Jade's Christmas Adventure


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I don't own the following characters

Main: Carmen Sandiego (leader of VILE) and the main members of ACME: Chase Devineaux,Ivy,Zack and Lee Jordan

ACME: Archie Pelago, Suhara,Bolt Upright,Armando Arguella,Tatiana,Josha,Li,Jasmine,Cole Gannon,Renee Santz,Ann Tickwittee,Rock Solid,Ivan Idea and Cruiser

VILE: (the ones Jade trusted) Vic-the-Slick,Patty Larceny,Contessa,Sara Bellum,Hannah Lulu, Sven Galli,Moe Skeeter,Lars Vegas and Manny Mistakes (WOEICS? version)

Guest characters (this Christmas story is a double crossover and I don't own these characters from each one whatsoever)

a. from Disney's Kim Possible:

1.Kim Possible
2.Ron Stoppable
3.Rufus (Ron's pet a naked mole rat)
5.Jim and Tim Possible (Kim's twin brothers)
6.James and Ann Possible (Kim and the twins' parents)
7.Dr. Drakken
8. Shego
9.Senor Senior Junior
10.Bonnie Rockwaller
11. Senor Senior Senior (SSJ's father)

b. from MegaMan NT Warrior:

1. MegaMan and his net operative,Lan Hikari
2. Roll and her net operative,Maylu Sakurai,
3. Gutsman and his net operative,Dex Oyama
4. Chisao Oyama (Dex's little brother)
5. Glyde and his net operative,Yai Ayano
6. IceMan and his net operative,Tory Froid
7. ProtoMan and his net operative,Chaud Blaze
8. Mr.Wily
9. TorchMan (alias FireMan) and his net operative,Mr.Match
10. ElecMan and his net operative,'Count' Jack Zap
11. WackoMan (alias ColorMan) and his net operative,Maddy
12. MagicMan and his net operative, Yahoot
13.Dr. and Mrs. Hikari (Lan's parents)
14.Rush the Cyber Dog


Somewhere in Montrose County,Colorado,USA

The Possible are singing 'Deck the Halls' while James is driving focus on the road well almost everyone...

Jim: Dad,why are we going to some ranch away from Middleton?
Tim: Duh,why can't we get a cheap tree back at home?
James: Boys,the reason this Christmas we are going after...
Kim: The best Christmas tree around.
Ann: You got that right,Kim.
James: Why go for a cheap tree back at home when get some fresh air from a ranch they even got a hayride,a petting zoo...
Jim/Tim: Boring!
Kim: It'll be fun picking the right Christmas tree ain't it,Dad?
James: And we better find best Christmas tree...*he and the rest of the Possible family were coughing because of a thick black smoke.*
Jim/Tim: Dad,we can't see.
James: Neither is the rest of us.
Ann: James!!! *she and the rest of the family screamed*
*The Possible Family's car just crash into somewhere (thank goodness they all wear seat belts).*

A minute later...a highway patrol officer shows up.

James: *as he and the rest of the family woke up* Oh officer was I speeding because...
Highway Patrol Officer: Driver's license,please? *as James gave the highway patrol officer his driver's license* Sir,are you related to Kim Possible?
Kim: *as she rolls down the window* Yes, officer he's my father.
Highway Patrol Officer:Oh I'm glad you're alright Miss Possible.
Jim/Tim: You know her?
Highway Patrol Officer: Yeah she's the one who save all those petting zoo animals from getting turn into meat years ago.
James: If you don't mind...
Highway Patrol Officer: Just wait inside your car I'll be right back. *as he goes back to his motorcycle*
Ann: I don't understand what's going on here?
James: I think the smoke got us and cause our car to crash into a speed limit sign. *Highway Patrol Officer came back.*
Highway Patrol Officer: *to James and Ann* Would you and the lady step out of the vehicle,please?

James and Ann came out of the car...
Highway Patrol Officer: James Timothy Possible and Ann Possible,you both under arrest.
*Jim and Tim gasped*
Kim: What?!?!

End of Prologue
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Chapter One

Montrose County Police Department,Montrose,CO,USA

Coming in to the police department is Ron Stoppable (you know him he's Kim Possible's sidekick who became her boyfriend after the TV Movie: Kim Possible: So Not the Drama...I don't own the TV Movie whatsoever) after taking a ride from a co-worker at Smarty Mart (you know the fictional version of Walmart in which I don't own the store or its fictional store whatsoever...in which Ron works at in the pet department...In where he met his pet Rufus hello a naked mole rat aisle sixteen in the Kim Possible episode: Low Budget in which I don't own the episode whatsoever)

Ron: *to Kim ran a little fast* Kim oh thank goodness you're alright where's...
Kim: Mom and Dad...in prison me and the tweebs try to bail'em out but was deny five seconds later.
Ron: What happened?
Kim: Ron,we're about get a Christmas tree from the ranch in which I save those petting zoo animals years ago.
Ron: And?
Kim: Some thick black smoke cover us and the car got total by hitting a speed limit sign.
*Jim and Tim came back*

Jim: Bad news,Kim!
Tim: We won't be able to spend Christmas with the rest of the family.
Kim: What?!?!
Jim: Uncle Slim and Cousin Joss are forced to sell the Lazy C Ranch in Montana.
Tim: By a certain someone who wants turns the ranch into a wasteland.

Kim: What about Nana?
Jim: Won't be going to spend Christmas with her either.
Tim: Chez Leisure Community is going to be turn into a casino and spa resort and driving Nana and the others away.

Kim: That means we'll end up spending Christmas with Aunt June and Larry.
Jim: No we're not.
Tim: Larry's in jail for computer hacking and internet fraud in which he didn't commit.
Jim: And Aunt June is forced to move out of her apartment.
Tim: The landlord told her after she's looking for a job but unsuccessfully to make sure to pay the rent and the bills.

Ron: Now I know why my parents are in trouble for a crime they didn't commit and end up in jail and they were forced to take Hana (his adopted baby sister debut in the Kim Possible episode: Big Bother don't own the episode whatsoever) to be with my cousin Reuben and his wife to celebrate Hanukkah without taking me along (Kim Possible episode: Bad Boy don't own the episode whatsoever).

Kim: Great now what?
Lee: Now what? *Kim gasped and turn around and saw Lee Jordan.* You're going to be end up in San Francisco,Kim Possible!
Ron: Oh no,she's not!
Lee: And you too,Ron Stoppable and that includes the Possible Boys.
Ron: How did you find us?
Lee: All shall be explain.

Meanwhile at Jade's House (Jade wears her slate blue lightweight cotton turtleneck top and blue-gray jeans)

News Announcer: *while Jade place the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.* James Timothy and Ann Possible proud parents of Kim Possible are arrested in Montrose County,Colorado today...James Timothy Possible is arrested for stealing a top secret rocket fuel formula from the Middleton Space Center and Ann Possible is arrested for stealing a plan for a robotic laser for possibly neurological surgery that cause her job as a neurosurgeon at the Middleton Medical Center.

Jade's mind: *as Jade shook her head 'no'* That's can't be I've got a weird feeling someone is framed them for nothing even before Christmas there's no way evil can't ruin my favorite holiday they don't know what Christmas is all about?

News Announcer: This just in...Sci-Lab scientist Dr. Hikari is under arrest from robbing Sci-Lab equipment and attempted arson...

Famous: *on TV* All we know is someone frame Dr. Hikari for these crimes however police say there's no proof nor evidence that someone did...I've contact ACME Detective Yamaguchi to take care of this case and he said that I'm right all along but we don't know who did this somehow the security cameras has been erase during Dr. Hikari's arrest I hope ACME will solve this case before Christmas.

Jade: You're right,Famous! This case will be solved before Christmas. *her padphone beeps Jade looks at her padphone* And it will!

Jade goes back to her bedroom puts on her socks and sneakers...at least her bedroom is good and clean grab her padphone and C-5 outer here.

End of Chapter One
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Chapter Two

The Hikari House,Dentech district,Tokyo,Japan

Mrs. Hikari: *as Lan finished packing his suitcase after being frustrated over his father's arrest.* Detective Yamaguchi is gonna do whatever it takes to prove your father's innocence.
Lan: And what if he's not,Mom whose going to figure it out.
MegaMan: I guess it's up to us after all we're NetSavers.
Lan: Then we better help Detective Yamaguchi.
Mrs. Hikari: Even if you want to help out that's not gonna be a good idea.
Lan: Why not?
Mrs. Hikari: They'll be security all over and if you show your badge they won't you in.
MegaMan: Your mother's gonna point there.
Lan: You're right! *car beeps* Well there's my ride I'm off to have Christmas in San Francisco without you or Dad around.
Mrs. Hikari: I'll be alright,sweetheart,*she hugs Lan goodbye and weep *Merry Christmas!
Lan: *weep* Merry Christmas,Mom! *picks up his PET which has MegaMan on it,grab his suitcase and head for his ride to the airport.*

Inside the airport

Lan Hikari and MegaMan aren't the only ones going to spend Christmas away from Tokyo.
his friends (Maylu Sakurai,Yai Ayano and Tory Froid) along with their own netnavis (Roll,Glyde and IceMan) and Rush the Cyberdog are going as well.

Maylu: What's keeping Lan,Dex and Chisao we're all going to miss our flight to San Francisco.
Roll: Calm down,Maylu! I assure they're on their way...*entering the airport are Dex Oyama along with his brother,Chisao,tagging along with them are Yahoot,Mr.Match,Maddy and 'Count' Jack Zap.*

Dex: Hey you guys going on vacation as well?
Tory:It's not a vacation,Dex! We're all are going to be with Lan due to what happened and it isn't him it's the rest of us.
Dex: Darn,I wish we've go to Switzerland.

Yahoot: I'm sorry,Dex! You and your brother have to go with Lan. He needs you in San Francisco to cheer him up.
Maddy: I know it's hard,Dex but try to understand we're just spend Christmas somewhere.
Count Zap: *to the ticket counter clerk* What?!?! What ya mean we can't give us tickets to Switzerland?
Ticket Counter Clerk: I'm sorry,sir it causes lots of destinations being delayed.
Count Zap: Delay?!?! *Mr.Match notice the flight information display system is every single destination where people needed to go whether it is business or pleasure are all delayed.*
Mr.Match: Oh bagpipes!
TorchMan: What's wrong?
Mr.Match: Something or someone is messing our vacation and everybody's going to get cranky.
TorchMan: Mr.Match!
Mr.Match: I'm jacking you in,TorchMan and find out what's wrong?
TorchMan: I'm on it.

Outside of the airport

*car stopped at the airport...Lan got out of the car.*
Lan: We made it. *grab his suitcase*
MegaMan: I hope we're not too late.
*All of the sudden the automatic sliding doors are closed.*
Lan: Oh no! don't tell me the airport's closed.
MegaMan: Better jack me in,Lan I'll find out what's wrong.
Lan: Good idea,Jack-in...MegaMan! Power up!

*MegaMan enters the cyberworld and saw that some net navi dressed as a policeman.*
Net Navi: *laughed* That's should keep anyone from leaving.
MegaMan: Hold it!
Net Navi: Well,well if isn't MegaMan!
MegaMan: Just who are you?
Net Navi: Name's FakeMan (FakeMan is a Special Stage Robot Master from MegaMan 9 and no I don't own this character or the game whatsoever)
MegaMan: Mega Buster!...*somehow it didn't weakened FakeMan that's why this net navi shape shifts to MegaMan.*
FakeMan: *as MegaMan* Nice try,MegaMan...Mega Buster! *blasts MegaMan down.*

?(unknown female thief): You ain't going nowhere,Lan Hikari!...What the?
In the cyberworld
TorchMan: Fire Tower!
?(unknown female thief): *voice only* Area Steel battlechip in...download! *FakeMan dodge thanks to the battlechip his net operative.*
MegaMan: Thanks,TorchMan!
TorchMan: Don't mention it,MegaMan!
MegaMan: What's going on at the airport?
TorchMan: That navi is trying to prevent your netop from leaving and everyone else as well especially Mr.Match.
?(unknown female thief): *voice only* Aqua Tower battlechip in...download!
FakeMan: You extinguished,TorchMan!
Lan: *voice only* Barrier battlechip in...download! *prevents both MegaMan and TorchMan from being wash off*
*?(unknown female thief)?*
Sakura Watanabe: *voice only* Freeze,ACME Japan! *the unknown female thief turns around and saw Sakura and the airport security team.*
?(unknown female thief): FakeMan,abort this caper now...Log out!

*And in the cyberworld FakeMan log out and the unknown female thief escape by using a smokescreen bomb.*

Lan enters the airport...
Lan: Maylu,I can explain...
Maylu: You don't need to,Lan everything's under control thanks to Detective Watanabe.
Sakura: Lan Hikari,I've figure you jack MegaMan in...and I've figure Mr.Match jack his navi in.
Lan: Do you know what's going on here?
Sakura: You can explain from your friends believe me you're not the only one spending Christmas without your family around.
Lan: Huh!?!?! *Maylu,Dex,Chisao,Yai and Tory nodded their own head 'yes'*

End of Chapter Two
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Chapter Three

The Sandiego Manor,Switzerland

Carmen Sandiego is ? because there's no heat from the basement and sends in Sven Galli,Vic-the-Slick (who complains of his suit jacket will melt),Moe Skeeter and Lars Vegas to fix the furnace...
Vic: *voice only* Darn that furnace! Sven,hurry up,would ya the boss lady's wits is really getting freezing upstairs.
Sven: *voice only* Hold your polyester,Fumagalli! I got it! *boom and there's smoke* What ya trying to do,Vegas?
Lars: *voice only* Well Sorry,Sven we're trying to help out I hope that newbie better be back with a furnace repairman or we'll be all end up as human popsicles.
Moe: *voice only* Even the boss will end up like us. *boom and there's smoke again* Not again.
Lars: *voice only* Oh terrific this will be the worst Christmas ever.

*Carmen sneezes as Manny Mistakes shows up with the unknown female thief dressed as a maid her hair is a Princess Leia look her hair color is like a rainbow.*
Carmen: *to the unknown female thief* Heidi Whey,where were you? (Heidi Whey is pun name for hideaway...I don't own that pun name whatsoever)
Heidi Whey: I was in Japan.
Carmen: You supposes to get me a furnace repairman to fix my furnace it's been a month.
Heidi: I don't wanna,Carmen.
Carmen: And why not?
Heidi: If I did you'll be in jail by now! *Carmen is in a ?*
Manny: Now Carmen don't get mad at her just because...
Carmen: Just because of another excuse,Manny! We've got guests coming for the holidays and the manor has to be warm enough for the holidays and Contessa is gone away without telling me where she is.

Ocean Town...a beach side diner (remember the epilogue of A Possible Reaction,part two)

Customer: *voice only* What ya mean 'no mooching allowed'?
Senor Senior Junior: You cannot ask somebody to paid the meal for you,sir because if you don't pay it yourself you'll end up washing dishes.
Customer: Are you serious?
Bonnie Rockwaller: We're serious and don't even gyp any customers or us.
?: That won't be necessary,miss I will pay the meal.
Senor Senior Junior: *gasped*Father! *yup! Junior's right it is his father Senor Senior Senior.* Father,I'm surprised!

Senior: Surprise to see me in this dump.
Junior: Father this is a diner.
Senior: Trying to live with this annoying girlfriend of yours.
Junior: Yes,Father we're trying to...
Senior: Forget it,Junior! You're coming with me *Junior remove his apron and leaves the diner.*
Bonnie: Junior!
Senior: *to Bonnie* As for you my dear, stay away from my son he find someone new and this place is a foreclosure according to the mortgage broker. *as he gave Bonnie...a foreclosure paper from the bank* Have a Happy Holidays,dear! *customers is surprise leaves the diner and so did Senior.*

*Bonnie ? and notice the foreclosure as well.*

Bonnie's mind: Junior and I are doing so well making ends up although we struggle a lot to keep the diner open but not lot of people come here...we try to pull through.

Police Officer: *as he enters the diner* Bonnie Rockwaller,come with us.

*Bonnie was escorted to the police car with a pair of handcuffs on her wrists and she started to ? as the police car drives while the sign to the diner said 'Bank Owned Property....Keep Out!'*

Meanwhile at ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

Recreation room

ACME agents and Academy students gather to share Christmas traditions from Around the World...

*Jade came to Maylee Young who is finishing making a chain of red paper.*

Jade: Well done once again,Maylee!
Maylee: I cannot wait to decorate the tree again.
Jade: Let's hope the others gets ready to share traditions to each other for ACME sake.
Maylee: Even with Ron Stoppable is going to share Hanukkah with us because Tobi's nervous figure Ron can help him out.

Jade: But not Tyson he's going to share Kwanzaa with us.
Wade: *as he came* I'm sure to hear that.
Jade: Why Wade good to see you again and Merry Christmas.
Maylee: Are you into the holidays,Wade?
Wade: You bet Maylee! I just wanna know because my parents never tell me about Kwanzaa.
Jade: Let's hope will come I heard what happened in Tokyo I'm glad Sakura take care of the problem while her cousin,Daniel is investigating the Sci-Lab case and find out why Dr. Hikari got the blame for the crime he didn't committed.
Maylee: Let's hope so! *As someone came dressing up as Santa Claus.*

?: Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas ACME!
ACME agents/Academy students: Merry Christmas,Santa!
?: What are you all doing?
Maylee: Just getting ready to decorated the tree.
?: I'm afraid there's not gonna be a Christmas tree this year. *everyone gasped*
Jade/Wade: What?!?!

Maylee: Why Santa why? *somehow Santa turns out to be Chase Devineaux in disguise as Santa.*
Chase: Because this Christmas is going to become a Bah Humbug case!
*everyone gasped*

End of Chapter Three
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Chapter Four

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

Conference Room

Archie Pelago,Bolt Upright,Stewart Sterling and Arthur Chance each explain what's going on? To Jade,Wade and Maylee.

Archie: As you all already know Christmas is just around the corner...but recently we've found lots of people being under arrest before Christmas for a crime they didn't commit.

Jade: Like Kim Possible's parents and Lan's father.

Arthur: That's right,Jade lots of people won't be spending Christmas with their own families including Bonnie Rockwaller.
Jade: Hey isn't that the girl in whom Kim Possible knows her from school?
Stewart: Indeed,Jade she's in a big trouble the diner that she and her boyfriend Senor Senior Junior owns well the bank owns it and her family cannot bailed her out because she's a failure.
Jade: I bet she's struggles very hard to make ends meet.
Bolt: Afraid so,Jade well let's just say there's never gonna be a happy Christmas...

Lee: *voice only* Don't even think of sitting that chair,Stoppable!
Ron: *voice only* Well my legs are tired I don't mind if you sit on this chair.
Lee: *voice only* Stoppable,I'm wouldn't sit there if I were you.
Chase: Jordan! *as he leaves to head to his office.*

The Director of Operations' Office

Kim: *Ron already sitting on the chair while Rufus the naked mole rat is on the desk* Get off of that chair right now.
Ron: *as he spinning the chair* Whoa! I feel like an executive in this office...*as Chase shows up* Oh hi Chase this chair is so comfortable.*Chase in a ? stop the chair spin and make Ron get off of his chair and Ron landed on the floor.
Kim: Are you alright,Ron? *as she picks him up*
Ron: I'm just dizzy but I'm okay.
Rufus: Whee!!! *Lee caught Rufus from landing into Chase's chair.* No fair! *blowing a raspberry at Lee*
Lee: Sorry little guy no one sits on that chair except for him.
Rufus: Darn!

Conference Room

Chase: *as he returns from his office* Now what was the other part you said about Senor Senior Junior...
Bolt: Well they broke up...*as Kim and Ron enter the conference room*
Ron: They broke up?
Kim: Why would they broke up?
Bolt: They didn't it's his father who break their hearts when he came in to the diner.
Kim/Ron: Senor Senior Senior!
Jade: Figure you know this old criminal.
Ron: You know him well he's the one who is a retired businessman whose hobby is being a villain.

Wade: And that's not all we've found out,Ron! He's dating with a beautiful countess.
Jade: Countess?!?! That's sounds like Contessa!
Wade: Whose Contessa?
Archie: One of Miss Sandiego's henchwomen,Wade believe me she can really make you wear a suit from Armani...But we're not sure if it's her,Miss Ezell right now we don't know what's going on until we find out...in a meantime return to the recreation room.
Maylee: But what about the Christmas tree? *Archie,Bolt,Stewart and Arthur ??*

The Recreation Room

*Kim's twin brothers (Jim and Tim) were not surprised with everyone else.*

Jim:Are you sure there's no Christmas Tree? *everyone nodded their own head 'no'*
Tim: We can find an artificial one. *Lee enter the recreation room* Any luck?
Lee: *sighed* Nope,I can't find a Christmas tree anywhere the last one was a hunk of junk.
Jim: Maybe we can shop for one.
Lee: Not this Christmas.
Jim/Tim: Oh man!
Lee: We'll still go on with the Christmas traditions to share alright?!?! *everyone ??*
Sakura: *as she came* Oh come on everyone! You may not see any decorations but you'll have Christmas in your own heart.
Lee: Sakura's right,everyone wanna ya say!
*everyone cheered*
Lan: *as he came* Hey what's going on here and where's the tree? *everyone except Lee and Sakura slap their own forehead ??*

Jade: *as she,Maylee and Team Possible (Kim,Ron, Rufus and Wade) came* Lan Hikari,what are you doing here?
Lan: Well it's a kinda a long story!
Sakura: Lan,should've be talking with Chase Devineaux?!?! *Lan ??*
MegaMan: I've figure Devineaux knows what happened already in Sci-Lab right now.

Sci-Lab,Dentech District,Tokyo,Japan

Daniel searches for fingerprints and footprints while using a pair of rubber gloves,a pair of shoe covers,some special spray to finding footprints and a pair of infrared glasses...he notice something.

Famous waits outside for Daniel...thirty minutes later Daniel came out.

Daniel: *to Famous* Famous,your suspicious are correct Dr. Hikari is framed we've found out someone stolen an old equipment called the magnet beam created by a Tadashi Hikari. (Magnet Beam is an item from the game MegaMan and MegaMan: the Wily Wars I don't own the games nor the item whatosever)
Famous: *gasped* That Lan's grandfather why would someone took that one?
Daniel: We don't know and we had no idea who took it.
Famous: Do you think Carmen Sandiego stole it? *a shadowy figure is listening outside from the scene of the crime.*
Daniel: I doubt it unless she keeps it to steal landmarks around when the New Year comes.
Famous: Should we inform him?
Daniel: We can't the police will not allowed us to talk Dr. Hikari that's all.
Famous: Great now what?
Daniel: Let's return to Headquarters!
Famous: Good idea. *the shadowy figure just walk away.*

End of Chapter Four


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Chapter Five

The Sandiego Manor

*A SUV enter the manor*

Patty Larceny and Hannah Lulu came out of the SUV along with Dr. Drakken and Shego...
Hannah: I hope that furnace be fixed right now.
Drakken: Well let's hope so,ladies.
Shego: I would love a warm fireplace right about now. *Patty enter and she gasped when Carmen sneezes and still ?.*
Patty: Aunt Carmen,what's going on and why is the manor still cold.

Drakken: Oh my word...Merry Christmas,Carmen Sandiego! *as he gave her a box of tissues*
Carmen: Thanks I need it. *as she uses the box of tissues, grab one tissue and start use to blow her nose.*
Shego: That's one cheap Christmas present you gave her.
Drakken: I couldn't save it for a Christmas Day! *starts to shiver* Boy it's still cold!
Shego: *to Carmen* What's wrong with the heater?
Carmen: The furnace broke.
Drakken: Where are the others?
Carmen: The boys are downstairs fixing it. *blast came from the basement* Confounded! *grabs another tissue and blow her nose.*

Patty: Oh Aunt Carmen cheer up I spoke to Contessa.
Carmen: What did she say?
Patty: She wants us to come to her mansion she has a surprise for us.
Drakken: Oh why you don't go there while me and Shego will fix the furnace.
Hannah: Oh no that won't be...
Carmen: That's a great idea why don't you two do that for us. *sneezes as Hannah grab a tissue for Carmen's sake.*

*Shego opens the door from the basement*
Shego: Furnace Fix and Repair!
Vic: *voice only* Oh thanks a bunch!
Lars: *voice only as he coming upstairs and saw Shego and Drakken* About...wait a minute you're not...
Drakken: Now Lars why don't you and the rest of the boys go to Contessa's with Carmen and the rest of the girls...me and Shego will take care of this.
Moe: *as he came upstairs* Thanks,Doctor Drakken you're a life saver...Let's go party,boys!
Vic and Sven: *voice only* Okay!

Three minutes later...After Carmen and the rest of her gang left for Contessa's

Drakken and Shego enter downstairs notice the black smoke from the furnace.

Drakken: Goodnight this furnace is jammed. *while looking at the filter section.*
Shego: Jammed how are we going to fix this before Carmen comes back from this Contessa woman. *Black smokes burst a bit*
Drakken: Shego,found the problem.
Shego: What's that? *Drakken found a monkey wrench from the filter section...Shego ?*

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

Interview Room

Tory: It's true my father ends up in jail for contamination after the new filters got installed for the waterworks' purification system and then those filters turn out to have bacteria and viruses.
Chase: Where did he get those filters?
Tory: He didn't...someone gave him those filters when my father refused to take'em from some water safety agency in which it doesn't exist.
Chase: *shocked* Thank you,Tory...you made go to the recreation room join your friends there.
Tory; *as he stands up from the chair* Thank you! *as he leaves Ivy Monaghan enter the interview room*

Ivy: Well that's the last one interview.
Chase: I can't believe it...I mean Dr. Hikari was arrest for a crime he didn't commit and that goes with the other kids in which they live the same city Lan lives.
Ivy: Yai Ayano's father ends up in jail for embezzlement same thing that happen to Chaud Blaze's father last month Blaze Quest Games has to closed down for investigation.
Chase: Detective Yamaguchi's right he's been handling the fraud case of innocent people are going to jail while he finds out who conned them and why.

Recreation Room

*Chaud Blaze enter the recreation room*
Jade: Merry Christmas,Chaud!
Chaud: Bah humbug!
Jade: Don't end up as Scrooge,Chaud!
ProtoMan: He's not a jolly good mood,Jade!
Jade: I figure he knows what happened to his father.
ProtoMan: Definitely!
Chaud: Excuse me,Jade,sorry that...
Jade: I understand,ProtoMan told me what's wrong with you.
Chaud: Thanks! *as he walked to look at the displays of different Christmas traditions from not only Jade but other ACME agents as well.*

*As Suhara Nakamura shows Chisao a picture of a Christmas Dinner: a bucket of fried chicken,a bottle of champagne,a side of potato salad and a whole Christmas cake.*

Chisao: Gee,I wish we can have cream stew now that my big brother can cook he could add curry to spice it up...I wonder he make with either chicken or pork.
Suhara: Chicken is good *while Tobi Kasher and Ron Stoppable plays Dreidel (a traditional Hanukkah game) with Lan,Dex and Zack Monaghan* because it's not only a good choice some people like Tobi and Ronald are religious in food. *Lan keeps losing because the Dreidel ends up with 'nun' (Hebrew meaning 'nothing')*

End of Chapter Five


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Chapter Six

The Sandiego Manor,Switzerland

Drakken: *voice only* Oh,oh!
Shego: What now,Doc?
Drakken: *as he appeared from upstairs* Shego,I think we need new parts for this busted old furnace.
Shego: We might as well need a new furnace for Carmen Sandiego's sake
Drakken: Where can we find'em? *someone knocking on the door* It's Carmen! She's back tell her the furnace's broken and we've found the problem.

Shego: Great she's gonna flip! *she opens the door and gasped as she saw Yahoot*
Yahoot: Excuse me is Miss Sandiego here?
Shego: She's at the Contessa's *black smoke appears*
Yahoot: Why is there black smoke?
Shego: The furnace broke.
Match/Zap: The furnace?!?!
Mr.Match: *as he and Count Zap ran* Excuse us,Yahoot! *entering inside and head downstairs to the basement where Doctor Drakken is.*

Count Zap: Furnace trouble?
Drakken: Yes,it's broken!
Mr.Match: Well blister me bagpipes!
Count Zap: Someone tampered the furnace.
Drakken: Tampered the furnace?!?!
Mr.Match: Aye,you've got that right.
Drakken: * to Mr.Match* You sounded like a Scotsman are you a relative of uh Duff Killigan?
Mr.Match: Don't know who he is but no I am not. (Mr. Match's right,he and Duff Killigan are not related to each other at all.)
Count Zap: Now if you excuse us we'll fix the furnace Mister...
Drakken: It's Doctor Drakken to you,gentlemen *as he pointed his finger at the monkey wrench* I've found the problem.
Count Zap: A monkey wrench?!?!
Drakken: There's no need to hurry I just...
Mr.Match: We've got it alright?
Drakken: Of course thanks Mr. Scotsman!
Mr.Match: It's Mr.Match to you,lad.

The Kitchen

Maddy: *turns on the water and shivers after she and Yahoot enter the manor.* Waters cold,Yahoot!
Yahoot: *try turn on the stove* The stove isn't heated up.
Shego: Don't worry everything's going to get fix. *Somehow Carmen came and back in ?* Carmen,gee you're not in a
Carmen: Good mood,Shego?
Shego: Yeah that part.
Carmen: Well I'm...Yahoot,Maddy what are you two doing here and where are...
Maddy: Mr.Match and Count Zap are fixing the furnace.
Carmen: Swell,goodnight! *as she head upstairs and still in a ?*
Shego: I wonder what's wrong with her?
Maddy: Beats me.

Vic: *voice only* Boss lady!
Lars: *voice only* Carmen,where are you?
Moe: *voice only* We know that you're upset
Hannah: *voice only* So are we!
Sven: *voice only* Miss Sandiego!
Vic: *voice only* Forget it let's just get outer here!
Sara: *voice only* You all go on I'll find her.
Sven: *voice only* Thanks Professor Bellum!
Manny: *voice only* Good night!

Sara Bellum check the living room when she saw black smoke...
Sara: Oh no the furnace!
Count Zap: *as he,Mr.Match and Dr. Drakken shows up upstairs* Don't worry the furnace is a-o...Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Maddy: *to Sara/voice only* Just went to bed.
Sara: Oh thank goodness! *As Dr. Drakken came* Pardon...Oh hi Professor we all just...
Sara: Fix the furnace...thank you!
Yahoot: *as he came out of the kitchen* I was wondering why Carmen's upset?
Sara: Would you like to hear what happened?
Shego: Sure that would be nice.

The Covernzi Mansion,Milan,Italy

After a party is over,Contessa's butler,Jeeves is upset over what happened...until he hears laughter all the way from the pantry closet.
Senior: *voice only* Works like a charm as soon as I tied the knot with the countess in Sarajevo I shall I want for Christmas do you know what it is,my dear?
Heidi: *voice only* You wanted to take over VILE as the new leader?
Senior: *voice only* Indeed I shall make sure this Carmen Sandiego character out of the way.
Heidi: *voice only* And the Contessa?
Senior: *voice only* Accidents will happen soon...*an evil laughed*

*Jeeves gasped quietly as a young servant shows up*
Young servant: *quietly* Something wrong,Jeeves?
Jeeves: *quietly* Very wrong,Don't tell this to madame about it.
Young servant: *quietly* Not going to,Jeeves she's still upset over the wedding in Sarajevo she never like the guy in the first place.
Jeeves: *quietly* So does her husband years ago.
Young servant: *quietly* Now what?
Jeeves:*quietly* Tell no one...I've got a feeling that maid has something to hide. *Young servant nodded his head 'yes' as agree.*
Young servant: *quietly* Don't like her either! *as he and Jeeves leaves the pantry closet.

End of Chapter Six


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Chapter Seven

Jade's House

*Jade ? in her pink nightgown...until a ☎ rings Jade woke up,got up,put on her ?, put on her blue bathrobe and head for the den.*

Jade: *after she pick up ?* Hello!
Unknown Caller: *on phone* Is this Jade?
Jade: *quietly* It is and it's three thirty in the morning.
Unknown Caller: *on phone* I've got a message for ACME.
Jade:*quietly* Where are you calling from?
Unknown Caller: *on phone* Just hang up the phone,open the door and I'll give you the message...I've got a plane to catch.

*Jade hang up the phone...opens the door she gasped and saw Contessa's young servant by giving her an envelope.*

Young Servant: *quietly* Make sure ACME gets this...you'll find out as well. *he leaves head back to the taxi cab while Jade closes the door.*

Somewhere in Sarajevo,Bosnia and Herzegovina...in a expensive hotel called Hotel Europe (I don't own that hotel whatsoever)

Senor Senior Junior looks at a traveling magazine about Hawaii...

*Junior sighed while looking at the scenery of Waikiki daydreaming to spending Christmas there instead of a cold boring wedding of his father and the Contessa in Sarajevo...*

Song: Mele Kalikimaka written by Robert Alex Anderson...sung by Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters.(I don't own the song,the lyrics and two artists whatsoever...I've got to cut it short though)

*Junior's daydream of a Christmas vacation in Oahu there are hula dancers dancing to the song at a luau while wearing an aloha shirt,shorts,flip-flops,one of the hula dancers gave him a lei made of ti leaves and a server gave him a glass of Mai Tai*

Bing: *sing* Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say on a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day. That's the island greeting that we send to you from the land where palm trees sway. Here we know that Christmas will green and bright. The sun to shine by day and all the stars at night. Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaii's way to say Merry Christmas to you.

*serving on the luau is a Kalua Pig,a bowl of poi,squid luau,Hawaiian sweet potatoes,Hawaiian sweet bread and various of tropical fruit (pineapple,coconut,breadfruit,passionfruit,papaya,starfruit,mango,guava and bananas)*

The Andrews Sisters: *sing* Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say on a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day. That's the island greeting that we send to you from the land where palm trees sway. Here we know that Christmas will green and bright. The sun to shine by day and all the stars at night. Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaii's way to say Merry Christmas to you.

*all the hula dancers moved left and right there was Bonnie in a beautiful muumuu (a traditional Hawaiian dress for women) and yes a yellow hibiscus is on her left ear...Junior ? and sips down his Mai Tai and Bonnie throws a headpiece made of ti leaves onto his head.*

Bing and the Andrews Sisters: *sing together* Here we know that Christmas will green and bright. The sun to shine by day and all the stars at night.

Bing: *sing* Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaii's way...
The Andrews Sisters: *sing as Bonnie is about to kiss Junior with her eyes closed* To say Merry Christmas to you.

Senior: *yelled* JUNIOR! *Junior scream as he fell from the chair to the floor as Heidi shows up.*
Junior: Father,I'm just...
Heidi: *interrupted* Daydreaming?!?! I have to throw a pillow at you to wake up...thinking about that girl?!?!
*Junior ?*
Senior: Junior,you know better not to see that girl again...I forbid it! We have to plan this wedding with ease.
Heidi: Hmph! *as she leaves...to herself quietly* What a loser! *as she closes the door...Junior's ? and he feels ??*

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA

The Conference Room

While Daniel is on screen...Archie,Chase,Bolt,Stewart,Arthur,Ivy,Zack and Lee

Lan: So you can't explain everything my dad about what happened?
Daniel: *on screen* Afraid so,Lan Famous and I cannot explain to your father of what happened at Sci-Lab.
Lan: Great this is going to be the worst Christmas this year.
Maylu/Dex/Yai/Tory: Don't say that,Lan! *as someone knocking the door.*
Archie: Come in! *Jade came and yawned* Miss Ezell,I've figure you're late you should sleep earlier tonight.

Jade: Sorry everyone I've got something important...*as she place the envelope on the table.*
Arthur: *grab the envelope,open the envelope and saw an important paper.* It's a profile about Heidi Whey.
Archie: What's her story?
Arthur: According to her profile she's a con artist selling used items.
Tory: Like those filters.
Arthur: That and stealing money from top companies from anything such as video games like Blaze Quest.
Yai: And Ayano Tech.
Daniel: *on screen* Where did you get this information,Jade?
Jade: A young man who came to my house at three thirty in the morning in my time zone.
Lee: And take a look at this information!
Lan: What's...*gasped as Lee shows the information to Lan and his friends* No way!
Dex: Way! She's the net operative of FakeMan.
Maylu/Yai/Tory: FakeMan?!?!
Daniel: *on screen* That's one piece of the puzzle but the question is why her and what she up to?
Archie: It's never easy unless more information comes up before Christmas Day.
Daniel: *on screen* Keep us inform.
Archie: Arigato,Detective Yamaguchi! *screen turns off*

Jade: You're right,Archie we need to find out the connection to her and of course,Senor Senior Senior,the question is he involved of this caper...find the motive and why.

Archie: Everyone,we'd better work fast or Christmas will never be the same again.

End of Chapter Seven
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Chapter Eight

ACME Headquarters, San Francisco,CA,USA

Recreation Room

*Chaud sighed as he pour a cup of hot cocoa*
ProtoMan: What's the matter? Miss your father much?
Chaud: That and the company I'm going to have to learn to earn to make a living on my own.
ProtoMan: Chaud,I know it's sound hard but have Christmas in your heart.
Chaud: Bah humbug! *as light got turn off by itself.* Hey!
Lan/Dex/Maylu/Yai/Tory: Huh?!?!
Director of Operations' Office
*Chase notice his computer has been cut off*

Downtown San Francisco

*While Jade went out with Lee,Cruiser,Kim and Ron just to get some eggnog from different grocery stores unfortunately they were all sold out.*

Cruiser: Bummer! All they're got is a vegan one.
Kim: We should've gone a little earlier.
Jade: I could go back to town at home and get some eggnog for everyone's sake.
Lee: Jade,no one isn't fan of eggnog like you,me and everyone else well except Bolt he...*someone running* What the?!?!

Jade: *gasped as she looks at the henchwoman* Heidi Whey?
Lee: Why is she here?
Ron: I think something's wrong at ACME.
Cruiser: I'll check it out!
Lee: Send in my team at once we might need back up.
Cruiser: *as he leaves* Right!
Kim: Ron,let's move!
Ron: Right,Kim! *as he,Kim,Jade and Lee goes after Heidi Whey.*

When all of the sudden a big lawn mower came out of nowhere...
Ron: *screamed* Run back! *Jade,Kim and Lee screamed as Heidi Whey is on top of a lawn and garden building laughed out loud.*
Jade: This isn't the beginning to look a lot like Christmas to us.
Lee: Let's get her! *another lawn mower just show up* Up the ladder! *as he and Jade climb up the ladder and climb to the top of another building.*
Jade: We should be safe for now!
Lee: Battlesuit time! *as he and Jade used their own bracelet and transform into instant battlesuit (Jade in Medium Blue and Lee in Deep Black)

Heidi: Nice outfit you two...too bad you can't catch me.
Jade: Hand over your PET now.
Heidi: FakeMan!
FakeMan: Gotcha! *as the other lawn mower came up to the building* Time to shredded! *Jade and Lee screamed as they head back to the ladder*

In the cyberworld
MegaMan: Mega Buster! *blast FakeMan!*
FakeMan: Ow!
GutsMan: Guts Hammer! *FakeMan fell down to the ground*

*the lawn mower stop moving from running over Jade and Lee same with Kim and Ron on the other side of town.*
Jade/Lee: Whew!
Jade: Oh thank goodness! *as she and Lee came and there was Lan and Dex *
Dex: No problem,Jade!
Lee: How did you find us?
Lan: Cruiser inform us while Cole and the others are checking out the circuit breaker.*
Jade: I've figure Heidi cut off the electric at Headquarters.
Lee: And she wanted us to fail to solve this Holiday fiasco case.

Jade: *gasped as she notice Heidi's gone* Unfortunately she got away.
Lee: Let's see if there's any clues she might left behind from up there.
Jade: Right,Lee!

ACME Headquarters

Archie Pelago's Office *after the power is back with a back-up generator.*

Archie: I'm not impressed you didn't find no clue from her.
Lee: Believe us she's not like Carmen Sandiego.
Jade: Indeed,Archie we've figure she want us to fail the case.
Lee: And Christmas is coming up if we don't save Christmas then say Bah humbug and Santa will give us a lump of coal in our stockings.*someone knocking at Archie's door.*

Archie: Come in! *as Tatiana Erzin shows up* Miss Erzin!
Tatiana: Chase wants you all at the recreation room at once it's urgent!

Recreation Room

After Archie,Jade and Lee shows with Tatiana.

Chase: Ladies and gentlemen of ACME...I'm afraid there's not gonna a very good Christmas!
*everyone gasped*
Armando/Josha: Ay Caramba!
Zack/Ivy: No!
Stewart: It's true we found out from Detective Yamaguchi that there's no way to solve this case without clues.
Renee Santz: How could we solve this case without clues!
Ivan Idea: That's impossible!
Rock Solid: That's not fair!
Ann Tickwittee: We always solve cases before the holidays.
Jasmine: Yeah all the time!
Li: We can't give up now!

Jade: And I know why...*as she stand and speaks* that henchwoman,Heidi Whey ruin Christmas with the help of her netnavi,FakeMan...Right now we better think of a strategy before it's too late.

Chase: Jade,Are you sure?
Jade: I cannot let anyone give up at all.
Chase: *sighed* I'm sorry,but it's over!
Archie: Are you out of your mind,Mr. Devineaux?
Chase: Without any clues it's going to a cold.
Jade: Well I cannot let Christmas be ruined and with or without help I'll find out on my own. *as she leaves the recreation room...somehow Rufus followed Jade.*

Jade was about to C-5 herself home to figure out a strategy to save Christmas before it's too late... while others are upset suddenly she was captured by someone covering her mouth and dragged her away...And she saw who caught her...yup it's Heidi Whey alright laughing all the way...Rufus gasped*

Heidi: *as she grabbed Jade's padphone and two henchmen just tied and gagged Jade* I'll take that hope you don't mind to spend Christmas somewhere else leave the traveling to me? *laughed*

Rufus decided to follow them see where they take Jade to.

End of Chapter Eight
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Chapter Nine

Jade's mother's house

After Heidi and two henchmen place Jade in her mother's house well...

*Jade is at her mother's bedroom the door was left a cracked open. Gagged and struggling from a ragged cloth to free herself out of this mess trying to search for either a pair of scissors or a steak knife sharp enough to cut through that big knot ...Sam the cat saw Jade and so did Rufus who show up just in time.*

Rufus: *saw a toenail clipper* Help,Sam! *Sam jumped onto the nightstand use his left paw to knock the toenail clipper drop and Rufus catches it.* Thank you! *Rufus give a toenail clipper to Jade...thanks to a teamwork Jade's freed.*

Jade: *after Rufus removed the ragged cloth her mouth and catching her breath.*Thanks you two!
Rufus: Okay?!?!
Jade: I'm alright wait til' I get my hands on...Oh no! *as she saw her padphone got broken into pieces.* My padphone...Now what?

Jade: Rufus,how did you...*someone knock on the door and Jade opens and gasped when she saw Spencer Ross.* Spencer,I can...
Spencer: No need to...Lan inform us about ACME giving up this case.
Jade: You mean?!?!
Spencer: Famous,he fax in a clue we don't know who wrote it but you can figure it out. *as he gave her the clue.*

Jade: *as she reads the clue* God Rest Ye Merry,Gentlemen,Carol of the Bells,cello player,Savatage,siege...the rest is water out.
Spencer: God Rest Ye Merry,Gentlemen is an English traditional Christmas carol one of the oldest dated in the sixteenth century or earlier.
Jade: Carols of the Bells is a popular Christmas Carol I remember from John Williams who composed for movies like Jaws,Star Wars series,Indiana Jones series,E.T. and Home Alone.
Spencer: But that's just it what does the cello player,Savatage and siege all mean?
Jade: Cello player,Savatage,siege...*she snapped her fingers* I've got it...unfortunately I can't C-5 home. *as she shows Spencer her padphone.*
Spencer: Maybe not!

Jade's house
Three hours later...after Spencer fixed Jade's padphone now upgraded ten times than before.

In the den...Jade use the computer to find something.

Spencer: I hope you'll find something...
Jade: I type in the search word 'Savatage.'
Spencer: And?
Jade: Bingo! The name 'Savatage' is an American heavy metal band in 1979.
Spencer: And...Whoa! Jade I didn't know they were members of the Trans Siberian Orchestra.
Jade: That's it! I know a tune from the Trans Siberian Orchestra...*click on a certain Christmas medley Jade knows from the Trans Siberian Orchestra.*

Spencer: Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24?!?!
Jade: It's about a lone cello player playing a forgotten Christmas Carol in war torn city of Sarajevo.
Spencer: *gasped* The Siege of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War.
Jade: Spencer,you thinking what I'm thinking...*Rufus enters the den after enjoying some string cheese.*
Rufus: More?
Jade: There's plenty left and drinks some water at once,Rufus!
Rufus: Okay! *as he back for the kitchen.*

Jade and Spencer steps outside along with Rufus...
Spencer: Sarajevo?!?! Are you crazy,Jade?
Jade: If I'm right that's where Heidi is at?
Spencer: We better find her and why?
Jade: Good idea,Spencer,I'll get Sam like right now!

(Just for the record I don't own the following: God Rest Ye Merry,Gentlemen,Carols of the Bells,Scores from John Williams as mention,Savatage,The Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24 including what this Christmas medley means whatsoever)

The Sandiego Manor

Somehow Carmen in her red pajamas is ? all of the sudden and saw Heidi.
Heidi: So long,Carmen Sandiego! *laughed out loud*
Carmen: What?!?! Heidi! *as Heidi leaves and locks the door.*

She destroyed the gate with a minivan and speeds off...
Suddenly Carmen's gang (Vic,Patty,Sara,Hannah,Moe,Lars,Sven and Manny) screamed...When Drakken,Shego,Mr.Match,Count Zap,Maddy and Yahoot shows up...
Shego: Hey what happened?
Hannah: Someone try to run us over with a minivan.
Maddy: And wherever it goes we'll get'em.
Yahoot: Let's head back to the manor
Drakken: I hope Carmen's okay!
Mr.Match: *gasped when he saw smoke from the manor.* Blister me bagpipes,the manor.
Carmen's gang: Carmen!! *as everyone ran to the manor they saw Carmen on the floor.*
Vic: Boss lady!
Count Zap: The furnace!
Mr.Match: Let's get down there! *as he and Count Zap headed down stairs somehow they got tripped over but got up just in time to save the manor by fixing the furnace.*
Drakken: *voice only* Hey,what's going on down there?
Mr.Match: The furnace is outer control!
Count Zap: Whew! About...*as he and Mr.Match gasped as they recognize someone who they got tripped over.*
Mr.Match: Mr.Wily?!?! *Yup! It's Mr.Wily alright unconscious.*

End of Chapter Nine...the story isn't over yet.
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Chapter Ten

The Sandiego Manor

Carmen's bedroom

After Hannah and Patty place Carmen in her bed.*Sara place a thermometer in Carmen's mouth.*
*Carmen ?*
Sara: Keep it in your mouth,Carmen and don't speak. *Carmen ?*
Patty: *gave her 'aunt' ? and ?*Aunt Carmen,write down what happened today.
*Carmen ✍ down of what happened and show it to Patty...she gasped what Carmen wrote.*

The living room...

Mr.Wily woke up and saw Yahoot.

Yahoot: Are you alright Mr.Wily?
Mr.Match: *as he came with a glass of water* Here you go!
Mr.Wily: Thank you,Mr.Match! *as he drink then he coughed out the water.*
Mr.Match: Too cold?
Mr.Wily: I drunk too fast!
Maddy: *as she came from the kitchen* Just fixing up something hot to drink!
Mr.Wily: Thank you,Maddy!
Drakken: What'll it be? Hot Cocoa...Oh I see you're awake Hi ya I'm Dr. Drakken.
Mr.Wily: Mr.Wily and I would like to have a cup of tea,please.
Drakken: Shego! *as Shego who brought a tray with a teapot and some teabags.*
Shego: Hot tea,coming...*she tripped over an ottoman and the hot water has been spilled onto Mr.Wily.
Mr.Wily: *yelled out loud* YEOW!!!

ACME Headquarters,San Francisco,CA,USA...outside

Kim: *on her wrist communicated watch* What?!?!
Jade: *on screen* Without a doubt,Kim! We don't know what Heidi gonna do around Sarajevo I heard someone remove the Christmas decorations there I need you,Ron,your brothers, Lan and his friends like right now.
Kim: What about ACME?
Jade: *on screen* I don't know if they gonna help.

Ron: *as he came running from the hallway* Kim,I can't find Rufus anywhere.
Rufus: *on screen* Yoo-hoo!
Ron: Rufus,how?
Kim: I'll explain on our way to Sarajevo.

Ron: But how?
Yai: *as she came out of the recreation room* I thought you never ask! *Wade came out of the recreation room.*
Wade: What's going on,Kim?
Kim: Jade,we're heading for Sarajevo right now?
Jade: *on screen* Thank you,Kim *as the screen turns off*
Wade: Sarajevo?!?!
Kim: Wade,Jade's heading to Sarajevo she may have a head start.
Yai: I've got a transportation for us.
Glyde: Believe me,Miss Kim it's true.

Kim: And Wade if you see an ACME agent tell'em.
Arthur: Tell us what?
Ron: Oh,something about Jade and Sarajevo.
Arthur: Sarajevo?!?! Oh boy! Gotta warn Chase!

Chase Devineaux's apartment

*Chase is watching the news.*
News Anchor (Female): Sarajevo won't be having a Merry Christmas after the decorations have been removed thanks to a old gentleman and his fiancee whose face is unknown.
Chase: Huh! *as he recognize the lady's face.*
Chase's mind: Contessa?!?! But why her...Wait a minute?!?!

*Chase's flashback he remember what Jade said.*
Jade: Countess?!?! That's sounds like Contessa!
*Flashback faded when his cellphone rang Chase pick it up in time.*
Chase: Devineaux! What?!?! Where did...Sarajevo? Chance,get everybody to Sarajevo on the double! *he hung up and realize Jade was right no can give up now.

The Following ACME agents were summon to head for Sarajevo...

1. Archie Pelago while he left from Chief Weller's house to give a gift to him. *Archie ?*
2. Lee Jordan when he was about to go to Ocean Beach to surf around. (Lee: Huh?!?!)
3. Ivy Monaghan stop packing to spend Christmas in Lake Tahoe (Ivy: We're back on duty,little bro!) *Zack stop his ?while practicing to be a professional ?.*
4. Cole Gannon,Maylee Young and Tyson Jackson were about to do some Christmas shopping to help get the gift for the rest of the Academy students.
5. Jason Argonaut and his cousin,Jessie Lyon stop playing Soccer around Golden Gate Park.
6. Josha was about to make Mexican Hot Chocolate.

San Francisco International Airport

Stewart: Great! There's delays around the world.
Tatiana: I won't be able to go see my family in Moscow.
Armando: Same here,amigos!
Jasmine: So much spending time Christmas with our families.
Renee: This is going to be the worst Christmas ever.
Ivan/Ann/Rock: Stop saying that! *As the rest of Team ACME shows up*
Stewart: Chase,I thought you won't be spending Christmas with your family in Maine.

Chase: No Stewart,we're saving Christmas!
Lee: Yeah Jade and Spencer went ahead to Sarajevo along with Team Possible and Team MegaMan.
Stewart: Is that where they are?
Ivy: Without a doubt,Stewart beside Jade's right we can't give up now.
Zack: Christmas is at stake!
Arthur: The ACME plane is ready and fuel up for Sarajevo.
Chase: Let's move!

Cruiser: *as he run as fast as he can* Hey you guys wait for me! *tripped over a suitcase and fell unto a pair of stewardesses.* Oh I'm sorry,ladies! *one of the stewardesses just hit him with her ?* Ow! Ow!
Lee: Cruiser,why aren't you Christmas shopping for the Academy students?
Cruiser Well...*got hit again with the ? again* Ow!
Stewardess: Loser! *as she and the other stewardess leaves*
Cruiser: I wanna go with you.
Chase: Cruiser,please we're leaving just make the kids happy and get busy.
Lee: And please go back to headquarters the kids might need Santa's little helper carrying goodies for Christmas.
Maylee: *gives Cruiser the Christmas list* Here you go!
Cruiser: Thanks I'll go right now! *as he leaves the airport while Team ACME leaves for Sarajevo.*

End of Chapter Ten...Still not over yet.
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Chapter Eleven (sorry I've got tie up fixing the story right and even though it's Christmas Day I'm trying to finish this story.)

ACME Safe House,Sarajevo,Bosnia and Herzegovina

After arriving at the airport thanks to the Ayano Jet (which is super fast) Team Possible and Team MegaMan came inside to meet Spencer...

Ron: Rufus! *Rufus came to Ron* Oh buddy I'm so glad you came.

Meanwhile Jade was communicated by Chase via padphone...

Jade: *sighed* I'm sorry,Chase I thought I wanted to figure it out this case alone but I realized I was foolish doing it alone beside you guys can go on without me.
Chase: Why?
Jade: There's no such as second chances I'm being irresponsible for my own actions.
Chase: Jade,there's always a chance whether or not you've got friends who can count on you to be there and next time don't get carry away we need someone who can help us solve other cases even though some cases are too tough for you.
Jade: Understood!
Chase: We're on our way!
Jade: Thank you! *as the screen is off*

Spencer: Jade,Sam's inside Hotel Europe!
Jade: Let's find out what's going on?

Hotel Europe

Sam (wearing a medium blue flea collar with a mini camera attached enter unseen after sneaking from the front door without the doorman notice he hides underneath the serving cart as the room service waiter shows up...

Sam's mind: (translating from his purrfect language) Oh boy a free ride!

As the room service waiter wheel in the serving cart enter the elevator and headed to the third floor...before the room service waiter starts to knock on someone's hotel room door Sam sneaks out and saw Contessa (in a champagne A-line,square neckline, chiffon floor length dress with ruffled beading and long sleeve,multi-stranded pearl choker with a pair of pearl stud earrings,her hair is up,her make-up based on her skin and a pair of champagne satin pumps.) there standing looking at an amethyst engagement ring.

Contessa's flashback

The Covernzi Mansion,outside of Milan,Italy

inside the mansion

Senor Senior Senior: (who got down on one knee opened a ring box with an amethyst engagement ring) Adrianna,My son needs a mother,please marry me? *Carmen is ? while the rest of her gang well gasped and shocked so did Senor Senior Junior who is upset.*
Contessa: No,I will not marry you. *Jeeves ?*
Senior: I cannot take 'no' for an answer. *as he placed the ring on her finger* Whether you like me or not you will marry me and no regrets. *Carmen just storm out of the mansion and in ? while Contessa is ? the rest of Carmen's gang just left very upset and Jeeves well ?.*

Flashback fades

Jeeves: *came in with a gold tone bridal tiara* I never thought it happen again.
Contessa: Only this time it's worse.
Jeeves: Why would you say that,Madame?
Contessa: I believe Senor Senior Senior is lying and I don't know why.
Jeeves: *place the bridal tiara on her head.* I wish I can tell you the truth but I'm afraid you might not trust me in front of the groom.
Contessa: True! *as Sam sneaks out and saw Senor Senior Senior (dressed as he were Fred Astaire as Jed Potter in Blue Sky...talk about Puttin' on the Ritz by the way I don't own the film,the actor,the character and the song whatsoever) stepping out of the stateroom.

Senior: Junior,let's go!
Junior: *voice only* Do I have to? I look ridiculous!
Senior: I cannot see the bride you know. *Junior's right as he steps in a vintage black tuxedo as he were going to the prom in the 1980's.* Well you look...well...Nevermind let's go! *without notice Sam sneaks in the elevator.*

The Lobby

*Senior and Junior step off from the elevator...so did Sam without being seen.*
Senior: Junior head outside I forgot something.
Junior: *?* Yes,father! *as he head out...Senior to the telephone booth and call someone.*
*Conservation begins after Sam followed Senior without being seen again*
Heidi: *on the phone with Senior* Hello!
Senior: Miss Whey I'm heading out to city hall...If anyone tries to stop the wedding traps will already set in...I want to be the head of VILE is that understood.*
Heidi: *on the phone* With pleasure! * Sam heads to the back door and ran fast without being seen.*

End of Chapter Eleven (almost done...I hope)
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