Happy April fools day

Who to send me to ?

  • A random V.I.L.E member

    Votes: 2 33.3%
  • A random ACME member.

    Votes: 4 66.7%

  • Total voters


The one she keeps in the closet
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Nebuchadnezzar (Neb) Ullyss (formerly Kid Kidman), Kitty, Seryy Pripyat
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Okay, no water balloons. Next roll!

Marshmallow catapults!
/eats all of them

False exits everywhere! How do I get out?

Crike! Wiffle balls!

/is glad tissue balls don't hurt as much as wiffles

5, 3
/pops three balloons and finds key!
/eats cake prop.
This cake is a lie!
/votes for ACME to get pranked
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Well that's swell at least I'm in stage three (right after stage two with the false exits)


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(getting hit with ping-pong balls)

at least stage four is...well I better find out.


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(Throws one dart and break a balloon)
One balloon and a key to freedom skip the fake cake but voting between ACME and VILE to get prank well...I have no clue which organization to prank on.o_O

Joe Kerr

VILE Trickster
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Joe Kerr
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(based on dice rolls in previous post)

Joe dodges the water bombs with ease before entering stage one.

Joe sees marshmallow cannons and thinks nothing of them...until he realizes that the marshmallows are melting due to being fired out of the cannons. He dodges like crazy but still gets a few stray globs of marshmallow on him. He enters stage two.

Joe sees a ton of false exits. He face-faults behind his mask and fishes through his pockets and pulls out a small rubber ball. He kicks the rubber ball through each exit until he finds the one that the ball doesn't come back through. He enters into stage three.

Joe immediately realizes that there are ping pong balls in buckets atop the doors. He shrugs off the prank and ping pong balls bounce harmlessly off him. He is grateful whoever set this up doesn't invest in slime and feathers...

Joe enters stage four and finds an non-rigged room. Shrugging, he walks through into stage 5.

Joe finds twelve balloons and pulls out the knife hidden in his jesters staff. He uses the knife to pop all the balloons (just in case there are fake keys).
He uses the key to open the door.

Joe sees the cake and realizes it's a fake. He moves on to vote for ACME because, "there are more of them than there are of us.".

Joe chuckles and leaves.

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