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Bridge: In Retrospect

This Journal entry is called a "Bridge" because it immediately follows the Roll With It RP, and the Desert Cayman RP. It is also linked directly with Ivy's 2 journal entries: Intro Part 1: Hong Kong, and Intro Part 2: Quid Pro Quo.

((All parties mentioned have either written their own lines or approved this post))

After returning from an odd rendezvous with an old friend, Chase drove all night to be back at ACME Headquarters before the sun, or any amount of suspicion, arose. A light form of damage control and creative storytelling was required as the Porsche Cayman entered the garage in less than perfect shape.

Somehow returning to his temporary residence, Devineaux fumbled for his laptop and opened the envelope with the memory card Carmen placed in his jacket. He thought of sleep. The mid-morning sun shining brightly through the windows convinced him otherwise.

Lee Jordan, he recalled her saying as he put the card in its slot. The name was familiar, but nothing stood out.

Months ago, Chase Devineaux visited Toronto, overseeing the recruitment of new agents. There, a man approached him, introducing himself as a former V.I.L.E. agent. He told a story of redemption, wanting to come clean, and to work on the history he once had with ACME. Reinstating the agent as an ACME detective wasn't probable, but the man insisted that he would have gone to Chief Weller if he needed a badge; he asked to only prove that he was worth the trouble.

Not having any firsthand experience with the former agent, Chase decidedly made him an informant. The young man's name was Lee Jordan.

This brings us back to the information on the monitor. The SD card Carmen gave him held the same bits of data he had skimmed through in Toronto, give or take some incriminating files she had on Jordan's time with V.I.L.E.

This, Devineaux concluded, was something that he needed to handle with appropriate haste. As he pondered whether to leave the problem until something brilliant arose to solve it, the phone rang.

"Devineaux," he answered.

"Agent Devineaux?" an unfamiliar female voice began, "this is Ivy Monaghan from ACME Hong Kong. I tried to call your office..."

"It's fine. Yes, Ms. Monaghan, what do you need?"

"I have a suspect in my vicinity, Mr. Devineaux, but he's international and I need additional clearance from your department."

"Have you contacted Chief Weller?"

Ivy paused, "He said to ask you." She continued, "I want detainment rights, and, if possible, all other information you may have on Lee Jordan?"

There's that name again.

"Agent Devineaux?"

Options were available, but ones that might turn out well were few. The only way to play this game was to have ACME Hong Kong treat Lee Jordan as a suspect until Chase could clear this mess. He saw no use of having an informant if the entire agency and is subsidiaries knew about it.

"You'll get your clearance, Ms. Monaghan, apprehend the suspect, I'll meet you in Hong Kong in 48 hours."

"That fast?" Ivy's voice shot up a few notes, "Oh, of course, right away. Thank you."

She hung up.

And that, was how it started.

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