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Chapter one: Christmas on the run
It was December twenty-third
Laverna and Devlin were strolling along a snow-covered Joplin, Missouri. They held hands as Christmas carollers loudly sang as they walked around the beautifully decorated downtown. “La, It looks like we are starring in a romantic hallmark movie of our own,” Devlin said as he rubbed his thumb against her palm.
“Aww, Let me guess; it’s called Christmas season’s most wanted lovebirds?” Laverna replied as she snuggled into Devlin's side.
She wore her red hooded coat over the top of her signature outfit. Her boots left footprints as they walked merrily to their Destination.
In her pocket was a set of ruby earrings she stole from the jewelry store as a gift for her boss.
Although, she hoped Carmen would allow her to keep it for herself.
There was a wad of cash in her pocket; they held up the owner of a ma-and-pa store. The poor gentleman nearly had a heart attack and was robbed in the most magical season.
Laverna did it without a weapon in her hand. Although the owner was older, his hearing disappeared when she pulled the daring act.
It was roughly five hundred dollars and ninety-seven cents worth.
A confident smirk pulled on her face as she relished the victory.
A young police officer was following them and. They ignored the officer’s civil requests to stop as they were under arrest. “The officer isn’t feeling the holiday spirit,” Laverna explained as she quickly formed a snowball.
Devlin begged, “Laverna, don’t.” However, it was too late as she struck the policeman down with the snowball.
The officer smirked as he had a reason now to hunt them down. “Halt!” He yelled as his speed increased, and Laverna yanked Devlin down an alleyway before climbing up the fire escape into a conveniently located open window on the theater's second floor.
A few moments later,
"Twas the night before Christmas
when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;”. Laverna chuckled in the dark wings.
It was an idiotic thing for Laverna to be quoting. At the same time, they are toy soldiers in a production of the Nutcracker.
They had vanished inside the theater to escape the officer that Laverna had to enrage for no rhyme and reason.
However, they quickly were mistaken as understudies for the ballet,
Her makeup transformed into a rosy paint job of a wooden man ready to protect Clara from the evil rat king—her plaited hair under the hat with an enormous feather perched.
Devlin smirked at Laverna; he had no ballet training and would have to mimic her exactly or reveal his position as a rat.
He felt a bit proud of his girl as she grabbed her actual sword from her coat, which she had hidden backstage.
She unfolded it, allowing It to shimmer in the stage lights. She peeked into the Audience only to recognize Anya and Ruslan in the front row with a familiar toddler resting in her lap.
Laverna bit down on her lip as her maternal instincts tried to overrule her.
A sold-out audience was not the place for a quarrel of a grieving mother. It was not a place for a fight between law enforcement and fugitives, as there were too many witnesses and innocent children preparing to entertain their beloved parents.
“The Russians are here!” Laverna whispered in Devlin's ear. The Russians were code words for Anya and Ruslan, the detectives hunting down the two outlaw lovers.
Laverna hasn’t seen Ruslan since the court hearing, where she lost all rights to her daughter.
He had grown up just as she had over these two bitter years. It was a nasty dispute akin to a divorce, and it left the once bright-eyed spud into a hardened crimefighter and turned Laverna into an all too cunning rival to his flight.
She breathed deeply as the lights went down for part two of the Nutcracker. They quickly merged into the crowd of other soldiers as the orchestra played Tchaikovsky’s masterpieces.
Laverna wanted to swoop off the stage, kidnap Bandie, and ride into the sunset with Devlin. She yielded and denied herself, a rare moment of self-control and consideration for the bystanders of such a traumatizing idea.
Her knuckles tightened against her sword as she focused on her movement as children surrounded her. A prepubescent girl played Clara, and the majority of the cast was under the age of eighteen. Laverna quickly admired Clara’s shimmering nightgown with sky-blue ribbons. Her vision settled on The soldiers in their crisp white tights and crimson red jackets with golden embellishments donning the front.
However, the rat costumes are what Laverna found grotesque. Thick, heavy rat tails swing from the gray velvet unitards. Pieces of dark purple and muddy brown clung in misshapen fur.
They wore rat-shaped hoods with glowing red eyes. Even Devlin found the costumes quite unsettling as they scurried under him.
Laverna knew not to strike a child with her sword. She didn’t want to deal with the altercations of harming an innocent child.
Clara danced around, and tiny little rat kids swarmed the stage, only for Laverna to chuckle as she playfully booped one with the faint tip of her sword. The rat kid fell on her butt and stared up at Laverna.
Two other rats scurried up and dragged their fallen comrade off stage.
Devlin stood behind Laverna in a manner of protection, and He knew the seven-year-old children weren't a threat. It was because the door to the audience just cracked open; he was relieved when it wasn’t the officer, and it turned out to be just a father showing up late to his daughter’s performance.
Devlin still couldn’t comprehend why Laverna assaulted the officer with a snowball. They quickly exited the stage undetected despite the fact the toddler, who resembled Laverna, was raising her arms at her in longing. She ignored her child as she haughtily marched off stage.
After changing out of their Nutcracker costumes
Laverna was content to wear her regular clothing again, as ballet costumes were itchy and easily recognizable if you were trying to flee.
She quickly and effectively started up Devlin’s red pickup truck as she fumbled with the manual shift gear.
They traveled to their rental apartment at
3347 1/2 Oak Ridge Dr.
Laverna’s technologically advanced car
; black magic was totaled a year ago after a bomb exploded in it placed there by the maniacal association of underhanded evil doers. It left the pair of bandits doing it the old-fashioned way, stealing to survive and relying on their feet and the available resources in less than wondrous times.

They were spending Christmas far away from anyone they knew. Devlin helped Laverna inside the famous hideout of Bonnie and Clyde.
Carmen was friendly enough to rent the place for the pair as a quick hideout to escape the frosty air.
Devlin had taken the opportunity to decorate the place for the holiday.
A small tree stood in the corner of the room with handmade ornaments made of paper and newspaper clippings.
The wrapped presents in brown paper tied up in a red ribbon under the tree, which Laverna had no desire to open as she sat on the couch, her mind turned back to her child, which she could never see.
If only she weren’t a daughter of the underworld, perhaps she would have been playing Santa Claus with her child on an Idahoian potato farm with a dusty family,
Laverna often didn’t dwell on the fact that she would never be a civilian of law-abiding status.
She’s been on the run her whole life with some charges that would result in death row if she ever was captured. That’s what happens when you are twin brother is a serial killer, and you are the daughter of a mafia.
She was working on removing those false murder charges. It's not like it was of any use. Once you're on the FBI's most wanted list, you can never have peace.
The radio softly played I will be home for Christmas much to her displeasure.
“If only in my dreams.” She sang along as Devlin cooked their dinner.
They were on the run for life; They couldn’t settle down or have a home to return to.
After all, returning trips to visit folks would lead to a grievous holiday instead of a joyous one. It's not like Laverna had folks to see. Devlin missed his older brother Rob and his sister-in-law Dara
“You are quite lucky that you have a family you can afford to miss,” Laverna stated as she entered the kitchen, searching for hard apple cider to take away the Christmas blues.
She opened the fridge and pulled out a bottle of the alcoholic beverage. “Do you want to have cider as well?” Laverna asked Devlin as he intently stirred the Mac and cheese on the stove.
“Yes, I would love one.” He chuckled as he realized they would have to get more food supplies within a few days.
Laverna pulled another bottle out, letting it rattle against the one already in her grasp.
She nudged the door to the fridge closed with her hip before sitting at the table.
“Are you okay?” Devlin asked as he watched Laverna out of the corner of his eye.
Laverna just shook her head before popping the bottle cap off her bottle of cider.
She took a swig, allowing her guilty pleasure of choice to negotiate with her natural desires for a family of her own.
She remembers how wrong the custody hearing over Bandie went. It forced her to reevaluate her life;
She continues to drink, trying not to slip into despair. A fake smile spread across her face as Devlin joined her at the table.
He pushed her a paper plate of mac and cheese.
“Babe. We haven't eaten at all today .” He urged her to eat as she needed strength to survive another day.
Laverna realized drinking on an empty stomach was a dangerous decision. She nervously laughed at Devlin, who was not enjoying the show of tipsy Laverna.
He reached over to brush her hair out of her face. Laverna’s cheeks turned bright red as his fingers touched the overgrown bangs behind her ear.
“Thank you,” Said Laverna as she began to eat dinner. It wasn't as sustainable as a dinner they would have appreciated for their ravenous stomachs.
Devlin joined Laverna in her intoxicated state as he popped open his cider bottle.
They finished their dinner in quiet solitude as the clock ticked on. The sun had set as it was six p.m.

Meanwhile, in the cold, gray, and muddy scape of Shreveport, Louisiana, Charles Saylor was fuming with anger. His henchmen had failed to do their job effectively of tracking down his sister.
“She needed to be dealt with yesterday.” He hissed as he stabbed a picture of Laverna right in the throat with a sharp knife. His words sounded like the rattle of a rattlesnake’s tail as his goons fled the area in an attempt to save their hides.
Charles had a legitimate reason for wanting Laverna dead—their orphans because of her firing that forsaken pistol. Yet, deep down, he always wanted her dead before they even took their first breath of air into their infantile lungs so long ago.
It is a good thing that he knew nothing of his niece’s existence. He knew about Devlin as he had seen him around Laverna, never allowing a clear shot to take his target out in an easy way.
He desires the perfect bait to lure Laverna out of hiding as he leans back in his leather office chair.
His wickedly perfect idea for a wondrous Christmas for himself would be if Laverna were roasting on an open fire, screaming in blissful agony for her demise…
He fell asleep in his oversized chair as he dreamed of finally accomplishing his goal.

Meanwhile, In a cozy hotel room back in snow-covered Missouri, Anya had just gotten Bandie to sleep in her traveling crib.
She smiled warmly at the sleeping toddler in a buffalo plaid forest green sleeper.
Bandie’s wavy black hair swirled under her gigantic head as she slept soundly.
Anya never dreamt of being a stepmother to a little girl. “Ruslan, you didn't have to give in to Laverna’s charms, you nitwit.” Anya coldly scolded her current boyfriend,
Ruslan just shrugged as he worked on figuring out Laverna and Devlin’s locations.
They were working during the holidays; both detectives didn't care as they went over the clues, witnesses' reports, and surveillance footage leading them to their own Bonnie and Clyde.
Anya tapped on her tablet screen and zoomed in
on the truck's license plate driven by the pair of bandits.
“E7582T.” Anya wrote down in her notebook on the hotel bed the make and model of the small red truck.
She searched the number on Acme’s infoscanner. It was a fake license plate, which didn't even phase her.
Anya knew capturing Laverna was wrong; the government had sentenced Laverna to death. For a moment, she regretted being assigned to this case as she couldn't bear the thoughts of her ex-best friend rotten slowly in prison, waiting for her assigned execution.
She didn't think Laverna could kill officers in cold blood and still be working under Carmen SanDiego. Part of the reason it was so dire to capture Laverna is Acme wanted her to plead her innocence instead of running amuck.
Acme knew Laverna was innocent; after all, Carmen explained and gave Laverna an alibi, which proved she was with Carmen and not at the murder scenes of seven police officers.
Laverna had been working on getting her ged and more legally sound ambitions as an aspiring theater actress.
Of course, most law enforcement considered Carmen a possible Accomplice in these graphic homicides.
The scenes are alarming and messy, such as the deceased cop turned into chow for the pigs. These crimes don't match the evidence or current societal understanding of vile Bonnie and Clyde.
The only reason the crimes are on Laverna is that a person left the initials c.s branded on each victim,
The media has dubbed the mysterious serial killer the Sandiego ripper as they believe it's either Laverna or Carmen Sandiego herself.
Carmen Sandiego is hiding from the public; Vile’s operations are on hold until the killer’s identity is known. Laverna isn't as lucky as she's trapped in plain sight, relying on her skills to live another night.
Sadly, Christmas this year was about evading all parties longing for justice.
Laverna is swiftly carried off to bed by her caring partner, who looks over her.

Chapter 2:
Later that frosty night, a mysterious figure crept closer to a sleeping toddler with wicked delight shimmering in their shadowy eyes.
Anya and Ruslan were sleeping soundly as the masked individual cautiously used a suction cup handle to hold the plane of the window in place as they cut a circle out of the glass with a burning hot laser.

They skillfully removed the cut of circular glass and tossed it to the ground in reckless abandon.
It is not like this shadowy kidnapper would stick around very long after he captured the child from peaceful slumber.
A few moments later, after the glass shattered loudly five floors below the newly cut window,
The thief roughly removes the bandie from her traveling crib. Bandie cries out as she’s jolted from her pleasant dreams.
“Shh. Time to meet your uncle.” the shadowy figure hushed the crying child as they disappeared from the side of the hotel building.
There was no clue, Riddle, or taunting note left behind for Ruslan and Anya to discover in the empty crib.
The vanishing cry woke up Anya first. The blonde detective sat upright in a jolted motion.
“Ruslan.!” She muttered in annoyance under her breath.
She swiftly climbed out of bed to check on Bandie. Unfortunately, for Anya, the crib lay bare.
“YA sobirayus' ubit' Lavernu. Ona pokhitila svoyego rebenka, i, chestno govorya, mne bylo vse ravno” anya snarled in russian. She stared at the hole in the hotel room’s window.
This speech woke up Ruslan as Anya only spoke Russian when she was fuming in anger.
“You know that I don't speak Russian,” Ruslan grumbled as he joined Anya in her investigation.
He stood behind her, peering over her shoulder.
“Did Laverna steal the baby?” Ruslan asked with a shrug of his shoulders. He was still sleepy, and his brain hadn't fully awoken.
If it were, he wouldn't be so relaxed about his daughter being missing.
“I said, I will kill Laverna as she kidnapped her baby and I honestly don’t care.” Anya explained back to Ruslan in English as she gritted her teeth in annoyance.
It finally dawned on Ruslan: he was quick to agree with anyone whom he felt like had seniority on the matter.
He just nodded in compliance as the two didn’t even bother to do a proper investigation on the disappearance of two year old Bandie Child.
Back at the Bonnie and Clyde hideout.
Laverna is sound asleep curled up in devlin’s arms.
When they awoke to a loud knocking on the door.
A wide smile appeared across devlin’s freckled face as he shot out of bed.
Devlin slipped on his housecoat to check on the rumbuckous knocking at the front door.
“Baby, stay warm, I will be right back.” Devlin said before kissing Laverna's forehead. He dashed out of the bedroom and down the concrete stairs towards the front door.
Laverna rolled her eyes at the notion of staying all cozy warm in the soft fuzzy bed.
She slipped out of the covers and much to her surprise , she was in her red and white pinstripe button down pajamas and not the suit she was wearing before the cider took her worries away.
“He must have changed my clothes while I was out cold.” Laverna thought as she snuck into the other bedroom to check on the status of sixteen year old A.J Miles.
Laverna closed the door only for Devlin to yell out.
“Babe, we have company, get down here
“Sheesh. Don’t wake the neighbors. “. Laverna complained loudly as she stormed downstairs only to meet the grayish blue eyes of a strange woman. This blonde spiral permed vixen of a woman stood by a man which bore a faint resemblance to Devlin. If only, Devlin had a Walt Disney style mustache and was in his early thirties. “Laverna, meet my brother Rob and My sister in law Dara.” Devlin cheekily introduced Laverna to this couple that’s clothes shimmered like the bars of gold in Fort Knox.
“Oh she dares alright, dares to be all plastic and silicone.” Laverna whipped causing Dara to snarl
“And you are just a flat chested thief,”. Dara harshly snapped back. Devlin looked at his older brother and rolled his eyes.
Laverna anxiously reached up to cover herself.
“I’m not flat.” Laverna muttered under her breath trying to regain composure. Where was her manners at this time of night? What sort of crazy family just barges into your hideout at two in the morning?. Her body shivered from the adrenaline spiking from the altercation.
Devlin wrapped his arm over her shoulder in a protective, comforting moment


Goddess of thieves
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Goddess of thieves
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Chapter 3:

Anya was pacing back and forth drilling her new ugg boots into the hotel room’s carpet.

She erratically checked the hotel’s security on her tablet over and over again.

Only difference was a drunk man peeing in the hall much to Anya’s poor eyes to witness.

“Call acme and explain we have a situation.” Ruslan suggested as he grew tired of watching the carpet have a trail beaten into it by Anya’s nervous pacing.

“I can’t. This is my first in person mission and if my father finds out that Bandie was kidnapped. I might lose my parents’ respect, ya hear.” Anya explained as she investigated the window for the fifty time in that hour since Bandie was abducted.

“Anya, sweetheart. You're going to work yourself to death.” Ruslan pleaded, grabbing his own communicator watch to inform the AI named chief.

Anya didn’t notice as she was caught too much in her thoughts.

“Chief, Bandie has been kidnapped.” Ruslan whispered into the communicator.

Chief’s holographic head sprung up faster than Ruslan could say mashed potatoes are just thick potato soup.

The ai shook his head in shock

“Why didn’t you report this earlier?” He exclaimed loudly.

Only for him to gesture towards the panic attack in motion.

“Anya, calm down before you fall through the floor.” Chief grumbled as he floated over the nervous wreck.

Yet, it fell on deaf ears and if she had heard chief. Anya would of buried her emotions and became cold like the Russian winter.

“Anya?” Chief asked a bit softer as he floated behind her. “You're okay, “. Chief said, trying to reassure the distressed Anya white.

Only for Anya to turn on her heel to face him.

“I’m not okay. I’m a failure.” Anya emotionally cried.

“We will get her back,”. Chief tried to reassure Anya

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