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The kid, laundry room ghost.
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Good evening , I am Invader broadcasting live from the safety of my nest. I just wanted to say it is a pleasure to be here , and certainly hope I can get to know all of you better. Though I will admit I am a bit frighted of all of you hence the broadcasting. Being a complete stranger here does not help, nonetheless I am glad to have found this world.

End transmission.


The VILEiest VILE to ever VILE a VILE
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Nebuchadnezzar (Neb) Ullyss (formerly Kid Kidman), Kitty, Seryy Pripyat
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Hullo matey!

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figuring out what to get for Carmen's birthday.
If the wind blows, ride it.
*has some hot chai tea, naan bread, and chicken mulligatawny that she ordered from Kennedy's Irish Pub & Curry House, because they deliver.* ;)

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