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Ivy paced down the riveted steel floors of the Hong Kong Police Department's detainment facility. The hall was lit, one pulse at a time by iron glazed pendant lights that hung from an exposed ceiling. She wore only dark grey, a tank top covered by a one button blazer and stove-cut pants. All ACME agents under the Hong Kong division wore the same ashy shade. The color was chosen to build equality among all ranks and to make them instantly distinguished from other local law enforcement. Ivy could stand to be a little less distinguished. Sure, she certainly wasn't the only foreigner here, but at 5'9 without heels, she was the tallest in the room.

"Here he is." An HKPD officer in bright blue showed her to a sealed door with a Plexiglas window.

Through it, she saw a man with dark hair and an orange leisure suit. She recognized him as Lars Vegas, one of Carmen's more flamboyant henchmen. He sat nervously on a chair twiddling his thumbs.

"That's him." Ivy said definitively as she stepped away from the door, then motioned to have it opened.

Lars straitened himself momentarily when he heard the door. "Ivy?! Well you're a blast from the past!" the henchman's accent was exaggerated, but to anyone who knows him, this was the norm.

"You might want to save the small talk, Lars. Want to tell me why you were trying to get into Macau?"

"Lights? Luck? Cash?"

"How about... Probation?" Ivy flipped through the manila folder on the desk. "You're not supposed to go anywhere within a hundred miles of a casino. This is calling for Jail time, Lars."

"Woah, woah now... could I maybe, hmm... cut a deal?"

"I'm shocked to hear you say that." She said flatly, "But you're going to have to do really good to get out of this one."

"Eh? How good?"

"How about telling us what Carmen is up to?"

"Hey, I was supposed to be following my best buddy Vic, and then he ditches me for some fuzzy haired kid. I don't know what they're up to now."

"Sorry Lars, I guess it's back to the High Desert Prison for you..."

"Wait!" Lars Vegas looked around, and then lowered his voice, "What if I told you I saw Lee Jordan, and I have a good idea of where he'll be in Macau..."

Lee Jordan? Ivy thought. The idea that Lee Jordan was back in the game made her very angry. After all, he betrayed ACME, kidnapped an innocent man, and if memory serves, he tried to kill her. Twice.

Ivy's eyes narrowed and she placed her palms on the table, bending down slightly to get Lars's attention. "Tell me everything you know. Now."

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