns into Roll.*
FakeMan: *as Roll* Time for a goodbye kiss,MegaMan,Roll Blast!
IceMan: Oh yeah,Cyber Blizzard!
GutsMan: Guts Hammer!
Glyde: Glyde Cannon! *FakeMan dodge every single attack and change into MegaMan*
FakeMan: Nice try but you can't stop me.
ElecMan: *voice only* Oh yeah,Electric Boomer! *returning as FakeMan with one shock.*

Vijecnica (Sarajevo City Hall)

Team ACME and Team Possible have arrives but the doors are close...
Lee: Terrific we're too late.
Jade: *as she hears the instrumental version of Here Comes the Bride* Maybe not,Lee! Spencer!
Spencer: Time for Operation: Exposure! *as he use his computer to activated for what Senor Senior Senior say to Heidi Whey earlier*

Inside the main area

*Jeeves escort Contessa to Senor Senior Senior until the music stops...*
Senior: *to the preacher* What is going on here? *the preacher shrugged*

*Parts of the recording*

Contessa: I believe Senor Senior Senior is lying and I don't why.

(Senior: Lying I don't know what are you about talking about,Adrianna?)

Senior: I want to be the Head of VILE.

*end recording*

Contessa: So the truth is revealed you lied to me the whole time,Senior.
Senior: Now Adrianna!
Junior: Father,how could you? *Then a green blast came from the door as Shego,Drakken and Carmen's gang shows up*
*Senior gasped as the preacher leaves when Team ACME and Team Possible shows up by Ivy kicking the door down.*
Kim: It's over,Senior!
Contessa: *as she remove the amethyst engagement ring* She's right it is over,Senior! *as she threw the ring unto the floor and found out the ring was a fake.*

Back at Azav Twist Tower

*as Team MegaMan shows as the former members of World Three tied up Heidi.*
Lan: Mr.Match,Count Zap!
Maylu: Maddy!
Dex: Yahoot,what are you all doing here?
Yahoot: We'll explain later right now we might as well work together.
Heidi: *untie herself fast* Oh yeah FakeMan jack into the magnet beam again.

In the cyberworld
WackoMan: Oh yeah,Aqua Tower! *Fake Man got sprayed.*
TorchMan: Fire Arm! *FakeMan dodge the attack.*
MagicMan: Magic Fire! *FakeMan dodge the attack and transforms into MagicMan.*
FakeMan: I'll teach you all a lesson...Magic Fire!
MegaMan: No!
ElecMan: Hang on,MegaMan!

Both MegaMan and ElecMan stops FakeMan's fake attack!
MagicMan: Oh no! It's over...*suddenly something did happened...MegaMan looks like ElecMan and ElecMan is alright as the net navis are surprised.*

ElecMan: Time to shock this navi once and for all.
MegaMan: That goes double for me.

Count Zap: Wow! MegaMan looks different but how.
Lan: It's Double Soul,ElecSoul! (I made this one up based on the games of the MegaMan Battle Network 4 and 5 and the cartoon: MegaMan NT Warrior: Axess...ElecMan never did that with MegaMan in any of those series...And I don't own any of the games mention or the cartoon whatosever)

The Cyberworld

FakeMan: Now I'm angry! Fake Buster!
ElecMan: Let's end this,MegaMan!
MegaMan: Right!
MegaMan/ElecMan: Double Electric Boomer!

Heidi: No!!! *as FakeMan has been deleted.*

After the police arrested Senor Senior Senior and Heidi Whey...everything is back to normal well almost.

Ron: Well at least it's over!
Jade: Hold on,Ron! We have something to do for the people of Sarajevo's sake.

As Team ACME,Team Possible,Team MegaMan,Drakken,Shego,Senor Senior Junior,Former Members of World Three and Carmen's gang redecorate the Christmas decorations to the people of Sarajevo.

Meanwhile at the Sandiego Manor

*Carmen woke up from her bed and saw Mr.Wily.*
Mr.Wily: Relax,Carmen it's all over. *Carmen smiled with a good heart she got something to do before Christmas.*

End of Chapter Thirteen...The Epilogue concludes this story with a surprise.
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Days later...well it's Christmas Eve!

The Presidio of San Francisco

Team ACME,Team Possible and Team MegaMan

Lan: Dex just left earlier I wonder what he's up to?
Maylu: I don't know,Lan.
Chisao: My big brother said it's a surprise. *Rush the cyberdog barked*
Kim: I wonder why that place?
Ron: What place?
Jade: There?
Chase: The Log Cabin
Ron: But there's no log cabin.
Lee: Chase meant the one on Storey Avenue.
Renee: My goodness it's wonderful.
Ann: And it's historical!
Yai: We better check it out!

When everyone got there they gasped when they saw that the place was decorated.
Jim: Whoa,Check it out!
Tim: Oh yeah now that's a Christmas Tree. *everyone was surprised*
Maylee: *gasped* the red paper chain how did they?
Dex: Hi you guy,Merry Christmas! I hope you like what we decorate.
Everyone: We!
Carmen: *as her,her gang,Mr.Wily,his former henchmen and henchwoman,Drakken and Shego shows* Of course!
Archie: We notice the display around the world.
Drakken: Are missing?
Count Zap: We got'em and voila!
Maddy: And we got a Christmas surprise for all of you and to you,Lan.
Lan: What's that? A free all-you-can-eat curry at #1 Curry?

Count Zap: Better look...*Lan gasped as he saw someone familiar.*
Lan: Mom!
Mrs. Hikari: Lan! *as she walk fast to hugged him* Merry Christmas!
Lan: It's not Merry Christmas without...*gasped as he saw someone familiar to him again.* Dad!
Dr. Hikari: Lan! *as he came to hugged Lan as well
Lan: But how?
Mr. Wily: Famous and Detective Yamaguchi were relieve that the magnet beam has return and the charges against your father are dropped and so are the others who miss their own children very badly.
*Team MegaMan are cheered*

Jim: Well that was surprising!
Tim: Yeah,I wish we see out parents again.
Senor Senior Junior: *as Santa* Ho! Ho!
Jim/Tim: Santa?!?! *as Bonnie shows up as Mrs.Claus.*
Kim: Mrs.Claus?!?!
Bonnie: Well duh who else? And Merry Christmas,Kim Possible! *as James and Ann Possible shows up and Kim and the Tweebs were happy to see their parents again.*

Bolt: Whoa,wait a minute what's going on here?
Carmen: Junior found out that Bonnie Rockwaller realized what happened it's true the diner's gone until he found that her grandmother's treasure full of silver dollars was under the diner the whole time and now the debt has been paid for.
Junior: And the charges against Bonnie were all dropped because the mortgage broker was a con artist working for my father.
Kim: Well,you and Bonnie would have to find another job.
Junior: Actually we've become paid volunteers.
Bonnie: In Florida's Chez Leisure Community those people who wanted turn that nursing home into a casino and spa resort are arrested.

James: And of course all the crimes we've been framed for.
Ann: The police dropped the charges and so are your parents,Ron and the rest of the Possible family are freed as well.

*everyone cheered*

Chase: Well how about that?
Arthur: It seems it's the best Christmas after all.
Jade: Sure does.

Drakken: Let's get back to the kitchen and check the goose. *as he,Shego,Carmen's gang and the former members of World Three return to the kitchen.*

A big Christmas feast has just begun...everyone enjoys the first course: green salad with ginger salad dressing,the main course: roast goose with applesauce,mashed potatoes,red cabbage and glazed carrots with almonds and for dessert: Christmas cake (Japanese version of Strawberry shortcake) for the kids, baked apples and mincemeat pies for the young adults and for mature adults: Christmas plum pudding blazed in brandy and served with lemon hard sauce well except Jade goes for a mini sugar free Christmas ice cream cake thanks to Patty and Maddy.

But the most of all Jade gives Team Possible and Team MegaMan became members of Allies to ACME and Vic and Patty gives Drakken,Shego and former members of World Three be part of Friends of VILE (member of villains who are not in VILE).

Everybody (except Senor Senior Senior and Heidi Whey): Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!
Ron: Happy Hanukkah!
Tyson/Wade: Happy Kwanzaa!
Everybody: And a Happy New Year! *Rush just howled and Sam meowed out loud*
Rufus: Buh-bye!

The End!
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