Babes in Toyland Trailer 1

Tenchi Masaki

ACME Ace Detective, Inventor
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Tenko(don't ask), Kami Jack, Guy Smart, Tenten
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March of the toy soldiers drum solo starts playing
Black Screen flashes on and the camera zooms quickly toward the magical city of Toyland
then flashes to black again fades to light and we see the countryside and then the camera pans left and stops once Tenchi is in frame with Charlet...
Tenchi looks at Charlet and begins to speak, “I’m bringing my harvest to Toyland Market... and your coming with me,” Tenchi smiles knowing Charlet has always wanted to go to Toyland but was told your too little. Scene flash cuts to places in Toyland as Tenchi’s voice narrates, “Now be good and do as your told, speak to no one, and for goodness sake... don’t touch anything.” Scene suddenly flashes white showing the horrible face of Barnaby roaring in anger. Scene shows the Toymaster saying to Charlet, “If you can see with the eyes of a child...” Scene cuts to Barnaby screaming, ”Toyland is mine!!!” Camera pans up to show Charlet on a rooftop saying, “I don’t think so Barney!” Barnaby crookedly turns towards her voice looking up to meet her gaze and says with a sinister smirk,
“Hero of Toys... Face Me!” Charlet leaps from the roof top toward Barnaby their swords drawn and just as their swords collide the screen flashes to black then the title ”Babes in Toyland” appears
End of Trailer

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