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((First written in 2011 or 2012))

For Ivy Monaghan, there was nothing more refreshing than waking up to the harbor sunrise. Her apartment was small, meant to be inhabited by only one person, and with standard furnishings that could best be described as plain and unimaginative. But she could forgive it all in an instant for the view. Out from the room's floor to ceiling windows, Ivy could see colorful Victoria Harbor nestled between a frame of nearby skyscrapers. The dawn light was heavy, staining her beige furniture violet and pooling on her hardwood floors. She also had a front row view of the ACME building - Hong Kong.

Way to remind someone of work, ACME. Ivy thought to herself as she towel dried her hair.

Just as the detective was about to leave the apartment, her ACME communicator began to beep. Clicking it on, she responded, "This is Ivy."

"Good morning, Ivy." The voice of Venus Liu, the Hong Kong branch's executive secretary greeted. "The H.K.P.F recently apprehended a man suspected to be V.I.L.E. henchmen, Lars Vegas. Suspect was on his way to Macau island with forged documents. Your assistance is urgently requested for identification and interrogation."

"No one else is available, Venus? I'd hate to cancel class."

"I'm sorry Ivy, you're the only one in the area who has seen the suspect first hand. We've secured a substitute for your students this morning."

"Got it, Venus. Thanks." Ivy sighed.

Being V.I.L.E.'s greediest member, it wasn't out of character for Lars to try sneak into Macau. They might be able to hold him a while, but an arrest would be unlikely without a warrant. Besides, he might not even be working for Carmen anymore.

Oh well, it never hurts to ask.

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