Claw bandit part two.


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Claw bandit part two.

Carmen stepped into the arcade, and saw a henchman who was a little on the distraught side. They had decided to pay a surprise visit, to see how things were coming along. This had been a rather brilliant idea, as well as being a perfect cover. Though there was a touch of nostalgia, for her with some of the machines.

"Hey boss, you got me a good one." He mused rubbing the back of his neck.

"I what?" Carmen answered puzzled.

"No need to be so humble." He replied. "You are quite skilled."

"I have no idea what you are talking about." Carmen mused crossing her arms.

"So you are telling me, this was not your work?" He answered getting wide eyed.

"Is something the matter?" Carmen sighed.

"Well we just have this claw bandit." He replied. "They are rally good, too good."

With that they, handed over the photographs, and Carmen looked at them intensely. The photos were clearly the work of someone with base photography skills. However they proved to be a qite good at the claw game. She smirked slightly, this could prove fun. When was the last time they had a good challenge, simply for the pleasure of fun. They would have a minor wager, nothing to big. Though they wondered who that could be, Ivy was not well known for games, and Zack might be a good candidate.

"So boss do we rig this?" They pondered.

"No." Carmen said. "I would like to have a challenge with them."

"Well perhaps you will get lucky." He mused.

"I am giving you the day off." Carmen mused, watching them leave.

There was no telling how long it would be, or even if they would show up. Either way they were more than willing to wait, there were no heists planned.

"Hi there are you open?" Came a voice.

Carmen stood there slightly perplexed, she was not expecting this person in particular.

"Come right in." She called softly.

To be concluded.


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Didn't have time to check this one out until now, I'm glad I did. Looking forward to the conclusion.

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